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<&iim fox tfit SiBniJics of its Wlaibemt^ ^tt%%, 


LATE FEtLow OF Christ's college, 







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Peaepatio Lucae 

Capitula Lectionum 


Appendix : Collation of the Latin texts of the Lindisfarne and Eushworth MSS. 
Ceitical Notes 

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Page 4, 1: 4 from bottom. Dele full stop after ' prohibetur.' 

„ I. 2 from bottom. Dele full atop after 'edicitur.' 
Page 40, col. 1, footnote to e. 19. A/lm' A. broSor, aiter the ^11 giop to a eemicQlon. 

„ „ 2, footnote to ». 21. Insert a semicolon ttfter gc-fullodum. 

Page 43, V. 38. In the Rnahworth MS., the words qui fuit dei are glossed seBe wses godiiig. This ihould 
Mm been inserted^ 

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The present volume forms the third portion of the exhaustive edition of the 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels, as planned by Mr Kemble. The first portion -was published 
in 1858, with the title — "The Gospel according to St Matthew, in Anglo-Saxon 
and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : with collations of the best 
Manuscripts. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press. Cambridge : at the 
University Press. 1858." The second portion -was published in 1871, with the 
title — -"The Gospel according to St Mark, in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian 
Versions synoptically arranged, with collations exhibiting all the readings of all 
the MSS. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press, by the Rev. Walter 
W. Skeat, M.A. Cambridge ; at the University Press, 1871." 

Owing to the death of Mr Kemble before the first portion was completed, 
no Preface was written to that volume, beyond a short notice by Mr Hardwick 
explaining the circumstances under which he undertook to finish it. In the 
Preface to Saint Mark's Gospel^ I endeavoured to give some account of the 
MSS., and of the principal points of interest concerning them. To this the reader 
is referred for further information, and it will only be necessary to repeat here 
the account of the mode of arrangement of the various texts and collations, and to 
make a few remarks upon some new points that have suggested themselves. 

The arrangement of matter is the same in this volume as in the two volumes 
preceding it. The following is the scheme of the contents of any two 
pages, after p. 13. 

L^-hand Page. 
First Column. Second Column. 

Test. MS. No. L (Corpus). Test. Ma V. (Hatton). 

Farioug Readings; from MS. II. 
or A. (Cambridge); MS. III. or 
B. (Oxford); and MS. IV. or C. 
(Cotton, Otho 0. 1). 

Farious Readings; from MS. 
VI. or Eoyal (Brit. Mns.). 

Right-hand Page. 

Upper Text. MS. VII. (Lindisfarne) ; 
with Northumbrian gloss. 

LowEK Text. MS. VIII. (Eusbworth); gloss 

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The numbers or names of these MSS. are : 

I. (Corpus) MS. No. cxl (formerly S. 4) in the library of Corpus Christi 

College, Cambridge, described by "Wanley in the second volume of 
Hickes's 'Thesaurus,' at p. 116. 

II. (Cambridge or A.) MS. li 2, 11 in the Cambridge University Library, 

described by Wanley, p. 152. 

III. (BoDLEY or B.) MS. 3odley NE. F. 3. 15, now Bodley 441 ; described 

by Wanley, p. 64. 

IV. (Cotton or C) MS. Cotton, Otho C. 1, in the British Museum; 

described by Wanley, pp. 211, 212. Imperfect, and damaged by fire. 

V. (Hatton) MS. Hatton 38, in the Bodleian library, Oxford ; described by 

Wanley, p. 76. 

VI. (Eotal) MS. Bibl. Keg. 1. A. xiv (British Museum); described by 

Wanley, p. 181. 

VII. (Lindisfarne) MS. Cotton, Nero D. 4 (British Museum) ; known also as 
the 'Lindisfarne MS.,' and as the 'Durham book^' Well known, and 
often described ; see Wanley, p. 250. 

VIII. (Kushworth) MS. Auct. D. ii. 19, in the Bodleian library, Oxford ; 
commonly called the ' Eushworth MS.' 

The rubrics in the left margin of the left-hand pages are from MS. A {or II). 
A few of them occur also in B, (Bodlet), but they are mostly copied from A. 
(Cambridge) in a late hand, and are of no authority. In a fe-w cases the rubrics 
in B. are in an older hand, and they are thenj^.duly noted. 

The rubrics in the right margin of the r^t-hand pages are from the Hatton 
MS.; but they occur also in the Eoyal MS., without any variation. 

The numbers in the right-hand margin of the right-hand pages are from the 
Lindisiarne MS., and refer to the "Ammonian sections," as well as to the sections 
into which the Gospel was divided for the purpose of being read at various times. 
They supply references to the parallel passages in the other Gospels. 

The Latin text of the Eushworth MS. is omitted to save space ; but its 
variations of reading are all recorded in the Appendix. It contains many clerical 
errors and corrupt forms of words. 

The Northumbrian gloss in the Eushworth MS. is partly copied from that 
in the Lindisfarne MS., and sometimes answers to the Latin test of that MS. 
instead of to its own text ; as already has been noted (Pref. to St Mark, p. xiii); 

^ See the publications of the Palseograptucal Society for good apecimens of iacsimilea from tbia celebrated MS. 

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At p. 1 of tlie present volume is a list, which was intended to shew the days 
on which certain portions of the Gospel were to be read. Unfortunately, the 
rubricator has omitted to insert the numbers of the sections at the side, so that 
the exact significance of it is left uncertain. The words at the top are^" Secundum 
luean," glossed by "sefter luco;V i. e, according to St Luke; followed by the 
remark — "Sus raercong jelces gospeH*?* ^e ontuoelmonaS [sic; for on tuoelmonaS] 
byres on Incases deel," i. e. the marking of each gospel that, during the year, 
belongs to Luke's portion. 

At p. 2, follows the life of St Luke commonly ascribed to St Jerome, though 
not found in the MSS. of his translation of the New Testament ; as noted in 
Migne's edition of St Jerome's works, vol. x, col. 1049. It is found in several of 
the early printed editions of the Vulgate, and in some of the MSS., as e.g. in the 
Codes Amiatinus, edited by Tischendorf. 

At p. 8, are the headings, or abstracts of the contents of each section into 
which the Gospel is divided. 

The Critical Notes, in the Appendix, contain such observations, mostly of 
minor importance, as could not very well be printed with the text, for want of 
space. I may perhaps repeat here, that the Lindisfarne MS. not only employs the 
usual rune for " man " several times, but occasionally uses the very same character 
with its less usual signification of "day," as in Ch. xxi. 34; also in xxiii. 66 
and xxiv. 1, where "sunna dseg" is written "suii," with the rune -jx]' following. 
Another peculiarity is the occasional use of red ink, as noted at p. 23, where a 
word has been supplied by the glossator Aldred, who seems merely to have 
superintended the glossing of the first three gospels, but to have glossed the 
fourth gospel himself for the most part, as it is chiefly written in red ink, and 
has certain orthographical peculiarities. I may also note that, whereas it is 
commonly believed that the symbol p does not occur in the Lindisfarne gloss at 
all, except when written with a cross stroke (-f) as an abbreviation for "Jj^t," 
I have found just two instances of its occurrence, viz. in Ch. i. v. 59, where the 
MS. has Jione for ^one, and in Ch. xxiv. v. 1, where the MS. really has ftem, 
not Siem. The forms printed in those passages are not due to errors of the press. 

Before concluding this Preface, however, it will be as well to place on record 
an account of a discovery, which enables us to trace the "pedigree" of the MSS., 
or their mutual relationship to each other, with considerable exactness. I have 
already shewn (Pref to St Mark, p. x.) that the Hatton MS. was copied from 
the Eoyal MS. ; and, accordingly, at the end of St Luke's Gospel, v/e find a few 
verses, omitted at the end of the E.oyal MS. as originally written, supplied in 
the very handwriting of the scribe of the Hatton MS., who has also written a 
few words on the opposite blank page preceding St John's Gospel. These words 
are — "SoSlice ge syn" — shewing that the scribe was merely trying his pen, and 

a 2 

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took a few words from a passage in Ch. xxiv. 48, which was just before his eyes ; 
and he also added a memorandum to this effect — "See GEEGORIES se mid 
grecum crissostomas {sic) ys haten;" i. e. St Gregory, who amongst the Greeks 
is surnamed Chrysostomus. 

Not only, however, is the Hatton MS. (V) copied from the Royal MS. (VI), 
but the latter is itself a copy from the Bodlet MS. (III). This first appeared in 
the course of editing the 16th Chapter of this Gospel. On arriving at the words 
"£)as Sing" in v. 14, I found that the next leaf was not in the same hand- 
writing, and it was at once obvious that a leaf had here been lost in the 
original MS., and the missing portion supplied in a recent hand', on newer 
vellum. This leaf must have been lost at a very early period; for, when the 
scribe of the Eotal MS. came to it, he could not find it, and passed on at 
once (without any break beyond a slight space about a quarter of an inch long) 
to the nest word which he did find, which of course was the first on the following 
leaf in the Bodley MS., viz. the word " unmihtlic " in Ch. svii. v. 1. The scribe 
of the Hattox MS. also missed the same passage, of course because it was not 
accessible to him. As soon as ever this clue was obtained, I was at once enabled 
to understand the whole matter : all the peculiarities of the Royal MS. are 
due to the Bodley MS. which the scribe bad before him. It was thence, for 
instance, that he copied the few rubrics which he has inserted, and it was thence 
that he derived certain peculiarities of spelling. At the same time, be made a 
few alterations at his own will, with the result that his MS. presents the text of 
the Bodley MS. with a few later forms, just as the Hatton MS. represents the 
Royal MS., with more numerous alterations in the direction of later spelling. 
It is proper also to add, by way of making assurance doubly sure, that the few 
verses originally omitted at the end of the last Chapter in the Royal MS. were 
omitted for a precisely similar reason, viz. because another leaf was again lacking 
at that point in the Bodley MS. ; and the missing passage is again supplied on 
newer vellum by a later hand. After this, a careful re-examination of all the 
MSS. shewed that the Cotton MS. (IV) is (with the exception of a very few 
clerical errors) an absolute dii/plicate, word for word and letter for letter, of the 
Bodley MS., whilst both of these, in their turn, agree so closely with the Corpl's 
MS. (I), also word for word, and almost letter for letter, that all three must 
be mere copies from one and the same original, not now forth-coming^. The 
Cambridge MS. (II), again, is exactly the very same text, word for word, but 

' Ho doubt under the supoi-Tision of Archbishop been preserved, criticism is out of place. 
Parker, who was much given to 'mending' M88. Ho = I have said thia before (Pref. to St Marie, p. vii). A!! 

would have been bettor advised in letting them alone. I now do is to offer further proof, baaed on re-examination 

As, however, it is owing to him that many MSS. have of the MSS, 

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with a few cliangGS of spelling. This will appear more clearly from the analysis 
of a ■whole chapter, and I select for this purpose the 3rd chapter, as being 
conveniently short, and remarkable for the absence of the genealogy. 

Taking the text as the standard, the sole variations of MSS. B. (Ill) and 
C. (IV) from it are these. 

1. B. anwaldes {for anwealdes)'. C. for&n [a mere clerical error for feorSan, 
which occurs tmce, and the first time is spelt correctly). 3. B. C. rice {for rie^e). 
4. Clypiendes stefn {for Clypiende stefen, and due to the fact that Clypiende is a 
clerical error in the Corpus MS.). 7. B. C. hig {for hi; the spellings hi and hig 
being convertible even in the same MS.). B. C. cyn {for cynn). 8. C. gos (a clerical 
error for god). 9. B. C. wsestm {for weesm ; due to the clerical error wfesm in 
the Corpus MS.). 14. C. repeats 1 cw^don {a clerical error). 16. B. C. !lswarode 
(for Iswarude). 19. B. broSur; C. brojjur {for broSor). C. yfellum {for yfelum). 
20. B. C. cwerterne {for cwearterne). 22. B. C. halga {for halega). C. aastah 
{clerical error for astah). B. C. stefn {for stefen). 23. C. frittig {for ]?ritig). 
B. C. men {for menn). 24. B. C. cneoresse (once only, it h&ing spelt cneorysse 
the first time, as in the text). 

Now what do these variations amount to ? Putting aside absolute clerical 
errors, they merely give the following very slight alterations of spelling, viz. — 
anwealdes, anwaldes ;" ricje, rice; stefn, stefen; hi, hig; cynn, cyn; Iswarude, 
^swarode; broSor, broSur; cwearterne, cwerterne; halega, halga; fritig, frittig ; 
menn, men ; cneorysse, cneoresse. Here are twelve variations only, all of the 
slightest character, all of them merely such as are found within the compass of any 
one of the three MSS. taken individually, and solely due to the fact that the 
same words were not always spelt the same way by the same scribe. The three 
MSS. are practically, one and the same, representing the language of the same 
period, and all drawn from a common original, from which, for all that we can 
tell, they may have been copied neai"ly at the same time. 

It is only thus that we can account for such close coincidences as are of 
frequent occurrence. One example may suffice to shew the nature of them. In 
Ch. sxii. V. 52, the word to is accidentally repeated in the Corpus MS., and the 
same peculiarity occurs in the Cotton MS. ; whilst in the Bodley MS. the word 
was also repeated in the MS., in its original condition, though the second to has 
been carefully erased at a later period. 

A similar investigation shews that the Cambridge MS. (II) is also from the 
same source ; it differs somewhat in grammatical forms, and seems to be a little 
later in date than the rest. 

I The variations of C. cannot always he ascertained, wliole, very slight. Most of it can be read, at least 
because the MS. is damaged; but the damage is, on the throughout St Luke's gospel. 

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This enables us to make the following scheme of the pedigree of the MSS. 
containing the "Weases translation of the Gospels. 

inal MS, (JK 

; MS. 140 = Boclle7 MS. 441 = Otho 0, 1. 


Rojal MS. 

It seems worth "while to repeat and insist upon the preceding facts, because they 
entirely dispose of some false ideas that have been put forward concerning this 
interesting Old English Version. Thus, when Mr Thorpe, in his preface to the 
A.-S. Gospels, talks of the Bodley MS. (Ill) as exhibiting "the tongue in its 
decline, and rapidly verging towards that state of barbarism into which it sank 
about the beginning of the twelfth century ; " of Marshall's edition, which was 
really founded on the same MS., as exhibiting "an earlier (!) but not perhaps a 
purer text ; " and of his own edition, which was a reprint of Marshall's edition 
with corrections from the other MSS., as " free from the objections above mentioned," 
it must be remembered that he is really describing, under three very different 
aspects, the same test ah the while ; which cannot but be puzzling to the 
uninitiated. When Sir F. Palgrave, in his History of the Anglo-Saxons, ed. 
1867, p. 146, says, with reference to the Hatton MS. (V), that — "a colloquial 
language, approaching nearly to modern English, seems to have existed concurrently 
with the more cultivated language, which we call Anglo-Saxon, at a period 
before the conquest ; and one of the versions of the New Testament ^ is in this 
language," we have to remember that the Hatton MS. is merely a modernised 
version [later than the conquest) of the Koyal MS. (VI), which in its turn is 
copied from MS. Bodlbt (IIT). There is not a trace of any variation in the lan- 
guage, beyond the substitution of the word "lage" (law) in place of the then 
obsolescent "m" with the same moaning, of the word "coc" for "hana" in 
ch. xxii. 60, and one or two other similar substitutions. What therefore Sir F. 
Palgrave calls "colloquial" is, in fact, merely "later." 

A suggestion was made to me that, if the Royal MS. (VI) be earlier than the 
Hatton MS. (V), it should have occupied the upper part of the page, and the varia- 
tions of the Hatton MS. should have come below it. But the fact is, that I have 
followed Kemble's plan of shewing the latest and earliest forms side hy side, which 
is most convenient in practice, as shewing more directly what changes were intro- 
duced by mere lapse of time. It is very rarely indeed that this can be done ; 
it is very seldom that copies of the same identical test can be found, differing 

' He should hare said—" of the Gospels." Tliere is no trace of any translation of any other part of the Now Testament 

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from each otlier in no respect but date. If any student wishes to see how the 
older language was modified in the coarse of years, by examining the spellings 
of the same words in the same context at two different dates, the means for the 
investigation are here ready to his hand, unencumbered by actual changes in the 
phraseology. For philological purposes, this is no small matter. It should be 
remembered too, that I give all the variations in spelling of the Royal MS., so 
that it is practically printed in extenso, whilst the test in the left-hand column 
(the variations of B. noted and excepted) gives the text from which the Royal 
MS. was actually copied, so that the reader can see at once whence it came, and 
also into what form it passed. 

Putting aside all preconceived fancies, the critical comparison of the MSS. 
points, in my opinion, to three results, which are, I suspect, rather different to 
those which have generally found acceptance. I imagine that many have supposed 
that there may have been several translations of the Gospels into Anglo-Saxon, 
that numerous copies were made of them, and that most of the copies have long 
since perished. Now, all these three things may have been true, and cannot be 
disproved ; but the actual evidence is all the other way, and ought to receive 
its full share of recognition. When we consider these undoubted facts, that, out 
of the sis MSS. now existing, it is absolutely certain that MSS. I., III., and IV. 
scarcely differ in a single letter (due allowances being made for variable spellings) ; 
that MS. V. is copied from MS. VI. and from nothing else, and that MS. VI. 
is copied from MS. III. and from nothing else, we are almost irresistibly led to 
conclude that perhaps not very many of the copies have perished, that they may 
never have been very numerous, and that there is at present not the faintest 
trace of any other version \ I feel the more bound to say this, because the ] 
differ from what I expected to find, and those suppositions which we feel comp' 
entertain are more likely to be true than those which we merely build upon conjecture.. 

It has also been a question hitherto, which of these copies of the Anglo- 
Saxon Gospels is the oldest. Putting aside the later Hatton and Royal MSS., 
and admitting that the Cambridge MS. (II) is probably the latest of the other four, 
we may be satisfied with noting that the remaining three— at whatever time written 
out, and I see no reason for making one much older than another — are practically 
the same text, and of one period, and may be referred, as they have usually 
been, to the last decade of the tenth century ; the date of the translation itself 
may have been somewhat earHer. I have once before quoted the opinion of 
Sir F. Madden that "the Anglo-Saxon version of the Gospels may be 
safely attributed to the ninth century," with his further remark that "none of the 

' The only hints of otiier versions are (1) the mention (2) the notion that a translation may liave been made by 
of a translation made by Eeda (Smitli's Bede, p. 753) and order of king JSltrod (see my Preface to St Mark, p. ii). 

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MSS. appear to give the version in its original purity;" see Pref. to St Mark, 
p. iii. ; but I now feel bound to say that the present evidence militates, to some 
esteat, against both these suppositions. The close agreement of the MSS. seems 
to shew that the version is nearly as pure now as it ever was, and the language 
belongs rather to the tenth than to the ninth century. It seems, however, reason- 
able to suppose that this version of the Gospels is older than jElfric's version of the 
Pentateuch, made probably after A, D. 990 ; for ^Ifric would hardly have turned 
his attention to the books of Moses until he had ascertained that the Gospels had 
first been translated. 

These remarks refer to the Ajiglo-Sason or "Wesses MSS. only. The North- 
umbrian glosses are altogether distinct from them and independent ; but they 
are not independent of each other, since the gloss in the Kushwoeth MS. (VIII) 
frequently depends upon that in the Lindisfarke MS. (VII), and in many places 
must have been copied from it, as already shewn in my Preface to St Mark's 
Gospel, at p. siii, 

I again express my thanks to the Syndics of the Pitt Press, for undertaking 
the publication of this third volume of the' series of the Anglo-Saxon and North- 
umbrian Gospels. 

Cambridge, J\i.n6 20, 1874. 

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"[Cotton MS. Nero D. 4, Fol. 120, col. 2.] 

» otitiuielm^jnnS byres on Incases cJssl 

ieiuniuin sancti iohannis 



in ieiunium sctJictorum 

dmnimca, . in . de aduentum {sic) 

iohannis et pauli 

in -naidle sanc& iohannis 'bs.-ptist<B 

in unius confessorea (sio) 

in natale dommi 


admisa publica 

post prima 

in octabas doiraini nostri iesii ckristi 

de aduentum 

post dominica tliT 

in ieiunium feria . IIii . 

de epiphania 

post prima doromica 

domi'aica prima 

de aduentum 

de aduentum 

feria ,ui. 

dommi nosiri iesn ckrisH 

in natale episcopi 

post .u. dominicas 


de aduentum 



in ieiunium apostolorum 

[col. 2] 
in natale Bancti laurenti 
in ieiunium sajicii laurenti 


in unius martyris 



post penticosten in iciuniMn;. 


die. eabbati 

in xlgisima pascha-e 

in apostolorum 
in sOrjiciorum 


post , III . dominicas 

xlgisima feria Iiii^ 

[Fol. 129 b, col. L] 

feria . Ill . de ebdomada 

post III dominicas 


xlgisima feria . IX . 

item alia 
feria .u. mane in cena 


dom-ini admissa 

in martiras 

passio dommi nostri iesu christ'] 


in apostolorum 

die sabbati de albas 



in samciorum 

feria . ill . de albas pascte 


feria . u . de albas pascje 

in martyras 

in ascensa dommi nostri iesu christ 

' The woid haphslae heit, ooupien i Iiiil 1 ithdf but 

it is 'set back' because I suppose it to bel 

above, &o ■ileo m rth r caiei 
' Tlie->e two hues aie really 

rt lii.K in tlif MS 

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iHoa-s Se syrisea Sceras tergo i iaine eeastra fostriiig miS crrefte !6ce dLscipul ^ 

ffoL 130.] Lucas Stbus anthiocensiae arte medicus ^sci- 

Jarcaeiit -1' fostiing Sarsi postolra miter Son 6on& paule -t Ssem paule g-esohte -t gofylgde wi6 oiidetnise 

pulus apostolorum postea paulum secutus usqwe ad confessionem 

liis herde drihtne buta heh-synne forSon ue ^ wif sefra hfefde ne suno 

eius seniieiis domino sine criniine nam neqi/e uxorem umquam habens neque filios 

hundseofontig wintra geliorada iu bitiiiniui. in Sser byrig full ofhaifg gast seSe miSSy wxtedliceigee 
Ixxiiii. annoram ofciit in bithinia planus spirita sancto qui cum iam 

awrittiiiie woeron Sa godspella 5erh raatheuiw fee BoiHce ou iudea Serb marcMm Sonwe on 
scribata essent euangelia per matthenm, quidem in iudeam per maj-cum, autem in 

Italia, i. «eaS{sic) halge inatihtade J' dihtade gaste in Sier Seade dalum Sia aurat godspell 

italia sancto instigante spirt'fu in achaiae partibas hoc scribsit euangeliiim 

g^mevcade xmtedlice he on fOTTieard ter oSero woei-o awritteiio to buon 4' to SEem buta Sa SaSo 
sigoificans etiam ipae in principio ante alia esse describta cui extra ea qua« 

endebrediiise Sks godspellica gesetiiisso toaeeades -t 8a maaatum ned-Sarf woerces ■!■ Secs wynnes wses 
or do euangelicae dispositionis exposcit ea niaxime necessitas laboris fuit 

:fte terest ereoiseum Ssein geleafulum. miS segbuoelcam witgong tocynimendo in lichoma goAea crista 
ut primum graecis fidelibiis omni propbetatione ueuturi in carnem da ckris^ 

Ste ne iudaiacuitt sagum hia to behaldaniie woere in an aes willo 
ne iudaicis fabuHs. adtenili in solo legis desiderio 

to-slitemsM sagum ? unwialicum gomnisum besuicceno -t gemerredo 

hereticia fabulia et .atultis sollicitudinibus aeducti 

on frama godapelles 

in principio 

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Contents.] 5 

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6 [Luke. 

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Contests.] 7 

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8 [Luke. 

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Contents.] 9 

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reiiertitur referenda^ LM Jixi iNteui ^atus di teiiipDie 1^^,111 dti 11 s^ u lit nun 

mis gehftld tooymende 7 hine tj Suneii ge ofnido mominde i hia cur oS menu sui on 

cum obseruatione ueutuiuin eumquc fulgin compliant, ccoupindos eub dicit homines &icut iii 

dagiim noes J lotli 3 of tuwrn on bus on coem 3 on lond sumdiio to onfoanne 1 Si "syndrio 
^Mbus noe et loth et de bmis n t^cto m mjla et m igi> singulos asumeudos et smgidow 

ftweBsegeB to foHetenno to fvmble biddanne geddung frowJ widna setteS wrato 

pronuntiat relinqueiidos LXX Ad sempci oiaadum piiabolam le ui iu^ ponit ultionem 

from wiBeniarde his from uni^litwis doeme giwigende of gebed 5tea «laruis on temple 

de aduersario suo ab ini^uo ludiee postulaute Lixi Oiatioiie phiiisaei m tempi > 

3 bsei-aynni^ fure-gesettet I»teS ne fe- worpinno 6a merdo ah to ondetende sjnno Sa 

et publicani proposita nm lactanU meiitT sed contiteaid i peccita iwii Pai 

Ijtio from hiw liia adrifi fjiebeil eSmolniie under liioii noma mercaS to hildonne 

uulits a se uetari pubibpii^ Iniimlit item ^ub eoium luiniie sgnifacit uptmen lini 

gefrsegn Sone weiigo from to bjeiina lif See 6iu sefterra onsiiare wnrSd gecearf 
LXXiil. iNtciTogana dines de possidenda nita aetema aecunda responsione tristis abscidit 

J foHetrura foj-e noma his Ijtio drihten ece heht gesald 

et relinquentibMS propter nomen suum temporalia dominus aetema promittit LXSim. Tra- 

he woere to hierusal^jn J woere ge8roweiide fore-cuoe« at hiej'jcAo blinde Korfende. . 

dendum se hierosotimia passurumque praedicit LXXV. luxta hiericbo ceco mendicanti 

8erh-eode liiericAo Bone aldormono 

LXXVI. . Perambulana hiericbo zaccheum publicanum 

unhand se6o cuom lial gedoe -pte losade bispell sette Begna 

abaoluit qui uenit saluum , f'acere quod , perierat , Lxsvir. Pai-abolam ponit aeruoruni 

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10 [Luke. 

from hlaferdo liis of fte liia gebohte from, him J fiondas rices his 

accipientium a domino suo decemnas ut negotiarcntur ex eis et inimicos regni sui 

fore-SEege8 Serii-gelicade ofer fola asales SEett alluwt cuoeSendum sibb on 

pronuntiat perimendos isxviii. Super puUum asinae sedit cunctis dieentibiis pajc in 

heofne 1 gefea on heaniBum 3 of Sreatenrfum Segnutn^ his cuoeS gif Sas ssegdon {sic) stanes 
caclo et gloria in excelsis et de increpandis discipulis suia ait d hi tacuerint lapides 

cliopadon eesEsh. -Ka ceastra gewsep ofsr hia fore-stegde of-acerred 

clamabunt Lxsviiij. Uidens duitatem flouit [fol. 135.] super earn praenuntians euertendam 

of temple bebyccendo fordraf uStiutum aetendum of folce hstlice was gehered frseg- 

de templo uendentes eioit scribis insidiantibtis k populo libenter auditwr Lxxx. Scisci- 

nende of mrelite his huoerflice of frscgiiende of iolianms Mvnkte efhe fwcumen woevon 
tantes de potestate eius uicissim ab interrogant& de iohannis baptismo conuincuntur 

geddong cuoeS fro»j buenduni win^eardum seSe laferd his 3 esnes 3 sunii 
LXXXi. Parabolain dicit de cultoribws uineae qui domini sui et semos et filium 

costende of grefel cseaares to forgeldaiine pennin^es onwriting foreuom 
Lxxxil. Temtantes de tribute C83aaria reddendo denani inscribtione conuincit 

ffWM seofa broSero hlafe soecenduHj erist 1 Sc moises 

LXXXI II. Sadducaeis de soptem fratrujft iixore quaerentibws resurrectionem etiam mosi 

mis cySnise ge-trjmaS soeeaS huu crist atmu sie dauiS miS drihtno 

tesiimonio confirmat Lxxxiiii. Quaerit quomodo cAi'tsdts filius sit dauid cum domino 

frow him wasre gecoged in psalmc huntoaiitc^e nioBa upp-hepbing tea Son iiuS-utaiia geSreade widua 
ab eo uocarctur in psalm,o centensirao nonp elationem quoque acribarum arguit uidua 

tuoge Ijf sendende fo^or allum were gefseatnad liergiendiim 

in g-azophi!acium duo aera mittentem plus omnibus miaaisse confirmat lxxxv. Laudantibz^ 

getimbres tempel foj-e-cuoe8 sona Sfes tosHtnitncse Z ft-iBgneudum, of ende ge-ondu£erde yflo 

aediflcium terapli praedicito cuius deatruendum et interrogantib?(s de fine respondit mala 

monigo fore-scyniga ne fore-snieande liuajd gesald geaprecen wertai ah in ge^yld liis 

plurima praecessura nee praecogitandum qnid traditi loquantur sed in patientia sua. 

hiaagnagaS sauela hiora yinb-seEenne from here MwyLsakm 1 was 

possideant animaa suas lxxxv i. Circumdandam ab exercitu hierusalem et u&e 

Csem bereudum auord sec Son 7 ■)* Seadom. 1 tunglas heofmes to-weardo Thine to-cymende on wolceii. 
praegnantibiiS gladium quoqite et captiuitatem signaqwe eaeli futura seqwe uenturum in nube 

mis mrehte niicia 3 miS 8rym fore-euoeS locas cuoeS -fte to-geneolecde 

cum potestate magna et raaiestate praediclt LXXXVII. Respicito inquit quia adpro- 

■!■ to-geneoleca6 losnise iuera frojw dninceiie sec Son 3 gemnisum Hsses ]ifes fo^'bead 

pinquat redemtio uestra ab ebrietate qiioqwe et curls huius uitao probibens, 

to wsecoenne bead J to biddanne 

viigilandum praecipit et orandum 

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■)ite neh eostfo is to redenne 


iuSas sipbade mearde geruaS Sa tegnas eostro gei'juo fierma 

LXXXYiii. lUDAS PAcisciTUR pretium paxant discipuli pascha mysteiium caoiiie 

■drihtnes ■!■ drihtenlieo gemeraad aron ^ geflit Bogna hino seolfne Siera 

dominicae celebrantur Lxxx Villi. Contentionem disciptilorum se ipsura iUorum 

embeht-monn gefselde genom 8iem ric geheht cuoeS sefter oSera to petre getrjm bvoSro 

miniatrum astruens tollit quibws regnum promittena ait post aiiqua petro confirina fratrea 

Smo Sio redo msege on sua hiieelc tiil cuoeSa Sroui^es deda aasegd biSou Ser bituih 

tuo3 quae lectio potest quolibet tempore dici xc. Passionis gesta nan-antur ubi inter 

oSero mc 3on Sio earliprece Sone -BEem cncehte petnw gecurfo Sio bond his iniSSy ge- 

cetera etiam auricwla quam puero petrus absciderat ipaae {sic) manus suae tactu 

sette'l'eft-geboette SEemiioendum fo/'geftiise from feder of-gebfed ew; 

restituit xci. CmcifigentibMS ueniam i, patre deposceas etiam i 


ongeton 3 petrus to Kser byrgenjie gearn 3 ge-steh -fte , aworden wtes 'gewundi-aS 

eognoscuiit et petrus ad monumeutum currena ac uidens quod factum fuerat ammiratur 

of tusem f is 3 fosva his 

SCIII. A duobzts id est cleopa et socio eius < 

f te Ka wfes geceiged siHer f efne-sprec Itmge on diBlnise hlafea ongeten biS 

quod tunc emmaus uocabatur post coiifabulationem prolix am in fraction e panis agnoacitur 

efce-sprecendnvM Segnum astod on middmn cnoe (sic) sibb iub 3 8a get foFhtende 

xciiii. Conloquentibus diacipiilis adstans in medio dicit pax uobia et adhuc pauentea 

5 -p gaast woendon Eed-eaudniae ofer-ffeato hondo 3 fota 

apj'WtMmque putantea oatenaione transiixarum manuum pedumqwe 

Stem AtA fisces brededes 3 biobread wjnige3 IfereS hia ^5 hSt fadorea walde gesenda hine 

ipais paa^tem places assi et fauum mellis instruit eos promissum patris missumm a^ 

Sios redo on *£ere uica costres miaSy biS gereded gocndad bis on stoue 55er 
[fol. 136.] Haeo lectio in ebdomada pasckae dum legitur Unitur in loco ubi 

cii«oe8 Sa huile we biSon gegearuud miS Ssem heigra mseht mi88y antedlke in astignise gereded biS 
ait quoad usqite iuduamini uirtutem ex alto Cum autem In ascensione legitur 

oSero stone _ onginceS 8er cuoeS Segnum Sas sint wordo 8a8o spreccend w^s iuli miSSj' 
alio loco incoanda est quo dicit discipulls haec sunt uerba quae locutus aum nobis cum 

get ic w«3 mis iub wis cnde 

athuc essem uobiscum usqwe in finem euangeii. 

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St. L U K E. 


L U C A M. 

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Lueaa boo 

E. Her oii- 
!^ . . lucas 
Boo Dibs 
halgaii god- 
speUeres. C. 
Dis god-8pel 
ge-byraS on 

res mffisse- 
aifen. Fuit 
in diebua he- 
lodis regia. i 



m, Se witodllce manega pohton 
|!ara Jjmga race geende-byrdan ]>c 
on us gefyllede synfc. 

2 swa us betsehtun Sa f e hyt of fiymSe 
gesawon. ? Ji^re sprsece |>enas wferon; 

3 Me ge-jjuhte geornlice eallum oS cnde- 
byrdnesse writan pe; Jju se selusta theo- 

' philus 

4 'f ^u oucnawe fara worda sojpfestQesse 
of&m ^e Jju gelffired eart; 

5 On herodes dagum iudea cyninges. 
wEGs sum sacerd on naman zacharias of 
abian tune. ] his wif wegs of aarones doh- 
tvnm. "} hyre nama w^es elizabeth ; 

6 SoSlice hig wEeron butu riht-wiae be- 
foran gode. gangeude on eallum his bebod- 
uHi ] rihtwisnessum butan wrohte. 

7 1 hig nsefdon nan beam, for^am ^e. 
elizabeth wtes unberende. "i hy on heora 
dagum butu forS-eodon ; 

8 So^lice WEes geworden J?a zacharias his 
sacerdes hades breac on hys gewrixles 
endebyrdnesse beforan gode. 

Various Headings. 

Te^t: MS. Corp. Chr. Coll. 140; V.R./rom A (Gaiah. 
Vniv. Lib. li. 2. II); B (Bodiej 441); and C (Cotton, 
Otlio c. 1). 

Title: A.B. laeipit — tucani. 

Oh. i, V. 1. A. (iBsra. A. raca. A. synd. 2. A. be- 
ti=e)iton. 3. A. eomlice. A. endobyrdnysse. A. (>u 6e se- 
)esta. 4. A. Jijei-a. A. soSfsestnyase. 5. B. C. qTiincges, 
6. A. om. Soilice. A. ryhtwysnyssum. 7. A. om. Se. 
A. hig. B. C. hyra. B. C. forii-eodun. 8. A. B. C. 
saccrd-hades. A. endcbjrdnysse, 


1 for pan fie witodlice manega |johte can h 
jjare finge race ge-ende-berden |;e on us godap 
ge-fylde synde ; 

2 swa us be-tahten pa pe hyt of fremSe 
ge-SDegen. '} |7are sprsece Jieentes WEeren. 

3 Me ge-|juhte geornlice callen oS eende- 
byrdnysse writen pe pu seleste theophi- 

4 -J fiu oncnawe jjare worde sodfaestnysse 
of pSLYa pe p\i ge-lffired eert. 

5 On herode dagen iudea cyninges w£es 
sum sacerd on namen zacharias of abian 
tune. !1 hia wif wass of aarones dobtren. 3 
hire name wtes elisabeth. 

6 SoSlice hyo wseren ba twa rihtwise 
be-foren gode. "i gangenden on eallen hys 
beboden ] rihtwisnesse. ba twa wrohte. 

7 ] hyo nafden nan beam, for-^an elisa- 
beth wses un-berende !l hyo on heore dag- 
en ba^e forS-eoden. 

8 SoShce WEBS ge-wor^en. fja zacharias 
hys saeerd-hades brea. on his ge-wrixlcs 

■fore gode. 

Various Headings. 

Title. willaS; areocen; Iialgan. 

Ch. i. V. 1. foi^Sam; sint. 2. frimSe gesawon; jioiias 
weeron. 3. eallum.; ende-byrdnysae writan, 4. jiara; 
eart. 5, dagan; naman; dohiaTim; nama. 6, waron 
baSe ; riht-wisse beforan ; gangendum ; allum ; riht- 
wianyaaum. buton. 7. nsefdon; B,. iturerts ^e after Soriaa; 
hyora dagan buto, 8. brea (,«c); as in H. 

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onginne^ god- spell miier lucas 


forS^on. a«c soS monigo cmincEdo woeron ^te hia goendebrednadon ieet gesaga SaSe 

1 *Quoniam: quidem: multi conati &i.-vr 3RDrN4.BE ^AREATHJNF■w qiie r 

! 1 
In u'^ic gLfylled aion Singana sue gesaldoa us «afce Siom tnimms. Sa ge-^egoii : 

m nubn completae sunt reiuia 2 sicut tr^idemnt nrbif, qui ^b mitiu ipbi oiileiuiit et 

gesegen ivse^ sec me offjlgde froiw fin?»i alle geonie 

I uiaum est et inibi aasecuto a pimcipio oiimii diligentei 

miS ends brednise Be auntta Su gecoiene- tlieofile ^te Bu ongette hion word^ of S»m 

ex ordine tibi sonbeie optime theophile 4 ut cognustas eorum uerbciuni 1 qui) ii 

gelBsred arS on soSfpstmse w «s In dagum heroSes cyninges ludese saoerl siun 

eruditus ^^ ueiittitera o *FiLii IN DIEBUS beiodia ie"i(= luliPap saceidos quhm 'H 

wooion xmt'lhce aoS-f'egto boego Som gnde fierendo In alliim bodum J 

f> eiint autem lusti ambo ante dci/m mcedent^s m omnibus mandatis et lustihcT.tionibu? 

dnUtnes buta gioinunce '3 ne wses him ■! Seem tmm iuiSon wsaa ehzaltfA unberend 3 boegu 

dommi Mne quieiplli 7 et nnn ei^t illis filius eo quol e'ispt elisabfth bteiilis et iiiib 

eid hal gebieoe ii endebiednise 
1 1 ti fi u^erct 11 111 I li iL 

I^UPIT ELi'M^rLIlM m,iE 

Cap I 1 foiSon eo momg'e cymonde weiun Sa,t „n ende liedadui Sa ^isiguiie Bing^Qa Sa m usih gifjllel 
»run 2 swa giaaldnii ua ^aBe fiom frumi Bi gi'iegun 3 cmbihtmein weiun wordes 3 giaegen wia 3 me 
oftvligde- fum fruina aln, geomecini-)! eBdebiednisse B« awnto Bu gicorne theinphik 4 Bict Su ingetc 

hiira woida uf S^orn gdcered «wB m soB f "estnisw B ■hi,* m dagum cjmges lude^ saeeid sum miS nomi 
zachanas of londe abu J wif B«m of dobtrum ^ronea 3 noma him ehzab^W b werun wutudlM^ aoB fseste 
hoege foie diikfen f^aende in .ilium bibodum 3 soB ftestnisae diili'w^s buta giorming^ 7 3 no vret Bsem imiu 
hiK forBin w-es clizabeth unbeiende 1 bocgo oifeollun m di^im hioia '* ^.iwoiden ii-^s wutudlice «v =i ei 1 
hide ^bio e in endo biednihse londes his foie gode 

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9 ffifter gewunan 'Sms sacerdhades 
he eode fset he hys offirunga setto; Da he 
on godes tempel eode 

10 eall werod p^s folees waes ute gebid- 
dende on Jjgere offrunga timan; 

11 Da Eetywde him drihtiies engel stand- 
ende on ffes weofodes swySran healfe ; 

12 Da wear^ zacharias gedrefed jJ ge- 
seoude '^ him ege on-hreas ; 

13 Da cwfeS se engel him to. ne ondrSd 
fiu pe zacharias. forjjam |jin ben ys gehyred 
1 l^in wif eUzabeth pe sunn cenS. 1 pn 
nemst hys naman lohannes. 

14 1 he by^ pe to gefean :i to blisse. "} 
manega on his acennednysse gefagnia^j 

15 So^hce ho hy^ ragere heforan drihtne 
1 he ne drincS win. ne beor. :i he hyS 
gefylled on haligum gaste. fioime gyt of 
hys modor innoSe. 

16 ] manega israhela bearna ho gecyr^ 
to drihtne hyra gode. 

17 "} he g£eS toforan him on gaste. "J 
ehas mihte. f he fsedera heortan to heora 
beamurn geeyrre. 1 ungeleaiFuUe to riht- 
wisra gleawscype. drihtne full-fremed folc 

18 Da cwffiS zacharias to Jiam engele. 
hwanun wat ic )'is; Ic eom nu eald 1 min 
wif on hyre dagum forS-eode ; 

19 Da andswarode him se engel; Ic eom 
gabriel ic pe stande beforan gode. 1 ic eom 
asend wiS pe sprecan. :i pe Sis bodian; 

Various Readings. 
9. A. offrunge. 10. A. wered. A. byddcDde. A. 
ofiruBge. 1.1. A. fort^am Be f-yn. 14. B. 0. acennednesse. 
A. gofahniaS. 16, A. halguiw. 16. A. heora. 17. C. 
helias. B.C. hyra. A. B. 0. fulfremed. 13. A. engle. 
A-.liwanen. 19. A. ae engel iiym, A. gabriheL A. om. te 
after ic. 

16 [Luke. 

Eefter ge-wunan. J^ara sacerdes hades 
hlotes he eode J^set he his ofiringe sette. 
Da he on godes tempel eode 

10 eall wered fas folkes wjes ute bid- 
dende on fare offrenge timen. 

11 Da afcewede hym drihtenes iBngel 
standende on J^as weofedes swiSren healfe. 

12 pa warS zacharias ge-drefed feet ge- 
seonde } him eige on-reas. 

13 Da cwEeS se sengel hym to. no on- 
dred p\x fe zacharias. for fan J)in bene is 
ge-herd. "] fin wif elisabeth pe sune kenS. 
1 pu nemnest hys name lohannes 

14 1 he byS fe to blisse. 3 manega on 
his akynnednysse ge-fageneS. 

15 SoSlice he by^ msere be-foren driht- 
ene. 7 he ne drinc^ win ne beor. 1 ho 
beoS ge-felleS mid halgen gaste ; panne 
gyt of hys nioder InnoSe. 

16 1 manege israele bearne he ge-chyrd to 
drihtene heore gode 

17 1 he g£e^ to-foren him on gaste, ] on 
helias ge-mihte. } he feederan heortan, to 
heora bearnan ge-cyrre. Z ungeleafullc. to 
rihtwise gleaw-scipe.',' drihtne fulfromed 
folc ge-g£erewian. 

18 Da cwasS zacharias to fam engle. 
hwanan wat ich fis. Ic eom nu eald T min 
wif on heora dagen forS-eode. 

19 Pa andswerede him se Eengel. Ich 
eom gabriel se engel. ic fe stande be-foren 
gode. "} ich eom asend wiS fe sprecen. 
1 pa fis bodien. 

Vojrious Readings. 

xs; offrunge. 11. astjwde 
12. werS; eage. 13. engel 
1*. Afier Jie R 

5. beforan drihtne 


9. offrunge. 10. ^^a 
drihtnes engel; 3wi88ran. 
on-dvaed ; beane ; nemst. 
fean 3 ; acennednjss 
bj5 ge-iylled on galguwj {sic); fionne. 16. msenega; ge- 
cyrS, 17. bemau; ungeleaffulle ; rihtwisa; ge-garewian. 
18. hire dagon. ID. le; fengel {/or engel]; be-foran; ic; 
sprecan; bodian. 

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CHAr. I.] 17 

ffifter gewuna saeerd-Ladea of Alodti eode fte _ roecela s^sette jimfberde on tempel 

9 secundum consuetudinem sacerdoti sorte exiit ut incensum poneret ingi'eaBus in templum 

drihtnes : alii Sio menigo wres Sscs folces biddende uta ssd tid lehtea red-eauado 

dommi 10 et ©innia multitudo erat populi orans foris hra-a incensi 11 appaniit 

uniedlice imm engel drihtnes stode to suiSmm wig-beddes beoming : _ ^estyi-ed 

autein illi angelus domini stans a doxtris altaiis incensi 12 et zacliarias turbatus 

Wfes miaSy ges«Ii J oiido ^feoll oUr bine cuocS rmtediicB to Ssem-tto him se engel ne oudred 5u 

est iiidens et timor irruit super eum 13 ait autem ad ilium augelus ne timeas 

fo)-Sou gehered wEes^is gebeodo 8ina 3 uif aiu elizabeth bereS Se^ sunu 3 
zaciiaria quoniam esSiudita est depraecatio tua et uxor tua elisabet paiiet tibi filium et 

3 bis gefea Se 3 glsednise 3 monigo in acceiinisse 
14 et erit gaudium tibi et exultatio et multi in natiuitate 

his biSon glsede bi8 f(t/-Son mieel befo»-a drihtno 3 wla 1 bear no driaceS J 

eius gaudebimt 15 erit autem magnus coram domino et uinum et sicera non bibet et 

gaast* halge gefylled biS Sa gett wjes In inna moderes his 
spirifu sanoto replebitur atliuc ex utero matris suaj 

3 he foregteB fore Ssem in gaast 3 of-l'mie maiht 
17 et ipse praecedet ante ilium in spiritu et uirtutc 

helres >te ge eerre hearta nutimai' tllr^ In "jujium 3 Sa ungeleaffulo to hoga-scipe soS-ffesti-a 
helioe ut conuertat cord a pitrum n filios et incredibiles ad prudentzam iustorum 

dnhtne gode hi>ral 8 r 
conueitft od doMtinwrn deMm ipsoiuni 

gegearui^a dnhtne file hh fieat 

paiaic, lowiino plebem pcrfnctiin 

3 cuoeS zacharias to Sasm engel huona Kis witto 
IS et dixit zacharias ad angelum imde hoc sciam 

3 mf nun gefe ill in dagam bis 
et uxoi mea }.io essit m dieb^[s suis 

3 ge-onduavde se engel cuoeS 
19 *Et respondens angelus dixit " 

him ic am gabnhel aeSe ic tost ndo f;re gode 3 sendet am f ic sprece to Se 3 Sas 6o 
ei ego sum gabnbel ijui id to lute deum et missus sum loqui ad te et haec tibi 


t iloi gm in\ s» i[l] hiki of Pote eode Sjattt m tecels gistte infoeuk lu temjle h ]itn 
«io meugn wa-? Ses folches lilende nte et tide lebtes 11 «teonde wutudlice Siem engel 
to fcTvigri wibedes biomiug 12 3 gi st-\ied w^ miSSy gi'^wb 3 ^e gifeol ofer hme 13 cw 
engel to Stem ne ondred Bu forSon gihered wass-l-ia of gi beoium Sinnm 3 wif Sm ehziheth beres 
gieeg noma bis lohanwe 14 3 biB gifei «e :i gkednisse i nionige in oeenmfl<<e his gl-sde bioSun 
micel bifora diihitn 3 winn 3 bear ne dnnceS 3 gaste halge gifjUel bife S'^t gett wees m lonii 
le 3 munige anno israeles gicerraS to dnhfne gode hiora 17 3 he lore gteS toie S'em of m^l 
giceire beoita wntuna in sunnm 3 5i ungiieofFulle to hoga acipe soS fw-^tra gi eon\igi dnhtne 

18 3 cnteS zichffi/'iw to Stem engle hwoua Sis ic wito h, foiSon am aid 3 wif nnn gifeol i 

19 3 ondwoide 5e engel cw^S him le \m se«e ic to stondo bif ra gode 3 sended am "^-^t ic s 
Sas Se gibodige 

10 : 11(. 
diih(! e stod 
'eS wiitndbce 
Se inn J 3 5u 
In biS foiSuu 
a moeder hia 
ite holies ^te 
f ik ivi? fsest 
n d\,ui his 
liLce tt Kb 3 

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20 And nu pu byst suwiende. ] pn spree- 
an ne niiht. oS |jone d^g pe Sas ^ing 
gewurSa|j. forp&m pu minum wordum ne 
gelyfdest. j?a beoS on hyra timan gefyllede; 

21 And f folc wees zachariam geanbidi- 
ende ] wundrodon ■f he on [jam temple lict 

22 E)a he ut-eode ne mihte he him to 
sprecan. ") big on-cneowon "p he on |?am 
temple sume gealhtSe geseak 7 he wses 
bicniende hi?Ji "} duia Jturh-wunede ;. 

23 Da wses geworden fja his j?enunga 
dagas. gefyllede wairon.. he ferde to his 

24 So^lice sefter dagum elizabeth his wif 
ge-eacnode 1 heo bediglude hig fif monjias 
^ cwEeS; 

25 SoSlice me drihten gedyde pns. on 
fam dagum j^e he geseah minne hosp betux 
mannum afyrran. 

Dis secai on 26 OJ oJjHce On j^am syxtan monSe wffis 
to {.am rO asend gabriel se engelfram driht- 

S^ci^"-^'^- ne on galilea ceastre. peere nama wses naza- 

traii. Missus ^iTtt, 
eetangelua ^^'•>^- 

Rabriiie]. A. 27 to beweddudre ftemnan anum were. 

MisBUB est 

gabriel ange- p^s nama "W£es iosep. of daaides huse,. 1 
)ipere fEemnan nama wses maria. 

28 Da cwEef se engel ingangende. hal 
wes ^n mid gyfe gefylled. drihten mid pe; 
Du eart gebletsud on wifum. 

29 fa wearS heo on his sprget 
] Jjohte hw^et seo greting wjere ; 

fiolileffi. B. 

Various Readings. 

20. A, swygeude; B. C. suwigende. A. geweoiJuS 
A. heoi-a. 21. A. ge-anbidigende tl wundrigonde. 22 A 
gesyhse. A, hjin bycii^ende. C, dumb. A. (iurh-wunodc 
24. A. digiode. 2S. A, betweox; B. C. betwus. 2" A 
be-weddadre. 28. A. ge-bletgod. 


20' End nu abydst swigende. 1 J?u sprfek- 
en ne miht oS Jeanne dayg pe Jjas jjing ge- 
wur'Sad. for jjan p\x mine worden ne lyf- 
dest |7a byS on heora timan ge-fy!de. 

21 And. J)jet folc w^s zachariam ge-abyd- 
ende. 1 wundredon. pmi he on pist tem- 
ple ge-la)t W£cs. 

22 Da he ut-eode- ne mihte he heom to 
spriecen. "^ hyo. on-cneowen psst he on fam- 
temple sume ge-sihte ge-seah. T he wtes 
beaeniende heom 1 dumb Jiurh-wunede. 

^ pa wges ge-worSen fa his fenunga 
dages gc-fylde wEeren. he ferde to his 

24 SoSlice defter dagen elisabetli his wif 
ge-eacnode. 1 hybe-dyglede hyo fif mon^- 
aa? cw£e^.. 

25 SoSlice me drihten ge-dyde fus on 
fam dagen pe he ge-seah mine hosp be- 
twus mannen afyrran. 

26 ^o?>liee on J?am syxten monSe w^sMiesuKes 
rO' a-send gabriel se engel fram dco in ei 

drihtene on g&lilee cestre fare name wEes ^™'*^'"' 

27 to be-weddedre femnen anen were 
fas name wees ioseph of daui^es huse. ^ 
fare femne name WEes mariam. 

28 Da cwseS se ^engel ingangende. Hal 
WEesse fu mid gyfe ge-fylled. drihten mid 
f e. Pu ert ge-bletsed on wifen. 

29 fa warS hyo on his spruce ge-drefed. 
T fohte hwfet syo gretunge wfere. 

Vamous Readings. 

20 Mad [Ti bjst swugende ; aprecan; |joiie; gewurdaS; 
minuwttorduwt, tima ge-fjllede- 21. jEnd; wundrodon; 
ge let. 22 ge^ihtSe; becnieuda 23. ):^Duiiga dagas 
gefvlle (sjc) 24 dagtim; ge-eacnede; bedyglude. 25. 
dagum, minne mamim. KoBaiC; so also in R. 26. 
Hixtan, iengol castre ta. 27. femuan anuj»; dauides; 
temnin nama. 28. wes; eart ge-bletsod; wifom. 29. 
well's ,!ctyii. 

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€aAP. I.] 19 

5 hcono in biafc suigende 3 ne mffige «u gespredo o«S on tloege of Sseia Sas geworSea fore 
20 *Et eccc eris taeens et non poteris loqyi asque in diem t^uo haec fiant pro * 3. s. 

«on ^ite lie gelefdest «ii wordam milium «a Se gefjUed biSan on tid hiova ' ^ wtea 

eo quod non credidisti uerbis meia quae inplebuntur m tempore suo 21 et erat 

^ folc bidende :i awundradon fte Iilattade he in temple ■eode nutedlice 

plebs expectans zachariam et mirabantur quod tardaret ipse in templo 22 egresaus autem 

ne msehte spreca to him : on-geton ^ ^te ^esiliBo gesege m temple J lie 

noa poterat loqui ad illos at cognoiierunt quod msionem uidieset in templo et ipse 

Wfes beenende -Breai-thim 3 5erh-wunade dumb 1 aworden wres fto gefylde weron «a dagaa 

erat innuens illis et pormansit mutus 2§ et factum est ut impleti sunt dies 

embilites his «ode In hus his fefter i5as mitedlice cliigas aceiide['}']^ebffiv _ wif 

officii eius abiit in domum suam. 24 post hos autem dies concepit elisabet uxor 

hia 3 gedegeMe hia moneSum Jifo cuoeS foj-Son sua dyde me _ drihtew tm dagum 

eius et occultabat s^ mensibits quinqiie dicens -25 quia sic fecit mihi domi-aua in dielms 

Sfem eft-beheald to nummanne telniae min bituih monnujn on monaBe imUdli'ce «a seiata 

quibw« respexit auferre opprobrium meum inter homines 26 *In mense autem sexto ' iii. 

o-awfliidpil w»w s[e] angel from gode in galilie ceastra toBjer noma to hehstaldc 

' s gabrihel d deo in ciuitatem galilaeae cui nomen nazareth 27 ad nirginem 

gewoedded*f(estnad heh-sta!d imr& noma wsea nf hua dmiiS 1 noma Sicro hehataldes 

•j-uixgo cui nomen erat iosepb de domo dauid et nomen uirginis monuu 

Sa -t Sill miSSj 
■ 29 quae cum audisset turbata est in sermone eiiv. 

ge*ohte hnlig^'huM wsa-i'wi 

20 3 iieouu fu biat swigende 1 ne in*'ge 5u gisprodCa oi'Se on da?^'e of Siem fes worSea foi'-Sun Sit'tte no 
gilefcstu wordum mmum Sd,5o gi-fylleJ bioSun in tide hiora 21. ? \vs's Ba?t folc biddeadc 1 ivundradun *ret 
he laSade he in temple 22. code wntudlice ne miehte spreoca to him 1 OBgetmi Sast gisiliBe tse gi-sege in 
temple D he webs becnende him 1 Serh-ivunade dnniba 23. 1 giworden wa=8 }.te gifylled wieum dagas erei- 
hihtea his eode in hus hia 24. tefter Saa wutudhVe dagas gieende . . . wif his 7 degelde hite monoSas fife cw^S 
25. forSon awa djde me drihten in dagnm *fem eft biheold to niomanne teliiisae mine bitwih monnum 
2S, on monoSe wutudlice' Ssea seata sended wtes engel.. .from gode in C£estre...6*re noma wses... 27. to fiefne 
giweddad-l'gifEestnad were «£es noma wsea..,of huse dauiSes 3 noma Sare hehstalde maria 2b. 3 infoerde 
engel to hir cwseS hal raiS gifeo ftiU Ar'ihten Sec mis gibletaad Su bitviih nifum 2!j. Sa miSSy giherde 

gidroefed wtes in worde his : giSohte hulig-thu were Sioa gvoeting 


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Dya gebyraS 
on frige dcg 

a festina- 

30 Da cW£eS se engel. ne ondrffid j^u ^e 
maria; SoSlice |?u gyfe mid gode gemet- 

31 SoSlice nu pi\ on inno^e ge-eacnast. 
:i sQiiu censt "i his uaman hsilend genem- 

32 Se byS meero ] pms hehstan sunu 
genemned. ") him sjlp dinhten god his fe- 
der. dauides setl. 

33 "} he ricsa^ on ecnesse on lacohes 
huse. 1 hys rices ende ne bjp ; 

34 Da cw^S maria to ps.m engle. ha 
gewyr^ pis forSam ic were ne on-cnS.\ve ; 

35 Da Iswarode hyre se engel ; Se 
halga gast on l^e becymj? ] J^ses heahstan 
miht pe ofer-sceadaS. 1 forSara -f hahge 
Se of pe acenned by'S by)? godes simu ge- 

30 :i nu ehzabeth )7in msege sunu on hyre 
ylde ge-eacnode. 1 pe monaS ys hyre sista. 
seo is unberende genemned, 

37 forp&m nis eelc word mid gode un- 

38 Da ewje|! maria her is drihtnes finen. 
gewurj^e me eefter jjinum worde. 7 se engel 
hyre fvam gewat. 

39 0| o)>hce on |!ani dagum aras maria 1 
fO ferde on munt-iand mid ofste. 

^ on iudeisce ceastro 

40 7 eode into zacharias huse "i grete eh- 
zabeth ; 

41 Da wasa geworden ]7a elizabeth gehyr- 
de marian gretinge. J^a gefagnude f cild 
on hyre innoSe; And pa, wearS elizabeth 
halegum gaste gefylled. 

Various Headings, 
30. A. ge-metst gife myd goJe 31 A eennest 
A ryxiS A ecnjsse. 34 A o- i n, A wer 35 
:3weiede B C halie. se A B m^e, 4 {pes mo 
A iisti moiioS 38. A. ge weorSo 19 \ iilesi 
40 A j,iette 41. A.fagiiol 1 1 .tl^ 

» [Luke. 

30 Da GWEeS se asngel. ne on-drsed fu 
l^e Maria. SoSlice pu gyfe mid gode ge- 

31 soSlice nu |3u on inno^e ge-eacnest. 
1 sune censt ssnd hys name hselend ge-nom- 

32 7 se byoS m^re. 7 |;as heagestes 
sune ge-nemned. 7 hym sylS drihten god 
his f^der dauides setll. 

33 1 he rixad on echnesse on lacobes 
huse. "} his riche eende ne beo^S. 

34 pa cwss'S maria to pam ffinglc hu ge- 
wurS p'la for J^an ich were ne on-cnawe; 

35 Da andswerede hyre se tengel. Se 
halgo gast on fie be-kymd 7 ]jas heagestan 
mihte pe ofer-actedeS. 7 for |!an ■f halig 
pe of j;e akenned byS ; byS godes sune 

36 JEnd nu elisabeth fin mage sune on 
hire eide ge-echnede. 7 Jjes moneS is hire 
systo sye is, Unberende ge-nemned. 

37 fov-pj nis Eelch word mid gode uii- 

38 Da cwasS MARia. Her is drihtenes 
fiinen. ge-wurSe me Eeffcer {linen worde. 
7 se ffingel hire fram ge-wat. 

oShce on pam dagen aras MARia Esurssna Ma. 
7 ferde on muntlande mid efste. MontooaoiH;* 
on iudeisse ceastre. festiuatione. 

40 7 eode in-to zacharias huse. 7 grette 

41 Da W£es ge-worSen. pa, hehsabeth 
ge-herde maiiie gretinge. pa, ge-fagene 
);a)t chyld on hire innoSe. a;nd Jja warS 
elisabeth halgen gaste ge-fyUed. 


Various Headings. 


nan halend. 32. heastes ; Betl. 33. rixea* ; 
rice ende; biS. 34. engle; forSam ie. 35. 
heahstan ; ofer-scadeS ; gain ; acenned ; mnn, 
e; monaSS; aiste seo. 37. selc. 38. iiiae. 
JO aleo in R. 39, dagum ; indeisce, 41. ge- 
elizabeth; gefagenede ; cyld ; and ; wears ; 

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Obap. I.] 

1 euoeS se augel him no ondred Su maria gemoetost Su. forSon gefea wis gode 

SO et iiit angelua ei ne timeas maria initenisti enim gratiam apud deum 

heono ge-ecnande in inna Z J5a accennes sumi 3 ge-ccigo Su noma his liaslend Ses biS 

31 ecce concipiens in utero et paries filium et uocabis nomen eiua iesura 32 hie erii; 

mieel 3 eunu Bees heiste ge-ceiged biS J seleS him se drihtera sedle dauiBea fedores liia 7 

maguus et filius alti^imi uocabitur et dabit illi ddwiiiiMS sedem dauid patris eius 33 et 

ho ricsaS In 1ms iacobes in ecnisse 3 rices his ne bi* ende cnoeS uatedlice 

ibit in douio iacob in aeternum et regni eius non erit iinis 34 dixit autem . maria 

to Seem engel huu worSes _ Sis foj-Son 
ad angekim quomodo liet istud quoniam. 

1 geonduearde se angel 
35 et respondeus angelus 

euoeS him gaasfc balig oftr-cymeS on Seh 1 ma:ht Sees heisto ofer-wrigaS Be 5 foj'Bon 3 

disit ei spintos sanctus superueniet in' te et uirtiis altissimi abiimbrabit tibi ideoquae et 

^te accenned biS haiig biB geceid sunu godes 3 hcono foereld Sin 1 Sa aeende 

quod nascetra- sanctum uocabitur filius dei 36 et ecce elisabeth cognata tua et ipsa concepil 

Bunu on hseldo hire 7 J5is moneS ia Be seista Sfer Bin ge-ceiged is iin-bere[ii]d fte-lforimi 

filium in eenecta sua et hie mensis -est sestus illi quae uocatur aterilis 37 quia 

ne MS an-meehticlio miB god all i ^huoelc word 
non erit inpossibile apud deum. omue uerbujii 

drihtnes sle me softer word Sinum 1 fearrade from hia se angel aras nntedliee 

domini fiat mihi secundum uerbum tuum et discessit ah ilia angelus 39 exurgens autem 

on ■ dagum Bsera foerde on morum miB oefeste on ceastre 1 iii-foerde 

maria in diehws illis abiit in montEma cum fcstinatione in. ciuitatem iuda 40 et intrauit 

bus zacliariee 1 ge-groette 3 aworden wtea fte he geherde 

L donuim zachariae et salvitauit olisabetb 41 et factum est ut audiuit salutafcionem mariae- 

gefeado ae cild In inna hire 3 gefyUed wses hal^o gaste 
elisabeth exultauit infans in utero eius et repleta est spiritu. sancto elisabeth 

30. tl cwicB Be cngel him ne ondred Su fee . . . giiiimratu forBiin gifea miS gode 31. heuno isit'cnade 

ionnaBe J Su eannes snno 7 giceg Su noma bis bteleud 32. Ses biS micel 1 suno Bfos hesta gicogcd biS 
seleJS him drihi^?; god seSel dauiSes fasJres his 33. "3 he rixaS in huae iacobes m ecnisse 3 rices his ne b. 
ende 34. cwseS wutudlwse to Btem engle Imu worSea Sis forSon wer ne con ic 35. 3 ond-sworade Be engel 
cwseB bim gast halig ofer-cymeS on Bee 3 msebt Sees hesta ofev-wriB See foriSon Biette aeonned biS hahg 

giceg biB sunn godea 36. 3 heonu ... 3 ftereld B 
Ser Bio gieeged biS un-berend 37. -pte forBon 

wutudlw . . . Biowa drihfnfK sie mec Eeftev worde 
i>n dagnm Biera eode on moras miS oefiste on t 
41. 3 aworden wses ^te giherde groetinge maria . . . 

3 Bio aeende sunu on bselo hire 3 Bis monoB is Be sesta 
bis unmjehtiglic miS giwie egbwelc word 38. cwfeS 

m 3 feorrade from hir Be engel 39. aras wutudl/ca . . . 
jtve iudea 40. 3 infoerde in bus zacharies 1 gigroette . . . 
ifeade Stet cild in iouna hir 3 gifyUed w£os gaste halgum . 

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42 7 lieo clypode miceire stefne. ] cwsBJ? ; 
Du eai't betwux wifum gcbletsod, 1 gebletsad 
ys |;mes innoSes w^estm. 

43 1 hwanun is me 'Sis -f mines dribtnes 
modor to me ciime ; 

44 Sona swa )?inre gretinge stefn on mi- 
lium earum geworden wses. pa. fahnude 
min cild. on minum innof e ; 

45 And eadig p\i earb Su pe gelyfdest f 
fulfremede synd. fa Sing pe Se fram dnhfc- 
ne gesmde synd; 

46 Da cwee^ maria min sawl m^rsajj 
drihten ; 

47 And min gast geblissude on gode mi- 
num baslende; 

48 ForSam J^e he geseab hys jjinene ead- 
modnesse ; Sojjlice heomm-forS me eadige 
secgaS ealle cneoreasa. 

49 forSam pe me micele Jiing dyde se 'Se 
mihtig is. ] hys nama ys haUg 

50 J hys mild-heortnes of cneoresse on 
cneoresse hyne ondrEedendum. 

51 He worhte [msegne] on hys earme. 
he to-dseldc Jja ofer-modan. On modehyra 

52 He awearp fa rican of setle. ] Sa 
eaSmodan up ahof ; 

53 Hingriende he mid godam gefylde. 
1 ofer-mode idele for-let ; 

54 He afeng israhel hys cnihfc. "] geraunde 
hys mildheortnesse ; 

55 Swa he sprgec to iirum fisderura abra- 
hame !! hys sjede on a woruld ; 

Variotis Headings. 
42. A, betweos. A. gehletsoA (twice) ; B. 0. gebletsud 
(ivfice). 43. A. hwanen. A. moder ys to me cnmen. ' 
44. A. fegnode. 45. B. C. synt [/or IM syndj 46. A. 
sawel. 47. A. ge-blyssode. 4S. A. eadmodnysse. A. 
heonen-forS. A, gegcai!. A. cneoryssa.- 50. A. niyld- 
heortnys. A. cneorysse [twice). 51. im^me supplied 
from Hatton MS.; text and A. B. 0. omit. A. heora. 
52. A. eadmodan. 53. A. Hyngrigende. A, iylde, 54. 
A. itiyldheortnyssc. 55. A. fsedor habrahame. A. wcorold. 

I [Ldke. 

42 send hyo cleopede hludere stefne. 
7 cwfe^. Bu gert be-twux wifen ge-bledsed. 
] ge-bletsed ys fines innoSes wgestme. 

43 1 hwanen is me fis f^et mines drih- 
tenes moder scolde to me cume. 

44 Sone swa finre gretinge stefne on 
minan earen ge-worSan WEes. fa fagenede 
min chyld on minen innoSe. 

45 j^nd eadig fu ert fu fe ge-lyfdest 
f9Dt fulfremede sinde fa fing. fo fe fram 
drihtene gc-saigde synde. 

46 Da cweeS maria min saule mersed 

47 and min gast ge-blissode on gode 
minen hgelende. 

48 For fain fe he ge-seah his f jnene 
eadmodnysse. SoSHce henen-forS me 
eadige segge^ ealle cneornesse. 

49 for fam fe me mychole fing dyde se 
f e mihtyg ys. 1 his name is halig 

50 1 hys mildheortnysse of cneornisse. 
on cneornesse bine on-dr^edende. 

51 He worhte m^gne on hys earme. 
he to-dajlde fa ofermode. on nioda heora 

52 He warp fa rice of setUe. H fa ead- 
mode he up an-hof 

63 Hyngriende he mid gode ge-felde. 
7 fa ofor-mode ydele for-let. 

54 He afeng Israel his cniht ] ge-mynde 
hys mildheortnysi 

Swa he i 
hame. ^ his s 

irsec to ure fsederen abr? 
1 on a weorlde. 

Various Readings. 

42. cleopode; myelera [for hludere]; eart; wifum 
gebletaod; ge-bletaod; wKstm. 43, hwanan ; drihtnes 
modor ; om,. scolde ; come. i'L stefen ; minujK earun* 
ge-worden ; cyld ; minum. 45. eavt ; sint ; drihtne ge- 
asegede aiud. 46. sawnl mseraeS. 47. MnA; minum 
halenduiw. 48. henon-; secgaS ; cneoresse. 49. mycele; 
nama. 50. mjldheortnes of cneornesse. 61. oferraod ; 
heorte. 62. wearp ; rican ; setle ; eadmoden ; ahoE 53. 
godum ge-fylde; ofer-mode. 56. urum fsederum ; aweo- 

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Chap. I.] 23 

? ge-ceigede stefn miS micia 7 cuoeS gcbloedaad Su bituih w-ifum J geblocdsad wasstui 
42 et exclamauit uoce magna et dixit benedicta tli inter mulicres et benedictus fructiiN 

InnaSes Sines 3 huoiia Sia me -pte cyme moder drihtncB mines to me- iieouo foj-Bou 

uentris tui 43 et uude hoc mihi ut ueniat mater Aomini mci ad me ii ccce enim 

ftwordec wfes stefn groetengea Sines In earmn minum gefeade In glredixisse secildl'*' In innaS milium'' -t i>: tuMt'i! 
facta est uox salutationia tuce in aurib?M meis exultauit in gaudio infans in ntero- meo ii-- f<'d -ink. 

7 eadigo Sa Sio golofde forSon Serh-geendad biSoh aa SaSe ge-cuooden sint liim front dvihtne 

4.5 et beata, quae credidit quoiiiam perficientur ea quae dicta sunt ei ^ Aomino 

3 gefeade^-f gaast min in- " -i" mielaS 
47 ct exultauit spiritus mens ui is added in 
+ -l- ie added 
gode halwoende mine foi-Bon cft-locade' eSmodniae Siuses liis lieono forSon of Si3u»n eadigo 

deo salutari meo 48 quia respexit hurailitatem ancill^ suae ecce- enim ex lioc beatam 

mec cuoeBaS alle cneoreao forSon dyde me mielo seBe mEchtig, is J lialig 

me diccnt omnes generationes 49 quia I'ecit mi hi magna qui potens est et sanctum 

noma his 3 milt-heortnise his in soB cneoreso 3 cneoreso ondredendum Line dyde 

nomea eius 50 et misericordia eius in progenies et progenies timentibw eum 51 fecit 

mfeht on avme liia to-straegd Sa oferhygdcgo miB Bolit heortes his to-sceaf Sa mtehtigo of 

potentiam in bracliio sue dispcrsit superbos mente cordis, sui 52 deposuit potentes de 

aedie 3 aliof So, oBmodo 6a hyngerendo gefylde miB goduM 3 5a weligo foHeort Ba id]o 

sede et exaltauit humilos 53 esurientcs inplcuit bonis et diuites dimisit inancs 

ondfong isritei cnsoht his pte were gorajndgad milt-heortnise- his 
54 Huscepit israhel puerum suum memorari miaericordiaB suie 

to fadorea nsra 3 sede his In worulde 

ad patres nostros abraliani et semini eius in siBcula 

42. T gicegde stefne miuler : cwieB giUetsad Sa bitwih wifum 3 gi-bletsad w.vstem ionnoSea Bines 43. 3 
hwoBa Sia mec fte cyme moder drihtnes mines to me 44, heonu forSon ^to awordeu wses stefn groetinge 
«ines in earam minum 3 giworBe gla?dnisse in ioiuioBe iniuitm Sset did in gifea 45. 3 eadige BaBo hia gilofde 
forSon Berh-giendad biuBon Ba BaBe gicweden sint hira from driliiwij 46. 3 ewteB .. , , wimdi-aS-tniiclaB sawei 
miu drihien 4". 3 gi-feade gast min in gode hal-wendo mine 4R. forBon eft-locade eBmodnisse Biowe liis 
lieonu forBon of Bissnwi eodge moc cweoSas alle cneoreswo 4Q. forBon dyde mec micelo forBon ma>htig is :i 
lialig noma his 60. J mild-heortmsao his in soBe cneoreswo 3 cneoreswo ondreordnn Jiine Cl. dyde msjhte 
on eorme his tostvsegd ofer-liygd miB Sohte heorto hia 62. to-sceof Ba msehtgu of sedle 3 ahof Ba cBmudn 
^%. Sa hycrcnde gifylde miS godum 3 Ba weige forleort Ba idlo 54, onfeng israhdum cniphto his isto were 
■>imyndgad mild-lieortnisae liia 55. swj, spruceude nms to feder uscrne abrohamo T sede his uB to WL-nrldo 

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3 mid hyre 
3 gewende 

swylce Jjry rQon|J: 
pa to hyre huse ; 
tuiisTsiTib-' 57 Da wees gefylled elizabetlie cenning- 
pu.i:a.-iendi. jid. s heo sunu cende. 

58 !)hyre nehcheburas 1 hyre cuSan ■f 
gehyrdon "f drihten hys mild -heoTt.-n esse 
mid hyre meersude. ] hig mid hyre bHss- 
odoii ; 

59 Da on Jiam ehteoftan dsege hig comon 
•p cild ymsnijjan. !l nemdoa hyne hys feeder 
naman zaehariam. 

60 Da andswarodo his modor nese aopes. 
ac he byS iohannes genemned; 

61 Da cwfedon hig to hyre. nis nan on 
finre msegSe fiyson naman genemned; 

62 Da bicnodon hi to hys feeder hweet he 
woldo hine genemnedne beon. 

6H pa, wrat he gebedenum wex-brede; 
Iohannes is hys nama; Da wundrodon hig 
ealle ; 

64 Da wearS sona hys mu^ ^ hys tunge 
geopenod ] he spr^ec drihten bletsiende; 

Qo Da wearS ege geworden ofer ealle 
hyra nehcheburas. ] ofer ealle iudea munt- 
land. wteron fas word gewid-meersode. 

66 "} ealle pa Se hit gehyrdon on heora 
heortan settun "S cwsdon; Wenstu hw£ct 
by^ |;es cnapa. witodlice drihtenes hand 
wEes mid him; 

Q7 And zacharias his feeder wees mid 
haleguni gaste afylled. 1 he witegode "i 
cweej^ ; 

Various Headings, 

S6. A. wunode. A. f^reo. 57. A. cenniuge-tyd, 58. A. 
nehhe-buras. A. myldheortiijsae. A. msersodo. A. hy. 
59. A. ohtoSiui. A. ymb-anjSao. 60. A. C. moder. 61. 
C. hi, A. jiyssum. 62. A. hig. A, om. to. B. woldo {!). 
63. A. wundredon. 64. A. btetnigende. 66. A. oall iieora 
nehhe-buras, 66, A. settoa A. wenst Su, A. dryhtnea. 
67. A. haigum. A. B. C. gcfyliod. 



o^llce Marie wunede mid hire 
swylce freo monies ; !1 ge-wende 
pa. to hire huse. 

57 Da "wees afelled elisabethe kenning- 
tyd. 1 hyo sune kende. 

58 send hire nehoheburas ? hyre cu^an 
jjeet ge-herden j?eet drihten hys mildheort- 
nysse mid hire meersede. 1 hyo mid hire 

59 pa on paxa. elitode daige hyo comon 
pfet chyld t-o embscni^en. :i nemden hine 
his feeder name zaehariam. 

60 pa andswerede his moder nese soSes. 
ac he boo^ lohaa ge-nemned. 

61 Da eweeSen hyo to hire, nis nan on 
finre msegSe Jiisse name ge-nemned. 

62 Da cwEe^en hyo to his feeder, hwfet 
he wolde hine ge-nemned beon. 

63 l^a wrat he ge-beSencn wesbrede Io- 
hannes ys hys name. Da wundredon hyo 

64 Da warS sona hys mu^ 7 hys tunge 
ge-opened 1 he spreec drihten bletsiende. 

65 Da warS eige ge-worden ofer ealle 
heora nehchegebaras "i ofer ealle iudea 
raunt-land wteren jjas wor^ wi^-m^rsede. 

66 ] ealle fja pe hyt ge-hyrdon on heore 
heorten setten 1 eweeSen . "Wenst pu hwjet 
beoS pen cnapa; witodlice drihtnes hand 
wees mid hym. 

67 jEnd zacharias hys feeder weps mid 
halgen gaste ge-fyUed. 1 he wito-gode. 3 



1 Readings. 

56. \i\-y. 57. afylled; lieo. 68. ge-hyrdan; blissodoii. 

59. ehtojian; cyldj jmaniSan; nendoa (sic) ; fiidev aaman. 

60. modor; by6. 61. cwffidea; naman. 63. becnedon 
[for cw^eSen]; om. to; fader. 63, ge-bedenum wexe- 
brede ; wundrodon hie. 64. wearS. 65. weaHs ege ; 
hyoranehhebm-aa; waron; wid-nisersede. 66. heora. 67. 
And ; fuder ; listlgum galgum gaatuni {sic). 

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CnAP. I.] 25 

ge-wnnade Tiiiterf^fce tniSi hia suiclce nionaiSmii Sriim 5 eft-cerde + awoended wfes In 

56 maaait autein maria cum ilia quasi mensibw; trib^ts et reuersa est in 

hiis his Soiiwe gefyiled wi«a -Sio tid acenniae 3 acende siinu 3 

doraum suam 57 ^Elisabeth autem mipletum est tempus paricndi et peperit filium 58 et " 

gehcrclon S5a neliebiiras 3 Sa cuSamen hire forSon suiSe gemiclade se Srihten miltheortnisse his 

audierunt uicini et cogiiati eius quia maguificauit domiuus misericordiam suam 

mis hia-lrSser 3 efne-geJSoncadoii hir 3 awordcn wffis on dtege 6a iehtaSe cuomoii to ymb- 

■Gum ilia et congratulabantur ei 59 et factum eat in die octauo uenerunt circum- 

cearfanne [lone ciiseht Z ge-ceigde hine 
cidere pueKiffl et uocant cmm 

3 geondiieardo moder 
60 et respondens mater 

his euoeS Eenigom Sing ah ge-ceiged biS iohanneg 3 cuoodon to S»r ilea -pte ne sjnig is 

eius dixit nequaquam sed uocabitur iohaanea 61 et dixerunt ad illam quia nemo est 

in cySSo iin seSe ge-ceiged Siaiww noma gebecnadon Koemb feder his huoelcne wjelde 

in cogaatione tua qui uooetur hoc 'nomine 62 innuebant autem patri eius quern uellet 

ge-Kiejga hino 3 ge-ginade wfex-bred arat cuoeS iohannes ia noma his 3 gewundradon 

uoeari eum 63 et postiilans pugilarem scribsit dicens iohannes est nomen eius et nvirati sunt 

alle untyned wses Sonme s8na muS his 3 tunga his 3 -sprsecend w»s gebloedsade 

uniuorsi (54 apcrtum est autem ilico os eius et lingua ^eius et loquebatur benedicens 

god 3 aworden wfes ondo ofer alle neliehnras hiora 3 aier alle mor-londa iudsees 

dewm 65 -et faetus est timer super omnes uici-nos eorum et super -omiua montana iudaeae 

weron gemersad alle worda Kas 3 gosoton aile SaSe geherdon in hoorta hiora 

diuulgabantur omnia uerba hKc 66 et posuerunt omnes -qui audierant in corde suo 

cuoeSendo hused woenes -Sq cnieht Ses biJS 3 biS hond drihtii^ wees fwa hine 3 

dieentes quid putaa ' puer iste erit et erit manus dmiini erat coram ilio 67 et 

fader his gefjUed wiea lialge gaasto 3 gewitgade cuoSendc-l'cuoeS 
pater eius impletus est spm(u sancto et propbetauit dicens 

5 giwunilc wiitndl t mix hia oweke mtnoSia Siia 1 ifter giivenhd ist, in hus hia "i" * iine 

gifylled wies Sio tid aceiiniase 3 acende suno 55 3 ^iheidim 'sj, ael ybuus t aa cuiemen hire torion awiJse 
iniclade dnhfew mildlieortniise his niiis hia 3 efne giStnoadun hu 51 3 ^iwoi-den ws on diege 6y ^htoSa 
^te comon 3 to ymbceorfanne 6one cn-wht 3 eegdun hme noma f^dies his 60 3 giond worde Sio luidei 

his cwje« ntenig Sing ah giceged bi? bl 3 cwedun to ^vr ilea ne d;nig is in c^SSo Smie aeSe 

giceged -SiRsaw! nonm 62 3 gibecnadun Sonne feder his hwelcne walde gic^an hine f3 3 gigiowide 

onfeng wes biedes 3 ivrat cw^S iihannes is noma his 3 giwundiade weiun alle 64 ontyned wea Smne sona 
muS hia 3 tuiiga his apiecende vfes „i blet^ide god 65 ] giworden wes ondu ofor alle nehgibnras hioia 3 
ofei alle moilond mdea 3 weinn gmieraad ill viorl Sas GG 3 setiin illo -fciSe nihetdun in heorte Liora 

ewe«ende hwiet woenestu cnijht 4es biS 3 futSon hond dnh(nes miS liine b7 J f^der his giiyiled w«s 

gaste halgum 3 gnnigade cweSend© 


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68 Gebl&tsud si drihten israhela god. 
(orps.m pe he geneosode. 1 his folces aly- 
sednesse dyde; 

69 ] he u9 hffile horn arterde. on dauides 
huse hys cnihtes; 

70' Swa he sprgec Jiurh hys halegra wite- 
gena mu^S. pa he of worldes frymSe spraie- 

71 "i ho alysde us of urum feondum. ] of 
eah-a |?ara handa po us hatedon ; 

72 Mildheortnesse to wyrcsenne mid 
ilrum fsederum. "} gemtman his hal'egan 

73 Hyne us to syllenne pone aS.. pe he 
urum feeder abrahame swor. 

74 "jJ we butan egc of ure feonda handa 
alysede hira feowian. 

75 On halignesse beforan him. eallum 
uxum dagum; 

76 And fu cnapa byst fifes hehstan wite- 
ga genemned, pM gssst beforan drihtnes 
ansyne. his wegas gearwian; 

77 To syllenne his folce hys heele gewit 
on hyxa synna. forgyfnesse ; 

78 purh innojjas ures godes mildheort- 
nesse. on Jiam, he us geneosode of east- 

79 Onlihtan jjam pe on Systrum 1 on 
deafes sceade sittaS. ure fet to gereccenne 
on sybbe weg; 

80 Sojilice se cnapa weox. "} wees on 
gaste gestrangod, 3 w^es on westenum of) 
fone decg hys a;t-iwednessum on israhel ; 

Various Meadiijs 

6& A.Gebletsod. B. 0. ge-weoiule A l)^elu> ^e 
TO. A. haligra. A, wuldres. 71 A jjEera 72 A 
mjldheortnyase. A. wyrcanne; B. wyicenne A hfllgm 
cyS-nysse. 73. A. sjllanne. 75. A halignysse "6 A 
wjtegan. A. gegearwian, 77. A. syllinne A hefra A 
for-gyfenysse. 78. A. myld-heortiijs'e B C goneo de 
79. A, ge-reccanne. 80. A, tet-jwednjssMi 


68 Ge-blefcseS syo drihten israele god ; 
for ])an f!e he ge-neosede. !i hys folcea 
alysendnysse dyde. 

69 ^nd he us hsele horn ai'^rde on 
dauides huse. hys cnihtes. 

70 Swa he sprfec fiurh hys halgene wite- 
gene mu^. Da f;e of weorldes fremSe 

71 1 he alesdc us of uren feonden. ] of 
ealre pixre handen J^e us hateden. 

72 Mildheortnysse to wercben mid ure 
fgcderen. 1 ge-munen hys halgen ky'Snesse. 

73 hyne us to sellene Jeanne aS J^o he 
uren fader abrahame swor. 

74 fleet we buton eyge of ure feondon 
handen alesde hym f7eowian. 

75 on halignesse be-foran hyra eallen 
ure dagen. 

' 76 1 fju cnapa ggest "i beost pas heageste 
witega ge-nemned, Du ggest be-foran. driht- 
nes ansiene hys wegas gearewian. 

77 To syllene hys folce his halge ge-wit 
on hira synna for-gefenyssa. 

78 Durh inno^es ures godes mildheorfc- 
nyssa. on pam he us neosede. of east- 
dtele up-springendo. 

79 on-lihtan fam pe on fieostruro !l on 
dea^es scade sitteS. ure fet to ge-reecenns' 
on sibbe weig. 

80 So'Shce se cnape weox. 1 wses on 
gaste ge-str£enej?ed. "} wfes on westene o^ 
Jjanne dayg his atewednysse on Israel.. 

Varimis Headings. 

fcR Go liletsed sy; |ia»j; alysednysso. 69. Eiid^ 
en I ti"* 70. witegane ; sprsecen. 71. alysde ; imim 
feoudottt ealra Ijara haudan ; hatedon. 72. wyrcenne ; 
urum faderuj» ; halgan ojSnjase. 73. sillenne Jionne. 74. 
b tan ege handan. 75. lialigniase ; eallum axam dagufn. 
76 beat leagasta; before; ansyne; wigas garwian. 77.. 
svllenne hale; fot^yfenesse. 78. milheortnjsse (sic), 
79 Sjstrim; sceade aittaS. 80. cnapa; ge-atrang'od j 
westenum tonne ; getywednysse. 

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se gebioedsad drihtem god ismijla forSoii geaohte :i dyde lesnise-5- lesing folees liis 
68 Benedietiis domimts deus israhel quia uisitauit et fecit redemtionom plebi suae 

In hits daniSes cnfehtes his 
in domo dauid pueri sui 

70 siciit locutus est per 

muSe haligwara *ai!e frora wonildc woeroii -l' siiit witgena his hselo from fiondum usuwt 

6a saiietormxi qui a steculo sunt prophetariim ems 71 salutem ex inimicis nostris 

1 froHi hond allra 6aSe lae55doa usic 
et de maau cmiiiiini qui odenint nos 

to docnue milt-heortiiise miS fadorum 
72 ad faciendam misericordiam cum patribws nostris 

SS f gesuoren fte gesuor to shraham feder 
73 ius-iuranduni quod itirauit ad abrabam patrem 

uaum walde geaeiQIa bins hus ^te huta ondo of hond fionda uara gefi'eoijad ^ve 

nostrum daturum se nobis 74 ut sine timore de manu inimicorum nostroru^ii liberati 

here wc him on halignise 3 aoSfajstnise before hine allura dagum iisiiin 3 Su 

seruiamus ilii 75 in samciitate et iustitia coram ipso omnibws diebsts nostris 76 ot tu 

ciweht witga Sebs heista geeeiged bist Su before fsevea fo/'Son foj-e onsione drihtnea gearuiga wi^as his 
puer propheta altissimi uocaberis -praoibis eniin ante faciem A&mim parare uias eius 

te seleune ivisdom hosles folce his In foi-gefnise synna hiora Seih 

77 ad daudam scientiam salutis plebi eius in remisionem peccatorum eorum 7S per 

Soht uiOtlieortnise godes uses in Bcnm ^esohte us aiise? of heh ■!■ of heofnuwi inlihte 

uisccra misericordiae dei nostri in quibits uisitauit nos oriens ex alto 79 iuluminare 

Ssem «aSe in Siostrum 1 in scua deaSes sittaa to rehtanne foct nsra In we aibb 

his qui in tenebria et in umbra mortis sedenfc ad dirigendos pedes nostros in uia paeis 

se cn£6ht Sonne gewox 3 gestrenced wies gaste 3 wscs In woestern oSS on dfeg 

80 puer autem crescebat et confortebatur spmfu et erat in deserto usque in diem 

6S sie gibletsad dnhten god isnhela forSon gisohte 5 djde lesnisse folchea hs TO 3 all f loiii hfl,lo ii^ 
in huse daiuSes cnsehtes his "0 swa aprecende ■w'>"< ierh muS hJign witf,ana hiora S^fce fi m neoildi 
werun 71 3 ilesde usih from fiondum wxm 1 of hondum alr^ SiSe iiaih l^ddun 72 to doanne Mild 

heoituia e miS fsednim usum 3 gimjnd^e cySmsse his lialges 73 i« >te gi3woi4'*te gisworen bi6 to abra 
hame feder usmn walde gnella ■0.% 74 >te bufa ondo of houd^ fiondi userra gifri'ii weie heie we hmi 

76 in hih^usae 3 s^S f ^atniRse hifora him allum dagum usnm Td 3 Su cn^ht witga Sa.9 hesta gieeoed 

bist forSrn t"n^ oniione drihtnea georwige woegas his 77 3 to sellanne wisdom hselo folohe hiwi n forneftii'.fe 
synna hiora 7b Seih giKoht mild heortniaae godes uses in K'^m gisohte usih tnseS of heofnum 71 in hhte 
giem Si6e ra ^lostrum 3 m scua decSes sittai 3 to lehtanne foet usra m woet,e sibbe aO Se cnieht S nwe 
^iWLs 3 niiti ngil nw in g istc 3 v.m% m noi^tLm oB'^e on di^o itcowiisse hia 3 liiihelum 

T> i 

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1 C^ ojilice on jjam dagum WEes geworden 
KJ gebod fram f^am casere augusto. 
. -p eall ymbe-hwyrffc wfere to-mearcod ; 
„ 2 peos to-mearcodnes wecs Eeryst geword- 
en fram ftam deman syrige eirino. 

3 ") ealle hig eodon. 1 syndrie ferdon on 
hyra ceastre; 

4 Da ferde iosep fram galilea of jJEere 
ceastre nazareth. on iudeisce ceastre dauides. 
sec is genemned bethleem. forjiam f e he 
wjes of dauides huse. ] hirede 

, 5 ■J he ferde mid raarian pe him bewed- 
dod w£es. Z wEes geeaenod; 

6 So[])]]ice W£es geworden pa, hi j?ar 
wSron. hire dagas wferon gefyUede -p lieo 

7 ] heo cende hyre frum-eeniiedan sunu. 
1 bine mid cild-cla|7U9?i bewaiid. 7 bine on 
binne alcde. forjjam fie hig nEcfdon rum on 
cumena buse ; 

8 7 hyrdaa wSron on fara ylcan rice waci- 
ende. 1 niht-wsiccan healdeude ofer beora 

9 j^a stod drihtries engel wij:' big 1 godes 
beorbtnes him ymbe-seean. :i hi bim myc- 
elum. ege adredon. 

10 ] se engel him to cweeS; N^ellege eow 
adrtedan. sojibce nu ic eow bodie mycelne 
gefean. se biS eallum folce. 

11 for)jam to-d&g eow ys hselend acen- 
ned. se is dribten crist on dauides ceastre ; 


Various Headings. 

Ch. ii. V. 1. A. agiisto. C. to-raeai-coii[!). 2, A. to- 
moarcodnys. A. eerest. A. syrie. 3. B. C. hi. A. synder- 
lice. A. heora. 4. A. bethlorom ; C. beUeem. 5. C. be- 
weddoii(l). 6. Solice in text; A. 8oS5lice; B. C. Soiilice. 
A. hig pter. A. beora. 8. A. ita^igende. C. lulit-wajcan. 
9. A. B. C. ymbe-scaii. A. hig. A. mjelum. A. ondred- 
oa 10. A. ondrtedaji. A. bodige. 

1 CI oShee on jjam dagen wa3S ge-worSen Esiit cd 
tO- ge-bod fram |jan caisere auguste. gusto. 

p^t eall; ymb-hwyrft wsere to-ma;rcod. 

2 Deos to-mearcednysse wees asrest ge- 
worden. fram l^an deman syrige cyi'ino. 

3 T ealle byo eoden 7 syndrie ferden on 
heore ceastre: 

4 Da ferde iosepb fram galilea. of Jjare 
ceastre nazarebt. on iudeissce ceastre. 
dauiSes syo is ge-nemned bethleem. for 
fian pe ho wees of dauides huse 1 byrde 

5 pxb he ferde mid marian pe hym ge- 
wedded wass. 1 WEes ge-eacnod. 

a SoSlice w^s ge-worSan p& hyo Jiser 
wjeren. hyre dages wseren ge-fyUede piet 
hyo kende 

7 1 byo pa akende hire frum-kennedan 
sanu. :i hine mid cyld-clajie/i he-wand. 1 
bine on binne alcgde. for ■ ]?an pe hyo, 
nsefden rum on cumene huse, 

8 ^iid heordas wseren on pa.m. ylcan 
riehe wakiende. "} niht-w£eceen healdende 
ofer heore heorda. 

9 stod drihtnes Ecngel wi^ byo Igodes 
brihtnysse beom ymbe-scan ; 1 hyo heom 
mycbel eige adredden. 

10 :i se engel beom to cweeS. Nelle ge 
eow on-drsedcn. soSlice nu ich eow bodige 
mychele blisse syo beoS eallen folce. 

11 for ]jan to dayg eow is haelend aken- 
ned. se is drihten crist on dauides ceastre. 

Vtirious Headings. 

Rdbsio; go oho in K dagam ; ge-worden. 
i-worden. 3. hyra, 4 naaareth; 
iudeysce ; dauides seo; )iajw. 5. be-weddod. 6. ge- 
worden; wseron [Jirst time]; eende. 7. lieo; aceiide; 
-ceiineda.n ; -clseSuni ; iifefdoti ; cumena, 8. Lyordas 
wseron; rice wadende ; -wseccon; heora. 9. engel ;brjht- 
nys; mycen {sic); adrseden. 10. eom; adrseden; ie; 
mycelne ge-fean se biS eallum. 11. halend acenned; 

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Chap. II.] 

aworden wks Sonne on daguJM Bjem foerdo bod i^om eessares e.agttst -p gemercad were 
1 *Factum est autem in diebits illia exiit cdietum a cesare agusto ut dcsciiberetm- * V. 

Bioa , gemercoiig forma awordon ^ 
I haec doscribtio prima facta 

from, imder-cynige syries 
^ praeside syiiae cyriao 

gaaS alle -f fore-ondetande weron 8a syndrigo -h tel syndrio In his ceagtra nstag ^onne sec 

ibant onuaes ut. profitcrentur siugiili in auam ciuitatem 4 ascendit autem et 

iohannes of galilea from ceaatre nazareth in ludea ceastre dauiSes- 8io is ge-neraned 

■ ioseph a galiiaea de ciuitate nazareth in iuda^am. cinitatem dauid qiiae uocatur betlileiu eo 

fflrSon were from has '} liigo daMiife* -fte fwe-ondete were miS 

quod esset de domo et familia dauid 5 ut profiteretur cum mai 

berende aworden wiea Sonne miSSy weron Ser gefylled weron Ka dagaa fie acendo-l'accenned were- 

praegnate. 6 factum est autera cum essent ibi impleti sunt dies ut pareret 

7 cende aimu his fmnicende 3 raiS cild-claSum 

T et peperit filium suum priniogenitttm et pannis 

binnse forSon ne w^s iiim stoue iii gest-hus 
praesepio quia nou orat eis locus in diuersorio 

5 Sa hiorde woevon on lond -p ilea 
8. et pastores erant in regions eadem 

wseccende 3 haldendo wacana iifehtes oier edo liis . 

uigilantes et custodientes uigilias noctia suprai gregem suum 

3. lieono ciigel drihtnes 
9 ct ecce angeius domim 

B[t]od set-I'lieh «Eem berhtnise godes ^mh Bccan in% 3 ondieaidoa miS ondo raicb : 

Btetit iuxta. UIos et claritas dci uuLumfulsit iUo<i (.t tiiuufiunt timoip maguo 10 et 

cuoe« *£em se engel nallaS ge ondrede heono forSon ic bodigo luh ^e fea miS miJiwre -p 

dixit illis angeius nolite timeie eoce enim euangplizo uobis giuduim magnum quod 

bis alluwj folce fofSou •iCLenned Is us to d'eg helend aeSa ii «ist diihten in 

erit omni populo 11 quia nitus f-t nobis hudie stluatui qui est ckmtii-:, dommifs in- 

Cap. II. 1. worden wees wutudlw in dagiim Jsj^ni foerde bod from, casere a^'ustos -^te ginieread were all 
jmb-hwyrft 2. bios mercung foniia giworden wajs from luidercjoige sjiTea cyreno noma wees 3. 5 gaS alle 
■f te fore-ondetende werun 6a syndrige in his csestre 4 astag Sonne .... of gaUlea from csestre .... in iudea 
eseatre dauiSes Sio is ginemned , . . . hio forSon were of huse 3 higo dauiSes 5. -fte fore-ondette werun miS 
.... biftested him wif berende 6. aworden wjes Sonne miSSy werun 55ev gifjlled werun Sa dagas -pte aeenned 
were T. 3 cende sunu his frum-cennedne 3 Sa miS claSnm hine biwamd 3 efue gibeg bine in binne forSon 
ne wEes him stowwe in gest-huse 8. 3 Sa hiordas wevmi in londe Sfet ilce wseccende 3 haldende wa«one 

nsebtes ofer ede his 9. 3 heonu engel drihtnes stod set + neh Siem 3 berhtnisse godes ymb-scean hia 3 

ondreordun miS ondo miclum 10. 3 cwasS Siem ge engel nallaS ge ondreda heonu forSon ic bodigo iow gifeo 
micelne Sset biS allum folche 11. forSon aeenned is iow to dsege hselend SeSe is ovist drihteu in csestre 


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12 And pis tacen eow by^; Ge ge-metaS 
an cild hreglum bewunden. "i on binne 

13 And ]7a wtes f;iringa geworden mid 
phm engle myceines heofonlices werydes 
god heriendra 1 pns cwe|;endra ; 

14 Gode sy wuldor on heahnesse 3 on 
eor^an sybb mannum godes willan ; 

15 1 hit w£es geworden pB, Sa englas to 
heofene ferdon. fa hyrdas him betwynan 
sprScon 1 cwiedon ; Utun faran to bethleem. 
^ geseon ■f word pe geworden is. -p drihten 
lis £et-y wde ; 

16 !l hig efstende conion. ] gemctton 
marian 3 iosep 1 -p cild on binne aled ; 

17 Pa hi -p gesawon fja on-cneowon hig 
be })am worde pe him gesfed wtes be pstm 
cilde ; 

18 J, ealle Jja ^e gehyrdon -wundredon be 
pa,m pe him jia hyrdas sfedon ; 

19 Maria geheold ealle p&a word on 
hyre- heortan smeagende ; 

20 Da gewendon ham fa hyrdas god 
Avuldriende 3 heiiende on eallum fam ^e 
hi gehyrdon. 1 gesawon; Swa to him 
gccwcden wres; 

21 Tlj^fterfara feelita dagas gefyllede 
-^-"-^ weeron -f Seet cild emsnyden 

w^re. his nama wses hselend; Se wfes 
fram engle genemned. skr he on innoSe 
ge-eacnod W£ere; 

Various Headings. 

12. .A. oncyld. C.hvEsgium; A. clafjum. 13. A. mye- 
el'iys iieofenlices weredes, A. heiigendra. 14. A. syg. 

A. healuiysse. 15. B. C. hoofone; A. beofenujw. A. TJtoiL 
Ifi. A. efestendft 17. A. liig [for hi]. B. hi; C. hi [Jbr 
hia]- 20. A. witldrigende. A. hig. £1. A. ymb-snyden; 

B. iHsnydon (l^i !eUer erased). 

) [Luke. 

12 And fis taken eow beo^. Ge findaS 
an chyld r^eglen be-wunden. 3 on binne 

13 And Jja wa:s fa^ringe ge-worSan mid 
j?am gengle myceies heofenlices weredes god 
heriendra. 7 fus cweSende 

14 gode syo wuldor on heahnysse. 3 on 
eorSan sibbe mannea godes willan. 

15 ] hyt wEes ge-worSen fa fa tengles to 
heofene ferden. pa heordan heom be- 
tweonen sprsecen 3 cwseSen. Yton faren 
to bethleem. 3 ge-seon J>£et word fe ge- 
worden ys. fast drihten us atywede, 

16 3 hyo efstende comen :i ge-metton ma- 
rian ] Joseph tend f set chyld on binne aleigd. 

37 Da byo feet ge-seagen fa on-cneowen 
hyo be fam worden fe heom ge-ssed wtes. 
be fam chylde. 

18 ^nd ealle fa f e ge-herden wundreden 
be fam. fe heom fa heordes saigdon. 

19 Maria ge-heold ealle fas word on 
hire heorte smeagende. 

20 Da ge-wendea ham fa heordes god 
wuldriende. 3 heriende on eallen fan fe 
hyo ge-herden 3 ge-seagen. Swa to heom 
ge-cweSen wsbs, 

21 TC^fter fam f e ehta dages ge-felde Postquan 
J.X-J Vfteren ■f f set chyld embsny'Sca octo. 

WEere. Hys nama wjes h^lend. Se wa?s 
fram tengle ge-nemned ser he on innoSe 
ge-eacned w^ere. 

Various Readings. 

12. .^nd; tacen; byS ; ge-metaS [for flndaS]; cjld 
hrseglu™; al^d. 13. favinge ge-worden; engle; heofoa- 
lices; herigendra; eweSendi-e. 14. eovSon; matinwB, 
15. ge-worden ; englas; heofone ; hyrdas ; be-tweonaa 
sprsecon; ewsedon; faran; ge-wovden; tetjwde. 16, efeat- 
ende; cyld; alegd. 17. ge-sawon; Jjaii ; cylde. 18. ge- 
herdon wundrededen («jc) ; hyrdas wegdon. 19. ge-heald; 
heorten. 20, liyrdas; herigende; allam (jam; ge-hyrdon; 
ge-sawon. 21. Rherio; so also in E. Efter; ge-fulde 
weeron; emsnySen ware; engle; ge-eacnod. 

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Ceat. II.] 

3 Si& inh tacoii -t boc 
12 et hoc nobis aignurr 

1 gie gemoetes iii * cild miS cM-claSum iiittewunden 3 gesetted 
inuenietia infantem paiinis inuolutnm et positum : 

,binne 3 sona aworden wsea miS engle menigo hiorodes heofoalic hergendi-a gotl 

praesepio 13 Et subito facta est cum angelo multitudo militiae caeiestis laudajitiiim Aeum 

5 cuoeSendra wuldor In hesinnisum godo 3 In eorSo sibb monnum gSdea wiUo 

et dicentium li gloria in altissimis deo et in terra pax hominibws bon^ uolmitatis 

awordeu la ^to feavradon from hira Sa englas in heofno 8a hiovda ge-sprecon bituih 

15 factum est ut discesserunt ab eis angeli in caelum *Pastore3 loquebantur act inuicem ' VI. 

ofef-fiei-o wo oSS ill hethlef-tn 3 ge-aca woe Sis word fte awovcten wees Stette dyde se drihten 

transeamus usqite in bethleem et uideamus hoc uerbum quod factum est quod fecit iominuH 

3 Eed-eande us 3 eiimnon oeflstande geitioeton ^ ^ ^ ci'd 

et ostendit nobis IG et uenerunt festinantes et inuenerunt mai^iam et ioseph et infantem 

binna gesegon ^onne ongeton from word ^te cuoeden ftms Ksem 

positum in prjesipio 17 uidentes autem cognouerunt de uerbo quod dictum erat illis 

frojM cnseht Sisuwi J ail& SsiSe ge-herdon awundrade woei-on 3 from 8Eem J5a 5ie acuoeden weron 

de puero boc 18 et omues qui audierunt mirati aunt et de his quae dicta erant 

froMi hiorduM. to Ssem ileum 
a pastoribus ad ipsos 

hearta hia 3 eft-cerdou-i-eerde fvei-on 6a hioFdft wuldilgendo 3 fiorgendo god in alltira 

corde suo 20 et reuersi sunt pastores glorificantes et laudantes deum in oninib^M 

SaSe geherdon 3 geaegon sua cuoeden v/ios to liim 3 laiter -Son ge-eudad weron 

quae audieraiit et uideraat aicnt dictum est ad illos 21 *Et postquam consummati sunt • VII. 

i noma his sc hieienti f te ge-eeiged w^s from engel 
nomen eius lesus quod uocatum est ab angelo 

>r 8oii Inna 

s-qiiam in utcro conciperetur 

12 3 Si« IS ijiv tium-IbetuD {,e gimottts SiF-t cdd miS ckSum bmunden 3 gsttel in bmne U "i son t 
aworden \i ts mengu hocfinlic htrgende ^od J LweSondo 14 wuldoi in hLDniaauni godo 3 on eoiSo sibb 

monnom godes witla 15 3 iworden wds ^ta feonidun from, hun 8a englas on heofn'^a Sa hiordaa wutad 
[lite] gisprecnn bitwih him feere we o^Sset in bethlein 3 gisei we Sis w id 5tet aworden wees Ssette dnbtui 
seteowde low IG 3 comim 1 cymende werun 3 3 S'et oild gi'-eted in bmne 17 gisegun «onni, 

on §etuji horn wiide Ss'tte Lweden w^s *aim from cnsehte ^lasum ly 3 lUe Sa8e giheidun awundrade weiim 
3 fiom Bern Sa'Se twedea wemn fiom hioidum to 6iem ileum 19 Sonne giUeolJ alio word Sas l^ddun 

m heoite his 20 3 eft giceidun ^^ cerende werim 8a hioidas wuldrende 3 hei'gende god in allura SaSe gihei 
acwcdeu wi,a to him 21 7 efler i5on giendad wemn dagaa *litowe -Jite ymb-coifen 

J iSe cnseht gieeged w«b noma his h^leiid Eiett gicweden w^ea from ei^le 

a giccnid wer 

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PostqnaiJi i 
pleti Bvict d 

I- 22 ^ Eefter |7am Jie hyre clEensange dagas 
gefyllede wSron. sefter moyses ee. hi l^ed- 
don liyne on hierasalem f hi hine gode ge- 

23 swa swa on drihtnes ge. awriten is,; 
■f selc TVBepned gecjnd-lim. ontynende. 
byS drilitne halig genemned ; 

24 And 'f hig ofFrunge sealdon sefter 
J^am fie drihtnes je. gecweden is. twa 
turtlan. o^Se twegen culfran briddas. 

25 :i J?a wees an man on hierusalem pees 
nama wjbs simeon 1 Jjes man wffis riht-wia 7 
o]j israhela frofor geanbidiende. ] hali gast 
him on wees. 

26 5 he andsvvare £ra,m p&m halegan 
gaste onfeng, -p he deaS ne gosawe. baton 
he fer drihten crist gesawe ; 

27 And on gaste he on -f tempel com, "i 
pa, his magas leeddon j:ione hfelend. ■f hig 
for him Jefter pwre .m. gewunan dydon, 

28 he onfeng hine mid his handum. :i 
god bletsode 3 cwseS; 

29 Drihten. nu p\i Isetst J:'inne feow 
sefter ^linum worde on sibbe; 

30 ForSam mine eagan gesawon pme 

31 Sa pM ge-earwodest heforan ansyne 
eallra foica; 

32 Leoht to peoda awrigenesseT to pines 
folees wuldre israhel. 

*^^ "|~^^ wa)s his fseder 1 his modor 
1- J--' wundriende be fiam pe be him 

wjeron ; 

32 [Luke. 

yij"^fter J7am pe hire clEensiqg-dagesPoetqua 

Erat patCT 
iesu & rosier 

Various Readings. 
! 22. A. hig {twice). A. ge-sotton. 23. B. C. wiepDyd. 
A, gecynde-lyiu. 24. B. 0. hi. 25. A. om. 0)1. A. frofre. 
A. B. C. halig. 26. A. ww. )jam. A. halgum. B. C- onfenc. 
2S. A. imerls J "before he. 31. A. earwodeet ; B. C. ge- 
eurwudest A. B. C. ealra. 32 
moder wundrigcnde. 


ge-felde WEeren. Jefter moyses piirgati< 
lage. hyo Ijedden hine on ierusaJem J^set 
hyo hine gode setton 

23 swa swa [on] drihtnes lage awriten ys. 
D^t K^ic wtepnyd ge-cyndlym untynende 
bee's drihtenes halig ge-nemned. 

24 ^ )j£Bfc hyo offrunge sealden. ^fter 
fan j?e drihtnes laege ge-cweSen is. twa 
turtlan. oSSe twa culfran briddcs. 

25 ^nd p?k Wffis an man on ierusalem 
fas name w^es symeon. ^ fes man wtes 
rihtwis tl mid israele frofren ge-anbadiende. 
7 halig gast him on wa3s. 

26 ^ he andswere of f am halgen gaste 
on-feng. fast he deaS ne ge-seage buton 
he ier drihten crist ge-seage. 

27 ^nd on gaste he on pmt tempel com. 
T fa his mseges Ifeddon f anne hselend. -p hyo 
for hym Eefter fare lasge ge-wunan dyden. 

28 Heo on-feng hine mid hya handen. 
1 god bletsede. ] cwie^. 

29 Drihten nn fu Iffitst finne f eow sefter 
fine worde on sibbe. 

30 for fam mine eagen ge-seagen fine 

31 fa fu ge-gearwudest be-foran aire 
folce ansiene. 

32 leoht to f eoda awrigenysse. "] to fines 
folees wuldre israele. 

X wundriende be fam fe be hym^irantes 
gde wsEren. Sa^tm-dt 

Various Readings. 

22. Edbric ; so also in R. Efter; ge-ftiliede wseroi 
[/or lage]. 23. <m supplied from n.; S[/orlage]; 

24. j)am )ie drilitne {sic) &. gecweden; twegen culfraw. 

25. 1 o* israJiele frofer. 2fi. andawasre trmni y,iia haigai 
gc-sawe {(wi'c«). 27. And; magas; jionne halend ; {ifere E 
ge-wimaii dydoii. 28. He; bletsode. 30. eagan ge-seawen. 
31. ge-earwudest ; ansyne ealra folca 32. Israel. 
Rdbrio; bo ako in E..; fader; wundrigende 

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Chap. II.] 83 

3 Eefter Bon gefylled wer dagas clEenaunges hia teiter ae leedon liino 

22 et postquam impleti sunt dies purgationis eius secundum legem mosi tulerunt illura- 

in hienisalem sua aiirittoii is in ae drihtiies ^te eghuelo he ■!■ woepen-mon to-untyiies 

in hierusalcm 23 si cut scribtuni est in. lege dommi quia omne masculinwre adaperiens 

hrif -t worn ir ijiiia halig drih(ne ge-eeiged 3 f te saldon geafa -l* asaegdmae reft^r fte 

uuluam sanctuni domino uocabitur 24 ct ut darent hostiam secundum quod 

acuoeden is in se tuoo turturas -t tuoge bird as culfras 1 hcono inonn wros in 

dictum est in lege pai' turturum aut duos pullos columbarum 25 et ecce homo erat in 

3 monn Sea so^fies J ondredend wses bidend frofor isro^la 

et homo iste iustua et timoratua expectans conaolationem israhel 

3 gaast halig Wfca In him 

et spm^ws sanctm erat in eo 

: ond-3uere on-feng from gast halig ne geaege 
et respouaum acceperat a spmfu sancto noii uisumm 

he deaS buta ser gcsege gecorone drihtnes : cuom In gast In temple Z .miSSy 

se mortem nisi prius uideret christum domt'ui 27 et uenit in spiWiu in templum et cum 

in-lsfcddon Sone cnteht haHend aldro his -pte dydon setter gewima aes fore hine 

iEducerent puerum iesum. parentes eius ut fa^erent secundum consuetudinem legis pro eo 

: he onfeng him on annum his 3 geWoedsade god 3 cuoeS nu forletes [-i-] foj^efes 

28 et ipso aeccpit eum in uhias suas et benedixit deum et dixit 29 nunc dimittia 

esne Sin la dribfen suiter word Siu on silib 

seruum tuum domi'ne secundum uerbum tuum in pace 

for Son gesegon ego min 
) quia uiderunt oculi mei 

hieloi'halwoetide S![in] ^ Su gearuades mrifore onsione a!ra folca leht to 

salutare tuum 31 quod parasti ante faciem omnium populomm 32 lumen ad 

asd-eaunise cynna 7 widdcr folces Sines isenA 7 W!e,s fader hia 7 moder 

reuelationem gentium et gloriam plebis tuae iarabel 33 et erat pater eiua et mater 

wuudrando ofer Sa SaSe gecuocdcn woron from hiwi 
mirautes super his quae dicebantur de illo 

22. 3 seffcer Son gifylled werun dagas cisensunge his eefter te moyaes Iseddun hine .... -pte asettun hine 
drihten 23, swa awriten is in re drihtnea iSfette eghwelc wepennion to-untynes hrif + wombe halig drihten 

24. 3 -^to aaldun gffifel -t asEegdnia tefter -Siette acweden vises in se drihtnes twoege turturas 4' two^e 
. . . Stem noma wfes simeon 3 mon Sea ao6fEest 7 ondredende hid- 
hira 26. 3 ondswore onfeng from gaate halgum ne giateh he him 
27, 3 com. in gaste in temple 3 miSSy inlseddnn seldru his Sone 
ica fore hine 28. 3 he onfeng hine on eormas hia , 3 bletsade god 
forietea+foj^efea esne Sinne drihten sefter worde Sinum in sihbe 30. forSon gisegun ego 

Satte Su gigeorw.idea bifora onsione alra folea 32. leht to setooivedniase cynna : 

birdaa cnlfra 25. 3 heonu mon wsa in 

dende frofre iaraliclas 1 gast halig wsea in 
dea* buta eer gisege gicorone drihtnea 
CDselit Se hmlend -fte dydon sefter giwuna 
3 cwaiS 
mine hjelo 

fiedor hia 3 moder hia wnndrende ofer Sa SaSe gicweden i 

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34 And pa. bletsude hig simeon "} cwse): 
to marlan his meder; Loca nu Jies is on 
hryre. 1 on geryat asett manega on israhel 
"} on tacen jjam 'Se wiS-cweden byS ; 

35 And bis swurd j^ine sawie jJurb-ferS. 
■p gefobtas syn awrigene of maneguui heor- 

36 And anna webs witegystre fanueles 
debtor of asseres m^gSe |!eos wunude ma- 
nigne daeg. 7 heo ieofode mid byre were 
seofan ger of hyre fEemn-bade. 

37 7 heo wEea wudewe oS feower 1 hund- 
eahtatig geara ; Seo of J;am temple ne 
gewat, dseges I nihtes feowigende on fEes- 
tenum ] on halsungum. 

38 And |jeos SSre tide becumende dribt- 
ne andette 7 be him sprtec eallum ^am \>e 
ge-anbidedon bierusalem alysednesse ; 

39 7 jja hi ealle f^ing gefyldon. tefter 
drihtnes .fe. hi ge-hwurfon on gaJileam on 
heora ceastre nazaretb ; 

40 So^lice -p cild weox "} w^es gestrangod 
wis-domes fall, 1 godes gyfu w^es on him. 

41 7 his magas ferdon eelce gere to bieru- 
sale7?i on easter-dgcges freols-tide. 

42 1 fa he w^es twelf winfcre by foron to 
bierusalem to fan easterlican freolse jefter 
hyra gewunan. 

43 And gefylledum dagum fa hig agen- 
gehwurfon. belaf se h^elend on bierusalem. 
3 bis magas 'p nyston. 

Various Beddings. 

34. A. bletsode. A. hjre [for bryro]. A. aset. A. B. 
C. manegra. 35. A. sweord. 36. A, wytegestre. A. 

wunede nitenigne. A. lyfede. A. seofen gear, 37. A. 

wuduwe. A. -ehtetig. A. lieowgende, 38. A. 

alysednysse. 39. A. hig [tmce). B. C. hyra. 41. A. 

gearc. 42. A. liig. A. Jiam. A. Leora. 43. A. ou- 

: [Luke. 

34 And fa ge-bletsede hyo symeon. 7 
cwEeS to marian bys moder. loca nu fes 
is on hryre !1 on arist ge-sett. manegre on 
israele "i on taten f am f e wiS-cweSen byS. 

35 jSlnd bis sweord fine sawle furhferS. 
fsBt ge-fobtes seon awrigene of manegen 

39 And anna WEes witegestre fanueles 
dohter of asseres meeg^e. feos wunede 
manigene daig ] hye lefede mid hire were 
sefe gear on hire femnehade 

37 "i hyo w£es wudewe oS feower 7 bund- 
eahtetig geare, Seo of f am temple ne ge- 
wat daiges ne nibtes, feowiende on f^es- 
tene. 7 on balsunge. 

38 And feos fare tide be-cumende 
dribtne andette ] be hym sprsec. eallen fan 
f e ge-an-bidcd-en ierusalem alysednysse. 

39 1 fa hyo ealle fing ge-feldon sefter 
dribtenes lage. hyo bwurfon on galilee on 
hire ceastre nazareth. 

40 SoSlice fget cbyld weos 1 w!BS ge- 
stranged wisdomes full, 7 godes geue wids 
on bim. 

41 3 his mteges ferden eelche geare to 
ierusalem on eastre daiges freols-tide. 

42 TT^A he w£es twelf wintre. byocmn factum 
JL' foren to ierusalem to f am east- annornm duo- 

erlicen freolse. Eofter byre ge-wunenen (sic). ^''™' 

43 "i fa ge-fylleden dagen, fa byo agen 
ge-bwurfon be-laf se bselend on ierusalem 
] bys m^ges f jet nyston. 

Vartoits Readings, 

3^ asett manegra ; isrsel. 35. .^nd ; (lUrh-fasrS ; syn ; 
mauegum heortvjw. 36. wyt^jstre; dohtor; wunode 
manigne dteg ; lieo Ieofode ; sefen ; of [for on]; femnhade. 
37. heo ; eahtatig geara ; 3 [for ne] ; l>eowienduwi ; fiest- 
enmn ; halsungum. 38. J5nd ; sprac eallum J?am ; ge- 
an-bydedon. 39. gefyldon ; te [for lage] ; ge-wurfon 
galileam. 40. cyld; ge-strangod; gyfe. 41. magas 
ffilce; eaater-dages. 42. Same rubric in R, foron 
hieruaalem ; easterlican ; hjore gewuwnnen (sic). 43 
End ; ge-fylledum dagvw* ; nysten. 

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Chap. II.] 36 

3 ge-bloedsade liim 3 cnoeS to nioder his heoiio gegeted is 8ea on 

S4i et bcnedixlt illia simeon et dixit ad mariam matrem eius ecce positus est hio in 

:i on taco 4' on liecon Stem wi8-cuoeden biS 3 

israhel et in sigoiim cui coutradicetur 35 et 

Sin Stes-Vhis sauel Serb ofer-ffeveS Buord f te sed-eaud werel'woeron of monigura heortum smeaungaa 
tuam ipsius animam pertransitiit gladius ut reuclentur ex multls cordibws cogitationes 

3 wses Anna 6io wit^ dohter ft-om folc Asei-esf Sios gefealle an dagum moiiigum f j, iMobes 

36 et erat anna prophetissa filia phanuel de tribu aser haec processerat in dieb«5 multis simu 

hire wintrajK aeofo from heh^taldhad hne 
suo annia septem ^ uuginitate %ua 

3 Sios widiua oSS 
37 et haec uidua usque 

wintro 7 hund-hsehtatih feouer Sio ne of-foeide from temple mi«_tot^nmJn 1 gebeadum 

annos octoginta quatuor quae non des cede bat do templo ieiuniis et obsecrationibits 

h£rde ntehi J Ass^e 3 Sio ilea tid ofernjuom ge-onditteS drihfne 3 spreecnd wsea 

. nocto ac die 38 et liaec ipsa hora super- ueniens confitcbatur domino et loquebatur 

of him allum SSaJSo ge-biodon-l'Mdeiido wo 
de ilio omnibws qui expectabant 

: -fte Serh-dedoni'geen- 
39 et ut perfece- 

dadon alio ssSter ae drihtrees gecerdon -t awoende woeron on gali/ea in ceastre his 

runt omnia secundum legem dowiini reuersi sunt in galilseam in ciuitatem suam 

nazareiA ae cnseht Sonne awos 3 gestrencged wies full miS snyttro 3 geafa godea wses in 

nazareth 40 puer autem erescebat et confortabatur plenus sapientia et gratia dei erat in 

Sjem 3 foerdon aldro his Berh alle wintro in inerusaiem on dfe^e symbeles eastres 

illo 41 et ibant parentes eius per omnes annos in bierusalem in die solemni paschae 

3 miSSy aworden wero wintra tuoelf stigendum Siem on bierusalem eeiter 

42 *Et cum factus fuisset annorum duodecim asccndentibtis illis in hierusolimam secundum • VIII. 

geivuna dse^os halgcs J:' sjTnb^es 

consuetudiuem diei festi 

: mi56y geendado weron dagaa miSXy eft-oerdoa eft-wanade 
43 consummatis-que dieBiiS cura redirent remansit 

ie cnseht h.m\md in hievusalem, 3 ne cuSon aldro hia 

puer iesus in hierusalem et non cognouerunt pai-ontes eius 

34. 1 gibletsade hire Kimeun J cwsvis tu . . . . 
in ibraliolnm 3 on becumu 35i«m wiBcweden hiS 
were of monigmn heortum smeunges 36. 3 

gifeoll on dagum monigum 3 lifde mi5 wcr hire 
oSSe winter hund-sehtot^ 6iu ne uffoerde from 
38. 3 Sio ilea tid ofercom giondetade drihtne 3 
leanisae , ■ . . 39. 3 f te Serh-dedun alle £efter 
40. So cnseht Sonne awos 3 gistrongad wajs full 
teldro his Serh alle wintra in hierasalom un dfef 
stigendum Bpeni on hierusalem sefter giwuna 
cftcerdun eftwunade Se cnseht hrelend in ■ ■ . ■ 

(loeder his heonu giiieted is Sea on gaJelnisse 3 eriit monigra 

36. 3 Sin Sios-Hiis sawel Serh-fsereS 3 sword Saitto reteowed 

wies anaa Sio witga dohter fanneles from folche aserea Sios 

winter siofune from hehataldhade hire 37. 3 Sios widwo 

temple miS fEestenmim. 3 gibeadum herdo gode nseht 3 dreg 

sprecendo wres of him allum SaSe biddonde ■ 
drlhtnes gicerdun -1 woemdo ere 
lis snjtrum 3 gcfe godes wtea miS Biem 

le symbles eastra 42, 3 iniS aworden w 

83 halgea -t aymbles 43. 3 miaSy giendade w 

cuiun £eldro his 

L leaingo -t 

41. 3 foerdun 
wintru twelfe 
1 dag as miSSy 

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44 wendon -p he on heora gefere wfere. 
pa comon hig anes da;ges fser. "i hine soh- 
ton betus his uaagas "} his cu^an. 

45 Sa hig byne ne fundon big gewendun 
to hierusalem byne secende; 

46 Da osfter frim dagum hig fundon bine 
on |:am temple sittende on middan fam 
lareowum. blystende 3 hi ahsiende; 

47 pa wundrodon hig ealle pe gehyrdon 
be bis gleaw-scipe. !l hys :i-swaram; 

48 Da cwfefi hia modor to him; Sunu 
bwi dydest pa unc Sus. fiin feeder ] ic 
sarigende pe sohton ; 

49 Da cwaaS be to him. hwsct is -p gyt 
me sobton. nyste gyt -f me gebyraS to 
beonne on pam S-ingum Se mines feder 

50 Da ne ongeton big -f word pe be to 
him sprsec; 

51 Da ferde he mid bim ] com to naza- 
reth. :) wffis him under-|:eod; And his mo- 
dor gebeold ealle fas word on byre beortan 
ameagende ; 

52 And se htelend j^eab on wisdome 1 on 
ylde. ] mid gyfe. mid gode ") mid man- 

.byra« 1 C^oSlice jjam fifteoSan geare pses 
KJ caseres anwealdes tiberii. begym- 
endum fam pontiscan pilate iudea-l^eode. 
feorSan dseles rica galilee herode. filippo 

dffig to sew- 
isisiene mr 
myddsn wy 

quinto de- 

ouno. A. }^jg bref er feorSan dseles rica. Iturie. "! 
]?£es rices traconitidis "i lisania abiline feor- 

fan dselet 

Variot!^ Beadings. 

44. B. C. hyra. A. Letweox ; B. betwux. 45. A. ge- 
wendon. B. C. secyndo. 46. A, hig acsigende, 47. A. B. 
C. wundredon. 48. A. moder. A. \\W\g. 49. A. t-ingon. 
A. synd. 50, A. ongeaton. 51. C. om. his. A. moder. 

Cap. iii. V. 1. B. anwaldes. A. galilcK, A. philyppo, 
0. forSan \_2nd time only.} 

36 [Luke. 

44 wende fget be on heore ge-ferrede 
wEere. Da comen hyo anes daiges feor. 1 byo 
bine sohte be-tweoxe his mages 1 hys cuSan. 

45 |?a hyo hine ne funden ; hyo ge-went- 
on to ierusalem hine seebende, 

46 Da fefter freom dagen. hyo funden 
hine on fam temple sittende. on middan 
Jjam lareowan. blystende !! hyo axiende. 

47 Da wundredon hyo ealle pe ge-hyrden 
be bis gleawscype ; ") bis fendsweren. 

48 Da cw^S his moder to him. Sune 
hwi dydest pn mic fius. fin feder T ie 
sarigende pe sohten. 

49 J>a cwEe'S be to beom. hw^t is |?£et 
gyt me sohten. nyste gyt psii me ge-byred 
to beonne on fam fingen pe mines feeder 

50 Da ne on-geaton byo fa word f e be 
to beom sprgec. 

51 Da ferde be mid beom 1 com to naza- 
retb. 1 wjes beom under-f eod. And bys 
moder ge-heoid ealle fas word on hire 
beorte smeagende. 

52 ^nd se bEslend feab on wisdome 1 
on ylde. 1 mid gyfe mid gode 3 mid man- 




bam fiflendan geare {>as cai- Abdo qumto 
,1 , 1 .■ I . deeimo tyborij 
seres an-wealdes tybenj. be-gm- cesaris. 

nenden fam pontiscen pilate iudea feode. 

feorSan d^eles rice galilee herode, phihppe 

hys broder. feorSan dseles rice iturie. 1 

fas riche traconitidis. 1 lisania abiUne 

feorSan dseles rica. 

Various SeadinffS. 

44. wenden ; lijTa gefere ; dssges fter; om. hyo ; sohton 
be-tweox ; magas. 45. ge-wendon ; secynde. 46. ferim 
dagujM; fUndon ; lareowam; hi ahsiende. 47. ge-hyr- 
don ; glews^pe; andawarum, 48. modor; Sunu; soh- 
ton. 49. sohtoD; ge-byreS; synt. 51. heortai). 

Cap. ui, T. 1. Same Rubric in R. flfteoSan 
ginnenduw; feorSon; rica; filippon; broSor fe 
Ifur rice] ; rices [/or riche]. 

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Chap. II.] S? 

woeiidon nixtedUce hino -fte wore liia miS fylgende cuomon geong df^es :i eft sohton 
44- existimantes auteni ilium esse in comitatu ueneruut iter diei et lequiiobant 

hine betmh freondo 7 cui5o 
eum inter cognatos et adiiotos 

eft-sohtnn Line 3 aworden wsss Eefter JSriim dogvum _ gemoeton hino on temple sittende on 

reqiiirentes eum 46 et factum est post triduum inuonerunt ilium in templo sedentem in 

middum Java laraua herende liine 3 fra^nende astjlton Son alle Sa8e hine 

medio doctonim audientem ilios et interrogantom 47 *Stupebant autem omnea qui eum ' ^' ",-. 

geherdon ofer anytro -t hogoscip 3 ondsiiearum his 
audiebaut super prudentia et responsis eius 

8io moder to hine la sunu hueetd djdest Su us heono fteder Sin 3 ic inasnende we sohton See 
mater ad ilium filii quid fecisti nobis ecce pater tuus et ego dolentes quaerebamus te 

: cuoeS to him huasd is ■pte mec gie sohton no cuSt^e -fte in Stem SaSe fedorea 
49 et ait ad illos quid est quod me quaerebatis nesciebatia quia in his quae .patrea (si'o) 

mines aint gerisenlic me to wosanne 3 Sa ne on-cneaTUi word fie sprecend wtes to 

raei sunt oportet me esse 50 et ipsi non intellexerunt uerbum quod locutus est ad 

hearta liis 3 se hielend gewOK miS snytro 3 icldo 

1 eorde suo 52 et iesMs proficiebat sapientia [et] aetate 

1 wuldur mis god 
et gratia apud deum et homines 

ger Sonne Sio flfteiSe hroses wses scire-monn iudeaa 

1 *Anno autem quinto decimo imperii tiberii caesaris procurante pontio pilato iudaea ' \IIiI- 

Sonne hroSere his J io, ii, xsu, 

tetvarcba autem, galilaeae herode philippo autem fratre cius tetrarcha itureae et trachonitidis 

regionis et lissauiae abilinae tetrarcha 

44. woendun wutudliVs hine -p he were hise mis fylgende eommi gonga dip^jes 3 eftsohtun hme bitwih fieonde 
3 cjSSo 45. J no gimoettun gicerde werun in .... eftsohtun hine 46 3 iwoiden w i;3 ■«fter Bum dogmwi 
ginioetim hine in temple sittende in middum Sara larwaia herende hinB 3 ftegnende hme 47 astjltun Sonne 
alle SaSe hine giherdun ofer snjtro 3 ends vorun Is 43 3 gistgun awuudrwie wemn 3 cnseS Sio moder 

his to him la aunu hwiet dydestu u. swa I eon fitier '^m 3 ic mtinende aohtun See 49 3 cwi^S to hiiu 

hwict is Ssette mec giaohtun ne S f,e Sete u 8«n I'^draa mine «mdun ginsenhe me to wosanne 60 3 
6a ne oncneowun word Stette spreee de fes to h 51 3 astBt, mtS him 3 com to naxatefh 3 nses under 

Sioded him 3 moder his giluelde alle otd S»s lie<rte his 52 3 Se iadend giwox raiS snytni 3 telda 

3 wuldur mis god 3 alle 

Cap. III. 1. ger Sonne Se fiftegSa he weea tiberis tes caseres wies eciremon,...nidea....soSliche..,.Sonwa 
broSer his .... 3 ... . londes ■ ■ . . 

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, 2 under ^ara sacei'da ealdrum anna 1 
caifa. godes word wees geworden ofer za- 
cliarias suuu on westene 

3 ? he com into eall iordanes ricfe bodi- 
ende dfed-bote fulluht. "J synna forgyfe- 

4 swa hit awriten ys on isaias bee fsds 
witegan ; Clypiende atefen on westene. ge- 
gearwiaS drihtnes weg. doS his si^as 

5 ^ie denu biS gefylled. :i a;lc munt :i 
beorh byS genySerud. ] ■jjwurii beoS on 
gerihte. 1 ungerydu on smeSe wegas. 

6 3 selc fisesc gesihS godea heele ; 

7 So])hce he cweeS to f^am meneguwi j>e 
ferdon f hi wEeron gefuilode fram him. eala 
nseddrena cynu hwa £et-ywde eow f ge 
fleon fram pam towerdan yrre ; 

8 Do^ geornhce d^d-bote weest-mas 1 ne 
ongynne ge cwe^an. we habha^ us to feder 
abraham; Icsecgeeow. -f god is swa mihtig 
•p he mffig of fiysum stanum abrahames 
beam aweccan ; 

9 Nu is seo Eex asett. to Sses treowes 
wyrtruman. witodhce gelc treow pe ne 
bryncS godne W£es[t]m. biS for-corfen 1 
on fyr aworpen ; 

10 paahsodonhyne famenegu 1 cwfedon. 
hwtet do we ; 

11 Da cwEeS he to him, se pe hfefS twa 
tunecan sylie )jam pe nsefS. 1 jjam gelice 
do se pG mettas ixEef]?; 

■38 [Luke. 

2 under j^are sacerde ealdres anna 7 
chaifa. godes word wass ge-wor^an ofer 
zacharias sune on westene. 

8 7 he com into eall Iordanes riche bo- 
diende. deadbote fulluht 3 synne for-gyfe- 

VariotiS Eeadwgs. 
2, A- jjEera. A. westemie. 3. A. B, C. rice- J 
digende. A. forgjfenjsse. 4. A. ysaica A. B. C. Cly^ 
piendcs stofn. A. westenne. B. A. ge-nySorod. A 
jjweoru. 6. A. li£elo. 7. A. mjeneguwi. A. B, C. hig. 
A. inserts ge q/^er eala. B. 0. cyii, A. to-weardan. 
A, inserts weorSlice qfter geornliee. C. gos [sic; for 
god]. A. Jiyssiim, 9. A. aset. A. bringS. I 
wEestm; C.etm, 10. A. acsedon. A. mfenegeo. 

4 swa hit awriten ys on ysaiaa bech pm 
witegan. Clepiende stefn on westene. ge- 
garewiaS drilitenes weig dod his siSas 

5 yElch dane beoB ge-feld. f aslch munt 
J beorh beoS ge-ni^ered. 1 fwuru beoS 
on ge-rihte. 1 ungerydu on sme^e weges. 

6 1 £elc flaesc ge-sihS godes htele. 

7 So^lice he cwesS to fam masgen pe 
ferden pcei hyo wieren fuUode fram hym. 
-Eale nasddrene kyn hwa atewedo (sic) eow 
J7a3t ge fleon fram f;am toweardc eorre. 

8 DoS eornestlice deadbote wfestmes. 1 
ne on-ginnen ge cweSen. we h^bbed us to 
fader abraham. Ich segge eow |;Eet god is 
swa mihtig |iast he maig of fisen stanen 
abrahames bearn aweccan. 

9 Nu ys syo Eex asett. to fas treowaa 
wirtrumen. Witodhce folch treow fe'ne 
brined godne WECstme beoS for-corfan "i on 
fyr awoi-pen. 

10 Da axoden bine |;a manige 1 cwi«^en ; 
hwEet do we. 

11 j'a cwEeS he to heom. se pe hafS 
twege tunekan. sylle pam. pe n^efS. "i J^am 
ge-lice do se j:e metes hsefS. 

Various Headings. 

2. f^ara sacerda i caifa; ge-worden. 3. rice; dasdbote; 
forgyfenysae. 4. bee ; witegoD. Cleopiondes ; drilitnes ; 
doB. 5. iElc; bis ge-fylled; alo ; byii ge-nySered. 
7. mBsgam; ferdon; ge-fuUode ; cyn; ietywdo; towear- 
do yrre. 8. geornliee [for eornestlice]; dsedbote 

wseatmaa ; hsebbeS ; fasder ; Ic ; mfeg ; (lisum ataiium ; 
bem. 9. treowes wyrtruman ; ailc ; brincB ; wffistmbyS. 
10, lUEenge ; owaSen. 11. tunekea 

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Chap. III.] 39 

under iddonaomium, aacerdtim 3 aworden wa3S word drilifea of«j' iohanrie 

2 sub principibiw safierdotum anna et caiplia factum est uerbum domini super iohannen 

hroauniae in forgefi 
paemtentiae in 

Sies witges stefn cliopende on woestem gearnaS woeg duhtngs rehio wyrcas geong^s his egliuelc 

prophets uox clamantis in deserto parate uiam doniim rectas faeite semitas eius 5 omnis 

p»a 4- dene gefylled bi« 3 egliuele mor 7 hvll ge-be^d biS 3 biSon un-rfehto+woh in geongom 3 
uallis implebitur et omnis moiis et collia bumiliabitur et erant praua in directa et 

roeSo on woegu™ amoeSum. 3 geseaS eghuelc lichoma haluende godes CuoeB forSon to 

aspera in uias planas 6 et uidebit omnis caro salutare dei 7 *Dicebat ergo ad " a 

Bread Sa^e foerdon -fte liia wcro gefuluad from him eynna setonia hua eauaS_ iiih 

turbas quae exiebaot ut baplizareutur ab ipso genimina uiperarum quia ostendit uobis 

wyrcaS forSon wsestni wyrSe to hreauwnise 3 ne begiiines cuoeSa 

i facito ergo fructus dignue (sic) paenitentiae et ne coeperetis dicere 

fader we habba« ic cueSo foj^on iuh ^te nitege god from stanum Sisiiwt awecce 

patrem habemus abrabam dico enim nobis quia potest deus de lapi dibits istis suscitare 

gunii soKlice forSon acasa to wjrtruma treuana geseted is cghuelc forSon ti-eoo ne 

filios abrahae 9 iam enim securis ad . radicem arborum poaita est omnis ergo arbor non 

doeS wffistm ofeorfen bi« 3 on fjr geaended 3 gefrugnon hine Sret folc-I'Sa Sreatas 

faciens fructum excidetur et in ignem mittitur 10 *Et intcrrogabant eum turbae * 9 

enoeSendo hused foH5on we doaS ondaarde 6a cuoeS him seSe JissfeK tuege eyrtiaa 

dicentes quid ergo faciemus 11 respondens , autem dicebat illis qui habet duas tmjicas 

seleB BO ■5'Ssein ncebhende 3 aeSe hfefeS metto gelic doaS 
det non habenti et qui habet escas similiter faciat 

2 iindei aldmmonnum saceida 3 awoiden wps woid drihtnes ofer lohanne 3 ^uno on woeatenne 

3 3 com m aile lond b liide fcset fulwiht hieownisso m forgefnisse s^nna i twa awriteu is on beciim i^oida 
ea«aieB B^es witgj stefn cliopende rn woestenne georwigas woeg dnhfnes lehte wyicas sti^e hif 5 eghweic 

TpviS'i dene gifjlied bife 3 alle moras 3 hjll gibeged bioSon 3 bioiSon umehte-lwoh m gongum 3 rueBe on woege 
snioeiSum 6 3 gi<ieft6 eghweic hchoma halwendo godea 7 cwseB forSon to *>^in Breote SaSo fteidnn ^te 
hie gifulwad were ft m him cynn -Bterne hwele teteoweS low gifleane fiora tocymende wiaSn fi nvrcja forSon 
westiri wjrSne to hreowni'ise 3 ne biginnea cweoSa fi,der we hibbas ic civiefeo foiSon low JS-Ptte m^^en la 

godea from stanum Sissura awecea wnu abiihames 9 soShce firSon acave to nyittama tieona giseted la 

egliwelc forBim tiei no does wtestira godne «e ofeorfen biS 3 on fjT Bended 10 3 gifrugnun hme Be «ieot 
cweSende hw»t forSon duB we 11 ondworde Ba i^wisS him beSe hfefes tnoege cjrtlas «ele5 S'em nob 

) ende 3 siBe hrfcB mett „ilic JjS'lwTii.e 

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12 Da comon fa manfullan -p hig ajjwe- 
gene -wfcron. 1 cwa^don to him. lareow 
hwKet do we; 

13 pa cwEeS he ne do ge naht mare 
\}Onne -p eow geset is ; 

14 Da ahsodon hine pa cempan ] cwEedon. 
"} hweet do we; Da s£de he him. ne sleage 
nanne ; Ne tale ne do^. :i beoS eS-hylde on 
eowrum andlyfenum; 

15 CJoSlice J)am folce wenendum 1 eal- 
yj lu?n on hyra heortan jjencendum 

be iohanne hwEej^er he crist wsere ; 

16 Da ^swarude iohannes him, eallum 
secgende ; 'Witodlice ic eow on wsetere ful- 
hge; Sofilice cymS strengra jjonne ic. p^s 
ic ne eoni wyrf e f ic hys sceo-fjwancg un- 
cnytte; He eow fulla^S on halgum gaate ] 
on iyre; 

17 "i his fann ys on hishanda. ] he feor- 
ma^ his bernes flore. ^ gaderaS hys hwtete 
into his heme, "f ceaf he for-bajrnj;. on un- 
acweneedlicum iyre; 

18 Manega oSre J)ing bodigende he -p 
folc leerde ; 

19 Herodes se feorSan dseles rica. fa 
he WEes fram him ge^read. be Stere hero- 
diadiscan hys broSor wife, "i be ealluwi 
yfelum pe herodes dyde ; 

20 "i ofer eall -p ge-icte -p he be-clysde io- 
hannem on cwearterne ; 

21 SoShce wses geworden pa, eall f folc 
WEes gefullod. 1 pa,m hselende gefulledum 
"J gebiddendum. heofon wass ge-openud 

Various Beahngi 
14 A. acsedoa C. repeats i cnredon A n'enne A 
Btalo [/or talo]. 15. A.henri 10 A B C ''^iviiode 
A. -jjn'aiig, 17. A. beteno^ A btrene A om on. 
19. A, broSer. B. broSur C bro);ur C jfelliw« 20 
A. f ho geycte. B. C. cwirtenie 21 A w'*'^ e'ill ge 
f\illad. A. ge-fulloduOT, A he fen A -e openod 


12 Da comen pa manfulle ptet hy afwe- 
gene Wferen. !l cwiE^en to hym lareow 
hwiBt do we, 

13 pa cwaiS he ne do ge naht mare 
panne pset eow ge-sett ys, 

14 Da axoseden [sic) hine pa cempan :i 
cwEeSen. 1 hweet do we. pa s^ede he heom. 
ne sla ge nanne man. Ne iale ne do^. 
:i beo^ eS-healde on eowren andlyfenum. 

15 OJo^lice pam folce wenenden 3 eallen 
KJ on heore beorten pencenden be 

Iohanne hw^der he crist wsere. 

16 Da andswerede Iohannes heom eallen 
seggenden. Witodlice ic eow an watere 
fuUige. SoSlice kymS strengre panne icli ; 
pas ich nem wurSe pEct ich hys scopwang 
un-cnytte. Heo eow fulled on halgen 
gaste. 1 on fyre. 

17 ] his fann is on his handa. 1 he 
fermed hys bernes flore. ] gadered hys 
hwjete in-to hys berne. p£et chfef he for- 
hernS on un-acwencteliee fyre. 

18 Manega o&e ping bodiende. He 
p£et folc lEerde. 

19 Herodes se feorSan dales rica pa he 
WEes fram him ge-pread. be pare herodis- 
can his hroder wife Z be eallen yfelen pe 
herodes dyde. 

20 ] ofer eall pEct ge-icte peefc he be-clysde 
Iohanne on cwarteme. 

21 SoSlice WEes ge-worSan pa eall peet folc 
wees ge-fullod. ] pam hfelende ge-fulloden 
T ge-biddenden. heofene wa5S ge-opened 

Various Readings. 

12 comon; manfullan ; hyo, 13. Jfonne; ge-set. 
14 ahsodon; cweeBon ; sleag'e nanne [sic); om. man; eS- 
exlde eo«Tum. 15. wenendum; eallum; heoni lieor- 
tum lieniendunt; bweSer. 16. eallum aeggendum; on 
wi?tere, cymiS; t'owneic; icnfem; icis(sM); H6;fnlloK; 
ha^»» 17. feormaS ; gaderaS; ceaf; for-bsernS; un- 
icweneendlice. 18. bodigenda 19. broSor; alluws. 
20 lohannejw; cwserterne. 21. ge-worden; ge-fulloiium 

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Chap. III.] 41 

cuomon Sa J 1 -preynn jo -(rte wtnn gefiluid 5 cu edon to him In laniu hivd 

12 ueneruut autem et pihlicj,m it biptiziientur et d \ciint id ilUm nt^ tci jiil 

we gedoaS ao6 le <ie8 t lum noht f -Sor Honno ^ gesetted is mh qe dfai 

faciemus 13 at lUe dixit ad e & nihil amplms quam c ustitiitum est uobis faciatis 

fnignon Sonne hme 1 eenipo euedon hiispd doaS we fcv 

14 interrogabant autem eum et miUtes di entes quid ficiemus et : 

gedroefaS gie 1 ne telmse-taceon a gedoa* 7 8£em wosa* nestum inrom uiiSSy wuende 

concutiatis neque caiummant fwiafio et eontenti e--tote &tipt;ridiis ue&tiis 15 cxistimaiite 

Sonwe ^ folc J smeandum allum n heortum tiom ftom lohmine etSa mage he were crist 
autem populo et cogitantibifs omnibtis m coidibiiS --uis de lohanne ne forte ipse ehsct chistm 

'■ onduarde iahannes cio 8 allum le iPC s S if 1 from wetre ic ftdiu mh oraeS o n t^ str iieri 
16 respondit iohannes d c^f cmn 1 c *Eaj quidtjin aqua biptizo u ^ ueniet \ut m foitioi ' 

mee Sses ne am ic w^Se to unbmdaune iuongas qceoej. tis he imh gefulu h in 

me cuius non sum digiiu soluisie coriij,iam cilci mnntLi lui e u ipse uut> biptizib t m 

gast lialiff : mis fyr lis fomi'e t windgefonw)' in h nd his 3 cl'^nseS ber em 1 berefloi 

spiriiu 8cmc(o et igni 17 "Cum ueutikbmm m manu eius ct pui^iuit lieam * 

his 3 somnaB hut e in ber em his Ka hilm^ Sa winduii^o Si gebenieS to fyre 

Buam et congregauit tnti urn m lioneum suum paleib uitem c mbuiet i^ni 

nnadrjEiiendlic met igo fee Son 5 o6ero getrummade bodade -p f dIc 

inextiuguibili 18 multa qmdem et ilia exortam- euans^elizal at ppilui 1) Hei Is 


yium iSaSe dyde to gee de 3 Sis of i alli, t in tjn le loh nn m in caicein 

inalis quae fecit herodch 20 i liecit et boo i-pri- cmmT et mcl isit lobamicm in caiteie 

aworden wfes Sonrae miSSy gofuluad wes all f !c ■" se \\-^\eu I n ^Sy i ea „efiiluad 3 b 1 len le 

21 *ractum est autem cum faiptizaietui cmmt. p piluh ct iwu biptiz to et li nte * 13. i 

12 cimmi S-i -tutudhoe 3 beaisnimge fte nero gitdn d U cwlun tr hui U Uiwa hw et ve gidoiS 
13 soS he cwS to hira ndit loiSo: giaeted is low ^idoaS 14 wutudlice fiugnun hme 3 Sa cempo cwedim 
hvt^t doiS we 3 ec us : ewa-S him ne ffim^mon gidioefaS ge ne tellmsse -Jr scomn doaS 3 Srem wos-iS 

nestnm loivrum 15 miSSy noende Sonne Sjet folc 3 smea[n]duni illnra in heoi-tum hioii from lohanm eaSe 
ma-ge he were cnst IG ond3wol^de lohinms uw-eS allum ic ec so5 of wretete gifulwo lowih cmnaS Sonne 

strongia me S'^s ne am ic w rSe to unbmdinne Swong^s giacoea his he Kwih gifulwas m gaste halgum 3 miS 
fyie 17 hn fone 3 wind tone m h^nd* his 3 clsn^aB hereflor hia 3 gisomnaS hivfete his in bei em his Siet 
halm+winnunge Son/it gibenieS to fue unadryssenlic 18 mom^e ec Sonne 3 oSre gitijmede b>doii, titet folo 
iq Sfnne niiSSy geuhte film him ot fum wif broSei hi>i t fion Jlum jflini SaBe djde hcndes 

20 togiecte 3 Sia ofei ille i untynde loh mium S-et caicem 31 awuiden w,es Sonne miS's^ gifilw d w*s 

all folc 3 6e hmlend miS wtes gtiulwad 3 biddeude ontyned wws heofun 

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22 1 se lialega gast astah lichamlicre 
ansyne on hyne swa an culfre, 1 stefen 
■WEss of heofone geworden ] pns cwm'S ; Du 
eart min gecorena suiiu. on pe me gelicode. 

23 1 se liajlend wegs on ylde swylce Jjritig 
wintre. -f menn wendon ■f he wfere iosepes 
sunu; Se wegs heliges sunu. 

24 — 38 98 W£es nazareth. swa of cneorysse 
on cneorysse oS adam; Se wa^s godes sunu. 
oS fif ] hund-seofantig cneoryssa; 

22. A. B. C. halga. C; aastah. A. B. 0. stefa. A. lieo- 
fege. 23. A. jji-jttig ; C. [mttig. A. B. C. men. A. 
) [2wd ei7ne only]. A, 

! [Luke. 

22 1 se halga gast astah lichamlicere 
an-syna on hine swa an culfre 1 stefne wass 
of heofene ge-worSan 1 ji'us cw^eS. Du ert 
min ge-eorena aune on J^e me ge-iike^. 

23 :i se htelend wses on ylde swilce frxt- 
tige wintre. J^set men wenden jptet he weere 
Iosepes sune. Se wees heliges sune. 

24 — 38 se wtes nazareth. swa of cneor- 
nysse on cneornysse oS^e adam, Se w^s 
godes sunu o^ fif 7 hund-seofentig cneor- 

22. stefn; hofone 
^.rittig. 24—38. 
tig cneorissa, 

Vanovs Readings. 

■worden ; eart ; ge-lioode. 

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Ceap. III.] 43 

3 adune aatag gaat ae halig mi8 lie-homlie huiw aueloe culfra oa hino 3 stefn of hcofne 
22 et descendit spintus samcfws corporali specie sicut columba in ipsum et uox de caelo 

aworden wsea Su arS sunu min leaf 4- leofost on Sec licaS me 3 he + se hselewd wsea 

facta est tii ^s Alius meus dilectus in te complEwsuit milii 23 *Et ipse iesm crat * li i 

onginnende sueloe wintra Srittih ^te woende sunu ioaepes scSo wass licling se" w' 

incipiens quasi annomm triginta at putaretur filius ioseph qui fuit heli 24 qui fuit 

mata' se' V i so' w' inc^ sc' w' ia' se' w' io' se'^ w_' 

mattat qui fuit loui qui fuit melclii qai fuit iannae qui fuit ioseph 23 qui fuit 

mathathie qui fuit amos qui fuit naum qui fuit ^sli qui fuit naggae 26 qui fuit maath 

se' w' math' so' w' sc' se' w' io' se' w' iodaing se'^ w^ ^ io' se'^ 

qui fuit mathathite qui fuit semei qui fuit iosec qui fuit ioda 27 qui fuit iohanna qui 

w" resaing se' w" aoi'obabeling s' w' sa+ s* w" nering s' w' m' s' w' 

fuit resa qui fuit sorobabel qui fuit salatbiel qui fuit neri 28 qui fuit melchi qui fuit 

a' s' iv' cos' s' w' he-l" s' w' hering s' tv' ihesuing s' w* eli' 

addi qui fuit cosam qui fuit helmadam qui I'uit her 29 qui fuit ihesu qui fuit eliezer 

s' w' io' s' w" ma' s' w" leuing , s' iv' si' s' iv' iu' s' 

qui fuit iorim qui fuit matthad qui fuit leui SO qui fuit symeon qui fuit iuda qui 

v/ io' s' V ionaing a' w' eli' a' w' me-1' s' V men' s' w' 

fuit ioseph qui fiut iona qui fuit eliacliim 31 qui fuit melea qui fuit monna qui fuit 

ma' a' w' nathaning s' w' da' a' w' iessing s' w' obeSing s' w' bo' s' 

matthata qui fuit nathan qui fuit dauid 32 qui fuit iesse qui fuit obed qui fuit booz qui 

fuit salmon qui fuit naason 33 qui fuit aminadab qui fuit Aran qui fuit esrom qui fuit 

p' s' w' iu' s' w' ia' s' ■w' is' s' w" aV a' w' th' s' w' 

pbares qui fuit iudae 34 qui fuit iacob qm fuit isaac qui fuit abraha qui fuit thare qui fuit 

nachor 35 qui fuit seruch qui fuit ragau qui fuit phalec qui fuit eber qui fuit sale 36 qui 

fuit cliainan qui fuit arfaxat qui fuit sem qui fuit noe qui fuit lamech 37 qui fuit 

matthusale qui fuit enoc qui fuit iared qui fuit inaleleliel qui fuit cainan 38 qui fuit 

ones qui fuit setb qui fuit adam qui fuit dei 

3-2. :i adune astag gast «e haliga mis Hchomlice m^wlite swcke culfra on hine : stefn of heofmim giworden 
rses 6u arS sunu min leof i leowusta on Sec licaS me 23. 1 se hselend vfses migiiniende awelce wintra Britig 

'te woende simo were tosephes se«e wfes eling 24. seSe wsea .... seSo wica , , , . eeSe wks aeSo vnsa 

. . , aeSe wies 26. seSe w£es .... seSe wtes . . , , seSe wses .... 

P S 

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1 So^lice se hgelend 'WEes full halgum 
gaate "i ferde fram iordane. 7 he wses fram 
haligum gaste gel^d. on sumum westene 

2 feowertig daga. 1 ws3s fram deofle 
costod. 7 he on pa,in dagum nan |jing ne 
set; And )7am dagum gefylledum hine hing- 

3 Da cwseS se deofol him to. gif JJU sy 
godes sunu sege ]jisum istane ■^ he to hlafe 

4 Da :iswarude him se htelend; Hit is 
awriten f se man ne leofa]) be hlafe anum. 
ac of selcum godes worde ; 

5 And l^aleedde se deofol hyne, 1 setywde 
him ealle ricu eor^an ymhe-hwyrftes. on 
anre byrhm-hwile 

6 ] to him cwseS; Ealne |jisne anweald 
ic Se sylle. tl hyra wuldoi-. forfiawi f^e hi 
me synt gesealde. "i ic hi sylle J?am. Se ic 
"wylle ; 

7 Witodlice ealle hig beoS jjine gif pu 
geeaS-metst beforan me ; 

8 pa !lswarode him se hselend; Hit is 
awriten. drihten l^inne god Su geead-metst. 
"i him anum Jieowast ; 

9 Da Itedde he hyne on hierusalem 1 ge- 
sette hine ofer Jjges temples hricg. ^ him 
to cwEeS; Gyf pu sy godes sunu asend pe 
heontm nyj^er; 

Various Headings. 

Cap. IT. T. 1. A. halguw.. 5. B. C. )?inc. A. hyiigrode. 
3. A. sig^. [for sj]. A. inserts to qfler scgo. A. ge- 
weoi-Se. 4. A. Iswarode. A. lyfaS. 5. A. B. 
byrhtm- ; C. hardly legible. 6. A. heora, A. hyg. A. 
synd. A. hig. 7- A. jfe-eadmedat ; C. geaSraetst, 

8, A. ge-eai5metst. 9- C. hric. A, sig. A. lioODen. 

t [LUKB. 


1 SoShce 86 hselend ■wses full halgen 
gaste 1 ferde fram iordane. 

Se halend wses fram halig gaste ge-leed puotus e^ 
on samen westene sei:lam& 

2 fcorfcig dagen. 1 wEes fraiii deofol Cretiii ^ 
costnod. "} he on f^ara dagen nan j,ing '^"'^'''''' 
ne fefc. And }jam dagen ge-fylleden hine 

3 Pa cwteS se deofel liym to. gyf p\x 
syo godes sunu. SEege fisen stanen fset he 
to hlafe ge-wurSe. 

4 Da andswerede him se hjBlend. Hit 
ys awriten J?£et se man ne leofeS be hlafe 
anen. ae of seleen godes worde. 

5 And fia Itedde se deofel hyne !! atewede 
him ealle pa. rice eorSe ymbhwyrftes on 
anre hrihtan hwile. 

6 1 to him cwEeS. Ealne |!isne anweald 
ic Jje sylle 7 heora wuldor for pan pe hy 
me synde ge-sealde. 7 ich hye sylle f-an pe 
ich wille. 

7 Witodhce ealle hyo beoS Jsine gif ^u 
ge-eadmedest beforan me. 

8 Da andswerede hira se halend. Hit 
is awriten. Drihten |jinne god pn ge- 
eadmest 7 hym ane j^eowast. 

9 Da Isedde he hyne on lerusalem. 1 
ge-sette hine ofer [jas temples rieg 7 hym 
to cwib'S. Gyf pu syo godes sunu a-scnd 
be heonen nyder. 

Various Readings. 

Cap. iv. T. 1. halend ; ful halgum. Same Ruhria in K. 
haligani ; sumiiJB. 2. feowertig dagum ; deofle costod ; 
dagvm ; dagnm gefylledum. 3, deofol ; ay ; sege Hsum 
stane. 4. haJeud; leo&S; anuni; pelcum, 5. deofol; 
tet-ywde; om. Jia; eorSaii ymbe-hwyrftas ; brilitni. 6. 
anweld; hyra; t^am; sjut; ie hyo; jjam; ic. 7- byS; 
ge-eadraest. 8. andswarode ; anum.. 9. pres ; sune ; 

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Chap. IV.] 

se hsilmd imtedHce full gast ha\ig ixtend nses from virdam : wegs doend on gast in * p- 15. i. 

1 *Ies!iS aiitem plenus spViiu scmcto regressiis est ab iordane et agetatur in spmfti in '^^ ^"' 

dagum feortih "i wsea gecosted froJM diab' 1 noht ge-ett in dagum ^ 

deaertum 2 diSbiss quadraginta et temtabatur ^ diabolo *Et nihil manducauit in diebiss ^- ' 

stane Sissuw ^te htaf s§ H onduarde to him se hsAend auritten Is fto iie In /ilafc 

lapidi huic ut panis fiat 4 et respondit ad illuwt ies«s scribtnm, est quia non in pane 

huil tides 1 cueK him -Ke ie sello nissht Sas -t Sios 

momento temporis 6 et ait ei tibi dabo potestatom banc 

all 3 wuldov hiora foi-Son me ge«ald aron :i 3sem ic willo ic sello Sailea Su forKon 

uniuersara et gloriaw illoruin qnia mihi tradita sunt et cni nolo do ilia 7 tix ergo 

fallande gif Su ivorSias fo»-o mo biSoii Sinse alle : go-oiiduarde ae hfelenrf cuoeS liim 

procidens si adoraueris coram me cmnt tiia omnia 8 et respondeus iasMs dixit illi 

\a&rumlein 3 aette bine cier hornpic temples Z cuooS him gif siiuu godcs arS Asend 6eh 
hierusalem et statiiit enm supra pinnain templi et dixit illi si filius dei es mitte t^ 

Cap IV 1 Se hiltiit? wutudlitc full giste aeSe wfes goding halgo feeronde wses from iordane 3 wses 
doenJe in gaste on wtestenne 2 dag^ feowertigum 3 wees gleostad from diofle 7 noht gleet on dagum 

Seem "i laiBSy giendad wetun Sa gihjnciede 3 cwseS wntudh'ce him 6e diawul g^f Su sunu godes arS 

eweS stane Sisaitm ^ite hiafti ^e 4 giondiworade to him Se \iie\end awriten k forSon Sastte ne on hlafe 

ftttum lifeS mon ah in eghweloum wotde gode^ 6 "i Isedde hine Se diaful 3 seteowde him alle rice jmb- 

hwyiftes eotS in hwile tide 6 "i cweS to him Se ic selo mtehto Sas alle 5 wuldor hiora forSon me gisald 
anm 5 6<em Se lo w>l!o «e ilea 7 Su fciton gif «u worSas bifora mec 5 bioSun Sine alle 8. 3 

giondworde SSl heXend cTvctS hira awntcn is dnhten god Sinne wearSa Su :i him anum giber 8u 9. 3 laido 
hme ni Z sotte hine ofei horn pic temples 3 en eS to him gif aunu godes arts asend Seb hiona ■!' 8oaa 

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10 So^liee hyt is awriten. f he hys 
englum be j^e bebyt f big pe gebealdon. 

11 !1 |j^t liig }ie mid handuOT nimon. pe- 
]sBs jju Sinne fot Eet atane set-speorne ; 

12 Da cwEeS se hieleiid him ^swariende ; 
Hyt is gecweden. ne costa pw drihten Ipinne 

13 ^ ealre peeve 
deofol him sume hwile fram gewat ; 

14 T^a ferde se hselend ongastes meeg- 
3^ ene on galileam, ^ his blisa be 

him ferde on eall jj rice. 

15 "} lie laerde be hyra gesamnungum. ] 
WEBS fram eallum gemtersod ; 

16 Da com be to naaarefch, ):ar he afed 
viies. 3 be eode on reate-djege on pa. gesam- 
nunge eefter his gewanan 1 he aras -p he 

17 1 him wEes geseald isaias boc [jses 
witcgan 1 sona swa he pa boe unfeold j^a 
funde he |7ar awrifcen. 

18 dribtnes gast is ofer me. for-jiam Se 
he smyrede me. he sende me [learfum bod- 
ian. 1 gehaiftum alysednesse.. "i blindum 
gesihfe. for-hroeene ge-hmlan 

19 "} bodian dribtnes and-fengc ger. "} 
edleanes dicg ; 

20 And pa. he j^a boc befeold he hig p&m 
Sene agef 1 S33t. 1 ealra heora eagan on 
fiBre gesamnunge wasron on hyne behcald- 
ende ; 

10. A. ge-heaHan. 11. A. nvniaii J>y Ill's. A vt 

aporae. 12. A., casta., altered t coatni. 13 A cost- 
nunge. A. deoful. 14. B. C. 
G. am. eallnm. 
19. A. gear. 

15 A hton 
17. A, paer. Is A alysednisse 
I. A. ageaf. B T Un 

) [Luke. 

10 SoSHce hit ys awriten jjget he hys 
Eenglen be fie be-beot -p hyo pe ge-healden ; 

11 ] f hyo pe mid handen nymen po 
Ijes pe pn. pinne fofc Est stane eet-sperne. 

12 Da cw£e^ se hjelend him andsweriende. 
hyt is ge-cweSen ne costa Jju drihten jjinne 

13 "} ealle fiare costlinge ge-fylledera. se 
deofel hym sume hwile fram ge-wat. 

14 I^A. ferde se h:«lend on gastes mseg- 
J'''^ne on galileam. T his hlise be him 

ferde on eall faet riche. 

15 1 he Iterde be heora samnunge. 1 wees 
fram eallen ge-mearsod. 

16 Da com he to nazareth. fiser he afed 
wses. 1 he eode on reste-daige on pa ge- 
samnenge tefter his ge-wunen. J he aras 
-f he rfedde. 

17 1 hym wees ge-seald ysaias boc j'as 
witegaii. 1 sona swa he fa boc unfeld Jja 
funde he pser awriten ; 

18 drihtnes gast is ofer me for jjan he 
smerede me. He sende me JJEerfen bodian. 
7 ge-hjeften alysendnysse. 7 bhnden ge- 
sih^e. for-brokene gc-hgelen, 

19 1 bodian drihtnes anfenge gear 1 ed- 
leanes daig. 

20 And j^a he |7a boc be-feold be bye 
|!am peigne sealde ^ agef 1 SEet. 1 ealre 
hire eagen on pure samnunge wasren on hinc 

igi iij 

Vmioas Reifhngs. 

II htiidum; (jiiie. 12. ha- 
lend i>me 13 ealleie costlmgo (so written, but ap- 
pai/^ Ay mfant for costunge) ge fjUedre j doofol. 14. 
hh^a all nee 15 gensamnnMgujM; eallnm ge-mser- 
Bod. lb dage ge samminge 17. aseld (altered to 
^e seld) Tin feold 18 smyrede ; ge-hEeftum alysed- 

nisse blmd\!K fjrbiocene 19 drihtenes; ger; dseg. 
20 hy Ksne otn 7 before ealra [for ealre]; byora 

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Chap. IY.] 47 

aritteii is foj-Son ^te englTnw hia boboad fro/zi See fte efiie-gehereS 5e U foi-gon 

10 scribtum eat enim quod aagelis siiis mandabit de te ut conseruent t6 11 ct quia 

laBce mfego -pte Bn wlBspuma to stane fot Sinree ^ 

forte offendaa ad lapideMi pedcm tuuni 12 et 

m alie mi« costmige-l'wses gecostad ae diwob' eft-foerd frojM him wiS to tid 3 

consummata omnia {sic} teiiitationo dlabolus recessit ab illo usque ad tenipus 14 *Et '" xii. 17. i 

ferende wtes se hislentl on mieht gastes in galilea 7 mersnng focsrdo Serb all lond io. slui. 

egresaua est iesus in iiirtutG s^intus in galilaea et fama exiit per uniuersain regionem 

of him 3 be lif.i'de in somiiungura biora 3 gemielad wtes from albim :i 

de illo 15 et ipse docetat in aynagogis oorum et magnificabatur ab omnibus 16 *St ' is, x. 

somnung 5 aras to redaniie 3 gesald wros bun boc Bsea witges eaaie 3 -f te + niiSCy 

sjnagogam et surrexit legere 17 ot traditus est illi liber prophetae esaiae et ut 

Tiutynde f boe gemitte to stoue Sor awritten ivses gast drilitnes on mec furBon 

reuoiuit librum inuenit louo ubi SLTibtum crat 18 spiritus dotnini super me propter quod 

gesmiride mec ■i'tio sseccanne Sorfendum sende meh. to bodiamie ermingum -l gebEeftendum forgefnise 7 
unsit me euangelizare pauperibiis miHit nio pracdiiaje ca.ptiui3 remissionem et 

bodia ger drihtnes ondfenge 

19 praedicare annum domini acceptum 

3 laiSSy gefeidd f bfic agtef Sasm enibebt-menn 3 saett 3 

20 et cum plicuisset librum reddidit ministro et sedit et 

allra on somnung ego woeron bihaldendo on liine 

omnium in synagogajw (sic) oeuli erant intendentos in eum 

10. awriten is forSon Bsette englas his bibeod from Se SSsette efne-gihevaS Se 11. forSou in hondum 

iSinum IcedaS •1' nioniaS See eoBe msege Sffltte Bu wiBspume to stane fott Sinne 12. 1 giondworde Se hEelewrf 
cwseS him acweden is ne coata 8u drihten god Sinne 13. 3 giendad werun aJle miB costiinge Se diafol 

eftfoerde from him wiB to tide 14. 3 fterende wfes Se hidmd on msebte gastes in .... 3 niersung foerde 

Berh alle lond of him I5. 'he kerde in somnungum hiora 3 gimiclad wsea from allum 16. 3 com to 

nazareth Ser wtes gifoeded 3 ineode seftev efne-giwuna his dsege sjnibles in aomnunge 3 aras to redanne 
17. 3 gisaid wses him boc Sfes witga, essaiea 3 outynde boc gimitte to atowwe Ser awriten wses 18. gast 

drihtnes ofer mec forBon Sset gismirede mec i to soecanne Sorfendum seude mec to Jwdanne ermingum i hseft- 
ediiij. forgefniaae 3 blindmn gisihSe forleta 6a gibrocoao on forgefniaae 19, bodiga geras drihtnes onfeuge 

3 dteg eft-to-aeleniase 20. 3 miSBy gifjlled wjes Sio boc agtef Ssem embihtmen 3 esett 3 alle ia somnungum 

egu werun bihaldende on hiuo 

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21 Da oiigan he liim to cwe^an ; Soj^lice | 
to-dfeg J>is gewiit is on eowrum earum 
gefylled ; 

22 3 hig ealle wEeron jjges gecnSwe. 1 
wundredon be J?am wordufli j^e of his mufe 
eode. 1 fus cwiedun ; Nys ]3es iosepes 

23 ^a cwsejj he. witodhce ge secgaS me 
t^as gelicnesse. eala Ifece. gehfcl Se sylfne ; 
Do her on finum earde. swa fela wundra 
swa we ge-hyrdon gedoiie on cafarnaum ; 

24 Da cwEe^ he so^Hce ic eow secge -f 
nan witega nis and-fenge on his ej^ele ; 

25 Sojjlice ic eow secge manega wudewan 
wseron on helias dagum on hisrahel. Sa pB, 
seo heofon wses belocen freo ger ^ syx iiion- 
|;as; pa WEes geworden mycel hunger on 
ealle eorSan 

26 ^ to jjara nanum nges lielias asend, 
buton to anre wudewan on sarepta sidonie ; 

27 And manega hcjsroweras v/^von on 
israhel. under heliseo J?am witegan. ] hyra 
nan njes aclcensud buton naaman se sir- 

28 Da wurdon hig ealle on fgere gesam- 
nunge mid yrre gefylled. fas fing gehyr- 
ende ; 

29 !1 hig arison ") scufou hine of S^ere 
ceastre. 1 Ifeddon hine ofer ^Ees muntes 
cneepp, ofer fone hyra buruh getimbrud 
wa3S, -f hi hyne nySer bescufon. 

30 J^a ferde he j^urh hyra inidlen ; 

Variotis Readings. 

3!. A. iieom. 22. A. ge-cnawe. A. eodoii. A. 

cwEedon. 23, B. C. witudlice. A. ge-ljouysse. A. fela, 
A. capharnaiiwi. 2S. A. wudewa. A, ysi-ahel ; B. iara- 
hel. A. lieofen. A. gear. A. B, C, eali-e. 26. A. 
l)£era. 27, A. manege. A. heoj'a. A. aclsensotl. 28. 

A. he gehyvde [for gehyi-ende], 29. A. heova. A, 

B, C. burli. A, getjmbred, A. hig, 30, A. heora. 


21 Da on-gan he heom to cwjedene. 
SoSlice to daig ys JjIs writ on eowren earen 

22 "] hyo ealle waBren pis ge-cnawe } 
wundredon be Jiam worden j?e of hys rauSe 
eode. 1 jjus cwaeSeii. Nis fes Iosepes 

23 pa cweeS he. Witodlice ge segge^ 
me pss ge-licnysae. eala leche ge-h^l jje 
sylfne. Do her on [jinen earde swa fela 
wundre swa we ge-hyrden ge-done on cha- 

24 Da GW£e^ he. soSlice ic eow segge 
jjaat nan witege nis and-fenge on hya ^Sele. 

25 So^lice ic eow segge manega wud- 
ewan wEeren on helias dagon on Israel, jja 
J7a seo heofena wjes be-loken {jreo gear 1 sis 
mon|7as. pa wses ge-worSan mycel hunger 
on ealre eorSan 

26 "i to J:are nanun n«s helias aserid. 
buton to anre wudewan on sarepta sydonie. 

27 And manega lichjirowEeres weeron on 
Israel under helyseo ]jam witegan ; 1 heore 
nan nass 33cl£ensed butan naaman se seires- 

28 pa wur'Sen hyo ealle on j^are ge- 
samnunge mid eorre ge-fylled. jjas fing 

29 93nd hyo arison ^ scufen hine of ]?are 
ceastre. ^end Isedden hine ofer J:as muntes 
cnsep ofer Ijane hyra burh ge-tymbred wa^s 
]?fet hyo hine nySer be-scufan, 

30 |;a ferde he ]?urh hyra midlen. 


21. cwreSen; eawiuw (s("ci eai-um. 22. wteron; ge- 
cnsaive ; wundvodoa , wurdum ; cweeSon. 23. isBce ; 
J)mmK ; wundra ; gehyrdon. 24. secge ; eSele. 25. 
WEeron ; heofana ; be-loeen ; ge-ivorden. 26. namim. 
27. MmA ; licSroweras ; isrffll ; hyora ; ajclrensud buton ; 
sisisca. 28, wurdon ; " irre ; ge-hyrende, 29. 3 [/or- 
aind]; scufoEj 7 Iceddon ; Jjses; cneepp; i^one liyora. 

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Chap. IV.] 49 

ougann imtedliceiSa, ouoaBa to him ^to to (ifeg gefylled i 
21 coepit autem dicere ad illoa quia hodie impleta 

lacnm 1 AUe cySiiisse him hia saldou 1 awundradon in wordu/n wnldves -Sr wuldj'o 

uestrig 22 *Et omnes testimonium illi dabaiit et mirabantur in uerbis gratiao * 

Saise fo»^cuomon from inuSe his+Sres 5 ciioedon ahne 5es sunu Is ioseph 
quae procedebant de ore ipsius et dicebant nonne hie filius eat ioseph 

S»m vmtedlice ^e eiioeSaiS me Sio3 oidic-nesse la lece leciie Sec seolfne In monigo gehevde we 

illis utique dicetis mihi hane aimilitudinem medice cura te ipsum quanta audiuimus 

awordeno in Sser byrig do aec her on oeSel Sin he euoeS 5» soSlice ic cnoeSo iuh ^ite 

facta in capharnauMi Saa et hie in patria toa 24 *Ait autem amen dice uobis quia " 21- i- 

mr'. li. 
ne senig witga ondfonge wiea on oeSel his 
nemo propheta acceptus est in patria sua 

miSSy Awordeii wss hunger micel on alio oorSo 
cum facta est fames magna in omni terra 

buta in Seer bjrig to Ssem wife widua 7 monigo hveafo wei-on 

lielias nisi in sareptba sidonEe ad mulierem uiduani 27 et multi leprosi erant in israbel 

under Beene witgo J ne senig hiora gecltensad wsea buta neman.i.w^s iic-Srower Serisca 3 

sub helisaeo propheta et nemo eorum mundatus est nisi noma sirus 28 et 

gefylled woeron 8a alle in Bomga raiS wraSo Saa geherdon 
repleti sunt omnes in synagoga ira haec audientes 

hine buta Jfere ceastra 3 Iseddon liine oK5 to ofer morea ote- .Sone -1' Sio 

ilium extra ciuitatem et duxerunt ilium usque ad super- ciKum mentis supra quem 

«a burg _ hiora wses getimbred pte hia geglendradon Mne he Son«e oforfoerde 4- fserende 

ciuitas illorum erat aedificata ut praecipitarODt eum 30 ipse autem transiens 

*erh iniddum hiora geende 
.per medium illorum ibat 

21 ong-in wutudl e cweo'^'i t li S ett t 1 ,e ^li^lled n-p Ji-j ^mi tt in c i im i t n 23 5 

al!e cySmsae hnn Iiia siHun 1 wui bidun on wiidim widiea4wldi Sifee fore crmun from muSe liis 
■tSSses 3 cwedun ahne Ses simu is losyA "3 3 cw«6 «£em wutndhcc ge cweoaaa me SSas onfcdicnisse la Lece 

lecnft Sec solfne hn monigu giherdun we awordne m S'er byng doa 3 her on oelle Smnm 24 enseft 

Sonne soShce jc cweSo low Sa-tte nseni^, witga onfingen wffli on ledle hia 25 m soSfesfniase ic cweSu 

WW monige widuwe werun on dqgum helM^^ m i-irahelum is% bityned wtea heofuun geium Snra ? monoSas 
aexu mi=^by giworden wres hunger micel on ihe eorS '6 3 ne to seigum Sir buiga feuded wwa buta 

in S«r byng 7 to Seem wife widwe "- 3 monige hieofe weiun m isra 1 unler hehse Hvm nitga 

: nsenig liou giclsensad wes bifci nenian wks lic8iowere 28 3 gifyllcd weiun *;i lile ii 

miS wireSSi Sa^ giheidun 29 3 anoaoD ? awurpun hme butT «a c*atie 3 ]rf.ddun line wiS 

moras ofei Son Sio bun^ [Et jht h tees are het e I st in the Rushworth MS ] 

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31 A nd he ferde to cafarnaum on gali- 
-L\- leisee ceastre. 7 hi j>ar on 

reste-dagum Iserde 

32 "i hig wundredon be his lare. forj:iam 
his spsec on anwealde wees ; 

33 And on hyra gesamnunge wses sum 
man unclsene deofol hsebbende. 1 he hrym- 
de miceke stefne 

34 7 cwfef ; Lset la nadzarenisca hielend. 
hwEet is us ] j)e. com J>u us to for-spillanne. 
ic wat -p Su eart godes halega ; 

35 And ])a cidde him se heelend 1 cwEel^. 
adumba ] ga him of ; 7 ]3a he ut-adraf hine 
on heora midlene. be him fram-gewat, "i 
him naht ne derudo ; 

36 Da wurdon hig ealle forhte ] sprascon 
him betwynan. :i cwfedon. bwEet ys ■f 
word ■f he on mihte 1 on mjegene un-clfenum 
gastum bebyt 1 hig ut-ga]j ; 

37 t)a wses his hlisa ge-widmEersod on 
ailcere stowe ]3^s rices ; 

DisBc«Bion g Qloblice he aras of heora gesam- 
jiimtes dfflg KJ nunge 1 ferde on simones bus ; 

innan lenot- , , 

eneitopente- Da WEBS simones sweger geswenccd on myc- 
s^eroea ciaig. eluTO feferum, 1 hig hyne for hyre b^don. 
deSgi^"* 39 1 be sfcandende ofer big y>a.m fefore 
introiuitiu ■ j bebead 1 he hia: forlet 1 heo sona aras and 

dommn si- . I , ° '- ' 

monia. A. him fienode ; 

40 So^lice |7a sunne, asab ealle pe un- 
trume wgeron on mislicum adlum hig l^d- 
don bim to l he syndrygum hys band 
on-settende Mg gehgelde ; 

And he ferde to kapharnanm on 
-i^ galileisce ceastre. 1 he J^ser on 

FixTOWff Readings. 

ai. A. hig. 32. A. sprsec [6m! B. C. sptec]. B. C. aii- 
waWe. 33. A. heora ge-somnunge. 34 A. om. K, 

B. iiadzarenisa, altered to naaarcnisa. A. B. C. lialga. 
35. B. hyi-a, A. C. det-ede. 36. B, spsecon. 37. B, C. 
lelci'e. 38. B C. liyra. B. C. swegr. A. bcedun. 39. 

C. of [/m- ofer]. A. fefere. 


r^ste-daigen licrde. 

32 3 hyo wuudreden be his lare ; for |jan 
hys spr^ece on anwealde wajs. 

33 And on hire samnunge wks sum 
man un-clsene deofol b^ebbende. "} be 
hrymde michelere stefne 

34 7 cwasS. Lset la nazareisce haalend, 
hwjet is us 7 })e come pn us to for-spillene. 
ich wat Jieet Jju ert godes halga. 

35 And fia cydde hym se h^lend and 
cwEed. Adumba ^ ga hym of. !1 pa. be 
ut adraf hine on hire midlene ; 1 he bym 
fram ge-wat. and hym naht ne derede. 

36 Da wur^en hyo ealle forhte 1 spraeken 
heom be-tweonen. 7 cwseSen bwset is J^set 
word }iS3t he on mibte 1 on msegne un- 
cleenen gaste be-beot. 1 hyo ut gaS. 

37 Da wEes hys hlise ge-vi'ld-msersod on 
Eelcere stowe fas rices, 

38 ^oSlice he aras of here samnunga :! 
rO ferde on symones bus. Da wses 

simones sweger ge-swenched on mycelen 
feofren. :i hyo hine for hire bsoden. 

39 "i he standende ofer hyo ]jam feofre 
be-bead. 1 he byo for-let. 1 byo sone aras. 
"} hym jjenede. 

40 SoSlice jja sunne asab ealle pe un- 
trume W83ren on misthcen adien hyo Ifedden 
bi^n to. "i he sindrigen bis band on-setten- 
de hyo ge-helde. 

Various Readings. 

31. jiEnd; catamaum; reoste-dagan. 32. wundroden ; 
sprace; andwealde. 33. hjora; iiabbende; mycelera 

34. nazarenisca ; for-spillenne ; eart. 35. jEnd ; cwieS ; 
heora; om. 5 after midlene. 36. wurdeu; spfecen; be- 
twenen ; cwsedon ; un-cl£enum. 37. hiisa ; felcer. 38. 
heora; sw^r ge-Bweneed; myeelum feofrum; bsedon. 
39. st£endende ; be-bed ; heo sona ; fienode, 40. wteixm ; 
mist-licum adlum ; siudriguwi; ge-hEoldc. 

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Chap. IV.] 51 

3 dune astag in caphamaum ceastra galiSes "> *£er Isordo hia on dagiim 1 

81 *Et diacendit in caphamaum ciuitatem gaJileae ibiqwe docebat illos aabbatis 32 fEt l^^^: 

mt. sji. 
astyJMon on lar hia iarSon in mseht wtea word his ■!■ Sees 3 on somwMwg'e vnea"^^-",: 

stupebant in doctrlna eiiis quia in potestate erat sermo ipaius 33 *Et in synagoga ei'at ™,,' ^j' 

monn hrefde Sono dioul unclsene 3 gecliopade iniS stefne niicle cuoeSsnile forfot-tblinw ™g mt'siiii 

homo habens daemonium inmundum et exclamauit uoce magna 34 dicens sine 

huaid H5 3 8e tsilend nazarenesca 6u cuome to fordoanne uaig ic wat Sec SnSe are halig godea 

ijuid nobis et tibi iesvs nazarenae uenisti perdere nos scio ti^ qui sis sanctus dei 

3 gcSreade him ae heihnd cuoeS foj-e-suige 3 gaa of litm 3 miBSy awary hine 

35 et incrcpauit illi iesws dicens ommutesce et exi ab illo et cum proiecigsct ilium 

. Sone dioul in iiiiddujii foerdo from him 3 noht hiue-^him sceSde 3 awordon v/isn fyrhto 

daemonium in medium exiit ab illo nikilque ilium nocnit 36 et f actus est pauor 

in aJlum 3 efne-gesprecon bituih cuoedon -p ia 6is word ^ite in mEohte 3 

in omnibfts et con-loquebautur adinuicem dicentes quod est hoc uerbum quia in potestate et 

masgns gehateS gaatum unclEenum 3 „ ^ 

uirtute imperat spiritibits inmundis et exeunt . 37 et diuulgabatur 

atoue Sebb londea aras Sa of somnnng inneode In hus simoites siuer 

iocum regionis 38 *Surgcns autem de sinagoga introiuit in domum symouia socrus * xnil. 26. ii 

Sonne genummen wsea miclum. feber-adlum 3 bedon hine ioree hia 3 stod ofer 

autem symonis tenebatur magnis fcbrifaws et rogauerunt ilium pro ea 39 et stans super 

hia geheht Sfem febore 3 forteort hia 3 reconc arSs embehtado him miSSy 

illara imperauit febri et dimisit illam et continuo aurgens miuistrabat illis 40 cum 

sunna imtedlice to set eade alle SaSe htefdon untfjmigo misaenlicuwi adlum fedon hia to 

sol autem occidisset omnes qui habebant infirmos uaris languoribw^ ducebant illos ad 

him soS he anlapumj+jayndrigum hond gesetto lecnade hia-1'SaiIco 
eum at ille singulis manus inponens curabat eos 

s lost in the Eushworth MS.] 

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41 Da ferdon pa deoflu of manegum 
hrymende 1 cweSende; SoSes pu. eart godea 
sunu. ] he ne gejjafude -f hig Eeni ping 
sprEecon for|>am pe wiston f he crist wass ; 

42 Da- gewordenum dsege se hselend ut- 
gangende ferde on weste stowe. 1 ])a raeniu 
hine sohtun. ^ hi comon to him, '} behEef- 
don hine. -p he him fram ne gewite ; 

43 Pa ssede he him. soSlice mo gedafen- 
aS oSrum ceastrum godes rice bodian. 
forjiam. to ])am ic eom asend 

44 1 he WEes bodigende on galilea ge- 
samnungum : 



jjhee wass geworden ])a Sa menegu 
him to comon -f big godes word 

eosten. gehyrdon. he stod wio J)one mere ^ 

2 ] he geseah twa scipu standende wiS 
fiffine mere ; Da fisceras eodun ] wohson 
heora netfc ; 

3 He pa astigende on an seyp, -f Wfes 
simones hsed hyne ■f he hit lyt-hwon fram 
lande tuge. :i on ]?am scipe sittende he 
lairde J}a menegu ; 

4 Da he sprecan geswac he cw£e]7 to 
simone ; Teoh hit on dypan ;i IsetaS eowre 
nett on J^one iisc-wer; 

Various Readings. 

41. A, mfeneguMi, A. gejiafode. A a ui,? EC |jincg 

A. inserts liig b^ore wiston. 42 A m'eneBU, B P 
menega. A. Eohtou. A. liig. S. C. b«-hsefdun. 43 A 

B. C. geda,fenaS. 44. C. bodieude A ge^omnnngum 
Cap. V. V. 1, A. masnegu. 0. god [fot godea] B C 

Jpffiiie. 2. A. {>one. A. eodon, A woson, B C woli 
suD. A. net. 3. A, mfcnigeo. 4. A. not. 

2 [Ldke, 

41 pa ferden fa deofle of manegen hrem- 
ende. ^ , cweSende. Sodes pu cart godes 
sune. 1 he ne ge-fafede p^t bye any f'ing 
sprteoen. for j^an he hyo wisten Jjjet be 
crist w£es. 

42 Da ge-wordenen daige se hselend ut- 
gangende ferde on westene stowe. l fa 
manega hine sohten. "} hyo comen to bym. 
] be-hgefdon hine ; f ^t he heom fram ne wite. 

43 Da SEegde he heom. SoSUce me ge- 
fafened ofren ceastren godes riche bodian. 
for fan to fan ich eom asend 

44 3 he wass bodiende on galilea ge- 


1 Cjo^iice WEesge-worSenfafa 
KZ5 him to comen f jet hyo godes word 

ge-hyrden. he stod wiS fano mere ge- 
nesaretb . 

2 ] he ge-seah twa scipe standende wiS 
fanne mere. Da fixeres eoden 1 weson 
heore nett. 

3 He fa astigende on an scyp ; fiet weos 
symones. bed hine feet he hit lithwan fram 
lande tuugen. ^ on fam scype sittende he 
Igerde fa manega. 

4 Da he spr^ecen ge-swac he cw£eS to 
symone. Teoh hit on deopan 3 IseteS eowre 
nett on fanne fisc-wter. 

Various Readings. 

41. manegum hrimende; Sodes (ow jw 11.); hy ; hywrea- 
tou {sic). 42. ge-worclenum ; halend ; menega ; sohton ; 
comon ; be-hiefduM. 43. ssede ; ge-SafcnaS o>rum ceas- 
truwi; rice; forSam; [lam; «un, 44. ge-samnungan. 

Cap. V. T. 1. ge-worden; mtenega; comon; ge-liyrdon ; 
Kiie. 2. fionne; flaceras eodum {sic); weosou heora. 
3. bced ; lythwon ; tuge ; meen^a. 4 jione fisc-WOT, 

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.Chap, v.] 53 

foerdon \mtedlice 6a diowlas from menigum clioppende 3, euoeKeiida -Jitc Su ai-5 sunu godea J 

41 *Esiobant etiam daemonia a multis elamantia et dieentia quia tii es filius dei et ^ 

geSreade ne gelefde 6a gesprecoa fofJSon ivigton hine ^te were crist ar-J-ge-warS Sa 

increpana non smebat ea loqui quia sciebant ipsum esss christura 42 *Facta autem ' ^ 

eada on woestigmre stoive 7 Ba menigo aohton liiue 3 cuomon wis to 

ibat in deaertuni locura,' et turbae requirebant eum et uenerunt usqwe ad 

^ hine ^te ne fearrade from him -Kfem he cuoeS forSon 5 oSrjMn. 

ipaum et detinebant ilium ne discenderet ab eis 43 quibMS ille ait quia et aliia 

ceastrujtt gedfefoeS mee bodia rie godea fte forKon gesended Am 3 v/ma bod- 

ciuitatibus oportet me euangelisiare regnum dei quia ideo inissuK sum i4 ot erat prae- 

aiido on somnnugum galiles 
dicans m syiiagogis galiJaeae 

he stod ist mere genesare/A 3 gesreh tuoege-I'tuu aciopo stondendo £et Stem mere 

ipse stabat secus stagnum geoesareth 2 et uidit duas naues stantes secus stagnuin 

8a fiscaras Sonne of-astigon 3 geSuogon -p nett Astag niitedlice in amim scip 

piscatores autem doscenderant et lauabant retiam (sic) 3 ascendens autem iii unam nauom 

Sio wtes simones gebstd Sonwe hine irom eoHSo eftlseda huon 3 ssett lierde of 

quafi erat simotds rogauit autem eum & terra reducere pusillum et sedens docebat de 

«sem seipe »a menigo ^te geblann Honne gespreaea ctioeK to ' simone lied on lioaniso 3 let 

nauicula turbas 4 *Ut cesaauit autem loqui dixit ad simouem due in altum et lasa * 

Sa netto iuero on gefeng-l'st^llo 
retia uestra in eapturam 

s losl in the Kusliworth MS.] 

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5 pa cw£e)) sTmon him !lswariende ; Eala 
be-beodend ealle niht swincende we naht ne 
gefengon ; So^lice on Jiinum worde ic min 
nett utrl&te ; 

6 ] Jta hi -f dydon tig betugon mycele 
menigeo fixa. ? hyra net w^s to-brocen. 

7 "i hig bicnodon hyra geferan. pe on 
o^rum scipe WEeron. -p hi comun 1 him fyl- 
ston ; Da comon hig "! gefyldon butu ]?a 
scipu. swa -f hi neh wseron besencte ; 

8 pa pefcrus ■f geseah he feoU to p^s 
hselendes cneowum 1 cwaiS ; Drihten. 
gewit fram me for]>am ic eom synfull mann. 

9 7 he wundrude "} ealle pa ^e mid him 
wjeron on pam were para fixa pe hi ge- 

10 Gelice iacobum "J iohannem zebedeis 

suna. pa wEeron simones geferan ; Da 
cwEep se hfelend to simone, ne ondrSd pn 
pe ; Heonon for^ pu byst men gefonde ; 

11 !i hig tugon hyra scypo to lande. "i 
for-loton hig 1 folgodon pam hEelende ; 

1^ "l~\a he wses on Snre ceastre pa w^s 

J--' jiar an hreofla "J pa he geseah 

pssne hsBleiid pa astrehte he bine 1 bsed "} 

pus cwseS ; Drihten. gyf p\i wylt pu miht 

me gecfensian ; 

13 And he fot-hran hine his handa ajien- 
ede 1 cwjeS ; Ic wylle. si pu gecl^ensud ; 
And aona se hreofla him fram ferde 

5. A. aswarigcnde. A, net. 6. A. hig. A. msecigeo. 
A, heora. 0. nett, 7- A. bicnedon heora. A. hig 
C. comon. A, liig. 8. C. foo!. A. synful man. 0. A, 
svundrode. A. Jisera, A. hig. !0. A, aebedeus. 
heonen. 11. B. C. hi. A. heora aeypu, A. folged< 
C. hrelend. 12. A. liscr. A. fione. 13. A. at>eiiigende. 
A, aig )3U ge-cl£ensod. 


5 Da cwEcd symon him andswerede. Ela 
be-bended (sic) ealle niht swikende we naht 
ne fengen. SoSIiee on finum worde ich 
min nett ut-lsete. 

Q J pa hyo jjEet dydon. hyo be-tugen 
mycele maniga fissca ; :! heore nett wees 

7 1 hyo becneden heore ge-feren ; pe on 
oSren scypen wseren. -p hyo oomen "i heom 
felsten. Da comen hyo 7 ge-felden baSa pa 
scype swa ftet hyo neh w^ren ge-sencten. 

8 pa petrus IJait ge-seah he feoU to fias 
hselendes cneowen ; 1 cweb'S. Drihten ge- 
wit fram me for fiam ich em sinful man 

9 ^ he wundrede. 1 ealle |ja pe mid hym 
wseren on j:iam weere fare fixsca pe hyo ge- 

10 Gelice Iacobum !1 Iohannem, Zebedeis 
sunes. jja wteren symones ge-feran. pa 
cwseS se htelend to symone. ne on-draad 
Jju pe. Heonen forS pu byst menn feonde, 

11 ^ hyo tugen hyre scyp to lande. :i 
for-lfeteiL hyo 1 folgedon pam hgelende. 

12 I^A he wass on anre ceastre pa, wies 
Jr J?£er an hreofla. tl pa he ge- 
seah ]:anne hselend pa astrahte he hine "i 
bffid. 1 pus cwfeS. Drihten gif pu wilt. 
pn miht me ge-clgensien, 

13 ^nd he jet-hran hine his handa 
afenede. 1 cwEe^. Ic wille ; syo pu ge- 
clEensed. iEnd sone se hreofla hym fram 

Various Headings. 

5. andsweriewde ; be-bedend ; swincende ; ge-fengon ; 
jc. 6. meniga flsa ; hyra net ; to-brooen. 7- becne- 
don hyra ge-feran; oBrum scipujM ; comoa; fylsten ; gefnl- 
don butu ; scypa ; hi ; be-soncte. 8, cneowum ; ic em 
synfull mann. 9, wundrode; wieron; were; fisa ; ge- 
fengon. 10, suna; wferon; halend; Heonon; foende. 
11. tugon hyra ; for-leton ; folgodon ; halende, 12. |iou- 
ne; astrehte; ge-clsensian. 13. ge-cltenaod ; Andsona; 

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Chap. V.] 55 

1 ge-onduavde simon cuoea him Su haldorraon Serh alio nselit we wunnon noht we fengon 
5 et respondena simon dixit illi prae(;eptor per totam noctem laborantes nihil cepimue 

' «is dydon efne-gebegdon fiscaaa ^ rneai- _ 
hoc fecissent concluseruut piscium multitudi- 

go mocigfald to-alitten W6es ionne Sect nett liiora 1 becnadon Stem foerum SaSe woroii ou 

nem copiosam rumpebatur autera retia eorum 7 et aunuccuat aociis qui erant in 

oSora scip -^te geciKumm ] gehiilpo hia 3 cwomon 1 gefyldoa Sa taogettuu aciopo suse 
alia naui ut uenirent ot adiuuarent eos et uenerunt et impleuerunt anibas nauiculas ita 

f iniaBy gesege feol to cneuum Sass halendes 

> *Quod cum uideret simon petrus procidit ad genua iesu - si. x. 

cuoeS geong from, me forSon monn ayniifull Am. Avihlen slep forSon yinb-salde hine 

dicens exi a me quia liomo pcecator sum domine 9 stupor eiiim drcum-doderat cum 

1 Aile SaSo miS him weron on gofeug fiscaua Sone i f geiiomon 
et omnes qui cum illo erant in captura piscium quam cep erant 

3 aunu 6aSe woeron gefoero ") cuoeS to simone se hgalend 

iacobum et ioliannem filios zebedaei qui erant socii simonis *Et ait ad aimonem ibsms * 

ncelle Su ondrede of Sis untedlice menu bist ^a. niomeiide 
noii tiraere ex hoc iam homines eris capicns 

7 aworden wses miSBy w^re on an 
12 *Et factum est cum ossct in una ■• XVI. 33. i 

mt. Isiij. 

ifflra ceastrajia J heono wor full Arioflc 3 gesmh ee'huHend 3 feoll on onsione 3 beed 

ciuitatum et ecce uir pleiius lepra ct uidens iesum et procidens in faciein et rogauit 

hine cuoeSende drihten gif Su wilt Bu mseht meh gectenaia 3 aSenede hond gchraii 

eum dicene domine si uia potea me mundare 13 et extendena manum tetigit 

hine euoeS io willo gecteusige aona Sio hriofol offeaiTade from him 

ilium dicens \iolo mundare et confcstim lepra disccssit ab illo 

[EigM leaves lost in tJie Ruahworth MS.] 

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14 ] he bebead him ■f he hit nanum men 
ne stede. ac ga jet-yw ]>e Jtam sacerde. 1 
bring for fiinre cljensunga swa moyses be- 
bead him on gewitnesse ; 

15 Witodlice J^ses pe ma seo spraec be 
him ferde "i myeele menegeo comun ■f hi 
ge-hyrdon 7 wurdon gehailede fram hyra 
untrumneasum ; 

16 He jja ferde on westen 7 hynegebasd; 
' 17 Da WEes anum deege geworden f he 

S£et 1 hig lierde "} Jia w^ron pa farisei sit- 
tende 1 JJEere. Ee.-lareow-was. ]ja comon of 
^"selcon castele galilefe 1 iudeffi. 7 hierusa- 
lem ] drihtncs mEegen webs hig to gehfel- 
ene ; 

18 And ])a bteron men on anum bedde 
anne man. se wses lama. 

19 1 big ne mihton bine inbringan 7 
alecgan beforan him. for ])£ere monigo ]?e 
mid Jjam bselende "WEes ; pa astigon hig 
uppan JjEene brof 1 Jiurh pa watelas hine mid 
p3.m bedde asende beforan pjene hgelend ; 

20 Da he ge-seah hyra geleafan he cwse^ ; 
La mann pe synd pine synna forgyfene ; 

21 pa agunnon pencan pa boeeras 1 fari- 
sei 7 cwBedon. hwset is pes pe her sprycp 
■woffnnga ; Hwa mseg sjmna for-gyfan buton 
god ana ; 

Various Readmits. 

14 B. inserU 7 after gS. 15. A. ma3iiigco ; C. menego. 

A. cpnioii. A. hig. A. heora imtnimiiyssujw. 17. A. 
felareowas {fiM one wiord) ; B. seJareow-wses. A. Eelcum 
caatellum. C. gaiilee. C. iudee. A. gehielanne ; B. 
ge-h»lenne; C. hselenne, 18. C. bteran. 19. A. 
mjeiiio ; B. menigeo ; C. menegeo. A, aaendon. B. bo- 
foraii {sic). A. ^ane. 20. A. heora. A. mfin ; C. man. 

B. C. sjnt, 21. A. on-gunuon. A. cweSan. A, apreeS. 
B. C. biitan. 

56 [Luke. 

14 1 he bed him ■f he bit nanen men ne 
saigde. ac ga 7 atewe pe pam sacerde. 
ajnd bring for pinre claensingo swa moyses 
be-bead heom on ge-witnysse. 

15 Witodlice pas pe ma seo spreec be him 
ferde 1 myeele menega comen pffit hyo ge- 
hyrdon 1 wurSea ge-htelede fram heora 

16 He pa ferde on westen 3 hine ge-bjed. 

17 pa WEes anen daige ge-wor^en pset 
he sjet 1 hyo leerde. 1 pa wjeren pa farisei 
sittende 7 pare lage-lareow-wjes. pa comen 
of seiche castelle gaiilee 1 Iudee 1 ierusa- 
lem. 1 drihton magen w^s hyo to ge- 

18 iEnd pa bceren men on anen bedde 
enne man ; se wes lame. 

19 1 hyo ne mihten hine in-bringen "i 
aleggen be-foran hym ; for pare maniga pe 
mid pam hgelende wees. Da astigen hyo up 
on panne rof 1 purb pa watelas hine mid 
para bedde asende bc-foran pam halende, 

20 Da he ge-seah heora ge-leafe. he 
cw£e^. La man pe synd pine sinne for- 

21 Da agunnen pencen pa bokeres 7 fari- 
sei ] cwEeSen. hwEet is pes pe her sprecd 
woifunga. hwa maig semia for-gefen buton 
god ane. 

Various Readings. 

14. bead; nanum; si^de; mk-jw; clKnsungo. 
fiees ; menegeo comon ; wardon ; untruM-nessnm. 
17. anum; ge-wordeu; wseron; pharisei; fe-lareow-wres 
eelce; drihtues; ge-hielenne. 18. And; basron; anum 
Eeime ; lama. 19. mjhton ; aleggan ; menegeo ; halende 
astigon; Jiomie; Jionne hieiend. 20. ge-leafan ; mann 
sjnt; forgyfene. 21. ngunnon f eucan ; hocei-aa; spreci? 
roseg aynna foi^yfan ; ana. 

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Chap. V.] 67 

- 3 he beboarl him -fte ne roiiiga?M geouoede ah goong sed-caua 8ce 55fem eacerde 3 brcng 
14 et ipse praecepit illi ut nemini diceret sed uade ostende t^ sacerdoti et offer 

torQ clsciisunge Sine suae be-bead + heht mosea on cjSiiise liim Serh-eodeJ'Wffis geongende 

pro emnidatione tua sicut praecepit moses in testimonium illis 15 perambalabat 

Sonne suiSor word froHi him 3 efnc-cuomon Sa menigO'l'Sfal fcolo ^te gelierdon 3 ^Ste woeron gelecned 
autem magis sermo do illo et conueniebant turbao multae ut audirent et curarentur 

Sa gesEett on weestisrn. 3 gebsed 3 gewordeu 

! autem sedebat in deserto et orabat 17 fUt factum • 35. i[i]. 

mt osluiiii. 

WEea on an Sarii diigaiia 3 lie gosrett Iserondo 3 wooroa Sa Ee-larMnaa4-aldo-uuto sittondo 3 ws tXUII. 36. ii. 
est in una dici-um ct ipse sedebat doceas et erant pharisaei sodentes et legi[s] i^t. uiiii-__ 

laniaa Sa Se cuoiaon froM eghuelo ceastre ga^l 3 iu' 3 hierusalem 3 maagcn wajs 

doctores qui ueneraat es orani castello galilaeao ct iudae et hienisalem et uirtua erat 

3 heono Wieras bereiide on bed^'on hiv moniio se6e wies 
18 *Et ecce uiri portantes in leeto hominem qui erat * 37. i. 

eorB-crypel 3 aohton liiiie gebrenge 3 geaette foj-a bine 

paraliticus ct quaerebant eum inferre et ponere anto cum 

of huEelcujw dsel bine gebrotton fore K^em folce astigon of^»'-3'onufa bus Serb Sa watla 3 diina 
qua parte ilium inferrent prae turba ascenderunt aupra tectum per tegulas et summi- 

Sffira geleafa fto gesseb cuoe6 la monn 
20 quorum fidem ut uidit dixit bomo 

forgefen biSon 6e synna Sina 3 ongimimn gesmoage wuSiito 3 cuoeSende bua 

remittuntur tibi peccata tua 21 et coeperunt cogitare scribae et pharisaei dicentes (|uis 

is -Sea aeSe spreoes ebolsongas bua msege forgeafa ayima buta Se ana god 
est hie qui loquitur blasphemia quis potest dimittere peccata nisi solus dews 

[Eight leaves lost in the. Rushwortli MS.] 

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22 Da se bfelend gecneow hyra gejianc- 
as he !iswariende cw£ej> to him. hwEet 
]jencege on eowrum heortum. 

23 hwEe^er is e&e to cwejjenne ]>& synd 
J)ine synna for-gyfene. hw^ejjer pe cwejtan 
aris "} ga, 

24 ■f ge witon -jJ laannes sunu on eorSan 
anwea|[I]d h.mi'8 synna to for-gyfanne ; And 
he sSde Jiam laman. "pe ic secge aris. nim 
J)in bed. !1 ga on ]>!n hue ; 

25 3 he sona be-foran him aras. 5 nam -p 
he on leeg "i to his huse ferde "i god wald- 

26 7 hig ealle wundredon 1 god niEerso- 
don 7 wEeron mid ege gefyllede. T cwa;don, 
so^es we to-deeg wundru 

27 T^a Eefler Jiam he ut-eode 3 
X^ pubhcanum he "wses ojirum na- 

man leui gehaten set ceap-sceamule eit- 
tende. "i he cwsefi to him filig me ; 

28 1 he him Jia filigde 7 ealle hys J^ing 
for-let ; 

29 "} leui dyde him mycelne gebeor- 
scype on his liuse. , 7 fiar wses mycel mene- 
geo manfulra 1 oSerra jje mid him s&ton ; 

30 fa murcnodon ]ja farisei 7 ]ja boceraa 
7 cwEedon to hys leorning-cnihtum. hwi 
e^ge 7 drincaS mid manfuUum 7 synfullum; 

31 Da 7swarude se htelend 7 cwsep to 
him ; N"e bejjurfon Iseces ])a Se hale synd. 
ac J)a Se unliEelJje habbaji ; 

Various Headings. 

22, A. heoi-a. C. om. lie. A. ^swarigende, A. B. C. 

Iience go {two words). 23. B. C. synt. 24. A. an- 

weald; B. C. anwald. 27. A. oSre nama. A. ceap- 

sccameie; C. ceap-acemule. 29. A. mieiiigeo. A. oisra. 

30. A. mureeedoa. A. hwig. A. B. ete ge [two words). 

31. A. 3sivarode. A. bojiurfun liecaa. B. synt 


22 Da seo hselend ge-cneow heora ge- 
l^ances ; he andsweriende cwEeS to heom, 
HwEet fence ge on eowre heorten 

23 hwieSer is ejjere to cweSene pe synt 
fine senne for-gefene ; hwaSer to cweSene 
aris 7 ga. 

24 jJEot ge witen fset mannes sune on 
eordan anweald hafS synne to for-gefena. 
j.End he sfegde fam lamen. pe ich segge 
aris ; nym fin bed 7 ga on fin hus. 

25 7 he sone be-foren heom aras ; 7 nam 
f ffit he on Iseig 7 to Ms huse eode. 7 god 

26 7 hyo ealle wundredon 7 god mter- 
sedon 7 wteren mid eige ge-fylde. 7 cwieSen 
soSes we to-daig wundre ge-seagen. 

27 T^-*- iefter fan he ut-eode. 7 ge-seah 
jT publicanum fe waes oSer name 

leuj ge-haten. ^t cheap-scamele sittende. 
7 he cwteS to hym felge me. 

28 7 he hym fa felgede. 7 ealle hys 
f ing for-let. 

29 .Madi- leuj dyde him michele ge-beor- 
scipe on his huse. 7 f^r wffis mycele 
manege manfulra 7 oSre f e mid him sEeton. 

30 pa murcneden fa farisei 7 fa bokeres. 
7 cwEeSen to his leorning-cnihten. hwi eete 
ge. 7 drinkeS mid manfullen 7 senfuUen. 

31 Da andswerede se heelend 7 cw^S to 
heom. JSTe be-furfen Ijeches fa fe hale 
synde. ac fa f e un-ha;le htebbeS. 


22, se ; hyra ; andsworigende ; eowra heortare. 23. 

synne for-gjfene; hweKer; cweSen. 24, witan; eorSan; 
synna ; for-gyfanne ; laman ; ic. 25. sona be-furan ; 
Iseg ; ferde [for eode] ; wuldrode. 26. wuldrodon ; 

Mjersoden ; ge-fyllede ; dfeg ; ge-sawen. 27. Mra ; he 
[for Jje], oSrum namen; ceap-sceamele ; fylge. 28. fylgde, 
29. mycele ; mycel menegeo. ■ 30. murcnodon ; pharisei ; 
boceraa; cwteSon; leor-cnihtum ; ete; drincaS; KianftiUuw; 
synfullum. 31. andswarode; Ifecea; synt; nn-hseiae 


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Chap. V.] 

^te ongffitt i5a se haelenrf smeauiiga liiora ge-ondiiarde cuooa to Idmi'Snein liured smeas gie 

i ut cognouit autera iesMS cogitationes eoram respoudons dixit ad illos quid cogitatis 

huoeSev ia eaSor gecuoceSa forgefen biiSon 6e synna i eiweSa 
!S quid est facillius dicer e dimittuntur tibi peccata ^n dicere 

aris 3 gaa ^te Sonne gie wittso ?te -f s«nu monnes mseht hafeS on eorSo 

surge et ambula 24 ut autem sciatis quia filius ho minis potestetem habet in terra 

forgeafa synna cuoeS Skmh crjpk 5e ic cuoeSo aris nim beer Sin 3 gaa in Iras 

diraittere peccata ait paralytico tibi dico surge tolle lectum tuum et uade in domum 

Bill 7 aona aras fore him genom on Steta gclneg 1 foerde in hus his 

tuajii 25 et confestim surgens coram ill is tulit in quo iacebat et abiit ia domum. suam. 

ge-mic!ado god 3 feer-atylt genom i for grap alls 3 Auundfftdon god 1 gefylled 

magnificans dewni 26 et stupor appraeliendit omnes et magnificabant Aeum et repleti 

woeron miS fyrhto ouoedon fte wo gcsegou wundra to dsogo : ^fter 6aa foordo 3 gesseh 

sunt timore dieentes quia uidimus mirabilia hodie. 27 *Et post lioc esiit et uidit 'XUIils 

Sone bjersjnnig genemned wses sitteiide to 3 cuoeS him fylg mec + sooc mec : 

publicauum nomine leui aedentem ad teloneum et ait illi sequere me 28 et 

foj-leort^+miSSy allum forletno aras fjlgende wsea him 
relictis omnibus surgens secutus est eum 

mice] se leui in Ims his 3 tvegs Sreat menigo 3 oi!era Sa6e miS Iiim 

magnum leui in domo sua et erat turba multa publicanorum et aliorum qui cum ill is 

3 lyceton 3 hiora cuoedon to 

SO et murmurabant pliarisaei et scribae eorum dieentes ad 

his forfiou mis 3^ syiinflillufK gie ettas 3 gio di'inoas ? 

discipulos eius quare cum publicanis et peccatoribws manducatis et bibitis 31 *£t ' 

ondsnarade se hmhnd cnoeS to him ne Ko[r]feK SaSe halo sint to loce all Sa Be yflo habbaS 
respondens iesus dixit ad illos non egent qui sani sunt medico sed qui male habent 

[Eight leaves lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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32 Ne com ic rihfc-wise clypian. ac syn- 
fulle on dtedbote ; 

33 Da ewEcdon liig to him. hwi fsestaS 
iohannes leorning-cnihtas gelomlice "} bal- 
sunga doS. 3 eall-swa farisea. J )jiiie etaS 
J drinca^ ; 

34 pa cweeS he cwystujju magon pEes 
brydguman beam festan svva lange swa se 
brydguma myd him ys ; 

35 Sojilice pa, dagas cumaji fonne se 
brydguma him byS afyrred. ponne festaS 
hig on |jam dagum ; 

38 pa SEode he him an big-spell, ne 
asend nan man scyp of niwum reafe on eald 
reaf. ellea f niwe slit. 1 se niwa scyp ne 
hylp jjam ealdan ; 

37 Ne nan man ne sent niwe win on 
ealde bytta. elles -f niwe win brycS pa, 
bytta '} ■p win byS agoten. :i j;a bytta for- 
^vur^aS ; 

38 Ac niwe win is to sendenne on 
niwe bytta. ponne beoS fa bytta geheald- 
ene ; 

39 And ne drincS nan man eald win ^ 
wylle sona ■f niwe. he cwvJj. -p ealde is 
betere ; 


1 Sojjlice wEes geworden on pam Eefteran 
resto-dsege. Eeryst f?a he ferde J7urh pa 
fficeras hys leorning-cnihtaa pR ear pluccedon 
] mid hyra handum gnidon 7 seton ; 

60 [Ldke. 

32 Ne com ich rihtwise to clepian. ac 
synfuUe on deadbote. 

33 Da cwfeSen hyo to hym. hwi fested 
iohannes leorningcnihtes ge-lomlice "i hal- 
sunge doS. "! eal swa fariscen. ^ Jjine 
Eote^ 7 drince^ ; 

34 pa cwieS he. cwedst pn magen |;as 
bredgumen beam fosten. swa lange swa 
se bredgume mid heom ys. 

35 So'Slice fa dages cumeS fanne se 
bredgume heom beoS aferred. fanne fested 
hyo on fan dagen. 

36 Da sfede he heom an bispell. Ne 
asende nan man scyp on neowan reafe. on 
eald reaf elles fast neowe slyt. "} se neowe 
scyp ne helpd fan ealden. 

37 Ne nan man ne synt niwe win on 
ealde butta elles f tet neowa win brece^ fa 
bufcta 1 fiet mn beoS agoten 1 fa butta for- 

38 Ac neowe win is to asendenne on 
neowe butta fanne beoS fa butte ge-heald- 

39 7 ne drincS nan man eald win. 1 
wille sona f set neowe he cweS f £et ealde is 


1 So^lice wfes ge-wor'Sen on fam jeft- 
eren reste-daige ; merest fa ferde he f urh fa ' 
Eeceras hys leoraing-cnihtes fa ear pluccoden. 
] mid heora handa gnidon 7 Eeten. 

33. A. hwig. A. farisea (alt. to ikrisei). 34. A. 
cwystSu; B.C. cwyst |3U. 36. A. bjg-spel. A. asent. 
A. seep {alt. to scyp; twice). A. B. hylpS ; C. hylp)), 37. 
A. for-weovSaS. 38. A. sendanne. 39, A. f SEut 
[/or^ji before eaido]. 

Cap, vi. ¥. 1. A. Eorest. A. gear. A. heora. 

Various Eeadings. 

32. R, om. to ; elypion ; dfedbote. 33. fseateS ; 

-cuilitas; ealbwa pharisen ; etaS ; drineaS. 34. cwyiSst; 
brydguman ; fiestan ; langa ; bridgiima ; eom. 35. cymaS 
Jioiane ; briiSguma ; bj6 afyrred Jwrnie fffisteS ; J^am dagum. 

36. eom; of niwum; niwe (twice); helpS )jam ealdan. 

37. sent; healde; oiwe ; brecS; biS ; for-mirSaS. 38. 
niwe ; sendenne; nywe buttan jjonne biS ; button. 39. 
niwe ; cwjS. 

Cap, Ti. T. 1. ge-worden ; tefteran ; he ferde ; -cnihtas ; 
plucceden ; hande. ■ 

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Chap. VI.] 61 

ne cuom ic to ceiganiie soSfiesto ah Sa ajnnfiillo ia hreoniise soB Wa euocdon to 

32 uon ueni uocare iuatos aed peccatores in paenitentiam 33 at illi dixerunt ad 

him fo»-hiion Segnas iohannes festaS symble 1 gebeodo doaS _ gelic 3 

eum ciuare diecipuli iohannis ieiunajit frequenter et obsecrationes faciani eimiliter et pliarisae- 

Sjein he cuoeS aline magogie suno brjdgumes 

34 quibws ipse ait numquid potestis filios sponsi 

.6a huil mis him isJ-biS se brydgiima wyrca geftesta cymaS mitBdHce Sa dagaa miS«y genumen 

duin cura illis est Bponsus facore ieiunare 35 uenient autem dies cum ablatus 

bis bom him se bi-yrlgiima Sa geftestaS in Srein dagum 
fuerit ab illia sponeus tunc ieiunabuni in illia diebws 

nise to him ^(te ne aenig f e-sceapa from woedo mune onsendeS on gewedo aid 

dinem ad illos quia nemo commissuram & uestimento nono inmittit in uestimentum uetus 

elcur nu 1 ^ riua tosHtaS 3 Stem aide ne geAriseS f eaceapa of 8sem niue 3 ne aenig 

alio-quiu et nouum rumpit et ueteri non conuenit commissura i, nouo 37 et nemo 

gendeS win niua in byfctum aldum elcur nu tosliteS -p win niua 5a aldo 3 _f ilce 

mittit uinum nouum in utres ueteres alio-quin rumpit uinum nouum utres et ipsum 

agotten biB I 6a byto lasaS ah * win niua In byttum 

effunditur et utrea peribunt 38 aed uinum nouum in utres 

egSer biBon geha'dan 3 ne aenig gedrane p aide Bona wihiaS f niua cuoeK forBon se alda 

utraque conseruaatur 39 et nemo bibens uetus statira uult nouum dicit enim uetua 

aworden w»3 Sonne on Sone ceft^Ta daeg miS-By oferfoerdon Bcrh gecoecton Begnaa ^ 

1 •Factum est autem in sabbato secundo cum transirent per sata uullobant diacipuli * ^UHH- 

his Sa cropi^s-tehraa 3 eton gebrecon miS hondum nu'. ixiiii. 

eius spicas et manducabant confricautes manibua 

[Eight leaves lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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2 Da cwSdon sume of fian sundor-halgan. 
hwi do ge -f eow aljfed nis on reste-dagon ; 

3 pa Iswarode him se h^elend ne rsedde 
ge -f. hwiet dauid dyde pa hine hingrede. 
3 Jja Se mid him WEeron. 

4 hu he eode into godes huse. :i nam J>a 
offrung-hlafas "i hig tet. 1 pam sealde pe 
mid him WEerun, fa nserun alyfede to 
etanne buton sacerdon anum ; 

5 And he Siede him -f drihten is mannes 
sunu. cac swylce reste-dscges ; 

6 SoSlice on oSrum reste-diege w^s ge- 
worden -f he on gesamnunge eode 1 laarde. 
^ J^ar wses sum man "i his swySre hand wses 
for-scruncen ; 

7 Da gymdon |7a boceras 3 farisel liwiej?er 
he on reste-d^ege h^lde. f hi hyne ge- 
■wregdon ; 

8 So|!lice he wiste hyra gefiancas. 1 he 
sEede psbui men j^e Sa for-scruncenan hand 
hgefde. ans "i stand her amiddan ; pa aras 
he ] stod ; 

9 Da cwsep se h^Iend to him ; Ic ahsige 
eow alyf|7 on reste-dagum Tvel don. oSSe 
yfele. sawle hale gedon. hweej^er Se for- 
spillan ; 

10 And him eallu«t gesceawodum mid 
yrre he sfede j^am men ; Aj^ene j^ine hand. 
"J he afenode 1 his hand w^s ge-edniw- 

11 Pa wurdon hig mid unwisdome gefyl- 
lede "} spEecon betus him hwEet hig Jjam 
hselende dydon ; 

Vari<ms Readings. 

2. A. JjaHi ; C. l^am. A. sunder-lialgum. A. liwig, A. 
-daguHi, 3. A. hjngrade. 4. A. ondts from, hu to 
wjerun. A, nairoii. A, sacerdum. 7. A. hig. 8. A. 
heora. ' A. on-myddan, 9. A. acsigo. 10. A. ge-scoaiv- 
edum. A, aSenede, 11. A. spriecon. A. betweos; 
B. C. Ijetwux, C. halend. 

62 [Luke. 

2 Da cwseSen sume of Jtam sunder-halgen. 
hwi do ge Jjset eow alyfd nis on reste-dagen. 

3 Da andswerede se htelend heom 1 
CW83S. Ne redde ge hw^t dauid dyde J7a 
him hingrede. 1 J^a pG mid him wferon 

4 hu he eode into godes huse ^ nam fa 
offrenge-hlafes 1 hyo jet. "] fam sealde fe 
mid him w^ren. fa n^eren alyfde to setene 
buton sacerden. anen. 

5 -iEnd he saigdo heom pjet drihten is 
mannes sune. eac ewilce reste-daigea. 

6 SoSlice on oSrum reste-daige wses ge- 
worSen. pjet he on ge-samnunge eode, "} 
leerde. 1 peer wffis sum man. "i his swiSre 
hand wass for-scrunken. 

7 Da gemden pa bokeras 1 pharisei hwaS- 
er he on reste-daige helde peet hyo hine 

8 SoSlice he wiste heore pances 1 he 
saide pam men pe pa forscrunkene hand 
hafde. aris :i stand her amidden. Da aras 
he "] stod. 

9 Da cwEeS se htelend to hem'*^ Ich acsie • ms, Lim, 
eow alyfS on reste-dagon wel don oSSe" ' " ®™' 
yfele sawle h^ele ge-don hwaider pe for- 

10 And heora eallon ge-sceawedon mid 
eorre he saigde pam men. Apene pine 
hand ; 1 he apenede 1 hys hand wees ednyw- 

11 Da wurSen hyo mid unwisdome ge- 
fyllede ") sprfecen be-twux heom hwiet hyo 
pam hselende dydon. 

Various Readings. 

2. Kundor-halgan ; -dagon. 3, eom se liEclend ; hino. 

4. offrimg-; wterow; nseron; etanne; sacerdon mm 

5, ssegde ( sunu; dfeges. e, -diege; ge-worden; swySSi 
for-scruKoen. 7. gymdon; hoceras; hiKeSer; -dtege 
hselde ; wreiden. 8. hjva );ancas ; ssede ; for-scruni 
staiL 9, him ; le asxige (sic) ; hwseSer. 10. MaA eom 
eallen ge-3oeawodum ; yrre; stegde. 11. nurdon 
spracen ; halende. 

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Chap. VI.] 63 

sumo o«er* Soime cuoedon him. huted gie doc8 ^to ne riseS on aymbel-dBgum oBerit 

2 quidam autem pharisaeoram dicebant illi quid facitis quod non licet in sabbatis ^^^f}^ 


J ondniearde se h^end to him cuoeS ne Sis geleornadon -jste dyde dauiS miSSy bine gehyngerde 
3 et respondens iesus ad eos dixit nee hoe legietia quod fecit dauid cum esurisset 

he 7 Ka Se mia liine iveron hnu inn-eade in hua goddes 3 hlafaa forcgegear- 

ipse et qui cum eo eraut 4 quomodo intrauit iu domum dei et panes propo- 

uad'I'getemdsed ondfong 3 ge-*tt 3 salde Ksera SaSe miS hine weron i5as ne h gelefed 

sitionis sura sit et manducauit et dedit his qui cum ipso erant quos non licet 

dum 3 cuoeS him ^tc drihten is simu monnes 

otihus 5 et dicebat illis quia dotniaiis est filius hominis 

wxtedliee symbcldEegoa aworden wses Sonme 3 on oSoro symbcldcego -pte in-foerdo on somnuiig 

etiam sabbati 6 "Factum est autem et in alio sabbato ut intraret in synagogam ' XX. i2. ii. 

Sa. uSuuto : _ gif on syinbe[l]dseg he hselde fte hia gemoete to telenne hino ho mtledUee 

scribae et pharisaei si sabbato curaret ut inuenirent accusare ilium 8 ipse uero 

wiste araeimga hioi-a 3 cuoeS 6a!m menu seSe htefde hond gescrengce^drygo aris : 

sciebat cogitationes eorum et ait horaini qui habebat manum-f- aridam sui^e et+.^S. mt^- 

tlte glosi 
aona on middum 3 aras ast5d euocS Sonne to him se hi^lend ic gefrcgno iuih gif is alefed tnicel; alured 

sta in medium et suigens stetit 9 ait autem ad illos ieswa interrogo uos sf licet '"-ib^"™/ ss 

on BymbeldEeg wel doa ^' oSSe yfie sawel hal doa ^oiSSe iosiga J ymb-soeawandnm 

sabbato bene facere in male animam saluam facere an perdere 10 et circum-apectis 

alium cuoeS Sfem menn aSen hond «iii 3 aScnide 3 eft-geniuaS wtes hond his 

oranibws dixit homini extende manura tuam et extendit et restituta est manua eius 

Sailco u-atedlice gefylled weron miB unsnytro 3 eftie-^precon bituili huted fwiSon dedon 

11 ipsi autem repleti sunt insipientia et conloquebantur ad inuicem quidnam facerent 

Siem bmlende 

{Eiglu leaves lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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12 Qjoplice on j^am dagum he ferde on 
kJ anne munt hine gebiddan. T 

■waes par waciende on godes gebede ; 

13 And pa. ^a dseg wEes he clypode hys 
leorning-cnihtas "i geceas twelf of him. 3 
J^a he nemde apostolas ; 

14 Simonem |j£ene he nemde Petras 1 
his bro^or andreas. lacobam 1 lohannem. 
Filippum. 1 Bartholomeum. 

15:iThomam. 1 Matheum. !l lacobum. 
alfei, 1 simonem. se is genemned zelotes. 

16 ludam. lacobi. I iudam scarioS se 
WEes Itewa ; 

17 And mid him farendum he stod on 
feld-lice stowe. 1 mycel wered his leorning- 
cnihta. 1 mycel menegeo fram ealra iudea 
"} fram ierusalem. "} ofer mufan 7 sae-ge- 
m£oro tin !) sidonis. Sa coman -p hi hyne 
gehyrdon. 1 w^ron of hyra adlum gehgel- 

18 1 pa. ^e wjeron of unclsenum gastum 
ge-drehte wserun gehselede ; 

19 And eal seo menigeo sohte hine to 
Kt-hrinenne. forfam pe msegen of him 
eode 1 he ealle gehselde ; 

20 T~\a cwtel) se hselend beseonde to 
Jl/ his leorning-cnihtum ; Eadige 

synd ge |!earfan on gaste for|?a??i pe godes 
rice is eower; 

21 Eadige synd ge Se bingriaS nu. for- 
fam J^e ge beoS gefyllede; Eadige synt 
ge Se nu wepaS. forjiam ge hlihajj ; 

Variozis Headings. 

12. A. B. C. wacigende. 13. A. twelfe. 14. A. 
andream. A. philippum; G. Filippus, C. bartholomeiis. 
15. A, B, C, omit 3 i^ore Thom&n and laeoburo. 17. 
A. B. feldlicre ; C. flendlicre {dc). A. mienegeo. C. ealre. 
A. B. C. SiE-gemEere. A. comon ; B. 0. comun. A. hig. 
A. heora. 18. A. wsoron. 19. A. om. eal. A. mseni- 
geo, A. ast-hrynaimo. 0. am. ealle. 20, B. C. synt. 

21. B. C. synt [/or syndj A. sjnd \/or synt]. C. Eadie. 
A, hlibhaS. 


12 Cio^lice on fam dagen he ferde on 
k-? fenne munt. hine ge-byddan. ? 

wses J)£cr wakiende on godes ge-bede. 

13 ^nd Jja ])a bit daig wtes he cleopede 
his leorning-cnihtes 1 ge-cheas twelf of heom. 
] Jja he nemnede apostles. 

14 Simonem J)anne he nemnede petrus. 
"] his broker andreas. lacobum. 1 lohan- 
nem. philippum "} bartholomeum. 

15 Thomam ] Matheum. lacobum alphei 
"} symonem, se ys ge-nemned zelotes 

16 Iudam lacocobi {sic). 7 Iudam scar 
rioth. se wtes Isewa. 

17 And mid heom farenden he stod on 
feldlicere stowe T micel werd hys leoming- 
cnihte 1 mycele manega fram aire iudea. ") 
fram ierusalem 1 ofer muSan ^ sse. ge-mare 
tyry Z sydonis. j)a comen JjEet hyo hyne 
ge-hyrdon ] wjeren of heora adlen ge-htel- 
de. . 

18 1 Jia Jie waren of un-cleenen gaste ge- 
drehte wEeren ge-hgelede. 

19 yEnd seo manegeo sohte hine to ist- 
hrinnenne, for Jiam ]De niiegen of hym eode. 
"] he ealle ge-hjelde. 

2U "r\A cwseS se hselend beo-seonde to 
-*— / hys leorning-cnibton, Eadige 
synde ge Jjearfen on gaste. for ])an j)o godes 
rice is eower. 

21 Eadige synde ge pe hingrieS nu. for 
>am ge beoS ge-fyllede. Eadige synde ge 
pe nu wepad; for ])am ge blyhaS. 

Various Readings. 

12. dagnm ; wacjende. 13. E, om. hit ; cljpede ; 
-cnihtas ; ge-eeas ; nemde apostlas. 14. f-onne ; neuide. 
16. lacobi. 17. jEnd ; eoni ; farenden [as in Hatton 
M8.]i .«nihta; nienega; alra; comon ; wseron; adlum 
ge-hselede. 18. waron ; imclEenum ; ge-halede. 19. 

^nd eall syo menegeo. 20. halend; -cnihtum; Eadig 
synt ge Jiearfen; for-J^am. 21. eynt; hingriaS; sint; 


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Chap. VI.] 65 

awordon wres Jsonwe on Stem dagum foerde on more to gebiddasMj^ 3 wffia Serh-w^ccende 
12 *Factum eat autein in illis diebus exiit in montem orare et crat pemoctans * 43. i!. 

mt. eslmii[i], 

in gebed godes 3 miaSy da;g awordoE wscs geceigde «a «^nas his :i gcceas tuoelf <■ °- '^^'^■1 

in oratione dei 13 *Et cum dies factus esset uocauit discipulos suos et elegit duodecim " 44. ii. 

of Ssem Sa tec &i>oatolas geneuido Kone aimon Bone getor-nomade i stan 5 

ex ipsis qiios et apostolos nominauit 14 simonem quern cognominauit petmin et 

J 3 3 

iacobum et iohaimen philippiim et bartholomeum 15 matbcum ct 

8e huital" 3 se3e ia geceigcd 3 

thoman iacobum alpbei et aimonem qui uocatur zelotes 16 iudam iacobi et iudam 

seSe wojs lilega : of-dune astag mi« him astod on ston 3 menigo 1 Sreat ^ _ 

scarioth qui fiiit proditor 17 *Et deecendena cum illia stetit in loco campestri et turba j '^'■•■ 

Begna his 7 8io nienigo monigfald folces of alle ind' 3 3 ? * ' 

discipuloram eius et nuiltitudo copiosa plebis ab omni iudaea et hiorusalem et raaritima et 

3 8a 8e cuoraon ^t« geherdoii hine 3 weron geh^ldo from adlum hiora 3 

tyri et sidonis qui iieiierunt ut audirent eum et sauarentur & languoribus 3uis 18 et 

SaSe gecosted woron from gastum, imeltenum woeron geleenad 3 all Bread sohton 

qui UGxabantur C spiritibws imnundis curabantur 19 et oinnis turba quaerebant 

hine to geArinanne forSon msehto i mmgno of him foordon 3 hseldo alio 3 he ahobhondum 

eum tangcre quia uirtus de illo exiebant et sanabat onmes 20 *Et ipse eleuatis * XXI. 46. u. 

egnm on Sognum his cuoeB eadgo «a Sorfendo forSon iuer is rie godes cadgo 

oculis ill discipulos suos dicebat Beati pauperee quia uestrum est reguum dei 21 *Beati ' 47. n. ^ 

SaBe nil gchyncres foj-Bon gie biBon gehriorded eadgo SaSe nu ^e woepeS forSon gie hlseheB 

qui nunc esuritis quia saturabimini *Beati qui nunc fletis quia ridebitis * f^- "■ .. 

[Mc/ht learns lost in the Rushworth Ma] 

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22 Eadige beo ge. Jjone eow men hatiaS 
1 ebta^. 1 on-hiscajj. 1 awurpaS eowerne 
naman swa swa yfel for mannes suna ; 

23 Ge-blissia^ 1 gefagnia'5 on pam dagu7«. 
nu eower med is mycel on lieofenum ; So^- 
lice Eefter fisaum fingum hyra ftederas 
dydon pam witegum ; 

24 JJeab-hwEeSere wa eow witegum. for- 
pam J^e ge eowerne frofor babba^ ; 

25 Wa eow j;e ge-fyllede synt. forfiam 
pe ge bingria'S. Wa eow pe nu hlihaS. 
foTpwin pe ge heofaS 1 wepaS ; 

26 Wa eow jjonne eow ealle men blet- 
siaS. defter fiissum fiingum byra fcederas 
dydon Jjam witegum ; 

27 Ac ie eow sege forp&m pe ge ge- 
byraJ7. lufiaS eowre I'ynd do]? pam tala pe 
eow batedon ; 

28 BletsiaS ]?a Se eow wiriaS. gebiddajj 
for fa pe cow on-hisceaS ; 

29 And pam pe sbh]? on fin gewenge 
wend oSer agen. 1 pa,m pe Sin reaf nymf . 
ne for-beod bim no fme tunecan ; 

30 Syle selcum pe ^e bidde. 1 se Se 
nimft fa Sing pe Sine synt ne mynega f u 
hyra ; 

31 And swa ge wyllaf -p eow men don 
do]7 bim gebce ; 

32 ] bwylc fane is eow gif ge lufiaS fa 
pe eow lufiaS ; SoSlice synfuUe lufiaS fa fe 
hi lufiaS ; 

66 [Luke. 

22 Eadige beo ge fanne eow men batiaS 
1 ehtaS. 1 on-buBcaS. 1 awurped eowre 
namen swa swa yfel for mannes sune. 

23 Ge-bUssiad ^1 ge-fageniad on fam 
dagen ; nu eower mede is mycel on beofene. 
SoSlice Eefter fisen fingen byra faderes 
dydon fam witegan. 

24 peah-bwjeSere wa eow witegan. for 
fan fe ge eowweiTie frofer bfebbeS. 

25 Wa eow f e ge-fylde sinde ; for fan 
pe ge hingriaS, Wa eow fe nu blehgad 
for I>an f e ge beofaS 1 wepeS. 

26 Wa eow fanne eow ealle men bletsiaS 
Kifter fisen fingen beora f^ederes dyden 
fam witegen, 

27 Ac ic eow segge for fam f e ge hyrad. 
LufiaS eowre feond doS fam tseie f e eow 

28 BletsieS fa fe eow weregieS. Ge- 
biSSed for fam fe eow on-buseieS. 

29 "} fam fe fe slebS on fam wange. 
wend oSer agen. !I fam fe fin reaf nymS 
ne for-beod liim na fine tunecan. 

30 Syle Eelcen f e f e bidde. ] se f e nymd 
fa fing fe fine synde ne manega fu 

31 1 swa eow wiileS ■f eow men do ; doS 
hem ge-lice, 

32 1 hwilc fane is eow gyf ge lufieS fa 
fe eow lufieS. SoSlice senfuile InfieS ; 
fa f e hy lulieS. 

Various Headings. 

22. C. Badie. A. [ionne. A. aworpaS ; 0. wurpaS. 

23. A. ge-feegenia«. 0. heofoouwi. A. tjsuwi. A. heora. 

24. A. fi-ofer. 2S. A. synd. A. HyhhaS. A. heofia«. 
26. C. om. %nd eow. A. heora. 27. B. C. aeoge. A. faela, 
28. A. wjrgeaS. A. on-hyscaS. 29. A. )!0 8e slyhS. 
A. ongean. A. na, 30. A. ajnd. B. mynga ; C. myng. 
A. hyne [for hyra]. 31. A. heom. 32. C. inserts swa 
hefore hwjlc. A. hig. C. omiU from So*Iice to end qf 

Various Headings. 

22. |)Onne ; on-hyaca« ; awurpeS j naman. 23. Ge- 

blissiaS ; ge-fageniaS ; ds^ym ; heofenum. ; tjssnm Jiingum ; 
feederaa; witegam. 24 witegum; for-^amj eowerne 

fixifor habba«. 23. ge-fyllede aint; hlihhaS; wepaS. 

26. (jonne ; Jiissum Jiingum ; fjederas djdon ; witegum, 

27. hjraSi tale. 28, BletsiaS ; wyi^aS; ge-bydda«f 
Sa; on-hjsceaB. 29. alyh3; {lin [for ipzimY, ge-wet^a 
30. selcum ; nim« ; synt, 31. ge [/<ir 1st eow]; willaS ; 
don [for do]j heom. 33. \ufia.t\four timei!]; synfulle ; 

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Chap. VI.] 67 

eadgo gie biSon miSSy iuih teSeS menu 3 miaSy to-sceadoniseoadas iuih 3 telaBiharm 

22 *Beati eritis cum uos oderint homines et cum separauerint uos et exproba- ^4: 

cueSaS 1 auorpaS noma iuer suelce yfe! i apoltre fw« sunn momies gef eaS 

uerint et eiecerint nomen uestram tam-quam malum propter filiimi hominis 23 gaudete 

dydon witgum fadoras hiora 8o8 huoeSre wee iiih weligiim foriSon gie habbaS 

feciebant prOphetis patrea eorum 24 *Uerum-tajnen uae nobis diuitibiw quia habetis * 50. s 

wfe iuh foJ-Bon ge gefylled biSon forSoii biSongie hyngrendo was iuh 
25 u&e nobis quia saturati estis quia eaurietia u^e' uobis 

iaHe gie hitebas nti ior^on gie woepaS 
qui ridetia nunc quia lugebitis 

tefter Xas dydon witgu»i fnAoras biora ah iuh ic cuoeSo KaKe ge geherdon 

secundum baec iaciebant propbetis patrcs eorum 27 *Sed uobis dice qui auditis ' 

lufiga* fiondas lura wol doeS Ssem KaSe iuih IsoSaS 

diligite inimicos uestros bene facite biis qui uos odenint 

woergendum. iuh gebiddaS fore ^eem harm-cuoeduwi iuih 3 se3e Sec slaeS _ on eeeo 

dicentibiis uobis orate pro calumniantibMS uos 29 *Et qui t^ percutit in maxillam *53, u. _ 

agef rec «a oSero 3 of «^m i from him soSe genimcS 5e woedo asc f eyrtil n^lle Su 

praebe et alteram et ab eo qui auferet tibi ueatimentum etiam tTinica[m] noli 

fwstondaiforbeada eghueleum uaiedUce giugicnde Sec Bel 3 aeSe nimraeS BaSe Sin sint ne 

prohibere SO omni autem petenti t6 tribue et qui auferet que tua sunt ne 

eft-bidde Su 3 suas gie wallo ^te gedoe iuh monn 3 gie doaB him geiic 

repetas 3X *Et pro-ut uultis ut faciant uobis homines et uos facite illis similiter ' X^.lf. 54. u. 

3 gif gie lufaS hia SaBe iuih hifaB Sa i buelc iuh is Bone i wuldor forSon 3 synnfuHo 
32 *Et si diligitis eos qui uos diligunt quae uobis est gratia nam et poceatores "* 55, u, 

*a lufiande hia luftigiaS 
diligentes s^ diligunt 

[Eight leaves lost in t!ie Rushworth MS.] 

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83 And gyf ge "wel doS. jjam ^e eow 
■wel doS. liwylc jianc is eow. witodlice -f 
doS synfidle. 

34 ^ gyf ge liBna]) |;am pe ge eft tet onfoS. 
liwylc |janc is eow ; Soj^lice synfuUe synful- 
lum IgenaB. -p hi geliee onion. 

35 ]7eah-hwsSere lufiaS eowre iynd 1 
him wel doS. 1 Isene sylla^ nan J^ing |3anun 
eft; ge-hihtende. :i eower med by)? [mycel] 
on heofone. 1 ge beoj? jj^es Iiehstan beam, 
forjiam fe be Is god ofer unfanc-fulle ") ofer 
yfele ; 

DiBge-byraS 3Q -j Teornost-lice beoj? mild-beorte swa 
.1 1 eowcr feeder is mild-heorfc; 

37 Nelle ge deman. 1 ge ne beo^ dem- 
ede; Nelle ge ge-ny^erian. 1 ge ne 
beoS genyfjerude ; Forgyfaf". ] eow byS 
for-gyfen ; 

38 SyllaS :i eow hjp geseald god gemet 
1 full, geheapod 7 ofer-fiowende big sylla|} 
on eoweme bearm ; pam sylfan geniete pe 
ge meta^. eow byS gemeten ; 

39 Da SEede he bim aum bigspell ; Segst 
f u. m^eg se blinda fsene blindan Igedan. hu 
ne feallal) big begen on pmne pytt ; 

40 Nis se leorning-cmht ofer jjone la- 
reow; ^le byS fuJfremed. gif be is 
ewylce bys lareow ; 

41 B wi gesibst pn ]ja egle on pines bro- 
poi eagan. :i ne ge-sihst J)£ene beam on 

ofer pants- 
Estote ei'go 

pinum eagan ; 

Various Readings. 

33. A. deS [for 2nd doS]. 34. A. hig. 35. A. fiaiien. 
A. B. C. insert laycd, lehich Corpus MS. oniiU. 36. 
A. B. C. Bornostlice {loith coloured initiuZ). 37. A. ge- 
nyiSerode. 38. A. B. C. insert 3 before geheapod. 3S. 
A. (joue. A. senne pjtt. 40. A. se [for hys]. 41. A. 
hwig. A. bvoSer, A. [jone. C. ^an. 

' [Luke. 

33 And gif ge wel do^ pan pe eow wel 
doS ; bwilc pane is eow. "Witodlice pset do^ 

34 ti gyf ge leaneS pmii pe ge eft on-foS ; 
bwilc pane is eow. SoSIico sinfulle sinfulle 
leaneS. paet hyo geliee on-fon. 

35 peab-bwse^ere lufiaS eowre feond. 
7 heom wel doS. "] leane sylled nan ping 
panum {sic) eft ge-bibtende. 1 eower mede 
beod mycel on beofene. ^ ge bee's pas be- 
gesten beam, for pam pe be ys god ofer 
unpanc-fuUe 1 ofer yfele. 

36 Ijlornestlice beoS mildbeorte swa 
J—J eower fader is mildbeort. 

37 Nelle ge demen. 7 ge ne beoS dem- 
ede. Nelle ge nySerien, 1 ge ne beoS 
ge-ny^ereS. Foi'-gyfeS ; tend eow beoS 

38 SelleS 1 eow bee's ge-seald. god ge- 
met ] full ] ge-beapod. "] ofer-flowende byo 
sylled on eowrne bearm. fam sylfen ge- 
mette pe ge meteS ; eow beo^ ge-metan. 

39 Da SEede be heom sura by-spell. 
Segst pu maig se blinde pane blinde l^eden. 
bu ne fealled hyo begen on panne pet. 

40 Nis se leorning-cnibt ofer panne 
lareow. selc byS fulfremed gyf he is swilc 
bys lareow. 

41 hwi ge-syhst pu pa eigle on pines 
bro'Ser eagen. "] ne syhst pjenne beam 
on Jjynen eagen. 

Various Headings. 

33. ^stm. 34. IcenaiS ; R. inserts set after eft ; 8oSa- 
lice; IsenaS. 35. tynd; eom; kenesyllaS; jiaiiun; med 
byS; heofoue; i^aes heahstan. 36. Eornostlice ; feeder. 

37. deman; byS ge-nyderede; Por-gyfaS ; byS for-gyfan. 
3a SyllaB ; byS ge-sealS ; ge-heapo« ; sjUaS ; sylfan ; ge- 
metan [iw in Hatton MS.]. 39. eom; bi-spel ; msegj fione; 
fcalleS ; pytt 40. f-onne Isereow. 41. ge-syohat ; 

broSor, eagaii; syhcst i^sic) jiiene; jjinuwi eagaiL 

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Chap. VI.] 69 

5 gif wel gie doeS Siom SaJie iuh wel doeS huelc iiih is Sonc Sali-huDSre 3 

33 et si bene-feceritis hiis qui uobis benefaciiuit (jiiae uobis est gratia si(iuidem et 

synnftille Sis doaS D gif hnerf gie sellas 6£era frojw Ssem gle liyhtaS to onfonne hnelo 

peccatores hoe faciunt 34 et si niutu[u]ni dederitis hie S, quibws speratia accipere quae 

Sonc is iuh forSoti 1 synnfulio synnfuUum biSoii gearwjrSocl -f te onfoaS efne i 

gratia est uobis uam ot peccatores peccatoribw^ ftenerantur ut recipiant aequalia 

soS-l!ue8ro hiiigos fiondea iuera ^ wel doaS 1 huoerE seallaa noht on Sec hjhtendo 
35 uerumtamen diligite ■ inimicos uestros et bencfacite et mutiium date nihil in t^ speraiitos 

: bia meard iura niicelo 3 gie biSon surni Ssea heiste torion he rum-mSd is oter unSoncfuUujM 
et erit morcis uestra multa et eiitis filii altissimi quia ipse benignus est super ingratos 

3 jfiiim wosaS gie fo»iSon inilt-heorte su^ : foeder iuer milt-heart is iiellaS^ gie 

ot males 36 cstote ergo misericordes sicut et pater ueater niisericors est 37 *Nolite " XXIII. SS.ii 

° mt. 1. 

mi. sli. 
gedoema J ne ^te gie ae gedoemed nsDllaS gie gehaiSra J fte gie ne se gehniSrad forletas J 
ludicare et non iudicabimini nolite eondenmare et non coudemnabimini dimittite et 


lagitatam et 

ofor flouende hia sellai5 on barm iuer Sio ilco forSon gemet ^te nietcndo gie biSon 

super effluentem dabunt in sinum ucstrum oadem quippc menaura qua uiensi fneritis 

eft-|femeteii iuh bi» cuoeS Sonne him 3 onlicnese hue«er mseg ae blind 

rementientur (sic) uobia 39 *Dicebat autem illis et simihtudincm num-quid potest caecus ' 57. u. 

mt. dni. 

«one blinde gelGeda ahne boege on seaSe fallaS ne is i nesS disdpul ofor magistre 

caecum ducere noune arabo in foueam cadent 40 *Non est diacipulua super magistrum ' S8. ii[i]. 

Sonne eghuelc biS gif i sua laruu liis huted ionne gesiist Su f Ijtle m6t in 

perfectus autem omnia erit sicut magister eius 41' *Quid autem uides i'estucam in ' 59._u, 

^o broSres Sines SoBe beam nutedlice Sio in ego Sinum is ne efne-sceavias ■Su 

oculo fratres {sic) tui trabem autem quae in oculo tuo est non 

[Eiff/U learns lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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42 And hu miht Jiu segan 'pinum brel)er 
br6))or Itet f ie ateo Jia egle of Jimum eage. 
^ ))u sylf ne ge-sylist JjEene beam on pinam 
agenum eagan ; Eala licetere, teoh merest 
]?one beam of Jjinum eage. "i ponvie JJU 
gesihst -p ^u ateo pa, egle of jJines broSor 
eage ; 

43 IVTys god treow jje yfelne wasstm 
-L 1 deS. ne nis yfel treow. godne 

WiBstm donde ; 

44 ^Ic treow is be his wasstme on-cmw- 
en; i^e hig of fiornum fic-seppla ne gader- 
iaf, ne winberian on gorste ne nimaS ; 

45 God man of godum gold-horde, hya 
heortan. god forS-bringS! 1 yfel man of 
yfelum gold-horde yfel forS-bringJ) ; So^- 
lice se mu^ spycS swa seo heorte jjenc^. 

46 hwi clypege ge me drihten drihten. 
"i ne do's -p ic eow secge ; 

47 ^Ic |;ara pe to me cymf> "J mine 
sprgeca gehyrS 1 pa def, ic him Eet-ywe 
hwam he ge-lic is ; 

48 He ys gelic timbriendum men his 
hus ; Se dealf deopne 1 hys grund-weall ofer 
Jj£ene stan asette ; SoSlice gewordenum 
ilode hit fieow into ]jam huse. "J hyt ne 
mihte -p hus astirian. hit ■W£es,.ofer ])jene 
stan getrymed ; 

49 Se Se gehyrS "i ne dc|j, he is gelTc 
pa,m timbriendan men his hus ofer j?a eor|;an 
butan grund-wealle. 1 -p flod in-fleow. ] 
hrffidlice hyt afeoU 1 wear^ mycel hryre j^tes 

Various Headings. 

42. A. B. 0. secgan. C, ege [for 1st egle]. A. eagan 
[for 1st eage.] A. ^one [for ^sene]. B. C. Eeryst. A. 
broSer eagan. 44. B. C. hi. A. of [/or on]. 45. A, 
for6-brync5 ; C. forS-bring [2tid tiine]. A. spi-joS. 46. 
A. hwig. A, olyp^e; B. C. ciypie. 47. A. )!£ora. 4S. 
A. deopa A. >onc {twice). 49. C. timbrieudum. 


42 .^nd hu myht 'pu. seggen Jiinen bre- 
Ser. broSer Iget Jjset ic ateo )ia eigle of 
]7inen eagen. ^ 'Su self ne ge-syhst jianne 
beam on ]>inen eagenen eagen. Eala lice- 
tere teoh jerest ]>anne beam of Jiinen eage, 
7 ]janne p\x ge-syhst ]JEet J^u ateo p^ eigle of 
Jjines broSor eage. 

43 IVfi^ go<i treow ]?Eet yfelne wsestm 
X 1 deS. 3 nis yfel treow godne 

wsestm doende. 

44 ^Ic treow is be hys wjestme oq- 
cnawen. Ne hyo of J?ornen fic-seppel ne 
gaderie^. ne winberian of gorste ne Hymen's. 

45 god man of goden goldhordo ; hys 
heorte god forB-brincS. 1 yfele men of 
yfele goldhorde yfel for^-bringeS. Sol- 
lies se ma's specS swa swa sye heorte j^enc^, 

46 Hwy clepie ge me drihten drihten 
7 ne doS l>Eet ic eow segge. 

47 -i^lc Jiare pe to me kymS. 1 mine 
sprasce ge-hyrS ] p& deS. ich hym atewie 
hwam he gc-lic ys. 

48 He ys gelic tymbriende men hys hus 
se dealf deopne 1 his grundwall ofer fan- 
ne stan asette. SoSiice ge-worSene fiode 
hit fleow in-to fam huse. 7 hit ne mihte 
■p hus astyrian hit wees ofer panne stan ge- 

49 Se ^e ge-hyrS 1 ne deS ; he is ge- 
lich [lam tymbriende«. men his bus ofer p2L 
eorSen buton grundwalle. "i ■f flod in-fleow 
3 rfedlice hit afeol 1 warS mycel ryre pas 

FctWoMs Eeadvngs. 

42, )iine; broSor [/or broSer]; ^le; {jinuw* eage; sjlf; 
Jiasime; )jinn»» agcnuwi eagan; areat^onne; Jiinum; ))oae; 
eglo. 43. ne [for 3]; westm. 44. )jomum fic-feppla 
gaderiaS ; on [for of] ; nymaS. 45. godum ; heortan 

bryiigS ; yfel man ; yfelum gold-horde ; briucS ; seo. 46 
clepige me. 47. jiarse; cjmS; retywie. 48. tymbri- 
gendum; dself; fonne; go-wordene. 49. gc-Iic; eorSan 
butan; -wealle; afeoll; weris. 

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Chap. VI.] 71 

J hu mffiht «ii cuoBsSa broiSre iiaam broSer forfet f to ic aworpo Sone mot of ego Sinum 

42 et quomodo potea dicere fratri tuo frater sine eiciam festucam de ocuio tuo 

he in ego Sinarn f beam ne gesiis Su !a legere aworp «rist Sone beam of ogo Simim J 
ipse in oculo tuo trabem non uidena hypocrita eice primum trabem de ocuIo tuo et 

Sonwe in efHocas ^te Su ofgebrenge Sset mot of ego broSres Bines ne is fo^-Son tree god ^ 

tunc reapicies ut educas featucam de oculo fratris tui 43 *r^on est enim arbor Roii^ j^™i^'Jjj_ 

«io doeS wsestma yfla ne tree yfla wjrcas wsestm god an auDe-hueeic iorfoa 

quae facit fructos(aic) maios neque arbor mala faciens fractum bonum 4-i uuaquaeque enim 

tree of wsestra his gecySed biS ne foj-Son of SoniiuM gesomnaS fic-beam ne '^^ . . * fii i 

arbor de fructu suo cognoscitur *Neqixe enim de spinis coUigunt ileus neque de Trubo j^^j {yryi 

t Over labo 
inbegerJ-f cropp god mon of god strion heartes his ahefeS ^^aHvob^e-' 

uuam 45 *Bonus liomo de bono tbesauro cordis sui profert ^^f^/. ^jj 

word [as if it 
god 3 . yfel moim of yfele ahebbeS yfel of moiiigfaldnise forSon heartes muB spreces '(2)''r^o [m 
bonum et malus homo de malo profert malum ex habundaiitia enim cordis 6s loquitur i/rubtol. 

• 63. u. 

hnfed Bonwe ceiges gie meo drihfew drihiew J ne doaS gie Ba 35e ic cuoeSo eghuoelc se«e 

46 *Quid autem uocatis mo domme domme et non facitis quae dico 47 fOmnia qui ' 63. ih._ 

cymeS to me 1 gehereS worda mina 3 doeS Sa i hia ie ad-eaua iuh hufem gelle aie + ^*j "?■ 
uenit ad me et audit sermones meos et facit eos ostendam uofois cui similis est '"^*' " 

gelic is «£em menn timbrende hus seSe delfsei? on heanise 3 geaetta Sa gmndas ohr 
48 aimilia est homini aediflcanti doraum qui fodit in altum et poauit fundamenta supra 

carri'stan flodi'hreh miSSyunt^<ffiM« awariS to-brocen wecs se stream tern hnse 7 mtehte hia 

petram inundatione autem fiicta inlisum est fiumen domui illi ei non potuit earn 

gestynrige gesettet fortion wseS on-ufa carr seBc Sonne geherde 1 ne djde gelic is 

mouere fundata enim erat supra petram 49 qui autem audiuit et non fecit similia est 

Seem mean tambrende hus his on-nfa stan buta grand on Bon toahtten weos -p stream 

homini aedificanti domum suam supiu petram sine fundamento in, qua inlisus est fiuuius 

1 sona gefeall 3 aworden wtea faoll buses Bfes mice! 
et continue cecidit et facta est ruina domus illiua magna 

t kctfies lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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^ oflice "Sa be ealle his word gyfylde 
on fffis folces hlyste. he eode into 
cafarnaum ; 

2 pa w^es sunies hundred-mannea f eowa 
untrum. se "wees sweltendlic. se wtes him 

3 And J?a he gebyrde be p&m hielende 
he sende to him iudea ealdras 1 bged -f he 
come. "} hys feow gehtelde ; 

4 pa bi to pa/in b^lende comun. hi bsid- 
on hyne geornlice T j^us cwKedon ; He is 
wyrSe f ^u bim tilige. 

5 witodbce be lufaS ure fieode. 1 be us 
ure samnunge getimbrode ; 

6 pa ferde se hselend mid bim. 7 J7a be 
wses un-feor pam base se hundred-mann 
sende bys frynd to him :i cw^ef' ; Dribten 
nelle fu beon gedrebt. ne eom ic wyr^e -p 
Sa ga under mine jieeene. 

7 £oYps.m ic ne tealde me sylfne f ic to 
^e come ; Ac cweS pm word 1 rain cniht 
byS gebgcled ; 

8 Ic ne (^sic) eom an man under anwealde 
gesetfc ; Cempan under me hgebbende, 1 ic 
secge Jiissum ga 1 be gteS. ] ic secge Jiissum 
cum };onno cymS be. '} ic secge minum 
/^eowe. do fiis !l be deS ; 

9 Da wundrude se heelend fiam gehyred- 
\xm. ] cwEeJ? to |!Eere menigeo bewend ; 
So^jiice ic secge eow ne funds ic on israhel 
swa mycelne 

Cap. vii. T. I. A. B. 0. gefjlde. A. caphamanm, 
2. B. hundred-manes. B. swetendlic, all. to sweltendlic ; 
C. swetendlic. i. A. hjg. A. comon. A. hig. A. tjlic. 
5. A. ge-samnunge. A. tjmbrode. 6. A. inserts fram 
b^ore )jam. A. -man. C, om. eom, 8. A. B. C. om. ne 
t\fler Ic. 9. A. wundrode, A. mtenio ; B. C, menigo. 


1 ^o^lice pa, be ealle bis word gefylde 
KJ on pa,s folces hlyste. he eode in-to 


2 E)a wses sum hundred-raannes Jieowa 
untrum se wfes swentendlic [sic), se wees 
bim dyere. 

3 -jEnd pa he ge-byrde be pam bEelende. 
he sende to him iudea aldres. 7 bed piet 
be come 1 bis peow ge-h^lde. 

4 Da byo to pam hfelende coman. byo 
bseden hine geornlice 7 pus cwEetSen. He 
is wur^e pset pu him telle. 

5 Witodliee he lufeS ure peode. "i he 
us ure samnunge ge-tymbrede, 

6 Da ferde se hselend mid heom. 7 pa 
be w^s unfeor pam buse se hundredes 
ealdor sende his frend to bim and cwie'5. 
Dribten neile pu beon ge-dreaht. ne eom 
ich wur'Se p^t pu ga under minne pechene; 

7 for pan ich ne tealde me sylfne swa 
■M\'urS pset ich to pe come. Ac cweS pin 
word and mm cniht beoS ge-hfeled. 

8 Ic eom an man under anwealde ge^ 
sett ; cferapen under me bfebbende. 7 ich 
segge pissen ga ; 7 be g£e(5. 7 ich segge 
pissen cum ; ponne cymS be. 7 ich segge 
mine peowe pis do ; 7 be hit deS. 

9 Da wundrede se hrelend pam ge-hyrden. 
7 cwEe^. to pare manigeo be-wend. So'6- 
lice ic segge eow ne funde ich on Israel swa 
mychele ge-leafen. 

Va,rious Headings. 

Cap. Tii. V. 1. fiEes. 2, sweltendlic; dyre. 3. R. 
om. 2iid to; ealdras; bsed. 4. halende; coman [iw in 
Hatton MS.]; badon; bin {sic) tilige. 5. lufais. 6. 
balend;him; buudred man fiennl ge-drect; mine |>eceue, 
7. it om. sv/a, wur« a 8 em ge-set; campan; hab- 
bende; ie; f-issum; ic f' 8^1™ '" feowwe; R. om. hit 
9. lialend; ge-hyrdu i menen go (sic); ic; mjcele ge- 

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CHiP. VII.] 

iniSSy nntedUce ^ gefjUde alio worda his in eaniwi folces infocrde in f burug 
1 *Cum autem impleaset omnia uerba sua in aures plebis intrauit capharnaum 'xxilir. 

65, ill. 
6(es aldor-monnes SS sum eane yflo htebbend ■wEes dead-lie aeSe him ws^ dior-wjrSo ™ ^'^ 

2 centuiionia autem cuiusdam seruus male liabens erat moriturus qui iili erat pretioaus 

1 miS-gy geherde from Sfem haiend sonde to Mm seldo-wuto _ baed hine ^te gecuome 3 

3 et cum audisset de iesu misit ad eum semores iudaeonim rogaiis eum ut ueniret et 

so5 hia miSSj gecuomon to Ssem belend bedon hine geonilice 
4 at illi cum uenissent ad iesum Togab&nt eum soUicite 

cuoedon him *te-l-foj-5on wyrSe is fto Sis him Su doe Iufa« forSon cynn usra J 

dicentes ei quia dignus est ut hoe ilU praestes 5 diligit enim gentem nosti-am et 

aomnung -f cirica be getimbrade us se hi^end witedUce foerde miS bim' "3 miSSy soSliee no 

synagogam ipso aodiiicauit nobis 6 iesuB autem ibat cum illis et cum l&m noii 

fearr wss from bus sende to him se aIdorm(«« freondas cuoeS dribfew nselle 8u flrr-farra^' ne fojiSon 
longe esset a domo misit ad eum ccnturio amicos dicons dom-ine noli uexari non enim 

wyrte Am f te under to>f minum in«gae «ec fweSon : meo seolfiie ne am ic 

dignus sum ut sub tectum meum intres 7 propter quod et me ipsum non sum 

wyrSe doemend am -fte ic cuome to Se .ah cuoeS miS worde 3 hal his cnfeht min for'Son 

djgnum arbitratUB ut uenirem ad t^ sed die uerbo et sanabitur puer mcus 8 nam 

5 ie monn am under mseht efhe-gesettot liafo under mee here-mena 1 ic cuoeSo Sisum gas, 1 
et ego homo sum sub potestate constitutus habeas sub me milites et dico huic uade et 

gaeS 5 o3re cym 3 ejmeS 3 Srsele minum do Sia 3 dooS miSSy geberde so hselend aundrad wses 

uadit et alio ucni et uenit et seruo meo fac hoc et facit 9 .quo audito iesu miratus est 

3 efne-gecerdo'l'ymbwEGrldo Sscm lefterfylgendum bine Sreatum cnoeS soSUee ic cuoeSo iuh ne in Israel 

et conuersus . sequentibw^ s^ turbis dixit amen dico nobis nee in israliel 

Bus micelo geleafo gemoete icine fund ic 
tantam fidem inueni 

[Sight leaves lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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Dye Boeal on 
fione seofeu- 
teoSau eim- 

10 "i \>B, ^a ham comon Se asende WEeron 
hig gemetton halnc |?one fe aar untram 

11 1-*a wEes sy^San geworden lie ferde 
J on pa. ceastre pe is genemned 

naim. 1 mid him ferdun hys leorning- 
^ cnihtas. 1 mycel menego ; 

12 pa he ge-neatehte fisere ceastre gate 
fa w£es far an doad man geboren anre 
wudewan sunu pe nanne oSerne nsefde; "i 
seo wudeWe wees far. ] mycel menegu 
fsere burhware mid hyre ; 

13 pa se hfelend hig ge-seah fa w£es he 
mid mild-heortnesse ofer hig gefylled. "i 
cwEef to hyre- ne wep fu na. 

14 Ba genealtehte he "i fa cyste ajt-hran. 
fa Ect-stodon fa f e hyne bteron ; fa cwtef 
se hffilend, eala geonga f e ic secge aris ; 

15 Da aras se fe dead wa3s. "i ongan 
sprecan. fa agef he hine hys meder ; 

16 Pa ofer-eode ege hig ealle. 1 hig god 
mEersodon !l cwaedon. f msere witega on 
us ams. 1 fjet god hys folc geneosude; 

17 ITfe^ fcrde fees spsec be him on calle 
-L' iudea. "i embe eall f rice ; 

18 Da cyddun iohannes leorning-cnihtas 
him be eallum fysum fingum ; 

19 pa clypode" iohaiines twegen of his 
leoming-cnihtum. 1 sende to fam hgelende. 
"i f us cwEcf ; Eart f u f e [to] cumene eart. 
hwEeSer f e we of res scylon onbydan ; 

Variotis Readings. 
11. A.ferclon. A. niEcnigeo. \2. A.. wmAb, altered to 
wudewe. A. mEenigco. !3. A. myldheortnjsse. 15. 
A. ageaf. ifi. A. neosode. 17. A. sprtea A. ymbe. 
18. A. ojfedon. 19. A. insertg to after jjc A. cumenne. 
A. aceolon ; B. C. seulou. 


10 1 fa pa ham eomen fe asende weeren 
hyo ge-metten halne panne fe ter u[n]trum 


naym ; 

\. wees sy'SSen ge-worSen he ferde ibai iesus in 
on fa ceastre fe ys ge-nemned ^o'^atarnojm 
mid hym ferden his leorning- 
] mycel manigeo. 

12 pa he ge-nehlahte pare ceastre gate 
fa WEes frer an dead man ge-boren ane 
wudewon sune. pe n^enne oSerne na3fde. 
!! eyo wudewe wses peer, Z mycel menigco 
fare burh-wasre mid hire. 

13 Da se hselend hyo ge-seah. Da wses 
he mid mildhcortnysse ofer hyo ge-felled. 
1 cwEe^ to hire, ne wep pu na. 

14 pa ge-nehieahte he ] pa cheste Eetran. 
pa ajt-stoden fa f e hine beren. Da cwse'S se 
hselend. Eala geonge fe is {sic) segge aris. 

15 pa aras se fe dead wses. 1 ongan 
sprsecen. fa agef he hino his moder. 

16 fa ofer-eode eyge hyo ealle. Z hyo 
god mersodon ] cwEe^en. f mare witega 
on us aras. ] pffit god his folce ge-neosode. 

17 jr\A ferdo feos sprsece be him on 
I^ eallen iudea ] embe eall f set rice. 

18 Da cyddan iohannes looming- cnihtes 
him be eallen pisen pingen. 

19 T^-^ cleopede iohannes twegen of aiiait lohao- 


sende to pam halende 1 f us cweb'S. Ert pu ^^ 
pe to cumene ert ; hwe'Ser fe we oSres " ,, 

' an ahum e: 

sculon on-bidon. peotamus. 

10, wEeroii; ge-metton; [lonne; antrum. 11. sySSan 
gewordeii; -cnihtas; meii^o. 12. ge-neahlEebto; ane 
wiidewan; seo; menego; burh-ware. 13. halcnd; mud 
[aw errw/ot" mid]; ge-fjlled. 14. ge-neahlselite; cyste; 
et-atoden; baaron; ic. 15. Sead [am error/or doad] ; 

sprecan; agaf; modor. IG. cwftSen. 17. ea]ie. IS. 
-cnihtas; eallum ^issam. Jiingum. 19. cleopode; -cnih- 

tiUM ; Bart {/or lit Brt]; on-bidau. 

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Chap. VII.] 76 

: gecordoii «aBe geaended wocroji to hSin-Vhus gcmocton 5one esne seSe un-hal wajs hal 
10 *Et reuerai qui missi fuerant domum inueniunt seruum qui languerat sanura ' 66. u. , 
^ ' ° mt. Ism. 

1 aworden ivtes setter Son foerde on ceastre S!iu is geneinned naim ri eadoii miS hine 

11 *Et factum est incops ibat in ciuitatem quae uocatiir naim et ibant cum illo ' XXU. 67. x. 

Segnas his 3 fole monigo mi)5 Sy ionne geneolocte tn durum ceastres 3 heono 

diacipuli eius et turba copiosa 12 cum autem apropinquaret porta^ ciuitatis et eece 

dead Wies ferende sunu a,ncoiide moderes Ha 5 Sios widua wsas 7 folco ceastres monig 
defunctus efferebatur filiua unicus niatris suae et haec uidua erat et turba ciuitatis multa 

ini« hia f ilea miSSj gesege se drihim miS milt-heortniae gecerred oier liia cuoeS liir to 

cum ilia 13 quam cum uidiaset Aommun misericordia motus super ea dixit ilii 

nieUo Su woepa 7 geneolocdo 5 hi-an f ceiste Sa imtedlice SaSe beroii stodoii 3 

noli flere 14 et accessit et tetigit loculum hi autem qui portabaiit steterunt et 

cuoea esne So ie cuocSo aris J eft-a^tt^aras scSe wfes dead 3 ongann 

ait aduleaeens tibi dico surge 15 et resedit qui fuerat mortuus et cepit 

apreca 3 salde hine moedec his ondfeng vni^dliee alio ondo D wundradoii god 

loqui et dedit ilium matri suae 16 accepit autem omiies timor et magnificabaait dewm 

euoedou ^to witga micci aras in via 7 forSoa god sohte folc hia 

diceutes quia propheta magnus surresit in nobis et quia dews uisitauit plebem suam 

1 oode-i'foerde «ia word on all iudea 3 all ymb f lond 3 

17 *Et exiit hie sermo in uniuersam iudaeam et omnem circa resionem IS +Et ■* 68. x. 

+ 69._«. 

Bfegdon idlianne Segnas hia of alluMi Ssem 3 efne-gecoigde tuoge from Segnum 

nuntiauerunt iohanni discipuli oiua de omnibits his 19 *Et con-uoeauit duos de discipulis * XXUI. 

hia iohanneg 3 sende to drihine eiiooS 6u arSJ-arH 3u seSe tooymendo wasS'f'arS i oSer 
suis iohaimes et misit ad dominum dicens tu es qui uenturus ^s an alium 

we abtdeS 
expect amus 

[Eight leaves lost in the Ruslnvorth MS.l 

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20 Da hig to him comun fus hig cw^d- 
on. lohannes se fallattere us sende to |:o 
3 I'us cwEsS ; Eart pu ^e to cumenne eart 
fe we sculoii o^res onbidan ; 

21 SoSlice on peere tide lie ge-hseMe 
manega of adlum. ge ofwitum 7 of yfelum 
gastum. "i manegum blindum he ge-sihjje 
forgeaf ; 

22 Da cwffijp se hselend ; Favap 7 cy|;a'5 
lohanne J^a Sing pe ge ge-sawon T ge-hyrdon ; 
■p blinde geseo'S "i healtegaf . hreoflan synt 
gehselede. deafe gehyra'S. deade arisaf. 
|7earfan bodiaS. 

23 7 eadig ys swa hwylc swa ne hj'6 on 
me ge-untrywsud ; 

24 And pa pa. iohannes eerend-dracan 
ferdon. fa cw£e^ se hfelend to jiam folce 
be lohanne ; Ilwi ferde ge on westene 
geseon f hreod pe by'S mid winde astyred ; 

25 Ac bwi ferde ge to seonne Jjone man 
mid hnescum reafum.^, gescryddne ; pa Se 
synt on deorwurpum reafe 3 on estum ; 

26 Ac hwi ferde ge l^sene witegan geseon. 
witodlice ic eow secge he is mara poane 
witega ; 

27 Des is be jjam pe awriten is. nu ic 
asende minne engel beforan fine ansyne. 
se„gc-gearwaS )jinne weg beforan pe. 

' ^8 CJ ojjlice ic eow secge, nis betwSx 
K3 wifa bearnum nan m^erra witega 
ponne iohannes se fulluhtere ; Se feisljessa 
on godes rice, se is his mara. 

76 [Luke. 

20 Da hyo to him comen pus hyo cwas'S- 
en. lohannes se fulluhtere us sende to 
pe 1 pns ewffiS. Ert pa pe to cumene ert. 
pe we seulon o^res on-bidan. 

21 So^lice on Jtare tide he ge-heelde 
manege of adlen. ge of witen. 7 of yfele 
gasten. ^ manegen blinden he ge-sihj»e 

22 J>a cwaiS se liEelend. EareS end kyd- 
a^ lohanne pa, J'ing pe ge ge-seagcn ] ge- 
liyrden, -f blinde ge-seoS. "} healte gaS. 
hrefle syndo ge-helde. deafe ge-hereS. 
deade arise'S. peerfen bodia^. 

23 1 eadige beoS swa hwilc swa ne 
beoS on me ge-untreowsod. 

24 And J3a fa iohannes arend-dracan 
ferdon ; fa cw^S se hselend to fain folce 
be lohanne. hwi ferde ge on westene ge- 
seon -p reod pe bieS mid winde astyred. 

25 Ac hwi ferde ge. to ge-seonne f anne 
i man mid hnescan reafen ge-scyrdne. pa 

pe sende on deorwurSe reafe 1 on esten. 

26 Ac hwi ferde ge fannc witegan ge- 
seon witodlice ich eow segge he ys mare 
fanne witega. 

27 pes is be pam f e awriten is. nu ich 
asende minne fengel be-foran pine ansyene ; ^ 
se ge-gerewed plnne weig be-foran pe, 

oSlice ich eow segge nis be-tweos 
wife bearnen nan mare witegen. 
panne iohannes se fulluhtere. Se pe ys 
Isesse on godes rice ; se is his mare ; 

Various BeadivfjS. 

20. A. comon, A. eart UwEeiSer jio we oSres seeolon. 
21. 0. om, : he/ore manegum. 22, A. aycd. 23. A. 

ge-uutreowsod ; B. C. ge-vmtreuw&nd. 24. A, reren- 
dracan. A. hwig furdon. A. wcstenne. 25. A. Lwig. 
A. B. C. go-aeoniie. A, B. C. gescrydua A. syiid. A. 
deorwyrSSuw. A. B. 0. all end thi- verso at estum. 
26. A. hw^. A. Ijoho. 28. A. betwets. A. mara. 

\for mjerra,] 


Various Headings. 

20. cweS; Eart; eart. 21, manega; adlum; witum; 
jfelum gaatum; manegum blinduJM ; for-geaf. 22, FaraS 
3 cjSaS; R- om, ge; ge-sawon; ge-hyrdou; gteS; synt 
ge-halde ; ge-byra6 ; a-risaS ; >serfeii. 23. eadig byS 
byS ; ge-untreowsed. 24. aarind- ; biS. 25. Jjonno : 

bnescum reafum ge-scrydne ; synt ; estum. 2S, >onne 
ic; mara. 27. ic; ansyne; ge-gearmeS ; weg. 28. bi- 
twux wifa bearnum ; meerra witega jionne ; mara. 

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Chap. VII.] 77 

miSSy xmtedliix geouomon to him iv»ras cuoedon iohannes aende usili to i!e 

20 cum autem uenissent ad cum uiri dixerunt iohannis baptista misit nos ad t6 

euoeSende Ku ar5 soSe tocymende ivses-l'arS i o6er ' wo abidas in Kailea ^onne tid lecnade 

dicens ttl 4s qui uenturus es an alium expectamus 21 in ipsa autcm hora curauit 

monigo of adlmw : teiasum-I-cualmum : of gastum yflum :i blindum mon^m salde gcsiliBe 

multos a languoribjis et plagis et spiiitibtM malia et caecls multis donauit uisum 

1 ondsuarede cuoeS to him geongas s^goas iohawne Sa Sing gie geaego 7 gie herdon ^ite hlindo 
22 et respondens dixit illis euntes nuntiate iohanni quae uidistis et audistis quia caeci 

geseaS halto geongeB hreafo geclsensad aroni'aint doafo gehera« deado arisaS JSorfendo 

uident claudi ambulant Icprosi mundantur surdi audiunt mortui resurguut pauperes 

hia bodagfe* J eadig is suahuselc seSe ne biS geondspumad on mec 3 

euaiigelizantur 23 et beatus est quicumqwe non fuerit scandaliaatua in me 24 et 

niiBSy from-foerdon erendwreco iohatmes ongann cuooBa of iokanne to Stem horgum ymb hused i" forhuon 
cum discessissent nuntii iohannis coepit dicer e de iohanne ad turbas quid 

A geofirred ah forhon foordegie gesea 

25 sed quid existis uidere 

monno Aneacmn gewoedum gegeamad heono seSe In woode diorwyrSe sint J in 

bominem mollibMS uestiraentia indutum Ecce qui iu ueste pretioaa sunt et delicuB in 

huso cyninga sint all ymb hiiaad foerdoogie gesea^'to scoawnne witgo vaiedliee ic cuoeSo 

domibw regum sunt 26 sed quid existia uidere prophetam utique dico 

iuh n iorSor Son witge Sis is of Son awritten is i wees heono io sendo eiigol 

uobis et plus qiiam prophetam 27 *Hic est de quo scribtum est ecce mitto angelum ' 70. ii. 

min f(ij"e onsione Sin seSe foj'e-gearwaSe weg Sin iore Sec ie cuoeSo forSon iuh mara 

meum ante faciem tuam qui praeparabit uiam tuam ante te 28 *Dico enim uobis maior * 71. u, 

mt. ci;i[i]. 

bituih SBiiYiQ wifa witge frowi. iohanne ne tenig is Srem Se io-ane leasa is in rie 

inter natos muHerum propheta iohanne baptista nemo est cui autem minor est in regno 

[Eiffht leaves bet in the Rusliwortli MS.] 

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29 1 eall folc f is geliyrende sundor-halgan 
god heredon 1 gefuUede on iohannes ful- 
luhte ; 

30 Sojjlice p& sundor-halgan 1 J)a ee- 
gleawan forhogodon fees hailendes ge- 
[jealit on hi«i sylfon. na fram ])am hselende 
gefuUode ; 

31 Hwain telle ic gelice J^isse cneorisse 
men. 1 li[w]aiJi synt hi gelice ; 

32 Hi synt gelice cilduni on strata sit- 
tenduni ") specendum betwux him "i cweS- 
endum ; We sungon eow he hearpan. !I 
ge ne salfcudun. we heofdun 3 ge ne wcop- 
un ; 

33 Sofilico iohannes com se fulluhtere 
Haf ne Stende ne win drincende. 1 ge 
cwe^at?. deofol-seocnysse he hasfS ; 

34 Mannes sunu com. etende "i drinc- 
ende. ] ge cwef aS fes man is swelgend 1 
win dringeende. man-f'ullra and synfulra 
freond ; 

35 And wisdom is geriht-wisud on eallum 
his hearnum. ; 

Disgod-spei 36 "B^a hgod hine sum of Jjai/i sundor- 

ymbceiie in- J ha!gu«i "p he mid him £to. Sa 

onfr^^dffig^ eode he into jjses fariseiscah huse 1 gessot ; 

E™m."\. 3^ -A-nd fa -p wif fe wses on fsere ceas- 

tre synfull. fa heo on-cneow f he scet on 

Jfses fariseus huse. heo brohte hyre sealf- 


38 1 stod wiS-£eftan bis fet. ■} 
mid hjrre teamm hys fet fwean. 1 
mid hyre heafdes fexe. 1 eyste hys fet ^ 
mid sealfe smyrede ; 

29. A. eal. A. suuder-. A. ge-fuKode. C. om. on. 
30. A. sunder-. A. forhogedon. A. sjiftini. 31. A. 

C. hwSwi; hut Corpus MS. and B. mm ham. A. sjud 
hig. 32. A. hig sjnd. A, sprecendum. A. betweox. 
A. sealtedon {inith & aon saltastis aioee it). A. heoFdon. 
A, weopon. 33. A. etende ; C. Stende. A. deofel- 

seocnyasa, 34. A. dryneende; B. 0. drincende [^lid 
time], A. 0. manfolra ; B. mSnfiilra. 35. A. gerjht- 
wysod. 36. A. sunder-. 37. A. synfuL A. ge on- 
. cneow {vnlk ga underlined). 38. C, omU» from 

tearam to drigde mid hyre. B. C. fease. 

\ [Luke. 

29 ^ eall folc his herendo sunder -halgen 
god Iieredon ^ ge-fullode on Iohannes 

30 SoSlice fa sunder-halgen "] fa lage- 
gleawen for-hugedon fas h^lendes ge-f oht 
on h'feom sylfen na fram fam hselende ge- 

31 Hwan telle ic ge-lic peosse cneorisse 

men. 1 hwam synde hr^ ge-lice. * hi added 

32 Hyo synde gelice cylden on strete " "^^ * " '"' 
sittende "} sprecende be-tweox hoom. T 
cwffiSende. We sungen eow be harpen. 1 

ge ne salteredon. we heofoden ] ge ne 

33 SoSlice Iohannes com se fulluhtere 
hlaf ne etende ne win drinkende. 7 ge 
cweSed. deofel-seocnysse he hafS. 

34 Mannes sune com etende 1 drink- 
ende. 1 ge cwe^aS f es man ys swelgende 
1 win drinkende. manfulra 1 senfuire 

35 And wisdom is ge-rihtwised on eallen 
his bearnen. 

36 l^A bsed sum hine of f am sunder- 
j halgen -f he mid hym ffite. pa 

eode he in-to fas fariseiscen huse 1 ge-sset. 

37 And fa f^t wif fe WEes on fare 
ceastre synful fa hy on-cneow f set he s£et 
on fas farisees huse. hyo brohte hire 

38 ] stod wiS-eften his fet. 3 on-gan 
mid hire tearen his fefc fwean. Z dreide 
mid hire heafdes fexe. 1 kyste hys fet. 
1 mid sealfe smerede. 

Various Readings. 
29. sundor-halgan. ■ 30. BUiidor-halgan; ee-gleawan 
for-hogodon ; ge-lieaht; sjlftim. 31. f-isse; heom [/or 

hwam] ; sint. 32. synt ; cilduwj ; str«ete ; specende ; 

cweSendum ; Bungon ; hearpan ; saltedon ; hoofodon ; 
weopan. 33. drincende; cweSaS deoM-. 34. drinc- 
ende; swelgend; drincende; synfulra, 35. ge-riht- 
wisud ; eallum ; beamvm. 36. simdor-halgujB ; esete ; 
phariseiseen. 37. synfnll ; heo ; phariaeus ; heo, 35. 
wid-eftan ; tearum ; drihgde ; cyate. 

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Chap. VII] 79 

3 iJl folc geherde 3 biBrsynni^ geso^-festadoii god wevon gefulwad miS Mwiht 

29 *Et omnia populus audieiis et publicani iusticauerunt deum baptizati baptismo ' 73. x. 

iohannea Ba aeldo Bomie 1 Ees wuto B^htung godes teldon on him seolfiim 

iohannis 30 phmsaci autem et legis periti consilium dei spreueruuS in semetipaoa 

ne woeron gefulwad from him hucem ^or^oa oiigclic ic cuocSo iiiGnn cneoreses Bisscs ^ 

non baptizati ab oo 31 *Oui ergo similes dicam bomines generationis huius et*T3. n, 

ongolic sint cuaehtumt sittendum on spree 3 sprecendum Ijituih 3 

similes sunt pueris sedentibws in foro et locjueutibMS adinuiccm et 

*pde ^e 

euom fof8on iohannes ne ete« hlaf ne drincaS win 3 gic cuoeSss 

33 uenit enim iohannes taptista ueqite manducans panem neqwe bibens uinum et dicitis 

diowl IiEefcS cHOm STimi luoimes ete* 3 drincaS 3 gie cuoeBaS heono 

dEemoninm babet 34 uenit filius liominis manducans et bibeiia et dicitis ecce 

monn ettere 3 drincaS f win freoud bsersynigra 3 synnfuUra 3 

homo deuorator et bibens uinum amicus publicanorum et peccatorum 35 et 

^esoSfsestad wtes miB snytro from allum sunujM his gobaed Sa bine sum front 

lustificata eet sapientia ab omnibus filiis suis 36 *Rogabat autcm ilium qnidam de * XSUU.- 

mt. colxEoi. 
aelde-nutuw!. ^te geete miB hine 3 infoerde Inis gehlionade 3 heotio mr. dniii. 

pharisaeis ut manducaret cum illo et ingressua domum pharisaei discubuit 37 et ecce '■°- scuiii. 

wif Sio wiea in ceastra port-cnoeikel'synnfu.+ -fte ongaet -fte hlioiiade in hua 
mulier quae erat in eiuitate peccatrix ut cognouit quod accubwit in domo pliarisaei 

3 stod bihiaiida fct fotum his miB t£ehe^u»^^rteal■Mm 
38 et stans retro secus pedes eius lacrimis 

ongann geBuoal'aBoa foot his 3 miS herum heafdea hirte gedrygde 3 gecyste foot his 3 

coepit rigare pedes eius et capiliia capitis aui teigebat et osculabatur pedes eius et 

mis smirinise aBiioh 
ungento ungebat 

[Eiffki leaves lost in the Eushwoi-th MS.] 

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39 Da se sundor-halga j^e hyne ingela'S- 
ode -p geseab. he cvsep on liys gef ance ; 
Gyf pe man wifcega wEere. witodlice lie 
wiste hwEet. "i hwylc (lia wif wtere pe his 
eet-hrinj) -f heo synful is ; 

40 Da cwmS se htelend him andswarien- 
de ; Symon ic hffibbe pe to secgenne sum 
3ing; pa cwte^ he. lareow sege fsenne ; 

41 Twegen gafohgyldon wa^ron sumum 
Iffinende. an sceolde fif hund penega. "! 
oSer fiftig ; 

42 Da hig njefdon hwauon hi hyt aguld- 
on. he hit him bam forgef; HwEeJJer 
lufode hyne swySor ; 

43 pa andswarode simon. ic wene. se 
'Se he mare forgef. Da cwaaS he rihte. pn 
demdest ; 

44 pa be-wende he hyne to J^am ■wife, "i 
sEede simone ; Ge-syhst pu f»is wif ic eode 
into p'mum huse ne sealdest JJU me wfetan 
to minum fotnm ; Deoa mid hyre tearum 
mine fet fwoh. ] mid byre loccum drigde; 

45 Coss pu me ne sealdest. Jjeos sySSan 
ic in-eode. ne ge-swac -p heo mine fet ne 
cyste ; 

46 Min heafod J7U mid ele ne smyredest. 
f>eos smyrede mid sealfe mine fet ; 

47 For-f am ic secge pe. hyre synt man- 
ega sinna forgyfene. for-J^am heo me swySe 
lufode ; Lsesse lufaS pam 'Se tesse forgyfen 


48 pa cwjef he to hyre. pe synt fine 
synna for-gyfenne ; 

Variom Headings. 
39. A, sunder-. A. ge-seh, A, J^es man. 40. A. 

Jawarigende. A. aecganne. 0. asege. A. Jionne. 41. 

A. -gyldan. 42. A. hjg. A. for-geaf A. liifede. 43. 
A. for-geaf. 44. A. wteter; B. waiten. 47. A. ajnd. 
48. A. sjnd. A. forgjfene. 

3 [Luke. 

39 Da se sunder-balge pe bine in-laSede 
JjEet ge-seah ; he cwasB on his ge-}?ance. 
Gif pes man witege wtere. witodlice he 
wiste hw£et ] hwilc pmt wif w^re pe bis 
tet-rind. ])£et hyo synful is. 

40 Da cw^e^ se haslend him andswer- 
iende. Simon ich hsebbe pe to seggene sura 
I'ing. Da cw. he. Lareow sege j?anne. 

41 Twegen gafehgyldon w^eren sumen 
leenende ; ] scolde fif hund panege se an. 
:i se o'Ser fiftig. 

42 Da hyo nsefden mid hwy hyo hit 
agulden. he hit heom bam for-gef. hwa- 
der lufede hine swiSre. 

43 Da andswerede symon ic wene. se 
pe he mare for-gef. Da cwEeS he rihte p\x 

44 Da be-wende he bine to fam wife. "} 
s^gde symone. Ge-syhst Jju ])is wif; ich 
eode in-to ]?inen buse. ne gefe pu me wiet- 
er to minen foten. pecs mid hire fcearen 
mine fet |;weag. "J mid hire lockcn dreide. 

45 Cos ])u me ne gefe. feos se^Se ich 
mn eode ne ge-swac J^set hyo mine fet ne 

46 Min heafed fu mid ele ne smeredest. 
jjeos smerede mid sealfe mine fet. 

47 For Jiam ich segge pe ; hyre synde 
manege synne for-gefene. for fan pe bio 
me swiSe lufede. lassse lufod pam pe lsesse 
for-gyfen is. 

48 Da cwEeB he to hire. Se synde pine 
serine for-gefene. 


^ 39. Bundor-halga ; iii-lKSede ; wit^a ware ; £et-rinS ; 
sinftiii. 40. andswerigende ; ic habbe ; seggeiino; jionne. 
41, wreron Buraum; an [/or 3 h^/bre scolde]; pen^a; K. 
om. 80 an ; R. o»». ae bqfore o«er. 42. ntd'don ; bwanon 
[for mid hwy] ; aguldon ; for-geaf ; hwaSer lufode ; swjSor. 
13. andswarode ; fov-geaf. 44. ic ; Hiium ; aeldest [for 
gefe]; wasteu; miniuM, fotum; ))woh; loccum drigde. 
43. Coss ; sealdest [for gefe] ; sySSan ic in ; heo ; cyste. 
46. heafod ; hele ; smyredest ; smyrede. 47. ic ; manega 
sine for-gjfcne ; lufode ; lufaS. 48. sint ; sinne for-gyfene. 

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Chap. VII.] 81 

gesseh Sa se alila-wuta soSe ge-ceigde hine cuueS bituili him cuoeK Sea gif Were 

39 uidena autem pharisaeus qui uocaiierat eum ait intra s^ dicens Mc si esset 

witge wiste vMtedltce i.Sailea 1 litdic wif were Sio geirineS him -pte port-cuoene is 

j>rop!ieta sciret utique quae et qualiB mulier esset quae taugit eum quia peccatrix est 

1 ondueude se h+'l^uti cuoeB tD him + S^m ichafu Se huot huoego t 

40 et le^pLiulens itii/s dixit ad ilium ^iinon hibeo til i iliquid dicere it illc 

flfhund cSor fit teih 

quiiigentos, iliua quuiquagt,nta 

him ba«m teghSer huelc fo»8on hine fjSoi hifide geondmirede cuoeS ic woono ^stt, 

utiisque quis ergo eum plus dili^et 43 respondeiis simnii dixit aehtiiuo quii 

of SisuOT S'em forSor4 m'ira fofgaef snS he cuoeS km rehte an doemdest 7 yrobwerlde to 

hito cui plus doniuit it ille dixit ei lecte iudn,isti ii et tonueisus -id 

JBsem wite cuoeS to siinon gesustSu «io3 wif ic mfoerde m hus «m ^i wietei fotum mmuw 

mulieiem dixit aimom uides hiuc muheiem mtraui m domum tuim aquaan pedibus meis. 

ne saldestSu Sioa uated/ice mi^ teiram t tohrifm iSuoh foet mme 3 nuSheiura hue gecl'enside 
non dedisti haec autem la^imis iig7uit pedes uieTJ et ripilhs sms tLiMt 

heafod mm ne ge Buoge Su Sioa uutt Ihte miB "niireiuse aSuogh fiet min 
niejs 46 oIbd capud meum non unxisti haeu autt,m uogonto unxit pedes iueos> 

f )e6on 10 cuoeSo ie foj^efeii bj'^on hirse svnno meuigo foiSon lufade smSe+feolo Ssem 
47 proptei quutl dico tibi remittentur ei peccita multa quoniam dilexit multum cui 

[Mghl leaves lost in the Eushworth MS.] 

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49 Da begunnon fa Sefar SEetonbetwux 
him cweSan ; ' Hw^efc is fes pe manna synna 
forgyfS ; 

50 Da cwsep he to fam wife, p'm ge- 
leafa pe dyde hale ga nu on sybbe ; 


1 OyS^an wjes geworden f he ferde 
Kj [jurh J7a ceastre 1 -p castel. godes 

ricG prediciende ^ bodiende. 1 hi twelfe 
mid [hym] 

2 And sume wif pe wseron gehselede of 
awyrgdu»i^ gastum. 1 untrum-nessam. seo 
magdalenisce maria of pmve seofan deoflu 

3 1 iohanna chuzan wif herodes gerefan. 
7 susauna "i manega oSre pe him of hyra 
spedum jjenedon ; 

4 Sojjlice j?a niycel menegeo com 7 of 
Jjam ceastrum to him efstun. he sfede him 
an big-spel ; 

5 Smu man his sa^d seow. pa. he f seow 
sum feoll wis fi^ne weg ] wearS for-treden. 
7 heofones fugulas hyt fr^ton ; 

6 And sum feoll ofer pa3ne stan 1 hit for- 
scranc forf am l^e hit w^etan njefde ; 

7 "} sum feoll on ]ja fornas. 7 J-a |!ornas 
hyt forjjrysmodon ; 

8 And sum feoU on gode eorSan. ] 
worhte hund-fealde w£es[t]m ; pa, elypode 
he. 7 cwaiS ; Ge-hyre se Se earan hsebbe ; 

9 Da ahsodon bine hys leorning-cnihtas 
hwait -p bigspel wsere ; 

Various Readings. 

49. A, )3^r A be tweox 

Cap. viu 1 A piedeciende B sprcdiciende {leuh s 
erased); spreende {sic) A bjihgende A hig A 
inserts hytii lokieh B omit 2 A avpjr^edum 

A. seofen B C seofon 4 A la^enigeo 6 C 

feol, A. [lone A heofenes fugelis 6 B C feol 

A. i-one. " B C feul 8 C feol A B ImndfLaldiie 
A. B. C. Wiestni J A ai.aodon 

1 [Luke. 

49 pa be-gunnen fa |ie fser sEeten be-twux 
heom cweSen. hwEet is pes pe manne syn- 
ne for-gyfS. 

50 Pa cwasS he to jjan wife, fin ge- 
leafe pe dyde hal ga nu on sibbe. 


1 OySSon wees ge-worSen piet he ferde 
K_5 furh fa ceastren. 7 fa ceastle 

godea rice predikende 7 bodionde. "J hyo 
twelf mide. 

2 And sume wif fe WEeren ge-helde of 
awweregeden gasten 7 untrumnyssen. sye 
magdalenisce Marie of fare seofan deofie 

3 7 iohann chuzan wif herodes ge-refen ; 
7 Susanna 7 manega ofre fe him of hyra 
spede fenedon. 

4 SoSlice fa mycel manige com 7 of fa 
ceastren to hym efstum (sic) ; be saigde 
heom an bispel. 

5 Sum man hys sajd seow. fa he J>£et 
seow sum feoll wiS f attne weig 7 warS for- 
treden. 7 heofene fugeles hit frteton. 

6 And sum ieoll ofer fanne stan 7 hit 
for-scranc for-fam-f e hyt weeten n^fde. 

7 7 sum feol on fa f ornas ; 7 fa f omes 
hit for-f rysmeden. 

8 And sum feoll on gode eorfan. 7 
worhte hund-fealddne wtestme. pa clypede 
he 7 cwseS. Ge-here se fe earen hgebbe. 

9 fa axseden bine hys leorning-cnihtes 
hwEet ■f bispel weere. 

Various Readings. 

49. bcgunnoM; aseton; cweSan. > 50. ^ajn. 

Cap. viii. 1, cestle; predicende ; bodigende. 2. wseron 
ge-hfelde ; awirgdum gaistujn ; untrujMnyssum ; seo mada- 
letiisce maria ; ut-eodon. 3. ge-refan ; mienega ; spe- 

dum. 4. menegeo ; ))am ceastrom ; efstum [as in H.] ; 

11 de; big-apeL 5, f^onne; wearS ; heofonea. 6. 

jEad; feol; fjsenne; wtetati. 7.' ioma& [2nd Htne] ; 

ffr-eryaemedon. 8, .find; himd-fealdne ; earan. 9. 
assodeu j 'Cmhtaa ; big-spel. 

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Chap. VII.] 83 

7 ongunnon «a3e mi? ietgeadrc Lliougende woeron gccuoeSa betuih him hn^t is Ses seSe 

49 et coeperunt qui simul discumbebant dicere intra se quis est nic qui 

festlice synna foj-gefe« euoeB Sa to «ffim wife geleafo Sin aeh hal dyde gaa 

etiam peccata dimittit 50 dixit autem ad mulierem hdea tiia t6 saluam iecit uade 

in Bibbe 
in pace 

1 awoTden wscs softer Son : lie geong dyde «erh ceastra ? woerc bodade 

1 *Et factum est deinceps et ipse iter faciebat per ciuitatem et castelluin pracdicans *_XXUIIi. 

3 godapellade ric godos 3 tnoelfo miiB hine 3 Sa wifo : oSro Sa 5e woeron 

et euangelizans regnum dei et duodecira cum illo 2 et muheres aliqwe quae erant 

gehseled from gastum wolifulliim ^ yflum. -i- imrchtwisuwi 3 from untrymnisum Sio is geceiged magda- 

curatae ab spiritibits malignis et infirmitatibws maria quae uocatur rtiagda- 

leaesca of ieer diowlas seofo of-focrdon 3 wif chuioa ^ _ 3 

lene de qua demonia septem exierant 3 et iohanna uxor cliuza procuratoris berodis et 

3 oSero menigo «a ie cmbelitadoa Bsem of strionum hiora miSBy Bonwe 

susarma et aliae niultae quae ministrabant eis de facultatibiis suis 4 *Cuin autem ' ™^^i- . 

fireat menigo efne-cuome of ceastrum geneolecdon to him cuoeS Serh onlicneso -t liisoiie 
turba plurima conueniret de ciuitatibus ■ properarent ad eum dixit per similitudinem 

cade ae«e aaweS to sawenne sed liis 3 miSSy sawoS oSer feall^ neh. wege 3 

5 exit qui seminat seminare semen suum et dum seminat aliud cecidlt secus uiam et 

3 oSer feall ofer stan 3 
6 et aliud cecidit supra petram et 

■JSbrord-1' awisuadeJ'fordrugade fo»^on lie hsebdo wctDise 3 o3er gcfeall sst Sornuwi 3 

natum aruit quia non babebat umorem 7 et aliud cecidit secus spinas et 

ongelie ariaon Somas under-duifon i fordydon f 
simul esortae apinae suffocauerunt illud 

npiiebbiiig dyde weestm hunteantig aiSa monigfalrf Sas cuoeSende ceigde seBe hscfeS caro herniscs 
ortum fecit fructum centumplum haec dicena clamabat qui liabet aurea audiendi 

geheraB gefrugnon Ba hine Bognaa his hueet wfere Bio biseno 

audiat 9 interrogabant autem eum discipuH eius quae essot parabola 

( leaves lost in the Rushworth MS,] 

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10 pa cw£eS he eow is geseald -p ge witun 
godea rices geryne. : oSrum on big-spellum. 
■p hi geseonde ne geseon. T gehyrende ne 
ongyton ; 

11 SoSlice y\B is f bigspell. f Sfed ys 
godes word. 

12 jja Se synt vf'rS p^ne weg. f sjmt fa 
fe gehyraS. syS'San se deofol cym)j. : 
ffifc-bryt f word of hyra heortan f big furh 
}7one geleafan hale ne ge-wurSa^ ; 

13 Da 'Se synt ofer fiKene stan );a f word 
mid gefean onfoS. :i J?a nabbaS wyrt- 
ruman forj^am pe hi hwilum gelyfa'S. :i 
awaciaj? on pEcre costnunge timan ; 

14 D^t sged pe feoll on pa. Somas ■^ synt 
]?a 'Se gehyraj). :i of carnm 1 of welu«i 1 of 
lustum jjiss lifes synt for-f>rysmede. 7 
nanne wseatm ne bringa'S ; 

15 f feoU on 'Sa godan eorSan. -p synt 
]ja Se on godre 1 on selestre heortan ge- 
hyrendo -p word healdaS "} wtestm on ge- 
l^ylde bringaS ; 

16 "^Te ofer-wrihS nan man mid feete 
SSS his on-£elede leoht-f^t. oSSe 

under bedd asett. ac ofer candel-stsef asett. 
■p Sa in-gangcndan leoht geseon ; 

17 SoShce nis nan Sing digle f ne sy 
geswutelod. ne behydd. ■p ne sy cu|j. 1 
open ; 

18 WarniaS hu ge ge-hyran. J?am by^ 
geseald Se haifS. 1 swa hwylc swa nsefS -p 
he wene f he haibbe. him byS afyrred ; 

Various Readings. 

10. A. wyton. A. hig. 11. A. bigspel, 12. A. sjiid. 
A. ('One. A. syncl. A. om. se. A. heora. B. G. hi. A. go- 
weorSon. 13. A. synd. A. Jione. A. hig, B. 0. 

costungo. 0. thnat (sic). 14. A. synd, A. >y3e3. 

A. synd forjjrysmode. A. iitenne. 15. B, 0. feol. 

A. synd. 16. A. places myd fet« qfter leoht-fot. 

A. om. under. A. aset {twice). 7. A. sig (twice). 

: [Luke, 

10 Da cvvffijS he eow is ge-seald ■p ge 
witen godes rices ge-ryne. 1 oSren on bi- 
spellen |?aet hyo ge-seonde ne ge-seagen 3 
ge-byrende ne on-geoton. 

11 SoSlice J^is is fiet bispell. Jiset sscd 
is godes word. 

12 fa pe synd wiS Jeanne weig. pint 
synde pa, pe ge-hyred. seoSSen se deofel 
kymS and ait-briht -p word, of heora 
heortan feet bio furh fane ge-leafen bale 
ne ge-wurSaS. 

13 pa jie sinde ofer fanne stan ; jja fset 
word mid ge-fean on-fo^. ] fa nibbed 
wertrumen for-fan-fe hyo hwilon ge-leafen 
and awakieS on fare costnunge timen. 

14 pEet SEe'S -p feoU on fa fornes feet 
synde fa f e ge-hered. ] of caren ") of welen 
7 of iuston fys lifes synde for-frysmede 3 
neenne weestme ne bringeS. 

15 p£et feoU on fa goden eorSan. ■f 
synde fa f e on godere ] on selestre heortan 
ge-herende f word healdeS tend w^stme 
on ge-f ilde bringed. 

e ofer-wercS nan man mid fffite 
his on-telde leoht-fiet ; oSSe 
under beoS aset. ac ofer candel-stef asett. 
fast fa ingangende fget leoht ge-seon. 

17 SoSlice nis nan fing swa dygele fget 
ne seo ge-swutelod. ne be-hySS ; fast ne 
syo cuS. 1 open. 

18 WarniaS hu ge ge-hyren ; fam beod 
ge-seald Se hfefeS. ti swa hwilc f e nsfeS 
p he wene -p he hasbbe him beoS afirred. 


Varimis headings. 

10. witoM; oBrmn; bi-speilum ^; geseode (sic); ge-seon; 
no ge on-gyton (sjc). 12. synt; fiEene; syDt; ge-hyraS; 
siS-jian; deofol eyni6; tet-brigt; hyi-a; hy; jjonma 
geJeafan. 13. sint; nabbaS wrytruman (aia); )ia»i; 

hwilnwi geleafaS J awaciaS; timan. 14. Jie [forf]; 

)iomas; sint; ge-hyraS; carum; welum; Jiiasj synt 
for-Irysemede ; bringaS, 16. -wryhS ; bedd asett ; 

-stEef; ingangenden. 17. R. omils swa; dygle ; syo; 

be-hydd; sy. 18. ge-hyran; byS; hasfS ; ncefS ; bi3. 

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Char VIII.] 85 

Bsem he ciioeB iut gesald . is to wuttanne-I -p gie witte cl»iic lync-l ■isseglmso rces 

10 quibus ipse dixit nobis datum est ii <■ t, my teiium iPt,ni 

godes oSinim mitedlice in geddunguMi ^t& geeegon ne geseaS 1 geheidin ne on cnaue* 
dei *Ceteris autem in parabolis ut uidentes non uideant et au lientr'^ n n mtellfgant * "■ ^' ... 

is Sonne Sioa biaaciio sed is word godes soSe untedliee set woeg sint lo oniiii. 

11 *Est autem haec parabola semen est uerbum dei 12 qui autem secus uiam sunt ' V8. ii. 

Sa So geheraS sefter Son cuom ae diowl 1 genom ■|i woid f lenti 1 on ne gelefes -fte hal 
qui aadiunt deinde uenit diabolus et tollit uerbum de uoi le t-oium ne credentes salui 

hia g[e]worSa foHSon seKe onufa Btaii Sa Ke miSSj geheriS miS gefea i: gleedmse onfoaS 

fiant 13 nam qui supra petram qui cum audiemnt <.um gaudio auscipiunt 

word 3 Bas wyrtruma ne habbaS SaSe to tid-l'to hiiil geleftS 3 in til eostunges 

uerbum et hi radicem non habent qui ad tempus ciehmt et in tempoie temtatioius 

Wa fearvageS -V fleaS -f te aaiMHce in Sormim gefeall Sas sindon 8a«e geherdon 3 mi« geraniB«uni 

reccdunt 14 quod autem in spinis cecidit hi sunt qui ludiPinut Pt s llicitudmib) s 

1 waliim 3 williira lifes uiiSSy geongas undei doltenbi«ci t ne eft I rcngoS w#stm 

et diuitid ct uoluptatibws uitae euntea sutf Lmtiu et non lefeiunt tuiLtum 

■pt« TmtedHce on god eorSo Sas sint SaSe In heite „ 1 ■■ genren geherdon word 
15 quod autem in bonam tciram hi sunt qui in c i le b no et optmio audinnte^ ueibuni 

haldas 3 wjestm brengas in geiSyld ne seiug monn «on«e lelit-ffet I Swcilh mi6«j ge bernw 

retinent et fmctum afferunt in patientia 16 *Nemo autem luccraam ac(,endens -* xxuim. 

awria Saiica miS fatte * under bedd sette ah onuife loht-ism sette fte in genngandctinf#rende ^- ^^j.,j 
operit earn uase aut snbtus lectum ponit sed supra candelabrum ponit ut mtrantes 

Ilia- gesea ■» leht ne forBon is d^le -pte ne biS led-eawad ne gehyded -t forholen 

uideant lumen 17 *Non enim est oeciiltura quod non mamfestetur nee absconditum ' so. ii. 

lite lie on-cnauen i' ongetten bid 3 on eawung cymed gesoaS forSon hrai ge gLe]licJ-don ™^' '^ ' 

quod non cognoscatur et in palam ueniat IS *"Uidete ergo quomodo auditis * gi, „. 

SeSe forSon hiefeS gesaH biS him 3 ana liua seSe no h^feS wtedlice fte wooneS hine+be ha^bbe 
qui enim habet dabitur illi et. quicumqwe non babet etiam quod putat s6 habere 

[Eight leaves lost in the Eushworth MS.] 

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19 His modor ? bis gebro^ru. him to 
comun "} hi ne mihton hine for Ji^re menegu 
geneosian ; 

20 pa WEes him gccySed. j:in modor "i 
fine gebroSru standaS her ute. wyllaS pe 

21 pa cwEeS he to him. min modor and 
mine gebro'Sru synt j?a ^e gehyraS "i do^S 
godes word ; 

22 CJo^Kce anum diege Wfes geworden 
r^ ]ja he on scyp eode "} his leorning- 

cnihtas. Jja cwsef he to him ; Utuu seglian 
ofer fisne mere, "i hig seglydan jja ; 

23 Pa hig reowun. jja slep he ; Da com 
windi yst 1 hig forhtodon ; 

24 pa genealgehton hig him to ^ cwsedon. 
hiaford. we forwur'Sa^ ; Da aras he "} Srea- 
de |JEene wind 1 j^ses wteteres hreohnesse ; 
Da geswac se wind ^ wearS myeel smylt- 

25 Da cwmp se hjelend hwar is eower 
geleafa. pa adredon hig 1 wundredon "i be- 
twux him cwSdon ; "Wenst pu hwast is pes. 
•p he be-byt ge windum ge s^e. 1 hig him 
hjT-sumia^ ; 

26 pa reowon hig to gerasenorum rice. 
■f is foran ongen gahleam ; 

27 Pa he to lande com. him agen arn 
sum man. se h^efde deofohseocnesse lange 
tide. "} nses mid nanon reafe gescrydd. ] 
ne naihte on. huse gewunian ac on byrgen- 

Various Readings. 

19. A. inoder. A. gebroSra. A. comon. A, Vig. A, 
for Jjfere msenigeo hyno. 20. A. moder. 21. A. 

moder. A. sjiid, 22. A.. Uton. A. segledon ; B. C. 

Begiydun. 23. A. reowon. A, WTiidig. A. forhtedon. 
24. A. om. to. A, for-weortiaS. A. jiono. A. hreohnyKse. 

A. smyitnja. 26. A. be-tweox. 0, yrsuniiaS. 26. 3. C. 
reow. A, on-gean. 27. A- on-gean. A. deofel-seocnyasa ; 

B. 0. deofol-seocnyase. A, nanum. A. gescrjd. 

i [LUKB. 

19 Hys moder 3 his ge-bro^re him to 
comen. ^1 hio ne mihte hine for l^are ma- 
nige ge-neoh-sian. 

20 pa wffis him ge-cyde^. Din moder 1 
pme ge-brodre standeS her ute willeS fe 

21 pa cwsecl he to heom. min moder ^ 
mine ge-brodre synde jja pQ ge-hireS "i 
doS godes word. 

22 O^oSlice anen daige wfcs ge-wor?5en 
KJ/ |ja pe he on scyp eode. !l his 

leorning-cnihtes ; p& cwsed ho to heom. 
Vton seighen ofer fisne mere. T hyo 
segledon pa,. 

23 fia J?e hyo reowan pa slep he. pa com 
windj east ^ hyo forteden. 

,24 pa ge-nehlahten hyo him to Z cwseSen 
hiaford we forwurSeS. Da aras he 1 
fjreadde Jjane wind. ^ Jras wseteres reS- 
nysse. Da ge-swac se wind Z waarS mycfel 

25 pa cw83^ se hs^lend hwair is eower 
ge4eafe. fa andreddon hio "] wundredon. 
end be-twuxe heom cwieSen. "Wenst p\x 
hwEet is pe&. J^set he be-beot windon. 1 
s£e ; 1 hy him hersumieS. 

26 Da reowen hy to gerasenorum rice. 
■f is foren on-gean galileam. 

27 Da he to lande com ; him agen am 
sum man se hgefde deofel-seocnysse lange 
tide. :i nses mid nanen reafe ge-scrid. :i 
ne mihte on huse ge-wunian ac on byre- 

Various Headings. 

19. ge-broSra ; coman; hy; |iara raenige ge-neosian. 
20. gG-oySed ; ge-broSre. 21. cw£e6 ; modor ; broSra 

ajTit ; ge-byraS. 22. axmm; ge-worden; Rom&Jie" 

-cnihtas; ewoeS; seglian; seglydon. 23. windi yst 

forhtoden. 24. ge-neahlahton ; cwadon ; forwmSa8, 

Jireade Jjseime ; waterea hrebnesse ; wearS ; smiltnyMe, 
26. balend ; geleafa ; adreddon ; 3 be-twux ; cwteSon ; ge 
windumi ge sse ; byo ; hyrsumiaS. 26. reowan hyo 

foran. 27. Kge [for agen] ; deofol- ; nanon ; geaerudd 

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CiiAP. VIII.] 87 

euomon Sonna to liim-3-«icm moder 3 teoSro his : ne mrehton gcciima to bim 
19 *Uenerunt autera ad ilium mater et fratres eiua et nou poterant adire ad eura ^82^^11^^ 

fore Siem liere 1 assegd wses him moder Sin : broSro Sine stondeS uta wallas Joe 

prae turba 20 et nuntiatum est illi mater tua et fratres tin stant foris uolentea t^ 

gcsea Bo^a ondsuarcde cuoeS to him-tSKin moder min 7 broSro mine 8a3 sint 8aBe word 

uidere 21 qui respondeus dixit ad . eos mater mea et fratres mei hi aunt qui uerbum 

godea geheraS 3 doaS aworden wtea 8a on Sn Sara dagana 3 he aatag on an —^v 

deiaudiunt et faciunt 22 *l'actum est autem in una dierum et ipse ascendit in una'^?^- 

mt. Isniiii. 
scipp 7 Segnas Ms 3 cuoeS to him-tto Ssem ofer-cearfa we J' ofor f luh 1 aatigoc mr, dmi. 

nauicuia et discipuli eius et ait ad illos transfretemus trans stagnum et ascenderunt 

Arowuiidumi'miSKy geArowTin Kouwe Sffim alepde 3 ofduna astag hrtes ^' windes on luh 3 

23 nauigantibits autem illis obdormiuit et descendit procella ueuti iu siagnum et 

woeron gefjlled-lr 3 woeroii afrjhtad^ geneolecton uTiterfiwe awoehton hiue cuoeSendc -t cwoedon 

complebantur et periclitabantur 24 accedentes autem suscitauenint oum dicentes 

la haesere we losaiaS eoilice ho aras geSreade -p wind 3 hrocSuiae-tunwoeder BEea wsetrea 3 geblann 
praeceptor perimws at ille surgens increpauit uentum et tempestatem aquae et cessanit 

3 aworden wses Sio amyltniae cuoeS uut^d^j'c^ Ssem huoer is gehloafo iuera 5aSe gSe-ondredes awun- 

et facta est tranquillitas 25 dixit autem illis ubi est fides ueatra qui timentes mi- 

dradou 'J' woeroii Awundrad cuoedon hituih hua woeneat Su Sea is -pte 3 windum hatteS 3 

rati sunt dicentes adinuicem quis putas hie est quia et uentis imperat et 

sae 3 ge-!iera6 him Soiia gehrewun Sa to londe Bara lioda Sio is 

mari et oboediunt ei 26 *EHauigauerunt autem ad regionem gerasenoram quae est * XXXI. 

font ongfegn galilea 1 miSSy fjereiide woere to londe to-gfegnes arc him wer sum seise 

contra gahlaeam 27 et cum egrosaus esset ad terram occurrit illi uir quidam qui 

hsefde Sone diowl fteatlice tiduiw monigum 3 miS woedo ne gegearuad wsea ne in hus 
habebat dEemonium iam temporibws multis ct ucstimento 11011 induebatur neque in domo 

[jEight kaces losl in the Eushworth MS.] 

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28 pa lie geseah. j^jene haslend he a- 
strehte hyne to-foran him. ^ cwgej? mycelre 
stefne hrymende ; HwEet is me and l^e, la 
hEtjIend fjses hehstan godes sunu ; Ic halsige 
pe -f Su ne 'Sreage me ; 

29 pa bead he Jjam anelgenan gaste jS he 
of 'Sam men ferde ; So|iiice lange tide he 
liyne gegrap. !I he WEes mid racenteagum 
gebmiden 'i mid fot-copsum gehealden. :i 
toborstenum bendum he w^es fram deolle on 
westen gelsedd ; 

30 Da ahsode se h^lend hine. hwEet is 
J)in nama ; pa cw^eS he legio. f is on ure 
gej^Gode cored. for-])am j^e manega deoflu on 
hyne eodun ; 

31 pa btedon hig hine ■f he him ne bude 
■f hi on grund ne bescuton ; 

32 And jiiar wass mycel heord swyna 
on IpVL'fii munte l^siendra. jja biedon hy 
■f ho lyfde him on jja gan. I^a lyfde he 

33 l^a eodon hig of fam men on Jia swyn. 
J3a ferde seo heord myculum rsese on S^ne 
mere :i wearS |jar adruncen ; 

34 pa Sa hyrdas ■f gesawon )?a flugon 
hig 1 cyddou on \is, ceastre 1 on tunum ; 

35 pa eodon hig ut -f hig gesawon f Sar 
geworden w^s. pa. comon hig to iJam hEel- 
ende. fa fundon hig ^sene man fe deofol 
of eode gescryddne 1 halum mode set his 
fotujji. T hig adredon him ; 

36 Da cyddon him pa. Se gesawon hu he 
W£es hal geworden of Sam eorede ; 

Various Readings. 

28. A, t^oiic. A. atemne. 29, AJ ge bjd 30 A 
acsode. A. leio. A. eodou. 31. A. \aslttiice) B C 
bescutun. 32. A. IreiSTidgende. A. hi^ 33 A 

mycelum. A. )>one. 36. A. >one. A B aesciydne 

A. ondredoii. 36. A, eorode. 

^ [Luke. 

28 Pa he ge-seah Jeanne htelend he a- 
strehte hine to-foren him T cwteS. michelere 
stefne hremende. Hwtet is me 1 pQ la h^el- 
end jjas hehestan godes sune. Ic halsige 
J?e j?Eet ]?u ne Si-eage me. 

29 pa bed he J^am unclienen gaste. J7£et 
he of )3am men ferde. SoSlice lange tide 
he hine grap :i he w^s mid raketeagen ge- 
bmiden ^1 mid fot-copsen ge-healden. 1 to- 
borstenen benden he wees fram deofle on 
westen ge-Isedd. 

30 Da axoden se heelend hine hwset is 
pia. name. Da cwseS he legio ; p^k, is on 
ure ge-jjeodo eored ; for-j^an-jje manege 
deofle on hine eodon, 

31 Da beeden hyo hine fset he heom ne 
bude -p hy on grund ne be-seuton, 

32 And psix wses mycel heord swine on 
])am munte Isesiendi-e. Da ba;den iiio fset 
he lefde heom on J;am gan ; fa lefde he 

33 pa eoden hyo of fam menn on pa. 
swin. pa ferde se heord michelen raese 
on fane mere. !l war^S fser adruncen. 

34 pa fa hcorden f Jet ge-seagen fa 
flugen hyo 1 kyddan on fa ceastre ] on fa 

35 Da eoden hio ut fset hyo ge-seagen jS 
fger ge-worSen wees, pa comen hyo to 
fam heelende fa funden hyo fanne man 
pe dcofel of eode ge-scridne 7 halen mode 
get his fote. ^1 hyo adredden heom. 

36 Da kyddan heom fa fe ge-seagen hu 
he w£es hal ge-worden of fam heorde. 

Various Beadinys. 

28 t>onne halend ; astrechte ; to-foran ; nijcelere ; hpj-- 
mende hehstaE. 29. bead ; nnclEenum ; racen-teagan ; 
fot-copsum; toborst«imm bendum, 30. assode; naiiia; 
manega deofla, 32. M^A; Iseaiendra; lyfde [l*(ft'm« 

only] 33. men ; mycelum riese ; Ssene ; wearS ; 

idrujwan, 34. heordes; ge-sawen; flugon; cydd^i. 
i5 ge fmen ; ge-worden wses [in handwriting of scribe 
'' H], halende; ^ioiine; deofol; halum; fotum; adred- 

36. cjddau ; ge-si 


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Chap. VIII.] 89 

Sos ^te gesffi!) Sone \ite\end gefeo.U befo)-a him 1 ceigde 'Vcliopade stefne micla cnoeS hueed me 
28 is ut uidit iesum procidit ante ilium et exclamans uoce magna dixit quid mihi 

'3 Se is hsdlmd 3unu godes Sses hiesta ic biddo Sec ne mec Srouiga -I' -fte 5u mec no gogroeta i ne piiiia 
et tibi est iesu fill dei altissimi obsecro t^ n.e me torqueas 

bebeade forSon Sseni anckene gasto fte foerde of J!a?,m menn monigum forSon tidura 

29 praecipiebat enim apiritui inraundo ut exiret ab homine multis enim temporibua 

toraom bine 1 gebunden wses miS raecentegum 1 miS fatnsm gehalden wses 7 miSSy geslitten woron 
arripiebat ilium et uinciebatur catenis et compedibits custoditus et ruptis 

8a Hendo gedrifen wses from diowlte on woestenrnwi _ gefraign ^ Sa ^ hinc se hoilend cuoeS 

uincuHa dgebatur ^ d^monio in deserta 30 interrogauit autem ilium iesits dicena 

huffid Se noma is aoS he cuocS hore forKon in-eadon diowlas monigo in him. 3 

quod tibi nomeu eat at illo dixit legio quia intraucrunt daeniouia multa iu eum SI et 

bedott hine ^te ne gehehte him ^te 
rogabant eum ne iinperaret illis ut 

bergana monigo foedendraJ'lesuuandra on more 7 bedon hine ^te gelefde him In «£em 
porconim multorum pascentium in monte et rogabant eum ut permitteret eis in illos 

ingeonga 3 gelefde him foerdon foj^on Sa diowblas of Scemenn D infoerdon In bevgujw 

ingredi et permisit illis 33 exierunt ergo daemonia ab liomine ot intrauorunt in porcos 

3 mis fer-rffis eode -f aunor oefistlice on Inh 3 foj-doen wees fto sua f gesegon 

et impetu abiit grex per praecepa in stagnum et suffocatus est 34 quod ut uiderunt 

aworden i awarS SaSe gelesuadon flugon 3 sjegdon in Sa burug 3 jii locdiijw foerdon 

factum qui pascebant fugerunt et nuntiaucrunt in ciuitatem et in uiilas 35 exierunt 

Sonne gesea ^tc auorden wses 3 cuomoii to iSsem h»le«rfa 3 gomoeton Sone monno sittecde 
autem uidere quod factum est et uenerunt ad iesum et inuenerunt hominem sedentem 

of Siem Sa diowlas foerdon go-weded 3 hal Sohte to fotum his 3 ou-dreardon sfeg- 

4, quo dsemonia exierant nestitum ac sana monte ad pedes eius et timuerunS 36 nun- 

don Sa SEora 3 SaSe geaegon huu hal Aworden w^s frow diowla hero 

tiauerunt autem iliis et qui uiderant quomodo sanus factus esset a legione 

{_Eight leaves lost in the Kushworth MS.] 

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37 pa bied hitie eall metiego ^ses rices I 
gerasenonim ■f he fram him gewite. for|3am I 
liig mycelum ege gehEefte wgerun. Da 
"wende he on scype agon 

38 f'a bfed hyne se man ^e se deofol of i 
eode -p he mid him wanede ; pa for-let se 
hEelend hyne "i cwegS to him. 

39 wend to ])inum huse "} cyS hu mycel 
pe god gedon hasfS ; Da ferde he into eall 
fa. ceastre. 1 cy'Sde hu mycel se heelend 
him gedon h^efde ; 

- ^*^ Ol oSHce w£cs geworden pa, se heel- 
rO end agen-com, seo menegeo 
a bine on-feng. ealle hig gehidon his ; 

41 And J^a com an man Jifes nama wecs 
' iairus. se wass fgere gesamnunge ealdor ; 

' Da feoU he to J7£es htelendes fotun 1 b^ed 
hyne -p he ferde to bys buse. 

42 for-)jam he hjefdo ane dohtor. iiean 
twelf wintre ] seo for'S-ferde ; ps. ge-byrede 
hyfc Jja be ferde of 'Sam menegum he wses 
of-fimngen ; 

43 Da wjes sum wif on blod-ryne twelf 
ger; Seo for-d^lde on Isecas eall -p heo 
ahte. 'J ne mihte jieah of a3negum been 
ge-hfelyd ; 

44 Da ge-nealtehte heo wi^-teftan "J set- 
hran bys reafes fuEed. Da set-stod sona pees 
blodes ryne ; 

45 pa cwEeS se b^elend. hwset is se Se 
me ret-hran ; Da hig ealle cet-socon. Jia 
cwse'S petrus 1 pa, 'So mid him wasron ; Eala 
blaford. Jjas menegeo Jie SringaS !l ge- 
swencaS. "i ]?u segst bwa hwa jet-hran me ; 


! Headings. 

V A eall seo msenigeo. A. ge-swencte [for gehtefte] 
WEeron A on-ge3n. 3S. A. wunode, 39. A. 

hsefs j,odon 40. A. on-gean. A. lutenigeo ; C. 

menego B C gebidun. 41. A. totam ; hut B. C. 

fotun 42 A. neah. A, msen^um. 43. A. gear. 

A e'll A )jeh A. gehseled. 45. A. 
menego ABC. have hwa once only. 


37 Da b^d bine eall syo manege |7as 
rice gerasenorum -f he fram beom ge-wite. 
for pam byo micelen eige ge-hEefte wreren. 
Da weride be on scype on-gen. 

38 Da bee^ hine se man Se se deofel of 
eode piet be mid hym wunede. pa for-let 
se hffilend hine "] cwasS to hym. 

39 wend to ];iiien huse. 1 kyd hu mycel 
god pe ge-don htefS. pa ferde he in to 
eall pa ceastre ] kydde hu mycel se bcelend 
him ge-don hssfde. 

40 CJoSlice wies ge-wofSen pa se hsel- 
KJ end agen com seo manege bine 

onfeng. ealle hyo on-bidan bys, 

41 ^nd pa com an man ptes name WKis 
jairus ; se \V£es pare ge-samnunge ealdor. 
Pa feoll he to pses bselendes foten. ") basd 
bine past be ferde to his huse ; 

42 for-pan he btefde ane dobter neoh on 
twelf wintre ^ syo forS-ferde, Da ge-byrede 
hit. pa he ferde of pam manegen he wses 

4^ Da Wffis sum wif of blodrine twelf 
gear, syo for-dtelde on Iteces eall p£et byo 
ahte. 1 ne mihte hire peah of anygen beon 

44 Da ge-nehlahte byo wiS-teften. :i set- 
ran bys reafes fined {sic). Da £et-stod sone 
J^as blodea rine, 

45 Da cwa;^ se hselend. hw^et ys se pe 
me jetran. pa hyo ealle ^t-soken ; pa 
cw£eS petrus ] pa pe mid bym WEeren, eale 
hlaford pas manigeo p& pringaS. 1 ge- 
sweneed. ^1 pa ssegst hwa ast-ran me. 

Various Readings. 

37. R. om. syo ; menega fies rices ; liy myceliure ege ; 
agen. 3& deofol ; haled {sic). 30. cyS ; )3e god 

ge-don hafe ; cjdde ; halead. 40. ge-wordeii ; mene- 

geo; on-bjdon. 41. And; nama; Jiara; halendea 

fotum. 42. hafde ; dohtor neh ; menegujw ; of-drungen. 
43. on[/orof]; See; hahte; anegnm. ■ 44. ge-neah- 
Itechte; feed; sona jiEes. 43. eweS; haJend; rat-bran; 
£et-8ocen; wseron ; Kala; mienega; gesw^uceS; seegst; 

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Chai'. VIII.] 91 

3 bcBon lime all 81 menigo loiiles Kara lifda -fte gefeatrade fi dwi iC^m 

37 t 1 0"' unt ill mi on ma iiult tuiio legionia gLrasenozum ut discedeiut ilj ij sit, 

forSon m 5 f^rlto miclo iioeion f,eliallen lie iomie asUg -p icipp eft oerde^'CLrioTiie J 

qua tmioie ma^no tenebautm ""Ipse litem iscaidens nautni leueisus est 3b et ' 81 ^'^ 

mr slum 

geWed line -ie weor of a^em aadiiubias fnerdon ^te miK hine were fiieoit Sa hinc so 1 1 id 
lo^ibat ill itu uu 1 qio da mjnii evieimt ut cum eo cJset dimisit autem eum lesifs 

GuoeS eft f*t to hu^e Sinum : 'fft.go hui niicli 5e dyde god J eodo Seih 

(licens 39 ledi domum tuim ct uaii^ qumta tibi it-cifc dciC) et abut pci 

alle Si ceistri Lodaie hu micla 1 im d\de se h'ehnd awoidon wes Soiin^ miS Sy 

uniueisain ciuitatLm piaedicaus quanta illi fecissLt leiut 40 *I actum est lutem cum ■ XX\ir 

85 11 
eft ou m seha^hnd otiicua hme 55io S[eT.d woomn tioBon lie Lilende hme 1 hcon !!!! ] ' 

redissefc leawi excepit ilium tuibi t,ririt eiiiiii omae^ ex'^pectante-j eum 41 tt ecce 

cion se viPi St 1 nomi was "" he ildoimon lomniiiiges wes : feall to f^tim hsiltniei 

uemt uir c 11 n men 11 m ct ipse pimcbps s^u'igogae ezat et cecidit ad pedes lesu 

f jS n dolifet ■*!! cende wses him woeuj ic wmtro 
42 iuit iilii imci ei it illi feie amiDium 

tu elfo 3 ii s diadale 3 t^liMp tui-S 2y eode fiow S'sni here wtea geBiinged 1 geSningen 

duodfcim et ii\ec moiicbatm et contigtt dum iret & tuibi compnmebatui 

1 wit sum wtes in fliwing blodes from wintrura tuoelfiim Xio on lecnm 

43 et mulier qi<telam ei<it m fluxu 'languims ah anois duodecim qii^e in medicoa 

fiow! aalde all fi,h hue ne fioM seni^um infehte gelecnasge i wcfa 

erogauerat omnem sub ti.ntiam suim ncc ab uUo potiut cmaii 

behianda J gehnii f sno wedes his 3 soiu Astod ■); flowing blodes hire 

letiD et tetigit fimbiiam ue tirai_nti eius et contest m -stLtit flii\us sin^uimq uub 

3 u DcS se heVi)/ 1 la wees f,oSe mec gehnn on'jre'ccend im 8on/e tUura. tune's pctjws 

45 et lit les s quis fst qu me toti^it nL.j,antib (.s autem ommliHs diiit petius 

3 SaSo mis him woeron liaesore Sa menigo Sec geSritigaS 1 woerdaS-1' 3 Su ouoeSas liua 

et qui cum illo eraiit praeceptor turbao te comprimimt et affligunt ct dicis quia 

3S Se wer of S-em Sa dnwulo tccidun ^ntc miS hinc wcio fjrkoit Sa hmo So h'sli'iii^ cweS 

31 eft f'er to huse Smmn 3 s ege ha inicle So dyde drih^^H 3 eodo Seth ille ia cestre bodade hu nncle 
him dyde diihten 40 aworden wi?s wutudlice mi5B\ eft com Se hj.\end onfeng hme Si Sre^taa wenm 

wutudhce dill- hiJdeiiie hme 41 : heonu com Se wei gongende 3 he of aldormenn somnnnge wses 3 

gifi.ol 1 to fotura hmi gibed hme Si:,tt6 foeidc in lius his 43 fot'Son dohter nncenned (ut) wais him u, woenu 
nintio twelfe Sios deodade 3 gilamp miSSy eode from S'em bereo wes giSiingi giSiungun 43 3 wifara 

Stem So wtes m flowing blodes fiom wiiitium twelfum 'Sio in lecum for salde all feh hue ne m aengum wehte 
gihiehi Iccniga 44 3 gineoheade biliionda 3 gihran f-^&te wedum 3 som astod *;n flo^vms blodes his 

46 cweS Se hTlcHi? hwelo la seSe mcc f,ihian ne S'eocende Sonne lUam cwieS 3 SiSe miS line weiun 

hreseie So mengo Sec giSiiagaS 3 weoiEiS 3 Sua cweoSjs hwele mei- gihtan 

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46 pa cwEeJ) he sum me £et-hran. ic wiste. 
•p mjegen of me eode ; 

47 f)a f wif geseah -f hit him nses dyrne. 
heo com forht 1 astrehte hig to his fotum ] 
ge-9wutulude beforan eallum foloe. for hwyl- 
cam ])inge heo hit set-hran. :! hu heo wearS 
aoiia hal ; 

48 Pa cw^S he to hyre ; Dohtor ]>m 
geleafa ])e hale gedyde. ga nu on sybbe ; 

49 Him pa, gyt specendum. Jia com sum 
man to |;£ere gesamnunge ealdre 1 cwie'S to 
him. ne drece pu hyne ; 

50 pa se hmlend f word gehyrde he 
!Iswarude pges m^denes faider ; Ne oii- 
drssd pu 'Se. gelyf wotodhco. 1 heo bi^ 

51 And })a Se he to jiam huse com. ne 
let hs nanne mid him in-gan baton petrum 
3 lohannem r iacobum. 1 pBca meedcnes 
feder. 1 hyre modor ; 

52 pa weopon hig ealle D heofodon hi ; 
Da cwBBp he. ne wepe ge ; Sojjhce nis pis 
meeden dead, ac heo sljep'S ; 

53 Da toeldon hig hyne "} wiston -p heo 
dead WEes ; 

54 Da nam he hyre hand "} cw^S ; Meed- 
en, pe ic secge aris ; 

65 Pa gehwearf hyre gast agen 7 heo 
sona aras. !l he het hyre syllan etan ; 

56 Da wundredon hyre magas pa bead 
he pam -p hi hit nanum men ne ssedon p 
par geden wa;s ; 

92 [Luke. 

46 pa cwseS he sum me jet-ran. ic wiste 
pEet niaing me of eode. 

47 Da pjet wif ge-seah p^t hit liim njes 
dome ; hyo com forS. "} astrehte hyo to 
his foten "i ge-swutelede be-foren ealle folce. 
for hwilcen |;ingen hyo bine ait-hran. :i hu 
hyo warS sons hall, 

48 Da cwEeS he to hire. Dohter ):in ge- 
leafe pe hal ge-dyde. ga nu on sibbe. 

49 Him pa gyt sprecenden pa com sum 
man to pare ge-samnenge ealdre D cwteS to 
him ; ne drece pu hine, 

50 Da se hselend jjffit word ge-hyrde he 
andswerede ]ias msdenes fader. Ne oii- 
drge^ pu pe. ge-lef witodlice. ] hyo beod 

51 ^nd pa he to pan huse com ; ne let 
he nenne mid him in-gan buton petrum 
"i lohannem 1 Iacobum. ] pas m^edenes 
feeder ] hire moder. 

52 Da weopen hyo eallq 1 heofodon hyo. 
Da cwEeS he ne wepe ge. soSlice nis pis 
maiden dead ac hyo slepS. 

63 pa tcelden hyo hine. 1 wiston pEet 
hyo deaS wes. 

54 Da nam he hire hand ] cwffiS. Meed- 
en pe ic segge aris. 

55 Da ge-hwarp hire gast agen l hyo 
sona aras. 1 he het hire syllan asten. 

56 Da wundreden hire mages, pa bed 
be pan p£et hyo hit nanen meun ne siegdon. 
pffit p£er go-don w£es. 

Various Headings. 

47. A. ge-9wutelode. A. hyml/or hit]. 48. A. dohter. 
49. A, sprecenduni. A. ge-somnuiige. 50. A. 3swa- 

roda A. B. 0. -witodlice. 51. A. Sa [for Se]. A. 

nasniie. C. hyi-. A. moder, 52. B. C. hi. A. heo- 

fedon hig, 66. A. on-gean. 56, A. hig. A. B. C. 

Various Readings. 

46. set-hran ; lutegTi of me. 47. dyrne hy ; forht 

{sic) ; fotum ; ge-swutolode Ije-foran ealluiM ; fnnge ; werS 
sona hal. 48. Dohtor, 49, geat epreeendum ; 

gcsamnwjge. 60. Jjtea medenes feeder; on-drsed ; ge-Iif ; 
biJ5, 51. End ; jjfes i modor. 52. cweS; sleep*. 

53. faeldon; he dead wees. 65, ge-hwearf; heo; etan, 
56, wimdrodon; magas ; bead; >am; nanum men. 

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Chap. VIII.] 93 

3 cuoeB se hselent? gohraii mec huoelo huo^e foj-Son ic wiste meeht from mec code 

46 et dixit iesus tetiglt me aliq^uis nam ego noui uirtutcm de me exisse 

gesteli Bourne -p wif -fte ne ge-degelde cuacconde cuom 7 gefeall fore lotum ScesJ'hia ) 

47 uideiis autem mulier quia non latuit tremens uenit et prouidit ante pedes illius et 

fore Ssera luting gchrinc lirine {nii}) becnade fora allura folce 1 hun sona 
ob quam causam tetigerit eura indicauit coram om[n]i populo et quem-amraodum confestim 

Sageane Line spveccende from aldormoiin somnungea cooeS him ^ite dead is doM^r Sin 

49 athuc illo loquente uenii a principe synagogae dicena ei quia mortiia est filia tua 

se liaiUnd -Sa iniJ58y gehevde Bis word geondsuarede fedev Sscras intedne 
50 ies'HS autem audito hoc uerbo respondit patri>-. puellae 

BKlle Su Se ondrede golef ana 1 iial hjo biS : iiiiBSy gecufnne to hame ne_ gelefde 

noli timere crede tantum et salua erit 51 et cum uenisset domnm non pcrmisit 

iiigeoiiga mis seiiig buta ^ ^ 5 ^ ^ fader 5 moder 

intrare secum quem-qiiam nisi petrum iacobmn et iobannem et patrem et matrem 

fiffirse mfegdne gewaepon iojine aDe 

puellae 52 flebant autem omnes 

Is dead Ah slepeS 3 hlogun -V teldon hine liiawiston -pte dead were ^ he 

est mortua sed dormit 53 et deridebant eum scientes quia mortua osset 54 ipse 

Sa gohcald bond ha cl pa le uoeSende la mfegdeu aris H eft-awoende wass gaast 

autem tenens manuTM eiut, clamauit dicens puella surge 55 et reuersus est spmiwa 

hu-ei-Ssera 3 ai-as iceo e 3 1 ett hir soalia eatta 3 wundradon^'gestyldon 

eins et surrexit c ntmuD et i ssit illi dari mandncaro 56 et stiipuerunt 

aldro Sfera bebead -j^te ae le-.mgam, hia gecoodon fte Aworden w^a 

: quibws praecipit no alicui dicerent quod factum crat 

4P 3 i,wa>5 Kc l-plrii gihiin me Iwct Ph^ clchwoegu 1 )S n 3 ii, wiite iiiehte fura me coIl 4" ^is'vli 
Sonne -f wif Sieite ne dcllo (.wacenle com 3 gifeoil bifuii fftum ha 3 for S^n intint,'* j,i]ii tn ham 
gibecnade bifora aJlum folche 3 hu efne Bona gihseled nees 48 3 he cweS him dohter gileofa 6m Sec 

hale dyde gaa m fibbe 49 geona hme sprecende com from aldormoanuwi f mnmigum cweS him Sjette 

deod la di-ht« mm nelle Su gihrma hn 50 Se h-vlgnd Sonne giherde Sis word giondsworade fedei Sajs 

msegdnes nelle Su ondreda gilef ana 3 hU hiS 51 3 miSSy gioomon to iiimo nc golefile m gon^a bine 

miS Epnigno buta 3 3 3 freder 3 moier ^"^a m^gdnes ">£ giw ojun Sonne a!le 3 mjcndun Sa 

ilea 90S he cwaS nelle giwoepa ne is deod ah '^lepeS 63 3 hlogi i 3 telinn hine wiste torSon Set deed 

weie 64 he "^a gihi^lde hi'« hrada hiJ> 3 chopile cneSendc maigdeu iiia 65 3 eftiowcnlo «■«'* gaat 

his 3 araa rec ne 3 heht aelU hi eota oC 3 atjlton-t «unli\liin tcldro hue Sem bibeud Set ne «ngu?» 

gicwede Stet giwoiden ■n^es 

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ia clypode lie to-giedere his twclf 
1 sealde him mihte. 
deofol-seocnessa. T f 

auodecim die- aola hi ge-ha3ldoii. 

imspotesta. 2 "} he sende hig to bodianne godes rice. 

tem. A. •[ untrume gehielaii ; 

3 Da cvfiep he to him. lie nyme ge nan 
fing on wege. ne gyrde. ne codd. ne 
hlaf. ne feoh. ne ge ne ge (sic) nabbon. 
twa tune can. 

4 ^ on swa hwylc hus swa ge ingaS 
wunia'S ]jar o^ ge ut-gan, 

5 tl swa hwylce swa eow ne on-foS. Jion- 
ne ge of p^ve ceastre gaS asceacaS eower 
fota dust ofer hig on witnesse. 

6 Da ferdon hig furh pa, burhga bodien- 
de 7 Eeghwar lifelende ; 

7 pa gehyrde herodes se feorSan dseles 
rica ealle pa, Sing pe be him WEerun gewor- 
dene ; Da twynude him for}?am pe sume 
SEedon -f iohannes of deaSe aras. 

8 sume ssedon -f helias eet-ywde ; Same 
sSdon eald witega aras ; 

9 Da cwEeJ' berodes. iohannem ic be- 
heafdude hwset is Jjes. be ]?am ic Jiilc 
gehyre ; Da smeade he "f he hine gesawe ; 

10 pacyddunhimSaapostolas swahwtet 
swa hig dydon ; Da nam he hig 1 ferde on- 
sundron on weste stowe seo is bethsalda ; 

11 Da Sa menego -f wiston pa filidon hJg 
him. Jia onfeng he hig 1 sp^ec to him be 
godes nee. 1 pa he gehselde Se lacnunga 
be])orftun ; 


Various Readings. 
Cap. is. 1. A. dcofel-aeoonyssa. A. higadla. A. .. _ 
digende [/or to bodianne J. 3. A. B. C. ne ge (once). C. 
nabban. 4. A. imerls ^ qfter oS, 5. C. hyice {sic). A. 
ge-wytnjsae. 6. A. hurh, altered to burna. A. bodi- 

gcndo. 7. A. wseron. A. tweonode. 8. A. B. 0. 

■f an eald \for sSdoii eald]. 9. A. Iohannes. A. be- 
heafdode. A. jjfes. 10. A. 0, eyddon. C. om. him 

A. on-aundrum. 11. A. iineiilgeo. A. fjligdon. A. 

eprseo. A. be-)iorfton. 

1 l-^A cleopede he to-gffidere his twelf 
y apostles ^ sealde heom mihte. 3 

anweald ofer ealle deofel-seocnysse. 1 pmt 
adle hyo ge-healden. 

2 ") be senB hy to bodienne godes rice. 
T un-truine gebfelen. 

3 Ba cwje'S he to heom. ne nyme ge 
nan fing on weige. ne gyrde ne cod ne hlaf 
ne feoh ne ge nasbben twa tunecan. 

4 1 on swa hwilce huse swa ge in gad 
wunied fter oS^e ge ut-gan. 

5 D swa hwilce swa eow ne on-fod Jeanne 
go of fare ceastre gad asaca'S eowre fota 
dust ofer hyo on witnysse. 

G Da fcrden liyo |!urh jia burga bodiende. 
T feghweer hselende. 

7 Da ge-herde herodes se ferSen d^les 
rice ealle J7a Jjing |;e be him wseren ge- 
worSene. Da tweonede him for-Jian J^e 
sume s^gdon -f iohannes of deaSe aras 

8 sume sEedon psA helias atewde. sume 
|7ict an eald witega aras. 

9 Da cwseB herodes. iohannem ich he- 
heafdede hwget is pes. be bwam ic pellic ge- 
bire. Da smsegde he f^t he hine geseage. 

10 Da cyS&n hym pa apostles swa hwtet 
swa hyo dyden. fa nam he hyo 7 ferde 
on-sunder on weste stowe syo is betbsaida. 

11 Da pa manige p^et wisten pa felgeden 
hyo hym ; pa onfeng he hyo 1 sprsec to 
heom be godes rice. ") pa he ge-htelde pa 
liEcnunge be-porten. 

Various Headings. 
Cap. ix. 1, eljpede; to*gadere; apostlas; deofol-; 
adla ; ge-haldea 2. sende hyo ; bodianne ; ge-halen. 

3. codd; ntebban. 4. hwylc hus; in-gaS wuniaS Jiar. 

5. on-fa<S ))onne ; gaS. 6. burhgo bodigende. 7. 

gehyrde; ferSan; rica; waren ge-worden ; twynude; fam; 
ssedon. 8. setywde. 9. ic be-heaidode ; jiam {for 

hwain]; bylo; smeagde; ge-sawe. 10. cyddan;api>- 

stolas ; dydon ; on-aundrioii ; seo. 11, menigeo ; 

wyston ; fylidon; speec; J>e \_for >a hr/oro l£ecn\mge]j 

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Chap, IX.] 

miSSy geceiged woeron nvtedlice tuoolfo Sa apostolaa salde Ssem mfegn ^ niieht ofor 

1 *(Jonuocatis autem duodecim apoatolis dedit illis uirtuteni et potestatem super ' 

curare Hi 
cuoeS to 

1 sende Iiia bodia-1' to bodiai 
2 et misit illos praedicare 


.t. lixtdiii. 

icem noht gie nime on wocgo ne gerd ne 

llos nihil tuleritis in iila neqsie uirgam neqwe * 

q od d 

4 et n |ua cun 
1 -[ e ou e pe [ ]nt 

m leatio m exc t te n 

Mr. lnp]. 





le anti^u 


lex t 



«-eu gele 
qo a I 

o ego 


eo 3 
a et 

c ue uat 


^aSe su, 
q aec 


1 a a Ion 
fece unt 




fe[Ct I 





1 r 


93. ii[il. 

Cip IX 1 miS6v gioegdun wutudlzci, twelfe apostolaa aalde Swia nitthto 3 mregen ofi,i alio diowlis 3 ji 
i5io untrjniioTi gileeiiiilun 2 1 sends !»■« to Ijodigaane iice godes J hele Sa unstronga 3 3 cwe« 

to S'eni noht ginime low on wjege ne in gerde ne in pohha ne hhfaa ne fell ne twoege cjrtlas habbi" ge 
4 3 sna hwelcum huse ge m g'e Sei winigxS 5 Sona ne inraa ge 5 J swa hwelc sn-i ne on foe S loiv 

faraS from cosstie S'Bi ilea finstlice Sa asca foeta lowra asce'»ca5 on eySnisse ofer hie C foeidun Sonne 

ymh-eodun Seih Sa ciestie bidende 3 lecnidmi t^ hwer 7 giLerde 8i cjnig alle BaSe werun 

anoiden fioiw him 3 tniade (f linn S'^tto wees gicwelen 8 from sumnm ee foiSon set-eowde from 

oSrum Sonne forSon witga an from wit^m iras 9 3 cwafS Se cjmj, ic of ceoif hwelc Sonne is 6es 

of Sfem 10 Saahco doema 3 solite to seanne liine-lStet he gi^ege 10 3 eft oerdun Sa S^^ias aee^un bim 

SiSe s*n hwet hi-e dydnn 3 mifcSy ondfoige hiv f^erlun s^ndiige Dn stcwwe on wjestein seSe is 2io 
buiuf, 11 Si tte miSSj swa onf,etun 6a mengo fjlgende nei m him 3 fn f;m hie 3 ■^irEei, we? him of iii.e 

godes 3 Siiluo Safco E,emniBse bihofedun ^ili^lde 

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Dis aeeai on 12 Va. ffewat se d^ff for^. 7 liio: fcwelfe 

Todnea dieg - . ° , , ° , , . = 

pen- him goneatenton "} sEedon him ; Ljet |)as 
menego ■f hig farun on j^as castelu ] on Jias 
Dimitte tnr- tunas ])e her abufcan synt ; 1 him mete fin- 
don, for-jjam pe ive synt her on westere 


i\ easiells. A, "■ 


13 Da cw;b^ he to him. syllc ge him 
etan ; Da cwEedon hig we nahbaS buton fif 
hlafas ] twegen fixas. buton we gan "i us 
mete bicgon 1 eallum J)issum werede ; 

14 Par wseron neah fif jjusenda wera ; 
Da cwEe]j he to his leorning-cnihtun ; T)o]> 
"P hig- sitton, ])urh gebeorscypas fiftegum, 

15 ] hig swa dydon 1 hi ealle sseton ; 

16 Da nam he pa fif hlafas 1 pa twegen 
fisas. 3 on jjone heofon beseah ] bletsudo 
hig 3 brffic. "} dselde his leorning-cnihtum. 
•p hig asetton hig boforan Jiam menegum ; 

17 fa seton hig ealle "i wurdon gefyllede. 
^ man nam J;a gebrotu pe ])ar belifon tvvelf 
cypan fulle ; 

18 Da W£es geworden Jia se haslend wa39 
ana bine gebiddende. hys leorniug-cnihtas 
wSron mid him ; fa ahsode he hig hvvtet 
eecgS Jiis folc jJ ic sy ; 

19 Da !lswarudon hig ] cw^don ; lohan- 
nes baptistam. sume heliam. sume ■f sum 
witega of ?am ealdum aras ; 

20 Da ascde he him hwset secge ge -f ic 
sy ; pa andswarude petrus. Su eart crist 
godes sunu ; 

21 Da Jjreade he hig 1 bead -f hig hit 
nanum men ne seedon. 

Various Headings. 
12. A. mtenygeo. B. C. hi. A. faron. A, syiid (tvnce). 

A. westre; C. westene. 13. A. (lis. 14. A. cnyhtum. 

B. C. hi 15. A. B. 0. hig [for hi]. 16. A. B. C. 
heofen. A. be-seli. A. bletaode. A. mtenegun*. 17, A. 
Ifefde (all. to Iscfede) -vTEeron [for belifon]. 18. A. ae- 
sode. A. segS. A. sig. 19. A. B. 0. 3swaredon. A. 
lohanEeni. 20. A. sig. A. 3awarode. 

' [Luke. 

12 pa ge-wat se daig forS. 7 hyo twelfe 
neh-lacte hym. ;i sgtden to hym. Ljet pa& 
manige peet hyo faran on pas castelles. 1 
on pas tunas pe her abuton sinde. 3 heom 
mete finden. for-pam we sinde her on 
westene stowe. 

13 Jja cwEeS he to heom. sylle ge heora 
etan. Da cw^Sen hyo we uEcbbe'S buten 
fif hlafes. ] twegen fixsas. buton we gan 
) us mete beggen "} eallen Jfissen werede. 

14 pier wasren neh fif Jjusend were, pa 
cwseS he to hys leorning-cnihton. DoS 
ffet hyo sitten fiurh ge-beorscypas fiftegum 

15 1 hyo swa dydon. 1 hyo ealle steten. 

16 Da nam he pa, fif hlafes. 3 fa twegen 
fixas. 1 on Jeanne heofen be-seah "] bletsode 
hyo 1 briec. :i dgelde his leorning-enihten. 
peet hyo asetten hyo be-foran |;am manigeo. 

17 Da ieten hyo ealle, 1 wurSen ge- 
fylde. 1 man nam fa ge-brute pe pier wiere 
] fylde twelf kypan fulle. 

18 Da wEes ge-worSen J?a se hselend w^es 
ane hine ge-biddcnde. his leorning-cniiites 
W£eren mid him. Da axsode he hyo. hw£et 
sseg^ f is folc piet ich syo. 

19 Da andsweredon hyo 1 cwaiSen. Jo- 
hannes baptistam. snme Heliam. sume 
pset sum witege of f am ealden aras. 

20 Da saigde he heom. hweet segge ge 
ffEet ich syo. fa andswerede petrus. p\x ert 
crist godes sunc. 

21 fa freadde he hyo 1 bted. fjet hyo 
hit nanen men ne saigden. 

Various Headings. 

12. ge-neahlEechtoii ; stegdon; menega; oastella; sjTit; 
findon; sint. 13. buton; fixas; biggan; eallunj Jiissuwi. 
14. jjusenda wera; -cnihtan; sitton. 15. saston. 16. 
fisxas; J^onne heofon ; ^jnihtum; be-foram (sic); menigeo. 
17. eato (sic); wwrdon ge-fyllcde; ge-brotu; belifon [/(>»• 
w£ere]; K. om. 3 fjide; cyp^n 18 geworden, 

-ciiihtaa wEeron; ahsode; segS le 19 aadsworedon , 
cwieSon; lohannSs (sjc) ; witogan ealdum 20 Bsede, 
icsj; eart. 21. bead; nanum, si^on. 

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Chap. IX.] 97 

se J eg ^1 oiiftann g,efua I _ile„e 3 gcnculcLclon ^ tiixlfi uioeljn iinii f kt t-\ liers,aii 

12 ^Die? autem (.opijeiit JeLlmdie at accedeiits'i doodeuiin diseiunt Uli dmiitte tuib^ • SXXU. 

^ Bs. i. 

mt. osltiii. 

■fta geeadoii in Sa teaatra ■" loiido SlSe imb sinfc ofcerdon iSiet te hi'j gemieton metto inrSoii fter ^r. Ixilii. 

ut euates in castelH uiUTAijise quae ciica suot deueitant et imi«niiiit e'icab quia hic lo. duiiii. 

ae smt us m ii Son fif hlih ■" tutege iseas buta woenungi us ive gofera "" we a;elij8T.e 

iioa. sunt nol 11 pus qiiiu i^um ['(e piiicsj bt (luji pieces msi foite noa finma et t-mainus 

on A!le fc)o*ne here mett wooron ?onnc ic wocno i\t ns fit Suoendn cnoeS iSoimt 

la oninein b^ui, tmbam estes j^st ) 11 Li\ut luteta feie uni quiuque milu ait ut(iu 

to Segnura his doaS S-em to dclum i 8eih j,ebe ii-scipo flf hund 
ad discipulos suts taute lUoa di&cuuibeie j;it,r einuiuia quiuqui^cnoti 

3 todselnisae i djdon Alle onfengo ivoeion xviiedhi^ fif 

-et discuiubeie fecerunt omaes 10 icceptis autem qiiiiiqwe 

fiscnm eft locajte on heofiie 3 gehl edsadc him ^ ^ebr-wic 3 todelde Segnuwi his -^ite hii gesete 
pibcibus reapexit m caelum et benedixit illia et frfgit et di&tiibuit discipuhfa '^uia ut pouerent 

fw e *iem heigum 3 eton alle 7 gef\lde woeron 2 genumen Tvces -fte gehlaefde 

ante tuibas 17 et mauductupiunt omul^ et qituiati sunt et sublatum est quod supeilmt 

isenn sciiedungra ceiflliB tuoelfj 3 aworden vnes miSSj ana woeie gehiddenda 

lUib fiagtiieiituium cophmos duodecim 18 *Et fartum e^^t cum solus ea&et oiani, ' XXXUI. 

mt. elim. 
"opion miS 1 me ^eo Si Spurns 3 getiiegn Sailco cuoeSende hu'^kne met, cuocSii ^ ic se Sos hergas mr. Isxxii, 

ei lilt c 1111 ilk et discipuli et mteiiog lUit lUos dicenb quein me ihcuiit e^^se turbie io. Isiiiii. 

Bo« hit ondsuiTLdon f cuoedoii lohanwm oSeio uiit dl l j'^ei-o fte mtga 

19 at lib iBspondeiuiit et dixemnt uhmnem baptistam ilii mtem lieliim Jn tpn piuphaa 

an ot i^m viiiim ai is cuoeS fta ^^m ^lo 8onn(. huekne mee ^ite ic le cuoaSat 

unus de prioiibas suiTCxit 20 dixit autem illis utb autem quim me LSbe dicitia 

geoiidsTiarede cuie^s ^ecoien ^odes soMice lie sreSre'ide hn lebeid 

respondena simon petius di\it chtbtum dei 21 it lUe iiiLiepaii'' illos piatupit ' 95, ii._ _ 

12. Se dseg Sa ongan gifara-tgibega giaeolicadun tivelfe cwedun Lira forlett Sa hei^as fte eodun iu 5a 
cfestre 3 lond «a6e jmb sindun of-cerdun f hife gimoettun metas forSon her in atowwe woeatigiie we sindun 
13. ew6ei5 fea to Ssem ge aellas Ssem to eotarine soB hiie cwedun ne sint us niara Sonne fif hlafas 3 two^e 
fiscas buta woennnga ns we giftere 3 we gibyeoe in allum Siase herge mett 14. wenin Sone ic woeno weara 

fif Susend ewjeS to Segnuni his 15 to dalum dydon alle 16. onfenge werun wntudh'ce Sf hiafum 3 twism 

flsonm eft-loccade on heofne 3 bletsade cwie« Mm 3 brfec 3 todfelde Segnum his fte hise gisette forse Siem 
hergum 17- 3 etmi alle 3 gifylde werun 3 ginimen wses Ssette ofer-l»fed wses him ecreadungum ceoflas 
twelfe 18. 3 aworden w^s miSSy ane were 3 bidende werun 3 miSSy hine Begnas his 3 giirj^^n 8a ilea 
cwjeSende hwelcne mec cweoSas eadge 19. 5a oud-sworadun 3 cwedun .... Stem fulwihtere oSer wutudlzce 

elie oi5er Sjette witga ann of E£em terrain aras 20. cwkS 6a Ssem ge Sonne hweie were ah cweoSas 

ond-sworade cwsoS Stem gast godes 21. aoS he giSroode hise bibeod Sajtte aingum ne cwedun 

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22 for-fam fe hit gebyreS jS mannes sunu 
fela Jjinga Jjolige. "i beo aworpen fram 
ealdrum 7 ealdor-mannum 7 fram bocerum. 
3 beon ofslegen. priddan dtege arisan ; 

23 l^a cwroS he to eallum ; Gyf hwa 
X wyle tefter me cuman. £et-sace 

hine sylfne 3 nime bis cwylminge 1 me fol- 

24 Se ])e wyle hys sawle hale gedon. se 
big for-spilj). witodlice se ^e bis sawle for 
me for-spil'S be bi gehcele^ ; 

25 Hwjet fremaS senegum men J>eah be 
ealne middan-eard on jebt begite. 3 hyne 
sylfiie for-spille ; And his for-wyrd wyrce ; 

26 Se 'Se me 7 mine spteca forsyhj). ]?Eene 
mannes suim for-syhji. ponne he cym^S on 
his mEegen-j)rymme 1 bye feeder 7 balegra 
engla ; 

27 Ic secge eow soSlice. ber synd sume 
standende jja deade ne wurSa]?. tev big 
godes nee geseon ; 

28 Da wajs geworden asfter J)amwordum 
nean eahta dagas. ■f he nam petrum 1 lo- 
bannem. 3 lacobum. 3 eode on anne munt, 
-p he hyne geb^ede ; 

29 pa he bine gebsed pa, w£es bys anayn 
ojJTes biwcs. 1 his reaf hwit scinende ; 

30 fa sptecon twegen weras wiS byne 
moyses 1 belias 

31 gesewene on masgen-frymme. l saed- 
on hia gewitend-nesse )je ' ' " " ■> 
WiBS on hierusalem ; 

} to gefyllende 

aa. A. fela {jjnga liolie. A. ealdei--. A. boo ofslag< 
3 jjrjddan djege aryse. 23. Rubric in B. ; not in A, 

A. folgie. 24. A. se hig ge-heelS. 25, A. myddan-geard. 
"" A, sprssca. A. fione [/or jjiene]. — ." " 

27. 'B. 0. synt. 
A, ffinne. 

. A. ueah 

A, spriecon. 31. A. gesawene, ji, gu-wytii 

B. 0. gewitendnesse. A. to gefyllenne ; but 

I. C. to 

I [Luke, 

22 for-fam-fe hit ge-byred fmt mannes 
sune fele finge |!olie. ] beo aworpen fram 
ealdren mannen. 1 fram boker. "} beon of- 
slagen. 1 Sridden daige arisan. 

23 "B-ftA cwfe'S be to eallen. Gyf hwa s. 
Jr wile asfter me cuman ; set-sake ^ 

hine sylfne. ] nime bis cwelminge 7 mo^* 

24 Se pe wile bis sawle bgcle ge-don ; se 
hyo for-spilS. Witodhce se pe his sawle 
for me for-spilS. be hyo ge-hasleS. 

25 bw£et fremed anig men peah ho alne 
midden-eard on ebte be-geote. 1 hine 
sylfne for-spille. and bis for-wurd werche. 

26 Se pe me 7 mine spKcce for-sihS. f an- 
ne mannes sune for-sih^ Jiane He kemS on 
his magen-frimnesse ^1 bis fader 1 halgra 

27 Ic segge eow soSlice he {sic) sende 
sume standende pe deade ne wurSaS asr 
hyo godes rice ge-seon, 

28 Da w£ea ge-worSen Eeftcr j?am worden 
neoh ehte dagas. pxt he nam petram. 1 
lohannem. "} lacobum. 3 eode on enne 
munt. |)jet he hine ge-beede. 

29 Da he hine ge-bged fa wsea his 
ansiene ge-worSen o^res hiowos. 7 his 
reaf hwit scynende, 

30 Da speeken twegen weres wiS hine. 

31 ge-sogene on magen-frimnesse. ] 
his witendnysse pe he to ge-fellende 
wais on ierusalem. 


ge-bjreS ; fela ))inga Jiolige ; ealdram 3 ealdor- 
I* ; boeemm ; of-aleagen ; Sriddaii d:ege. 23. 

Rubrie as in H. ealliim ; hwile [for wile] ; set-siece. 24. 

hale ; for-spillS [2nd Urns]. 25. fremeS auigum ; hehte 

bftgeie; Mad [for end]; forwird wirce. 26. J>onne; 

);senne He [with capital, as in H.] cymS ; mffigen-jirimnysBe ; 

eaiigla, 27. her sint ; wyr«aa, 28. wordum neah 

eahta, 29. ansyne ge-worden ; hywes ; wit {gie). 30. 

spsecen; weraa. 31. ge-sewene; msegn-jminnysae ; 

sjedend (eic) ; ge-fjUende. 

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Chap. IX.] 99 

cuoeS -jste Arises sunu monnes feolo-i'micelo gcSolia-tgcSrowia 3 foniiirania from aMnm-t 
22 diceas quia oportet filium hominis multa pati et reprobari ^ seni- 

from 6£em eeliestam 7 aldormonnuOT saeerda 1 uSwutuwj 3 ofaka -t -^te se ofelsegon 
orihus et prmcipibws sacerdotum et scribis et occidi 

Arisa cuoeS he Sa to Allu gif tua wile xfter mee gocyrae onsfeoeaS him Beolfiww 1 

resurgeve 23 ^Diccbat autem ad omnes si quis . uult post me uonire abneget a^ipsum et • ge, :l 

mt. clss. 
lajdaS Sromung^ his dsege gehuiemlice 5 fjlgeS me4'Boece meo seSe foj'Son wecUo aauel his ^' 

tollat crucem suani cotidie ■ ot sequattir mo 24 qui enim uoluerit animam suam 

hal gewyj'ca losaS Saiica iorion seSe losaS sawel bia to?^ meo hal doaS Sailca 

saluam faj^ere perdet illam nam qui perdiderit animam suam propter me saluam faciet illara 

Luted iorion fofstondaS moiin gif he atrioneS allno miidAngeard hine ^onne aeolfno losaS J 
25 quid enim proficit homo ai lucretur uniuersum mundum sfS autem ipaum perdat et 

forfeon seSe mee gesceomigaS 3 inino wordo Sioane snnu 
*Nam qui me erubuerit et meo3 sermones hunc Alius • 97. ii. 

itt arvmm his 3 fad ores 3 haligra engla 

itate sua et patris et saTWforum angelorum 

ic cuoeSo miMlice iuli soSlice siiit sume o55era her stendaS SaSe no geherge* Bone deaS oSS-datt 
27 *Di(-u autem uobis uere sunt aliqui hio stantes qui non gustabunt mortem donee ' XXXUII. 

gesea-S ric godos 

uideant rcgnum dei 

3 3 3 astag I 

potrum et iacobum et iohannem et ascendit 

miSJSy gebffid msogwlit onsione his oBoro 3 gewoedo his huit swiSe gescean 
dum oraret species uultus eius altera et uestitus eius albus refulgens 

wferas gesprecon mi8 hine woeron -autediice 3 voeron 

uiri loqwebautur cum illo eraat autem moses et helias 31 mt 

cuoedon to-fser-1- his Sone scealde gefyllcd wosa-i'wsBS in hicrusalem 
dicebant excesaum eius quern completurus erat in hierusalem 

22. cwseS Stette ariso8 sum monnes foolu-tmon^e giSoias 3 from-cumen from leldani 3 aldor-monnum 3a 
saeerda 3 uS-wutum 3 ofslaS 3 «e Sirda dsege arises 23. cweoS he Sa to «£em allum gif hwa wyl Eefter 

me cuma ne steceC bim solfiim 3 IsedaS Srowunge his dasg-hweemlice 3 fjllgeB i aooces meo 24. ae5e 

forBon welle sawle his halle doa losaB Sa ilea 3 seSe losaS sawle his fore mee hale gidoaS Sa ilea 25. hwtct 
forstondeSS ^ foratod Ssera men gif he atrioneS alne middengeord hine iSonno solfne loaaS 3 ioa-west wjrcaS 
26. forSon aeSe meo giacomigaS 3 mine vord Siosne aunu monnes giscomigaB miSSy cymeS in Si^mme his 3 
fsedraa 3 lialigra hengla 27. ic cwoSo wutudlice iow aoaiice sindun oSro her stondaS SaSe ne ^-borgaS 

deoB oBSfet hife giseaB rice godes 28. aworden wjes Ba ffift«r Bissiim worde ic woenu daga sehtowe 3 

ginom ,...3, ..,3, ...3 aatag on mor f te gibede 29. 3 aworden wEes miBBy gibsed meg-wlitt onaione his 

oSre 3,giwedu his hwitu swiSe giacionun 30. 3 heonu twoege woaras spreconde miB hine wass . . . . 3 . . . , 

31. werun gisene in Srymme 3 cwcdun Sjette ofer his gifjlled woaa -t wtes in hierusalem 

N 2 

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32 Petrus 1 fa ]ie mid him wteron wur- 
don mid slfepe gehefegude ; And Jja hi on- 
WK^cnedun lii gesawun his mi«gen-]?rym. :i 
twegcn weras pe mid him stodun ; 

33 And hi him fram eodim. petrus cwseS 
to him ; Eala bebeodend. god is f we her 
beon 1 uton wyrcan pxeo eardung-stowa. 
ane pe. "i aue moyse. 3 ajie htelie. "} he nyste 
hwEet he cw^S ; 

34 Da he Jtis sppcc. ^a wearS genip 1 
ofer-sceadude hig. "} hi oiidredou him gang- 
ende on ■f genip ; 

35 Da com stefen of pam geaipe and 
cwEcS ; pes ys mm leofa sunu. gehyraS 
hyne ; 

36 Da seo stcfn wses gehyred Jja wsss 
se hselend gemett ana. 1 hi suwodun "} ne 
sEedmi nanum men on pam dagum nan pxag 
Jia3S Se hi ge-sawun. 

37 OSrum dsege him of J^am munte far- 
endum him agen am mycel menego. 

38 pa. clypode an wer of psexe menego 1 
cwseS ; Larcow ic halsie pe. ge-seoh minne 
suhu foTpum he is mm anhca sunu. 

39 1 nu so uncleena gast hine K<t-hrinS. 
1 he fserlice hrymS } for-nimS hyne 1 
feem^. :i hyne tyr'5 1 slit. 

40 1 ic bffid |?ine leorning-cnihtas f hig 
hine ut-adrifon ^l hig ne mihton; 

41 pa cWEeS se h^lend him to Isware ; 
Eala ungeleafulle. 1 j^wure cneores; Swa 
lange swa ic beo mid eow. ] eow Jjolie ; Laid 
hider Jjinne sunu ; 

Various Readings. 

32. A. ge-hefegode. A. hig on-wEecnodoH. hig 
A. stodon. 33. A. hig. A. eodon. A. helie, 34. 
A he cw Jjis. A. ofer-sceadede. A hig. 35. B. 0. 

stefu. C leafa. 36. A. stefen. A. gemet. A. hig 
■iuwedou A. SEedou. A, hig ge-sawon. 37. A. ongeaii. 
A. uiBenige') 38. B. C. clypede. A. rasenegeo ; B. 0. 
meneg^u A halsige, A. renega [/or Snlica], 40. B. 

\x\\jmi Ume). 41. A. ungeieaffulle. A.'f'weore. 


33 Petrus 7 fa pa mid him \\'ssv&x\ wur^- 
en mid slape ge-hefegede. And fa hyo on- 
wakeden ; hyo ge-seagen his maing-frim. 
7 twegen weres f e mid hym etoden. 

33 And hyo hym fram eoden ; petrus 
cwfeS to him. Eala be-heodend ; god is 
fret we her beon. ] uten wercan freo eard- 
ung-stowen ane f e. ^ ane moysese. 1 ane 
helie. 7 he nyste hwfet he cw£eS. 

34 pa he fis spfec; fa warS ge-nip 1 
ofer-scadede hyo. 3 hyo on-drgedden him 
gangende on f set ge-nip. 

35 Da com stefn of fam ge-nip 1 cw^B. 
pes is min leofa sune ge-hered hine. 

36 Da seo stefen wii^s ge-hyrd. fa wses 
se hfelend ge-met ane ; ] hyo swegedon, "i 
ne Sfeden nanen men on fam daige nan 
fing. fas f e hyo ge-ssegen. 

37 OSren daige him of fan munte far- 
ende hym agen arn mycel manegco. 

38 fa cleopede an wer of fare manigeo 

1 ewffiS. Lareow ic hselsige fe ge-seoh 
minne sune, for-fan he ys min anliche 

39 1 nu se un-chene gast hine tet-rind ; 1 
he f^rlice brimd, 1 for-nymd hine, 7 fsemS, 
hine tyr'(5. 1 slit ; 

40 1 ic bsed fine leornlng-cnihtes feet hyo 
hine ut adrifen 1 hyo ne mihton. 

41 Da cwEeS se hgelend him to andswere. 
Eala un-ge-leafuUe 1 fwore encores, Swa 
lange swa ic beo mid eow. 1 eow folie. 
l^d hider f inne sune. 

Various Readings. 

32. wurdon; sltepe ; .^nd; on-wacenedon ; ge-stewen; 
Difflgen-Jjriio ! weras. 33. JSnd; eodon; cweS; utaa 

wyrtsm i -stowa; moyse. 34. wearS; -3ce:idede; hi 

ou-dredon. 35. ge-hyraS. 3(i. syu ; ge-hered ; 

halend gemett ana; hi awuwodon ; stedon nanum ; dagimi; 
gesawun. 37. OiSntm j jjasn ; foreudum ; menegeo. 

38. cteopode; menege ; halBige; minuiM; tatn ; aa-hca. 

39. Eet-rina ; hrjmS ; fornymiS. 40. -caJLtas. 41. 
undsware; ^wiire; H'ie. 

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Chap. IX.] 101 

ESC "3 Sa^e mis hine gehefigad woeron from slepo 3 awtehton gescgi^n Srymm 

32 petrus uero et qui cum illo grauati erant somno et uigilantes uiderunt maiestatem 

his 1 tuoege wferas SaBe stodon taiS liiiii 1 awordeti wies niiSSy foerdon ivuni him 

eius et duos uiros qui atabant oum illo 33 et factum est dum discedcrent ab illo 

cuoei? to SEom hselewife la bodare god is us her to 

ait petms ad iesum praeceptor bonum est noa hies 

aE Se ? an 1 an ne wiste husjd gecwocSe 

uii ira til 1 et ununi m &i et im m. hel af nesciena qi I dn,en,t 

Bpreceade awurleu w^e^ w Icen 3 o( t hi udle La 3 ondie'udoi geongcndiii him in ^ woli-en 
loquente fecta est imbita et bumbiiuit eo-i et timuei mt itrantibita lis m iiubem 

nm leof hme-i-Sfciie geher^a 

meus dilectua ip&iiiD. ludite 

Ksera digum £eniht of Sfem SaiSe ges^oa geworden wl'* Bonne un Bsera efUna doege 

illis diebws ^ui qtn,m ex lu<) quae uideiant 37*Fa«tmi c&t a item la se^ueiiti he • XWUIIL 

7 heono woer of Btem here mr. xei. 
i et ecce uir de turba 

gecliopade cuoeS la iaruu ic biddo Beo beaseh on sunu rainuni foj-Bon an-coiido is me 

exclamauit dicens magiater obsecro t& rsspice in filium meum quia unicus est iriibi 

5 heono gast gegrippde hine 3 feriice clioppiaB 3 bites 3 for doaS hine mlB 

39 et ecce B^intiia appraenendit ilium et sublto clamat et elidit et dissipat eum cum 

faniBS 3 ned^'hefia fean-as to-sIiteS hine 3 ic bfcdd Segnns Bine 3 awurpon hine 

apuma et uix discedit dilanians eum 4iO et rogaui discipulos tuoa et (sic) eicerent ilium 

7 ne mscliton ondeuaMde Bonwe se histoid cuoeS la cneoreso wngeleafull J woh-full hu 

et non potuerunt 41 respoadens autem iesus dixit o generatio infidelis et peruersa usque 

ionge ic bioin nilB iuh 7 ic Sola inih tolted sunu Binne 
quo ero apud uos et patiar uos adduc filium tuum 

32 ec 3 feiSf niK hiiL ii:ihet^iJe WLiun fiim slppe 7 an *>htun ^iflegui Bi>m his 3 twotaO neiris 

BiSo stjdun miB liim 3J 3 iwoideii v, ^t laiSBy focidun him hira -titi. to Bceni h-elfW /p bodeie gud 

1= US hei to wo'iane wyrce we Bno has an Be 3 an moyse 3 an helie ne wiste hwtet he cwede 34 Saa 

Si him sprece giwordon wes woloen 3 ofer hifedde hue 3 ondreordun ge on gjegdmu {nc) hiin in Kfet wolcen 
3i 3 stefii giworden wtes of wolcne cweBende iis is sunu mm leof m g'iste giheiiS 36 3 miSBy wes 

itefn gimoeted hbps i5e hvlend ana 3 luEe swigadun 3 ntemgum gicwedun in B'em digum «niht of Bjem Safce 
gsegim 37 giworden w(«s Bonne on B'^m seftorra dasge of dune astigende B^m of more 3 am togd'gne^ j 

B- ^leott luieel 3fi 3 heono wer of Bsem herge gieliopade la laiwa ic biddo Bee loca on mec drihten 

foi-Bon ancende is me 39 3 heonu g'lst gigrap hme J ferlice diopiS 3 bitea 3 slitea hine miS swate 3 

nede fe'irris to-alitas hine 40 3 ic bisd hia Begnis ■1' Bine B'ette hue awui-pua hiue 3 ne mEfhtun 

4t ondswoiade Sonwe cweS la cneoieswa ui^leof fill 3 woh fall hulonge ic birm miB lowih i lo Solo low tr Ited 
sunu Biane 

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42 And (ja he hjne l^edde him to. se 
deofol hine for-nam "} fordyde. Da nydde 
se h^elend fone unclEcnan gast ut. 1 geh^l- 
de. I^Eene cnapan ^ agef hine his faeder ; 

43 pa wundredon hig ealle he godes 
mEerSe. "i eallum wundriendum he ps^tn 
fingum pe gewurdun. he cwfeS to hia 
leorning-cnihtum ; 

44 AsettaS faa spgeca on eowrum heor- 
tum. hit js towerd -p mannes sunu si ge- 
seald on manna handa ; 

45 Da fohton hig {lis word "} hit wtes 
bewrigea beforan him "f hi hit ne on- 
geton. 7 hi ne dorston hine be fam -wSrde 
ahaian ; 

46 SoShce "p ge-fanc eode on hig. hwylc 
byra yldest wSre ; 

47 Da se h^lend geseh hyra heortan 
gefancas he ge-sette |;ajne cnapan wip 

48 7 cwiof to him; Se Se ftysne cnapan 
on minum naman onfehS. se me onfehS ; 
And se pe me onfehS he onfeh^ fgene pe 
me sende ; "Witudhce se Se is Isest betwes 
eow ealle. se is mara ; 

49 Da Iswarode iohannes. bebeodend. 
we gesawon sumne on Jiinum naman deofol- 
seocnessa ut-drifende 7 we hine for-budon. 
for-}jam he mid us ne fylygS ; 

50 Da cwa!?i he. ne for-heode ge ; Se Se 
nis ongen eow se is for eow ; 

51 SoShce WiBS geworden pa, his andfen- 
ga dagas WEeron gefyllede, he ge-try- 
mede hys ansyne ■f he ferde to hierusalem ; 

Various Headings. 

42. A. Jionc (twice). A. agcaf. 43, A. ge-wurdon. 
44. A. sprfeoa. A, toweard. A. sig. 45. A. hig. 
on-geatoa C. om. 3 b^ore hi. A. hig. A. acsian, 
A. heora. 47. A. go-soah heora. A. jjone. 4& C. 
cfeha (jirst time). A. Jione. A. Witodlice. A. betweoi, 

49. B. C. 3swarude. A. -seocnyasa- A. ut adrjfende. 

50. A. on-gean. 

2 [Luke. 

42 And he fa leedde hine him to ; se 
deofol hine nam 7 for-dyde. Da nasdde se 
hselend Jeanne unctene gast ut. 7 ge-h^lde 
fanne cnapan. 7^agef bine his feeder. 

43 Da wundredon hyo ealle be godes 
mgerSe. 7 eallen wundrenden be fam j'ing- 
en ; l^e ge-wurSen ware. He cwjed to his 

44 AsetteS J'as sprfeee on eowren heor- 
ten ; hit is to-ward f'Eet mannes sune syo 
ge-seald on mannes handen, 

45 pa |?ohten hyo );is word. "} hit wa^s 
be-wrigen be-foren heom [jaafc hyo hit ne on- 
geaton. 7 hyo ne dorsten hine be pam 
worde absian. 

46 SoSlice J^jet Jjanc eode on hyo hwilc 
heora yldest wsere. 

47 pa se htelend fis ge-hyrde he ge-seah 
here heortan ge-]7ances he ge-sette jjanne 
cnapen wiS hine ; 

48 7 cwteS to heom. Se pe J^isne cnape 
on minen naman on-fehS ; he on-fehS me. 
] se pe on-fehS me ; he on-fehS pane pe me 
sente. Witodlice se J'e is Isest be-tweox 
eow ealle ; se is mara, 

49 pa andswcrede Johannes, be-beodend 
we ge-seage sumne on j^inen naman deofel- 
seocnysse ut-drifende. 7 we hine for-buden ; 
for-|;am he mid us ne fylgieS, 

50 Da cwasS he ne for-beode ge. Se pe 
nis on-gean eow se is forS mid eow. 

51 SoSlicewass ge-worSen p& hys anfengen 
dages WEeren ge-worSene ge-fellede ; he ge- ' 
tremede his ansiene -f he ferde to ierusalem. 

Various Readings. 

42. )ia he hine Isedde ; nydde ; jionpe {twice). 4S. 

ftile; marJSe; eallum wundriendum; ajngnm.; ge-wurdon; 
B. om. ware ; -enihtum. 44. eowrujw neortura ; hie 

ijor is] to-weard ; majinum {sie; 2nd Ume). 45. |ioh- 
ton; be-foran him; hi; dorston. 46. hyra. 47. ha- 
lend; heora ;.ge-)'ancas. 48. cnapan; minvm; tioene ; 
sende. 49. ge-sawon ; f-inum ; for-budon ; ^ligS. 50. 
for \for forS mid]. 51. ge-worden ; aiifenga; ge-worden 
ge-fyllodo ; ge-trymcde ; ansyne. 

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Chap. IX.] 103 

•} niSV gene locie ajsr ette line 'ie duwl 3 Icidc 1 3 fjet^ietlo ae ha If Hrf Kone ga'^t 

42 et LUia acLedertt chsit lUum Jaemumum et dis^ij^uit a muti imt ias«s bpijiitim 

(md«nne J gchrfle 8 no cnwiit 3 Ag^f hme f^det hia gewwilradon BoSlice alls ^ ... 

mmunlum et t,iJiauit jjueium et leddidit ilium patii biua 43 *btupebaiit autem on'^ea ^^*^™i- 

on au«G niicehi^se godes ilium Si flco imJundu on aUim SaSe he dyde cuoe« to Segnum ^ _.,„„„„ 
m m^gnituUiie dei omnib'ss quat. muantibMi m omnibHa qu« facietab *DiSit ad di&cipuloa ^^^^Ji'J'i"' 

mt. clxxni. 
his setter aie m hoitwM lunim wcrlo «as einu fo>^ n nonnes tu n lerd is lor. iciii. 

sua 44 p lute ua in cuid 1 is uestiis c in ones ihtos hlms enim iiuiiims tititus ebt 

*t6 geiald bifc in h nd Tnnnna sofe 111 ne on-cneiun worl "^ s : WTt -nm^en 

ut ti=iKtui m nuEU', h lamum 43 j.t dli igaoiabint UPtbum ibtii et eiit u^l trnn 

fore. Ill -pto lie S htcn -f: 3 m Irearlon to fi'*'gnaiine hine of i E ■* word m eode 

int\, e ut non sent itnt lUud et timebint mtenoLaii. eiim d h c u rbo 4f> ■'■I^tr^Ult ' l^^- i 

° mt. dxi 

uut^rf^ce araeaung m hini huelc hoia mdii wtro 
autem CugitT.tio m e b quis eoiim ma oi e^=!ct 

hiora gelahte cnsoht sette hine noh him 3 eaoeS agem ilcowi Segnum seSe ana ehuselo 

illoium adprehendens puerum statuit eum secus s^ 48 et ait illis quicumque 

onfoeeS cnashte Siasum on noma minum mec onfoaB 1 seSe sua hua mec onfoaS OEfoaS 

Buaceperit puerum jstum in nomine meo me rodpit et quicumqjie me recipit recipit 

8one ilea seSe mec sonde forSon seSe leasS is bituih allum iuh Bes maasta is ondsuarede 

eum qui me misit nam qui minor est inter omne3 uos bic maior est 49 *Reapondens • 

lohawn^ euoeS la h^sere woe gesegou sum oSer in noma Cinum aworpenda Sa dioblas 3 
autem iohannes dixit praeceptor uidimus quaendam in nomine tuo eicientem daemonia et 

we fof-budon him forSon ne iiflges usig miS 

prohibnimua eum quia non sequitur noTjiscum 

fftj-beadse aeSe forKon ne Is wi5 iuih iore iuih is aworden wies 6a niiSSj 

prohibere qui cnim non est aduersus uos pro uobis est 5X *Factum est autem diim ' XL, 

lOi. :i, 

gefjlled woeron dagaa ondfengesi'gelioriiises his 3 he onsione his gctrnmade -pte foerde hientgalAm 
complerentur dies assumtionis eius et ipso faciem suam firmauit ut iret hiemsalem 

42 3 mi*iSy gine litade agroette hmo 8e diowul 3 giSreidc 3 Sroado 6e h^-lend gait unclienne 3 giltlde 
Sone envht 7 ag<ef hme feder hs 43 giwmdialuii soBlice alle on swiSe micelm^be fcodes ^Ue 8«h1co 

wui dradun m allum SsemSe dyde cw-^S t Segnum hia Ai sette ge mc (si ) he itum lowrum woid Kas simu 

mmJrmonnes towoii is -fte gisald ) 5 in hcnd monnes 45 siS hi\ ne oncneowun word Sas 3 wea awiiten 

18 fure hre 3 S.;tt6 ne Sohtun iH ne ondiedaiine to fiegnanne hme of Sissum wotde 41j in eode 

wutudhc^ smeoung m him hwelc hiora 47 to giLhte Sone cn-eht aete hme neh I im 4a 3 ctv«S 

S*m aeSe swa hwelc onfoeS «one cnasht 6isamn on noma mmum mec oufoeS 3 sv/% hweL swa meo nfoeS 
onfoeS «one ilcu se«e meo lende ontoeE hine forBon sc6e maid is bitwih allum low Ses nmi is 
49 ondsworide wutudiite lohanii s la hteaeie we gisegun snme uSre m noma mmnm anoipende Ba ditwla 3 we 
forbndan hnii f rSSon ne fjlg;e6 naih miis 50 3 cwetB tj him Be hmlend naliaS ge fti heada seBe forBon 

lit H wiB lottih fie lowih IS 51 awoTden was Bi miBBy "ifyllel vieiun dei,a3 to onfcnocsi-lijinisse hia 

3 hu 01 " o 11, his ,^tr) umo \,i, rj -f to foor le in hier iialcm 

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52 Da sende he bodan beforan his ansyne. 
fa eodon big on jja ceastre samaritanoruin 
|ja3t hi him gegearwodon. 

53 1 hig ne onfengon hine for|jam }je he 
wolde faran to hierusalem ; 

54 Da bia leorning-cnihtaa "p gesawon. 
iacobus. 1 lohannes. |jacw£edon hig; Drih- 
ten. wyltu we secgaS -f fyr cume of heofone 
"i for-nime big ; 

55 And hine bewende he hig f reade. 

56 "i hig ferdon on oper castel ; 

57 Da hi ferdon on wege. sum him to 
cwffiS; Ic fybge pe swa hwyder swa pn 
fsersfc ; 

58 Da cv/^p se bjelend. fosas habbaS 
holu 7 heofones fuglas nestp ; SoSlice 
mannes sunu n^f|7 bwar he bys beafod 
abylde ; 

59 Da cwjel; be to oSrum filig me ; Da 
ew93|7 be drihten alyf me serysfc bebyrigean 
mimie fseder ; 

60 Da cwsef) se bEelend. Itet ps. dead 
bjrigau hyra deadan. ga Su 1 boda godes 
nee ; 

61 Da cwseS o'6er ic fylige pe drihten, 
ac l?et me seryst hit cyfan fam Se eet ham 

Various Headings. 

W. A. hig itKice). 54. A. wylt };u. A, heofeno. 
A. "i he hjne be-wende. 3 hig. B, C. bewend. 57. A. 
hig. 58. A. lieofones fugolas. iS.. nest ; hut B. C. 

nestfi. 59. A. ffirest. A. bjrisui ; B. C. bjrigeaii. 

(iO. A. deadan byrgean hcora. 61. A. terest. A. synd, 

i [Luke. 

52 pa sente he boden be-foren his ansiene. 
pa eodcii hyo on fia cestre Samaritanorum 
ffet byo him ge-gearewedon. 

53 1 byo ne on-fengen hine for-f^am fe 
he wolde faran to ierusalem, 

54 Da liis leorning-cnihtes p&ii ge-herden. 
Iacobus. ] lohannes. J^a cwse^en hyo. 
Drihten wilt pu 'f we seggen pxt fer cume 
of hcofene 1 for-nyme hyo. 

55 ] he be-wente bine 7 byo Jireatede. 

56 7 hyo ferde on oSerne castel. 

57 pa hyo ferden on wei sume him to 
cwEe^e. Ic feigie |;e swa hwider swa fu 

58 Da cwJeS se hEelend. foxas hEebboS 
hole. } heofene fugeles nystas. soSIice 
maimes sune neefS hwEcr he hys beafed 

59 Da cw£e^ be to o^ren felgieS me. 
Da cw£eS be drihten alyf me iBrest berien 
minne fader. 

60 pa cwasS se hselend. Iset pa deade 
berigen heora deaden, ga p\i 1 bode godes 

61 Da cwEeB se o^er. ic feigie Jiie drihten. 
sec Iset me arest bit kySan J;am fe £et ham 

Variolic Readings. 
52, sende; hodan beforan; ansvuo; eodon; ceastre; 
ge-gearewedon. 54. -cnihtaa; gesawon [for ge-her- 

den] ; secgaa ; fyi' ; heofone. 66. bewende ; [redde (eic). 
56. ferden ; oBer. 57. hi ferdon ; wego sum ; ewseS ; 

fjlgige; fffirat. 68. halend; holu; hefone; heafod. 

59. oiSrvm fylgiS ; arest byrigean ; fieder. 60. dead 

byrigan hyora deadan. 61. R, o»i. se; fylige; aryst; 

cySan ; sjnt 

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Chap. IX.] 


5 SBnde erendureea fore geaigSe his 1 miSSy foerdon _ In-eadon ia Sa, ceastrte 

52 et misit nuntioa ante conspectum suum et euntes intrauerunt in ciuitatem 

Sara lioda ^te fore-gearuadon him 3 no ondfeagon hiiie forBon onsione his wtes fterendea 

samaritanorum ut pararent illi 53 et non receperunt eum quia facies eius erat euntis 

Segnas his 5 cuoedon ArlhUn ivilt Su 

discipuli eias iacobifS ' et iohannes dixerunt domrna uis 

^Ste we coeSa ^te fyr ofduna astige of heofnum :i fomime hia 
dicimus ut ignis descendat de caelo et consumat illoa 

] jmbweelde geSreade 
55 et conuersus iucrepauit 

awovden wsea ionne g^ongenduwi 
57 *Factum est autem ambulautibws " IfS. \i. 
mt. kum, 

Lim on woeg cuoeS sum oBer to him ic fylgo 8ec sufehuiddii" Su fasre 
iliis in uia dixit quidam ad illuni sequar to quocumqwe ieris 

uulpes foueas habent 

1 flogeD 
et uoluc 

filius autem homiois 

heafud gehega cuoeS Sa to oSrum s6ec i iylg mec he 8a coeS drihim 

caput rcclinet 59 *Ait autem ad alteram sequere me ille autem dixit dominc ■ 106. x 

foj-gefJ-gelef me ffirist geonga 1 J ic byi^a fseder min 

perraitte miiii primum ire et sepeUre patrem meum 

3 cuoo8 se hidend torlct 
60 dixitque iesus sine 

■fte Sa deado bebjrgaS deado hiora 8u. witedlice gaa aaeg ric godes 3 

ut mortui sepeliaut mortuos suos tli autem uade annuntia regnum dei 61 et 

cuoeS oSer ic fjlgo Sec drilitoj ah terist geJef me eft-8»cga S^era SaiSe red h§m 

ait alter sequar te domjne sed primum permitte mihi ronuntiare his qui domi 

52. 3 seiide erejid-wreaeu fora gisihSe his ^ite foerdun Jn-oodun in Sa cteatre Sara lioda . . . . -pte fore georwa- 
dun him 63. 7 ne onfengnn hine forSon onsione his wsea fareade in hiarusalem 54. miSSj gisegmi 

wutudlVce Segnas hia 3 . . . . cweduii drilii^M wiltu Bjet we cweSe -fte fjrr ofdune astige of heofnum 5 

for-nime hi^ 65. 3 jmh-wEerlde Se litdend gi-Sreade Sailleo 5 ewseS 66. .......... 3 foerdim 

in oSer were 57. aworden Wfes ioune gongendum him on woege ewseS sum o5er to him ic fylgo swa 

hwider awa 8u fere 68. 3 cwseS hiffi Se hs^lmd foKes holo habbas : flegeiide hedfnes neat sunu 

wutudlwa monnes ne hiefeS hwer he heofud hia gibege 59. cwteS Sa to oSnim fyhg'i'folga me ho Sa 

cwieS drihten forgef-tlef me cerest gonga J Sat ih byrge f^der minne 60. cwieS Sa him «e }iee\etid 

forlett Sa deodu bibji'gaS deodu hiora Su gaa 5 siege in rice godes 61. 3 cwseS oBer ic fylge Se drihten 

all Serb Eerist gong eft seecga Seem SaSe ^t hnse sindua 


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iomiaus & 
alios eeptua- 
ginta dnos. A. 
domiaua ieme 

62 Da cw£e)7 se htelend him to. nan 
mann pe hya hand asett on hys sulh. ^ oti- 
ba;c besyh'6 nys and-fenge godes rice ; 


1 2E?fter Jjam se hsclend gemearcude 

-^-^"^ oSre twa 7 hund-seofantig and 

sonde hig twam beforan his ansyne on 

^Ice ceastre. 1 stowe pe he to cumenne 

^ 2 ] cwseS to him her is mycel rip. "} 
13 feawa wyrhtan. biddaS pxa ripes hlaford 
•f he eende wyrhtan to hia ripe ; 

3 FaraS nu. nu ie eow sende swa swa 
Iamb betwus wulfas ; 

4 Ne here ge sacc. ne codd. ne gescy. 
■ ne nanne man be wege ne greta^ ; 

5 On swa hwylc bus swa ge in-ga^. 
cweSa|7 Eeryst. sib si |;isse hiw-rjeddenne ; 

6 And gyf jjar beo^ sybbe beam, reste 
far eower sib. gif hit elles sy. heo sy to 
eow gecyrred; 

7 Wuniga]? on fam ylcan huse. "} eta^S "} 
drincaS pa, ping pe hig habbaS ; SoSliee se 
wyrhta is his mede wyrSe ; Ne fare ge fram 
huse to huse. 

8 ac on swa hwylce ceastre swa ge in- 
ga'S ] hig eow onfoS, etaS f eow toforan 
aset ys. 

9 "} ge-h^ela^ ['a un-truman pe on pam 
huse synt. !3 secgaS him. godes rice to 

Various Headings, 

62. A. B. 0. man. A. rices. 

Cap. X. 1. A. gemeavcode, A. -seofentig, 2. A. 

wyrhtena. ' 3. A. botweos. 4. A. ge-se^. A. iiEenne. 
5. A. Big. A. liyw-rfedene ; B. hiw-rtedene. 6, A. 

gc-syblio. A. sjg, A. syg, 7. A. WuniaS; B.C. 

Wtmigeaji, 8. A. hwylcere. 3. A. synd. 

8 [LuKB-i 

62 Da cw£bS se bgelend hyem to. nan 
man pe bis band asett on his sliilb {sic) 3 on 
his bsech be-sih^. nis and-fenge godes rice. 

1 Aftei 


ban se ha;lend ge-mearcude Designauit 

„ ' , , , 1 p , • - domtnua ie«ii 

oSre twa and hund-seotentig. :i etaHoeeep- 
sente hyo twam "i twam beforan his ansiene [&]^misit ii^°* 
on ^Ice ceastre :i stowe pe he to cumenne fa^^°Bii^n'' 

2 tl cwEeB to heom her is micel rip 3 
feawe wirhtan byddeS )?aa ripes hlaford -p 
he sende wirhten to his ripe. 

3 Fared nu ; nu ich eow sende swa swa 
lamb be-twux wulfes. 

4 Ne here ge sech. ne cod. ne ne scy (sic). 
ne nenne man be weige ne greteS. 

5 On swa bwilce huse swa ge in-gad ; 
cweSed arest. sib syo fisse hiwrsedene. 

6 And gyf fser beoS sibbe beam, reste 
])Eer eower sibbe. Gif iiit elles syo. 1 hyo 
syo to eow ge-cerred ; 

7 wunieS on |jam ylcan huse ] etad 1 
drinkeS pa, fing pe hyo hEebbeS on fam 
ilken huse. Sodlice se werchte is his mede 
wurSe. Ne fare ge fram huse to huse. 

8 ac on swa hwilce ceastre ge in-gaS 1 
hyo eow on-fo'5. ffiteS f^t eow set-foren 
aset is. 

9 ] ge-hffileS fa u[n]trumen pe on fam 
huse sende. 1 segga? heom ; godes rice to 
eow geneohlaece^. 

Varicnts Headings. 

62. him ; sulh ; <; 



1. Rubric as in H. -seofont^ 




2. him 

biddaS ; wyrhta. 

3. FaraS; ic 


4. se 

x; ntenna 5. 




6. Bibb 

'iindli'me]. 1. wuniaS; 

tad {m) 


habbaiS 3 

n )!a»i ilcan huse {repeated 




8. etaB; afoi-en. 



untnimaa; synt; eom; eeow ge-uealaecS. 

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Chap. IX.] 

gecoMn is to rio godea 
.aptUB eat regno dei 

B hedend ne ffitiig aende hond his on au\h J behaldas on hsecg 

lesus uemo mittens maaum suam iu aratrum et respiciens retro 

te&er Sas ,Son«B of-gemercade dnhten 3 o8oro hund-seofotitig tuoege 3 sende hia tuoege 
1 *Post haec ai\tem designauit dominua et aJioa aeptuagmta diio3 et misit illos binos " XLI, 

fora onsione his on alle cea^tra H ji styilil Seem w(b« lie tDCymende 3 cnocS 

ante facieiii siiam in oirincia ciiiita,tem et kn-uni quo erat ipso\is 2 et JiLX-but 

him hrippea soislice foolo wjrcondra uatedlice hiion bidilaB hr^on dnhfen Ssere hripiiea fte gesendo 

illis *Messis quidoin iimlta uperari autem pauci rogate ergo dominum mesaig ut mittat * ^oe. u. _ 

woercmenn on olitrippe liis gaaS hencn ic aendo iuih sua lombro bi-tuih ulfu/n, 

oneraiioa iu mesaem wiiaiii 3 *Ite ecce ego mitio uoe sicut agues inter lupos * 1*1^- "■ . 

J^ u o . ^^_ Ixssui. 

ntellaS gie gebeiira seam ne pisa ne sceoe J ne fenigne raonw «erh woogo gie groetaS 

4 *NolJte porfare aaoculum neq^fs peram neq?;e calciamenta et neminem per liiam aakitaueritis * ll**- ".-. 

mr! liii. 
oa sua huelcne bus gie ingseeK srist euoeSaS sibb Sissum huso 3 gif Ser sie sunu 

5 *Iii quam-cuiiiqwe domum uitraueritis pnmum dicite pas huic domui 6 et ai ibi fueiit flliua ' ^Y' "■■- 

sibbea wunaS ofer hia sibb iuera git tavne to iuh eft-gecerreS in iSfem. ilea Somte 

pacis requieacit auper illam pas uestra sin autem ad uoa reiiertetur 7 *lw cadem aufem * 113. ii. _ 

bus wunaS eattas J drincas 5a tnib him sint wyiKe forSon is se woercmonn mearde 
domo manete edentes et bibeutea quae apud illoa sunt dignus enim est eperariua mercede 

hus "3 in sute-buieio ceastra gie in-fa-reS J 

uiuiu 8 *Et in quam-cumque ciuitatem inti-aueritis et * ^^^- ^■ 

on-foaS iuh eattas 5a to-gesetted biSoa iuh 3 genia5 5a un-trymigo SaJSe m 5fer aint 

ausceperint uoa manducate quae apponuntur uubia i) et curate infiiiuos qui in ilia sunt 

3 cuoeSa* bim geneulecde in iuh ric godcs 
et dicite illib appropmquauit in uoa reguuin dei 

62. cwseS to him «e hielenrf no (onig sende honda his on swlub 3 bi-haldes onbaac ^eoren is to rice 

Cap. X. 1. Eofter Sas Sonne of-gimercade drihton 3 o8ro tn 3 hund-sifontig 3 aende hise twoege fore 
onsione his on alle csestre 3 stowwe Ssem wsea be to cyraende 2. 3 cwebS Saam ripea soSlice feolu 

wjreende wutudlice hwoit bidda8 forSon dribten ripes ^te aende werc-men in oht-rip his 3. gaS heono ie 

sondo iowib awa lonibor bitwih wulfura 4. nallaS for8on ^besra seom no posa ne gi-scoe 3 ne senig men 

Strh woeg ge gigroetaS 6 R^res cweoSas sibb Sissum huse 6. 3 gif aer biS-lrsie aunu sibbes wun^aS 

ofer hia siiibe lower gif Sonne to iow eft-gicerraS 7. in Ssem ilea huse wunigaS eotaa 3 drincas Ea6e 

niiS him sindnu wyrSe is forSoa 5e werc-monn metes bis nalla5 ge ofer-lara of huse Jn bus 8. 3 in swa 

bwelce cieatre ge iugongas 3 on-foe8 iowih eotas to-gisete bioSun iow 9. 3 gemaiS Sa untrjniigo SaSe is 

Seer sinduii cweoSas bim to-gineolieade to iow rice godea 

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10 on swa hwylce ceastre swa ge inga^. 
1 hig ne onfoS eow gaf on hyra strgeta !1 

11 •f dust -f of eowre ceastre on urum 
fotum clifode. we drigeaf on eow, witaS 
feah ■f godes rice genealeec'S ; 

12 Ic eow secge -p sodom-waron on j^am 
d^ege biS forgyfenlicre ponne jjiere ceas- 

13 Wa ]>e corozam. wa pe bethsalda. 
for]>am gif on tyro 1 on sidone gewordene 
wseron pa, menegu pe on eow gedone synt. 
gefyrn hig on hSran 7 on axan hreowsunge 
dydon ; 

14 Peah-hw^Jiere tiro "} sydone on ])ain 
dsege byS forgyfenlicre )7onne eow ; 

15 And fa cafarnaum oS lieofon up- 
abafen. Jiu byst o]) belle gesenced ; 

16 Me gebyrS se Se eow gehyr^. T me 
ofer-bogaj) se 'Se eow ofer-hogaS ; Se pe me 
ofer-bogaS. he ofer-hogaS Jjsene Jie me 
sende ; 

17 Ea ge-cyrdon fa twa ] bundseofantig 
mid gefean "i cwfedon ; Drihten deofol-seoc- 
nessa us synt on finum naman under- 
f eodde ; 

18 Da sjede be him. ic geseah satanan 
swa swa lig-r£esc of heofone feallende. 

19 "} nu ic sealde eow anweald to treden- 
ne ofer nseddran. 3 snacan 1 ofer felc feon- 
des maagen. 7 nan fing eow ne deraS ; 

Various Readi/ngs. 

.1. A. driaS. 12. 

. mienegii. A. synd. 

A. fa^ran. 

itre. A. heova 
13. A. corozai 
!4. A. peaii-hwffiSre. A. om. dtege. A. 
15. A, heofen. A. B. C. besencod. 
one. 17- A. -seofeutig. A, -iijssa, 

i. A, ligetrtesct. A. Iieofene. 

S [Luke. 

10 on swa hwilce ceastre swa ge inga'S ; 
^ hyo ne on-fo^ eow ; gaS on heore stra^te 
"} cwede^. 

11 Dset dust ffet of eowre ceastre on 
uren foten clefede, we dreigeS on eow. 
witeS feah ■f godes rice neohlEeceS. 

12 Ich eow segge Jjfet sodome-weeren on 
fam dagen beoS for-geofendlicere fanne 
fare ceastre ge-ware. 

13 Wa pe corozaim wa pe betbsaida. 
for-fam gyf on tire 1 on sidone ge-worSene 
w^eren fa manege f e on eow ge-done synde. 
ge-fern hyo on heren. 1 on escan reowaunge 

14 peah-hwfe'Sere tyre ^ sydone on fam 
daige beo? for-geofendlicere fanne eow. 

15 .iEnd fu capharnaum oS heofen up- 
abafen ; f u beost o% belle be-senceS. 

16 Me ge-hyrS se fe eow ge-herS. 1 me 
ofer-bugeS ; se fe eow ofer-bugeS. se fe 
me ofer-hugeS ; he ofer-hugeS fane fe 
me sente, 

17 fa ge-cyrde fa twa 7 bund-sefentig 
mid ge-fean 7 cwte^en. Drihten deofel- 
seocnysse us synden on f inen namen under- 
feed e. 

18 pa saide he heom. ic ge-seah satana 
swa swa leger^sc of heofene fallende. 

19 7 nu ich sealde eow anweald to tred- 
enne ofer nseddren 7 snaken 7 ofer ielc 
feondes msegen ^ nan f ing eow ne dere^. 

10. go*; hjora; cweSaS. 11. uithb fotum cljofede ; 
drygeaS ; witaS; noalaacS. 12. waron; dagum bi8 

for-gefenliccre. 13. tyro ge-wordene waren; men^a 

{sic) ; synt ; ge-iym ; hseraa ; axan hreewsuage. 14. 

Dash-hweSere tjro ; byS for-gifetilice [lonne. 1 5. , heofon ; 
bist ; be-8enced. 16. ge-hyrB (2nd time) ; ofer-hngaS 

{l<mt ^ ; l^onne; gesonde. 17. ge-cjrdon; -seo- 

fentig ; cwEeSon ; deofol- ; synt ; jjiniim. nanion imder- 
peodde. 18. sagde; him; aatanan ; lygereesc; heofone, 
19. io; anweld; njedraii; snacan; elc; deoreS. 

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CnAP. X] 109 

in suahuelc ceastra ^e ing^S 1 ne onfofeS iuh fieraB on plsetnim Iiire 

10 *In quam-cumqMe ciuitatem intraueritis et aon reccperint uos exeuntes iu plateas eius* n*-'' 

nir" lu. 
CEoeSaS lec boS -p asca seSe tet-hran ns &ojb ceastra luera of we drygdon on iuih 

dicite 11 etiam puluerem qui adhaeait nobis de ciuitate uestra extergimua in uos 

soSlice *is wutaS gie fte geneolacaS rio godes ic cuoeSo iuh fte sodomoia 

tamen hoc scitote quia appropinquauit regnum dei 12 dice uobis quia sodorais 

on dtege «jem f orgefem-a * eaSor to foj^eafanne bia Son 8a;r ceastra 
in die ilia remiasius erit quam illi ciuitati, 

Se -p is ffic burg forBon gif in 3 awordna woeron 6a mEehto Sa?e in iuih awordeno woeron 

tibi bethsaida quia ai in tyro et aidone factte fuiaaent uirtutes quae in nobis facte aunt 

fiwlonge in huitumhrffigl© 3 on asea his waldon sitta IStehea geAroawBadon-J-gcboeton soSlice linooSre 

oiim in cilicio et cinere aedentes pffiniterent 14 uerumtamen tjTO 

dSra Sou iuh 3 Su f is burg oSS 

itidicio quam nobis 15 et tu eaphamaum xisqwe in 

heofon ahefen oS* to helle gedvencged seSe iuih gehereX niec geheraS 1 seSe iuih 

caelum exaltata usque ad inferaum demergeris 16 *Qui uos audit me audit et qui uos • ne, i. 

teleS i geheneS mec henes seSe nutedlice mec henes gebeneS Sone se«e mee sende ^^^,^"31 
spernit me spernit qui autem me spemit spernit eum qui mo misit 

eftcerdon 4" awoendo woevon Ka tuu 7 hundseofontig miS gtedaise cuoedon drihtera soKiice 
17 *Keuersi sunt autem septuaginta duo cum gaudio dicentes domine etiam ' 117- x, 

diowlas siut Tinder-Bioded us on noma Sinum 
daemonia snbiciuntur nobis in nomine tno 

Buelce legeSalteht of heoftuim fallende 
sicut fulgor de caelo cadentem 

on-nfe nedrum 3 3 on-ufa all mieht flondes J noht iuh 

supra serpentea et scorpiones et supra omncm nirtutem inimici et nibil nobis 

10. in swa liwelce cspatre ge in-gongas 3 ne on-foaS iowih faraS on [jtetsa his 3 cweoSaS II. ec soS 

feette to-gineolicaS forSoa rice godes 13. ic cweSo iow Sictte sodomora on dsege Stem forgefen biS 

Sonne Sio ceeatre Ser 13. Wie Se ■p is burug w» Se f is eec burug forSon gif in tyro^n Sa 

miehte BaSe in iow awordne wenm forlonge in hwitun* hrsegle 3 on asca hise waldun sitta f hite gihreowHadnn 
14, soSlice hweSre J . . . . forgefenra hiS on dome Sonne iow 15. 3 Su capharnauw oSSe heofim ahtefen 

oSSe to helle Bu arS gidronceS 16. seSe iowih giheres mec giheres 3 seSe iowih teleSi'heneS mec teleS 

iheneS 3 seSe witudliee mec heneS heueS t teleS hine aeSe mec sendo 1,7. eft-cerrende werun Ba tu 3 

hund-sifuntig miS glEednisse cwedon dnhten soSlice diowlas sind uuder-Sioded us on noma Sinuj/» 18. J 

cwseS him ic gisfch Sone wiSerworda awa legeS of heofne fiillende 19. heonu ic saMe iow niiehte hcnnisse-l' 

niSrunge ofer nedre 3 .... 3 on-ufa alle mseUt fiondes 3 noht iow giseeS-Sas 

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20 peah-KwEeSere ne blissige ge on ])am 
\>G eow synt gastas under- j^eodde ; Ge-blis- 
siaS 'p eower naman synt on heofonum 
awritene ; 

21 On fi£ere tideie on halgum gaste ge- 
blissode 1 cwaaS ; Ic andete 'pe ifeder. drih- 
ten heofones } eorSan. forfam fe ^u f)as 
Sing wisum 1 gleawum behyddest. 1 lyt- 
lingum awmge, forjjam hit beforan pe swa 
gelicode ; 

22 Ealle fing me synt fram minum foder 
gesealde. 1 nan man nat hwylc is se sunu 
buton se feeder, ne hwylc si Se feeder buton 
se sunu. :i se Se se sunu hit awreon 
wyle ; 

23 f^a cwiBp he to his leorningcnihtuiji 
■ jT bewend ; Eadige synt Jja eagan 
i fie geseoS j^a Sing l^e ge go-seoS ; 

24 SoSlice ic eow secge -p manega wite- 
gan J cyningas woldon geseon -p ge ge-seo|j 

(ini uiderimt ^ jjjg Yi^ ne gesawon. "} woldon gehyran f 
aetis, B. ge gehyraf. ^ hig hit ne gehyrdon ; 

25 Da aras sum se-glfew man. 7 fandode 
his "} cwseS ; Lareow. hweet do ic ■f ic ece 
Kf hffibbe ; 

26 Da cwfejj he to him. hweet is gewrit- 
en on jjEere te. hu rsetst f;u ; 

27 Da !lswarude he. lufa drihten finne 
god of ealre Jiinre heortan. 1 of ealre jjinre 
sawle. :i of eallum f mum mihtum "} of eal- 
lum J^inum msegene. "} j^inne nehatan swa 
Se sylfne ; 

oouli qui V 
dent quffi i 
uidetis. A. 
Beatl oouli 

2,0. A. synd. A. ajtid, A. heofeuuffi. 21. A. an- 

dette. A. B. C. heofenes. 22, A. synd, A. ys {with 
sy above; for ai). A. onwreon. 23. A. synd. 25, 

A. £e-g[eaw. 26. A. awryton. A, rseddest. 27. A. 
Jswaroda A. msegue. 

)" [Luke. 

20 Dah-hw£eSere ne blissie ge on jjam 
J)e eow sende gastes under-fiedde. Ge- 
blissieS p^i eower namen synden on heofene 

21 On l-are tide he on halgen gaste 
blissede 7 cwfeS. Ich andette pe feeder, 
drihten heofenes 7 eorSan. for-^an-fe pa 
|;as {jing wisen ] gleawen be-heddest. 7 Ht- 
lengen un-awruge. for-pam hit be-foran pe 
swa gelicode. 

22 Ealle Jjingm e synde fram mine fader 
ge-sealde. 7 namman nat hwilc is se sune 
buton se fseder. ne hwilc sye se feeder 
buton se sune, 7 se pe se sune hit un- 
awreon wile. 

23 l-^A cw3cS he to his leorning-cnihtonBeatiocn]! 

■ l-^A cwi 
y be-v 

I'e ge-seoS pa. ping pe ge ge-seoS. " 

24 SoSlice ich eow segge ffet manige' 
witegan 7 kynges wolden ge-seon psst ^D3t 
ge ge-seoS. 7 hi hit ne ge-seagen. 7 
wolden ge-heren Jjset ge ge-hereS 7 hi hit 
ne ge-herdon. 

25 Da aras sum eegleow man 7 fandede 
his 7 cwBeS. Lareow hw^t do ic pndt ich 
eche lif hsebbe. 

26 Da cwfeS he to him. hw^t is ge- 
writen on jjare lage. hu rtestdst {sic) fu. 

27 Da andswerede he. Lufe drihten 
]jinne god, on ealre jJinre faeorte. 7 on 
aire ])inre sawle. 7 on eallen Jjinen mihte. 
7 of eallen J^inen magene. 7 Jiine nehstan 
swa swa j^e sylfne. 

Various Headings. 

I, -liweSere; bliaaige; syct ; under-^eodde ; Ge-blis- 
; naman synt ; heofone. 21. halgum j for-Jjawi-jje ; 
m ; gleawnm behyddast ; lytlingum. 23. sint ; 

man; sy; Mer; un-awrean, 23. aynt; egan. 

manega ; cyngaa ; R. Jmb ^pmt once only ; hyo ; ge- 
m ; ge-hyraa ; ge-hyra* ; hyo ; ge-hyrdon. 25. 

" ': ece; habbe. 26. [jiere; » [/or lage]; 
27. Lufa; aiae ; of[/oron; 3 times]; ealra 

ymae heortan; eallmre jiinum mihtum; eallum. J>uiu)b 

maegene; sylfen. 

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Ghap. X.] 111. 

soSlice huoeSre Sis nallaS gie ge-feage fofSon se gasfees ittli undev-Sioded sint gefea« Sonne 

20 uermntamen hoc nolitc gaudere quia s^iritus uobis eubiciuntur gaudetc autera 

^te noma iuera awritteno sint on hcotnnm in Siera tid gefoade gaste lial*^e 

quod noraiaa uestra scribta suut in caelia 21 *In ipsa hora exultauit spmiu sancto * SLII. 

3 cuoeS ie ondeto Se feeder Ar'ibten. heofries 3 oovSes f te Su gehyddost Sas from snottrura 3 

et dixit coiifiteor tibi pater Nomine caeli et terrae quod abscondisti haec " ^^..;-.«t-;K.,„ ^* 

hogmw 3 Eed-eauades «a Sam lytlnwi soSlice la feeder forSon sute gelicade befo»-e Kec Alio 

prudentibwa et reuelasti ea paruulis etiam pater quia sic placuit ante te 22 *Omma * ll9-.i"- 

tne gesald sint from fedcr 3 neffinig wat huelc is auirn bnta se f^der 3 liuelc is so feeder buta 
inilii ti-adita sunt a patre et nemo scit qui sit iilius nisi pater et qui sit pater nisi 

se sunu 3 huram wcelle se sanii sed-eana 3 ym-wferlde to Sognimi liis cuoeS ea^^o 

filius et cui uoluerit films reuelare 23 *Et conuersus ad discipuloa suos dixit beat! * 130. n. 

'■ mt ossxim 

Sa ego *a8e geseaS SaSe geseas gie ic cuoeKo forSon iuh ^sto nienigo witgo waldon gesea 

oeuli qui uident quae uidetis 24 dico enim uobis quod multi prophetae uoluerunt uidere 

6a5c gio gcseaS 3 ne gosogon 3 ge-hera KaSe gie gelierdon-?gelisra5 1 no geherdon 
quae uos uidetis et nou uideruut ot audire quae auditis et non audierunt 

3 heono sum ies laruu aras ^ cnnnade Line 3 cuoeS lamu ■ hutedl'hu miS ded 

25 *Et ecce quidam legis peritus surrexit temtans eum et dicena magister quid faciendo • sun. 

lif See mieg ic bya i io agnago mffig so5 li[e] euoeS to liim in se hiired awritten ""^- '^"''■ 

uitam aeternam possidebo 26 at ille dixit ad eum in lege quid scribtum 

is liu leomas Su ho ondsuarede ciioeS lufa drilif^n god Kin of 

est quomodo legis 27 ille respondens dixit diliges domtnum deum tuum ex 

allra heorta 6itt 3 of allra sauele Sin 3 of aUujw ntffignum Siunwi J of alle Sohte Sine 3 
toto corde tuo et ex tota anima tua et ex omnibws uiribits tuis et ex onmi mente tua et 

Se neste Sin sua Sec seolfe 
proximum tuum sicut tdpsum 

[A leqf lott in the Eushwortli 5 

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28 pa cw^S he. rihte p\x 
do f. jioiine leofast pn; 

29 Da cv/iep he to pam h^Iende. 1 wolde 
hine sylfne geriht-wisian ; And hwylc is 
mill nehsta; 

30 Da cffsef? se hielend hine upbeseonde; 
Sum man ferde fram hierusalem to hierieho 
"} becom on Jia scea&n. j^ahinebereafodon; 
"} tintregodon hine. ;! for-Ieton hine sam- 

31 pa gebyrode hit -p sum sacerd ferde 
on fam ylcan wage ] Jia he f geseah be 
hine for-beh. 

32 "3 eall-swa se diacon. pa, he WJes wiS 
pB. stowe 1 -p geseah he hyne eac for- 

33 Da ferde sum samaritanisc man wi^ 
hine. )ja he hine geseah fa wearS he mid 
mild-heortnesae ofer hine astyred 

34 pa. genealeehte he ] wra^ his wunda ^ 
on-aget ele "i win. 7 hine on hys nyten 
sette ] gelsedde on bis ISce-hus. :i bine 

35 1 brohte o'&imn dsege twegei 
1 sealde pam leece. 7 fus cwseS 
hys. "} swa hwEet swa ^u mare to-gedest. 
fonne ic eume ie hit forgylde J»e ; 

36 Hwylc para jjreora pync'6 pe ■p sy jjses 
masg. pe on 'Sa sceaSan befeoll ; 

37 Da cwEeS he, Se ^e him mild-heort- 
nesse on dyde ; Da cwfel^ se hselend ga. 1 
do eall-swa ; 


28. B. 0. JswaiTidest. A. lyfast. 30. A. be-reafedon. 
A. om. 3 h^ore tintregodon. 31. A. gebjrede. A. for- 
beah ; B. C. forbieh. 32. A. eal-swa. A, deacon. A. om, 
eac. 33. A. myldheortnyaae. 34. A. on-geat; 0. 
agen (sic). A. win Z ele. A. aaette. A. geiacnode. 3E 
om. Ije. 3S. A. JiEera. A. Biff. 37. A. myldlieortnysse. 

2 [Ltob. 

28 Da cw£e^ be. rihte pxx andsweredest. 
do [jfet. fianne lefest pix. 

29 Da cwEeS he to fam heelende. 3 
wolde bine selfne ribtwisian. And bwilc is 
min nehsta. 

30 Da cw£c^ se bselend hine up be-seonde. 
Sum man ferde fram ierusalem to ierico. ? 
be-com on fam scaSan. pa hine be-reafeden, 
1 tintregedon bine 1 for-lfeten hine sam- 

31 pa ge-byrede hit. Jjfet sum sacerde 
ferde on |jan ylken weige. 1 pa he ffet ge- 
seah be bine for-beab. 

32 ] eall swa se diacone. f^a be wses 
wis pa stowe. 1 fjiet ge-seah he bine eac 

33 Da ferde sum samaritanisc man wi^ 
hine. Jja he hine ge-seah. )7a warS he 
mid mild-beortnysse ofer hine astyred. 

34 Da ge-nehlahte he "i wrad his wunden, 
XJron geafc ele "i win, 1 hine on bis neten 
sette. D ge-laedde on bis l^che-hus ] hine 

35 ] brohte o^ren daige twegen paneges 
"} sealde jjam Isece 7 fus cwreS. Begeam 
bis. 1 swa hwEet swa pM mare to ge-dest ; 
Jianne ich cume icb bit for-gelde pe. 

36 hwilc fare freora fined f e fjet syo 
ftes mfeg fe on fa scaSan be-feoll. 

37 Da cwteS he. se fe him mildheort- 
nysse on dsede. Da cwEe^ se bajlend ; ga 
1 do eal-swa. 


28. |io«ne leofast. 29. silfne; MaA. 30. Mend; 

be-reofoden; for-Ieten; sam-cwecne. 31. sacerd; f^am 

yican. 32. diacon. 33. wearB. 34. ge-nelilielite ; 

wraS ; wunda ; on-agoat ; nyten ; lace-. 35. oSrum 

ds^e ; pjenegea ; ic (fewe) ; for-gylde. 36. ))ara ; 
liyncB ; sceaJSan. 37. dyde. 

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Chap. X.] 113 

: cuoeS him rehtlice Su geond-suai-edes Sis d6 ■(ite 5u gelifige lio Sonne walde 

23 dixitque illi recte respondisti hoo fac et uiues 29 *llle autem uoleas " '^i 

gesoKfsestiga hine seolfne ciioeS to «EBin hf^lende 7 huelc is min 6e neestse ondfeng 

iustificare s^ipsum dixit ad ie^m et quis est meus prosimua 30 suscipiens 

«a se hsAmd cao^ -raoon sum adune astigade-l-cuom from hiej-^wa^^n* in Sser byrig 3 befoerde -t beciiom 
autem iesus dixit homo quidatn descendebat ab hiemsalem in hiericho et mcidit 

OD Sa Seafas Sa8e nutet^fe bereofadon hin 3 mi« wundum on-settenumfrom-foerdonhalf cwic-Hifi^ende fiwleten 
in latronea qui etiam deapoliauerunt et plagis impositis abiemnt aemi-uiuo relicto 

i sum foerde Sailca woego 3 geaene liino bi-wfer!de 

Ds quidam descenderet eadem uia ot uiso illo pra;tcriuit 

ongeKo 3 He diaoon miSBy wses neh * stou 3 gosege bine tf''* foerde s'wnarit wine f 

32 similiter et leuita cum esset seeus locum et uideret eum tran^iut 33 siini- 

is hseSinmonn 3a mmm geong J" fter of^r-eade cuom neh liim 3 goseh lime mi8 mdtheartJO' 

ritanus autem quidam iter transiens uenit secus eum et uidfus eum liiiSLiitoidit 

geeerred Wie3 1 ge-neolecde geband i^ wundo his to ■I'on-dKlde oele 3 win ^ 

motu3 est 34 et appropians alligauit uulnera eius iufundens oleum et uinum et 

gesctte hine on netne his Iscdde in leoe-hGs 1 gemnise hia dyde 7 

imponens ilium in iumentum suum dux it in stabulum et curam eiua egit 35 tt 

o^ero dsege forebrohte tuoege peud 3 salde Siemieoe* 3 coeS gemnise a»3 h»fe 1 

altera die protuKt duoa denarios et dedit atabulario et ait curam illius babe et 

■p suahused oier Su giuas ic raiBSy eft-cerro ic forgeldo Se huolc Sisra Sreana 

quod-cumq-Mg superei-ogaberis ego cum rediero reddam tibi 36 quis Iionim tiium 

is gesene^iSync^ «e se neesta woere Kseml-him seSe in-foevde on «a KaSeafas (sic) aoS he cuoeS 

uidetur tibi proximus fuisse illi qui incidit in latrones 37 at ille dixit 

seBe dyde f miltheartjiis on him 3 cuoeB him so hmlend gaa 3 5u d5o ongclio 
qui ' fecit misericordiam in ilium et ait illi iesus uade et td fae similiter 

[A leaf lost in the Ritshwortb MS.l 

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So^lice hit w£es geworden ])a 


' ferdon. se liEelend eode on sum 


gnra'S'^^ia. castel 1 sum wTf on naman martha onfeng 

eiiBteiiiDii. A, 39 7 fjEere swustur w£es maria seo eac 
^cet v/tS fs^s haslendes let 1 liis word ge- 
hyrde ; 

40 So|)iice martha geornhce himjjenode ; 
pa stod heo ] cwiep. drihten. nis pe nan 
caru -f min swustur let me ^nhpie f enian 
sege hyre ■f heo fylste me ; 

41 Da cwte]? se htelend. martha martha. 
georiifuU pu eart 1 embe fela pinga ge- 
drefed ; 

42 Ge-wiglice an j^ing is nied-behefc. 
maria geces J7£ene selestan deel se hyre ne 
byS afyrred ; 


1 CJ oSlice wms geworden fa he wfes on 
Kj sumere stowe hine gebiddende. 

pa )3a he geswac. him to cwffiS an his 
leorning-cnihta ; Drihten, ISr us. us ge- 
biddan. swa iohannes his leorning-cnihtas 
Ijerde ; 

2 Da cwEe]7 he to him. cwe^aS J?us. 
J)onne ge eow gebiddaS ; lire fEeder pn Se 
on heofone eart. si Jjin nama gehalgod to- 
cume fin rice. gewur'Se Sin willa on heo- 
fone "i on eorfan. 

3 syle us to-dseg urne dajg-hwamUcan 

Various Headings. 

38. A, insem aeo wks q/Ur wyf. m. A. swustov. 
iO. A, eornlice. A. awttater. A, sn-lypige ; B. C. Snljpie. 
41. A. geomfiil. A. ftela, 42. A. ii jd-behefe ; C. nied- 
beliefe or med-behefe {indistinct). A. ge-ceas, f-one. 

Cap. xi. 2. A. heofennm. A, sig. A. ge-weorSe. A, 


oSlice hit wass ge-worden fa hyo 
ferden se htelend eode on sum 
castel ^ sum wif on name martha on-feng 
hine on hire huse. 

39 1 fare swuster wres Marie seo eac 
sffit wis fas hfelendes fet. "i his word ge- 

40 SoSUce martha geornlice him f enode. 
Da stod hyo !l cwffiS, drihten nis fe nan 
care f^et min swuster ]ffit me anlepige 
f enian. sege hire f set hyo felste me. 

41 Da cwasS se haslend ; martha martha 
geornfull f u art 1 emb fele f inge ge-dref- 

42 Ge-wishce an f ing is neod-be-hefe ; 
marie ge-cheas Jeanne stelesten dael se hire 
ne beoS afirred. 


1 CJoSlice w£es ge-worSen fa he wms 
K3 on summer stowe hine be- biddende. 

fa fa he ge-swac. him* to cwasS an ■ his 
leorning-cnihten. Drihten Iser us. us to 
ge-biddan. swa iohannes his leorning- 
cnihtes Iferde. 

2 fa cwa3S he to heom. cweSed fus 
f anne ge eow ge-biddaS, Ure fteder f u f e 
on heofene eart syo fin name ge-haleged. 
to-c\ime fin rice. ge-worSe fin wille on 
heofene 1 on eorSe. 

3 syle us to-daig urne daig-hwamlicne 

Variom Readings. 

38. ferdon; halend; '"naman. S.t. maria; haleudes. 

40. earv; swustor let; renlj-pige; heo fjiste. 4i, ha- 
lend ; eart ; embe fela ^m^ 42. nied- ; maria ge-ches 
fioiine selestau dfel ; b;S. 

Cap. xi. 1. sumere; on; leoning-cnihtan {sic); Vi. om. 
to afier «a ; ge-bidden ; -enihtana {sic). 2. cweSaS ; 

)ionne; heofon; ge-halgad; ge-\viir6e; heofane; eorSan. 
3. di^-hwamlican. 

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Chap. X.] 115 

awordeii wees 6a mi82y foerdon 3 he in-oade in aumme woerc 1 wif 

38 * Factum est autem dum irent et ipso mtrauit in quoddam castellum et rnuliei' ' XLIIII, 

sum oSero marSa wks geiiemned genom hine in hus liire 

quaedam martha nomiae excopit ilium in doraum suan 

ria Sio nutedlice gesjett sett fotujre drihlnes geherde word 6^s ir his 

nomine maria qiiae etiam eedens secus pedes domini. audiebat uerbum illius 

Sonne wel dyde ^b oft embehte Sio astod 7 coeS Anhtm no 

40 martha autem satagebat circa frequena minister iura quae stetit et ait domme non 

is Se gctnnise ^ite soest^ min forleort mec ana geemhehta cuoeS forSon hir -pte fultnme ■!■ gehel^je 
est tibi curae quod soror mea reliquit me solam miaistrare die ergo illi ut adiuuet 

mec 3 ondimrde cuoeS hir ae drihfew geonifuU -Y arS 3 «u bist astyrcd 

mc 41 et respondens dixit illi dommwa martha martha soUicita es et turbaria 

ymh 3a menigo soSlice-l' an is nedSarf-tbeAoflie gecoren da;! geeeas 

circa plurima 42 porro unum est neceasarium mariam (sic) optimam patrem (sic) elegit 

Sio ^^ 6a lie hiS gemimcn from Lir 
quae non auforetur ab ea 

. ' awordeii w^s mi««y were in stowe mmre gebiddende fte gehlanu cuoeS an of 
1 ET Factum est cum esset in loco quodam orans ut cessauit dixit unus ex '* XLU. 

123. a. 

Segnum his to him drihtm Iser usih f we gebidde sua 3 geterde Segnaa his 

, ,„.,,„„ .. gy^g ad eum domme doce noa orare sicut ot iohannes docuit discipulos suos 

B gebiddaS cHoeSa,6 fader gehalgad sic noma Sin to-cymreS ric 

oratis dicite pater sctjiciificetur nomen tuum adueniat regnum 

hlaf userne djeg-hiiEemlico sel ns ^huele drege 
3 panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis cotidie 

38. .... oSer wies . . . nemncd g^nom hine in hua hire 39. 3 Siaaer webs sweater nemned aio 8e 

gissett a3t fotum drihines giherde word Siea 40 Sonne wel dyde ymb oft emhihte 3io stod 7 cvnaS 

drihten ue is gemniase «e Sastte sweater min for-leorfc mec ana giemhitta cwreK for«on hir fte mec hiele 4- 

falleste me ^ 41. ondsworade cwieS him «e h^lend geom-M is 5 Su bist aatyred forSon monige 

42. soislice an is ned-Sarf -i-bi-hoefe Bonne gicoren dsel giceos Sio ne biS ginumen tvom hir 

Cap. XL 1. J aworden wses miSSj were on stowwe sumre gibiddende '(■be giblann cwieS an of Sognum his 
to him drihten Isr mec -J usih Sret we gibidde 8wa...lferde Segnas his 2. 3 cwieS him miSSy gibiddas 

cweoaas fseder user aeSe is on heofnnm gilialgad biS noma Sin to-cyme* rice Sin sie willa Sin sie swa 
on heofiie 5 on eorSo 3. hlaf iMeme dfflg-hwjemlice sel us to dtege 

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4 D forgyf us ure gyltas. swa we forgy- 

faS Eelcum fara pe wiS us agylta^. !l ne 

ked Jm us on costunge. ac alys us fram 


' Di8 Bceai to . 5 Da cwfej) he to him ; * Hwylc eowor 

l^gl t^OT h^efS sumne freond. "i g£ej) to midre nihte 

ue&nhTbe. *^o ^^"^^ ' *^'''^^ ^^ ^^"^ ! ^a freond Iten me 

bit amioum. J,jy hlafaS. 

6 For-fam mm freond com of wege to 
me. 1 ic nsebbe hwtet ic him to-foran leege ; 

7 And he J^onne hi)ji fua ^swarige. ne 
beo fu me gram nu min duru is belocen. 1 
mine cnihtas synt on reste mid me. ne 
mfeg ic arisan nu 1 syllan Jje ; 

8 Gyf he Jjonne ]3urh-wuna^ cnucigiende, 
ic eow secge gyf he [ne] arist 1 him syV6 
])onne forj^am pe he his freond ys. Jieah- 
hwEBjiere for hys onhrope he arist 1 syVS him 
hia neode ; 

9 And ic eow secge. biddaS. T eow 
by^ seald. seca^. T ge findaS. cnuciaS. 
7 eow by^ untyned. 

10 Eelc ji'ara \>e bitt onfeh^. 1 se 'Se secS 
he fint. T cnuciendum byS untyned ; 

11 Hwylc eower bitt his feeder hlafes. 
segst pu sjVS he him stan. oSSe gif he 
byt fisces sylS he him needdran for fisce. 

12 oS^e gyf he bit teg. segst pu. vssc'6 
he him scorpionem. ■f is an wyrm-cynn. 

13 Witodlice gyf he (sic) ponne }je synt 
yfele cunnun syllan gode syleue eowrum 
bearnuj/iswamycelema eower feeder of heo- 
fone syl^ godne gast |7am pe hyne biddaS ; 

4. A. Jiffira. A. B. 0. agylt. A. costHunge. 5. A. 

Hwylc mth large blue H, with rttbric b^ore it. A. myd- 
dre. 7- A. Jswaria A. cnjlitas, with the ghss -l" cnapa 
above. A. synd. 8. A. cnaciende. k. B. C. and Corp, 
idl omit ne. A, -hwseiSre. 0. syld, 9, A. ge-seaid. A. 
ontyned. 10. A. (jjera. B. C. cnueigendum. A. ontyned. 
11. A. bytt(iM!i'ce). A. n^dran. 12. A.bytt A.wjrm- 
cyiin, icith the gloss . i . Jirowend aboee. 13. A. B. C. ge 
\for bcV A. syiid. A. cunnon. A. on heofeiium. 

! [Luke. 

4 3 for-gyf us ure geltes swa we for- 
gyfa'S selcen ]jare pe wiS us agylteS. "i ne 
Ised Jju us on costnunge. ac alys us fram 

5 Da cwsbS he to heom. Hwilc eowre 
hafed sumne freond ] g£e^ to middre nihte 
to him. T cw^S to hym. La freond Isen 
me Jreo hlafes, 

6 for })an min freond com of weige to me. 
] ic nsebbe hwsefc ic him to-foran legge. 

7 -35nd he liim Jeanne ])us andswerige. 
ne beo pw. me gram nu min dure is be-cosen. 
H mine cnihtes synde on reste mid me ne 
maig ich arisan im ] siUen Se. 

8 Gyf he Jjanne purh-wuned cnokigende ; 
ic eow segge gyf be arist 1 him sylleS ; 
Jjanne for pax\. pe he his freond is, J)eah- 
hwEeSere for hys on-rope he arist "} sylS him 
his neode. 

i) A.nd ich eow segge bydda^. 1 eow 
beoS seald. seeheS 1 ge findaS. cnokieS 
] eow beo^ un-tynd, 

10 -^Ic Jiare ])6 bitt on-fehS. "^ se pe 
secS he hnt. "] cnokiende byS un-tyned. 

11 Iiwilc eower bit his fader hlafes. 
segest J)u seld he him stan. cr&Se gyf he 
bit iissces syl^ he him nseddren for fissces, 

12 oSSe gyf he hym bytt aig. segst pu 
reecd he him scorpionem jJtet is an werm- 

13 Witodlice gyf ge Jjanne Jie synt yfele 
cunnan syllan gode sylene eowren bearnen ; 
swa micele ma eower fader of heofene sylS 
godne gast Jtam pe hine biddaS. 

Various Headings. 
4. gyltas ; releum liara ; agyltaS. 5. hsefS ; frond 
gaS ; owes ; hkfas. 6. for-Jjam. 7- K"ne ; duru 
becosen ((w in H.) ; cnihtas synt ; mseg ic ; sillan. 8 
jjonne )>iirh-wunaS cnueygende; gif he aiist (a* in H.) 
aylis Jponne; -hweSere. 9. ic; byS; aecaS; enucyaS; un 
tyued. 10. jiara; bidt; cmiciende. 11, fseder; segat 
sjlS ; fysccs ; fiaees, 12. R, om. hym ; bit ^ ; rsecS 
wjTm-cyn. 13, |)onne; eowrara bearnum ; heofone. 

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Chap. XL] 117 

3 forgef U8 gynna usra gif festlico tec we foJ-gefics egliuele seyldge us* D 

4 et dimitte nobis peccata nostra si quidem et ipsi dimittimus omni debenti nobis ot * iove^u.^ 

repeated here 
by mistaki:. 
ne naic onted 8u in costungo 3 ciweS to him+i5£em suahuolc iuer hsebbe^rliiefeS friond 

ne nog inducas in temtationem 5 • Et ait ad illos quis uestrum habebit amicum ' ^LUl. 

^ 12-1. [x], 

3 gaeS to liim ted middemEeht 1 cuoeKes him la freond lih + scl me Sreo Alafas forSon 

et ibit ad ilium media noctc et dicit illi dmice eoinmoda mihi tres panes 6 quoniam 

3 no haifiG ^te ic sette bofora Iiino 7 he 

et non liabeo quod ponam ante ilium 7 et ille 

of irane cuoeS ntello Su me woode'l'heftg wosa forSon 8e dura beloceen is 3 encehtas mino 
de intus dicat noli mihi molestus esse iam ostium clausum oat et pueri mci 

mec mis sint in cotto nc inrege ic arisa 3 sealla Se ic 

inecum sunt in cubili non possum snrgere et dare tibi 8 

him ariseis foj-Son friond his biS fore acendlaJ'scending^'gioriiise hiioe«re his arises 3 

ilU surgena eo quod amicus eius sit propter inprobitatem tamen eius surget et 

selciS him ^te hrefoS ned-Sarfom-tbehofiice 3 ic iuh cuoeSo giuia* 7 geiiald bi3 iuh 

dabit illi quod babet necoasarios (sic) 9 *Et ego nobis dico petite et dabitur nobis " 123. i;. 

aoeeaS 3 gio gemoetaX cnyllsaB 3 untyned his iuh eghuelc forSon sei5e giuiaS onfoaS 

quaerite et inuenietia pukate et dperietur nobis 10 omnia enim qui petit accipit 

J seSe soeca« gemoetaS 3 Ssem cnylsanda mityned hueic Bouhb of iuh Bone fader giiieS 

et qui quarit inuenit et pulsanti aperietur 11 quis autem ex nobis patrem petit 

htaf hueSer atan seleX him i gif fiac huoSer fore fisc iiedra soIleS him 

panem num-quid lapidom dabit illi aut si piscera num-qnid pro pisce serpeutem dabit illi 

i gif ginaS f £eg hueSer rseceS ]iim scorpion gif forSon iuih miSSy gio biSoii 

12 aut si petlerit ouum nnm-quid porrigit. illi scorpionem 13 si ergo nos cum sitis 

jflo wataS gie g6do eellendo gesealla sunum laetutn mara woen faeder inor of hcofnum aellaS 
mail nostis bona data dare filiis uostris quanto magis pater u ester de caelo dabit 

gast god giuenduwi t biddenda 

spiriiHin bonuoi peteutibiis tt' 

4. 3 for-gef us syime use sw<i fa-atlioc 3 ec he -5 we fur^eofas t^hneloe scylde user 3 ne usih on-l;ed Bu in 
costuQge ah afria usiU from jfle 5. 3 civaiS to Sasm hwolc lower haifcS freond 3 gisS to him ret midder 

nseht 3 cweSes him la freond lih-Vsel me Srw hiafas 6. forSgn. freond com minn of woege to me 3 ne 

hafo ic hwcet ic sette -t lecce fora hine 7. 3 he of iune ond-sworade cwfeX nelle 5a me mueSo ■t lielig 

wosa furfcou Se dura bilocen is 3 onseht min mec miS sint in cote ne mteg ic arisa 3 sella Se 8. 3 

ic ewcSo iow 3 gif ne aellas him arises foj-Son Ssette freond his biS scendla [i] gioniisse hweSre freondes his 

arises 3 solcB liim Siet Siette biefeS Sa ned-Sarfe -t bihoefe 9. 3 heono ic cweSo iow giowigas 3 said MS iow 

soecaS 3 ge gimoetaS cnyllaS 3 ontyned biS iow 10. eghnelc foiSun seSe giowaS onfocS 3 seSc soeceS 

gimoeteS 3 Seem ciiyllende ontyned biS 11. hwelc forSon of iow sucu Sone feeder giowaS hlaf hweSer 

Stan seleS i gif fisccs hwoSer fore flsce nedre aelefe him 12. i gif giowaS Siet seg hweSre ra;ceS him 

scorphion 13. gif forSon iowih miSSy ge MoSon yfle wutaS godo seUende snnnm iowrmn mara woen is 

fieder lower of heofiie aeleS gast godno gionendiiM'1'biddendiiM him 

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Disgod-spei 14 T7\^ ^^^^ se liEelend ut-adrifende 
Poiie'^jddoii JL-' sume deofol-seoenysse. !l seo wtes 

in^'iBM? dumb ; And pa he ut-dr5f pa, deofol-seoc- 
teue. Erat nesse pa sprsec se dumba. 1 ]ja menego 
iiemomiim. wundredon ; 

1 5 Sume cwSdon on bel-zebub deofta 
ealdre be ut-adrifS J;a deofol-seocnessa ; 

16 And sume his fandodon "i gyrndon of 
heofone tacnya of him ; 

17 Da he geseah hyra ge^ancas he cwseS ; 
JElc rice on hyt sylf to-daaied byS. towor- 
pen ] -f bus ofer -jJ bus fealS ; 

18 Gyf aatanas is todteled on bine sylfne. 
hu stent bis rice, ior-pam-pe ge secgaS -f 
ic on bel-zebub deofol-seocnessa ut-adrife ; 

19 Gif ic on bel-zebub deofla ut-drife. on 
hwam ut-adrifaS eower beam, forjjam big 
beo^ eowere deman ; 

20 Gemslice gif ic on godes fingre deofla 
ut-adrife, eallunga godes rice on eow be- 

21 Donne se stranga gewaspnud bis ca- 
fertun gehealt. ponne beoS on sibbe pa 
Sing pe he ah ; 

22 Gyf ponne strengra ofer bine cymS. 
1 hine ofer-winS. ealle his wfepnu pe lie 
on truwude be him afyrS. "} to-daalj) bis 
here-reaf ; 

£3 So J^e nis mid me se is ongen me; 
And se pe ne gaderaS mid me. se hit to- 
atret ; 

Varimis Readings. 

14. A. deofel- (tmee). A. mEenigeo. 15. A. deofel- 
scoenjssa. 16. C. is [/or his]. A. fandedon. A. heo- 
fene tacnea. 17. A. heora. A. inserts 3 hqfore to-worpen, 
A. fealleS. IS. A. atynt. A. deofeiseoenysaa. 19. A. 
deoflu ut adryfe. A. B. C. eowre [for eowero]. 21. A. 
ge-wsepneda (sic). 2% A. ofer-swyS ; B. C. ofer-swiS, 
A. eall. A.truwode. 23. A. on-gean. 



A wfes se hfelende ut-adrifende 
sume deofel-seocnysse. 1 seo webs 
dumb. And pa. be ut-adraf pa. deofel- 
seocnisse. pa, sprgec se dumbe. "} Jia manega 

15 Sume cwte^en on beelzebub deofle 
ealdre be ut-adraf pa, deofel-seocnysse. 

16 And sume his fandedon "} geornden of 
beofene tacnys of him. 

17 Da be ge-seah heora pances be cw^eS. 
^Ic rieo on hit sylf to-dtelod by'S to-worpen. 
1 pSBt bus ofer pmt hus fald. 

18 Gif satanas is to-daeled on hine sylfne 
hu stent his rice for-San-]5e ge seggeB piet 
icb on beelzebub deofel-seocnysse ut-adrife. 

19 Gyf ich on beelzebub deofle ut-adrife. 
on bwam ut-adrifeS eowre beam. for-San 
hyo beoS eowre deman. 

20 Ge-wislice gyf ic on godes fingre 
deofle ut-adrife ; ealle godes rice on eow 

21 Panne se strange ge-WEepned his cEe- 
fertun ge-healt. Jjonne beo^ on sibbe pa, 
ping pe he abS. 

22 Gyf Jtanne strengre ofer hine cym^, 
"} bine ofer-swiS ; ealle his weepne ])e he on 
truwede be hym afyrS. ] to-dffii'S his here- 

23 Se pe nis mid me. be is on-gen me. 
And se ne gadered mid me ; se hit to-stret. 

Various Readings. 

14. halend ; deofol- ; deofol- ; dumba ; menega wandre- 
don. 15. cwffidon; bolzebiib deofla ealdrje; adrifS; 

deofol-. 16. ^nd; fandodon; gyradon; heofone. 

17, Ele; fealS. 18. to-dseled; secgaS; ic; belzebub 
deofol-, 19, ic; ut-drife; eowra; byS. 20. callnn(s!c); 
bo-cymS. 2!. Donne; ge-halt; hai [/oc abS]. 22. 
fionne. 23. ongean ; iEnd ao Se ne gaderaJS. 

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Chap. XI.] 119 

3 wics worpende diowbles 3 f Wies dumb 1 miJSSy aworpe ^ diowl spreeend 
14 *Et erat eiciens daemoninm et illud erat mutum ct cum eicissefc dsemonium locutus "j|^^I^' 

Wios se dumb 3 awiindrade weron Sa mcnigo siime Son of Ssem cuoedon 

est mutua et ammiratac sunt turbae lo *Quidain aiitcm ex eis dixerunt in "beelzcbulj " 127. ii. 

on JSoiie aldos: diotda aworpeS diowlaa "i oSoro coatadon bccon of heofne aohton 

prmcipem daemonionim eicit daemonia 16 *Et alii tcmtaiites signum de caclo quaerebant " laa n. _ 

from him he Ka f te gesEeh smeawung'aa hiora ouoeS him eghuelc ric in him aeolfwrn 

ab eo 17 *IPse autem ut uidit cogitationes eorum dixit eis omne regnum in se ipso ^J^^^^^j 

to-dasled to-alitten biS I Itus on-ufa has falleS gif Sonuc : sc wiSerwoj-da In bine seolfne 

diuisum desolatur et domus supra domum cadet 18 si autem et aatanas m ae ipsiim 

to-dreled WKS huu stondeS ric his fo»-8on gie cuoeSas , , , , gewoipa mec diowblas 

diuisua est quomodo stabit regnum eius quia dicitis m beekebub eicere nie daemoma 

gif ionne io m aworpo diowlas suno iucro on Imon aworpeS forSon gie^Sallco 

19. si autem ego in beelzebub eicio daemonia iilii uestri in quo ciciunt ideo ipai 

doerao luero hi«on soSlice gif on fliiger godes ic aworpo diowblas MnUdlice fore-eymeS in iuih 

indices uestri eruni 20 porro si ia digito dei eicio daemoma profecto prae-uemt m uos 

rfc godes piS-Sj se stronga woepen-berend gehealdaS ceafertun bis in sibb biSon 8a SaSe 

regnum dei 21 cum fortis armatus cuatodit Atrium suum in pace sunt ea quae 

gif ionm biK strongra him so ofeJ-cymmeiidgebinclea*f(»-e-cymeS hine alia wocpeno 

22 si autem fortior illo superuenicns uicerit eum uniuersa arma 

bis genimeS on Sasm gelcfde 3 reafo liia todselde se3e ne is mec miS 

■eius auferet in quik^ coiifidebat et apolia eius distribuit 23 qui non est mecum 

wis mec is ? soSc no somnigaS mec miS to-3i 

adueiaum me est et qui non coUigit mecum dispergit 

14 3 WEes worpende diowhs J i«t Wfps dumdbi (su) 3 mi45y aworpe Set di wul «pieoende wes Se dumla 
3 awundrade werui Sio mengu 16 alio i siu e Sonne of S*m telS cwedun m belae^wf on Sone aldoi 

diowla aworpas Si diowlas IS 7 fSie costidm 1 ecim ^' tacon sohtnn of heo&ium frou him 17 he 

Si -lite gisdh Bme inge hion cweS him ej,liwelc iice m 1 im aylfum todaeled toshten biS 3 bus oterufa Iiuae 
fallefc 18 g f Sonne 3 Se wiKeiwoida sataii ^Wdlp in liini s Ifum to-d^elei wtes huu atoudeS nee his 

foiSon ge cweoSai giworpa di wlas 10 aimo lowie of hwoa aworpeS forSon Sj, ilco doemu lowre 

lioSoa "0 soSI ce gif on filial goles ic woipo diowh^ wutulbce forecumaS m lowili ru.e godes 

2i mS*y Se atunga wependbeieid ghaldaS cfefer tun his in sbbe b uSon Si SiSe aniigiS "' gif 

Sonne itioUnia 1 im oter cymes gibinie -t fDr yme hue ■ille wo^eno his giume'^ on Stem gilefde 3 re f 1 s 
to-d¥l(,B 23 aeSe ne is mec miS tuS mec is 3 seSe ne somnaS mei, miS to atreglea 

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24 Bonne se un-cljena gast gseS of fam 
men. lie gfc^ furh un-wseterie stowa reste 

i "} nane ne gemet ponne cwyS lie ; 
Ic gewende eft to mmum liuse pe ic of 

25 1 Jieenne he cymS. he hit gemet £ein- 
tig raid besmum afeormod ; 

26 ponne gseS he :i nimS seofan oSre 
gastas wyrsan ponne he :i ingaS. 1 far card- 
ial, ponne synt Jjgea mannes endas wyrsan 
Jiam Eerrum ; 

27 SoBhce w^es geworden )?a he 'Sis seeds, 
sum wif him to cwxp; Eadig is se innoS 
1)6 ])e beer. "2 J)a breost J)0 ^a suce ; 

28 Da cwseS he. eadige synt 5*^ ^^ 
godes word ge-hyraS 7 -p ge-healdaji ; 

29 "T^a hyra manega to-gEedere comon 
J--' he cw^p to him ; Deos cneorys 

is manfall cneorys. heo secS tacen. "i hyre 
ne bis nan geseald buton lonan tacen ; 

30 Swa swa iona \v£es tacen niniuetum. 
swa biS mannes sunu tacen jjisse cneorisse ; 

31 SuS-dasles cwen arist on dome mid 
])isse cneorysse mannmw- 7 genySeraS hig 
forj^am pe heo com of eorSan endum to ge- 
hyranne salomones wisdom ; And efne jjes 
is mara ponne Salomon ; 

32 Niniuetisce men arisaji on dome mid 
fisse cneorysse 1 genySeriaS hig, for-|!am 
pe hig dced-bote dydon. set ionam bodun- 
ge. 1 pes is mara ponne iona ; 

Various Headings. 
24. A. un-wa;tcrige. 25. A. Jioiuie. 
C. seofoii. A. synd. 28. A. synd. 
32. A. 3 ionan [for tut ionam]. 

I, A. seofen ; 
I. A, manful. 


24 panne se un-clEene gast ggeS of pam 
men ; he g^S purh un-wreterie stowe reste 
secende, ] nane ne ge-mett, panne cwe^ 
he. Ic wende jeft to minen huse pe ich 
of eode. 

25 1 panne he kymS he hit ge-mett 
emtig mid hesme afermed. 

26 panne geeS he "! nymS seofan o^re 
gastes wirsan panne he. 1 in-gseS 7 pajr 
eardieS. panne synt pas mannes rendes 
werse panne pam earren. 

27 SoSlice WEBS ge-worSen pa he pis 
saigde ; sum wif him to cwsi'6. Eadig is 
se innoS pe pe b^er. 7 pa breost pe pu suke. 

28 Pa cwseS he. Eadige sinde pa pe 
godes word ge-hereS 1 past ge-healdeS. 

29 T^A hyra manega to-gadere coman 
J he cwegS to heom. peos cneoris 

is manful cneoris ; he seed taken 7 hire ne 
beoS nan ge-seald buton lonas taken. 

30 Swa swa iona w£es taken Niniueten 
swa beoS mannes sune taken pise cneorisse. 

31 Sud-dale cwen arist on dome mid 
pise cneorisse mannen 7 ge-nySere^ hyo 
for-San hyo com of eorSan endum to ge- 
heren Salomones wisdom, ^nd efne pes 
is mare panne Salomon, 

32 Niniuetisce men arised on dome mid 
pisse cneornisse. 7 ge-ne-^eriaS hyo. for- 
pan pe hyo deadbote dyden, tet Ionan 
bodegunge. 1 pes is mare panne jona. 

Various Headings. 
24. Donne; ge«j gaS; ge-met; fOMne cwyS; eft; 
milium ; ic. 23. Jjoiine ; cymiB ; ge-met ; afeormod- 

26. Donne; jionne; eardiaS; ^onne; \>sss; endas wlrsun • 
)jonne ; earrnm. 27, ge-worden ; sfegde ; suce. 98. 
BadigsinSjge-hyraS. 29. msenegaj manfull; secStacen; 
byt5j lonan tacen. 30, tacen niniuetmw ; l>i5; tacen jsiase. 
31. SiiS-dEelea ; Jiy^e; maiinum; ge-iiereime ; jjonne. 32, 
arisaS ; cneorisse ; ge-niSeriaS ; lonan bodunge ; (lowno. 

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.Chap. SI] 121 

™,'^^y ^® uucliene gaaat ge-eodo feom «Dem meiin Sorh-oode -ir gSS Serh stowa w^terleasa 

24 *Ciim immundus spintus exierit de iiomine perambukt per loca iimquosa ' 

soBcencIe + sohte rsest 3 ue gemoete cuoeS eft ic cerro In hua min Sona ic foerde 

quaerens requiem et non inuenicns dicit rouertar in dotnum meani. unde cxiui 

5 iiiiSSy cwome gemoete miS besmujw geclEenead 
25 et cuoi uenerit inueuit scopis mundatam 

soofono ottoro gaastas wohfullre Mm 1 in-foerdon geliydon 6er 3 woeron 5a endo inonnea 

septem alios spiritos (sic) nequiores s^ et ingresai habitant ibi et sunt nouisaima hominis 

'JSsea wMyrso Stem mvtnm awordei 

illius peiora prioribus 27 *Factun: 

sum wif of atem here cuoeS him eadig wombi-hrif seSe Sec gobser 3 aa tittoi'Sa hreoato 

qufedam mulier de turba dixit illi beatua uenter qui t^ port-auit et ubera 

Xa 8u gediides soS he cuoeS alluncga suse hit hia eadgo biSon SaSe geheTaS word godea 3 

quae suxisti 28 at ille dixit quippini beati qui audiunt uerbum dei ct 

gehaldas hergiura Sa efne-Iornendum ongaim coeSa eneoreso 8ioa cneoreso woh-fuU 

custodiunt 29 ''Turbia autem concurrentibits coepit dicere generatio haec generatio nequam * 132. v. 

is becon soocaS 7 becon ne biS said hiin buta becon ionea.i.Sies witgo forton auEe 

est signum quaerit at signum non dabitur illi nisi aigniim ionae 30 nam sicut 

wscs becon Scere hm-ge sua; biS : sunu monnes eneoreso 8issu»ft coen 

ionas . fuit signum nincuitis ita erit et filing hominis generationi isti 31 regiua 

auS-omeea •!■ su8-d£elea ariseS on d5m miS weram cneoreso Sissoa 7 gehencS hia forSon 

a[u]strL surget in iudicio cum uiris generationis huina et condemnahit illos quia 

cnom from gemajrum eov8ea to goheranne snyttro . „ 

uenit 4 ftnibus ten-ae audbe sapientiam aalomonis et i; 

Seer hyHg arisa^S on dome miS cneoreso Bios 1 hia geiienaS Ba ilea forSon hreonise 

nineuitae surgent in iudicio cum generatione hac et condemnabunt illaiu quia paenitentiam 

dydon to bod 3 heono mara ^ Ses' 

egerunt ad praedicationem ioiiEe et ecce plus iona hie 

24. mi5t>y &e unckeiie gast gieode from Sa-m men «crh-eode -? g*« Serb stoive wiPter-leaao soccende ireste 3 
ne gimoette owseJS eft ie cerre in hus min fcona ic ccrde 25. 3 miBSy ic come ic gimoeto miS biaeiium (s»'c) 

giclisnsad . . . 28. 3 5a code 3 giiiom J' onfeng siofono oSre gastas woh-fulra him 3 infoerdun gibyedun 

Ser 7 6or werun Jende nioimes 6a!S wyrsa Seem ferrum 27. aworden wtes Sonne miSSy Sas ^cwieS ahof 

Sa stefne smu nif of Srem herge cwecB him eadig womb Ho6e Sec gibter 3 Sa tito i Sa breost Sa isu 
deSedes 2S. aoS he cwseS to him .... eadge bioSon SaSe giheraS word godea 3 gilialdes 99. hergum 

Sa iomendum ongan cweoSa cneoreswe Sios cneoreawe woh-ful is becun soeccS J becnn ne biS said him buta 
becmi ionea Sses witga SO. forSon swa ionas becun wres Scere burge awa biS 3 aunu monnes cueoreawa 

Sisanni 31. cwoen suSerne ariseS on dome miS wcorum eneoresivo Siaser 3 giheneS hia forSon com 

from gimierum eorSo to giheraime snjtro . , , . 3 heono mara salamon Sea 32, weoras in Seer bjrig 

arisaS on dome miS cneoreswmii Sios 3 hite giheraS Sailco forSon hreownisae dydon to bibuda iones 3 hoono 

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33 Ne on-Eelj? nan man his leoht-fet 1 
sett on diglum. ne under bydene ac ofer 
candel-stsef. -p Sa pe In-ga^ leolit geseon; 

34 Din eage is Jjines licliaman leoht-faat ; 
Gif l^in eage biS hluttor Sonne biS eall J^in 
Hchama beorht ; Gif hit hj'6 deorc. eall 
|iin Hchama byS fiystre ; 

35 Wama -p f leoht pe Se on is. ne syn 
fysfcru ; 

36 Gyf fin lichama eall biS beorht and 
nsef]) nanne d^l jjystra panne byS he eall 
beorht. "i pe on-lyht swa -f leoM-fet ]7Ees 
lig-rsesces ; 

37 Pa bced hine sum fariseise man -p he 
£ete mid him 7 he ineode "i sset ; 

wTara'ote'' 38 Da ongan se fariseisca on him smea- 

Bo^'^tiT" ^^" -' *'W6^^^ > Hwi he ge-jjwogen nsere £er 

qnidam jiai-i- bis gereorde ; 

dereUpuTsc. 39 Da cwEeS drihten to him nu ge farisei 
■f ute is calices !i disces geclsensiaS -p eow 
innan is. f is full reaf-lace unriht-wis- 
nesse ; 

40 La dysegan hu ne worhte -p -p inne is. 
se Se worhte -p ute is. 

.41 peah-hw£e|?ere -p to lafe is syllaS fel- 
messan Jionne bee's eow eaUe piiig clfene ; 

42 Ac wa eow fariseum ge pe teoJjiaS 
mintan 7 riidan. 1 selce wyrte 1 ge for-bugaS 
dom 7 godes lufe; fas phig eow 
to donne. 7 fa ping ne for-lffitan 


37. A. phariseisc. 38. A. pliariaeisca. A, smeageaii. 
A. Hwig. A. ge-)iwagen. 39. A. pharisei. A. jnnc 

[/or innan]. A. reaflacea. A, imryhtwysnysae. 40. B. 
C. worht [2/id time only]. 41. A. Eelmyssan. 42. A. 

2 [Luke. 

33 Ne on-Eel^ nan man his leoht-fett 
7 sett on diglen. ne under bedene. ac 
ofer candel-stef. J)£efc lie inga'S leoht ge- 

34 pin eage is fines lichames leoht-fset. 
Gif fin eage beo'S hluttor ; panne beoS eall 
pin lichame briht. Gif hit beoS deorc ; 
eall fin lichame beoS f eostre. 

35 Warne pa)t f leoht f e pe on is ; ne 

36 Gif fin lichame eall beoS breoht; 7 
nisfd nsenne dtel f eostre ; fanne beo^S he 
eall breoht. 1 f e on-liht swa f aet leoht-fset 
pas Isegrgesces. 

37 Da b33d hine sum fariseise man fast 
he ^te mid him. 7 he in-eode 7 stett. 

88 Da on-gan se fariseisce on him smea- 
gen 7 ewEeSan. Hwi he ge-fwogen n^re 
Ecr his ge-reorde. 

39 Da cwEeS drihten to him. nu ge 
farisei f set ute is calices 7 disces ge-cItensieS 
■p eow innan is. fsefc is ful reaflake 7 un- 

40 La desige hu ne worhten {sic) -p f 
inne is. se fe worhte f£et ute is. 

41 feah-hwa'Sere p£et to lafe is sellaS 
Eelmessan fanne beoS eow ealle f ing cliene. 

42 Ac wa eow fariseum ge f e teo'Sia'S 
mintan 7 rudan 7 selce wirte. 7 ge for- 
bugeS dom 7 godes lufe. pas fing eow ge- 

to donne. 7 fa firag ne foi'-l^ten. 

Various Headings. 

33. -fct; aet; diglum; -atsef; E-. inserts Jia before pe. 
34. byS lutter {lonne byS; breoht; byS; Jiystre. 35. 
aya [jystra. 36. iichaina ; niefS ; );y5tra jjoirne byS ; 

ete ; R, om. 2nd he ; sett. 38. 
cweSaii. 39. pharisei; ge-olasn- 
reaflaee. 40. dyaegan; worhte (twice). 41. 

syllaS ; Jjonne. 42. ge-bjrocto j for-lfeton. 

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Ohjp. XI.] 123 

ne eenig Sseccilla gelienia'S 3 in degolniso aetteS ne under mitto ah on-ufa Icht- 
33 *Nemo lucema accendit et in abscondito ponit neqwe sub modio sed supra, candela- ' XLUIIII. 

fiete ^tc 6a Se in-geongas lehfc hia gesea Sfecoilla lic-homos Sines ia ego Sin nit. jissuiiii. 

brum \\t qui iugrudiuntur lumen uideant Si *Lucema corporis tui est oculus tuus -' 134, ii. 

gif ego Sin biS mildei'bliSe-tbilwit nil lic-homa Sin leht biS gif Sonne wohfull sie 

lucidum erit si autem nequam fuerit 

d g S n Ne lelit ^ in Sec is Siostro ^5te 8ie 

an u ^ 5 d ne lumen quod in te est tenebrae sint 

g '5 h ni b 8 sebbe sum dsel Siostriona biS 

36 du f n h aens aliquam partem tenebrarum eiit 

h g S S ec 3 miS-Sy gesprseo baed 

u d m a ma g n u u t6 37 *Et cum loqueretur rogauit * ^■ 

mt. ccsasui. 
te w f 8 d g ti in-eade gehlionade 

n q h lb et ingreasus recubuit 38 pbarisaeus 

S b h m h ne gefulwad were ter geAriorda 

m n in non baptiKatus esset ante prandium 

g f iittewoard is calices 3 discos 

quod de foris est calicis et catini 

giseSf'Suid lis iiiiS ncdnimincg J miS uiireiitwisnise 

nu d q d au n n u ura est rapina et iniquitate 

unwiso Aline seSe dyde fte wnteavd is natedUce f fte of inweard is dydc 

40 stulti nonne qui fecit quod de foris est etiam id quod de intus est fecit 

BoBlic linoeSre -fte of^-hlsefeS i ^ite wona is seallaS relmissa 3 Iieono alle clteno biSon 

41 uerum-tamen quod super-est date elemosynam et ecce omnia munda sunt 

iuli all wie iuh s^dum foiiSon gite te^Sas meric i 3 cunela i 3 tele wjrt 

uobis 42 *Sed uae uobia pliaiisaei quia decimatis mentam et nitam et omne liolus ' 13G u. 

3 bi-wEevIas f dom 3 Info ■)' broSerscip godcs Saa xmUdlice geras _ to wyrcanne 3 Siulco no 
et praeteritia indicium et caritatem dei haec autem oportuit faeere ot ilia uon 

33 DO ^ g 6 e 1 g I eS n de ol se seteS ne le n tt'i al on fa le! t feel ^ite SaSe n go gai lei t 
hi'e giseaS 34 Saec^la 1 o homa « nes s ego S gif ego S n b aS m Ide Ir bl Se ill 1 choma S leht 1 5 g f 
Son e woh fill ? te iv tndl 3 he homa S osto 1 S ii g s'el forS ne lei t S'ette n S ost n suit 36 g f 
torSon he h na 6 n all leht I S i e hfebbe snmne dteli S ostra a leht I S all i 8Wa leht iegedes n 1 1 teS 6 c 
^7 3 miBSy sp ecende bS Itel 1 ne sn selde 6 vnt ^ste grordade mS h e 3 neolo g hi onade 
38 So n ongan b twil liim git lade to cweoSa ne f -wl on ne se nst vere 'er gir ordum 39 3 

cwieS irhte to 1 m n go selde wutu ie t Siette ta o I is cal es 3 daces gclseisas Siette Sonne 
onnavord lOwer f 11 s n S nedn ne 3 m S m el te 4n unw e il ne acSo dyde tawo d a BO'^l ce 

S*tte f on awordnre s dyle 41 s S hneS e Sitte ofe « sell S elmessa 3 1 eono lUo civ b oiSo ow 
4 al w-B ow -^I Inn f Son ge tegS ^is norece 3 cunel 3 alle Tjrte 3 1 n ¥ las Sone 1 m 3 1 ;fo broSo -ac p 
t,odes *Ts nti 11 eg as to n-yicannc 3 Si 1 o e to f ly ginne 

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43 Wa eow fariseum ge ]je lufia'S pa for- 
man heah-setl on ge-samnungum 1 gretinga 
on streete ; 

44 "Wa eow for-|7am pe ge synt swylce pa, 
byrgena pe man innan ne sceawa'S ; And 
fa men nyton fie liim on-ufan ga§ ; 

45 Da Iswarode him sum segleaw. la- 
reow teonan pu wyrhcstfus'mid fisse sage; 

46 pa cwsejj he ; Wa eow eegleawum 
forfiam pe ge symaS men mid pam byr- 
jjenum pe hig aberan ne magon. 1 ge ne 
ahrinaS fa seamas mid eowrum anum 
fingre ; 

47 Wa eow ge pe timbria^ witegena 
byrgena. eower federas hig of-sl6gon 

48 eallunga ge cy^a^. :i ge fafia^ eower 
fgedera weorcum. fovpam hig ofalogon hig. 
"i ge timbria'3 hira byrgena ; 

49 'FoTpa.m cwjeS godes wisdom, ic sende 
to him witegan :i apostolas. 7 hig of-sIeaS 
hig. 1 ehtaS 

50 'f eaira witegena blod sy ge-soht. pe 
wxs agoten of middan-geardes fruman. fram 
Jjisse cneorysse. 

51 fram abeles blode oS zachariam blod. 
se forwearS betux ps,m altare 1 fam temple, 
ic eow secge. swa biS ge-soht fram fiase 
cneorysse ; 

52 Wa eow ^gleawum for-fam pe ge 
^tbrudun jjses, ingebydes ciBge. ge in ne 
eodun 1 ge forbudon fa pe in-eodun ; 

Vanous Headings. 
43. A. Leh-, A, strsetum. 44. A. sjnd. 45. B. 

Jawarude. A. wyrcst; B. C. wjrhcat. A. om.vs. 47. 
A. Wa (with large blue capital). 48. A. heora. 50. 
A. sig. A. my ddau -Gardes. 51. A. Ijetweox ; B. C. be- 
twux. 62. A. set-brudoii. A. codon (ttoice). A. wronffly 
inserts ne 'bqfore forbudon. 

!4 [Luke. 

48 Wa eow fariseen ge pe lufie^ pa. 
formen heahsetlen on ge-samnungen ] gret- 
inge on strteten, 

44 Wa eow for-fan-fe ge sende swilce 
fa byrigenna f e man innan ne sceawed. 1 
fa men nyten f e heom on ufen gad. 

45 Da andswerede him sum lage-gleaw. 
lareow teonan f u wercst us mid fisse sage. 

46 Ba cwfeS he Wa eow lagewisen for- 
fan ge semeS menn mid fam byrdenen fe 
hyo aberen ne mugen. 1 ge ne EethrinaS 
fa seames mid eowren anen fingren. 

47 Wa eow fe timbrieS witegena byri- 
gena ; eowre faderes hyo of-slogen 

48 eallunge. ge kySed 1 ge fafieS eowre 
fader weorces. for-fam hyo slogan hyo. 7 
ge timbrieS heore berigena. 

49 For-fam cweS godes wisdom. Ic 
sende to heom witegen ] fa apostles ; 1 hyo 
of-slse^ hyo "} £ehta?5 

50 f£et ealra witegene blod syo ge-soht; 
f e wees agoten of midden-eardes fmman ; 
fram fisse cneorisse 

61 fram abeies blode oS zacharias blod. 
se for-war'S be-tweox fam altare 1 fam 
temple. Ic eow segge swa beoS ge-soht 
fram fisse cneornysse. 

52 Wa eow lage-gleawe for-fam-fe ge 
Eetbruden fas inge-headea ceyge ge in ne 
ge-heodden. 1 ge for-budon fa f e in-eoden. 

Various Readings. 

43, fariseuJK ; lufia'S; form an ; lieah-scti; gosaimiUK- 
gam; strreto. 44. synt; byrgena; soeawaS; on-ufan 
gaS. 45. ea-gleaw ; werhcet 46. ea-glsewen [for 

lagewisen] ; men mid ; bjrf«nujM ; abeoren ; magen ; ahri- 
naS ; seamas ; eowrum anum fiugrura. 47. timbriaiS 
eower fsederes. 48. eallunga ; cydais (sic) ; JiafiaS ; fee- 
ders weoroon ; timbriaiS heora byrigenna. 49. cwfeS 
eom witogan ; apostlas ; of-slsea« ; ehtaiS. 50. witegena 
sy; middan-eardas. 61. zachariam; for-werS be-twux 
byS ; cneorysse. 52. se^Itewum [for lage-gleawe] ; for- 
jjanfie; easge; geheodam; in-eodum (sic).; 

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Chap. XI.] 

w6e mh ollum SaSe gie lufaS Ba forma seatlas on aommineum 3 '^i grjetencgo on 
: *Vie u bis jjluribaeis qui diligitis pnmas cithedias m S)iiigogis et salutatioiifs iii'i"! 

we mh f rSjn ge aion suehIcm bjrgenm Si«e ne foedi'^^ne fth^4 adeiu-ie^ i ^te menn 
44 *U<l,e Tidbit, quia e tib ut m jiiumeiit * quie jilii pirfut et lioniint-b * 1 s u 

res on uf i no wuton geonduearde ^a sum from ^t wiiistuwj moe'^ Inm 

ij-ii nesLiunt 45 *ftespondeiia lutem qui lam es lL^it> pciitw ait illi*Li 

laniu Bai coeS nutedhoe as sceoma Su doc>) 1 wyrcia soS he cuoeS 3 rah sa 

magister baeo dicenb etiam nobis contumiliim facia 40 it ille ait et uobia Ipgis 

wisestnwi wse lorSon gie lemiB menn mi6 seamum ZiSe geheoia ne magon 3 gie seolf aaum fin^e 
peritis uAe quia oneiatis homincb oiieiibws qu'*6 portaii non possunt et ipsi uno digito 

mis iner ne gehnnaK Saem bond htefum we iwh fi>rSon gie timhns byrgenna Sara witgana 

uestro non tangitis f-arcmas 47 *TJae uobis qiii^ fodibcitia munumenta prDphetajum ' 140 i 

fadorea Sonne lueies oMogon hii soShce gie getryme«4 -jSte ge geneolecaX + ■ 

patres autem u^stn occidemnt illos 48 piofecto te^tificamini quod con^Lntitia opfciibws 

fedora iuora forSon ecc gie hia ofslogon gie Sa gBtimhras hiora 

pat rum uestro ram qiioniam quidem ipsi eos occiderunt uos aiitcm tedilicatis eorum 

byrgenna forSon 3 snyttro godes cuoeS ic sendo to iuh iwtgo (sia) 3 aposfolas 

aepulcbra 49 *Propter-ea ot sapientia dei dixit mittam ad illos prophetas et apostolus (sic) - 141. u. 

3 of Stem ofslseS 3 oehtad biSon -pte ge-aoht biS bl5d alha witgana 

et ex iliis Occident et persequentur 50 ut inquiratur sanguis omnium prophctarum 

soSe agotten wsea from onsetnise midda.'ngearde^ of cneuroso Sisa from hlod abclea 

qui effusus est & constitutions muudi a ge[ne]ratione iata 51 i. sanguine abel 

wis to hlod zacharites seSSe losade J bitwih TOigbed 3 $ waghreele ■i' sua ic cuoeSo to iuh gcsoht biS 

usqwe ad aanguinem zachariae qui periit inter altare et aedem ita dioo uobis requiretur 

from SisBuni. eneoreso wte inh £88 uutumi forSon gie nomon cfflgf 

ab bao gcneratione 52 *Ude uobia legis peritis quia tulistis clauem aeientiae ipsi * 143. u 

ne in-foerdon -t lie in-eodegie 3 «a SaSe in-foerdon forestemdongiei-gie bewoeredon 

non introistia et eos qui introiebant probibuistis 

43, wse iow seldum forSon SaBe liifigas Sa forma seatlas in somnungum 3 Sa groetinge on apreco 

44. wse iow forbon ge arnn sweloe byvt,enne SaKe ne foedaS i aleS 3 f te menn geongas ofsmfa Sa ne wutun 

45. giondworde Sa sum from tes wisistmu cwseS him larow Kas ewteS watadlice us scomu Su does^dydes 

46. soS he ewseS 3 iow £ea wisistum wa> iow forSon gisemiS menn miS seomum SaBe gibeara ne magim 3 
ge solfa aiium flngre iowram ne ^-hrinaa Ssem hond-hafuni -Sen^ 47 wse iow forSo ge timbrias byrgenne 
witgana 6ara fsedras Bonne iowre ofsLogun hite 48. soBlice ge gitiymmaS giueolicade werca fsedra iowra 
forSon hite ge ofslogmi iow Ba gitimhro byrgenne 49 3 foiBon 3 snytro godes ewxS ic sende to iow 
witgo 3 apoafo&is 3 of Biem of-sla6 3 oehteS 50. fte gisoht biB blod alra witgana aeSe agoten wfes from 
onsetnisse midden^eordes from cneoreswo Siaser 51. from blode aheles wi« to to (sic) blode zacharies 3 seBe 
losade bitwih wibide 3 Bsem wteg-hriegle s^va k cweBo low gisoht biB from Bceiaser cneowreswe 62. was 
iow T-a wttum fovBon genomun ca;go wis-domes 3 he+ge ne in-feerdun 3 Sa SaSe in-foerdun for-stcmdon ge 

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53 1~\|^ he him fis to cweb^. fa on- 
gunnun Ba farisei ] jia Eegleawan 

hefilice him agen standan 3 his muS dyttan. 

54 3 embe bine syrwan. secende sum 
fing of his muBe -p hig bine 


1 mycekim weredmji him embe standen- 
dum -f hig hine trsedun ; Da cwffiS he to 
his leorning-cnihtum waiiiiaS wiS farisea 
lare 'f is licetung ; 

2 So'SHce nis nan ping ofer-heled. fe ne 
beo un-heled. ne he-hydd ■f ne sy witen. 

3 for]7am pe -p ge secga^ on jiystrum 
beoS on leohte ssede "} piet ge on earum 
sprgecure on bedd-cofum biB on hrofum 
bodud ; 

4 Ic secge eow minum freondum ne beo 
ge bregyde fram. Jjam pe pone hehaman 
of-sleaS. 3 nabbaS syl^J^an hwEet Eig ma 
don ; 

5 Ic eow sct-ywe hw^ne ge on-dredon. 
adrjedaS Jjone pe anweald hEefS. se'SSan 
he ofslybS on hoUe asendan. fus ic eow 
secge adrsedaS Jjone. 

6 ne becypaS hig fif spearwan to belf- 
Knge. "i an nis of pain ofer-gyten beforan 

7 ac ealle eowres beafdes locca,s synt 
getealde ; Ne adrsede ge eow ge synt bete- 
ran manegum spearwum ; 

Various Headings. 

53. A. oiigunnon. A. hefiglicc. A. ongean. 54. A. 

ymbe. A. syrwdon. A, wregdon. 

Cap. xii. 1, A. ymbe. A. tr£edoii. B. C. waviiigeaS. A. 
lioetung {alt. to liecetmig), ■ 2. A. sig. 3. A, gcanim. 
A, Bprsecon ; B. C. sprsecam (si'c). A. bed-. 4. A. beoS 
ge brogedo.. 5. A. B. C. ondreedon, A. ondrBdaS. A. 
sySSan. 6, A. eelfliiige. 7. A. synd. A. ondi-tede. 
A. synd. 

S [Ltjee. 

53 T^-A- 1^6 heom p\& to cw^e^. fa on- 

X gunnen fa farisej ] fa lage-wisan 
befihce him agen standen ] his muS dettan. 

54 "] ymbe bine syrwan ; sechende sum 
f ing of bis mu^e f set byo hine wreidon 


1 micelen wereden bym embe-standende. 
fffit byo bine trgeden. Da cwEeS be to bis 
leorning-cnibten warnie^ eow wiS farisea 
lare f set is licetung. 

2 SoSHce nis nan f ing ofer-beled ; f e ne 
beoS un-heled. ne be-hed ; f e ne sye ge- 

3 For-fan-f e feet ge segge^ on f eostren 
beoS on leohte saigde. ] fjet ge on earen 
spraseon on bedd-cofum bee's on rofen 

4 Ich segge eow mioen freonden ne 
beo ge brygede fram fam fe fanne bcha^ 
men of-sleaS. :i nrobbeS sySSan. hwtet 
hyo ma don. 

5 Ic eow atewige bwane ge on-drseden. 
adredeS fane fe anweald bcef^. seSSan 
be of-sleb^ ; on beUen asenden ; f us icb 
eow segge ; adredeS fane. 

6 ne be-cypaS hyo fif sparewen to hal- 
penige. 1 an nis of fam ofer-gyten be-fore 

7 ac ealle eowres heafdes loccas sende ge- 
tealde, Ne on-dr£ede ge eow ge sende 
beteren fan manegen sparewen. 

Various Readings. 

53. !iic guii u fa -isei ; eaglewan [for lage-wia 
san ; djtta l 54 e ibe secende ; wreigdoo. 

Cap. xiL 1 n Ycelumweiedum; -standenden ; trsedun 
-cnihtum arn tS beo un-heolod ; be-hydd ; sy 

3. s^gaJS jjTstroa VyS et^de; earum spracon; byiS 
rofum bol d 4 le minnw freondvwij bregjdo 

)jonue. 5. cetywe hwsene; adrsedeS )>onne; andweald 
of-sijhS ; asendan ; ic ; adrsedeS jjone. 6. sparewan , 
hclflingc. 7. synt; synt beateran (sic); manegum spea- 

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Chap. XL] 


miS-Sy Sas to him gc-cuoeS ongunnun Sa selc^M 3 ffis unto pislice ■!■ hofiglice wi-S-stonda 
53 *Cuni haec ad illos diceret eoeperunt phaiisaei et legis periti grauiter insistere ' 

3 muS his far-iryoga of mon^um 
et 6s eiua opprimere de multis 

muSe hia -fte hea gohoniion hine 
ore eius ut accusarent eum 

aStimngumi' 3 Bohton to niomaime huoelc-huoogo of 

54 insidiantes ot quaerentes capere alic^uid ex 

nieiijgu»iSon«e'l'8a hei'gvun ymb-stondenduwi suse ^te hia him bituih geteldon ongann ciioeSa 

1 multis autem turbis circumstantibMS ita ut s4 iauicem conculcarent coepit dicere 

to' Seg-auwt his behaldaS gie iiiih from dterste ^ is estiienise iioht ^ , 

ad discipulos suos *Attendite a fermento pharisaeorum quod est hjpoerisia 2 fNihil ^J_**^'^ 

Sonne awrigcii is fte ne Eedeaiiad biB no geh jded J' godogled fto ne biS geypped iorSm t"5-a- 

autem opertum est quod non reueletur naque absconditum quod aon sciatur 3 quoniam mt. ^<an. 

SaSo in Sioatrum gie cuoodon in leht biSon gecoetieii 3 fte m eare sprecend gie woeron in cottuin 
quae in tenebris dixistls in luminG dicentur et quod in aurem locuti estis m cubicubs 

aboden biS on ArofiMw 
praedicabitur in toctia 

ic cuooSo Sal-Sonwe iuh friondum luinnm )5te gie ne se aiyrhtad from Seem 
4 dice autem uolsis amicis meis ne terreamini ab his 

SaSe. ofslieS f liclioma 3 seftef Sas ne habbas torpor -fte doaS 
qui occidunt corpus et post haec non habent amplius quod faciant 

iuh Bone gie ondrede ondredas Bene scBo sefter Stm ofslaeS hfefeS mteht gescnda^-to ge- 

uobis quern tiraeatis timete eum qui postquam occiderit habet potestatem mit- 

scndanne in tintergo suce ic eiioeSo iuh Sionne ondredeB ahne flfo staras i eymeS 

tere in gehennam ita dico uobis hunc timete 6 nonne quinque passeres ueniunt (sic) 

ah 7 sec hero 
7 Bed et capilli^,>J»,- 
margin) . 

heafdes iweres alle getalad aron nallaB gie Sorio-a ondrode monigiim ^ forSoro i niaro 

capitis uestri omnes numerati sunt nolite ergo timere multis passeriby^ pliires 

* depundio et unus ex iHis non 

63 nu^S\ fc'is to hm ewaSi on gunnun Sa sellu 3 "88 witiru pishce wife stonde 3 muS his tor Brycct of 
in nignm 54 «etnni gum hini 3 sohtuii to niomajine welu hw egnu f m i&l ) i^ fte hi^ gihendnn hme 

Cap XII 1 moni^e Sinne herguni jmb stonda swa ^to hisB him bitwih giteldim oagunnuii ewe Si to 
Segnmn hia isiiat bihaldas ge lowih for d'Bistum teldum hi ra 6i,t is e's swicnis ^ noht Bonne awrigen is 

Baatte ne eowed biS ne eihydecl i gidegled B-otte ne biS giytl^l 3 foiBon BiBe in Biostrum giherdmi 

m lehte gicwedon biS 3 Bcctte in oariini giherdest 3 spieoende geweiun in cotuni ibodid biB on hiofum 
3 4 ic c«eBu Bonne low fnondas mme S<Btte ge ne se gifyrhtod from, him BaBe fslaS B<nne 

hchoma 3 tefter Baa ne haldas forSoi Scette doeB 6 ic a-t oowo Sonne jow Bene ge f n drede ondiedaa 
Bone aeSe '^■fter Bdu ofsliB htefeS m^ehte gisendo in tintcrgu awa ic cwvB low Sonne ondredaS b ^ ne 
steaias life c mun twooge 3 in f him le is on (fei gotm^se fnii "ole " ah 3 ec her heofles lowres 

tile gitilid irun i dlaS go foiB n n dteli monijjUm forBoi i mirx f,e fcindun^ bioBon 

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8 SoSHce ic eow secge swa hwylc swa 
me andet beforan mannum. Jjone mannes 
suriu andet beforan godes englum ; 

9 Se pe me \viS-s£ecS beforan mannum. 
se byS wiS-sacen beforan godes englum. 

10 1 felc fie seg^ senig word agen mannes 
sunu J^am biS for-gyfen ; Bam pe wi^er- 
saca^S ongen baligue gast. ne biS fam 
forgyfen ; 

DisBoeaion 11 poDne hig IfcdaS eow on gesamnunga 
pentecoEten. II to dugeSe-ealdrum. H to anwealdum. ne 
inXeeren™ beo g© embe-|!encynde. bu oS^e bwfiet go 
gogk ^A.^" specon. oS^e ]swarian. 

12 balig gast eow l^r^S on pmre tide fa 
])ing pe eow epecan gebyraS ; 

13 Da cwebS sum of pam menegum ; 
Lareow. sege minum breSer "f he djele 
uncer eeJita wiS me ; 

14 Da cwseS he, la man. hwa sette 
me deman. oSSe d^elend ofer mc ; 

15 pa cwEe'S he. gymaS 1 warniaS. wiS 
selce gytsunge. forfam pe nys nanes man- 
nes lif on gytsunge of Jiam pe he ah ; 

16 Da sjede he him sum big-spel ; Sumes 
weliges mannes secer brohte forS gode 

1 7 fa ^obte he on him sylfum. 1 cwse^ ; 
HwEefc do ic forjjam ic n^bbe hwyder ic 
mine wjestmas gadrige ; 

18 Da cwEef he fus ic do. ic towurpe 
mine bernu 1 ic wyrce maran. ] ic gaderige 
Jiyder call -f me ge-wesen ys. 3 mine god 

Various headings, 
8, A, 3dett. A. audett. 10. A. ongeai 

11. A. go-samniiiige. A. dugoSe-. A. ymbc-| 
A. sprecon. A. B. Jswarion. 12. A. sp.reoaii. , 13. A, 
mesnegum. 14. A. yac 15. A. gimafi. A. 
fore nys. 17. A, gaderige. 18. A. toweorpe. A. 
berenu. A- gaderie, A. gewcaxen. 

8 [LUKB. 

8 So^lice ic eow segge swa bwilc swa me 
andeat be-foren mannen. Jeanne mannes 
sune andeat be-foren godes angles. 

9 Se pe me wiS-secS be-foren mannen. 
se beoS wiS-saken be-foran godes Eenglen. 

10 !1 ffilc pe saigS ani word agen mannes 
sune. J)am beo^ for-gefen, pam pe wi^er- 
aake'5 on-gen halgen gast. ne beoS J)am 

1 1 panne hyo leedeS eow on ge-samnunge, 
1 to dugeSe ealdren. ") to anwealden ne 
beo ge ymbe-})encende bu oSSe hwait ge 
spEecen oS^e andswerien. 

12 halig gast eow Iter'S on fjare tide 'pa. 
f ing fe eow spsecan ge-byreS. 

13pacw£eSsum of fam manigeo. Lareow 
sege mine breSer fjet he dsele unker ehte 
wis me. 

14 Da cwEe^ he la man hwa sette me 
deman ; oBSe deeiend ofer hine (aic) 

15 pa cvse'S he. gymeS !! warnieS wi'S 
Eelce gitsunge. hr-pa.n-pe nis nanes mannes 
lyf on gytsunge of ffam pe he ah. 

16 Da sffide he heom sum bispel Sumes 
weliges mannes acer brohte forS gode 

17 pa ]7ohte lie on him sylfen 7 cw^eS. 
hwEet do ic for-]jan ich nssbbe hwider ioh 
mine wsestmes gaderie. 

18 Da cwEeS be fus icb do. ic to-werpe 
mine berne. "i ich wercbe hyo mare "} ic 
gaderie f ider eall p£et me wexen is. J mine 

Various Readings. 
8. andett be-foran mannum. jjowue; andctt be-foran ; 
cngies. 9. be-foran mannuiw; -sacen ; englnm, 10. 
segS ffinig; sunu; byS ; -saoaS ongean haJgne; byS. 
11. Donne; ge-samminga ; ealdnwM j anwe^dum; embe- 
lieucjnde; Bpeeon. 13. specea 13. menegaj Lserew; 
uncer ajhte. 14. hinc. 15. gymaS ; wamiaK ; -Jjam- ; 
manes. 16. eom; big-spel; wfestmas. ' 17. on Mm 
Bjlfum u repeated in li. ; forSam io ; ic ; weestmas gaderige. 
18. ic; to-wyrpo; bernu; io wyrce maran [omiiiiwy hyo] ; 
gaderige ; ge-woxen. 

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Chap. XIL] 

ic CTToeSo t^oiijjf luh efflmoic aeSe sualiuok ondetcnde b ' 
8 dieo ucbi* (.niniij i^mcumL[?i CDiiles&ns fiieiit m me toiam hjmimbws Lt tihwi 

laonneB geondetAS luB on. S^em ftfe eaglxan godes seSe uiiWii e onajecca'S iiieo fuse 

hommis cc nfitelDitui m i!lo coidm in^clis dei 9 *Qui autom negaueiit me coiam ' ii6 " 

monnnw oncseceen(sic) bi6 f re englura godes 3 alio sc'^t, cuoeSas word on snnu 

hommibus denej ibitui coiim anL,eh^ dti 1(1 *Et omnes fiic) qui dmt nerhum, m filium * W " 

monne? eft fojjcfeu 1)16 Sim Siem uut dhre seSe on h'llig gist e>>ol«aS ne biS him fojgefen 

bominis lemittLtiii ilh ei iiitem qui iii •jpiriijmi mncUim. bli'^pbemiuerit non lemittetui 

DiiSSy uuterf'sib inlafd-eS gic m soiimmigi m t to laruum 1 tii'ehtnm ni]ia8 gie 

11 *Cum auteiii iiiducent uos in s\niaLaT,s et ad mi„i%tntus et pjte'itates nolite '148 » 

gemai'geiTnfulle-l'JDgo wosa hnu t Luvd gie ge iilie^rde gist fo/'^on hilig gebieS 

&o!li<.iti e'^se qii^Utei ant quid le^pondeatii 12 e^intus enim 5imot-ui> dotebit 

mih on Siera tJ ^^Se bebofaS^'gehiisoS to luoeSanne cuoeS Sa sum him of S'em here 

nos m ipsi li 11 quii, oportL it dnere 13 *A]t intpm quidam ei de tuibi "in 

Iwuu lUoeS bro^ie mmum -^te gcil<eh meo miS ji crfe 

magister die fiitii meri ut dmidit mecuin heiedititcm 

hua niec gesette doeraa i dfelend otci luth t cuoeS to him gesfflS J 

qui& me coiistituit ludict-m aut diuiwitm su}.ri ii)is 15 dixitqtt ad 1II0& mdete et 

behaidfS fion; eghuelcim |,itsuiicge fojBon nn on moiugtaUnise semges iif hi* la of 'Srera 6aSe 

cauete ab trnrn inuitia quii, n n m ibimd^utii aim-- quam uiti eius est e\ hi-j quie 

3 smeade bituih him cuog8 hu"td 10 Aa% fte ne hsefo ic 
17 et c gitdbat intia 9^ dicens qnid fiLiam quod non babeo 

Ser ic soninigo wEPStin > mm :j cuoeS Kjb 10 g[e] lorn le to shto berenio mino 1 Bi mam 

quo congiegem tructus nitjos 18 et dixit Iiol faciim dt.'-tiujjn hnnp't mea et nnioia 

ic doam J Sei ic fiomniga ■yvillo ille Si-Be gevieseii sint mo 3 0"!^ mino 
fd-uim Lt lUiL CLii^iLgalo omuii qUK nita sunt milu et h i]\ nic\ 

S 10 ewe'' ■^ ne 1 V e li vele seSe svi nletcnde biS n mec f ri 7J1 n mi 1 sunu m nnci t,iondetal 1 13 
in Lim foie eiiglum g di.s J sebe witudht^ ne oas-ecoa me toia nionnum on-ffficen biS fora eiioljm 

godes 10 alle iaSe cweo-BaS woid on anno monnes eft foi ^efen biS him item wutudlfte seBe on gafte 

halgam eof 1 mgaS ne bS loigefen him 3 eghwelc seSe cweSes woid on ihunu monnes foi gefen bi5 )i m 
11 miSSi wutudlitt mlediS ge m sumiiun^im "i to laiwum : m«ehte n^lhS ge gemaihogo wo8a luu-hhwit 
gi ondworde ■!■ hw^et ^e cweBe 12 gast forSon hahg gi'iieS 1 wih in Bei tde SaSe bi hofaS to cneo8dine 

13 cwjeS aa htm sum wci of St ni herge laiow cnisX VroSet mm ^te he gi liple mec miS f erfe Ji 

soS he cwseS him !a mon hwa mec gisetto doemi -t dviend otei lowih 1j cnieS Sa, to aaem giseiS 

J bihiJdaB fiom eghwelcum gitsnngum foriSon ne on monig fiHnnse lenges lif his is of Sfem BiiSe igiiiga,S 

16 cweS Ba onhcniS'-e to lim cwb'S monnes sumes wlonches moiigfaide wse'ttraia on londo to btchte 

17 3 smeode bitwih him tw^B hwaib ic doa ««tte ne hafo ic Set le somnigj WEestmas mme 18 3 
cwieB «i3 dom ic to-sUto beiern mm 3 Sa mdri le dom 3 «ei ic s nu iga wjllo lile SaSe wttne smdun 
mo 3 nOlo lie 

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19 1 ic seege minre sawle eala sawel pn 
litefst mycele g6d. aaette to manegum 
gearum. gerest j^e. et. "} drinc "i gewista ; 

20 Da cwEQ^ god to him ; La dysega 
on fisse nihte big feccaS jjine sawle fram 
fe. hwses beoS pa, Sing pe Su ge-gearwud- 
est ; 

21 Swa is se Se him sylfum strynS. 1 
nis welig mid gode ; 

22 pa cwse'S he to bis leorning-cnihtum. 
forfam ic eow. secge ne beo ge ymbe-hydige 
eowre sawle hwait ge etan. ne eowrnm hcha- 
man hweet ge scrydun ; 

23 Seo sawul ys ma fonne se lichama. "} 
se licbama ma ponne -f reaf ; 

24 BesceawiaS pa hrefnas "p big ne sawaS. 
ne ne ripaS. nabbaS big beddern ne bern. 
ac god big fett. Jjegs J^e ma ge synt byra 
selran ; 

23 Hwylc eower ma;g fencende ican ane 
eltie. to bis anlicnesse. 

26 gyf ge f lEosse ne magon. bwy synt 
ge be oSru™ fiingum ymbe-hydige ; 

27 Sceawia|i pa blian bu hi wexaS. bi 
ne swincaS ne ne spinna'S ; So^iice ic eow 
secge -p Salomon on eallum hys wuldre ntes 
geserydd. swa pissa an ; 

28 Gyf god scrytt ■f big. 'Se ys to-daig 
on £ecere. 1 to-morgen forscrincS ; swa 
mycele ma god scryt eow ge-hwssdes ge- 
leafan ; 

ISO [Luke. 

19 1 ich segge minre sawle. eale sawel 
J!U hafst mycele god. Asette to maiiegen 
gearen. ge-rest Jie. set 1 drinc :i ge-wista. 

20 Da cwEe^ god to hym. La deaige 
on Jiisse nibte byo fecce^ pine sawle fram 
pe. hw93s beoS pa, ping, pe J)u gjei'ew- 

21 Swa is se pe him sylfen stren]?e'5 1 
nis welig mid gode. 

22 pa cw£e^ he to his leorning-cnibten. 
for-pan ich eow segge. ne bco ge ymbe- 
bedige eowre sawle bwEet ge etan. ne 
owren lichaman hweet ge scrydan. 

23 Seo sawle is mare panne se licbame. 
"} se liehame mare panne pset reaf. 

24 Be-sceawiaS pa refnes pEet byo ne 
sawaS ne ne ripaS. nEebbaS byo heddem 
ne bern. ae god byo fet pas pe ma. ge 
synde beore scire. 

25 hwilc eower mjeg pencende ecban 
ane elne to his aniichnysse. 

26 gyf ge ptet laisse ne magen hwy 
synde ge be oSren pingen ymbe-bedige. 

27 ScewieS pa lilien bu byo wexeS. 
byo ne swinceS ne ne spinneS. SoSlice ic 
eow segge ptet Salomon on eallen bis wul- 
dre nees ge-scryd swa pis an, 

28 Gif god scrytd f hey pe is to-daig on 
Eecere J to-morgen for-scrincS. Swa mycele 
ma god sent eow ge-bw£edes ge-leafe'n. 

Vwrioiis Eeadvngs. 

19. A. gereste. 20. A. ge-gearwodost. 22. A. B. C. 
scrydon. 23. A. sawel. A, mare. A. lychaina ys mare. 

24. B. 0. BescewiaS, A. beren. A. fet. A. synd heora. 

25. A. ge-ycaiL A. anljcajase. 2S. A. hwig sjnd. 
27. A. hig (twice), A. geacryd. 28. A. scrjt. A. to- 

Various Seadings. 

19. ic; hafest; manegum georen; et. 20. dysige; 
feecaS. 21. silivm strenS. 22. -cnihtum; ic; eowren 
[for owreu]. 23. fyonne ; Hehama ; lichama ; jjomie. 24. 
BescewiaS ; rsefnes ; Jjess ; synt ; hyora sylrei (si<: ; partlp 
rewritten in later hand). 25. ecan ; aiilicnysse. 26. 
inagon; sint; oSi-um [jiiigom ymbo-bjdige. 27. ScewiaS; 
liliail; wexaB; swyneaS; spincaS; aJlum; ge-sorudd; Hssa. 
28. soritt; eig [/or hSy] ; to-dceig; ge-leafan. 

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Chap. XII.] 131: 

3 ic coeSo sawlo mine la aawel «n hsefeS monigo * feolo ^Jo geaettedo on genim monigum 
19 et dicara aoimae meae anima habes multa bona posita in annos plm 

rsesfc bnico dring g^hi-'uivdig cuoeS Sonne him god la unwia Sisser nEclit 

requiesce comede bibe epidare 20 dixit autem illi deus stulte hac nocte 

ain eftwilna« from So SaSe Sonno «u ge-geamades Sses*liii£es biSon J- woeroii suse is scSe 8e_ 

tuam .repetunt a. te quae autem parasti cuius erunt 21 sic est qui tibi 

gestrionaS 3 ne is in god welig^wlonc 3 cuoeS to Segiium his forSoa ic euoeS inh 

thesaurizat et non est in dewm diues 22 *Db:itqw ad discipulos suos ideo dico nobis * JSO- "- 

int. sluiiii. 

nallaS gio geonifuUo wosa miS «olite hiiwd gie geette ne to lichoma bused gie ge-gearuad ae saiiel 

nolite aoUiciti esse aninaae quid manducetia neqwe corpori quid ueatiamini 23 anima 

mara is 8on mett 3 lichoma Bon w6ecle behaldaS 5a rrofnas ^te ne 

plus est quam esca et corpi^s quam uestimentum 24 considerate corbos quia non 

sawEe6 ne AriopaS Kfem ne is hordern nc bor-era J god foedcS liia micla 

Beminant neqwe metunt quibiss non est cellarium neqw^ horreum et d^s pascet illos quanto 

mara gie forSor aron Sicm huEele -Bonwe iuer miS smeawnng msego goSce to 

magis uos plures estis illis 2o quis autem uestrum cogitando potest adicere ad 

gif forSon ne fte leasaEeat is magogie Imffid of 

26 si ergo tieque quod minimum est potostis quid de 

oSram ftei-witfuUa menu -tgeorafuUo gie siiit bohaldaS Sa wyrta Irnu wsexaS ne winnaS 

ceteris solliciti estis 27 considerate lilia quomodo croscuut non laborant 

no neataS ic cuoeSo Soiiwe ivh nc Salomon, on alio wuldov li 

■ noa neunt (sic) dico autem uobis nee Salomon in omni gloria s 

gif Sonne f gters -p to dsege on lond is 3 tomorgen 
i si autem faenum quod hodie in agi^o est et eras i 

gesended bi6 god mise gegearuaS mara micla ■I' gie huono-Hjtlo geleafaa 
mittitur dens sic uestit quanto magis uos pusaillae fidci 

19 5 11, cweSo lawle mine h-ofes momg -t teolu „dU ^I'^eteJo n gerum moniguii r^'it bnce iioilnj, 
diinoe gunrdmge 20 cweS Sonne hnn god la unwis Sisaei n-vlt awel 6m eit nilniS fio/Ji Se Sa'se 

Sonne «u geoiwades Srea-thnEea bioSontnenm 21 swa is aeSe 3e gistnoneS 1 ne is m god weolig 22 cwieS 
Si to Segnum his forSon ic (.ttJii un nillaS ge geomfalle woaa miS Sohte liwset ge giete ne to Lchonia 
hwet ge gigerwed aie 23 sawel niira is Sonne mett 3 Iichoma maia Sonne giwedo 24 biliildis hnefn'is 
Ba«e ne ijwaS ne nopiS 6em ne is hotdein ne I ere em 3 ^ol foedeS hit mide mara |,e 7 fDrSjr iron 
Seem 25 hweic torSon lonei miS ^meunge mege ge eco to lengu his elue ane 26 gif Sonne ne 

Stette Ifessa is magnn ^e hw^t ot cSrum femett fuUe men ge smt 27 bihaldaS St ivjrte lilia hu 

hio weseS ne winneS ne nestiS ic cweSi Sonne low no on die nuldio hia were j,!i,ejiwid sin ma 

fiom SisBum 2S gif Soni e Set geis S^t t d'ege on 1 ndi, 3 ton igenne tn oi n ^laended hiS gjde srt i 

gegeorwad mara mide hwon i Ijtle i l^essa gileota 


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29 And nelle ge secean hw^t ge etou 
oSBe drincon. :i ne beo ge up-ahafene 

30 ealle fas fiing feoda seceaS ; Eower 
fjBder wat -p ge jJises bejjurfon ; 

31 feah-hw^J^ere seceaS godes rice ] 
ealle fias j^ing eow beojj ge-ihte ; 

32 Ne ondrEed l^u pe la lytle heord. for- 
pSiva eowrum feder gelicode eow rice syl- 
lan ; 

33 Syllafj ■f ge agon "} sylla'S aslmessan. 
wyrcaS seodas )?a '6e ne for-ealdigeaS. un- 
geteorudne gold-hord on heofenum. |;yder 
Seof ne ge-nealffic^. ne ne (sic) mo'SSe 
ne ge-wemS; 

34 Dar eower gold-hord is. far by^ 

eower heorte; 

Diagod-spd 35 r^in eower lendenu begyrde 1 leoht- 
Ce-bjiaS to ^ f i 1, J 

mfenigescon- f-^ tatu Dymende. 

mesBe-dfege, 36 7 beo gelice fam mannum fe hyra 

nsBiri pre- tlafordes abldaS hwsenne be sy fram gyft- 

oratti. A. yjj^ gecyrred. ■f hig bim sona ontynon 

]jon«e lie cymS 1 cnucaS ; 

37 Eadige synt fa feowas fe se blaford 
Wieccende gemet fonne he cymS ; SoSlice 
ic eow secge -p lie begyrc hine 7 de^ f hig 
sittaS. 1 gangende him fena^; 

38 And gif he cymS on ]jEere sefteran 
WEeccan. o^Se on Jtsere friddan "} fus 
gemet. eadige synfc fa feowas; 

39 Wita'5 f gif se hiredes ealdor wiste 
hwtenne se f eof cuman wolde. witodlice 
he waciide 1 ne gef afude ■f man Ms bus 

Various Readings. 
29, A. secan. A. etan. A, di^ncan. A. up-ahafen. 
30. A. seca«. 31, A. secaS. A. ge-yhte; B. G. go-icte. 
33. A. selmyasan. A. B. 0. -wjrceaS. A. for-ealdiaS. A. 
unge-teorodne. A. B. C. have ne only once Iqfore moSSSe. 
36. A. ge geJjce [/o?- gelico]. A, heora. A. hlafordaa (nc). 
A. sig. 37. A. Eadie synd. 33. A. sjnd. 39. A. 
wacode. A. ge-J^afode. 

2 [Luke. 

29 ^nd nelle sechan hw^et ge etan oSSe 
drincan. 7 ne beo ge up-ahafene. 

30 eallo fas fing feode sccheS. eower 
fader wat feet ge f ises be-f urfen. 

31 Deah-bw£eSere secheS godes rice 7 
ealle fas fing eow beoS ge-icte. 

32 Ne on-drjed f u peah litle heord. for- 
faii eowreii hefenlic fader licode eow rice 

33 SyllaS fset ge agen ^ sylleS telmessen. 
Werce^ scales fa f e ne for-ealdiged. un- 
ge-teorudne goldhord on heofene. fiSer 
feof ne ge-neohlaceS. ne mog'Se ne ge- 

34 Dser eower goldbord is fair beo^S 
eower beorte. 

35 Oysn eower lendene be-gyrde 7 
rO leohtfafce bearnende. 

36 1 beo^ ge-lice fam mannen fe hyore 
blaforde abideS hwanne he syo frajn gyftan 
ge-cherred. fget hyo him sona un-tyne 
fanne be cymS 7 cnokeS. 

37 Eadige synde fa f eowes fe se hlaford 
waciende ge-fint. fanne he kymS. SoS- 
lice ic eow segge f^t he be-gyrt hine. 7 
deS fast hyo sitteS 7 gangende heom f enaS. 

38 ^End gyf he IcymS on fare seftran 
wseccen. oSSe on fare fridden 7 fus ge- 
met. Eadig synde fa f eowes. 

39 WiteS feet gyf se hyrdes hlaford wiste 
hwanne se feof cumen wolde. witodlice be 
wacode. 7 ge ne f afede (sic) fset man his 
bus under-dulfe. 

Varimis Headings. 
29. secan, alt. to secean; R. repeats hwset ge eton. 
30. Iicoda seace* ; be-fmrfon. 31. seacaS. 32. Jieal 
[for }>eah ; in margin] ; eowru/w ; R. <m.. hefenlic ; ge- 
licode ; syllan. 33. sylkS relmessan. WyreaS seodas ; 
for-ealdigea«; heofonnni; ge-nealsec3 ; moSSe; ge-wemS. 
33. Syn [miA red capital]; bymende. 3G. mannmm; 
Iiyora ; abydaS hwtenne ; gecyiTed ; untyneS f'owne ; 
cnooeS. 37. Eadig synt: jieowas ; j;e-inet [/or ge-Ant] 
)3onne ; cymst [/or kymSJ. 38. &d ; cyma ; Ji^ra ; 

wseccaa; Sriddan ; Eadig synt; f-eomas. 39, WitaS; 
hyredes ; ealdor [for hlaford] ; hwienne ; ge ne ^afode 

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Chap. XII.] 133 

3 gie n^lIaB gesoeca huasd gie geete i' hu^ gie ^lii^e 3 ue w^llaS gie in hoaimise 
29 et U08 nolite q^uaerere quid maiiducetia aat quid bibatis et nolite in sublime 

geiiime Sas forSon alle iuedno -i" cyrnio laiddumgeardes aoecaS feeder xmtedlice iuer wat 

tolli 30 haec enim omnia gentes muudi quserunt pater autem u ester soit 

fte isissum I' Saa gie behofa* soSlie huoe«i-e soecas ric godes 3 Saa' alle togSeed biSon iuh 

quoniam liia indigetia 31 uerum-tamen quaerito regnum dei et haec omnia adicientur uobia 

no wtellaSge bndrede ^5 Ijtel 6dte foj-Son gcHcade woel fedev iuer gesealla iuh f ric 

32 *Nolite timcre pusiUus grex quia complacuit patri uestro daie uobia regnum • liii. 

beliycgeS «a6e gie agnegeS -t agon 1 seallaa mlmisse wyrcas iuh seado^of^r-soamas ?(aSe ne 

33 *Uendite quae possidetis et date elemoaynam f Faoite uobis sacculos qui non • 152. ii._ 


+ 153. 1 

ueterescunt thesaurum non deficientem in caeKa quo fur iion ■ appropriat neqite tinea mt. siui. 

gescendes i sualiuer fyrton strion iuer ^ 

cormmpit 3i ubi cnim tbesaurus vieater 

sido iiiero fore-gegyrdedo* 3 SEeeoillas bernendo 7 gie ongelic mommm » i, juis gi. 

lumbi uestri praecincti et lucernae ardentes 36 et uos similes bominibws davi Aeinm. 


abidendujM hlaferd hiora Son»w ge-cerres from symblum ^ito miSSy cymeS 3 cnyllsaS 

expectantibws domiuum auum quaudo reuertatur & nuptia ut cum uenerit et pulsauerit 

sona untjnaS him eadgo biSon esnas Sa SaSe miSSy cymes so Ariiten gemoetaS 

confestim iperiant ei 37 *Beati semi illi quoa cum uenerit Aomimis inuenerit • i55. n. 

WEOcccndo soSIice ic cuoeSo to iuh fte gegyrdeS bine "i doseS hia gehriordagJe J' 3 of^rfoerde ■1' gaeS 
uigilantea amen dico nobis quod praecingit e^ et faciet iUos discumbere et transiena 

Z gif cymeS on Sa £efte»Ta waccane 3 gif on Sa Sirdda wacan ge-eyme5 1 
et si uenerit in secunda uigilia et s£ in tertia uigilia uenerit et 

Bis Bonjie wuteB gie }*te gif wiste f»der 

39 *Hoc autem scitote quoniam si- aeiret pater * 156. i;. 

mt. oolsiiij. 
hiogwuisc ■1' hivodes fader huelc tid se Beaf cwonie walde wsoca mteAUcii 3 no waMe leta Serh-delfa '^^' ' 
■ familias qua Jiora Mr ueniet nigilaret utiqwe et non sineret perfodi 

hug bis 

29. 3 go nallaK ge-soeca hwset go gi-ete i hwset gidrince 3 nallaB ge in heonisse of-ginioma 30. Sas 

forSon alle haiSiio middengeord soecaS fieder ■nutudlico iower watt 6a!t Sis ge bi-boligas 31. soSiice 

bweSre soccaS forBou sorest rice godes 3 Saa alle to-jet-ooed iow 32, ne wallaS ge on-dreda Biet lytle code 

forSon gilicade well feder iowrum seleS iow rice 33. bibyecaS {sic) SaBe habbaB 3 sellas almeaae wyrcas iow 
seadas i ofcj^eme SSaSe ne aldiga« gistrion unscortende on heofnum Ber Beof ise gi-neolicaS ne mobSa gisceBSas 
34. awa hwer gistrion goldes iower is Ser 3 beorte biB 35. Be wutudhce sidu tower fora-g^yrdedo 3 

Saecela iower berende (sic) 3G. 3 ge onlic mommm abiddende hlaford biora Sonne gicerraa from symblum 

Bastte miBBy cymeB 3 cnyltaS sona ontjned biB him 37. eadge bioSon eanas Bass BaBe mlBBy cymeB Be 

drih(«m wfecende soSlice ic cwseS iow Bajtte gegyrdaB hine 3 doaiS bias giriordinge 3 ofer-foerdo embehtaa 
his 38. 3 gif on Ba fefterra wflcone 3 gif on Ba Birda cymeS 3 Bua ^ swa gimoetaB eadge bicSon 

esnas 8a 39. Sas Bonne watas ge Bsette gif ge-wiste Be fseder hioivise Bsette tide Be Beof come walde 

wsecce wutudlice 3 ne walde leta Berh-della bus liis 

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40 And beo ge WEere forj^am l^e mannes 
sunu cym'S Jigere tide pe ge no wena^ ; 

41 pa cwsejj petrus drihten. segst J^u 
j?is big-apell to us hwEeJier pe to ealluni ; 

42 Da cwfe]? drihten. hwa wenst Jiu f 
sy getrywe 1 gleaw dihtnere. Jjsjne se 
hlaford geset ofer hys iiired f be bim 
bwsetes gemet on timan sylle ; 

43 Eadig is se feow pe his blaford gemet 
l>us donde )?onne be cym'S; 

44 SoSlice io secge cow -p be gesett bine 
ofer eail ■J be ah ; 

45 Gyf ponne so j^eow cwy'S on bys 
beortan min blaford uferajj hys cyrae. T 
agynS beatan p& cnibtas 1 Jia ])inena. 1 
etan !l drincan ? beon ofer-druncen. 

46 ponne cyml? ■ j"BS f;eowan blaford on 
pam dfcge j^e be ne wen^. ] Jjjere tide pe 
he nat. 1 to-d£el|' bine 7 sett bis deel mid 
fam ungetreowam; 

47 Sojibce l^fene peow fe bis hlafordes 
willan wiste ] ne dyde ^fter bis hlafordes 
willan, he bi|i witnad manegum witum ; 

48 Done f eow |;e his willan nyste 1 j^eah 
dyde be bit witnad feawum witum; _iElcum 
pe mycel geseald is. him man mycel to- 
secS. "} jet pam, pe big micel bef^estun hig 
mycel biddaS ; 

49 Fyr ic sonde on eorfjan "} hw^t wyllc 
ic buton -p bit bgerne; 

50 Ic heebbe on fulluhto beon gefullod. 
:i wenege. hu beo ic gefread. oS byt sy 

Various Readings. 

42. A, B. C. ys [for sy] ; A. Jjotie. A. ge-sett. 43. 

B, C. clondne. 44, A. ge-satte. 45. A. otaS. 3 dryncaS. 

a beoJ! ofer-druncena 47. A. (^one. C. is [for his]. A. 

wytnod. 48. A. liyS ; B. 0. bi6 [for bitj A. wytnod. 

A. be-ftestoa B. hi. 49. A, byrne. 50. A. wenege; 

B. wSne ge. A. sig. A. ge-fylled; B. gefyllyd {with 2nd 
y partly erased). 

4 [Lttkb. 

40 ^nd bee's ge ware for-Jjam-Jie man- 
nes sune kymS pure tyde pe ge ne wenaS. 

41 Da ew^S petrus drihten. segest p\x 
fiis bispetl to us. hwseSer to eallen. 

42 Da cw£e'S drihten ; h.wa wenst l^u Jj^t 
is ge-treowe "i gleaw dihtnere ; fane se 
hlaford ge-sett ofer bis byrd J>£et be bym 
hwEetes ge-mett on timen sylle. 

43 Eadig is se Jieow pe bia blaford ge- 
mot pns doendo. panne he kymS. 

44 So^lice ic segge eow pfat he sett bine 
ofer eall jjiet he ab. 

45 Gyf panne se peow cweS on bis 
heorten min hlaford ufereS his cyme ; 7 
agind beaten pa cnibtea. ] pa {linene. 1 
etan 1 drincan. "} beon ofer-druncan. 

46 panne kymS pas peowe blaford on 
pam daige pe he ne wen^S. 7 pare tide pe 
be nat. 1 to-dtelS bine, "i sett his dcel 
mid pam un-ge-treowen. 

47 SoSlice pane peow pe bis hlafordes 
wille wiste 1 ne dyde sefter his willen ; he 
beoS witned manegen witen. 

48 pane peow pe bis wille nyste. 3 
pcab dyde he beoS witned feawen witen. 
^Icen pe mycel go-seald ia bim man 
mycbel to-secS. ] et pam pe byo mycel 
be-fa3sten hyo mycbel byddeS. 

49 Fyr icb sende on eor'San 1 bw£et 
wille ich buton -p byt ba)rne. 

50 Ich basbbe on fulluhte beon ge-fuUod. 
"} wene ge hu byo ich ge-pread. oSSe byt 
syo ge-fyld. 

Various Headings. 
40. wsere; cymS. 41. segst; eallum. 42. ge-trywe; 
f^ajne ; ge-set ; heom ; ge-met ; tiiaan. 43. Ijonne ; cym8, 
44. \!et ; set ; hah, 45. ^HDnne ; heonan ; uferaSS ; aginS 
beatan; cnibtas; jiinena; -drunoen. 46. Jionne cymS i 
set ; un-getrewen. 47. Jiiene ; willen [for wille] ; bis 
hlafordes willan ; biS ; manegiuM witum. 48. -Soiie ; ia 
[for his]; by6; feawum witum; iElcam; mycel (four 
limes) ; set ; befEestum (Bin) ; byddaS. 49. ic (ttDiee). 
50. Ic liabbe ; beo ic ; o5 hit ay gefylld. 

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CuAP. XII.] 135 

T >,ie w saS ^psniu fjrSon Bio t 1 ne gie noenifc toiiu mcniies cjmeS cuoeS 

40 et iijs L tLtP jjiiiti quia f{ii Inii ncn putitis films h minis ueniet 41 ''Ait 157- «■ 

St him petKM diih' » to us cuoe^e'^t Su "^ ^ bispell 1 ti allum cuo a 

autcm Li ]jLtru^i tVmine id no'^ dici'' } ^uc ps,iab Um ■in ai omnLS 42 dixit 

tonne se lirihtcM hu'elc woenes Su is goleaffill sgine mjnm i feliJ/geioefa U lio^a Bone gewette^ 
autem dommits qui? put\& est fideli? dis^ ens-vt Ji et jnideni i^utim coii^tituet 

drihtm i se UaSoi d ofer higo his i(te sell'* ham In til huiutes htippe etdig 

dommiis supei fimiliAin su%m ut det iliis in temptre tntiui mensuidin 43 "beatiis 

8e eisiie 1 BrBsl «one imSSy eymeS se hlafojt? gemoetiS sui ^^ Bus doeiile 
illp SLiTius quoin cum tteneiit dommwh mueneiit ita fw^ipntem 

lull -pte oter alle SaSe agiieg^S i ah geaettes hine jife gife cuoeft'e^ eine 

uoljis quiT, sipiT, omnia quae p "isidet con^tituet ilium 4t ""Quod ei dixent seiuus ' lo3-u. ,_ 

Be In heoita his hlatto i doaS hlafirt/ mm to cummanne * J on^mneS miSSy sUa 6a cnjehtas J 

illo in cuide set moraTft licit domm«^ nieus uenire et coepeiit percutere pueros et 

Jiiuwas 3 setta 1 dnnea 1 dnincgnii i ^5te se diuncenig 
anulSas et edexe et et mcbiiiii 

on di^e Byl'Se ne hjhtaSi noeiiaB ■> Bio tid Be J ne wit :i tod^leB hme ? d-el his mi5 

in die qua n m -^pei i-t et hoia (jui ncscit <t d ui let eum pixtcmtj^ue eiu& cum 

ungehle^fiullu»ft sotteS "e f am esne --eSe ong'ett wdlo dnhiwts hjs 3 

inhdelib«» p net 47 '''lile intern seiuus qui co^nomt uoluntatem d^mini sui et*159. x. 

■ftene fojegeaiuiie 3 fte lo dydt n ttc* mlla his gesauiucgde ^ eniEende raoni o t seBe 

non piaepaatuit rt mu tet. t se mlum lulmt tcm tms mpulib t multis 4S pu 

Bonne ne oig'ett 7 ne d^de B'l gensnoIBa wyrBi ^vwreicnui geswning lytlum J-huon eghnoelcum 
autem non cDgaouit et non fecit d%na P^'h,!'' tiipulabit piuci& omui 

Sonij^ -1 witbi/tce Siem fetlo i micel gesald vixa micel biS gesoht from him 1 Baem 1 a*m behodadon 
drutem cui multum datum est iiiultum quteretur ib eo et cui commen- 

i &efeiBtitdon feolo I mieel f J'Sor tmwa hia willuiaB i ginaB of Btem 
daueiuut niultum plus petunt nb eo 

eoiSo 1 hu«ed willo ic gif aberned biS ftilw (iht Bonwel^uut rf/? e ichafo ^teie se geful^fwad i 

tenim ct [Uid uoli si accendatwi 50 1 'i.ptisma autem babeo baptizan ei 

hu suiSe ic am gcheged i gchaSrad am wiB i oSa Sa hwil ge~cndad sie 
quomodo coarctor usqwe dum perficiatur 

411 T ge woiiS gitiijiie tii'^on *io tiJ ne „cnfciii*i siinu ninnnea toc\moiili is 41 en t-fe ^i pttius 

dnhten to us cneSestu Su bnpoll to ns ilium 42 en i?S "^onne diihten hwelc noenistu is gileof tnl 

Buiemon I fehgroefa 3 hoga Sone gesetea dnhten ofer higo his fte selle him on tide hw^tes npes 
43 eadig esne I Brel iScne miB'^y cymeS dnhten gimoeteS swa doende 44 soB ic cwteSo luw B^t oter 

alle SaSe sengaB I'ah gmetes hme 45 Bsette gjf cweSea esne Be in heoite his oweSes lete doeB dnhlen 

nun to cumanne 7 onginneB in isBy slaa Sa cni^htas 7 6a Biowe eot* 3 dnnci 7 druncmgi 4b cvmeS 

dnhten Biieles Bees on d?ue Se no hjhtaB 7 tide SaSe ne watt 7 tjdeleS hme 3 dtel Se his nuS imgi leof i 
^-leoffullnm aetet 47 Be Bcnno esne seBe ongiet wdlo Anhtnea his 3 Sftte foie geonv^de "> Bsette ne djde 

Eeftei ■wiUo his giswicte I m^ndo menigu in seBe Bonne ne ougeitiS 3 ne dyde 6a gi iiseno wriaccum 

giawenctnm Ijtlmn eghweli. Sonne Ssem feolo i mieel giaald wsbs micel gi'ioht biS tiom him 7 6<em bibodadma 
micle mira hii? wdnigi's liom him 49 ftr n, com to sendanne on eor6o 3 hwet willo ic gif aberned biS 

50 fulniht 6onni, from him ic «e '■ifuln td 3 hu swiBc ii, ini gi btged oS'^e 5a hn^le |,ii.nd\d •^l^. 

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51 for]jam ]jc ic com sybbe on corjian 
sendan. ne secgc ic eow ae to-dal; 

52 Heonon-forS beoS fife on anum base 
to-dfelede. pry on twegen. 1 twegen on 

53 beoS to-dselede; Feeder on snnu ? 
sunu on his fieder. modor on dohtor "i 
dolitor on byre modor; Swegr on hyro 
snore. 1 snoru on byre swegere ; 

54 7 be cwEof) to fa,m folce. Jjomie ge 
ge-seoS pa, lyfte cumende on west-dsele. sona 
ge cwe^aS storm cymS "} bit swa byS ; 

55 And l^onne ge geseoS su^an blawan 
ge secgaf) ■f is towerd 3 hit bycS; 

56 La Hceteras cunnege afandian heo- 
fones ansyne 1 eorpan. humeta na afandlge 
ge Jjas tide; 

57 Hwi ne demege of eow-sylfiim -p riht 

58 Donne pu gsest on wage mid Jjinum 
wiSer-winnan to hwylcum ealdre. do -p Su 
beo fram him alysed. ])e-l£es he pe sylle 
pam deman. ^ se dema pam bydele. 1 se 
bydel j^e sende on cwertern ; 

59 Ic secge pe ne gEest fu {janone ier J:u 
agylde Jione ytemystan feorS-bng; 


1 "l^ar -wgeron sume on f^eere tide of 
-T gahleum bim cyfende. jjara blod 
pilatus mengde mid byra oifrungum ; 

Various Headings. 

32. A, heonen-foi-S, A. )jroo {2tid time). 63 A om 
his. A. modor on detter J dohter on hjre moder Sweger 
A, awegre. 55. A. t6-weard. 56. B. C afandigean 
A. heofenes. A. hu meta ne afandie. 67 A hwig A 
demege, 68. A. t>j-la)S. A.cweartem. 59. A jianene, 

Cap. xiii. 1, A. )3i«ra, A. heora. 

) [Luke. 

51 for-Jtan-Jje icb com sibbe on eor'Se 
sEenden ; ne segge icb eow ac to-djcl. 

52 heonen-for^ by^ fife on anen huse 
to-dailede. preo on twegen. 7 twegen on 

53 beoS to-dseiede. Fader on aune. 1 
sune on his fader, moder on dobter. 7 
dohter on hire moder, Sweger on hire 
snore. 1 snore on hire swegere. 

54 And he cweeS to J^am folce. panne 
ge ge-seo'S pa. lifte cumende. on wasst-djele. 
sone ge cwe'SeS storm kym'S. 1 hit swa 

55 And fianne ge ge-seo^ su'San blawen 
ge segge^ ptet pe (sic) is toward "} hit beoS. 

56 La liceteres eunne ge afandigen heo- 
fenes ansiene 1 eor^an. Hu mtete na afan- 
dige ge pas tide. 

57 hwi ne deme ge of eow sylfon Jjfet 
riht ys. 

58 panne Su gsest on weige mid ])inen 
wi^er-winnen to hwilcen ealdre. do J>Bet 
p\i beo frara him alised ; pe-lses he pe Sylle 
|?ara deman. "} se dema J>am bydelen. 3 
se bedel pe sende on cwarterne. 

59 Ic pe segge ne geest p\i panen ser pu 
agylde Jianne ytemestan ferSing. 


1 "l^.*:r wseren sume on |;are tide of 
X galileen hym ke^ende. fara blod 
pilates mengde mid hyre offrunge. 

Various headings, 

j1 ic, eorSan ssendan; ic ; to-daL 62. henon-; 

anu/rt , )iry [l«< time]. 53. Pseder; fasder; modor [Isi 
time\, dohtor{towe); Swegr; Boain. [2nd time]. 54. 
Jjonne west- sona; cweSaS; cymS; bjS. 55. Jjonne; 
bhwan soggaS , R. om,. {jO ; towerd ; byS. 56. afen- 
digean heolonea ansyne. 57- sylfum; Ida [for ya]. 

68 Doane wege liiaum wi'Ser-winnan ; hwylcum; by- 
delujjt bydel, cwai-tern. 69. >aiiane; fjo«no; fjrS- 

Cip xui I iva)ron; galileuwi; cj>ende; pilatus ; 
hcora ofliungv»j 

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Chap. XII.] 137 

woenaS gic fte sibb ic euom to sealknne on eorJSo ne cueSo io iuh to ah ^ gesceM i 
51 putatis quia, pacem ueni dare in ten-am aon dico uol^is sed separationcm 

biSoii foriSon. ofer Kis 
62 eruiat enim ex hoc 

fifo in Iras a 
qViiuque in domo ui 

n todmled biSon 6rio on tffieni i J tuoege In «r 
la diuisi tres in duo et duo in ti 

biSon toddled fader on 
53 diuidentur pater in 

I iiUum et fiUws in 


his moder on doehter J dohter 
suum mater in filiam et filia 

moeder suegir on snoru 
matrem socnia in nurur 

hire J snoru on 
a suam et numa in 


hire ouoeS 6a 1 
suam 54 *Dicebat autem et 

«8em hei^m miSSy gie geseaS f wolcen npp^tigende frant sunn-sett sona gie cuoeSaS sejiir cymea 1 sua 
turbas cum nideritis nubeni orientem ab occasu statim dieitis nimbws nenit et ita 

bis :i miSSy suS wind gie euoeSas -pte wind biS 3 MS legcras 

fit 55 et cum anatrum flantem dicitia quia uentua erit et fit 56 hj-pocritae 

on-sione eai-Ses 3 heofnes wutaS gie gecunnia i ^te see gecostad Bis imtedlice tid lum iiege 

faciem terras et caeli aostis probai-e hoe autem tempus quomodo non 

cunnaS gie huped Sonne "3 from iuh seolfum no gedoemaS hu*d soSfscst is k*?!^'*^ , 

probatia 57 quid autem et ^ nobis ipsis non iudicatia quid iuatum est 58 *Cum 

wiiedliee Su gast i gegaS miS wiaerworde SinuM to aldovmen on woeg sel geomhce -fte «ii so gefreod 
autem uadia cum aduersario tuo ad principem in uia d^ operam liberan 

from bim eaSeniGeg i Sylfes genirae See miS doenia * -l- geleeda; 8ec to dome 3 
ab iilo ne forte trahat te apud iudicem ct 

to-cuomon Sa sumo Ssem on t^d snegdon Sa !■ liim of gali^m Siem _^ i 

1 *ADerant autem quidam ipao in tempore mmtiantes illi de 

Sara -t hiora bl6d gomergdo miS assegdnisuwi hiora 

quorum sanguinem pilatus miscuit cum aacrificiis eorum 

51. woenaS ge gtette sibbe ic come to sellaniie on eorSo ne cneSo ic io« to ah Siette ge gisceodne 
52. bioSun^werun furSon of Siase fifo in bus an todaaled bioSun Sria iu tuo 3 tuo in irio 53. tndieled 

bioBon fseJer on suno 7 simo on feeder his moder in dohter 3 dohter on moder sweger on anora hire 3 snora 
on swegre hire 54. cwa^S Sa i Sonwe 3 to Sasm hergum miSSy ge giseaS Suet wolcen upatigcnde from 

annsete sona ge cweoSaS scur cymeS 3 swa biS 55. 3 miSSy Ba« winde ge cweoSas Sistte n-ind his 3 

biS 56 onsione eorSo 3 heofnes mttas go gicunniga Sisis wutudlfce tide huu ne gi-cunigaa ge 

57. hwiet Sonne 3 from iow solfura no gi-doemaS Ssette soS ftcst is 5S. miSSy wutudhVd Sn g«st m:5 

wiSerwordne Sinne to aldor-nien on woog sel goumlice SEette Su se gilesed from him nenireg i Sylies he ge-nime 
Seh in careem 3 Bo sof-groefa aendeB «ec in tarc-ern 59, ic cweSo Se ne gi-gatatu Bona oSStefc wutudiice 

Sone Ifetemestu pricla Su forgelde 

Cap. SIII. 1. to-comun Sa sume on tide Bfem asegdun Sfem of galilea Bara t hiora Mod . . . 
BBsegd-nisaum hiora 

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2 pacwffi^liehimlswangende. wenege 
WEeron fa galileiscan synfulle to-foran eal- 
lum galileiscum. for-J)ar;i pe hig swylc 
f oledon ; 

3 Ne' secge ic na. ac ealle ge gelice 
forwur^ajj. baton ge deed-bote don. 

4 swa pa ehta-tyne. ofer J>a feoll se 
stypel on siloa 1 liig of-sloh ; Wenege f hig 
■WEeron scyldige ofer ealle menn pe on hieru- 
salem wunedon ; 

5 Ne secge ic. ac swa ge forwurSajj. 
baton ge dgcd-bote don ; 

6 Da B^de he him pis bigspel. sum man 
hsofde an fic-treow geplantod on his win- 
gearde. pa, com he "} sohte his -wEestmas on 

k^ tS"* ^^^ P^ "« f"n^e be 

hano. Arbo- 

reire fici habe- ger 

bat quidam. 

'an ic com wajstm secende on fiissum 
fic-treowe. 1 ic ne funde ; For-ceorf bine 
hwi of-fricS he -p land ; 

8 Da cwEeS be blaford. laet hine gyt 
J'is gear. oS ic hine bedelfe 3 ic hine be- 
wurpe mid meoxe., 

9 1 witodlice be wEestmas bringS ; Gif 
hit elles bwEet byS ceorf hine sySSan ; 

10 Da w£es he reste-dagum on hyra 
gesamnunge laerende, 

11 fa wEes par sum wlf seo hsefde un- 
trumnesse gast ebtatyne gear. 7 beo wees 

ne heo eallunga ne mibte up- 

Various Headings. 

% A, 38\mriendo. A. B. wene ge. A. swjlic a A. 
na eac. A. for-weorJiaS. 4. A. syloS. A. mea 5. A, 
for-weorSaiS. A. ded-b8to. 6; B. C.h![^"c;/orlie]. A. 
big-spell. 7. A. synd. A, geSr ; B. C. gear. A!. hwig. 

8. A, beweorpe. 10. A. heora. U 

3 [LCKB. 

2 Pa cwEeS he beom andsweriende. wene 
ge W£eren pa galileiscan synfulle to-foran 
eallen galileiscan. for-fan-fe hyo swylc 

3 Ne segge ic na. ac ealle ge gelice for- 
wurSeS. buton ge deadbote don ; 

4 swa fa ehte-tyna. ofer fa feoll se 
sfcepel on syloa. ] byo of-slob, Wene ge 
fset hyo wjeren scyldige ofer ealle menn f e 
on ierusalem wunedon, 

5 Ne segge ic ac swa ge for-wurSed. 
bute ge deadbote don. 

6 Da sEede be heom fis biapell. Summan 
hEefde an fic-treow ge-plantod on his win- 
gearde. fa com he ^ sohte his ws3stmes 
on hym. fa ne fand he nane. 

7 pa cweeS be to fara hyrde nu synde 
f reo gear seSSan icb com wEestme secende on 
fissen fic-treowe. ^ ic ne funde. For-scrif 
{dc) hine hwy ofer-stricS {sic) he feet land. 

8 Da cwEeS he. blaford leet bine geat 
fis gear oS Ic hine be-delfe. 1 ic liine be- 
weorpe mid dunge. 

9 ^ witodlice he WEestmes bringe^. Gif 
hit elles hwiet beoS. for-scrif hine sy^^an. 

10 Da WEes he reste-dagen on hiore ge- 
samnunge ; Iserende. 

11 fa WEBS fjer sum wif seo bafde un- 
trumnysse gast ehtetyne gear. ^ byo wses 
abogen ne hyo allonge ne mihte up be- 

Various Eeadings. 

2. aJi(l8werigende ; wieron; Galium galilciacum. 3. 
forwurSaS. buten ; dffid-bote. 4. chta-; of-alogh; wse- 
rOn; men; hienisalem mindon. 5. fonvurSaS. buton; 
dted-bote. 6. bigapell; wtestmas; nienne. 7. ejiit; 
BjSfean ic; wiestm; Jiissum; Fw-cyrf; of-liricS, 8. 
meoxe \_for dunge], 9. we^stmas bringaS; bi*; for- 
eeof («ii;); seSSan. 10. -dagum; liyora. 11. ehta- 
tjna ; heo [Swrf time\ ; ealluwga. 

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Chap. XIII.] 139 

J geond-uarde ciiooS is&m woenaS gio -pte 8as galilesco ioro alluin galilescura aynfullo 

3 et respondens dixit illiB putatia quod hi galilaei prae omnibits galilaeis peccatores 

biaon i- woeron for^onir-fte Suslieo Srowendo weron^biSon ne cuoeiio inh Ah biita Lreonisse 

fuemnt quia talia paasi sunt 3 non ■ dico uobis Bed nisi paenitentiam 

I losiga sn!B «a_ teno : Saaehtou on-ufa Sfem gefeall 

aitis 4 sicut illi decern et octo supra quos cecidit 

Be toyr in Sser byrig J of-alog «ailco woena* gie -pte gc Sailco scyldgo woeroii bi AUmn 

turris in siloam et occidit cos putatia quia ot ipsi debitorea fuemnt praeter omnea 

no cooKo io iuh ah huei!re gif hreoniae gie ne doeS 
5 non dico uobia sed si non paenitentiam egeritis 

Alle golic gie sciolon losiga ge-cuoeS he imtedlioe -tiSii iios'1-Sus geddung-i-onlicnise-l-bisene tree fic-boanies 
omnes eimiliter peribitia 6*Dicebat autem banc similitudiiiem arborem fici * LUI. 

164. X. 

h^fde sum monn geploutad * gesetet in wingearde his I cuoin sohte wssstm on Sser ileo J 

habebat quidam plaiitatam in uinea sua et uenit quaerena fructum in ilia et 

cuoeS Sa to bigencga i to Ssem bi-geon-l'e (sic) iSies wingeardas heono gSro 

7 dixit autem ad cultorem 


Srio sint of Son -i soSSa ic cuom sohte TOsestm on iic-boame Sisaer U no ic fiind i' ne genioete ii 

trea sunt ex quo uenio quaerens fractum in ficulnea liao ot non inuenio 

hrendas i scearfaS forSon Sailca i hia to liuon imtedHce eorSo gi-6uotaB ■!■ gomorraa 
euccidite ergo illam ut quid etiam terrain occupat 

cuoe« to Sfem^him drihtm foHet hia J ■J' fee Bios gar wiS f miS-Sy io delfo ymb hia 1 
dixit illi domjne dimitte Uiam et hoc anno usqwe dum fodiam circa illam et 

le sendo micxseno* 1 gifsoaiioe gedoeS wfeatm gifnedoeS iiut&:ffwe in SEomtoweardger ge-acearfe«u * on * trS 

mittam atercora 9 et ai-quidem fecerit fructum sin autem in futurum auccides is a<Med in 

the margin. 
bia wses imtecHice kerend in somnong hiora on eymheldagum 3 heono ^ vni 

earn 10 erat autem docens in synagoga "eorum sabbatis 11 et ecce mulier 

Sio hsefde gaat untrymniaes gSrum teno l mhto 3 wses fwishald -t gebeged ne iefi'a 1' allunga 

quae habebat spmiwm infirmitatis annis decern ot octo et erat inclinata nee omnino 

niEohte upp eft-lociga * gesea 
poterat suraum respicere 

2. 3 giondaworado cwjuS Baeni wocnaS ge Sietto Ses galilesco fore alluni galileBCum synnfuUe bioSon -t wenin 
forSon Suslioo Srovfende worun 3. ne cwe«o ic iow ah buta hreownisse ge ha^bbe alle gilice ge seiolun 

losige 4. Hwa 1 3a teno 3 jehtowe onufa Sfem gifeoU Se torr in txr byrig 7 ofslog Saitco woenais j;6 

Sffitte 3 Saiico scyldge werun biforo allum monnuwi byedun .... 5. ne ic cweSo iow ah liweSre gif 

hrouwnisso ge no doaS gilice ge seiolun loesga 6. gicw£eS,he wutndlice Bas geddunga onlicnosse ■1' bisene 

treona ficbeomes h£efde sumum gi-plontad in win-georde his 3 com solite wseatem on Ba;m ilea 3 ne in-fand 
7. cwffiS 6a to SiejK bigengum Sees wingeordes heono ger Srio sindun of Biem ic com to aoecanne wsestom 
in fic-beomo 5issu»M 3 ne fend ic i ne mnette coorfas i rendaa forSon Bailco ^^te hwon 3 wutudlice oorBo 
gi-onotaS 8. soS he ond-worde cw^ to Ssem drihten forlet Ba ^ hire 3 ec Bis ger wiSBrat miBBy ic delfo 

jmb Baiica 3 ic aendo mixemie 9. gif soSliee ge-doaS wsestem gif ne doeS wutudli'ca in 8iom to-worda 

giceorf Ba -V hia 10. wutudli'ce w»^ lairende on somnuiigum hiora syinbel-dagum 11. 3 heono ivif 

Sio ha=fde gast un-trymnisse geres tene 3 aslitowe 3 wres forB-hald 1" gibeged ne eefre allnnga miehte npp 



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12 pa se hselend hig geseah he clypode 
liig to him. ] sSde hyre ; "Wif. ])U eart 
for-lssten of finre untrumnesse. 

13 :i his hand hyre on sette. fia WEes heo 
eona up arfered. 1 heo god wuldrode; 

14 Da ge-bealh se duguSe-ealdor hine 
forj^am pe se hselend on reste-diege hfelde "i 
Sffide pam menegum ; Syx dagas synt on 
pam gebyraS -f man wyrce. citma|j on fam 
"} bee's gehselede. 3 na on reste-dsege ; 

15 Da Iswarude se hEelend 1 cwseS ; Ly. 
licteras. ne un-tig^ eower eelc on reste- 
deege hia oxan oS^e assan. fraux fsere 
binne "i Iset to w^etere ; 

16 Pas abrahames dohtor fie satanas 
geband nu eahta-tyne gear, ne gebyrede 
hyre beon unbunden of p'lssam bende on 
reste-dgflge ; 

17 pa he jjis sa;de. jja sceamode ealle 
his wiSer-winnan. 7 call folc geblissode on 
eallum fam Se "wuldor-fuUiee fram him ge- 
wurdon ; 

18 So^lice be cwxp. hwam is godes. 
rice gehc. 1 hwam wene ic 'f hit beo ge- 

19 bit ys gelic senepes corne 'f se man 
onfenc 1 seow on hia wyrtun 3 hit weos 
1 wearS mycel treow. ] heofenes fuhlas 
restun on his bogum ; 

20 And eft he cweeS. hwam wene ic f 
godes rice si gehc. 

Varions Readings. 

12, A. untrumnjsse. 13. A, ariered, 14. A. mene- 
gum. A. sjnd. IS. A. Jswarode. A. B. C. llceteras 
[but Corp. licteras]. 16. A. |ieo3. A. dohter. A. ehta- 
tyne cSr. 19. A. onfeng. A. wyi-t-tun. B. C. hcofoiies. 
A. fi^elas rcston. 20. A. sig. 


12 Da se heelend hyo ge-seah he cleo- 
pede hyo to him, "i saide hire. Wif pu- 

erfc for-ljsten of \>mve untrumnysse. 

13 1 his hand hire on settc. pa, W£es 
hyo sona up arerd, 1 hyo god wuldrede. 

14 Da ge-bealh se dugu'Se ealder hine 
for-j?an I'd se haslend on reste-daige helde 
1 s^de ]?am manigeo, Syx dages synde on 
pam ge-bereS pajfc man wyrce, cume^ on 
pam'] beoS ge-haslde. "J na on reste daige. 

15 pa andswerede se hselend "i cwseS. 
La liceteras ne un-tygS eower eelc on reste- 
daige his oxen o'S'Se assen fram pare binne 
"} Iset to WEctere. 

16 Das abrahames dohter pe satanas ge- 
band nu ehtetyna gear, ne beryde hire 
beon un-bundon of pisen benden on reste- 

17 Da he pis eaide pa scamede eallen 
his wiSer-winnan. ;i eall folc ge-blissode 
on eallen [lau pe wunderfuUice fram him 

18 SoSlice he cw^eS, hwam is godes 
rice gelic ; !1 hwam wene ic pEet hit beo ge- 

19 hit is gelic sepenes {sic) corne pe se 
man onfeng 3 seow on his wertun, ] hit 
weox ] warS mycel treow 1 heofene fugelea 
resten on his bogen. 

20 JEnd eft he cwteS. hwam wene ic 
p^t godes rice seo gelic. 

Various Headings. 

12, halend; clypode; stede; eart for-teton. 13. 
araerd; heo; wuldroda 14. ealdor; -dasge iiselde; 

menegum; dagas sjnt; ge-byraS; cumaS; -dsego. 15. 
-dfege; osan; assan. 16, doMor; ge-byrede; Jjysum 
hende ; -dscge, 17- sEogde ; scamode ealle ; eallum >a9M; 
waldorfullice; ge-wurdoii, 18. liis \_/or is]; ge-lic (liDiee). 
19. aenopes ; f [for (le] ; wjrtuii ; weai-S ; hoofone fi^elas 
reaton ; togum. 20. syo. 

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Chap. XIIL] 141 

Sailca miSSy gesege se ha&Wid geeeig^de to him 3 cuoeS to liiv la wif forleten arS from antrymnia 
12 . quam cum uidisset iesus uocauit ad so et ait illi roulier dimissa & ab infinnitate 

sin 3 gesette hir hSnd 1 sona ahefen wais -i" gerelitad 5 gewovSado i gsv/uldrade 

tiia 13 et imposuit illi mauus et confcstim erecta est et gioriiicabat 

god oiidsuavado 6a Btes folccs aldormon wraSSe forSon oa symbeldagum gehselde 

deum 14 *Rewpoiidens autem arche-synagogus indignana qvua sabbato curasset ' 165, ii. 

dagas sint on Ksem geriseS i is gelefed to wyrcanne ■J' f 
dies sunt in qiiibus oportet ope- 

gie wyroe on Stem foj-Soti cjmaS 3 lecnege« J ne in d^g syinblos geonduearde ga 

ran in iiis evgo uenite et curamini et non in die sabbati 15 respondens autem 

to him drihfew 5 cuoeS gie e^wico an eghuelc iaer on symbel-doeg ne unbilldeS^r woso his 

ad ilium dommws et dixit hypocritae unusquisqw* uestrum sabbato uon aoluit bouem suum 

i assald of bSaih 3 Itedea to wsetranne Sios rmtedlice doht«)- abraliamea Saiica 

aut Milium k prffisepio et ducit ad aquare 16 hanc autem liija abrabae quam 

gebSnd Se wiSerworda heono teao 3 Khto gSrum ne were gerianelie i reht to unbindaiino i to uiidoanne of 
alligauit aatanas eoce decern et octo annis non oportuit solui a 

bend Siaaum . dsege syinbZes 3 miSSy Sas gecueS gosceomadon alle fiondaa i iviSer-worda 

iiinculo isto die sabbati 17 *Et cum haec diceret erubescebaut onines aduersari " 106. s, 

his 3 ail f folc gefeado -t wses glaid on allum i£em wuiidrKm SaSe wuiidorlioe woeron fro liim 

eius et omnis populus gaudebat ia uniuei-sis quae gloriosae fiebant ab eo 

cue« ho soSlice to hufem ongelio is r:c godos 3 hnfera ongolic ivoere ic woeno J" ic leto i ic doemo 

18 *Dicebat ergo cui simile est regnum dei et cui simile esse existimabo *167. ii. 

senepes ^te genummen WEes monn sende in lehtuuo liis 7 
sjnapis quod ace ep turn homo misit in liortum suiim et 

3 flegendo heofn«i gehreeston oa telguin liis 
et uolucres caeli requieuemnt in ramis eius 

3 eftereona cuooS haajm ongolic ic woeao -l" ic wEelle iSta ric godes 3 husem ongolic is 
* Et iterum dixit cui eimilem (si'e) aestimabo reguum dei et cui simile est * l^S- ^■ 

12 Bajk) rniSSy giaegun Soue hieltjii/ gicegde to lum 3 cwieS haii la wif in uB fjilotea fium untnmnisae 
SSinre 13 3 gesette hir hoad 3 soaa abseten wres 3 genuldrtd wt;s g d 14 ond sivorade 8a Siea 

folches aldor wraSe forfeon on ^>mbeldseg6 gih^lde 6e hspk/jfj cw^S lie Bsem folche foi'^on sex dagas sint 
in ivm gnsLs to w>icaane on 6*m forSon cyineS 3 lecnigiS 3 ne on dsege symblos lo gimlnfrde Ba 

to him diihf''« 3 cw eS ge esnieu m e^hwelc i wer on Bjmbel-diege ne on bindeS oxo hit i eatald if bosge l 
ledei to wetianne lb 8i08 \vutudlif^ dohtei abrahimes 3a ilea giband 5e wiSerwordi heono tene 3 

(ehtowe geris ne were ginien ^ relit to unbnidanne of bendum Sissum dft^e symbles 17 3 aiiSSj Bas 

gicwseS ge sconiedun tile wiSei worded fiondus his 3 ill E<et folc gifeidc IS foiKon Sa?m gihc is rioe 

5,odes 3 tvra gilic were lo leto iawu, Sset l** ongilic is eoine senepc! S-ette ginumen w^b mean sende 

in lehtun his 3 wos 3 aworden wes on tiee miclum 3 flegende heofnea gi restun on telguni his 20 3 

eftei-3una cwi£% hw^m ongelic is woeuo S^t ic welle leta iite godes 

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21 hit is gelic pMii beorman f e -p wif on- 
fengc. 1 be-hydde on j^am melewe Jireo 
gemetu. oS hit wearS eall ahafen ; 

22 Da ferde he jjurh ceastra !l castelu to 
hierusalem "S par la^rde 

23 Da cwEeS sum man to him drihten. 
feawa synt pe synt geh^elede ; fa cwi&p he 
to hini. 

24 efsta'S f ge gaiigen furh -p nearwe 
get forfam ic secge eow manega secaS ■f 
hig ingan !l hi ne magon ; 

25 Donne se hiredes ealdor ing^S tl his 
dum beclyst ge standajj Jjser ute 1 fa duru 
cnuciaS 1 cwe'Sajj. drihten atyn us ; ponwe 
cwy^ he to eow ; Ne can ic eow. nat ic 
hwanon go synt ; 

26 Donne ongynne ge owe]7an we Eeton "i 
druncon beforan pe. 3 on urum stratum 
ftu Iferdest. 

27 ponne segS he eow. ne cann ic 
hwanon ge synt gewitaS fram me ealle 

28 |jar bi^ wop "i tofa gryst-lung ; Dsenne 
ge geseop abraham, 3 isaac. "i iacob. 3 
ealle witegan on godes rice. 3 ge beoS ut- 

29 ? hig cumaS fram east-d^le 1 west- 
dsele. 1 norJj-dSle. 3 sittaS on godes rice. 

30 3 efne synt yte-meste pa, Se beoS 
fymiyste. 3 synt fyrmyste fa Se beoS 

21. A. onfeiig. A. mcluwe. 23, A. ajiii Jie sjiicL 

24. A. gangon. A. geat. JS. C. hig, 25. A. ua [dcj for 
lat eow]. A. hwamen. A. synd. 27. A. can. A. hwanen. 
A, synd. 28. fomie, 30. A. synd ytemyste. A. B. C, 
ftrmeste. A, sjiid. A. B. C. fyrmeate. A. yteuijate. 

2 [Luke. 

21 hit ys gelic fam beorman pe Jjiet wif 
onfeng 3 be-hedde on fam melewe freo 
ge-mitte. oSSe hit warS eall ahafen. 

22 Ea ferde he furh ceastre 3 castella to 
ierusalem 1 }!jBr l^rde. 

23 Da cwaaS sum man to him. drihten 
feawe synde pe synde ge-h^lede. Da cwjeS 
he to heom. 

24 efstaS fet ge gangen |;urh pa, nserewe 
gate for-Jjan ich segge eow manege secaS 
ffet hyo ingan 3 hyo ne magen. 

25 panne se hirdes ealdor ingseS 3 his 
dure be-clyst. ge stande^ psex ute 3 pa, 
dure cnokieS 3 cweSa'^. Drihten atyn 
us. panne cwe^ he to eow. Ne can ich 
eow naht {sic) ich hwanen ge synde. 

26 panne on-ginnen ge cweSen. we seten 

3 druncen be-foren pe 3 on uren stneten 
fu l^rdest. 

27 fanne saiS he eow ne can ic hwanen 
ge synde. ge-witeS fram me ealle unriht- 

28 bjer beoS wop 3 toSe gristbihung * * Ms. grist- 
panne ge ge-seoo abraham 3 ysaac. 3 mcoh wUhUieHu 
3 ealle witegen on godes rice. 3 ge beoS "*""*' 

ut adrifene. 

29 3 hyo cumeS fram east-d^ele 3 west- 
deele. 3 suS-dfele. 3 sittaS on godes rice. 

30 3 efne synde ytemeste fa fe beoS 
fyrmeste 3 synde fyrmeste fa pe beoS 

Various Readings. 

2]- he-hyde (nic) ; oS; wera. 22, castre; sjnt; synt 
ge-halede ; eoin. 24, ^ cserwe gat ; foi--)jam ic ; manoga. 

25. Done; cnucyaK; Donne; ic; nat ic hwanon; Bjnt. 

26. Donne on-ginne ; teton ; druncon be-foran ; urum 
strcetoa 27. jiosme BegS ; cen ; hwanon ; synt. ge- 
witaS ; -wjrhtan. 28. l^ar byS ; gristlung. Donne ; 
witegan; geo {no). 29. suS-dale. 30. synt (Pa>ice); 
bys {2nd time). 

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Chap. XIII.] 143 

dajrste 'f miSBy onfoaeS wlf gehydeS in lucolo mitto i Brio oSSfet sie godsersted i 

21 fermento quod acceptujii mulier abscondit in farinao eata tria donee fermenta- 

gecnoeiien Al! 7 foerde Serh ceastro 1 woerco iterende 3 goong dydo in hierwsaiem 

retur totum 22 *Et ibat per ciuitatea et eastella doccns et iter feciens in hiemsalem * J^^- "-, 

mr'. lii. 
cuoeS 5a him sum monn drihfew gif huon sint i lytic worado aron 5a5e gihteled bi^on he Ssi 
23 *Ait autem ill! quidam domme' si pauci sunt qui ealuantur ipse mitem - 170, v. 

mt. 111. 

cuoeS to Sajui jicom geSrincgas i to ingeonganno 8crh nearo gastt ^ste menigo ic euoeSo 

dixit ad illos 24 contendite intrare per angustam portam quia multi dico 

iuh Boecaa -I- biddas to iwngeonganne Z ne mishton niiSBy iSonneiuatedlice InngacB scfederhiwMisc 

uobia quaeront ' intrare et non poterunt 25 *Cuni autem intrauerit pater- * 171. v. 

r 3 tyneS f duro ^ dor 1 gie ongiunea uwta stonda 3 cnjlsiga f dor 
et cluserifc ostium et incipietis foris stare et puleare ostium 

5us cuoeSendo tlrih(«w unt^n fis 3 ondsuartende cuoeBeS iuh 1 

dicentea domine ^peri nobia et respondens dicet uobis 

fSonne i: Sa gie ongitines euoeSa we brecon -it etoii iora, Soc 3 we drunccon 3 in plaecum •!■ fisum 
26 tunc incipietis dicere manducauimus coram t^ et bibimus et in plateis nostris 

3 caoeKes iuh to Be eonnic huona arongie afearraS from me iille 

27 et dicot uobis n^cio uoa unde sitis discedite a mo onmos 

Sa wyrccndo unreht-wisnises Ser bia w6p 3 grist-bittung toSaua raiSiSy gee geaeaS abrahan* 

operari iniquitatis 28 ibi erit Actus et stridor dentium * Cum uideritis abraham * 172. u 

mt. Isu. 

5 3 3 alle witgo iniigeonga in ric godea gie xmUdlice foj-drifeno bnfei i uta 

ct isaae et iacob et omnes prophet'as introire in regno dei uos autem expelli foras 

3 cymoS casta 3 woesta 3 norKa 3 snSa 3 hlinigaS i hrsesteS in rie 

29 et iicnient ab oriente et Occidents et aquilone et austro et accumbent in regno 

godes 3 heono biSon hlretmesto SaBo wocron foj-Smesto 3 biSon foj-Smesto Sa_ wooron 

dei 30 *Et ecce aunt nouissimi qui erunt primi et sunt primi qui enmt*!^^-' 

21 giJic IS dteratum S'stto mi8?y onfoeS wif wif (sit) gihydeS in iiioolwe cutto 1 Sii* u55Set 'ie ^'d^'i^t'il 
Ir oneden ill 22 3 foorde «erh c^estre 3 were leerendo 3 gonj, djde 23 cvi'sS Sa hnn ■* m mon 

dnhif^ gif hwon emt Sa6e egliwelcuni bio'^im ho ta, cvivS to Sen ileum 24 ,,6 Sncgas to onginnai 1 e 

JScih naru gtett B'stte monige ic cweSo low to weoas i biddia to mgonganne 3 ne mrehtun. 2o in Sfey 

Sonne wutndhce ineode i'foei !e feeder hi rodes i higni 3 intyneSS Sa liro i dm 3 ge lu^ongas uta stonU 
3 clymg^ Sfflt dor iSns cweSenle diihioi nntyn ns 3 ondswiiade cweSeB low ne eon ic 1 wih Lwtii ^e m 1 
26 27 afoarruis fioni me alle SiSe wyreaS umehtmsse 2S Boi biS wop 3 giist b tung t^^i 

miSSy ge gjBeaS 3 3 3 alle witgu in iice gides ge wutudlite fold itne buta i" ute 2<) 3 

cymeS e <ran 3 westa 3 norSa 3 suSt 3 hlieingiB .1 lest^S m iice godoa 30 "i heono bioSon Iseto mesto 

6iSe weruu fooiSmest 3 bioSon foeimest SaSe wenm lEetemest 

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31 On );am dasge him genealseliton sums 
farisei "i him s^don ; Far "i ga heonon for- 
I'am pe herodes J^e wyle ofslean ; 

82 And fa cwseS he to him. gaS !! 
secga'S pa-tn foxe. deofol-seocnessa ic iit- 
adrife. 1 ic hsela gefremme to-dfeg "} to- 
morhgen ] jjriddan d^ege ic beo for-numen ; 

33 Deah-hwseSere me gebyrej? to-dseg "] 
to-morhgen. "i py Eefteran djege gan. for- 
fiam pe ne gebyreS -p se witega for-wur^e 
hutan hierusalem; 

34 Eala hierusalem hierusalem. pn '&e pa 
witegan of-sljhst. "i hgenst. p& Se to J^e 
asende synt. hu oft ic wolde Jjine beam 
gegaderian swa se fugel deS his nest under 
his fiSerum 1 Jju noldest ; 

36 Nu biS eower hus eow for-lseten ; 
So^lice ic eow seege -p ge me ne geseo^ 
£er|)am pe cume se j^onne ge cweSaS. ge- 
bletsod sy se Se com on drihtnes naman ; 


1 T^a WEes geworden pa he eode on 

Jr sumes farisea ealdres hus on 

oier ^"mfi^ reste-dfege f he hlaf Eete. 1 hig begymdon 
teu. Cum 1^- 

indomum 2 'Ss, "wsss tar sum wiBter-seoc maii befo- 

oiuusdam _ ' 

prmoipia piift- ran him ; 

lutrauitisfiuB 3 Da cwEe}) se htelend to fam fe.-gleawum 

OTitaXT 1 fariseum ; Ys hit alyfed -p man on reste- 


bato mMidu- 

Dys god-spd 
gebjraS on 
)j»re nygoa- 

Various Headings. 

■ 32, deofol-seocnyssa. A. htelo. A, to-morgen, 33. A. 
to-mergen. A. ge-byra*. A. for-weorfee. 34. A. hjnst 
A. B. C. synd. 35. A. om. se after cume. A. syg. 

t [Luke. 

31 On jiiam daige him ge-neohlaeten sume 
farisei 7 him saigdon. Far ? ga heonon. 
fov-|iam pe herodes pe wile of-slean. 

32 And pa, cwEe^ he to heom. GaS 7 
seggeS [jam foxe. deofel-seocnysse ich ufc 
adrife. "i ic h^ele ge-fremme to-daig 7 to- 
morgen 1 Sridden daige ich beo for-numen. 

33 peah-hw£eSere me ge-bereS to-daig 
7 to-morgen. ] l^y seftere daige gan. for- 
|!an ne bereS |?£et se witega for-wurSe buton 

34 Eale ierusaiem ierusaiem. pu. pe pa, 
witegen of-sleahst. 1 heensfc pd. pe to pe 
asent synden, hu ofte ic wolde j^ine beam 
ge-gaderian. swa se fugel doS his nyst 
under his fySeren 1 pu noldest. 

35 JSTu beoS eower hus eow for-lfetan. 
SoSIice ic eow segge ■f ge me ne ge-seoS 
Eer |jan pe cume se |;anne ge cwe^ed ge- 
bletsod syo se pe com on drihtnes namen. 



wjes ge-worSen pa, he eode on R N'^^"'* 


sumes phariseas ealdres hus on "'"'" ''^ins- 
Ta:ste-daige. Jiset he hlaf tete. ] hyo be- saeerdotum 

n , . sabbaio man 

gymden hme. duoaro pa- 

2 Jia w£es Jjter sum wseter-seoc maun be- '^^^' 
foran hym. 

3 Da cwEeS se htelend to Jiam lage- 
gleawen. ] farisean. is hit alyfed fset 
man on reste-dagen heele. 

Various Readings. 

31. gc-Ecalilactoii ; Kegdon. 32. segg; 
nyssaie; dridden {nc); ic 33. -JiweSeve; ge-byreS 
to-morhgen ; jefteran daage ; byreS ; butan. 34. Bala 
hierusalem {2nd' time); witegan; aaend synd hwu; deS 
iyaemm". 36. for-Iseton ; seois ; p&m ; jjonne ; cweSaB 

Cap. sir. 1. Rubric as in 'H..; ge-worden; -dsege; ete; 
be-gymdon. 2. man. 3. halend; ea-glewum; alefd 

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Gjiap. XIII] 

on SEera diego geneolecdon sunjmo 8am ^IdrS, cuoeSendo !iim gaa'l'fasr 3 geong heona 

31 *In ipsa die accesserunt quidam pharisaeorum dicentea illi exi et "uade liinc *,Ji^^^' 

Z ciioe5 Ssem gaS cnoeSaS foxe Sasm heono ic aworpo 
et ait illis ite dicite uulpi illi ecce eioio 

fojiSon heroOes will Sec ofslaa 
quia herodea unit t^ occidere 

diwlo 1 hffllo ic 6erh-doe i endigo todteg 1 tomSrne : ^setn Sirdc dosge ic lieom ge-endad 

dacmouio (sic) et sanitates perficio hodie et eras et tertio consummor 

aoS hueiire gehriscS ■1' gedjefceS me to-d^g 3 tomerno 1 Seem EeftCT-fyl^eiide geonga ioriSon ne 
S3 uei'um-tamen oportet me hodie et eras et sequenti ambulare quia non 

rimes wjtgo losia buta hierusalem 

eapit prophetajn perire extra bierusalem 

Su ofslsest isa witgo 
34 *Hierusalem hierusalem quae occidia prophetas 

7 5u BtEenaS Sa SaBe ge-sendad biKon to «e au^ suiSe ic waldo gesorania suno 6ino 
et lapidas eos qui mittuntur ad te quotiens uolui congregare filios tuoe 

fugul nest hig under fearum :i ne waldest «u 
6.uis nidum s«um sub pinnis et noluisti 

heono forteten bis iiili hlla iuora 

35 ecce relinquitur nobis domus uestra 

ic cuoeSo i^iantedliee iuh forSon-t-ptegie ne gesea-S mec o655»t cyme mi«-By giecuoeBo se gebloedsad 
dico autem uobis quia non uidebitis me donee ueniat cum dicetia benediotua 

seSe cnom in noma irihines 
qui iienit in nomine domini 

3 Aworden wses miS-Sy imnfoerde in hua summea aldormomics on symbol-dceg 

' 1 *Et factum est cum intraret in domum cuiusdam principes (sic) pbarisaeorum sabbato * LUIII. 

176. X. 

to bmcamie hlaf 3 fea^ilco behealdon hine 
manducare pan em et ipsi obseruabant e\im 

3 heono menu sum unlial i wse3 

2 et ecce homo quidam hydropicus erat 

vi'mtmn 3 is gelcfcd 

peritoa et pharisaeos licet * 177' 'i; 

31. on Siem dsege geneolicadun sume Sara aldormonna Liora cwoSunde him gaa 3 gong hiood forSnn 
hefodea walde ftec ofela 32. J cwteS ifein ga* 3 cweoiaS foxe *£em heono ic aworpe diowul 3 hjelo ih 

8erh-wuno to-dsege 3 on meme 3 Stem Sirda dtege ic biom gi-endad 33. so« hweSre girisei to dsege : on 

merne 3 Sjem jefter fylgende forSon ne nimeS witga losiga buta hieruaalcra 34. hier«R(7f!/« bierusalem 

in of-sliea iSa witgn 3 Su stfflncs 8a 8aSe gisended biofeun to Se swa swiSe ic walde gisonuiiga suno Sine 
*a8e swelce fugol nest his under feSrum gisomne* 3 ne waldes Su 35. heono forleten iow hiis iower 

woeatige ic cweSo «a wutudlice iow furBou ^to ge ne giseaS mec oSSiut cyme miSSy ge cweSe ae gibletaad 
seSe com in noma ^ibtties 

Cap. XIV, 1, 3 aworden wtea miSSy infoerde in hua aumos aider monnea Sara uSwutuna hiora on syuibel- 
ds^e to bmccanne hlaf 3 Sa jlca biheoldun hine 2. 3 heono nionn sum unhal w»a bifora hine 3. 3 

ondsworado Se b^hnd cwseS to sea witgum 3 sidormonmmi hise cwedun gif ^lefed ia on symbel-da?ge Se 
g^leeniga i no 

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4 Da suwudon hig. fa nam lie hine ") 
geheelde 1 for-let hyne ; 

5 Pa cwEe^ he to him Iswariende. hwyl- 
ces eowres assa o'S^e oxa befeal]^ on anne 
pytt !i ne till}) he hyne hrasdliee up on reste- 

6 Ba ne mihton hig agen f^is him 
wyrdan ; 

7 Da s^de he sam big-spel be |)am in- 
gela^udan. gymende ha hig fia fyrmestan 
setl gecuron "i |)ug cwEeS ; 

8 Bonne Jiii byst to gyftum gelafjod ne 
site |!u on pam fyrmestan setle. pelffis we- 
nunga sum wurS-fulra [sig yngela'Sod fram 

9 "i jjonne] cume se pe Se in-gelafiode "i 
secge Se rym fysum men setl. 7 pu ^Eenne 
mid sceame nymc ■f yte-meste setl; 

10 Ac ponne pu. geclypod byst. ga ] 
site on pani ytemestan setle. -p se Be pe in- 
gelaSude f Eenne he cymS cwefe to pe. la 
frcond. site ufur.. J^onne byS pe wurS- 
mynt be-foran mid-sittendum ; 

11 For-|3am eelc pe hine up-ahefS. hiS 
genySerud. ] se Se hine nySeraS se biS 
up-abafen ; 

1 2 Da cwEeS he to pam pe hine inlaSode. 
ponne pa dest wiste o'S'Se feorme ne clypa 
Jiu j:)ine frynd ne Jjine gebroSru. ne Sine' 
cuSan ne |;ine welegan nehheburas. J^e-lses 
hi Se agen laSiun. 1 pn hEcbbe ed-lean ; 

4. A, snwedon. 5. A, assail. A. scmie. f \ m 
gean. 7- A. big-spelL A. inge-laSedon. C gecur'ui 
8, A. weorS-fulra. (TAesoor^feaigyngelaSod fiam liym 7 
iionne occur in A. only.) 9. A. jjonne. A jtemyite 
10. C. <m. gS. A. ytemystan. A. ingelaSode. {ionni, A 
ufer. A. weor^-mjiid. 11. A, ge-iiy]jerod. 12 A lu 
gelaSode. A. jjy-lfes hig J^e ODgeaii laSion, 

t6 [Luke. 

4 Da swegedon hyo, pa^ nam he hine 
1 hgolde ] fordet hine. 

5 Da cwifiS he to heom andsweriende. 
Hwilces eowres asse oSSe oxa bo-feald on 
Eenne pyt. ;! ne teod he hine rsedhce up on 
reste daige, 

6 Da ne mihton hyo agen fiis hym ge- 

7 pa saigde he heom sum bispell. be 
jjam ingedaSedon gymende hu hyo pa fyr- 
mestan setle ge-curan. 1 pus cwEeS. 

S Panne fu boost to gyften gedaSed. 
ne site Jiu on pa fyrmeste settle f)i-lfes 
wenunga sum wurSfulra cume. 

9 H se pe inge-laSede segge pe rem pisen 
menu settl. "i pu panne mid scame nyme 
■f ytemesten settle. 

10 Ac panne pu ge-clyped beost. ga ti 
site on pam ytemesten settle, pa^t se pe 
inge-laSode panne he kyniS cweSe to f^e. 
La freond; site ufor. panne beoS pe wurS- 
menfc beforan mid-si ttend en. 

11 For-pan Eelc pe hine up-ahcfS byS 
ge-nySered. 1 se pe hine niSered se beoS 

12 pa cwjeS he to pam pe hine in laSede. 
panne pu dest wyste oSSe ferme. ne cleope 
pu pine freond ne pine hroSre. ne |;ine 
cuSan. ne pine welegen. nehliebures. pe- 
Ises hyo pe agen laSian 7 pu hsebbe edlean. 

Various Headings. 

■i. swugedon. 5. eom ; Msa ; befealS ; teoS. 7 
segde; eom; in-gelaJSedaii ; ge-curen. 8. Donne 

bj't; gyitam ge-laSod ; fpawi ; setie (>e-lEes. 9. in 

gel'BSede aecge; rym Jiysum men setl; ytemeste setle. 
10 )jonne ; byst ; ytemestan setle ; Se [le [/or )je] inge- 
I'eSodef.senne; cymSS; jjonnebyS; wurSmynt; -sittendum. 
11. For-)jam; bi-B up-ahafan. 12, Deniie; clype; 
Seru; welegan nehheburas ; cadlon. 

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Chap. XIV.] 147 

3oS hiai-Sa suigdon he nntedlice geMahte, geliaslde 1 foHeorb _ 3 gcondsuawile 

4 at illi taeuerant ipse uero apprehensum sanauit ac dimisit o et respondens 

to Sfem cuoeS liuelc i h«Eea iuerea asaid -J- oxa in seaS falloS : 
ad illoa dixit cuius uestrum ^sinus aiit bos in puteum cadet et 

7 ne mfehton to Sasaum goonduearde liim 

6 et non potuerunt ad iitec respondere ilU 

J to ?sera laBendum -f bisen Leheald huu Sa formo hrsesto hia geocason cuoeS to 

et ad inuitatos parabolam intendens quoraodo primoa accubitos eligerent dicens ad 

him mia-ey gehlaSed SSu bist to ■ fsarmum ne hlina Sn in Sa foi-ma stouo eoSe m^ge 

iilos 8 cnm inuitatus fueris ad. nuptias noa dis-cumbaa m pnmo loco ne iorto 

wvrSm Sec sie geneded ■!- geWaBad from Sasm 5 cynieS Scilco seSe «eo 3 bine go-ceigeS t 

honoratior t^ sit iniiiUtus ab eo 9 et uemens is qui t^ et lilum uoca- 

ge-oeigde cuoeSea Se sel «issnm f stow : Kon»a euingiimas miS aceoma -p htetmeato stone gebalda 
uit dicafc tibi da huio locura et tunc iacipiaa cum rubore nouissimum locum tenere 

ah mi«5!y geeoiged 5u bist gaa liliiiig on ■)) Uffitmesto stou fte miS-8y gecymeS aeSe 8eo 

10 sed cum uocatua fueris uade recumbe in nouissimo loco ut cum uenent qui te 

gehlaJSade cuooSaS So freoiid astig nfor Somie biB So wuldor * gefea font *£em golie 

inuitauit dicat tibi flmice asoendo superius tuna erit tibi gloria coram simul 

hlingendum fM'Bon ^huelc aeSe bine ahebbaS go-bniSrad bi6 3 seBe bine gcbegaS 

discumbentibifs 11 * Quia omnis qui si^ esaltat humlliabitur et qui se humiliat ' ^^^- "- 

gehefeu bi? cuoeS Ba 3 Biem aeBe bine geblaBade miSBy Su gedoeS briord i 

esaltabitur 12 *Dicebat autem et ei qui s^ inuitauerat cum facis prandium aut^'iBO. s, 

aymbel nello au geceiga friondas Bina no broBro Sine no aibbo i cuBo raenn ne nebeburas 
caenam noli uocare ^micos tuos aeq«e fratres tuos neqwe cognatos neqjfe 

weligo eaSamsege 3 Ba ilco Bee eft-blaBaa 3 sie Se eft-selenise 
diuites ne forte et ipsi t^ re-iniiitent et fiat tibi retributio 

4. soB hife swigadun he wntudlice gilahte gihtelde + gihielde (sic) hine 3 for-leort 5. 3 giondaworajie 

cwfeB bwelc iower asald i" osa in aeaS falleB ne sona of of-doeB hine ds^e aymbles 6. 3 ue miehtiin 

to BasBum giJ-aworade liim 7. cwasS Ba to Stem Ifedendum 8» bisine bihald hwa Sa forma onfoe hie 

gifeasan (sic) cwasS to him 8. miSBy biS laSad Su bist to feormum ne hliona in Sser forma atowwe leSe 

maeg wyrBro Bee i So eie gineded from bim 9. 3 cymeS Beilco seBe Bee 3 bine gicegeB cweoBaa Se 

sel Siaaum stowwe 3 Bonne Su on-ginnes miS acomo stowe Sa la3temcstu ge-halda 10. ah miSBy gicegeS 

8u biat gaa hlioniga on Sa tetemeatu atowwe -f miS-Sy cymeS eeSe Sec gilade cweoSaS Se friond aatig 
ufor Sonwa biS Se wuldor bi-fora Brem gilice hlingendum 11. forSon eghweic aeSe bine ahefeS giniSrad 

bis 3 seBe hine abegeS gibtefen biS 12, avtseH Ba Bfem i him aeSe hine gilaSade niiSBy Bu does riordo 

i f^mbel nelle Su gicegan friond Sinne ne broBor Sinne ne gisibbo ciiSe men ne neb-giburaa wcalige SaSe 
eaSe miege 3 Sa ilcu Sec gilaSiga 3 doe Se eft-ael-nisse 

T 3 

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Dya goi-Bpel 
ge-byraS oa 
jjone (Jtyddart 

13 Ac f'Eenne fu ge-beor-scype do, clypa 
f earfan 1 wanhale. ] healte. "J blinde. 

14 ponne bist f;u eadig. for-f'am Se lii 
JiabbaS hwanun hig bit jie forgyldon ; 
SoSlice bit byS J^e forgolden on riht-wisra 

15 Da fis gebyrde sum of j^am sittendum 
fa cw^S he. eadig is se Se hiaf ytfc on 
godes rice ; 

16 Da sEede he him, sum man worhte 
mycele feorme 1 manega gela^ode, 

ofe'^n^coa- 17 Jja sende be bis fieowan to Jifere 
quikam t^it feorme timan -p he ssede ]>a.m gelaSedum 
imnf'V'^' "P ^"S comun forjiam [7e eaile j^ing gearwe 
WEeron ; 

18 pa ongunnon hig eaile hig beladian; 
Se forma him seede. ic bohte Eenne tun, 
ic htebbe neode "p ic fare "i bine geseo. ic 
bidde J^e -f ^u mc beladige ; 

19 Da cw^p se oj^er. ic bobte an getyme 
oxena. nu wille ic faran 7 fandian hyra nu 
bidde ic |;e belada me ; 

20 Da cwEeS sum ic Isedde wif ham. for- 
J'am ic ne meeg cuman ; 

21 pa cyrde se feowa :i cydde his Idafor- 
de ■f ; Da cweeS se blaford mid yrre to p^m 
Jfeowan ; Ga on pB, streeta T on wic 
fiisse ceastre :i jiearfan "i wanhale. ^ blinde 
] bealte Ijed hider in : 

Various Headings. 

13. A. (lonne. 14. A. hig. A. hwanoa C. for-goldon 
[for foi^ldoii]. 15, B. C. yt. 17. A, comon. 18, 
B. C. beladie. 19. A. ge-tjmSe. 21. A. raSe. 

.8 [Luke. 

13 Ac j;anne p\i beorscype do ; cleope 
jjearfen :i wanbfeffcen 1 healte 1 blinde. 

14 jianne beost Jju eadig. for-J:an |7e 
hyo nsebbed hwanen byo hit pe folgeldon 
(sic), SoSliee bit beoS pe for-goldeu on 
riht-wisra ariste. 

15 Da |;is ge-berde sum of pam sittenden. 
))a cwEeS he. eadig is se J^e hlaf get on 
godes riche. 

16 pa s^gde he heom sum man worhte 
mycele ferme 7 manega ge-laSode. 

17 p& sente he his Jieowen to |:are ferme 
timan. psdt he saide |iam ge-laSedon f^t 
hyo coman. for-]3an pe eaile j'ing gearewo 

18 Da ongamnan .(sic) hyo eaile byo be- 
laSedian. Se forme bym saigde ic bobte 
fenne tun ; ich hsebbe neode )ja?t ic fare 
1 bine ge-seo. ic bidde pe JiEet ])u me be- 

19 Da cvvEe^ se oSer, icb bohte an ge- 
teme osana. nu wille ich farcn 1 fandian 
byre, nu bidde ic pe be4ade me. 

20 Da cwfe'5 sum icb ladde wlf bam, 
for-pam ic ne mseg cuman. 

21 Da cyrde se |7eowa 1 kydde his hla- 
forde pEct, Da cwEe'S se blaford mid yrre to 
J>ara [leowan. Ga raSe on psk strtete. 1 on 
wic jjissere cestere. 1 fjerfan 1 wan-h^ften. 
7 blinde. 1 healte. 7 l^eS {sic) blder in. 

Various Headings, 

13, l^oinie; clype Jioai-fan ; waii-hafen. 14. |jorenebist, 
nsebte* hwauim ; forgjldon; MS. JD, ge-birde; ot; 
rice. 16. eom ; feorme. 17- sende ; Jjcowan ; feorme 
sa^de; ge-laSedan; forSaw; wraroii. 18. oiignnnan 
be-laSian; sffigde; ic [/oj- ich]. 19. ic; ge-tyme; ic 

faran. 20. icl^dde. 21. cydde; Jiisse ceastre ; wan- 

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Chap. XIV.] 149 

ah mi3-«y Su doesfc gebrerscip ge-ccig Sorfendum unhalura lialtum blinduws 1 eadig 

IS sed cum facis comiiumm uoca pauperes dobiles dodos caecos 14 et beatus 

*U biat iorSon hia ne liabbaS eft to seallane ?o eft biS gesald fo^Son «e on erist ao«fa!stra 

eris quia non habent retribiiere tibi retribuetur euim tibt in resiirrectionem (sic) lustorum 

aaa miS-Sj- geherde aume of isem miS ■!■ gelic hlingend«»« cuoeS him eadig biS ae«e etfcaS i brucaS 
15 bacc cum audisact quidam de simui discumbentibws dixit ei beatua qui manducauit 

)ilaf In ric godes so5 he cuoeS him i" Srem monn sum dyde farma mioelo 3 

panem in logno del 16 at ipse dixit ei *Hoiiio quidam fecit cenam magnam et !Jo^^^^^^" 

ceigde menigo 1 senile osiie 

uocauit multos 17 et misit aeiuura 

hia cymo fcrSon witedltce geg^arnad sint alio 
uenirent quia iam parata sunt omnia 

Be ffiresta cuoeS him 16nd ic- bohte : iied-Xai-f ic hafo ^ ic goonga J ^esea f ilea Jc biddo Sec hsefc mcc 
primus dixit ei emi et necease babeo exire et uidere illam rogo t& babe me 

onSBScne * ^ o^er cuoeS dscl i oxna dsel flfo 3 ic geongo to cunnanne 6a ilea ic t>ic!do Sec 

excusatum 19 et alter dixit iuga bourn emi quinqite et eo probare ilia rogo te 

hsefe mec gelefen i 3 oSer cuooS wif ic laide i brohte J focSon no toscg ic mime 

babe me excusatum 20 et alius dixit uxorem duxi et ideo non possum uenire 

3 cft-cei-de se esne etegde Sas drihtne his Sa wraS wjes se fteder biuwisc cuoeS Segnc hia 
21 et reuersus seruus nuntiauit baec domino suo tunc iratus pater-famibas dixit seruo suo 

gaa reoone in pliecum 3 masraM Ssere ceastrc 3 Sorfendum 7 mibalujK J blindum 5 haltum 
exi cito in plateas et uicos ciuitatis et pauperes ac debiles et caecos et clodos 

I Ito llnde 

14 3 eal^ 



9te s 'i t«3t a 

: 6aa m 


gihe ] 

e toS hi f n 

rco ^odea 


3 le 

3 sende es 

bn. t le feor 


to cw 

idun tllo 

13 3 oiguimun 

8 be 3lle 

13 ah n '^Sy d es gilear-scj gicef, So tendm u h 1 
Into e iab 5 ctt to sell ae *;o eft b « s Id to-«o Se 
of ism lyde m 5 S em b! nieulu i cweS ^rfsm. eadig 
hi ma sum djle feon e n c!e 3 cede monigum 1 

glial gas ge Ssette ha cyii e f feon wut dl ^'S^orwad ' 

$8 <ensta cweS him lend 1 bohte fo So 3 nedS'B te c I fo ^l c gono'o 3 g ? e Biet I e ic biddo Sec h 
mec on f'ecne It 3 Ser cnteS del py a c bohte hfe 3 ic gongo to cum a ne Sa 1 o c b 11 

h^fe nee ^ iefenne "0 3 oSer cw¥is vf Itedo 3 fo aon ne n ■^g eu i 2 3 eftoe le Se < 

sffigde 3as drlt h !a wriS -vres *e telet S-es 1 ooles CTeeS esne 1 'i gaa eo e n il^ts 3 
S^e c atre 3 So fen 1 m i alal 3 Hnl 3 1 Ite Ki 1 le 

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il to BOJie- 
tuE henuetis 
t to soncius 

quia uecit ad 
patrein BWlm 

22 Da cwasS se j^eowa. hlaford. tit ys 
gedon swa fm bude. ^ nu gyt her is temtig 
stow ; 

23 pa cwedS se hlaford ]ja gyt to ]ja7ii 
Jieowan ; Ga gcond pus wegas 1 hegas. 1 
nyd hig -f hig gaa in, -p min hus si gefyl- 

24 SoSIice ic eow secge ■f nan Jiara 
manna j^e geclypode synt ne onbyrigeaS 
minre feorme ; 

25 0<oSlice mid liim ferde mycel meti- 
rO ego, J^a cwajS he to him be~ 

wend ; 

26 Gyf hwa to me cym^ !l ne hataS his 
ider 1 moder 1 wif 3 beam :i brofru :i 

swustra. ] Jjtenne gyt his sawle ne m£eg he 
beon min leorning-cniht; 

27 1 se pe ne byrS hys cwylminge 1 
cymS ffifter me. ne mteg he beon min 
leorning-cniht ; 

28 Hwylc eower wyle timbrian anne 
stypel. hu ne sytt be serest "i teleS |;a and- 
fengas Jje Idm behefe synt. hwse^er he 
hfebbe hine to fuU-freuimenne 

29 fe-Ieeg syS&n he jjtene grund-weall 
legS, 1 ne ma;g hine full-fremman. ealle fe 
hit geseo'3 agynnaS hine tselan 

30 J cweSan ; Hwfet pes man agan tim- 
brian 7 ne mihte hit ge-endian ; 

Various Headings, 
23. A. eond. A. ug. 24. A. J'rera. A. synii 
bjTJaS. 25. A. mrenego. 23. B, C. modor. A 


28, A. ienne. A, M-fremmanne, 29. A. jiy-ljes. A. 
Iione. C. grud-weall {sic). A. ag^nnon ; B. C. agyiman. 
30, A, ongan. 

) [Luke. 

22 Da cwfeS se [jeowa. Hlaford hit is 
ge-don swa pu biede. 1 nu gyt her is emtig 

23 Da cwreS se hlaford gyt fa to ]jam 
l^eowan. Oa geond j?as wegas ] hegas 7 
nyd hyo -p hyo gan in. ■f min hus syo ge- 

24 SoShce ic eow segge ■f nan fare 
manna pe ge-clepede synde. ne on-byriad 
mire (sic) ferine, 

25 CN o^lico mid him ferde micel meniere. ^^ i""^ "®° 
^1 _ = ad me, 3 no 

fO ]ja ew, he to heom be-wend, odit pattern 

trem. 3 filioi 

26 Gyf hwa to me cym^ 1 ne hated hyBlXlTl. 
fader : moder. 1 wif 1 beara. 3 broSre 1 ^^^^.^^^ 
swustre. T banne ffeot his sawle ne mais' P"*^^* ""f"^ 

, ' ° ° Gsee aisoipu- 

he beon mm leormng-cniht. lus- 

27 3 se pe ne bered hys cwelmenge '3 
Gym's efter me ne maig he beon min 

28 hwylc eower wile timbrian senne 
stepel hu ne sit he arest 1 tele^ pa and- 
fenges J^e him he-hefe synde, hwEe^er he 
haebbe hine to fulfremenne, 

29 |;e-l83S si^San he fanne grund-wall 
leigS. ^ ne maig hine fulfremman, ealle 
|7e hit ge-seoS aginned hine tselen. 

30 1 cweSen, hweet Ites man agan tym- 
brian, 1 ne mihte hit ge-endian. 

Various Headings. 

22, bude ; stow, 23. ge-fjlled. 24. ge-clypcde 
synt i on-byrka minre feorma 25. Rubric as in H. ; 
menego. 26, hataS; inodor; broJSra; sustra; geat ; 

sawla; mreg, 27. byrS; cwelmingc; fefter; mseg. 

28. synt; habbe; fuU-fremmenne. 29. [^eiine; lcg«; 

laiBg ; agyiinan. 30. cweSan. 

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Chap. XIV.] 151 

3 cuoeS se Sane diihlen aworden wibb i' is siufi Sa go-lielites H forSoj- Saget spretend wees^ ^ 

22 et ait seruus domme factum est ut imperasti et atliuc locutus est {sic) 23 et 

cuoeS se dnhtm Sem Segne fsov on wo^iim 3 woercuns i J ge-ngd to in-gcoiiganne -Jite eie gefj'Ued lius 
ait dominus seruo exi in uias et sepea ct com-pelle intrare ut impleatur domus 

luin ic cuoeSo Sonme * antedlice iuh ^ito no neiiig ivarana Sara *aSe geeeigedo weroa 

mea 24 dico autem uobis quod nemo uiuorum {sioj JUorum! qui uocati sunt 

ge-bii^aS famia mm foerdon 8a hergas m^iiigo miS hiiie 3 efne awoennde ivies cuseS 

guatauit (sic) cenam meam 25 *Ibant autem turbae multae cum eo et conuersus dixit *LX. 

to Sjem gif bua cymeS to mc 5 ne lasSjies 4' no fmng'cs feider his 5 modor 

ad ilios 26 si c[uis uenit iid me et non edit patrem suiim et ro.atrem 

1 ivif 3 sunn 3 broSi'O 7 suoestrii foj'Sor Saget SS 3 Baiiel !iis ne 

et uxorem et filios et fratres et sorores athuc autem et animam suanj non potest 

3 seSe ne beres i Sroung liis 3 cymeS miter mec ne 
;7 et qui non Ijaiiilat cruccm suara et uenit post me non 

mEco-e wosa iiiin Segn huislc fofSon from iiili wEelle i walde torr getimljra 

potest esse mcua discipulua 28 * Quia enira ex uobis uolena turrem ajdificare ' 183. : 

aline aerist sitteS -i" sittendo getellcs miS to geiiiomanne Sa 3e ned-Sarfsindon ■I'lieliofiico sint gif hiofcS 
nonne prius sedens corn-put at sumtus qui necessari sunt si habet 

to ge-endanne fte ne isiter Son. gesettc ■)• grund 1 no nirolito ge-eiidiga 

ad perficiendiMii 29 ne poat-ea-quam posuerit fundamentiuii et non poterit perficere 

AUe ^& 6e geseaa onginnaS bismeria bim Ciis cuoeSendo ior^ou i fte Sea nionn ongann 

omues qui uident incipiant iniudere ei 30 dicentes quia hie liomo coepit 

getimbra 3 ne, msebte ge-endia 
aedificare et non potnit consitmniaj-e 

22 3 cwe*> fee e^ne Hutil n n\ rUn wt? swi 5n g: hehte 3 fiife i 5S inttt ^jiiecende wl3 23 ih iiten 

vwtiS Se^ne S^m eOng oa woegib 3 wuc 3 gincl m to gong imie tvia Imolcue sw^ Su hudo j) sie gifjlled 
hus mm 24 ii. cweSo Sonne ion S^^tte nconig weoroni Sira SaSe gice^le werun gi birgeS fooniie mine 

25 foeidun Sa beiga^ moni^e miS lune 3 efiie set edwed wje"* cniPS to SEem 26 gif hwek c^miS tu me 

3 ne ledea f^dei Ins 3 moder 3 vrif 3 Buno 3 ^loSor 3 sweater torSor Sigett sawle lii« ne mteg min woia 
«egn "7 3 seBe ne beres Siowunge bis 3 eyineS ssfter me ne m^g mm nosi Segn 28 Imelo 

forSSott of low weile tir f,itijnbm ahne mist siteS gitellets miS t) gimomanne SaSe ned Sarfe smdun gif liefeS 
to gi-endanne 21 Ssct no toftei Son gisptte Som '■ grand 3 no m«tite jjiendin^ ille SiSo ^iseiS ongiuiaS 

bismenoa bine 30 Sus cwtSende foiSuii ^te Sis mon on^'iii ^.itimbiia ne nfihte g eudifeit 

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31 0S<5e gyf hwylc cynincg wyle faran 1 
feohtan agen oSerne cjning hune sit iie £er 
"} ])encS bw^Ser he mtege mid tyn fusen- 
dum cuman agen jione fe hiiJi agen cymS 
mid twentigum l^usendum. 
, 32 r gif he [jonne wiS bine gefcohtan ne 
mEeg. he sent terynd-racan "i bitt sibbe ; 

33 Witodlice swa is m\c of eow Jte ne 
■wiS-sfec'S eallum Jjingiim ])e he ah. ne 
mreg lie beon min leoming-cniht ; 

34 God ys sealt gif hit awyrS on pam pe 
hit gesylt biS. 

35 nis hyt nyt ne on eorfan ne on myse- 
ne. ac hyt bi^ ut-aworpen ; Gehyre se pe 
earan hsebbe to ge-hyrenne ; 


1 SoSIice him genealasbtun manfiille ^ 
- synfulle -f big his word gehyrdon; 
pentecoatm. 2 Da murcnedon |!a farisei 1 pa, boceras 
pin'^4pterad^ cw£edon; Des onfehS synfulle D mid him 

3 pa cw£e]j be jjis big-spel to p&m ; 

4 Hwylc man is of eow pe htefS bund 
sccapa. "} gif he for-lyst an of- pain, hu ne 
for-lEet he ponne mgon 1 hund-nigontig on 
pam westene. ] gseS to pam pe for-wearS 
oS he hit iint. 

5 :i poane he liit fint he bitt set on his 
exla geblissiende. 



oatoreB. A. 
Krcuit aut^m 
qudctes ai 
faum publi- 

Vamous Readings. 

SI. C. 0?S, A. cyning. A. oiigean. A. sytt. C. hwteder. 
A. ongean. A. on-geim, 32. C. biS [for wis]. A. Eeread- 
racan, 35. A. gehyranne. 

Cap. XV. 1. A. ge-neaUehton. B. C. getyron. 5. A. 
hjt [Ind time; hut B. C. hitt]. A. ge-blyasigenda 

2 [Luke.; 

31 CSSe gyf hwilc kyning wile faran 
1 feohten on-gean oSeme kyng. bu ne sit 
he Eer 1 f;encd hwa^er be mage mid teon 
J7usenden camen agen f^ane pe him agen 
kym^ mid twentigen Jjuaenden. 

32 ") gyf he Jeanne wiS bine fihten ne 
maig ; he sent erendraken !l bit sibbe. 

33 Witodlice swa ys ielc of eow pe ne 
wiS-sEecS ealle )iingen pe he ab ; ne maig 
he beon min leorning-cniht. 

34 God is salt gif hit awurS on Jjam p& 
hit ge-selt beoS. 

35 nys hyt nyt. ne on eorSen ne on 
misene. ac hit beoS ut-aworpen. Ge- 
liere se Se earen bsebbe. to ge-herene. 


1 SoSlice him ge-nehlabte manfulle 1 
synfulle. jj^t hyo his word ge-byron. 

2 Da murcneden pa, farisei 1 pa bokeres 
"} cwEeSen. fes on-feg'S synfulle :i mid 
heom ett, 

3 Da cwEeS he j^is bispell to j?am. 

4 hwilc man is of eow pe bafed bund 
scepa, tl gif he leost an of fam ; hu ne 
for-lset he pa nigen 1 hund-nigentig on para 
WEestene. !! gfeS to ftan pe for-warS o'&Se 
he hit fint. 

5 1 panne be hit fint. he hit sett on his 
eaxle ge-blissiende. 

Various Readings. 

31. hwyc {sic) cjning ; feohtan ; cyniiig ; JieiicS hweSer ; 
f-usendum cuman ; |ianne ; cymS ; twentigum jmsendum. 
32, }io»no; luag; crndracan. 33. caEuHj, jiinguwi ; hah; 
nijeg; beo. 34. sealt. 35. corSan; byS; Ge-hjre; 
earuw habbe ; ge-hereniio. 

Cap. XT. 1. ge-neailahtou. 2. murcnedon; boceras j 

cwseSoii ; on-fehS ; 

J. big-spell, 4. hafis; 

sceopa; lyst; for-let; nygon; -nigeontig; gaS; >a7»; for- 
wearB. S. Jioiine ; set ; exla. 

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Chap. XIV.] 

i hiiEeIc cynig biS fereade to gi 
aiit qiiis rex iturus 

r fclit wis oSeme cynig ahne 

"bellom aduerauro alium regem non 

sitteS ffirist smoaS ■i SencgaS gifJmeSer maeg mi? toam i tenuiw Susendum iorna togsegnei 
sedens prius cogitat si possit cum decern milibits occurrere 

him ae-Se mi 5 
ei qui cum 

tuoentiguM Susendwm cymeS to him 
- uiginti . milibzfs uenit ad a^ 

Bende gebiddeS Sa %aSe sibbes sint 
mittens rogat ea quae pads sunt 

oSero Siiigo i Sa get liim longe i feaire doend erendnreca 
12 alio-quin athuc illo ionge ^ente legationem 

suse iorSon eghuelc from iuli aeSe ne eft- 
*Sie ergo omnis ex uobis qui non 

Allum feffim Se Agniges i ah ne mseg 
tiat omnib\is quae possidet non potest 

wosa Segn god 

esse discipulus 34 * Bonum 

git Sonne se salt sec Son- forduiwde 1" forduineS 
si autem sSl quoque euanuerit 

1 Son -Hn isrem bis beamitten ■I' __ 
in quo eondietur 

on corSo ne in feltune ■1' misen Sorfiest ia all flta gesended MS seSe li^feS earo to herajine^ 
in terrain neqwe in stercnlinium utile est sed foraa inittetur qui liabet aures audi- 

2 ct"LXI. 
X86. ii. 
, mt. IssE 

q ii p 

onfoeS 1 etaS 

recipit et manducat cum 

from lull monii seSe hsefeS 

■ ex uobis bomo qui habet ' 187. a. __ 

( ) 

31. * Imelc cjiiig biS> ftereude to settanne gifeht wiS oSei-ne cyni^ ahne sites feris (sie) smcoS gif hiveSer 
mseg mis ten Susendum iorna tugifgLes Lim Stem cynige seSe miS twoegentigu/?* Su^euda crmeS to him 
32. oSer Singo 5a get longe him doenile erend-wracn sende ^hideS Sa Sa«e sibbe sint 33. swa forSon 

eghweic of iow seSe ne eft-ssegeS alliun SaSe s^iiigaS ne mseg min wosa Segn 34. god is Sset salt gif 
vmtfdlice salt cc Soiwic forSineS in Soni'S^m bismit«n his 3S. ne on eoiSo ne in fel-tune i' on mixenne 

Sorfest is ah utt asended his seSe h»feS eai-o to gihevanne giheraS 

Cap. SV. 1. werun Sa to ginoolicailun him bear-gwin^o 3 eynn-fulle Ssette giherdim hine 2. : gi-hyrston 

aldoniien ^ uS-wutu eweSende S^etto Ses Sa synfuUe onfoeS 3 eteS miSSy 3. ti cwcpS Sfcm geddunge 

Sios cwseS 4. hweic of iowih mon seSe hiefcS himdroS scipa J gif for-leaseS an of Ss'm ahne foilctoS 3" 

bmid-niontig 3 niune on weosterne 3 gaS to Ser ilea SaSe loaigaS oSSa:t gimoette Sa ilco 5. 3 raiSSy 

gimoeteS hise on-settaB oter scjldrum his gifeande 

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quldam duos 
filioB babnit 
& dixit ado- 

Homo qnldat^ 
liabebat duos 
£lioe & dixit 

6 ] ponne he ham cymS he to-somne 
cljpaS hys frynd 1 his nehheburas. ] 
cwyS; Blissia^ mid me for-]7am ic funde 
min seep jje for-wear^ ; 

7 Ic secge eow ■f swa byS on heofone 
blis be anum synfullum Jie dfedbote deS. 
ma fioiiue ofer nigon 3 nigontigum riht- 
wisra pe dsed-bote ne beSurfon ; 

8 O^^e hwilc wif h^ef^ tyn scyllingas, 
gif heo forlyst anne scylling. hu ne on-EelS 
heo hyre leoht-fEefc. 7 awent byre hua "i 
secS geornlice oS heo hine fint ; 

9 1 ])onne heo hine fint heo clypaS hyre 
frynd 1 nebhe-byryna ] cwy^. blysslaS mid 
me forJ)am ic funde minne scylling pe ic 

10 Ic secge eow swa biS blis beforan 
godes englujft be anum synfuUum pe d^ed- 
bote deS ; 

11 XXecwas^. so'SKce su7?t man bffifde 
iX twegen suna. 

12 fa cwteS se yldra to his faader ; F&d- 
er. syle me minne djel minre Kibte J>e me 
to ge-hyrep. Jia dselde he him his cehte; 

13 Da sefler feawa dagum ealle his jjing 
gegaderude se gingra sunu. ] ferde wr^ec- 
liee on feorlen rice, "i for-spilde Jiar his ^hta 
lybbende on his gSlsan ; 

14 Da he hig hsefde ealle amyrrede pa. 
wear's mycel hunger on fam rice ] he wearS 

Various Headings. 

e. A. sceap ; iut B. C. seep. 7. A. bljsa. 8. A. asnne. 

A. eomlice. 9. A. nehhe-byrDa, 10. A. blyss. A. 

doS. 12. A. B. C. jldra (as in text). A. Eehta [2nd 

lime]. 13. A, ge-gaderode. A. |)ser for-spjida 

4 [Luke. 

6 1 panne he bam cymS. he to-somne 
cleope^ hys freond. 1 bis nehhe-bures. "} 
cweS. BlissiaS mid me for-fam ich funde 
rain seep pe for-war^. 

7 Ich segge eow -f swa beoS on heofene 
blisse be anen synfullen ^e deadbote deS ; 
ma |janne ofer nigen 'J nigentig rithwisere 
{sic) pe deadbote ne be-];urfon. 

- 8 O^Se hwilc wif hsefed tyen scillenges. 
gyf hyo for-leost ^nne scilHng. hu ne on- 
elS hyo hire leoht-fet. :i awent hire bus 
D secS geornlice oSSe hyo bine fint. 

9 .i^nd |?anne hyo hine fint; hyo cleopeS 
hire freond ") nehhe-bures 3 cwe^ blissie'S 
mid me. for-}:am ich funde minne scilling 
]'e ich for-leas. 

10 Ich segge eow swa beoS blisse be- 
foran godes fcnglen be anen senfnlle pe 

11 TTe cwEeS soSlice. Sum man Homo qnidan: 

IH 1 r-j , habebat duos 

J—B. liEerde twege sunes. eiios. & dixii 

12 ]3a cwEe^ se ylder to bis fader. Fader s^!''p^?^'(ii 
syle me minne dsel minre ehte. pe nietoj^^^^^™ 
ge-byre^. Da dgelde he him his ehte. quemeoon- 

13 Da gefter feawa dagen ealle his fiing 
ge-gaderede se gingre sune. "} ferde wrtec- 
lice on feor landen. 1 for-spilde ftter bis 
ehte libbende on his gaslsan. 

14 Da he hyo hasfde ealle amerde, j^a 
warS mycel hunger on fam rice, ] he 
wai'S wtedle. 

Various Readings. 
6. f'onne; cljpaS; -buras; ie; seeap; for-wearS. 

7. ,Ic; hefone; anum synfulhun; J:onne; riht-wisere. 

8. hafS tyn scillingas ; for-lyst anne ; -fet ; goorlieo {dej. 

9. Jfionno; clypaS ; -buras; cwiSblisBiaS; ic; mine; ic. 

10. Ic ; byS blis ; englym ; anum synfulhm, II. hafde ; 
sunas. 12. jldra; 'E ^Aw {2nd time); Leorn. 13. 
fewa; go-gaderude; gingra sunu; feorlen rice. 14. 
amerede ; wearS ; wearS wtedla. 

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Ghap. XV.] 166 

: cmim to !iii9 -t to liam geceigeS -1' geceigde friondum "} nehebnrum cuoeS aiem efne geBoncaiges 
6 et ucniens domum coauocat amicos et uiciaos dicens illis congratulamini 

me forSoii io gemoete scip iiiiu Sio losado ic cuoeBo ioli -pte on 3S. wisa gefea 

mihi quia inueni ouem meam quae perierat 7 dico uobis quod ita gaudium 

bis on Leofnum. ofej" enne * an sjnii-fiillne hreoniae lirebbendc Son ofer Sa nigono 3 liuiid-neantig 

erit in cselo super uno peccatore paenitentiam habentem (sio) qiiam super nona^inta nouem 

soSfeatum i soSfcesio *a 5e ne be«orfeS to hreouise ^ Sio wif hsefde * hssbbe Gf sceattas 

ii^stis qui noa indigent paenitentia 8 * Aut quae mulier habena dragmaa ' 

tea sifeujw gif losaS caseriiig eime ah ne bemeS Sseccilla 3 ymbatyre* ^ bus ^ BoecaS 

decern si perdiderit dragmam \inain nonne accendit lucema/ra et euertit domuni et querit 

Bus cuoeSendo efne geSongigas me forSon ic Kiid f scilling Sset nE" Sio ic foHeas -l" ic forfure onBSwiaa 

dicens congi'atuiamuii mihi quia inueni dragmam quam perdideram 10 * Ita * 139. v. 

ic cuocSo iiih gefea biS befora engbuji godea oier enne synn-fnlhie lireonisse doond 

dico uobis gaudium erit coram angelis dei super uno peccatore paenitentiara agentem {sic) 

cuoeS 5a monn sum monn btefde tuoege suno 5 ettoeS se giungra i Se giungesta of Sfem 

11 * Ait autem homo quidam habuit duos filios 12 et dixit adulescentior ex illis *^''^^' 

Ssem feeder feeder sel me dsel ■i hlodd fsees -t sti-ionea Sio ■!■ SaSe mee gel 
patri pater da mihi portion em Bubstantiae qus me con 

f feh 3 ne left^f menignm dsgum miSSy gesomnandum alltim se giungra sunu 

substantiam 13 et non post multos dies congregatis omnibits adulescentior filiua 

ellSeodigde-i" fearr fserende Wies in lond un-neh i 3, Ser gispilde feb bis niiB lift) 

peregTe profectus est in regionem longinquam et ibi dissipauit aubstantiam suam uiuendo 

luatfdllice -t Sernelogerg i : icfto- Son Aile ge-endade Aworden wsea hunger suiSe strong on 

luxoriose 11 et post-quam omnia consummasset facta est fames ualida in 

loud Seem 3 be ongann nn-trymmia ■J" 
regioue ilia et ipse coepit egere 

6 J com to huse gicegde fiiondum 7 nebgibirum cwseS Seem efne giSon^i-is me forSon ic gimoette scip 
mm S«tte loaed wea 7 ic cweSo iw Siette on M wisi gifea biJ5 on htofnuni off enne ^tynfulne 

hreovmisae b^bteilo Souie oftt hundnionti^ 3 m ne sjSfeste seSe ne biSoife*i to hreowniae 8 t S-et 

wif htefde fit steattis te^siBum gif losaS caseimg enne ahne bemeS Steoela 7 i atjri,? ^ bus 1 sfeoeS geome 
oSS^t gimceteS 9 : miSSy m Andes giceas Sa wiffriondas Sa nehgiburas 6is cwteS efne giSoncci^as 

me forSon ic fan! Sone scilbng Som, n. foi leoa 10 on S^sie n- cweSo low gifei biB bifoi-a euglum 

godea ofer enne aynnfilne breo-\^n:sse doende 11 cwopS Sa nnn ■! im b-elde tnooge auno 12 3 

■ cw-eS ae gmgn ot S-em to fedei f-edsi sel ne > hlott feas 1 gistnoiios Sa-tte mec feibreS 3 d-elde S.;em 
feb 1 Sa gistiion 13 3 ne «fter monigum digum mifcSj gisomnidim allum Se o'igra auno elS odge i feii 

foerende wsea m londe 

[H^i. tTO le ve« i/t f d i I7i<. PuaUoitb i!I^] 

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15 Pa ferde he 1 iblgude anum burli- 
slttendan men pais rices. Sa sende he hine 
to his tune f he heolde his swyn ; 

16 Da ge-wHnode he his wambe gefyllan 
of pam blen-coddun pe Ba swyn Eeton. 1 
him man ne sealde ; 

17 pa bejiohte he hine ] cwseS ; Eala 
hu fela yrSlinga on mines feder huse hlaf 
genohne habbaS !l ie her on hungre for- 
wur^e ; 

IS Ic arise. 1 ic fare to mmum feder. 
1 ic secge him ; Eala fasder ie syngodo on 
heofenas. "} beforan 'pe. 

19 nu ic neom wyrSe f ic beo ])in 
sunu nemned. do me swa anne of |iinum 
yr'51ingu?)^ ; 

20 "J he aras pn "} com to his fa3der. "J 
pa gyt pa he wtes feorr his f^der he byne 
geseah 1 wearS mid mild-heortnesse asfcyr- 
od "] agen hine arn "i hine beclypte ^ cyste 

21 Da cwEeS his sunu ; IF^der. ic syn- 
gude on heofon. 1 beforan Se. nu ic ne 
eom wyrj^e ■f ic fiin sunu beo genemned ; 

22 Da cw£ej> se feeder to his pQowam ; 
BringaS raSe ]?£ene selestan gegyrelan 1 
scryda'S hyne 1 sylla^ him bring on his 
hand, tl gescy to his fotum. 

23 :i bringa^ an ftett styric !l of-slea^ J 
utun etan ^ gewist-fullian. 

Vatious Headings. 

15. A. folgode. A. -sjttendujre. 16, A, bcan-cod- 

duwi; B. bien-coddun ; C. bioncoddaii. 17. A. hyrlinga. 
A. for-weorSe. 18, B. C. lieofoiias. 19. A. ne eom. 
A. ge-nemned, A. Eenne. A. hyj-Jiugum. 20. A. feor. 
A. inyd ; C. ont. mid. A. mjldheortnysao astyred. A. on- 
gean, 21. A. sjngodc. A. heofeu. C. neom, 23, A. 
jjone. A. gegjrlan. 23. C. fet. A. uton. 

5 [LcKE. 

15 Da ferde he 1 folgede anen hurh- 
sittenden men on jjare rice, pa sende he 
bine to his tune ftet he heolde his swin. 

16 Da ge-wilnede he his wambe fellcn 
of fam bean-coddan pe ]7a swin teten. 7 
hiin man ne sealde. 

17 Da be-jjohte he hine 1 cw^^. Eala 
hwu fela erdlinga on mines faider huse 

hlaf ge-noh * hffibbe'S. "} ieh her on hungre * ms. ge- 
for-wurSc. ^o^^^K 

18 Ich arise 1 ich fare to minen feeder 
!l ich segge him. Eala fader ic synegede 
on heofenas. 1 be-foran pe ; 

19 nu ich ne eom wurSe. ■f ic beo |;in 
sune ge-nemned. do me swa ane of Jiinen 

20 1 he aras J>a 7 com to his fader. ] J>a 
gyt fa he waes feor his feeder he hine ge- 
seah. ") war^ mid mildheortnysse astyred. 
") agen hine earn ") hine be-clypte 5 cyste 

21 Da cwEeS hys suna. Fader ic syne- 
gede on heofene 1 be-foran pe. nu ic ne 
eom wurSe feet ie p'm sune beo ge-nemned. 

22 Da GWEeS se fader to his Jjeowan, 
bringeS raSe panne sjeleste gegyrlan 3 
scridaS hino ^ sylleS hym ring on his hand. 
1 ge-scy to his foten. 

23 1 bringaS an fet styric 3 of-sleaS. 1 
nten o^ten. 1 gewist-fullian ; 


i Beadings. 

15. anuwi; -sittende; Jiaa rices. 16. ge-wilnode 

fjllan; etan. 17. erSIinga; fader; genohne habbeS^ 
ic. 18. lo; ic; minum; ic; ffeder; singode; lieofonas 
be-foren. 19. ie; suna; anue; Siuum jTfelingiim 

20. ffeder; wearB; R. omiis mid; arn. 21. aiinn 

Ffoder]; sjngiido; lieofan; neomwjiiSe; be. 22. feeder 
>eowum. BringaS; fane selestan; sj-lIaS ; foti 
briugoS ; uton eten. 


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Chap. X7.] 167 

i burgawara londes SfC8 3 aende hine i Sene on 
ei Ilium regioiiis iUius et niisit ilium in 

Irtntl iiis ^ite gelesuade -i" gcfoede Sa bergas 4' iSa suino 3 wilnade gcfyUe ivomi) hia 

uillam suam ut pasceret porcoa 16 ct cupiebat implere uentrom suiira 

of bean-bfelgum i- piaum hmum Kafio isa suId ge-6ton 3 ne leaig mon» him salde on hine Beolfne 

de siliquis quaa porci manducabant et nemo illi dabat 17 in s^ 

Ba gewoende i gocordo cuocS liuu menigo Ba celmevtmenn fedores mines monigfaldas miS hlafujw 

aUtem reuersus dixit quanti mercennarii patris mei abundant panibns 

ic nntedlice her miS hungre ic loaigo ic ariso 3 ic gae i geoaga to feder luinunt 3 ic cuoeSo 

Ego autem liic fame pereo 18 surgam et ibo ad patrem ineum et dicam 

him la fader ic synngade on heofiio 3 fora Sec soSlice ne am ic wyrSe ^ ic si geceiged 

illi pater peccaui in easlum et coram t6 19 etiam non sum dignus uocari 

sunu tin do mec sueloe eano -t suse anum from celmevtmonimra Siiium 3 arSs 

filiua tuus fae me aicut unum de merceiinaa-is tuis 20 et surgens 

cuom to feder iiis niiSSy nntudltce Sa got fearra w«s -t vrssre gesjeli hine fasdcr hig 3 

uenit ad patrem suura cum autem athuc longe esset uidit ilium pater ipsius et 

■cfcall on-ufa auira iiia 3 

scidit super collum eius ot 

: cuoeS liira so smiu fader ic syiiiigade in heofow 3 fo»-a 3oc 
21 dixitqwe ei filius pater peccaui in ca;lum et coram t^ 

n^rSe ^ ic se geeoigcd simu Bia cuoeS Sa se fasder to esniun his 

digniLS uocari filius tuna 22 dixit autem, pater ad seruos sues 

. foi-abreng f stol seriste 3 ge-w5edais -t hine 3 sollaS liriiig on hond his 3 

cito proferte stolam primam et induite ilium et date anulum in manum eius et 

3 IsedaS ging oso feett 3 ofslaeS 3 f to woe ete 3 

2S et ad-ducite uitulum saginatum et oecidite et manducemua et 

[ve se ge/iriordad 

[2Vo teases lost in the Rushworth MSJ 

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24 fov-pa,in pes min sunu wjes dead 1 he 
ge-edcucude, he for-wear^ 1 he is gemet ; 
Da ongainnon hig gewist-lfecan 

25 So^lice hye yldra sunu wses on recere 
7 he com, ] pa, he pa,m huse genealsehte he 
ge-hyrde pEene sweg T f weryd, 

26 pa clypode he anne J^eow 1 axode hine 
hwtct -p wiere ; 

27 Da cwEeS he ]>in broSor com. "} bin 
fieder of-sloh an fet celf for-fam Jie he hyne 
halne on-feng; 

28 Da bealh ho bine !l nolde ingan ; pa 
eode his fteder ut ") ongan hine biddan ; 

29 Da cw£e|7 he his fa;der ^swarigende ; 
Efne 3wa fela geara ic pe ])eowude 1 ic 
nfefre pin bebod ne forgymde. 7 ne seald- 
est p\i me naefre an ticcen -f ic mid minu«z 
freondum gewist-fullude ; 

30 Ac sySBan pes Jiin sunu com. pe 
hys spede mid myltystrum amyrde. pa of- 
sloge him Jsett celf ; 

31 Da cwffi^J) he sunu. pxi eart symle 
mid me. "i ealle mine ping synt pine 

32 pe ge-byrede gewist-fullian 1 ge- 
blissian for-pam pes pin broSor wajs dead 
1 he ge-edcucede he for-wearS "i he is ge- 

Various Headings. 

24. C. wffld dead (sio). A. ge-od-cucode. 25. A. yldran 
(sic). A. Jione. A. wered. 2S. A. feime. A. aoaode. 
27. A. lii-oSer. A fett cealf. 28. A. ge-bealh, 
A. B. C. Sswariende. A. fsela. A. Jjcowodo. A. ge-wyst- 
fullode. 30. A. spoda. A. royltestmm. A. fett 

0. fSt. A. cealf. 31. A. sjiid. 32. A. broEer. 


3 [Luke; 

24 for-pan pes min sune wees dead, l 
he ge-edeuSede [sic), he for-war^ 1 he is 
gefunden. Da ongunnan hyo wistleacen. 

25 So^lice his yidre sune wses on akere 
7 bo com ham. 7 pa lie pam huse ge- 
nehlahte he ge-herde panne sweig 7 pset 

26 Da cleopede he cenne peow 7 axode 
hine bw^et psct wEcre. 

27 Da cwffi'S he pin broker is come, "i 
pin fader of-sloh an fefc obalf for-pan pe he 
hine halne on-feng. 

28 pa balh he hine 7 nolde ingan. Da 
eode bis fader ut 7 angan bine biddan. 

29 Da cwEeS he to his feeder andsweriende. 
Efne swa fela geare ic pe peoweda. 7 ic 
DEefre pin bebod ne forgymde ; 7 ne sealdest 
pu me nffifre an tycehen. ■J ic mid minen 
freonden ge-wistfullode. 

30 Ac seo'SSan pes pin sune com pe his 
spede mid miltystren amerde ; pu of-sloge 
him an fet chalf. 

31 Da cwffiS he. sune pu ert symle mid 
me. 7 ealle mine ping synde pine. 

32 pe ge-byrede ge-wistfullien 7 ge- 
blissian for-pan pes pin broker wvds dead. 
7 he ge-edeuSede {sic), be for-wearS. 7 ys 

Various Meadings. 

24. ge-odcucude ; foi:-;iTeai'S ; met \_for ge-funden]; 
wist-lascan, 25, yldra sunu ; seoere ; R. owi. ham ; 

geneahlffilite ; ge-hyrde )Jonne; weryd. 27. com \_for 
iacome]; of-slog; chealf. 28. feder; hin. 29. R. 

om. to; feola geai'a; jjeowude; tyccen; imniim freon- 
dum ge-wiat-fiiHude. 30. sjSSon ; saw\ ; myltyatrum ;; cealE 31. oart; ejnt. 32. gewistfuUian ; 
for-Jiam; broSor; ge-ed-cuciide ; 3 he is go-met. 

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Chap. XV.] 159 

f j^nn Ses Eiflu mn del I w*"i I eft 1 fe« -t lifde gelosade 

24 quia bic fibis meus m tuu<5 c it t icuixit perierat 

ongannon hnoidag^ w ea ?i s u 1 ^ «ldra on lond J miBSy gecaome 3 

coeperunt aepulan 2j ti<i.t i it m filn e us senior in agro et cijm ueniret et 

geneoleede to huse gel erde 1 I'lin" 3 ^ 8 g ? 
api ijpmquaret dsmui and uifc smjhunn,m et t,h i im 

3 gefraigade hu^td Sa, woeron 3 6e ilea cuoeS him broSer Sin cuom 3 ofslog fader 

, et interrogauit quae haec esseat 27 isque dixit illi frater tuns ucnit et occi.dit pater 

Sin ging osa frett foj-Bon hal liine on-feng wraS wics UMtedUee 7 ne nalde 

tuua uitulum saginatum quia saluum euiu recepit 28 indignatus est autem et nolebat 

inn-geonga fader forSon bis foerde ongann gebidda Iiine soB fie ondsiiarede cuoeS feder liis 

introire pater ergo illius egreasus coepit rogare ilium 29 at ille respoiidens dixit patri siio 

heono feolo i menigum gerwrn ic hero -KS J n^fre bebod Bin ic forheald J no sefra 

ecce tot annis seruio tibi et nura-quam mandatum tuum praeterii et num-quam 

gesaldes me ticgen fie miS fiiondum minnm ic were gohriorded ah seft^f Son Biinu «in 

dedisti mibi haedum ut cum 4micis ineis epularer 30 Bed postquara filius tuus 

Ses seSo gofrett fch his miS port-cuooniiwj cuom Su ofsloge him ging oxo fsett 

hie qui deuorauit Bub-stantiam suam cum meretricibMS uenit occidiati illi uitulitm saginatum 

3 be c«oo[S] him sune Ku symble mec mi* arS J alle mino Sine sint , to Iiriordanne 

31 at ipse disit illi fili tii semper mecum ^s et omnia mea tua sunt 32 epulari 

\mtedHee 3 gefeage gehrisnelie woere forSon broSor 8in Ses dead wfes 3 eft-lifde foHoreu WEes 3 
autem et gaud ere oportebat quia frater tuus bic mortuus erat et reuixit perierat et 

[Two leaves lost in the Rusliworth JUS.] 

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Djs god-epel 
ge-bjraS on 
piers teoSan 

Homo qnidaro 
erat diuee qui 
habebat uilli- 

aput ilium 
quasi dissipai 


1 T7\a cwEeS he to his leorning-cnlhtum 
JL' Sum wehg man wees htefde sum- 

ne gerefan ae . wearS wiS hine for-wreged 
swylce he his god for-spilde. 

2 Jia clypode he hine 7 seede him ; Hwi 
ge-hyre ic Jus be - pe. agyf Jiine scire ne 
miht pu. lencg tim-scire bewitan ; 

3 Da cwsej? se gerefa on his gejiance ; 
Hwa!t do ic hv-)}a.m 'pe min hlaford mino 
gerefscire fram me nym^ ; Ne lUEeg ic delf- 
an. me sceama^ f ic wsedlige. 

4 ic wat hwset ic do f big me on hyra 
bus onion ponne ic be-scired beo fram tun- 
scire ; 

5 Da ]ja gafol-gyldan gegaderude wEeron 
])a sEede he j?am forman. hu myeel scealt 
jju minujw hlaforde ; 

6 Da saode he hund sestra eies. |ja srede 
he him. nim Jiine feSere "i site hra^e 1 
writ iiftig ; 

7 Da sEede he o^rum bu mycel scealt ]>u. 
J7a cw^p he hund mittena hwEetes ; Da 
cw£eS he, nim fine stafas 1 writ bund- 
eabtatig ; 

8 Da hei-ede se blaford J>£ere unriht-wis- 
nesse tungerefan. forfjam pe he gleawlice 
dyde. for|;awi 'Se Sisse wornlde beam. 
synd gleawran Jjises leohtes beai'num on 
pisse cneoresse ; 

Various Headings. 

Cap. svi. I. A. inserts se before htefde. 2. A. hwig. 

A. lei^. 4. A. heora. 5. A. gegaderode. 6. A 
inserts hjm t^orehund A. iySere, altered to feSere. A, 

i-aSe. 8. unryht-wysnysae. {The words For-fiam )>e he 
^&sMAiceA&{siii}}ia'Beheea supplied in k-inalate hand.) 

B. C. synt. A. Ijjsses. A. cneorj-sse- 


1 1~\a cwfeS he to his leoming; cnihten HomogmdaM 
Xi p .,„t: „. T,„rj.f^*?''?^«.S? 

se hsefde iabebai uilli. 
!• sei ■ Si" 1 • r "uni & hio dif 

reie. se waro wio nine for- famatns est 

J I , -- npud ilium 

Sum welig man 
sumne ge- 
wreiged swilce he is god for-spilde. 

2 Da cleopede he hine :i saide him. Hwi 
here ich pis be pe. agyf J>ine scyre. ne 
miht pu. leng tun-scyre be-witen. 

3 Da cwEed se ge-refe. on his ge-Jjanke. 
Hw^t do ic for-fan pe min hlaford mine 
gerefscype fram me nymd. Ne maig ic 
deifen. me seamed pi^i ic wEedlie. 

4 Icb wat hwEet ic do |!Eet byo me on 
beore bus on-fon. fanne ie be-seyred beo 
fram tun-scyre. 

5 pa fa gafel-gyldo ge-gaderede wferen ; 
ps, saide he pam formen. hn michel scealt 
pu minen hlaforde. 

6 pa. saide he hund sestres eles. pa 
saide he him. nym pine fe'Sere "^ site ra^e 
1 writ fiftig. 

7 Da saide he o^ren. bu mycel scelt 
pu. pa cwEeS he. bund mittene liwEetes. 
Da cwffiS he nym pine stafes 1 writ hund- 

8 Da herede se hlaford pare unrihtwis- 
nesse tun-ge-refen. for-pam pe he gleaw- 
lice dede, Por-pan pe pisse worulde beam 
synde gleawre pissere leohtes bearnen on 
pisse cneornysso. 


Cap. svi. 1. Rubric as in II. -cnihtiim ; E, om. se 
{1st tiTne) ; ge-reafe ; wearS ; his god for-spillcle. 2. cly- 
pode ; Sfede ; ie ; be-witou. 3. cwaeS ; ge-fiaiice ; ge- 
reaf-scjre ; nyinS ; mteg ; delfan ; scameJS ; weedlige. 
4, hwat ; lioora ; Jjonne. 5. gafol- ; wteron ; ssegde ; 
forman; mycel; minuJB. 6. segde; sjede. 7. stegde; 
oi^rum; scait; mittena wfetes ; stafas; -eahtitdg. S.un- 
rihtwisnysse ; ge-roafan ; dyde; synt; Hsse[/(»r Jiissere]; 
beamyjM; cncoj'ysse. 

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Chap. XVI.] 

guodB Sa asc to Segiium his inonn sum wffis welig soSe hrefde geroefa 

1 *Dicebat autem et ad discipulos suos homo quidam erat diues qui habebat uillcum * IiXin. 

mi« hine suoelce gespilde godo hia 
apud ilium quasi diasipaaset bona ipsius 

cuoeS him hnsetd ^ia ic hero from Se &gei^forgeld rehto groefscire Unes ^ated!ice tor^oa ne 

ait iiii quid hoc audio de t^ redde rationem uilicationls tuae iam enim non 

mffiht 6a geseira ^ cuoS 3a se groefa bituih him hiisetd ic doam foHSon drihfm toin benimeis 

poteris uilicare 3 ait autem uilious intra sd quid faciam quia domiuMs meus aufert 

site fssianne oa R)lraess«m ic sceomigo mm ie wat 
mendicare erubesco 4 acio 

hmet ic doam ^te miSSy of-adrifen ic biom fvom S^m groefscire eft onfoaB mec in huaum hiora misay 

quid faciam ut cum amotiia fuero ^ uilicatione recipiant me in doraos suas 5 con- 

weron geceigedo iorfitm syndrigum scyldgum hlaferdes his cuoseS Ssem fojiSmesto huu mice! aht Su 
uocatis igitur singulis debit oribt/5 domini sui dicebat primo quantum 

soB he cuocS hundtoantih omhras -t odes 1 cuoeS him onfoh 
6 at ille dixit centum cados olei dixitque illi accipe 

hIeaf-gewritteIl^r^lnawrittell Sin 3 sitt recone aivritt fiftih sefter «on to oSrwm cuoe« iu 

cautionem tuam et sede cito scribe quinquaginta 7 delude alio dixit tii 

aSc hnu feolo aht Su to seSe cuoeS hundteanfiA i.sss.raitto hutetcs cmeS Seem onfoh stafee Sino J 
uero quantum debes qui ait centum choroa tritici ait illi a^^cipe literaa tuas et 

awrit .Issj:, 3 gohei-cde se hiaferd geroefo unrehtwisnisses ^te hiwlice dydeifdoend 

scribe octogiuta 8 et laudabit [sic) Aomirms uilicum iniquitatis quia prudenter 

foriSon simo Biases woruldes betro ho^o i aunum lehtea on cueoreso hiora sint 
quia filii huius sseculi prudentiores filiis lucis in generatione sua aunt 

[Two leaves lost in the Rushworth MS.] 

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9 "i ic secge eow. wyrca'S eow frynd 

of jiisse worulde-welan unrilit-wisnesse -f 

hig onfon eow on ece eardung-stowe Jjonree 

ge ge-teoria'S ; 

:bjTaS 10 QJe fe ya on iytium getrywe. se ys 

1 |f^re "^ on maran getrywe "i se pe ys on 

■iSe-° lyfclum unriht-wis se ys eac on maran un- 

g^^P rihtwis; 

10 * 11 Gif ffe on unriht-wisum weoruld-welan 

> fldelis * 

^iergo naeron getrywe hwa betfeno eow -p eower 

mne yS; 

."^"a. 12 And gyf ge on fremedum nffiron 
getrywe hwa sylj; eow ■f eower ys; 

13 Ne m93g nan ]jeow twam Iiiafordum 
feowian, o^^e lie anne hataS 3 oSerne 
lufaS. o'SSe lie anum folgaS 1 o^erne 
for-hogaS; And ge ne magongode feowian 
3 woruld-welan ; 

14 Das Sing ealle ])a farisei gehyrdon 
]>a Se gifre wferon. 1 hig liine tseldon; 

15 pa cwseS he to him. ge synt pe eow 
sylfe beforan mannum geriht-wisia]). soS- 
lice god can eowre heortan forfam fie be- 
foran gode ys aseuniendlie f mannmjt heah 

16 Sec «. 7 witegan o^ iohannejii. 1 
of him is bodud godes rice, "i ealle on -f 
strang-nysse wyrca^ ; 

17 Ea&e is ■f heofen 1 eorSe gewiton 
ponne an steef of pmre te. fealle ; 

Various Headings. 

9. A. weorulde-. A. un-rylitwyaiiyssc. 10, A. lytlum 
t^ingum ge-treowe. A. ge-tryowe. 11. A. omits on. 13. 
A. fflnna A. weoruld-. 14, 'A/ter Sing, B. Aaa ?o»< a 
le<^, down to leoming-cnihtum in n. I qf Cap. xvi, T/te 
missing portion is supplied in a late hand, 15. A. 

synd. B. freow (miswritlen for jie eow). A. aacunod. 
16. A. strannysse. 

2 [Luke: 

9 And ic segge eow wyrceS eow freond 
of Jjisse werold-weolen unrihtwisnesse. feet 
hyo un-fon eow on echen earding-stowen 
JjoTine ge ge-teoriaS. 

10 0|e jje is on litlen ge-treowe. se is|Wfi^iifl 
lO on mare ge-treowe. j^nd se JjemaioreMe 

is on litlen unrihtwis. se is eac on maren 

11 Gyf ge on unrihtwisen weordwelan 
njeren ge-treowe. hwa be-t^cS eow J'Eet 
eower is. 

12 j3Lnd gyf ge on fremden nteren ge- 
treowe. twa syld eow Jjeet eower is. 

13 Ne maig nan ])eow twam hlaforden 
})ewian. o'S'Se he eenne hated. 3 oSeme 
lufeS. oSSe he anen folgeS 7 oSer for- 
hugeS. "3 ge ne muge gode jiewian 1 weorlde- 

14 Das... 

Various Headings. 

9. Mad ; wjroaS ; -weolan ; vm-rihtwisnysse ; ecati ; 
-stowe. 10. Si^rio as if, 
time); Iittlu»i. II. -wisi 

-tachS. 12. fremdon i 

[lewj'aii ; hataS ; lufaS ; anui 
End ; mago ; weovuld-welan. 
without any hreah, follows i 

iittlum; getrywe {2nd 
m woruldwelaji ; getreawe ; 
Kron; sylS. IX m^g; 

I, folgaiS ; oSrujM for-hugais. 
14. Das {'ing {c^r whdch, 
i-mihtlic, which see in Cap. 

The word jiing has been erased in 11). 

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Chap. XTI.] 163 

? ic iuh cuoe^o doaS J- wjTcas iuh friondas of wEe^onI^r* tmrehtwisnisses fte miKSj ' . I . si: 
9 et ego nobis dico facite nobis amicos de mamona iniquitatis ut cum apiSo. 

j,e bsi^aS hia ojfoaS mh 
dtstecentis rcL piint uos 

tnaru»j geleiffull is 3 &eSe ii ]yt! im unreht i 7 m iiaium unrchtwis is ^{ iorSau 

maion iidelia e^t et qui in modicj iDiquds tst Lt in maun iuiqus est 11 si ergo 

111 uniehtwiso i S*t is dxwl gittsimg) tieof\sto gie ne wcron >te ?o8 is hua gclefeS iuh, 

111 ini^uo miiaunEe hdelei non fuistis quod ueriim est quis credit uobis 

ne wei i -p soS h hui seleS iuli 

fui tio qi-ol uestium eat qu a dabit uobis 

esne ni'eg tu^Tii hlifordum. g^ehera 1 f r'^m enne geh«eB i 3 oSeme lufaiS i anu»» 
seiuus pjtebt duubus dommis =!e!uirG lut mma unum (diut et alterum diligit aut uni 

sethrmeB ■I'neneliUiS 3 oSernc fthige^i ne mago gie goJe heia : feaitn diwle geherfon 

adhaciebit et altcnim cmdamnet ucu potestia deo &€.i me et manionae 14 *Audiebant ' 182. s. 

wiiMlice ille Si^ Sa aeldo SaiSo werou gitiaras 3 teldjn ■!■ hlogjn hine 3 euoeS him gie 

autem omnia, hacc pbaiisaei qui erant auaii et deiidebint ilium 15 et ait illis uos 

smdon Hi So gie sjiftstigeS iiuh f >m monnuM god Eut ilfee Wdt hearta iura fos'Son fte 
estift qui luetibcitis ujs coiaui honiinibMi deii^ autun no lit corda uestra quia quod 

monnum heh -1 worS is fraco« i haS is miS gode £e 5 witgo o8S to 

hommibus altum est abommatio est ipud deum lO ^Lex et propbetae usqwe ad * 193. n. 

mt. cu. 

vthanne from «=Pin mc godes gemeisadbiS 4 ahodenbiS 3 ill in -p heigi wyrcaa 
lulniinen ex eo regnum dei euangeliz i,tur ct omuis in illud ufm facit 17 

eiJi p IS nattdhco > Iieofon 3 * eor«o ^tet Jegeleore 6rn of as Sn inorce*stefes heafud 

*FaGibua t^t autem caelum et teirim pidfltuue quim dc lege unum apicem "191 n.; 

[Two leaves lost m the Rustworth MS.] 

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18 ^Ic man pe his wif for-lset 7 ofer 
nim^ se unriht-hoemS ; T se ^e 'f forlsetene 
wif nimS se unriht-liKmS; 

Dis godspel 
ee-tyra^ on 
Jione oSeme 


gescrydd mid purpuran "i mid 

te-^ twine. 1 dEeghwamlicericIicegewist-fullude; 

Homo 20 And sum weedla wecs on naman 

A. lazarus. se Iseg on liis dura swy'Se for- 


21 "} wilnode ;p he hine of his crumum 
gefylde pe of his beode feollun. 7 him nan 
man ne sealde. ac hundas comon ^ his 
wunda liccodon; 

22 Da wges geworden f se wgedla for'S- 
ferde 1 hine englaa bseron on habrahames 
greadan; pa wearS se welega dead 3 w^es 
on belle bebyrged ; 

23 Da ahof he his eagan upp pa he on 
fam tintregum wjes, 1 geseah feorran 
abraham "i lazarum on his greadan ; 

24 Da hrymde he 1 cwEe^, eala feeder 
abraham gemilsa me. 1 send lazarum ■f he 
dyppe his fingres US on WEctere. ^ mine 
tungan geh^le. forl^am pe ic com on JjIs 
lige cwylmed; 

25 Da cwEeS abraham. eala sunu gej^enc 
"f fu god onfenge on ])inu«i life. 1 gelice 
lazarus on-feng yfel. nu ys j^es gefrefryd 
7 pVL earfc cwylmed ; 

26 And on eallum |;issum betwus us 1 
eow is mycel dwolma getrymed. Jta 'Se 
willaS heonon to eow faran ne magon. ne 
fanun faran hidere; 

VaricMs Meadings. 
18—26. ZiOst in B., and supplied in a late hand. 19, 
A. weliman {for welig man]. A. geserjd, A. gewystM- 
lode. 20. A, Tvedla. A. B. C. forwundod. 21. A. 
feollou; B. feollum {iio). E. omiis ne. A. liccedon. 
22. A. C. abrahamea. 23. A- up. 24. A. ge-mjltsa; C. 
gemiltaa. 24. A. gelia)le,(i/f«-ni/((>geenple. 25. A. gefre- 
frod, 26. A. betweos. B. eowe {mi(s«,Tito»). A. heonen; 
C. heouan. A. jiauoti. 

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Chap. XVI.] 165 

eghuelc seSe foHetaa wif his J Isedos oSero lie syngiges : seBe aalSSio forleteno bia 

IS *Oiiniis qui mittit usorem suam et ducit alteram moechatur et qui dimiasam * IDS. [ii]. 

moim sum wjcs welig 3 wsea gogearuad miS fellereade 3 

9 *Homo quidam fuit diues et induebatur purpura et * lxu. 

1Q6. T. 

mis linnenom 5 gehriordade dtcg-hufom fegerlice^'licsendo 5 wtes sum Siorfe -t *of ond is 

byeso et epulabatur cotidio splendide 20 et erat quidam mendicus 

laj;arus seSe gelteg to dura his wundum full wilnado ^te were gefylled of screadungura «a 5c 

lazarus qui iaceljat ad ianuam. eius ulceribws plenus 21 cupieus saturari de micia quae 

gefeallon of bead ■1' disc 8ks wlonces all InioeSre 3 Sa hundas geciiomon ^ liceedon wund hund (sic) 
cadebanf de mensa dluitia md et canes ueniebant et lingcbant ulcera eius 

aworden WEes «a fite \TCe9 dead ao Borfciido 3 wevo gelasded from eiiglum on harrae a,braliiinies 
22 factum est autom ut moreretur mendicus et portaretur ab augelis in simim abraliae 

dead wfes Sa sec se welig i wlonc 7 bebyrged wses 
mortuua est autem et diues et aepultus est 

miSSy were in tiiitergum -l" gesteh fthraham fearra 7 on Tiarme his 3 he 

cum eaact in tonnentis uidebat abraham ^ longe et laaarum in sinuni eiua 24 et ipso 

cliopado cuoeS ffeder shraham gemiltsa me 3 send la^amm fte m-depe * hrinte utaweard fingeres 
damans dixit pater abraham miserere mei et mitto lazarum ut intinguat extremum digiti 

Bines In wjctre -pte geceola tnnga mTii Se ie Broiiigo in Sisser ISgo 7 cuoeS 

tui in aquam ut refrigeret linguam meam qui crucior in hac flauima 25 et dixit 

him shrttkam la sunu eft-Sencg i' gemona ^to 6ii on-fengo gSda in Jife Biniim 3 \azarus ongelic 8a wyiio 
illi abraham fili recordaxe quia recepiati bona in uita tua et laaarua similiter mala 

nu ^ornie Jes gefroefred bia ?u Sc Su bist geBrowad 
nunc autem hie consolatur til uero cruciaris 

3 usih dene i pfeS micel geftestnad is -pte Sa Sa5e wallaS heona ofe»'fara to iiih ne luagon 
ot nos chaos* magnum firmatum est ut hi qui uolunt hiuc transire ad uos non possiut ' '^- e'lKS, 

altered by 

ne Sona hider ofsroeire oJiaoa. 

neqwe inde hue tranameare 

[Two leaves lost in the Euahworth MS.] 

25 6cs gi-fi-oefred MS «u soBlice Srowas 5u nu 26. 3 in Ssom allnm bitwih iow 3 usih Bonwa pseS 

micluin eele giftestiiad is ■pte isa seSe nilnaS hiooa ofer-fara to iow ne magun ne on deege Sona hider ofer- 
fara i cerra 

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[Luke. ■ 

ne cuman. 

27 Da cwEeS he fa^der. ic bidde fe ■f Su 
sende hine to mines feder huse. 

28 ic hffibbe fif gebrojjru f be cy^e him 
•p big ne cumon on f-issa tintrega stowe; 

29 pa stede abraha77^ him. big babba'S 
moysen 1 witegan. big hlyston him; 

30 Da cwEeS he. nese feder 
ac big do's d^dbote gif bwylc of 
to him fer^ ; 

31 Da ew£e^ be. gif big ne 
moysen T pa, witegan. ne big ne gelyfaS 
jjeah hwylc of deaSe arise ; 


Djsgod-epel 1 Da cwffiS be to his leorning-cnihtum 
>^/o«erM un-mibtHc is -f gee 

'^^T''*^ 2 nyttre bim wtere f an cweorn-stan sy 

ueaiantseaa. ge-cnytfc abutan his swuran 3 si on sse be- 
B. a<tds-^ea worpen "Sonne he gedrefe anne of |!issum 

Hie homini per , , t 

quern ueniunt, ly thngum ; 

*"■ 3 WarniaS eow. gyf |jin bro^or syngaS 

cid bi«i ; 

4 And gif he on dieg seofan sijjun 
syngaS. "i seofan sijjun to fie on dseg 
gecyrred byS. 3 cwyS; Hit me of-j^incS. 
forgyf hit hi?*;- ; 

5 Da cwteSon (sic) bis apostolas drihten. 
ge-ic urne geleafan ; 

6 Da cw£e|7 drihten gif gebeefdon geleafan 
swa senepes corn, ge ssedun fissun treowe 
sy Su awyrt-walud "i aplantud on see. 1 hit 
byrsumode eow; 

Various Readings. 

27 — 31. Lost in B., and supplied in, a late hand. 28. 

A. heom. 30. C. habmham. B, fierSe (mis^eriUen). 
Cap, xvii 1. The old text in B. begins again with un- 

mihtlic. A. cumon. 2. C. ac [ffi'c,-/o»" an]. A. aig'ge- 
oiiyt. A. sweoran. A. aig ]_f<yr si]. A, gedrefdo senne. 

B. {lysum. 4. A. aeofen ; C. seofon {\st time). A. sjSum; 
iut B. C. sit'un {Ist time). A. seofeii Bj8um (2no! time). 
A. ofJ'jngS. A. me [for him]. 5. A. B. 0. cwsedon. 
6. A. ssedoii. A. {lyssum.; B. Jiissun; C. [lissuJM. A, sig. 
A. -i7alod. A. aplantod. 


un-mihtlich ys figet ge-dr^fednysae ne cun- 
nen. wa Jiam Ipe hyo jjurh cumaS. 

2 nyfcre hym wgere Jjset an cweomstan 
syo ge-cniht on-buten his sweoren. :i syo 
on s£e ge-worpen Jeanne be ge-drefe a3nne 
of Jiisen btlingen. 

3 Warnied eow gyf [lin broker senegeS 
ky'5 him. 

4 And gif he on ane daige eeofe sy^en 
synegeS. 1 seofen sySan to pe on daig ge- 
cyrred beoS. 7 cweS hit me of-J)ineS. for- 
gif hit bym. 

5 pa cwfe^en his apostles, drihtert ge- 
eac urne ge-leafen. 

6 Da cwEsS drihten. gyf ge bafden ge- 
leafen swa micel swa an senepes com. 7 
ge sseden fise treowe syo J)u awirfc-waled. 
^ aplanted on s£e. hit hersumede eow. 

Varioiis Readings. 
Cap. xvii. ]. Tlie Eoyal M8. begins again with ua- 
mihtlic ys Jiset ge-drefednysse ne cuman. 2. ge-cnyt 

abuton ; swuran ; be-worpeu J^oiic ; Jjysum lytlii^nm. 3. 
WamiB (sie); ayngeaS chyd, 4. iEnd; R. om. auo; da^ 
aeofan syiSan synegaB ; seofoii ; byS ; cwteS. 5. apostiaa 
ge-Ieafan. 6. hafdon ge-leafau ; R. om, micel swa 

Benepas; R. om, 3 i^ore ge ; a^doE jiisaum; awyrt-walud: 

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Chap. XVI.] 167 

3 ciiooS ic biddo fo?'BoE 5!ee la fieder f Ku aeude liine in hus fadores mines ic hafo 

27 ct ait rogo ergo t^ pater ut mittas eum in domwm patris mei 28 haLeo 

torSoa flfo broBro ^ste gecjSed him ne So Ba ^te hia cynio in stone Sis cnrsmigra 3 

enim quinqzte fratres ut testetur illis ne ot ipai ueniant in locum hunc tormentorum 29 ot 

cuoeK him ahraham habbaS mosen 3 witgo geiiere hia feixim ileota 

ait illi abrabam babent mosen et prophetas audiaut illos 

la fader abroAam ah gif huielc^' frowt deadum fieres to him hreoniase hia doeS cuocS 

pater abraham sed si quis es mortuis ierit ad eos pEeniteutiam agent 31 ait 

«a him gif raosm 3 «a wit^o ne geheraS i ne Sah gif Imeic of deadum arises 

autem ilii si mosen et propbetas noa audiunt ncqwe ai qviis ex mortuis surrcxorit 


1 to Segim»i his cnoeS uiimffihtiglic is fte ne cjmo Sa ondspyrniso 
1 *Et ad discipulos suos ait inpossibile est ut non ueniunt scandala 

.,,'.,, , 1 1 . .. mt, elxxuiiii. 

Serb Sone hia cymes l!!arfliow) la him gif atan coern^ geaeted so ymb suim his 3 ^j. ^CTiiii, 

per quern, ueniunt 2 utillius {sic) est illi si lapis molaris inponatur circa coUuzn eius et 

'pta se geworpen in sfe Son fte geoudspjme enne of lytlum *is behaldas iuih gif 

proiciatur in mare quam ut scandalizet unum do pusillis istis 3 *Attendite uobis si " 198. n. 

sinngigaS se broSer Sin geSSrea hine J gif hreonise does foj^eF him 3 gif-VSioh 

peccauerit frater tuus increpa ilium et si pasnitentiam egerit dimitte illi 4 *Et si • 199. u. 

seofo siSa gesynngiga in Sec 1 seofa siSa on dEege gecerred biS ^ gewoendet biS to So 

septies in die peccauerit in t^ et septies in die conuersus fucrit ad t4 

cuoeSende gelireues uiec fo»^f him I cuoedon Ba Sognaa dnhtne togeec fla geleafo 

dicens paenitet me dimitte illi 5 *Et dixerunt apostoli domino adauge nobis fidem * i-^uil. 

euoeS Sa drihten gif gie hsefde geleafa snelee com senepes gie cuoode Sisum tree .i.heart-breer 
6 dixit autem dominus si haberetia fidem sicut granum sinapis diceretis huic arbori nioro 

ofwy[Htrumia i' 3 ofjf-plontia -I" gesette on s(e 3 hersumiaS iuh 
eradicare et transplantare in mare et obediret uobis 

27 3 on e« u biUo f j*;on Sec fvder -pte Su "lwIl Line in 1 la f'^lica mines "h n, haf int'^ n 

fife gibioS 1 -fto gi cjBeS him ne 3 ec Sa, ivt hia cymo in st wvu Basse cur«ingra 2t 3 cweS Js-pn t 
him ahribam hsefde raoys^M 3 viit^u j^heide hia 30 soS he twaS nese la ifdei ah <^i hwelc ti m 

deadum fieieS to him hieowmsse bra SoaS 31 cweS 5a him git mtyaen 3 Ba nitj,!! ne ^iherdun aline 

gif hwelc of deoSe arises gilefaS 

Cap XVII 1 3 to Segnum his c«£eS unm'ehtighc is lite ne c\me Sa ondspyrmsse wse Binw S'em Serb 
Sone cymeS 2 Sarot hcia is him gif stan cern maetel so ynb swira his 3 -[ite se giw rfen in s« Bonne 

SKitte gifondspvrne enne of *iissiira Ijtlnm 3 bihdllas wutulli'^ii lowih t,it '<ynmge Be broBei Bin giSieata 

hme 3 gif hiLOwni te doeB f t^ef him 4 3 gif Su. aiofo aiSum on Kgo giajngaS in Sec 1 sioto siBum on 
dspge gi cened biS to Se cwe*ende gilcjaS mec 3 foigef him 6 3 cwedun Sa S^;na3 drihtnei ^e-ec us 

gileufu G cneS Sa dnh'p i gif ^e 1 «fde ^ileofu swa com senepea ge cwedis Sissum tree heort-brere ot 

w^rttumm 3 of il ntum isette ua ■n. 1 hci lumi^iB i w 

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tranaiebat pec Tan 
inediaiR. ' 
B. adds- 

7 Hwylc eower hEefJj eregendne J^eow; 
OSSe seep lEBsgendne fam of Jiam lecere 
ge-liworfenum. he him sona segS ga 3 site. 

8 ^ ne segf! him gearw -f ic ete 1 gyrfc pe 
1 fena me pa hwile. pe ic ete 1 drince "i 
sySSan pu ytst ] drincst ; 

9 "Wenst fu haafS se Jieowa fenigne fane, 
forj^am Se lie dyde -p him beboden w^s. ne 
wene ic ; 

10 Swa ys eow ponne ge doS call -p eow 
beboden ys. cwepa'S unnytte J^eowas we 
synt we dydon ■f we don sceolon ; 

11 X\a he ferdeto hierusalem. he eode 
J—/ |jurh midde samarian "} galileam ; 

12 3 ];a lie eode on sum castel him agen 
urnon tyn hreofe weras. pa stodon hig feor- 

13 1 hyra stefna Tip-ahofon 1 cwfedon; 
Hielend. bebeodend gemiitsa lis ; 

14 Ba he hig geseah Jja cw^p he ; GaS 
7 Est-ywaS eow fiam sacerduwi ; pa hig 
ferdun hig wurdon geclsensude ; 

15 Da hyra an geseah -f he geclsensad 
WEDS fia cyrde he mid myeelre stcfne god 

16 1 feoU to hys fotum. ] him fancode ] 
peB wtes samaritanisc ; 

17 pa cwEeJj se htelend him ]swariende ; 
Hu ne synt tyn geclsensude hweer synt pa, 

18 ncea gemett se Se agen-hwurfe. 7 
gode wuldor sealde. baton pes Eelfremeda; 

Von'ous Heading 1. 
7. A. hergeudne. C. Icusgendene. 8. A. earwa [for 
gearw], A. gjrd. 10. A. synd. A. B. C. sceoldon. 

12. 0. >e {/or );a he]. A. ongean. 13. A. heora. B. C. 
stofne, 14. A. ferdoa A. gedtensodo. 15. A. heora. 
A, ge-ctensod. A. mfersigende. 17. A. synd {ttince). 

A. gcclsensode. A. C. hwar. A. nygeno. 18. A. ge- 
met. A. ongean-. A, eall-fremedj. 

8 [Luke. 

7 Hwilc eower hafd eriendne peow, oSSe 
sceap Ifesgendne. pam of ]?am akere ge- 
hworfene he him sone saigS ga ] site. 

8 ] ne saigS hym gearewe fast ich ete. 
] gert ]>e 3 pene me pa hwde pe ic ete 7 
drinke. } seSSan pu ffitst 1 drincst. 

9 wenst pu hafS se peowe anig pane for- 
San pe he dyde pKct him be-boden wa;s ; ne 
wene ich. 

10 Swa is eow panne ge doS eal pEet 
eow beboden is. CweSed un-nytte peowes. 
we synde. we dyden pEet we don scolden. 

11 T^A he ferde to ierusalem he eodepi^''«tiesiw 
J purh midde samariam 7 galileam. tranBiebat per 

12 Z pa he eode on sum castel 3 him d^Tgame-' 
agen urnea teon reofle weres, pa stoden '"^' 

hio forren, 

13 "i heore stefne up-ahofen. :i cwseSen. 
htelend be-beodende ge-miltae us. 

14 pa he hyo ge-seah pa cwteS he. GaS 
1 ateowiad eow pam sacerden. Da hyo 
ferden. hyo wurden ge-elffinsede. 

1 5 Da heore an ge-seah p^efc he ge-clEensed 
w^s. pa cyrde he mid micelere stefne god 

16 7 feoll to his foten. 7 him ])ancode. 
"} pes W£es samaritanisc. 

17 Pa cwffiS se hselend hym andsweriende. 
Hu ne synden teon ge-clsensede. hwesr 
synden pa nigene. 

18 nses ge-mett se Se agen-hwurfe. 1 
gode wulder sealde buten pes folfremede. 

Various Readings. 
7. htefS eregendne; seep; (ecero ge-hworfemtm ; segS. 

8. se S; geai-we; ic; girt; wile; drince; si8«an ; ytst. 

9. hsefiS; forSam; ic 10. }>owne ; eall; bebodon; 
CweSaS; >eowas; synt; didoii. ll.Rulyric; Cum [/or 
Dum], 12. E. om. : b^ore him; tyn reofe; hyofoorran, 
13. hyora; cwsedon; bebeodand ge-miltsa. 14. ateowiais ; 
sacerdum; fyrdon; wurSen ge-clrensode. 15. heora; 
ge-clcensod ; meraiende [/or heriende]. 16, fotiam. 17. 
andswerigondo ; sint tyn ge-cleensode ; synd. 18. wuldor; 

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Chap. XVII.] 169 

liuel Sonne iiierra liafeS esiie erietide i foedende^lesuande se^e miSSy gecei-de of 

7 *Quia autem uestrum habons aeruum arantem aut pascentem qui regresso de * 301. s. 

londe euoeSoS him soDa ofej^fer gehlinig 3 no cuoeSeS him geama ■fto ic hriordego 3 

agro dicet illi statim transi recumbe 8 et non dicet ei para quod cenem et 

fore-gyrd* Bee 7 embihta me feahuile* ic eto 1 drinco 3 tefter 8as 8u ge-etcs J 

praecinge t^ et ministra mihi donee Hjauducem et bibam efc post liaec tu manducabis et 

drin^es Su ahne Sone hafeS esne Srem foi-Son dyde Sa Be liim gehaten heefde i gehoht 

bibes 9 numquid gratiam habet aeruo illi quia fecit quae sibi impcrauerat 

ne woeno io sua sec inih miS«y gedoaS aUe Sa Se bebodeno sint iuh cuoeSaa esnas 

non puto 10 sic et ttoa cum foceritis omnia quae praecepta sunt uobis dicite serui 

iSorleaso we sindon ^5te us reht wies i to doane we djdon 
ioutilea sumua quod debuimus facere fecimuB 

bierustUem ofw-foerde Berh ijiiddujw 6a liodit i 3 miS-By innfoerde sum oSer 

liierusalejn transiebat per mediam samariam et gallilseajn 12 et cum' ingredoretur quod-dam 

were togsegnea urnon him tea wseras hveafo Sa_ stodon feaira 

castelluni occurrgrunt ei decern uiri leproai qui stetemnt a longe 

f Btefn cnoeSendo hfeiend hassere ^r milsa user Ba fte gesieh cuoeS gaaS Eed-eauaS 

qocem dicentes iesu praeceptor miserere nostri 14 . quos ut uidit dixit ite ostendit^ 

iuih Spera sacerdum 3 aworden wses ini8-«y foerdon gccIaMisad woeroii 
uos sacerdotibus et factum est dum irent mundati sunt 

f i sufe ge-ateh -fte geclcensad wrea eft-terende wsea mis miclo stefne gemiclade i Bone god 
Ut uidit quia jnundatus eat regr^ssus est cum magna uoce - magnificans dejtm 

3 gefeail on onsione iora fotum liis Soaeiingo dyde -t doend 3 Sea wk;s haSin 

16 et cecidit in faciem ante pedes eius gratias agens et hie erat samaritanus 

^^„. _„ Sa se iiimlmd cuoeB ahne teno geclsensad woeron 3 Sa nigoca huor sint 

17 respondens autem iesus dixit nonne decem mundati sunt et nouem ubi sunt 

ne is gcnjoetet seSe eft-cuomo 3 salde wuldor * Songunng gode buta Ses utacunda t ellBiodig 

18 non est inuentus qui rediret et daret gloriam ' deo nisi hie alienigena 

7. hwelc Sonne lower hiefeS osne eriende -t 3Cip fjedenle seSe gicerde of londe ewieiS him aona ofer f*)- 
gJUionunga 8, 3 ne cweoSaS gearwa me S^tte ic ginoidij,e 3 forgyid Sec 3 embihta me Si hwile le ete 

3 ic drince 3 sefter Sas Su gi-etes 3 drinces 9 jhne Sonc hsefcS etnc Sa^m forSon djde SaSe hiin gihiten 

hsefde ne woeno ic 10. swa 3 iowih miSBj ge djis alle SaSe bibodene aindnn low cweiiSaa esaas 

Sorleose we sindun Sastte unreht waia to doaniie we djdon II 3 awoiden wa,a niiSSy eode m luerzt t 

km ofc;r-foerde Serb niidne Sa liode 3... 12 3 niiSSy infoerde sura oSor were toga;gne9 umon him tea 

wearaa hreofe Sa stodun fearra 13. 3 ahofon stuftie cweSende hiskn I htsore niilsa u&er 14 Si S'pt 

giSEeh cw^a gaS jet-eowaS iowih Stem aacerdum 3 aworden w-ea miSSj foetdim giclieiiiade werun 15 an 

wutudlw of Seem -f gl-sseh Ssette glcljensad w^es eft-fierLnde wos miS micelre atefne gimiclidun Sone god 
16. gifeoll on onsione fore fotum hia Sancunge djde 3 Ses wies heSi-n !7 gjondworde Sa ifaleiiJ ah ne 

teno giulfenaade wenm 1 nione hwer aindun 18 ue la gimoeted i^eSc eft come 3 aalde wuldor gode buta 

See utaciiiida -t elSiod^ 

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19 Da cwseS he. aris 1 gafor]?am pe Sin 
geleafa |!e halne gedyde ; 
intewopibftnt 20 fa alisodon hine ]>a, farisei liwsenne 
riuaiido neoit godes ricc come ; Da !lswarude he "i cweeS. 



ne cymS godes [rice] mid begyin©ne 

21 ne hig ne cweSajj efne her byt ys. 
oSSe |!ar. godes rice is betwynan eow; 

22 pa cw^S he to his leorning-cnihtu?7i. 
J7a dagas eumaS fionne ge gewilnlaS -p ge 
geaeon anne dseg mannea eunu 1 ge ne 

23 "i hig secga^ eow her he is. 1 bar he 
is. ne farege ne ne fyha^ ; 

24 Witodlice swa se lig-reesc lyhtende 
scinS under heofone on jia Sing pe under 
heoibne synfc. swa hr6 mannes sunu on his 
dfege ; 

25 ^ryst him gebyreS -f he fela |;inga 
folige. 1 beon fram Jiisse cneorysseaworpen. 

20 1 swa on noes dagum wses geworden 
swa beoS mannes suna to-cyme. 

27 hig ^tun. 1 druncon, 1 wifodon. 1 
wseron to gyftum gesealde. oS j^sene deeg 
fie noe on erke* eode. "} flod com 1 ealle 
forspilde ; 

28 Eall-swa w^s geworden on loSes 
daguw hig setun. T druncon, 3 bohton. 1 
sealdon. ^ plantedon. 7 timbrudon ; 

29 SoSlice on pam deege pe loS eode 
of sodoma hyfc rinde iyr J swefl of heofone. 
"i ealle forspilde ; 

Various Headings. 

19. A. om. \>o hefan Sin. 20. A. B. C. acsodon. 
A. Jswarode. A. B. C. rUain rice, v^hich t/ie Corpus MS. 
omifs. 22. A. Eenne. A. 3 Jiar he js 3 Jjar hejs{»^peffl(«d). 
A. fare gG ; E. C. farege. A. B. C. fjiigeaS. 24. A. synd. 
25. A. .^rest. A. fela. 26. A. hyS. 27. A. reton. 
A. wjfedon. A. jjona A. earee; B. erhe, alt. to erco; C. 
erke, 28. A. teton. A, timbredou; B. C, timbriidun. 

19 Da cwred he aris !l ga. for-j^an Jiin 
ge-leafe pe halne ge-dyde. 

20 T»A axoden hine ba farisei hwanne ictcn-ogaiiaiit 

17 , . '^ ■'-, , isBmnphariae 

J godes rice come. Da andswerede inumdo neui 
he 7 cwaaS ne cymd godes rice mid be-^^^"°'* ^^' 

21 ne hyo ne cweSaS. efne her hit is. 
oSSe fger ; godes rice is be-twenan eow, 

22 pa cwEeS he to his leoming-cnihten. 
Pa dages cumseS Jeanne ge ge-wilnieS feet 
ge ge-seon Eenne daig mannes sunu. 1 ge 
ne seoS. 

28 :i hy seggeS eow her he ys. !l J?£er he 
w. ne fare ge ne ne felgieS. 

24 "WitoSlice swa se leitres '■'' lihtende * ,H- '«treM, 
scind under heofene on ])a fing pe under v>tncted. 
heofene synde. swa byS mannes sune on 

his daige, 

25 -iKrest him ge-byreS psoi he fela ];inge 
j?olie 1 beon fram Jjisse cneorisse aworpen. 

26 :i swa on noes dagen w^s ge-wor'Sen. 
swa beoS mannes sane to-kyme. 

27 Hyo Eeten ] druncan :i wifeden "} wseren 
to gyfte ge-sealde. oSSe fane daig pe 
noe to earke eode ; 3 flod com 1 ealle for- 

28 Eall-swa wees ge-worSen on lothes 
dagen "i hyo teten "i druncan. 1 bohten H 
sealden. ^ planteden 1 tymbreden. 

29 SoSlice on Jiam daige pe loth eode of 
sodome hit rinde fyr 1 swefl of heofene. 3 
ealle for-spilde. 

■ 19. cwffiS; geleafa, 20. (/« rubric, dei); asodon; 
cymS; liegymene. 21. betwynan. 22. -cnilitum; 

dagaa cumaS jKitnie; ge-wilniaS; anne dseg. 23. hyo 
Begged; fyligeaS. 24. lyg-reosc ; scynS; heofone (twice) ; 
synt. 25. (jolige. 26. dagun; ge-worden; byS; suna 
to-cjme. 27. setun; wifoden; BEeron; gj'ftoa; ponne 
dreg; on erke [for to earke]. 28. ge-worden; dagon ; 
K. om. 3 before hyo asten ; dmncon ; bohton ; aealdon ; 
plantodon; timbredoc. 29. sodoma; heofonum. 

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Ghap. XVII.] 171 

7 cuoeS ?Eem aris gaa forSon geleafo Sin Bee hal dydo gefrognen wees Sonne • LXUIIEfi 

19 et ait illi surge uade q^uia fides tua t^ saiuum fecit 20 *Isterrogatus autem 202. u. 

from hiiocnne cjinmeS ric godes ondsusrede him 3 cuoeS ne cymejs ric godes miJs 

6. pharisaeis q^uaaflo uenit regnum dei respondit eis et dixit noii ueuit regnum dei cum 

oier i iora^gemaim ne cuoeSas heono her i hcono Ser heono forSon ric godes bituih iuh 

obseruatioae 21 iseqae dioeiit ecce hie aut ecce illic ecce enim regnum dei intra uos 

ia 3 cuoeS to Segrnim cyineis dagaa Sonne gie wilniaa geeea enne docg suiiu 

est 22 *Et ait ad diseipulos uenient dies quando desideretis uidere unum diem filii • 203. s. 

) hia euoeBaS iuh lieflno her heono Ser nallaJ! gie gSa ne 
23 *Et dicent uobis ecce liic ecce illic nolite ire neqite » 

gft-t^rlges gie forSott 1: sua legoKrslffiht sclmande (sic) l' of heofiium on 8a 5a Se under heofne aind 

sectemini 24 *Nam sicut fulgor coruscans de sub ceelo in ea quae sub cselo sunt • 

mt. eolni. 

rerist uutSf^J/ca gehriseS liim feolo . 
25 *Pi-imum autera oportet ilium multa * 2O6. ii. 
mt. clsuiii. 

geSrouia i geSolia 3 ^5fe he se forcnmen from cneoreso Sasuwi 3 aufe aworden wsoa on dagum 

pati et reprobari S. generatione hac 26 *Et sicut factum est in diebus ^^^07^ u. 

acinets on ,Sa wisB biS aunu monnes on dsege his 
fulget ita erit filius liominis in die sua 


weron said to brydloppuni 0S6 on deeg of Siani inn-eade 
dabaatur ad nuptias usque in diem qua iatrauit 

osade i apilde alio 
perdidit omnea 

bohton 3 bebohton gesetton t getinnberdon Ssera dseg Bonwe foerde of Seem bui^um 

emebant et uendebant plantabant aedificabant 29 qua die autem exiit loth ^ aodomis 

feall -f fyr 3 ^ cuic-fyr of heofnum 3 alle gospilde 

pluit igneni et sulpliur de caelo et omnes perdidit 

da gum lotiies Gton 7 dnincon 
dieb-jis loth edebaut et bibebant . 2og, i 

19. 1 'cwepS Siem aria :i gaa ftirSon gileofo Sin Sec halne gidooS 20. gifrt^en weea Sonne from 

aidormonnunt hwenne cyracis rice godea ondaworade him 5 cwaiS 21. no cjmeS rice godes itiis of?c- 

gcftus^e ne cweoSas hoono her ^ hoono Ber heono {niSon rice godes bitwih iow is 22, : ow»S to 

Stignuin. his cuniaS Jugas Sonne ge wilnigas gisea cnne dteg sunu monnes 3 
iow heono iow her 3 heono Ser nalkS ge gaa ne ge-fylgas ge 24, furSon swa li^ei 

in hii- {sic) SaSe of heoiiie sint soineS on Sa wise biS sunu mimnes on diege sws 
giriseS him feolu gi-Srowiga 3 Saitte forcumen from tneoreswnm Sassum 2G, 

dagum noes swa bits 3 suno monnas 27. brecon 5 drincon J wif Ifeddon 

hlopum oSSe on dajgo of Sieni in-code noe in erce 3 com Se flod 3 spilde alle 
wies on dagum lothea etuu 3 druncon liohton 3 bibnhtuu gisettun 3 gi-timbradun 
focrde ]oS of Sam burgum , , , , gifeo!! 5a)t fyr 3 cwic-fjr of heofne 3 alle gispilde 

23. : cweSeS 
-slseht acinende of heofne 
25. serisb wutudb'ce 
3 aiva aworden Wfca on 
3 werun aald to bryd- 
28, ongilic swa aworden 
29. Sicm dagum Sonns 

X 2 

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[luldex qui- 
daiii erat [in] 
oimtate qui 
[de]ui« noii 
timuit nMue 

30 ^ftcr Jjysum J^ingum biS on J?awi 
d£eg;e Jje niannes sunu onwrigen biS 

31 on ^am deege se ^e biS on ]?ecene 
T his fatu on huse, ne stihS he ny^er f he 
hig hime ; And se Se biS on cecere. ne 
went he on-bfec ; 

S2 BeoS gemyndige loScs wifes. 

33 swa hwylc swa secS his sawle ge-don 
hale se hig for-spilfi ; 1 swa hwylc swa hig 
forspil|' se hig gelif-feestaS ; 

34 SoSlice io eow secge on ]j£ere nihte 
beo^S twegen on bedde an byB genumen 
"i oSer bi6 for-l^eten ; 

35 Twa beoS Eefcgffidere grindende. an 
biS genumen T oSer Itefed ; 

36 Twegen beoS fet ^ecere, an biS ge- 
numen "} oSer biS leefed ; 

37 fa cwffidon higto him. hwardrihten; 
Da cwje]) he. swa hwar swa se lichama 
bis [lyder beoS earnas gegaderud ; 


1 r\a s^de he him stim big-spel ■f hit 
J--' ys riht f man symie gebidde "J 

na geteorige 

2 ] Jius cweeS ; Sum dema W£es on 
sumere ceastre se god ne ondred ne nanne 
man ne onjifacude ; 

3 Ba wtes sum wudewe on pieve ceastre. 
fa com heo to him ] cwEeS ; Wrec me wiS 
minne wiSer-winnan ; 

172 [LrKB. 

30 ^ftor jiisen J>iiigen byS on fiam daige 
f e mannes sune un-wrogen beoS. 

31 7 on Jjam daige se pe byS on |?ecene 
^ his fate on huse. ne stihg'S he niSer J-Eefc 
he hyo nyme. 3 se f e byS on akere ; ne 
went he on-btec. 

32 BeoS ge-myndige lothes wifes. 

33 swa hwilc swa secS his sawle gedoD 
hsele. he hyo for-spilS. 1 swa hwilc swa 
hyo for-spilS ; see hyo ge-lifiest. 

34 SoSlicc ic eow segge on j^are nihte 
beoS twegen on bedde. an beoS ge-numen 
] oper for-leeten. 

35 Twa byS set-gadere grindende. an 
beoS ge-numen "i oSer lefed. 

36 Twegen byS set akere an byS ge- 
numen "} oSer beoS lefed. 

37 Da cwasSen hyo to hym. hw^r 
drihten. Da cwfeS he swa hwter swa se 
lichama byS Ijyder beoS eariles | 



bidden. } na ge- 

2 and fus cwteS. Sume dema w£es on 
sumer cestre. segodne on-dredde ne nenne 
man ne on-)?racode, 

3 Da wa)s sum wudewa on fare cestre ; 
fa com hyo to him :i cwEeS. Wrec me wiS 
minne wiSer-winne. 

Various Headings. 

34. B. C. twegjn. A. Irefed [for BiS for-lfeten], 35. 
A. oiSevbyS Isefed. 36. A. on [for ret]. 37. A. ge- 

Cap. xviii. 1. A. bJg-Bpoll. A. sjmblo. 2. A. aumre. 
A. on>nicoda 3. 0. om. sum. A, iroduwe. 

1 1-*A sain-de he heom sum byspell ffet i"''*? qaidan 
hit is riht f £et man symle ge- te <im doum 

30, Eftev Jjisum Hngu'w ; 
1 he/ore ou ; stihS ; secere. 
34, bis {tmce) ; for-l£etoii. 
bis {thrice); acere; tefed. 
beoS {as in H.). 

Cap. xviii. 1. Rubrie as v 
bidde. 2. Bum ; sumere 
3. ceastre ; -winnen. 

iin-wvygen biS. 31. R. om. 

33. ae hyo go-lif-fffiSteS. 

35. biS(to("ce); tefed. 3G. 

37. hwar; biS {/or byS) ; 

i H. ssegdo ; byg-spell ; ge- 

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Chap. XVII.] 173 

Eeftfrr Saa li5 Sim dt^ annu 6e rnonne? led eaued biS 

30 secundum hieu erit qat die filiua lionums reuelabitur 

on Sfcr tid Sa Se 
31 ''In ilia hora qui • ; 

1 at no ofdane stigeS to nioinanne 8a : seSe on loud ougeiic 
. diim.-) m, descend it toUere ilia et qui in agro similiter 

seSe auahuele BoecaS sauel • 210. x. 

S3 tQuicumqwe quaesierit animam + 211. ili. 

hn !ul gcwyroa apiIleS hia 3 seSo sui ^itidleS hia gelil'-fasstaS hia ic cuoeSo 

Buiiii "iluim frtcere peidet illam et quicuniqfie peidideiifc illam uiuifieaiiit earn 34 *Dico * 212. u. 

mt. odxi [i 

aa genumoii bi8 3 oSer forleten biS 
uaus assume tur et alter relinquotur 

tuoege biJSott ge-timbras i grindas 
35 duae erunt moleEtes 

an an ge-onfenge biS 3 oSero fo*-leten biS 
. umlin una asauMetur et altera, relinqnetur 

on lond an biS genumen 3 oSer fojdeten biS onduardon i cuoedon hini huer drihiew aeBe 

in ag^o imus assumotur et aJter reliaquetiir 87 *llespondentes dicunt illi ubi domiae qui ' 

cuofeS him sute hner biB -Se liclioraa -Ber geaomnad biSoii eamaa 

dixit eis ubi-cumqae fuorit corpus illue congi-egabuutur aquilae 

endeS ?a fee SiCt bkeno to him -pto i iorton gelirisoS i beliofiic is symblo gebidda 3 

1 *Dicebat autem et parabolam ad illos quomodo oportet semper orare et "j^-^-^- 

ne gesuica cuoeS doema sum wrea in suiiimo ceastra seBo god ne ondrearde 

nou deficere 2 dicens iudex quidam erat in quadam ciuitatem (sic) qui deitm non timebat 

widiua witedUce sum wses in ceastra Bair 3 gecymeS ■!' cuome 
3 uidua Uutem quaedam efat in ciuitate ilia et iieniebat 

to bim cuoeB wrfec Bu mec of wiBerwordB minumt 
ad euni dicens uindica mo de aduersario meo 

30, (efter Sisae biS Bipin dfege aunu monnes tet-eowed biS 
fato his in huae ne dmie aatigeS to nionianne Ba : seSa i 
33. giniyndge viosaS wif lothea 33. acBo swa hwele Bonwe soecei 

miBBy swa giapilleS gilif-ffeataS bia 34. ic cweBo Sonne iow on 

an ginumeii biB : oBer for-letea biS 35. twoege grundas bioBon 

3G. twoege oa londe an ginumen bi« 3 oBer forleten bi« 

31. on «ier fide 8aSe binSon on hrofe 3 
on loiido ongelie ne awendoS ou-bfeo 
B aawie hia hale doeB spillot hia 3 acBa 
Bar nssht bioBiin twoege on hrofe anuj/t 
on aniim an on-fenge biS 7 oBer foHeten 
37. giondivordutt civedun him hwer 

Auhtpn seSe JsworaS bim swa hwer Bonne biB Se lichoma Ber gisomna bioBon t 

Cap. XVIII, 1. cw:«5 Ba Sonne 3 Sa biaine to him Stctte forSon giriseB ajndo gebidda 3 ne giswici 

2, cwffiS So doema bereS (sic) sum wffis in sumro cusstro suBe god ne on-dreord 3 Sone monno ne sPomskJe 

3. widuwo wuterflice sum wsea in cseatvo B«r 3 gi-comun to hir cwst-S wrec Bu meo of wiBer-wordra Sinum (sic) 

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4 Ba nolde lie langre tide, sefter fani 
])a cw^l) he. feah ic god ne ondr^de. ne 
ic man ne onJ>racige 

]7eali forJ:)am J;e ^eos wuduwe me is 
gram ic wrece big. 'pe-lms heo £et neahstan 
cume me behropende ; 

6 Da cwffiS drihten. gebyra^ hwtet se 
unriht-wisa dema cwy'S ; 

7 So))lice ne de'S god his gecorenra wrace 
clypiendra to him dteges 3 nihtea. 1 he 
gejjyld on him htefp ; 

8 Ic eow secge -f he rajie hyra wraoe 
deS ; Deah-hw«]jere wenst f u Ssenne mau- 
nes sunu cyinS. gemot he geleafan -on 
eorSan ; 

9 Da cwteS he to sumum ])is big-spel 
pe on hig sylfe truwedon 1 oSre for-hogo- 
don ; 

mi\f^B^'"d^ 10 Twegen men ferdun to sumum tern- 
^ft^" ^'^r" P^*^ 'f ^^^ -^^^ gebsedun an sundor-halga 1 
ooBteii. Duo o^er man^full ; 

cendeiuntin 11 Da stod se faiiseus 1 bine ]>\X3 gebffid. 
D^^owmet go'l- j's ic f ancas do. for-pam pe ic ne eom 
fn te^pi^im ut swylce oSre men. reaferas unriht-wise. un- 
omreijt. B. j-iht-hsmeras. oSSe eac swylce Jjea man- 
fulla ; 

12 Ic feste tuwa on ucan. ic sylle 
teofiunga ealles p^s pe ic htebbe ; 

13 Da stod se man-fuUa feorran 1 nolde 
furSun his eagan ahebban up. to p&m 
heofone ac he beot his breost :i owEeJ) ; God 
beo |;u milde me syn-fullum; 

Various Headings. 
4. A- men, A. onjirade. 5. A. )>eh. A. wudewe- 
A. )>y-JiB9, A. nycstaB. 7. A. clipigendra. 8. A. hcora, 
A. t>onne. 9, A. B. C. for-hogedon. 10. A. fcrdon. 
A. gebsedon. A. sunder-. 11. C. neoni [/or ne eom]. 
12. A. wucan. 13. A. forjiaii. 

t [Luke. 

4 pa nolde ne langere tide, ^fter ]?am 
J^a cw. be. 

5 J)eah ieh god ne on-drgede. ne ic man 
ne on-pracige. Jieab for-jian pe feos 'wu- 
dewe me is gram, ich wreke byo. yie-lais 
hyo ^t nextan cume me be-ropende, 

6 pa cwEeS drihten. ge-hyreS hwfet se 
unribtwise deme cweeS (sic). 

7 So^lice ne deeS god his ge-corenra 
wraoe cleopiende to hym daiges 3 nihtes ; 1 
he ^eld on him hafS. 

8 Ich eow segge pfet be raSe heore ■wrfeoe 
deS, peah-hwffiSere wenst pu Jeanne man- 
nes sqne oym^S. ge-met be gedeafen on 

9 Da cwaa'S he to sumen fis by-spell, pe 
on hyo selfe truweden. "i oSrum for-bugo- 

10 nnwegen men ferden to sume temple Dno hominea 

' rpw 

sunderhalge, ] an manful!. 

11 Da stod se phariseus ] bine pus ge- 
bed. god pe ioh fanoes do. for-j^an ich 
ne em swilcbe odre men. reaferes unribt- 
wise. unriht-bameSes. o'SSe eac swyle pes 

12 Ic faeste twige on wuca. ic gife 
teondunge ealles Jias pe icb htebbe. 

13 Da stod se manfulla feorran "i nolde 
for-Ban his eagen ahebben up to Jiam heo- 
fene. ao be beot his breost 3 cwsbS. God 
beo p\i milde me senfuUe. 

Various Readings. 

4. langje. 5, l^eii ic; for-jiam; weduwe; ic wrece, 
6. UD-ritwisa dema cwyS. 7. deS; ge-corenenra (sic); 
clypiende; dnsges; ge-Seld; hssfS. 8. Ic; liyra; tonne; 
ge-leafan. 9. eumum ; big-spell ; aylfe truwoden. 10. 
Ruhric as m H, ; ferdon ; sumum ; sundor-lialga ; manful. 
11, gebted; ic; for-Ban )ie ic ne eom; oisre; reaferas; 
unriht-hameras oiS« ; awylce; manfulla, 12, featetwt^; 
wucan ; io ajUe teo)iunga ; jjeos ; ic habbe. 13. eagan 
abEebben; beufune; bet; sinfidlura. 

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Chap. XVIII.] 175 

7 ne walde Serb menigo-1-micloifeolo tTd ■!■ mtter Bas «a cuoeS bituih Lim* 3 5ali god 
4 et nolebat per multum tempus post haec autem dixit intra s6 etsi aeum '■ 

ne ondredo jc ne moiino sceomigo huoeSre fojiSon woedo ■!■ liefig wtes me^ 6io -t Saa widiua 

non timeo nee horainem reuereor 5 tamen quia molesta eat mihi haec uidua 

ic wrseco Sailco -pte on elide i' £ct nesta cymeS geteleS i 
uindicabo illam n^ ia iiouiasimo 

geheraS hueed se doema un-rehtwianiae cuoeB god ne doeS ^ Ivi-Eecco Sara gecorenra 

audite quid iudex iniquitatis dixit 7 Aomivius autem non faciet liindictam electorUm 

his clioppendra to liim dcege 3 neelit 3 geBuild hiefeS on iSism ic ciioeBo iuli 

auorum clamautium ad se die ac nocte et patientiam habebit in illis 8 dico nobis 

■fte rseSe doeS wr£ecce Sara ao6 hUoeSre smni laonnes miSKy efmes woenist Su -jste gemoete 

quia cito faciet uindictam illorum uerum-tamen filius hominis ueiiieas putas intio- 

to siimm-am SaSe on him gelofdon ■!■ getreoiidon 
ad quoadam qui in s^ coniidebant . 

suffl soSfesto 3 awei-edon 4" teldon iSa oSoro geddung «ioa Snoege menn astigon 

tamquam iusti et aapemabantur ceteros parabolam istam 10 duo homioes aseenderunt 

m temple ^te gebedon an wsea 3 oSer wks bffiraynig se ^ st6d Sas 

in templum ut, orarent unua phai-isaetis efc alter publicanus 11 pliarisaeus stans hiec 

mis Lim gebsed gode Soncuncgo ic dSe 8e f te sieam ie suis Sa oSoro monna iied-nionio 

apud, se orabat deo gratias ago tibl quia 'nori sum sicut ceteri iioniinum raptorea 

unsoS-fiesto dernolie(/^«de au^lee nvtedlice Sea hsetsjnigo 
iiiiusti adulteri uelut etiam hie publicanus 

ic aello flllra SaSe in ah -? agiiigo 3 i?e hsersyonigo fearra to gestod ne walde ne Ka ego 

asiJoo 13 et pubUcanus a longe stans nolebat nac oailoa 

geslog breoat liia ciioeSende god milt-hooft i v/tsa feu me 

percutiebat pectus suum dicens deua propitiua esto milii 


4 3 ne v/i\le Serb momge tide sefter *iase Sa cwseS bitwih bim 3 gii god ne on-dredo ic ne monno 
fctmiga 5 forSon wedo hefig is 4 wies me Sioa widwe ic wreco Saiico S«tte ne endo cynieS jjitcleS 

mec 6 onipS Si drihCew gihei i6 bwset se doema imrehtwisniaae cwseS 7, god Sa ne doeS 3 «a 

wiieo Sua gicorenra hnra chopendri to him dseg 3 nocte (sicj 3 giSyld litefeS in Bsem 8. ic cweSo Sonne 

low S^tte hrwSe doeS wraco Sira soS hweSre suno nionnes cymoS miSSy -fte gimitte gileofo on eorSo 
9. cwssS Sa 3 ee to sumum SaSo on bine gilefdun swa swa aoSfteste 3 aweredon 't teldon Sa oSre gedduuge 
Sioa 10. twoege men aatigun on tempul Swt gobedun an wses aildra : oSer bear-swinig !!. so 

Tphaxiseus stod Ses miS him gibsed god Soncimc ic doe Se forSon no am ie awa oSre menn ned-nioma uiisoSfieate 
Sonne lice (sk) gwelce wutudlie? Sea bear-awinigo 12. ic feesto twige on wiea tegSunge gode aira SaSe ic ah 

13. 3 Se bear-swinigo fearra stod ne walde ne Sa ego to heofna ahebba ah sloge breoat bis ic cweSo (sic) 
god mild-heort wea Su me synfiilluM 

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14 So]j!Tce ic eow seege f Jies ferde ge- 
riht-wisud to his huse. for-fam |?e tele ])e 
bine lipp-ahefS biS genySerud. 1 m pe liine 
nySera^ byS tipp-ahafen ; 

15 Da btohton big cild to him -p bo 
hig Eet-hrine ; fa bis leorning-cnihtas big 
gesawon big ciddon him ; 

16 Da clypode se hselend hig to hira. 1 
cwse^ ; LSfcaS ])a lytlingas to me cuman 
1 ne for-beode ge big swylcera ys godes rice ; 

17 SoBlice ic eow seege swa bwylc swa 
ne on-febS godes rice swa swa cild. zxe 
gffiS he on godes rice ; 

18 Da absode hyne sum ealdor. lareow. 
hw^t do ic -f ic ece lif htebbe ; 

19 pa cwffiS ae hjelend bwi segst pu me 
godne, nis nan man god buton god ana ; 

20 Canst J;u j:a bebodu. ne of-slyb Su. 
ne fyrena pu. ne stel pu. ne leob f u ; 
'Wur|)a )jinne feder 1 {^ine modor ; 

21 Da cwK^ be eall piis ic heold of mmre 
geogufie; , 

22 Da cwge^ se hselend &n fting pe is 
wana. syle eall -p Su hsefst. 1 syle eall 
•p J)earfum. f^onne bsefst pa gold-bord on 
beofone. "} cu«i 7 folga me ; 

23 Da be |jas word gebjrrde he wearS 
ge-unret, for-fam pe be wjes swiSe welig ; 

24 Da se bjelend bine unrotne geseab 
be cwjeS ; Eala bu earfo^lice on godes rice 
ga^ fa Se feob babbaS, 

Various Headings. 
14. A. geryhtwysod. A. up-nliefS. A. genyj^erod. A. 
«p-ahafcn. 18. A, acsode. A. eaJdor. A. B. godce in- 
serted bqforc lareow, in very late hand. 19. A. hwig, 
20. A. ofsleh. A, weorSa. A. moder, 21. 
22. A. heofene. 24. B. gode {terongly). 

i [Luke.' 

14 So^lice icb eow segge J^ast fes ferde 
ge-rihtwised to bis buse. for-jjan pe ecIc 
pQ bine up-ahefd beo^ ge-nySered. 1 se ];e 
bine nySered byoS up-abafen. 

15 Da brohten hyo cyldre to bym pwt 
be hyo Eetrine. Da his leorning-cnihtes 
byo ge-aeagen byo cydden beoni. 

16 Da cleopede se hfelend byo to bym. 
"i CW93S, LeeteS pa, btlinges to me cumen 
] ne for-beode ge beo swylcere ys godes rice. 

17 So'Slice ic eow segge swa hwilc swa 
ne on-fegS godes rice swa swa cyld. ne 
gffiS he on godes rice. 

18 Da axode hine sum aldor. godne 
lareow bwfet do ich p'^X icb ecbe lyf bsebbe. 

. 19 Da cw^^ se htelend bwi segeat pa 
me godne. nis nan man god buten god ane. 

20 Canst Jtu jja be-bode ; ne of-sleb f u. 
ne fyrena pxx. ne stell fu. ne leob j^u. 
wur'Se );inne fader 1 |jine moden 

21 Da cwjeS be eal fia ic beold. of 
minre geoge'Se. 

22 Da cw£e^ se htelend an fiing pe is 
wane, syle eall -f fu bafst. T gyf eall -f 
l^earf^n. ]3anne bafst pn gold-bord on beo- 
fene. T cum and folge me. 

23 Da be Jias word ge-byrde he warS ge^- 
un-rot. for-pam pe he wfes swiSe welig. 

24 Da se hselend hine unrotne ^ 
he cwjeS. Eale bu earfodlice gasS on g 
rice 'pa. p/Q feob bfebbed. 


14. ic ; ge-rihtwisod ; up-ahef« bis ; njJieraS bi«, 1 5. 
brohton ; cild; athrine; -cnilitas; ge-sawon ; ciddan hini. 
16. haleEd; litiingaa; hyo [/o/- heo]. 17. on-feha. 18. 
axsode; ealdor; R. om, godne; hwat; ic; icece; habbe. 
19. balend; segst; buton. 20. Casnst; leab; feder; 
modor, 21. ealL 22. halend; his [/or is] wana ; eyle 
[/or gyf ] all liist Jiearfan. ))onue hsefst; lieofone, 23. 
werS. 24. Eala ; earfoSiice ; habbaS. 

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Chap. XVIII.] 177 

ioBfii3Stad in hus hia from fSsevn forBon eghuoelo seBe 

ficatus in doraum suani ab illo *Quia omnis qui ' 316. n. _ 

hine ahebbaK gebeged biS 3 seSe hine geb^S ahofen biS gebrohton Sa to 

S^ exaltat humiliabitur et qui ae humiliat exaltabitur 15 *Afferebant autem ad * LXXII. 

216. ii. 
him £ec 8a cildo ^te hia gohrinado -p miS Sy gesegon «a Segnas geSreadon ■1' hia se h^lenif ^*" 2^"p 

ilium et infantes ut eos tangeret quod cum uiderent discipuli increpabant illos 16 iesus . aai], 

Ba efne-geeeigdo hia cuoeS letaa 3a cnaihtea cuma 
autem conuocans illos dixit sinite pueros uenire 

is foi-Son ric godes soglice ic cuooBo inh seSe sua hutele ne on-foeS rfc god 

eat enim regnum dei 17 *AmGn dico uobis qui-cumqwo non acceperit regnum dei*317. ii 

mi. clsxuiii, 

aiite ^i cneeht no iii-cymoS in Siet iloe ^ gefraign _ hine sum Aldomion cuoeS 

sicut puer non intrabit in illud 18 *Et interrogauit oum quidam princeps dicens * LXXIII. 

218. ii. 
laniu la g6d hu^d ic dSe lif See f to ic Sga 

magister bone quid faciens uitam aeternam possidebo 

hiKed ^ forhuon cuoeSea Bu gSd ne feiiig is gSd butan 5e ana god bodo Su wast ne 

quid me dicis bonum nemo bonus nisi solus dews 20 mandata nosti non 

of-slah Su ne synnge Su + ne Siofonto -Ba doe ne leas witneso -t cyBiieso Bu cuoeSa worBig fader 
occidea non moecbaberia non furtum fades non falsum testimonium dices bonora patrem 

seSe cuoeS Saa 
21 qui ait baec i 

miSBy -JS geherde se hiehnd cuoeB him Sa get an «e is woiia Alie Sa Se suahuele Su hsefeS behyg 
22 *Quo audito iesMS ait ei athuc unu'm tibi deest omnia quae habes uende * 219. ii. 

J ml Borfendum 3 5!u hsefos strioa , in beofnum 3 cym f^lg i soSe meo 

et dk pauperibzis et babe bis tbesaurum in caelo et ueni sequere me 

mi««y goherde gewfln-rStsad wffis fojiSon wwelig wtes suiBe 
auditis contristatus est quia dines erat uaide 

iinrot aworden ouoeS suiSo befig 4' uiieaSe ^ suiJSe iinmseghtiglie Sa Bo striono i habbaB in ffc 

tristem factum dixit quam diflicile qui pecunias habent in regnum 

14. io cwoBo iow astag Bes Wiei gisoB-f;o?tad in huso his from him fovBon eghwelc seSe hine ahefeS 
gibeged bi« 1 seSo hiue edmodaS aJia^fen biS 15. tn-gibrohtun Sa to him J Ba cild f hiio gihrine Btctf;e 

miSBy gisegun Segnas giSreadun hia 16. Se hiolend 6a efne-eogde Sailco cwteS letas Ba lytla cnma to 

me 3 ne wallaB hi^ Wonla Suslicra is forBon rico godes 17. ...swa Se cnteht ne incymoS in Bret ilce 

la gifr&gn hine sum aidormon cwa:S larow god hwset ic doe to life ecum Biot ic age 19. cwsnB Sa «e 

h^nii hwset me ewcSestu god ne £enig is god buta ana god 20. godes bibodu Su wast ne of-slah Su ne 
synga Su ne stel Bu -f does stalo ne leuse witnisse Su cweSe wnrSa fseiler Sinne 3 moder 21. seie cwseS 
Sas alle ic hield from gigoS-hada minmn 22. niJSBy giherde Se hseleml cwfeS him Ba gett an Se wona is 

aUe swa hwolc swa hjofea bibyge 1 sol Sarfum i SoJ-fendujw : Bu heefes gi-strion on heofne 3 cym fylig * soec 
mec 23, Sat he miSBy giherde giunrotsad wfes fort5ott weolig wiea swiSe 21. gisseh Sa hiae Be haeleurf 
unrott giworden cwteB swiSe hefge SaSe gistriono hasfde in rice godes ingaB 

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25 ea^elicor mseg se olfend gan furh 
are \jic] needle eage. |?on«c se welega on 
godes rice ; 

26 Da cweedoh |ja Se fis gehyrdon. 7 hwa 
ma3g hal beon ; 

27 Da s^de he him. gode syntmihtelice 
]>a. 'Sing pe maiinam synt unmihtelice; 

28 pa cwjeS petrus. ealle |7ing we for- 
leton ] folgodon pe ; 

29 Da cw£e|^ he. sojtlice ic eow secge. 
nis nan man pe his bus forlcet o^Se magas. 
oSSe brojru. oSSe wif. oSSe beam, for 
godes rice. 

30 |iene onfo mycele mare on fiysse tide. 
T ece Hf on towerdre woralde ; 

" 31 l-^a nam se h^lend his leorning- 

suos'eeoreto J cnihtas "i cwfgS to 1x1771. fara}) 

Eooeaseeii- ^0 hierusalem. ? ealle Jiing beo^S gefyllede 

dimus, B. |,g |jg niannes suna furh witegan awritene 


32 He byS jieodum geseald 7 biS 
bysmrud } geswungen. 1 on-spjet. 

33 1 Eefter fam pe hig hine swinga'S hig 
hine ofslea^. 1 he Jiriddan da^ge arist 

34 1 hig naht ftes ongeton 1 him|iis word 
wies behydd ; 

Cum appro. 35 pa hc genealsehte hiericho. sum blind 
i'«i^'hierioho man sset wi^ j^gene weg wjedligende. 

ceeus quidam 
aedabut [se. 

TliZ.. B. 36 7 pa, he ge-hyrde ]^a menego farende. 
he ahsude hwjet -p wsere ; 



25. A. anre; &«( B. C. are. .27. A. synd (ftcice), 
2a £. C. forletuQ, A, fblgedon. 29. A. om. man. 
30. A. toweardre. 31. A. syiid. 32. A, ge-bysmerod. 
33. B. swigaS (by error). 34. A, ongeaton. 35. A. 
fM)ne. se. A. mseaigeo. A. acsode. 

3 [Luke, 

25 eSelicor nifeg se olfend gan Jiurh 
anre nedle eage, })anne se welige on godes 

26 Da cwffiSen pa pe pis ge-hyrden. tl 
hwa meeg hal beon. 

27 pa saide he heom. Gode beoS mihti- 
lice pa ping pe mannen synde un-mihtiliee. 

28 pa cwteS petrus. Ealle ping we for- 
leten 1 folgedon pe. 

29 Da cwffiS he. SoSlice ic eow segge 
nis nan mann pe his hus for-la;t. oSSe 
mfsges o'&'Se bro^re. o^^e wif. o^Se 
bearn ; for godes rice. 

30 Se ne on-foS michele mare on pisse 
tide. ;i ece lyf on towearde worelde. 

31 "I^A nam se hselend his leorning- AssiunpBit 

° lesus oiBoipu 

cnihtes. ] cwEe'5 to heom. FareS loa suos Been 


pe be mannes sune purh witegene awritene " 

32 He beoS peoden ge-seald ] byoS bis- 
mereS. "} ge-swungen. :i on-spEett. 

33 3 Eefter pam pe hyo hine swingeS 
hyo hine of-slead. "i he Sridde daige arist, 

34 3 hyo naht pas on-geatan. ] heom 
Wics pis word be-hydd. 

35 -|»A 
X^ man seet wiS pane weig waed- ferioho.'" 


36 1 pa he ge-hyrde ] 
be axode hwset f wiere. 

25. i 

27. stegdc; mannam sint. 28. ^m* (* 

folgodon. 29. mail ; magas ; bear {sic). 
eece; to-ivordo woruldo. 31. Rubric as in 
him, FavaS ; ge-fyllode ; witegau ; aynt. 
);eodu»re; biS bismored; on-spett. 33. 
sleaS; dridde (sic). 35, Rubric as in 
hiericho; >Diiiie; WEedligende ; menego. 

26. ge-liyrdon. 
ic) ; forleton ; 
30, mioele ; 
H. i -cnihtas; 
32. bi8 
swingaS ; of- 
H,; uealahte. 

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Chap. XVIII.] 179 

oaSor i is fotiSon ae cama! -p micla dear Serb Syrl i ego nSdles -jste gefere Son ae welig geonga 
25 fa«ilius est enim camelum per foramen acus tranairo quam diuitem intrare 

ia rie godes 3 cuocdon SaSe -f geherdon 3 iua mfeg hSI wosa cuoeiS 

in regnura del 26 et dixerunt qui aiidiebant et quis potest saluus fieri 27 ait 

■him «a Sing fln-meehtigo sindon raiS mounum msehtigo sindon miS gode ciioeS uut^rfKca 

illis quae inpossibilia sunt apud homines possibilia aunt apud deum 28 ait autem 

petriM heono we forleorton alio 3 fjlgdoa ^ iylgendo we aindoii So seSe ctiogS liim 

petrus ecce nos dimieimus omnia et secutt sumus t^ 29 *Qui dixit eis*221. ii. _ 

so5 is -p ic cuoeSo juh ne senig is aeSe forletea hus i ham ■1' aldro i broSro i wif 

amen dico uobis nemo est qui reljquit domum aut parentes aut fratres aut uxorem 

i mno iore ric godes 3 fte ne oNfoo miela mara -t Sisser tid 

aut filios propter regnum dei SO et non recipiat multo plura in hoc tempore 

3 In world tocjmeade i toweard lif ece gcn6m i: onleiig Sa ae li«t\end Sa tuoelfo 

et in saeculo futuro uitam aeternam 81 *Assumsit autem iesits dnodecim " LXXIIII. 

322. ii, 

3 cuoeS Sffiin heono we astigeB Sa burg ,3 go-endad biSon alle 8a So awriteno mr. c»ii. 

et ait illis ecce ascend imus hierusolymam et consumabuntur omnia quae scribta 

sisdon Scrh witgo of aunu moiines gesSId biS iotHon hEeSnnm 5 gebismerod biS t geteled 

sunt per prophetas de filio hominis S2 tradetur enim gentibus et inludetur 

3 gesMungTin i gesuineged biS 3 gespeoftad biS i gehorsed biS 3 wSter Son t siSXa gesuingeS hia 

et flagillabitm- (sic) et conspuetur 33 et post-quam flagellauerint 

ofslSa bine 3 deege ae Sirddan arlsaK 3 Saiico ne senig Saraf ongeton 3 waaa 

occedent {sic) eum et die tertia resurget 34 *Et ipsi nihil horum intelleserunt et erat * 233. x. 

+ . i . wordo. 
word Sia ge-deglad fro»» him 3 ne geton Sa Se geouoedon woeron aworden 

uerbum istud absconditum ab eis et non inteUegebant quae dicebantur 35 *Factum * LXSU. 

324 ii. 
waea «a miK Ky geiieolecdo Ssero bjrig blTiid sum gessett set Stem woege gioriide i bfed mr. oxni. 
est autem cum appropinquaret hierieho caecus quidam sedebat secus uiam mendicans 

3 miaSy geherde -p here bi-feerende t gefrtBgnade hufed Sis i f were 

36 et cum audiret turbam praeter-euntem interrogabat quid hoc esaet 

25. eSor is foJ^Son Stem camele Serb Syrel nedle f he gefare Sonne Se weoliga ingongo in rice godes 
26. 3 cwedun SaSe gilierdun 3 hwa ramg hal woaa 27. cwseS him Sa Sing nnmEehtge sindun miS moniium... 
28. cw£bB wutudhVe .... heono we forleortun alle 3 fyligduu Se 29. seSe cwfeS him soS ic cweSo iow 

nsenig is seSe forleteS hus i' teldro i broSer -Ir wif+ suno * lond fore rice godes 30. 3 ne on-foeS micle 

mara in Siaser tide 3 in weorlde tocyincndc in lif ece giseted biS 31. ginom -t onfeug Sa Se hoilend Sa 
twelfe 3 cwteS Sfeni heono we astigas hienisalem 3 giendad bioSon alle SaSe awritene sindun Serb witgo of 
fiuno monnes 32. gisald biS miS liisSnum 3 gibiamerad biS 3 swungen biS 3 gispitted bis 33. 3 

lefter Son giswungen biS of-slas hine 3 3y Sirda da3ge arises 34. 3 Sailca nasnig Sara ongssgn (sic) 3 wfes 

word Sis gidegled from him 3 ne ongeton SaSe gicweden wenin 35. aworden w»s Sa miSSy gineolicadnn 

.... 5»r byrig blind sum ssett ret woege gioWidB 36. 3 miSSy gi-herde Sonwa Sreatt biferende gifrsegn 

hwiet Sis were 


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37 Ba sEedon liig -f peer ferde se nazaren- 
iscea h^elend ; 

38 pa. hrymde he "i cwEe'S ; Eala hielend 
dauides sunu gemiltsa me ; 

39 1 pa, Se fore-stopun Mne freadon -p he 
suwude ; Dms pe ma he clypode. dauides 
sunu gemiltsa me ; 

40 Da stod se hailend "i het hine Isedan 
to him ; pa he ge-neal«hte he ahsude hine 

41 hwffit wylt Su -f ic Se do ; Da cwEeS 
he. drihten. ■f ic geseo ; 

42 Da cwEsJj se htelend beseoh }jin ge-leafa 
pe ge-haslde ; 

43 And he sona geseah. 7 hi7?i folgode 
.god wuldrigende T eall folc gode lof seaMe 

pn hig ■f gesawon ; 


1 Da eode he geond iericho. 

2 |!a wiBS I^ar sum man on naman zar 
cheus. se wses welig 

3 7 he wolde geseon hwylc se haslend 
wSre. fa ne mihte he for Ssere menegu. 
forpam pe he webs lytel on wjesfcmum. 

4 pa ara he heforan 1 stah up on an 
treow. sicomorum -f he bine geaawe. for- 
fam pe he wolde fanon faran ; 

5 pa he com to fjEere stowe fa ge-seah se 
hffilend hine 7 cwasS ; Zacheus efst to finum 
huse for-fam pe ic wylle to-d^eg on finum 
huse wunian ; 

6 Da efste he 1 hine bH|?elice onfengc ; 



37. A. Sar 

B,C.).ar. A 


3d A 


A. swigode. 

A. He l.£es Se 

ma cleopode 

40 A Iffidan 

hjna A.acsodo. 43. C. wuldiieiido C 


Cap. sk. 

1. A. eond. 

3 A menegu 


A m 

serU to h jm qfier cwa;S. 

6 A oufeng 


37 pa saigden hyo pset peer ferde se na- 
zarenisce hislend. 

38 pa remde he ] cwceS. Eale htelend 
dauiSes sune ge-miltsce me. 

39 pa pe fore-stopen hine predden past 
he swugede. pas pe msere he clypede. 
Dauides sune ge-miltse me. 

40 Da stod se hselend. 7 het hine Ifeden 
to him. Da he nehlahte he axode hine. 

41 hw^t wilt pu p£6t ic pe do. Da cwseS 
he. Drihten f ich ge-seo. 

42 Da cwsd'S se hselend. gc-seoh. pin 
ge-leafe pe ge-hcelde. 

43 1 he sone ge-seah. 7 hym fylgde. god 
wuldriende, 1 eall folc god lof sealde. paiit 
hyo -p ge-seawen. 


1 Da eodo he geond jerico. 

2 Da w^s pier sum man on namen za- 
cheus, se w£es welig. 

3 ] he wolde ge-seon hwilc se , ha?lend 
weere. pa ne mihte he for pare manige. 
for~pan pe he waas litel on wsestme. 

4 Da arn he be-foren 7 stah up an treow 
sicomorum j! he hine ge-seage. for-pan he 
wolde panen faren, 

5 Da he com to pare stowe pa ge-seah 
se hrelend hine 3 cw. Zacheus efste to 
pinen huse. for-pan pe ic wille to-daig oh 
pinen huse wunien. 

6 Da efstede he ? hine bhSelice on-feng,. 

Various Headings. 

37 "aigdon ; halend, 38. Eala haloiid dauides ; ge- 
miltze sic^ 39, swugode; ma [/or m^re]; ciypode ; 
ge miltdso (sic). 40. halend ; neh-lachte, 41. io 

(tioue) 42. talend j ge-lefe. 43. sona ; folgede ; 
nuldrjgenJe; pa. [for i'set] ; ge-stewon. 

C'lp SIS 1, ierico. 2. naman. 3. halend ware; 
nienjgeo for-liam. 4. be-foran; ge-sawe; &ran, 

5. efet; jjimira; for(>am; to-dteg; J>inmn; wunian. 6. 

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Chap. XVIIL] 181 

cuoedoii Sa him fte se hfdend nazareniaca i* ofer-foerde 3 cliopade cuoeS • ge bsbliBua 

37 dixerunt autem ei quod iesus nazarenus transiret S8 et clamauit diceus . i . aiisua 

lea 3 Ka Ke fore-eodon geSi-eaflon hine -(ito gosuigade ^^' 

39 et qui prae-ibant increpabant eum ut taeeret 

he forSoa micie mara 1" cliopade sunn dauiSea mildsa mo 
ipse uero multo magia clamauit fili dauid miserere inei 

hine to-lseda hiue 3 miS By geneolecde gefrfegn hine cuoeS hueed fee wilt «u 

ilium adduoi s^ et cum appropinquaaset interrogauit ilium 41 dicens quid tibi uis 

is ic doam i gedoo aoS he cuoeS la drihten ^te ic geaii i gesea mrege 
faciam at ille dixit dmnins ut uideam 

iloca geleafo «in J5ec lial dyde 3 sona gesseh 7 fylgde hine wundrade-l'midade 

spice fides tua tS saluum fecit 43 et confestim uidit et sequeba-tur ilium magiiificans 

god 3 all -p folc -fte gesfeh geaalde lof+ gode 
dewm et omnis plebs ut uidit dedit laudem dec 

"3 infoei-de Serh-eode Sa burg 3 hcono v 

1 *Et ingressus perambulabat hiericho 2 et ecce i 

Aldormwira i fo^uost 3 he W£es wclig 1 sohte to geseanne Bone hmlend huelc were 

pinceps publicanorum ot ipse diues 3 et quserebat uidere iesitm quia esset 

3 ne msehte fore Siein iiere fofSon on lencgo Ijttel wfes 3. fpre-arh asf^g in 

et non poterat prse turba quia statura pussillus erat 4 et prae-currens ascendii in 

treS heard* -fte gesege hine lor^on iona wsea ferende 

arborem sico-morum ut uideret ilium quia inde erat transiturus 

iSsem stSiie oiifeng se hseiUnd gesteh hine 5 cuoeS to him i' to Sssni zache oefesta i' oeflatlice adune stig 
locum suscipiens iesus uidit ilium et dixit ad eum zacchee fostinans descende 

for^oxx to dasge In hus 6m gedsefned ia me to v/uniaw/ie i gewnnia 
quia hodie in domo tua oportet me 

on-fei^ hine gefeande 
excepit ilium gaudiens (sic) 

37 cwelun aa him ¥-vi Se hse!''" ^ nazareni'ii.a dirfoerde 33 3 dupalun cwv« ia hfl i I snnu 

dauiSes niilsa mo 39 3 8j,8e tuie cidun gi ^teotodun hme jste he swigde he fwSon nncle mitom 

cliopade suua daluSca milsa me 40 stod «a Se hmlend heht hine l^ede to him 3 mi«By ^e neaJocade 

gefr<egn hme il oweS hwst Se wilt Si ic doe "oS he cwieS Anhten Stet ic ^e su 42 3 '^e 

hs^md cwseS him bisseh i" Iolco geleofa Sm Sec halno gidjJo 43 3 sona giseh 3 Jjlgde him wnndid.lo't 

micl'ide god 3 all ^s fjk gis'eh gesilde lof gode 

Cap XIS 1 3 foerdo Berh eode in Sa buig 2 3 heono wet" wies Saja noma zacheus 3 Sea ivfis 

aidomion btir awmigra 3 he wica weolig 3 3 sohte to geaeana Sono lisel-'jirf hwdc he weie 3 ne mehto tor 
Som heige firj-Son on lengo Ijtel w!ea 4 3 hifore aiun aatag on tieo heord onlic fie boom e ^ste gisegu 

hine fwSon Sona w£es teiende 5 3 miSSy ge-come to stowwe on feng Se hselcnii ges^h hine 3 cwaS to 
hini zache eofe'ti ■idune stig fjrfSoa to d^ege in hua Bin gidiefued is me to ■wunigdnne b 3 oofostade 

ofdune astag 3 ouleng hine gifeaande 

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refp-onem lon- 
ginquam. A. 
Homo gniclajj 
nobilia hsibiit 
in regionem 
accipere sibi 
cegnum & re- 
nerti. B. 

7 pa hig "p gesawon pa, murenudun hig 
ealle. !1 cwtedon ■f he to synfuUuwi men 
gecyrde ; 

8 Da stod zaclieus "J cwfe^ to drihtne ; 
Nu ic sylle ^earfum healfe mine iehta. 1 
gif ic Eenigne bereafode ic hit be feower- 
fealduTO agyfe ; 

9 Da cwfeS se hsclend to him to-dEeg 
fiisse hiw-rseddene ys htel geworden forpam 
he wies habrahames beam ; 

10 Mannes sunu com secean. "} hal don -f 
TorwearS ; 

11 pa hig pis gehyrdon ];a ge-ichte he 
sum big-spell forl^am pe he wfes neh ierusa- 
lem. :i forjjam pe hig wendon -f hrffidliee 
godes rice geswutelud wsere ; 

12 "TTTitodlice he cweeS. sum tepel- 
■ T y boren man ferde on fyrlen 

land "f he him rice onfenge :i eft agen 

13 Da clypode he his tyn Jieowas "} sealde 
tyn pund him. 1 cw^S to him ; Ceapiap 
oS,f ic cume ; 

14 Da hatedon hine his leode 1 sendon 
jerend-racan ^fter him 1 cwEedon ; We 
nyllaS "f pes ofer us rixie ; 

15 Da he agen com 1 ■f rice onfenge. 
he het clypian his peowas pe he ^ feoh 
selde. "f he wiste hu mycel gehwylc ge- 
mangode ; 

16 Da com se fonna 1 cwseS. hlaford. 
pis pund gestrynde tyn pund ; 

Various Headings. 
1. A. murcnodon. 9. A. hyw-rsedeiie. A. inserts Se 
<^ter forJiajH. A. B. 0. abrahames. 10. A. B. C. secan. 
11. A. gc-jhte. A. big-apel, A. ge-3wutelod. 12. A. ou- 
gean. 14. A. nellaiS, A. rieaie ofer ua. IS. A. ongean. 
A, on-feng. A. hjs feoh [for ? fooli]. A. B. sealde ; cut 
off in C. A. mangode. 16. A, t-jn [for ^\s\ 

! [Luke. 

7 pa hyo ■p ge-seagen J>a murcneden hyo ■ 
eaile 1 cw^^en. peet he to synful men ge- 

8 Da stod zacheus "i cw£e^ to drihton. 
ISfu ic selle pearfen half mine ehte. ^ gef 
ich anigne be-reafode ic hyt be feower- 
fealden agyfe. 

9 Da cw. se heelend to hym. to-dalg 
pisse heow-rsedene is heele ge-worSen. for- 
pam he wks abrahames beam. 

10 Mannes sune com secan. 3 halde 'p 

11 pa hyo pis ge-hyrden pa ge-ehte he 
sum bispelL for-pam p& he W£es neoh ieru- 
salem. ] for-pan pe hyo wenden pjet reed- 
Hce godes rice ge-swuteled Wiere. 

12 "^TTitodlice he cwseS. Sum ajthel- Homo qTudai 

VV 1 j> 1 c nobilis abiitii 

T T boren man lerde on ferren ^e^onmn. ioe 
land. 1 he him rice on-fenge. 1 eft on- ^^"1^ ^^^. 
gean com. num&reueitj 

13 Da cleopede he liys teen peowas 7 
sealde teon pund heom. 3 cw. to heom, 
CheapiaS oSSset ic cume. 

14 Da hatedon hine his leoden. :i SEenden 
arendraken ^ffcer hym. H cw£eSen. "We 
nelleS ftet pes ofer us rixie. 

15 Da he on-gen com 1 -p rice on-feng ; 
he het cleopian his f^eowas pe he 'f feoh 
sealde. -f he wiste hu mycel ge jeghwilc 

16 Da com se forme 1 cwEeS. Hlaford 
fin pund strenede tyen pund. 

Various Readings. 

7. ge-sawen ; murcnmJon ; cwasSon ; synfuHon {sic). 

8. driliton {as in H.); sylle; gif ic tenigne; -fealdon. 

9. lialend; hiw-vtedene; go-wordeii= 10, haldon; for- 
weartS. II. ge-hyrdon; ge-eolite; big-spell; neh; for- 
)iam; hvcedlice; ge-swutelod ware. 12, Rvbric as in 
H.; »8el-; ferlen ; :i ho (iw fo H.); come. IS.cIepode; 
tyn((wtce); srmy {2nd time); OeapiaS. 14. leode; sren- 
don Rsrendracaii. cwieiSoii ; nylleS. 15. agen ; clypian ; 
mycel ge-hwylc ge-mangode. 16. forma; atrende iya. 

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Chap. XIX.] 183 

5 iiiiSSy gesegon alls hutKestredon i yfle ymb-sprecon cuoedon f te to mcnn synnfuUiim 

7 et cum uiderent omnes murmurabant diceiites quod ad hominera peccatorem 

gecerde gesto mitedlice cuoeS to Ssem hmUnde heono half godra niiiira 

diuertisset 8 stans autem zaccheus dixit ad dominum ecce demedium boDorum meomm 

drihtoi ic Rello Sorfendum 3 gif huied senigne ic beswSc ic forgeldo fear-faldi'feorsiSum cuoeS 

dmnine dd pauperibus et si quid aliqaem dc-1'raudaui reddo quadrupluin 9 ait 

ae h^lend to him f ta Jr forison to dsego hselo huge isissuwi aworden la fof8on 3 he sunu is i" his 

iesus ad eum quia hodie salus domui huic facta est eo quod et ipse filius sit 

abrahames owoni forSon sunu mcimw to soecanne-1' 5 to hielenne ^te losade i" losad wees Sas 

abrahae 10 *Ueuit enim filius horr.iuis quaerere et saluare quod perierat 11 -f-Haee ' 

Stem geherendujM to-geecde cuoe8 f geddung foriSon wtere noh hiermalem 3 fiw^on hia woendon ' 
illis audientibus ^iciens dixit parabolam. eo quod esset prope hierusalem et quia existimaront 

cuocS KS nionn sum. wel-boren foerdo on 
12 *Dixit ergo homo quidam. nobilis abiit in * 

Hste son* ric godes were sed-oauad 

quod coufestim regnuni dei manifestaretur 

lond lin-iieh i suiSe feavr to on-foanne him ric 3 eft he to cerraune 
regionem longinquam accipere sibi regnuin et reuerti 


28. ii. 

it. celsuiiii. 

burg-waras uatedlice hia gefladon hine 3 aendon bod i erendareca sefl^r him cuoedon -f nallo we 
14 ciues autem eius oderant ilium et mieerunt legationem post iJlum dicentes nolumus 

Kiosno ^te gerisage of^i" usic 
hunc regnare super nos 

3 aworden wfes f te eft-cuom -t awoende biU!-Sj onfci^ to rie 
.5 et factum est ut rediret accepto regno 

IS Ssein gesalde ^! feh fte wistfl huu feolo i eghiieic 

quibws dedit pecuniam ut sciret quantum quisqwe 

geceopad were cuoni. 8a Se forma cuoeScndo drilifew libras tuoege teno libras* • 

negotiatus esset 16 ucoit autem primus dicena domi'ne mna tua decern mnaa 

gesohte + 

7. 1 miSSy gosegon alle hwispredon i jfle 'sproeon cwedon ^te to men sjnnfullum ge-cerdo 8. ge-stod 

8a za«heu8 cwseB to item ha-Zende heono hhilsk) godra minfa drihten ic aelle Sorfendum 3 gif hwtet renige 
ic biswac ic forgeldo feo«or-feld 9. cwecS Se htelend to him foti!on to dtege hslo huso Sissuni aworden wag 
forSon ] he is sunu abrahamea 10. com forSon suiio raonuea to soecenne 7 to htelenno ■i: wyroe f te losade 

ilosad Wfps II. Ssem Sas giherdun tc^eeete cwreS 55a geddungc fi^-Bon ^ite were neh hicruaalem 3 

foj'Son hia woendun fte Bona rice gudes nere set-Fewed 12. cwteS Sa mnn sum wel-boren foorde on londe 
anneh i swiSe fcor to onfoanne him rice 3 eft to cerraune 13. weron giceged Sunne Srseles tene saldo 

«Eem teo oro 3 cwieS to Seen cenpigaa oSf ic cyme 14. btu-ugweras w-utiidiice his gifiadun hine : sendun 

bod-t erendwreoca wfter him cwedon nallan we JSioace -pte riiige ofer usih 15. 3 giworden wfes fto eft 

comi'weude miS6j onfeiig rice 3 heht cega Sasm esnum Stem ge-aalde ieet feh ^ite wiste hu feolu eghwelc 
geceapad were 16. com 8a ie forma cweSende drUilen liSre (stc; 2ine teo oro ge-suhte 

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1.7 pa cwEeS se Maford g^blissa pu goda 
jpeowa. forjjam Jje Su vfSive on lytlu/ii 
getrywe. pa byst and-weald htebbende ofer 
tyn ceastra ; 

18 Da com oSer 7 cwEeS. Iilaford. Jiin 
pund gestrynde fff pund ; 

19 Da cwffij) he to pam. "} beo fu ofer fif 

20 Da com oj^er 1 cwteS. hlaford. her 
ys [^in pund f e ic hgefde on swat-hn aled. 

21 ic Se adred for])am fe Bu eart stiS 
man. J^u nimst -p Su ne settest. ] pa ripsfc 
•f Sa ne seowe ; 

22 Da cweeS he to him., of |)inum muSe 
ic Se deme. la ly^ra Jjeowa ; Du wistest 
■p ic eom stiS man, ■f ic nime -p ic ne sette 
3 ripe ■^ ic ne seow ; 

23 And hwi ne sealdest |ju min feoh to 
hyre. :i ponne ic come ic hit witodlice mid 
gestreone onfenge ; 

24 Da cw^eS lie to pam pe him abutan 
stodon. nimaS -p pund fra«i him 1 syllaS 
pa.m pe hfefS an pund ; 

25 Da cwSdon big to him hlaford. he 
hsefS tyn pund ; 

26 SoSlice ic secge eowf Eelcum hsebben- 
dnm hi'S geseald fram jiam j^e na3fS. ge 
■p "p he hasf^ him hj'6 afyrred ; 

i [Luke. 

17 pa. cw. se hlaford. ge-bhssa jju gode 
|;eowa. for-Jian pe f^u on htlen weere ge- 
treowa pu. beost anweald htebbende ofer 
teon cestren. 

18 Da com o^er "} c^. hlaford pin pund 
strynde fif pund. 

19 Pa cw. he to pan. ^ byo pu ofer fif 

20 Da com oSer. 7 cw. Hlaford her is 
fin pund pe ich hcefde on swat-lin aleigd. 

21 Ich pe on-dredde for-jjan pe pa ert 
stiS man. pa nymst p^et pu ne settst. 1 
]?u ripst fffit fu ne seowe. 

22 pa cwse'S he to him. of pinen muSe 
ich pe deme la le&a |!eo\va. Du wistest -p 
ich eom stiS man. -f ic nyme p ich ne sette. 
"} ripe pset ic ne seow. 

23 And hwi ne sealdest pa min feoh to 
hyre. "J f^anne ic come ichit witodlice mid 
ge-streone on-fenge. 

24 Da cw, he to pam pe him abuten 
stoden. anymed J^gst pund fram him "} 
syiled p&m pe hsefS tin pund. 

25 fia cwse'Sen hyo to him. hlaford he 
hasfd teon pund. 

26 SoShce ich segge eow. past jelchen 
hjebbenden beo^ ge~seald. fram pan pe 
nasfS. ge p f he hasf S hym beoS afyrred. 

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CiiAP. XIX.] 

^ cuoeS him gefeg wel la god 
et ait ill! euge bone 


mEeht i omvseld Iitebbendc on-ufa i o!er temun ceastrum 
potestatem habeiis supta decern ciuitates 

Siiio dyda fif libraa 

tua fecit qiiiuqiie miias 

3 Kissum cuoeS 1 Ku wees ofe" fif bui-gas 

19 et huic ait et til csto supra quinque ciuitates 20 > 

oSer ciiom cuoeS dvihtm heono libra Sin Soiie ic hrefde eft-Asettet in balsado ic ondreard 

alter uenit dicena domine ecce mna tua quam habui repositaip. in sudario 21 timui 

forSon ^te f.te Bcripcd i-gearuMtol i- Su ai-S Sii ninics fte ne settes 3 hrippea ^ «u ne 

enim quia homo austerus ds toUis quod non posuisti et metis quod non 

cnoe? hira tif niiiBe imam Bee ic doeomo la esne woiifull 6u wistes f ic 
22 dicit ei de ore tuo t^ indico serue nequam soicbas quod ego 

monn am nimnies ^ ic ne gesott 3 hrippea lite 6ii (sic) ne gesaudefe ^ 3 

homo Bum tolleus quod non possui et meteus quod non seminaui 23 et 

gearnftdl ■i' geanmtol 

foj-huon ne saldes «u feh meh to wege * to disc 7 

quare non dedisti pecuniam meam ad mensam et 

7 Stem stondondu)] 
24 et adstantibits - 

miSSy cuome miS agnettnwi i w^itedlice 
ueniens cum usuris utiqwe 

seSe teno libras hiefeS 
qui decern mnas habet 

3 cuoedon Iiim driL^m b£efis tea libras 
25 et dixeriint ei domme babet decern mnas 

wxiedlice iuh f te eghuelcum* bjebbende i Stem «e hsefeS gpsald biS] from JSeem uut^ic-^ seSe ne hfefes 
autem uobis quia oinni babeiiti dabitur ab eo autcm qui non Labet 

3 fi bicfeK gcnumen bis horn liim 
et quod habet auferetui' ab eo 

soS-hu£eSre floadas mine Sa SaSe ne waldon 

27 *TJerum-tamon iuimicos meos illos qui noluefunt ' 331, -a. 

nieo rixage ofer him to-bren^s hidor 3 _ cearfaa befom niee 
me regnarc super se adducite hue et inter-ficite ante me 

17 7 eweS him gehivelc good eane foifcon on Utluin gdeofful ■}■ trti-Hfe t Si were "^ii bist rateht V onMseld 
hiebbende onifa-l'oft? teo ct6tre IS 7 oSer com c« tiS drih^t/; Iibian "^me dido fif hbras It J 

Xissuni cwEeti 7 Su tvbs ofor fif cceatre 2ft. 7 iSei com. ciyf-S dnli(tn heono hbras Sine Soiio n. hrefle 

eft asetet in. hilsado 21 c ondreord fjiBon Xe -J^te mon scnpei de is Su nime*< -pte <Su nege setea 

7 ripes nege s'^we 2' cweS him of muSe femom Se it doeme kasne woli'ull Su wjates «<et ii, mon 

georn full am nimea -JSte ^u ne settes 7 npe^i -pti. Su ne s'ewe 28 7 foj hw jn ne saldest Su fib n in 

to wege i to disce J ic miSSy come wiitud/jct ic giowade I gio«igia iial/b -fte miB egnetnum "i 7 

6(em Btondendum cwreS geneniomaS (*«! from him liliam 7 seoilaS S«m Se h'f'feS too hbias 25 7 cnedin 

lum drihttH liiefeS teo libri's 26 ic cweSo wutudii'^p nw seSe alie hiehbende gisald biS frowi S^ni 

wutudlice seSe ne hiefeS 7 Siet htefeS ginumen biX from him 27 stSlmtSie fionits mine Sa SeSe no 

waldun mec nsiga ofer him to brengas hider J ceorfis bifora me 


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fiigie. A. 

28 1 fiysuTO gecwedenum he ierde to 
hierusalem ; 
Djsgabyras 29 T~\a he *ge-neal!!ehte betlifage :i be- 

feowBi' wuoou -B- I , ^ * . 

XX middan J_^ thania to pam munte pe is 

P^.Bnnnan. genemned oiiueti. be sende his twegen 

Amg. Com ™;|,|„„ 

eSf*^^'"" ^^ ^ cwffiS; Farajj on f castel pe ongen 
jtlietii- inc ys. on Jiam gyt gemeta^ assan folan 
getiged. on Jiam nan man gyt ne sfflt- 
untiga'5 hyne. 3 lEeda^ to me ; 

31 3 gif inc hwa absaS hwi gyt hyne 
untigeaS secgaS bim dribten hsefS bis 
neode ; 

32 Da ferdon jja ^e asende wjeron "} fun- 
don swa be him sasde Jjtene folan standan ; 

33 Da big bine untigdon J)a cwsedon J^a 
blafordas bwi unfcige ge Jjcene folan ; 

34 Da ewEedon big for-pam pe drihten 
baef^ his neode ; 

35 pa Iseddon big bine to |;am bEelende. 
1 byra.reaf wurpon ofer Jjeene folan. :i f iene 
hselend on-ufan setton. 

36 ] |;a he for. hi strehton under bine 
Lyra reaf on phm wege. 

37 7 pa. he ge-nealtebte to oliuetes man- 
tes nySer-sfcige, J7a ongunnon ealle f?a 
menego geblissian. !) mid mycelre stefne 
god heredon be oalliim fam mihtum l^e big 

38 "J cwEodon ; Gebletsud- sy se cjning 
pe com on drihtnes naman. syb sy on 
hebfenum. 1 wuldor on heabnessum ; 

A on geaD 

\a ^ B d / 
28. A Ijjssu 29 i nenned 

A. iinty aS B t u t geaS 1 A a saS 1 1 w „ 

A, uutigeon C seege S A ilryhto glos f hj se 
hkford. 3 \ )>one 33 A c eilou hjs blafordas 
hivig. A Jjodb Zo a. heora. \ {■ ne ((w ce) 36 
A. big. A beo % 37 V 

3S, A. GeUet is„ As [f ] ilchujs 

) [Luke. 

28 :! J^isen ge-cwe^en he ferde to ieru- 

29 ~| \A lie go-neahlabto bctbphage ? 
-L/ betbanie to |;am munte J)e is 

ge-nemned oliuetj. be ssende his twegen 

30 1 cweeS. FareS on -f castel J)e on- 
gean inc ys on Sam gyt meteS assan folen 
ge-tegeS ; on ()ara nan man geot ne S£et. 
untygeS hine !1 1^<^S to me. 

31 7 gyf hwa eow axeS hwi gyt bine 
untegeS seggeS heom drihten hasfd his 

32 Da ferden pa. po asende wteren 1 fun- 
den swa he beom saide f;ane folen standen. 

33 pa hyo hine unteigden. pa cwieSen 
pa blafordes hwi un-teige ge fianne fole. 

34 Da cweeSen hyo for-j^an po drihten 
h^efS his neode. 

35 Da leedden hyo bine to p3.m bselende. 
heora reaf wurpen ofer panne folan, 1 
pane hjelend of-ufen setteh. 

36 1 pa be for ; hyo strebten under bine 
heore reaf on Jjam weige. 

37 "i pa be ge-neahlabte to' oliuetes 
muntes niSer-stige. pa on-gunnen ealie 
pa menigeo ge-bhssia,n :i mid mychelere 
stefne god heredon be eallen fam mihten 
pe hyo ssegen. 

38 !l cwieSen. Ge-bletsod syo se kyng 
pe oom on drihtenes name, syb sy on 
beofene 7 wuldor on heahnysse. 

VaHoas Readings. 

2s fiTSim. 29, ge-neahliecte bethfage; bethania; 

1 et lihtas. 30. BaraiB ; folan ge-tyged; gjt. 

3 aiBoS iin-tigeaS seggaiS ; hafS. 32. ferde; wteron ; 
findon ssegde; folan. 33, untygdon; cwaSon; bla- 
ford'is ui-tyge; faue folan, 34. cwjeden; nyode. 

35 lieddon; balende; hyora; wurpon; {«nne[/(i*->anne]; 
{•■^ne [/ ' l-ane]; on-ufon setton. 36. hy strehton; 
heora weyge. 37. ge-neahlafihte ; menego; mycelere; 
all ]j wmyhton; sawen. 38. cwseSon; cyning; drih- 
te o (s ) naman; syo; heofonmn; ivuldon {sic); beah- 

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Chap. XIX.] 187 

3 miSSy Sas woeron gecuoedno foj^-fo6rde aatag \aerwsalem 3 awordeii wiea 

28 et his dictis praccedebat asceudens hierosolyma 29 *Et factum est*LSSuni. 

miBSy gonoolecde to 7 to issc byrig to more seSe geeeiged is oelebearuu secde mr. oxniL 

quTim apprgpinquasset ad betlipage et betbania ad montem qui uocatur oliueti misit 

tuoege Segnaa his cuoe« gaas in woerc ■{• ongeaegn is in Sset miSSy gie ingaets 

duos discipulos auos 30 dicens ite in castellum quod contra est in quod introeuntes 

^e gemoetaB folo aaaMoa gebunden Siem ne msag asfra monna geasett uudoeS ^ unbiudas 

iiiuenietis pullum assinae aUigatum cui nemo um-quam hominum sedit soluite 

hine : to me ItBcles 3 gif Iraa iuih gofraignas forhuon unbundongie sua euoeSas himiSsem 

ilium et adducite 31 et si quia uos inteiTogauerit quare soluitis sic dicetis ei 

foHSon se hlaferd woerco his wiltniaS 8ona foerdon xmiedlice ga8e gesendat wooron . 3 gemoeton 

quia dominws opera eius deaiderat 32 *Abierunt autem qui missi erant et inuenemnt ' 233. ii.^ 

sua cuoeK him Bone stondo folo niiB8y undoendnwj Bonne Stem Soiie folo cuoedon hlaferdas 

sicut dixit illis stantem pulliim 33 soluentibw autcm illis pidlum dixerunt domini 

his to Seem Imred i forliuon undoaS gie f folo 80S 8a cuoedon fofBon Anhfen hine 

eius ad illos quid soluitis pullura 34 at illi dixerunt quia domVnjfs eum 

ned-Karf li£efeS 3 Isedon bine to Stem hts^ende 3 wurpon gewoedo hiora 

necessarium liabet 35 et diixeruut ilium ad iesicm ct iactaiites uestimenta sua 

onufa Sone folo on-aetton Soiio \\«:\end 
supra pullum inposueinmt ieswm 

liiora on woege 1 miS-Sy geneolecde * gee to fefdEell-S'stigmsso mSres oiiuetes ongunniin 

sua in uia 37 *Et cum'^ appropinquaret iam ad descensum montis oliueti coeperant * 234. i, 

Alle Sa menigo ofatigendra * gefeadon -J" gefeande to herganno god miS stefne raicia ofoj- Alluwi ^'c"^" 
omnes turbae discendcntium gaudentes laudare dewm uoce magna super omnibus 

«a gesegen L^fdon t^m mffilitum euoeSende se gebloedsad se«e cuora eynig In noma driiiww 

quas uiderant uirtutibws 38 dlcentea benedictus qui uenit rex m nommc Aonrna. 

sibb in heofnum 3 -miJdor in heanissum 
pax in caelo et gloria in excelsis 

28 J miSSv c^TBfBas &icwedeno astig hierusdem 2'* giwjrdeii wees mi&Sy to gineolii. i le to bethow a 

3 to m re seSe gieeged is sende twoege «^ll^8 lua 30 cwseB ii&i> m c-e'ii I 6^t fcra oii§,-?gn u8 la 

in fe'et miB«> ge in g'lS ge grnioetis fila aialdoa gibundenne S'em negnig (»(c) asfre monna on gis'ett undoaB 
hme 3 togelssdaS 31 3 git huolc lowih gifrogne fojhnon undoaB swa cweiSaa him fo;Bon At\\ifen wero 

his wilmaS 32 Sond foeidun wiitudlict BaSe sended weiun 3 gimoettun slv^ owted him Sonii^ stoni^c 

Sone fola 33 miSfey undydon wutudlice %vm Sone fjla cwedun hlatiidia hi<J tc Basm hwret uu doaB ge 

Bone fola 34 so6 hue cwedun fM-Son dniiiCH hme nedSeerfe hiefeS 35 3 I'pddun hine ti B^jb 

hMluMrfe 3 witrpon giwedo his on ufa Bone fola on settun «one h.^pnH 36 f erende Bonne hme unbneddun 

i legiln 1 giwedo hiora on woe^' 37 3 raiBBj to gi neolicadun to asfdi-Ue mores olmetes on gimnun 

alle Bio mengu ofstigende ^'ifeadun to heiginne dnhiere ateftie mielei oie) allum «a gisegim B*in nitehtum 
38 c\\eSeiide sie gibletsid seBe com in noma dnh/ncs sibb on heofne 3 wuldoi in heoms'ie gode 

AA 2 

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Dys gotlspel 

of er pentc- 

39 Da cwsedoii- sume of. pam fariseum to 
him ; Lareow. cid Jjinum leorningcnihtum ; 

40 Da c\v£e]j he to him- Ic eow secge 
]7eah |;as suwigen stanas clypiaS ; 

41 :i fia he ge-nealgehte 1 geseah pn ceas- 
^^re7udJjf- tre. he weop ofer hig 

42 3 cweeS ; Eala. gif I'll wistest :i 
witodhce on pysum ];lnum dsege pe Se 
to sybbe synt. nu hig syiit fram Jjinum 

nWeusoraita. eag!im behydde. 

eupci- ilium. 43 {orpD.m Se pa dagas to Se cuma^. ^ 

fine fynd pe betrymia|;. !l behabbaS pe. 

"i geiiyrwaS pe geghwanuii. 

44 "J to eorjjan afylla^ pe 3 pine beam pe 
on cSe synt. 3 hig ne Isefa^ on fie stan ofer 
stane. forfiani pe Su ne on-cneowe pa, tide 
Jjinre geneosunge ; 

45 Da ongan he of fiam temple ut-drifan 
Jja syllendan 1 'Sa bicgendan. 

46 "} him to cwge'S ; Hit ys awriten f 
min hus ys gebed-hus. ge hit worhton to 
sceaSena scr^fe. 

47 1 he wEes dEeg-hwamihce on p&vi temple 
l^rende ; 

of lice f ara sacerda ealdras 1 fa boceras 
1 pses folces ealdor-men smeadon hu 
hig hine fordon mihton. 

48 "i hig ne fundon hweet hi him to gylte 
dydori ; So'Slice eall folc w^es abysgod f e 
be hiin gehyrde secgan ; 


Various Headings. 

40. A. BUwion. 42. A. synd {tieice), 43, Ai eumaS 
to Se. A. Eeghwanon. 44. A. afjllS. A. synd. 47. A. 
jjsera, 48. A. hig \_for hi]. 

T fine 
fe. 1 

^ [Luke. 

39 Da cw^S sum of f am farisei to him 
Lareow kyS finen leorning-cnihten. 

40 fa cw£eS he to heom. Ich eow segge 
feah fas swugieS stanes cleopieS. 

41 3 fa he ge-neahlacte 3 ge-scah fa 
ceastre. fa weop he ofer hyo 

42 7 cwseS. Eale gyf fu wistest 3 wited- 
lice on fisen finen dagen. fe fe to sibbe 
synde. nu hyo synden fran finen eagen be- 

43 for-f an fa dages to J>e cumeS. 
feond fe be-trymieS. ") be- 
be-niBi-ewiaS f e aighwanen. 

44 7 to eorSan afelled f e. ] fine beam 
fe on [fe] synde. Z hi ne lefeS on fe stan 
ofer stane, for-fan fe fu ne on-eneowe fa 
tide f inre ge-neosunge. 

45 Da on-gan he of f am temple ut-drifen 
fa syliende 1 fa biggende 

46 7 heom to cw^S. Hit is awriten. -f 
min hus is ge-bed-hus. ge hit worhten to 
scEeSena scrfefen. 

47 1 he wees daighwamlice on f am temple 

SoSlice fare sacerde ealdres 1 fa bokeres 
7 fas folkes ealder-meii. sm^gdon 
hu hi hine for-don mihten. 

48 7 hyo ne funden hwset hyo hym to 
gylte dyden. SoSiice eal folc w^s abysgod 
feet be hym ge-hyrde seggen. 

Various Readings. 

39. cwaBon sume; phariaei; cy8 \\aam; -cnihtuwi. 
40. Ic ; iwh ; swugian ; deopiaS. 41. ge-neahl^cte ; he 
weop [for \'0, weop he]. 42. Ealaj witodlice; f'jsma 
]>inum dagum ; synt ; synt fram \rm.m eagan. 4a For- 
dam {sic) ; dagas ; cuma* ; be-trymiaB ; be-habbaS ; ge- 
nearawia^. 44. afjllaS ; on ]ie sint ; hyo ; IsefeS, 

43. ut-diifan. 46. eom; worhton; sceSena acHefe. 

47. dseghwajKlice > liara sacerda; boceras; folces ealdor- 
men sraeagdon hwu hyo ; mihton. 48, fun {sic) ; eall ; 
Jie [for )?jet] ; seggan. 

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Chap. XIX.] 189 

1 auino Sara of herguni cuoedon to Iiim kruu geSreat Begnaa 

39 *Et qiiidara pliarisaeorum de turbia dixeruiit ad ilium magiater increpa diacipulos 

Siiii> fesem he cuooS ic ssego inh ^te gi 

tuos 40 qui bus ipse ait dlco nobis quia ai 

3 f tc i niigSy geneoleede gesseli «set ceastra gewesep ofor Kser cuoeS forSon glf 

41 *Et ut propinquauit uidens ciuitatem fleuit super ilia 42 dicens quia si ' lxxuh 

«u wistes K!c 6fi 3 soSlice in Biasum dseg *ino «ai5e to sibbe Be aint nu uuterf/fe 
cognouisses et tii et quidem in hac die tua quae, ad paoem tibi nunc autem 

for^on cjme« dagas on See J ymbseileSi- 
43 quia uenient dies in t^ et circum-dabunt 

Sec fiondas Sino miS dicg 3 ymbsettas i Sec d efne-geliaSrigas -1" Soc eghuaonan to 

t^ inimici tui uallo et circum-dabunt te et coaiigustabunt t6 undique 44 ad 

eorSo gelecgaa* Sec 3 S a anno SaSe in Sec MSon :i no fncletas + in Sec stan ofer 

terrain prosternent te et iilios qui ia t^ sunt *Et non rclinquent in t^ lapidem aupef * 237. i!. 

mt. ocslii. 
Stan foj-Son ne onbiiea Sn tid socnisos Sinea 1 iii-foorde in tempel ™''' "'^^"^ 

lapidem eo quod non cognoueris tenipus uisitationis tute 45 *Et ingressua in tomplum * 238. i, 

ongann aworpa 6a bebycceiidra in Sjoni 3 Sa bycgendo cuoeS Ssoni awritten ia forSon + ^te bus '^'-^^i^'' 

coepit eicere uendentes in iilo et ementos 46 dicens iliis scribtum est quia domus 

gie -antedlioe gedydon hia cofa lireafera 3 wses 

uoa autem fecistis dlam epeluucam latronum 47 *Et erat ' 339. i. 

Iterend daeg-hfem in t«mpel Sa aldorraen 6a aaceri^as J u6UMto 3 aldormenn Sffis folces soli- j^'ly^"'' 

doccns cotidie in templo principes autcm sa^erdotum et scribas et prlncepa (sic) plebia quae- 

ton bine to apillanne 1 ne gemoeton i ne ftindon f te dydon liim all forSon, ■? folc 

rebant ilium perdero 48 ot non inueniebaot quod facerent illi omnia enim populua 

hlosnonile ivres geberde bine 
suapensus erat audiens ilium 

, 39. 3 simie 6aia •sldra of hor^'um cwedun to biiil laiow giSteata Segnas Sine 40 *iem he cweS ic 
cwejso iow S-vtte gif Sas swigaa at'wias chopigiS 41 j to gmeolica le ^is^h ck tie giweop ofer Sa 

42. cwseS ffi-Son j,if «u Pistes ec Sw 3 so«ln,e on Sassum d-^ge Sine SaSe to sibbe Se nu wutndhi-i, 
gid^ledi-gihjded smt from ^luw Sinum 43 forSon cumaS la «ec iagis : jmbaelhS Sec 7 efne 

gihaSrigaS Sue fiondas Sme miS dice 3 ymbsellaS Sec eghwona 44 3 tj eoiSo gilei-oas 3 suno Sine SaSe in Se 
aint 3 ne forletas in Sec stan ofer stane forSon S<et ne on-cnaw Su tido soecniiao Bine 45 3 mtoeide 

«e htdend in tempel ongaii awoipi Si bibjLgendo in temple 3 Sa bibTc^ende 4fj o^s*S Brom anntcn 

is for^on hus mm lus gihcdes la gif ge witudlua dvlm hii pofa reolcii 47 3 wi^s leicile d-fg 

hwicmlice on templ> aldoi men Sa ^acerdia 3 uS wutu 3 •tjlko Sees folcLa sohton Line to sUdniie 48 3 ne 
gimittun i ae fun Inn hn a,t djdon hn i alle forSon S;et folc hlosni-nde wfi,s gihurdo hme 

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Cumiotrasse! -j^ ^^ -y-'^s RTium dtegG gGWorden l^a lie •f 
teiiipiTOn. ac- folc on bam temple leerde !! him bodude ba 

oeaBei'unt^aii ■* '^ ' 

emn piTnoipes comun bara sacerda ealdras D ba boceras 

saoofiiotuiB' & 

qua^^tate 2 7 to hi?)! cwatdon J SegG US on hwylcum 

heo faois. B. anwalde wyrcst p\x Sas ping. o'S'Se hwEet 

ys se Se );e ]:isne anwald sealde ; 

3 Da cwEefj he him to ]sware ; ^ ic 
ahsige eow an word IswariaS me. 

4 wEes iohannes fulluht of heofone. 
hwEeSer pe of mannum ; 

5 Da jiohton hig betwus him :i cwffidon ; 
Gyf we secgaS ■f ho sy of heofone, he cwyS 
to us hwi ne gelyfde ge him ', 

G Gyf we secga^ ■f he sy of mannum. 
eall folc U8 hsenS hi wiston gere "p iohannes 
w^a -witega ; 

7 Da Iswaredon hig -p hig nyston hwa- 
nun he w^es ; 

8 Da cwffiS se hselend him to ne ic eow 
ne secge on hwylcmn anwalde ic fas j^ing 
wyrce ; 

Dixit mus 9 He ongan ba Sis big-spel to bam folce 

disoipulia sui3 „ o 7 ? 1 . ■ ■ 1 

paiaboiflm cwetjan ; oum man plantude him wmgearci 
iinid'am pi^^ 1 hino gesstto mid tilium. :i he wses him 
ft looaiSTm feor maneguin tidum ; 

10 Da on tide he sende hys peow to pum 
tilium f hig him sealdon of ;^£e9 wingeardes 
WEDstme. pa. swungon hig fgene 3 idelne 
hine for-leton : 

Various Readings. 
Cap. -ss, 1, A, Iserde on ]>a/m, temple. A. comon {isera, 
2. A. aawealde. A. anweald, 3. A. aesia 4. A. 
heofene. 5. B. 0. [johtuii. A. betweox. A. omits ^<m 
Gfl to him. G. A. sig. A. hig. A. geare. 7. A. 
liV'anon. 8. A. anwealde. 9. A, plantode. ]0. A. 


' y; 

■\vfes ane daige ge-worden. ];a he CummtrnssKi 
■f folc on fam temple lEerde. !) tempjum. ac- 
heom bodede. fa comen pare sacerde ealdres. eum^Xdpes 

7 fa bokeres sentorefp"'^ 

2 Mo him cwteSen. Sege us on hwilcen p"^' dieentes. 

= In qua potes- 

anwealde wyrcst fu fas fing. oSSe hwsit tate hec facis. 
is se Se f isne anweald fe sealde. 

3 pa CW33S he heom to andswere. 1 ich 
acsige eow an word. andswerieS me ; 

4 WEes iohannes fulluht of heofene hwffi- 
Ser f e of mannen. 

5 Da fohten hyo be-tweox heom ] cwas- 
Sen. Gyf we seggeS feet he syo of heofene. 
he cweS to us hwi ne ge-lyfde ge hym. 

6 Gif we seggeS pmi he syo of mannen 
eall folc us hfenS. hyo wisten gere "p Jo- 
hannes wfes witege. 

7 pa andswereden . hyo ■f hyo nesten 
hwanen he WEes. 

8 Da cwieS se htelend to heom. ne ic 
eow ne segge on hwilcen anwealde ich fas 
fing werche. 

9 He on-gan fa pis bispell to f am folke 

Sum man plantede wingeard. ^ hine Homo quidam 
sette mid tiHen. 7 he W£es heom ^^^^^^ i„. 
feor manegen tide. ^i^"'* ^s"""- 

10 Da on oSre tide he sende his feow 
to fam tilian ■^ hyo hym sealden of fas 
wingeardes waastme. fa swugedon {sic) hyo 
f anne ^ ydelne hine for-leten. 

Various Headings. 

Cap. XX. 1, EubHc as in H.; atiiw«; coman Jiara 
sacerda ealdras; boceras. 2. civiedon; hus; hwylcum 
anwalde; Se ))e [/or se Se]; B. om. f'O be/ore sealde. 
3. him ; andaware ; ie ; andsweriaS, 4. heofone hweSer; 
manniiwi. S. cwseSon ; heofone. 6. secgeS ; sy ; man- 
num; hi wiaton gare ; Iohannes; witega, 7. andswaro- 
den ; njsten. 8. halend heom to ; hwileum ; ic ; wyrce. 
9. big-apel ; folce cweSan ; rubric as in H. ; plantode him 
wingeard; manegum. 10. R. om. oSi 

swnngon ; jionne. 

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Chaf. XX.] 

:i awordeu wsca on anuni Sara dagana Itereiido hina f folc in temple 1 bodande 

1 *Et factum est in una dierum docente UIq populum in tempio et euangelizantc * LSXX. 

efne-cuomon Sa alldormenn SACerdo 3 uSiiHto mis KEem seldestujw 3 stegdon cuoeSendo Sus to jn 

conuenerEot principes sacerdotura et scrjbae cum senior ib us 2 et aiunt di centos ad 

him euoeS us in Iiuselc mselit 8as 5u doeat -t huelo is scSe gesalde Se Sios mjehfc 

ilium die nobis in qua poteatate haee facia aut quie est qui dedit tibi hanc potestatem 

ondsuaredo Sn ciioeS to Bsem wsello fregna iiiili 3 ic annm worde ondsuaraide -t ondauareS 
3 respondens autem dixit ad illoB interrogabo uos et ego unum uerbum rcspondete 

me faluiht ioharmis of heofnujw wtes i from monnuwi soS liia geaincaiidon 

mihi 4 baptismum iohannis de caelo erat ^n ex hominibMs 5 at illi cogitabant 

Ijituih liim cuoeSende torioa gif we ciioeSaa of ■ heofnu cuoe«e« he forhuon forSon no gclefdegie him 
inter s^ dieentea quia si dixerimua de calo dicet quai-e ergo non credidietis ei 

gif Sonwe Ave etioeSas from monnum -p fole all gestseNnS usig untuendlic siiid forSon 

6 sin autem discrimus cs hominibiis plebs uniuersa kpidabit nos eerti sunt enim 

5 geondsuarodon ^ hia ne wiston huona woere 3 

7 ot responderunt si^ nescire uude asset 8 et 

frojre iolianjM witga ^ji 
iohannen prophetam 

■e heelend cuoeS Saam no ic C\ioeSo iuli in huoelc mfeht 6as ic dSm 

iesua ait illis ncque ego dico uobis in qua potestate bacc facio 

on-gann he 
9 *Coepit • LXXXI. 

Sa cuoeSa to Sfom folce geddung SSlos moiin gesette wingeard 3 ag»f^ hia Bsem buenduiji u: 
autem dicere ad plebem parabolam hanc liomo plantauit uineam et locauit earn eolonis 

1 he suiSe fearr wtes moniguJre tidum 1 in tid sende to bigengum esne 

et ipse perogre fuit niultis temper ibws 10 et in tempore mi sit ad cultores seruum 

■pto of w^stm SSses wingeardas f te saldon him isa-Se geSorsoen forleorton hine Idelhende 
ut ds fructu uiueae darent illi qui caesum dimiaerunt cum inanem 

Cap. XX. I. 3 giworden w*3 on anum dtege Sara laerdo hine Ssot folc in tomple 7 Ijodonile ofne-comun 
Sa aldormen sacerda 3 uS-wuta niiB Sfem sildrum 2. cweSende to him cnteS ua in hwelcer nuelite Sas 

Ku does 3 hwele is soSe f^oloS *e 6aa mJfihto 3. ondsworade 5a cwffiis to Siom wello fregna iowiii 3 ic 

worde giondswurigaS me 4. ftUwilit iohtituiis of heofue wais ^^ from monnum 5. soS hiia gismeadun 

hitivili him cwL>«ende forSon gif wo cwenSas of heofiie oweSes us forhwon forSon negi-lefdon ga lum 
6, gif Sonne we cwooSjs from monnuJW f folc ail gisttcneis usiU wutudlj'ce sindun for6nn from iohanne 
witga ^ite were 7. 3 ond-sworade him no wistun hwona were 8. 3 Be liasl^ni^ cwseS him ne ic 

cweSn iow in swa hweleo mfehta Sas ic dom 9, oiigan Sa cwcoSa to SaMn foloho geddungo Baa mon 

giaette wingeard 3 agef hine Stem byendum 3 he swiSe fear wifs monigum tidum 10. 3 to tide aende 

to bigoijgum esne -fte of wjeatmum Kin-gearde3 ^te salde him iSaSe giSorscen forleortun hine idet-heude 

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11 Da sende lie oSerne |7eow pa beoton 
liig ^ffine "i mid teonum gewgecende hine 
forleton idelne ; 

12 pa sende he fridan. fa wurpon hig 
ut Jjffine gewundudne ; 

13 Da cwffiS J)£es wingeardes hlaford 
h\v93fc do ic. ic asende minne leofan sunu 
wenunga hine hig for-wandia^ Jjonne hig 
hine geseojj ; 

14 Da hine pa. tilian gesawun hig j^ohton 
betwus him "} cwsedon ; Her ys se yrfe- 
weard. cumaj? uton hine ofslean -p seo sht 
ure sy ; 

15 "i hig hine of pa,m wingearde awurpon 
ofslegene ; Hwtet deS J'ses wingeardes 

16 he cymS. 1 for-spil^ pa. tilian. ^1 
syljj psene wingeard oSrum ; Hig cw^don 
pB, hig yis gehyrdon -p ne gewurj^e ; 

17 Da beheold he hig 1 cwse^ ; Hwfet 
is f awriten is, |5one stan pe Sa wjTlitan 
awurpon. |;e8 is geworden on fsere hyrnan 
heafod ; 

18 ^Ic pe fyljj ofer j^sene stan byS for- 
bryt. ofer psene pe he fylS. he to-cwyst ; 

19 Da sohton Jiara sacerda ealdras 1 fa 
boeeras hyra handa on Jj^ere tide on hine 
wurpun. 1 hig adredon hi??i -jJ folc ; SoS- 
hce hi ongeton -p he fis big-spell to him 

Various Readings. 

1 1. A. [.one. 12. A. fvyddan ; B. C. Kiddaii. A. (.one 
gewundodne. 13. A. wyn-eardea 14 A ^esiw n 

A. betweos. A- sig. 16 .A. wjii earde \. nfsla^e le 

B, oMsge (sic). A. wjn-eardea 16 A )!one wjn 
card. A. ge-weorBe. 17. C awiitjn, A heafde 
18. A. I'one {^nd time only). 19 A (insr* A heora 
A. wnrpan; but B. C. wurpon. B hi [y » lug] A tn 
dvedon. A. hig on-goaton, A. big si el 

2 [LtIKE, 

11 Da sende he o^erne feow. fa byeton 
hyo hine and mid teonen ge-wjecende hine 
for-leten ydelne. 

12 pa sende he fridden. fa wurpen hyo 
ut f £ene ge-wundenne. 

13 Da cw£e^ fas win-geardes hlaford 
hwEet do ich. ich aaende minne leofne sune 
wenunge hine hyo for-wandiaS fanne hyo 
hine ge-seoS. 

1 4 Da hine fa tilian ge-seagen hyo 
f ohten be-tweoxe heom, and cwse^en. Her 
ys se earfednyme; cnmeS uton hine of-slean, 
f £et syo ehte ure byo. 

15 ? hyo hine of f am wingearde awui'pen 
ut of-sla3gen. Hwjet deS fes wingeardes 

16 He cymd 1 for-spilS fa tilien T syld 
fane wingeard oSrum. Hyo cw^Sen fa 
hyo fis ge-hyrden ^ ne ge ne [sic) wur^e. 

17 pa be-heold he hyo !i cw^eS. Hweet 
is f awriten ys. fane stan fe fa werhtan 
awurpen. fes is ge-worSen on fare hernen 

18 Elc fe fyld ofer fane stan byS for- 
berst ; ofer fane f e he fyld. he to-cwest. 

19 Da sohten fare sacerda ealdres 1 fa 
bokeres heora handa on fa tide on hine 
wurpen. :i hyo adredden heom -f folc. 
SoSlice hyo on-gEeten ■ji he fis bispel to 
heom cwseS. 

Various Readings. 

11. beoton; jione [for hine]; teonum. 12. (iriden ; 
yi irpan gewniidedne. 13. ic; leofe; wennnga; faane- 
14 E[e sawen ; be-twus ; yrfeweard. cumaS ; eht ; sy 
[t i b o]. 15. awTirpon of-slege ; (jegs. 16. cymS; 

tiinn aylB Ji^ne; cwteSon ; ge-hyrdoii; ne ge-wnrSc. 
17 f^ne; wyrhtan awurpan ; ge-worden; hyrnan. 18. 
fjH )j ne; for-bryt; Jionne; fylB; to-cwyst. 19. sob- 
tan jiari; boeeras hyra; wurpon; adreden; on-gooton; 

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Chap. XX.] 

to sondanno Saileo witadlice 8one ffie goSnierscon 3 awoerdoii i: 
mittere illi autem hunc quoque caedentes et afficientes 

mis teancuiclnw i foHeorton idil[h'Iende f to-geecde gone Sirdde to sendanne «a sec Sone geuun- 

contumelia diraiserunt inaaem 12 et addidit tertium mittere qui et ilium uulne- 

cuoeB Sa i Mutedlice hlaferd Sees wingeardes hnsed ic do ic sendo suno 
13 dixit autem dommws uiueje quid faciam mittam filium 

Bone miSSy geaegon 
14 quern cum uidisaent 

jsa buendo gesiiieadon in him. cuoedon inn is evftiard wutum ofslii hine -^te usi-a. sie •!- 

coloni cogitauemnt in se diceiites hie est heres occidamus lUum ut nostra flat 

Kio erfiiardniao 3 awoei-pen wa;3 liine Imta Seem wiiigearde ofslogon Luted forKon does 

hereditas 15 et eiectum ilium extra aineam occidcrunt quid ergo faciet 

cymeS 3 spilleS buendo Sas 3 solleS f wingesird 
16 ucniet et pcrdet colonos iatos et dabit uineam 

oSram monnnm miSSy ^ wtes gehered cuoedon hia ne sie sure lie Sa beiieald hia cuoeS 

aliis quo audito dixerunt illi absit 17 ille autem aspicicus eoa dixit 

hufed is fBC i' -Kis -pte awritten is stan Soiio forcuomon i eiSwitadon timbreiide Sea Aworden 

quid est ergo hoc quod scribtum est lapidem quern reprobauerunt aedific antes hie factus 

Wffis on heafnd area liuomaies egliuoelc seSa gefalleS on-ufa imm staiie efnc-geqiioeccad biS 

est in capud anguli 18 omnia qui ceciderit supra ilium lapidem conquasaabitur 

on-ufa Sone ^anne i nutedlice biS gcfellod gegriiidws * Iiine 3 solrton aldormej! 

supra qucm autem ceciderit comminuet ilium 19 *Et quaerebant principes • 242. i. 

liine hondo Sfem tid 3 ondreaivlon f folc 
ilium manus ilia hora et timuerunt populum 

fotiSon .^te to Ssem i to liim seoXfuin gecuoede onlicnise i Sios 
enim quod ad ipsos dixcrit similitudinem is tarn 

11 [rtue omitief] 12 3 to gieoJe (ac) Sirdaa siSe to seiidanno SiSo 1 Saiico giwundadun awoipnn 

13 cwkS Sa Se hlafead Sfes wingeardes hwEet ic doin ic sendo vuno minne Icjtne woen i^ i wutid 
ltc6 mlSSy Sone ilco gegiwgun giscomadun ii Sone hjiSSt gistcun Sa byende gisnieoJun bitwih 

him (weSende Ses is eifeword wutudlsi,? ofsla we hme 3 nseira eifrweiid sia3 15 3 awor|cii y\ir& 

hine buta Sa ciestre ofslogun Uw^et foiSon doeS S-^m Se hhfard Sses wingeaides 16 cyraoS 3 spilleS 

byende Sas 3 seleS Bisiie wingeaid oSrum miSSj ^ wpsS gihered cwedun hii ne sie sw* 1" he 

Sa biheold hi-e cw«S hwset is for'^on Sh ^ awriten is arin Sine foie irmun edwitaduu timhiende Sis 
giworden ivtes on lieofud Sscs bwon nies IS i,ghweIo seSe gitalloS on ufa S'ftm stane eftie ^icwieceS 

biS (fer Sone Sonne biS gif«lled gignndes hme IJ 5 sohtun aMormen Sira s^cida 3 uS wutu 

to sendanne on hme hond m S^r tide 3 ondieordun f folo ongetnn foiSon ^Ste to S^m cweS onlicnisse 

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ir\a sendun hig mid searwum Jia 't 

riht-wise ISton ■J hig hine 
un ] -p hig hine gesealdon pa,m- eal- 
dron. to dome 1 to fees deman anwalde to 
fordemanne ; 

21 Da ahsodon hig hine ] cwSdon. la- 
reow. we witun -f pn rihte spi"ycst "] l^rest, 
] for nanon men ne wandast. ac godes weg 
on soSftest-nesse I^erst. 

22 Ys hit riht -p man fani casere gafol 
sylle f e na ; 

23 p& cwEeS he to him ]?a he hyra fficen 
onget ; Hwi fandige min ; 

24 Ywa|7 me anne penitic hwees anhc- 
nesse h£ef|; he. :i ofer-gewrit ; Da cwtsdon 
hig psis caseres ; 

25 Da cw£e^ he to hi?n ; AgyfaS J^am 
casere fa ^ing pe Stes caseres synt. 3 
gode pa. Sing pe godes synt. 

26 Da ne mihton hig his word befon 
beforan j?am folee. fa suwudon hig wun- 
drigende be his tisware ; 

Dysgod-Bpei 27 Da genealaehton sume of saduceum. 
n68 dieg ofer pa, ffitsacaS JJEBS Eei'istest (sic) ] ahsodon hine 
AwtsBM/n^t' 28 "J cwtedon ; Lareow moyses us wrat 
gif hwEes broSor by'S dead "} wif htebbe. ] 
se byS butan bearnum f his broker nime 
his wif !1 hys brojior seed awecce ; 

29 Seofon gebroSru wsaron 1 se forma 
na7n. wif. 1 webs dead butan bearnum ; 

30 Da nam o'Ser hig "} wtes dead butan 
bearne ; 

(lain saciuceo- 
gant esse re- 

20. .A. Bcndoii. A. inserts hig after f>a Se. A. gescjl- 
djgodon i hut D. C. geacyldgudun, A. anwealde. 21. A. 
acaodon, A. wytoa. A, B. C. Icerst. A. nanum.. A.-nysse. 
23. A. heora. A. liwig tandie ge myn. 24, A. EowiaS. 

A. peniff. A. -nysse, 25. A. sj-nd {twice). 26. A. 

suwedon; B. 0. auwuduu. A. wundriende. 27. A. 

ierystes; B. C. ssristea. A. acsedoii. 28. A, broSer {1st 
time only). 29. C. buton. A, bearne. 

i [Luke. 

20 T»A senden hyo mid searwun fa fe 
J hyo rithwise Ifeten f hyo hine 

ge-scyldeden. !! -f hyo hine sealden fan eal- 
dren to dome "i to fas deman anwealde to 

21 Da axoden hyo hine 1 cwseSen. 
LareoT;' we wite -p f u rihte specst. ] Igerst- 
7 for nanen men ne wandest. ae godes 
weig on soSftestnysse ferst. 

22 is bit riht ■p man fam caisere gafol 
sylle f e na. 

23 Da cwffiS he to heom. fa be heore 
facen on-geat. Hwy fandige min. 

24 TewiseS me jenne panig. hwas anlic- 
nysse hafd he ; ] ofer-ge-writ. Da cwgeSen 
hyo fas caiseres. 

25 Da cweeS be to heom. AgyfeS fam 
caisere fa fing fe fas caiseres sende. "i 
gode fa fing f e godes synde. 

26 fa ne mihten hyo bis word be-fon 
be-foran fam folce. fa swugedon hyo wun- 
driende be bis andswere. 

27 fa ge-nehlacfcen sume of fam saduce- 
gn. fa Eet-saceS fas aaristes. 1 axoden hine 

28 ^ cw^Sen. Lareow moyses ut-wrat 
gyf hwas bro'Ser byS dead 7 wif hgebbe 
1 sye byS buten bearne feet his broker 
nyme hys wif 1 his broker sfed a-weeee. 

29 Seofen broSren w^ren ] se forme nam 
wif ] wies dead buton bearne. 

30 Da nam se oSer hye ; send wses dead 
buten bearne. 

Various headings. 

20. leson; geacyldgudim ; gesealdon (jaw* ealdrau; ]?x%\ 
ibr-demanne. 21. hj; cwiedon; witon; sprycst; nanon; 
wandast; weyg. 22. casere. 23. heora. 24. YwaS 
[^rTewifflSS]; pennic. hwses; htefS; cwcedon ; fiaas caseres. 
25. AgyfaS; cascrS; fres caseres synt; synt. 26. mihton 
andsware. 27. ge-nelilsecton ; R. om. >am ; sadaeeum 
Ect-sacaS; aristes. 28. hwtes broSor; deaS {sic); habbe 
se \/or sye] ; bntan ; broSor {twice). 29. broSru wseron . 
butan beamuni. 30. hyo ; butaa beamum. 

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Chap. XX.] 195: 

3 heiiealdon seiidon =etei-is ^ «ai5o hia soSfe^tn wtriiton -1 telcdon ^bebrugdoK fte ^ 

20 *Et obscruantes misoruut insili ttie', qui -,6 mst s simularent ut ^^^ 

genomo hiiie on iv6rd 3 -pte siWon hiiie S-em aldordSra 3 to onwuslde iirea utider-cyninges mr. 

caperent eum in sermone et trideient euni pnriLipitui et potestati pr^sidis 

e wutton -fte 

onfoies Siision-!' ah in soSfestniaae woe^e go les Su litres nroht-t m to seallanne ^i geafel 

accipis personam sed in ueritate inam di-i docLS 22 licet nobis dare tributum 

«£em eoaeri ■t n6 sceauade 1 belieald «a ficen 1 esuicmae liioia cuieiS to him forhuon i mec 

caesari ^n non 23 considerans autem dolum sllorum dixit ad eos quid me 

gie costages a3d-eau8eS me ^ penning i huras hsefeS onlicnessa 3 Sn-mercung ■1' mn-awritting 

temtatis 24 ostendite mihi denarium cuius habet ima,ginem et insciibtionem 

sfaS i ageldas foi^on Sa Se ISfes caseros 
reddite ergo quae caesaris 

sindon S»m casere 3 Ba Se godes sindon gode 3 iie mecghton word his getela i 

sunt c^sari et quae dei sunt deo 26 et non potuerunt uerbum eius repraehendere 

fors, -Bsem folce 3 awundradon In ondsurerum hia geauigdon ■I' geneolecdon Sonma summo 

coram plebem et mirati in. responsis eius tacueruiit 27 *Accesserunt autem quidam * LXXXill. 

Sara Ka 6e onsteccaB f te ae erest i 3 fiTigniin hine ouoeSendo 

saducaeorum qui negant esse resuiTectionem et inter vogauerunt eum 28 dicentes 

laruu mose* AwrSt lis gif broSer huoele huoegea dead biS i s6 ^te hrebbe wif 3 Bes 

magister moses acribsit nobis si frater alicuius mortuua fuerit habens uxore'm et hie 

bntta snnu biS ^ste onfoe hia broBer his Jkbm wife awsecee sSd broSro his 

sine filiis fuerit ut aeeiperet eam frater eius usorcm suscitot semen fratri suo 

seofono foj-Bon broBero woeron 3 se foj-ma onfeng -t genom -p wif 3 doad v/ees buta simujw 

29 septem ergo fratres erant et primus accepit uxor era, et mortuus est sine filiis 

3 Bohte i: fylgde onfeng Ba iltfw 3 he 1 Be doad wjes buta aunii 

30 et sequeus accepit illam et ipse mortuus est sine filio 

20 3 bilieolbm seiihin ateoiia (5 ; SiSe hi e s Bfc^te ivorhtun ^te „ooi„unne line n wiidi. 3 ^te Bflldun 
hinf 8«m aldoi dome 3 to onwEPlde S-^s undeiejmges 21 3 j,ifi ignoa hme cweBende larow wo w itun 

S»tte leht Bn l-eres 3 civoSeB 3 ne Lufoas onaione an sic) m aoBf'estnisse woege godes Su l^res 22 is 

reht lis to sellanne Bone gerlo S'vm casereinoo 23 sceawade * biheald Sa eawic hioii cw-bS to St m hwfet 

mec t,e coatigas 24 tot cowiB me Brne pening liwaes h«fes onliunisse 3 onmeic mge 3 onwntmgc on hwoiddun 

CTcelun Bses caseios 25 3 cw»B ¥?em ageifaS f rBin BaBe Bes caseres smdun S«m caaere 3 SiSc 

godes 811 dun gode 26 3 ne mehtun woid his gi tela bifora Seem fokhe 3 awundrade on end swore 

his 3 s'ttigadim 27 gineolicidun Boniic sum S'lri liioia B^Be ne on sa^ioais B«tte sie erest 3 gift'^gn 

hme 2S cweBende moyses wrat iis ^'f bioBer hwelce^ hwogi deal biS Be h<efde vai 3 Bea buta 

Buno biS ^te on toe Sa lioBer Bern wife 3 iwocce sod broBor Lis St s ofune foiBon broBor his (-^tr) 

weron 3 Be foima onfong wif Stet J deod Wrf;a buta suaom 30 3 aohte 1 fjljgde oafeng Sa ileo [oBimion] 

BB 3 

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31 Ba nam se fridda hig. :i swa ealle 
seofone. :i nan seed ne llefdon "] w^ron 

32 pa ealra ytemest wses f wif dead ; 

33 On fam Eeryste hwylces liyra wif 

34 Da cwjef" se hselend to him. Jjysse 
worulde beam wifiaS 7 beoS to giftum 

35 Da ^e synt jjcere worulde wyr^e. 1 
Eerystes of deaSum ne giftigea]? hi ne "wif 

36 ne ofer -f sweltan ne magon. hig 
synt soSlice engluni gelice. H hig synt 
godes beam J^onne hig synt mrystys beam, 

37 {oT-pam pe soSlice deade arisaS. 1 
moysea set-ywde wiS anne beig-beam swa 
he cwEeS ; Drihten abrahammes god, !I 
isaaces god. ? iacobes god. 

38 nys god deadra ac lybbendra. ealle 
hig him lybbaS ; 

39 Da ]swarudon him sume Jiara bocera 
1 cwSdon. lareow. wel J7U cwtede. 

40 1 hig hine leng ne dorston tenig ping 
ahsian ; 

41 pa cwffi'S he to him ; Hwi secga'S hig 
■p crist sy dauides sunu. 

42 1 dauid cwyS on jjam sealme. drihten 
s^de to minum drihtne site on mine swiS- 
ran hcalfe. 

Va/rious Readings 

31. .A. seofena 

33. A. heora. 




m. A. synd. A. weoraMe. A, giftiaS. 



hi 36. 

A. synd (thrice). 

A. terystes ; hut B. C. 


37. A. 

bei-bcam. A. B 

C. abraliamoa. 38 


dcaddra god. 

39. A. Jswaredon 

A. J-ssriL 40. A. 


41. A. 

hwig. A. sig. 

42. A. om. to. 

5 [Luke. 

31 pa nam se fridde hy T wies dead 
buton beame. 1 swa ealle seofene tl nan* ' 
S£ed ne lefden ] wteren deade buton. 

32 jja ealre ytemest wjes ■p wif dead. 

33 On })am seriste hwilces heores wif 
byS f . 

34 pa cwEe^ se hselend to heom Jjisae 
worulde beam wifie'S ] by^ to gyfton ge- 

35 Sa Se synde fare werulde wurSe. 5 
ffiristes of deaSe ne gyftiaS hy ''' ne wif ne • mb. hyo, 
tedeB. "'•'■'"• 

36 ne ofer ■f sweltan ne magen. °\ hyo 
synden soSlice ^nglen ge-lice "] hyo synden 
godes beam, jjanne hyo synden Ecristea 

37 for-jjam |?e soSlice deade arise^, ] 
moyses atewde wiS ffinne beig-beam. swa 
he cwfeS. Drihten abrahames god. "i 
ysaaca god. } iacobes god. 

38 nys god deadre ac libbendra ; ealle 
hyo him libbeS, 

39 Da andswerede him sum fare bokere 
1 cwffi^en. lareow ; wel J^u cwasSe, 

40 1 hyo hine leng ne dorston eenig j?ing 

41 Da cw, he to heom. Hwi seggeS 
hyo p erisfc sy dauides sune. 

42 7 dauid cweS on f am sealme. Drihten 
ssede to minen drihtne. site on minen 
swiSren healfe 

Various Readings. 

31. Ijryddaliyo ; butan beamum; soofonQ; nan; Ifefdon. 
39. ealra. 33. hyora. 34. halewd; weorulde; wifiaS; 
gyfton {at in H.). 35. weorulde ; amtes ; deadum ; hyo 
iiedais. 36. swelten ; E. om. 3 after magen ; synt (thrice) 
englum; ^Q-ane hi; feriatia (»ie). 37- ariaaS; cet-ywde 
anne; beig-beam {as in H.); isSSees. 33. deadra 

libendra ; libbaiB. 39. andawaraden ; sume ^ara bocera 
ewecdon. 40. dorton {sic) ; assoiaii {sic). 41. aeggaS ; 
dauidea. 42. minuwi (Irf time) ; swifiran. 

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Chap. XX.] 

; se airdda geiiom hia oiigelic 3 alio aeofono 3 no forleorton sed 

et tertiua accepit illam similiter ct omnes septem et non relioquaormit semeo 

Mo Eet nesta-Hilis^tme^fo; allra hio dcado wfes &c -f ivvf in 

2 nouissima omnium mortua est et mulicr 33 in 

ereat forSaane liufcs Sara i liiora biS f mi saRsr Bon Sa seofono hiefdon Ilia i ^ ilea wif 

resurrectione ergo cuius eorum erit uxor siquidcsm aeptem habuerunt cam uxorem 

J cuoeS Sfem ae \\^\end stmo woroldos aissea ge'sinig'aJS 3 aald biSon to brjd-lopuin i «a 

34 et ait iilis iesws, filii saeculi huius nubunt et traduntar ad nuptias 35 illi 

vxAedliee SaSfe] wjrSo habbaS i wyrSe bi«on worulde 6sem 3 erest from deadum ne siiiigaS * 

autem qui digni habebuntur saeculo illo et resurrectione ex mortuis neq'W nubunt 

ne IffideS i fataa wifo ne forSon leng i ohr ^ doadago i magon gemiecca i gelTco , foHion 

neque ducunt uxores S6 neqwe enim ultra mori poteriat aequaies enim 

euglujw biSon "i sunu biiSon godcs mia Sy biiion sutio eristea iorMni soBIicei arisaS 

aDgelis sunt et filii sunt dei cum siut filii resurrectionis 37 quia uero resurgant 

Sa deado 3 vaosea adeaude aitt Srera heape i su£e cnoeS drihfen god abraham 3 god 
mortui ct moses ost audit secum rubum si cut dicit dominuvn deitm abrabam et dewm 

isacea Z god iacobes 
Isaac et dewm iacob 

forSon AlifigaS him ondsuarodon Sa aumo isara uduutana euoedon laruu wel 

enim uiuunt ei 39 resp on denies autem quidam acribarum dixeiimt magister bene 

Sn enoede 3 long -t foi-Sor no darston hino jeiiight i gefrsegne cuoeS 

dixisti 40, *Et amplius non audebant eum quieqriam interrogare 41 f^Dixit * ■ 

MiMiedliee i Sonwe to Ssem huu cuoeSaa criat sunn dani«es -fte seG 3 se ilea t ] 

autem ad illos quomodo dicunt christuzn filium dauid esse 42 et ipse '^'^■ 

SI gi hee 1 alle Si awfune 3 ne fir km tun sed !J deode worun 33 hio eet nesta i' I'^temest iia alra 

deod wies 1 wif f 33 m enate forSon ^tea iuoiatSita bi5 -p mf git aefteiSon i\ aioftuie hfefdun hia 

34. 3 cweS Stem Se hv\ei)l anno weoralde Sisw gisinnigo 3 said bioSon to biydhbpim 35 t-x 

wutudliti 6a6e wjifee habbiS ■}■ wyrSe buSon weorliie 6ier 3 on enste trora de*5e ne sTnm^dS ne l^daa 
■t no foaa wif Sa 3b ne f rSoa leng deadjga magaa gim'ecce forKon englaa aindun 3 sunu smdun §,odea 

miSSy bioSo snno ercstes 37 fofSon siSlice aiiseS 3a deide set e wile heope ava cwjpS diih^ert 

god abrohaines 3 god 3 god 3b god wutudl(i,e ne la deodri aii lifgendra alle foiSjn InbgiS 

him 3J onaworado sum Saia uSwutuna cweS wel Su cweJo ■10 3 long-hfuiS i ni. ditstuo June 

gifregni eeniht 41 cw^S Sa to Seem hun eneo{!^s ge cnat sunu were dauiiSes 42 3 bu dauiS m t5 

on boec Sara salmaua cw^S dribf^n dith/ue mmuni sitt to swiSr<i mm 

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43 oS jj ic asette pine fynd to fot-sceamole 
Jjinra fota ; 

44 Dauid liine clypaS drihten 7 humeta 
ys lie kys sunu ; 

45 Da sEede he bys leorning-cnihtum. 
eallum folce gehyrendum ; 

46 WarniaS wiS pa boceras ^a pe wylla^ 
on gegyrlum gan. 7 lufiaS gretinga on 
strsete. 1 pa yldstan setl on gesamnungum 
1 Jja forman hlininga on gebeorscypum. 

47 J)a forswelgaS wydywyna has. liiw- 
gende lang gebed. fa onfo^ maran geny- 
ferunge ; 


1 Da he hme beseah he ge-seh fa wele- 
gan hyra lac sendan on fone sceoppan, 

2 pa, geseah he sume earme wydewan 
bringan twegen feorS-lingas ; 

3 Da cw£e^ he soS ic eow aecge ■f Seos 
earme wudewe ealra msest brohte ; 

. 4 So^es ealle fas brohton gode lac of 
hyra mycelan welan. feos wudewe brohte 
of pB,m. pe heo hasfde ealle hyre andlyfene ; 

5 7 fa cwfeS he to fam pe sEodon be fam 
temple, jj hit wfere geglenged mid godnm 
stanum "i godu7Ji gifum, 

6 pas fing pe ge geseoS pa, dagas cumaS 
on fam ne bi'S stan Isefed ofer stan. pe ne 
beo to-worpen ; 

7 pa ahsodon hig hine la bebeodend 
hwsenne beoS fas fing. 7 hwylce tacna 
beoS jjonne fas f ing gewur^af ; 

Various Readings. 

43. A. fot-seenmele, 46. A. yldeatau. A, hleonunga ; 
a hlimmga ; C. hlininga {as in text). 47. A, wudewena. 
A hiwigende. A. ge'ii)'J)eruiiga. 

Cap. ssi. 1. A. beseh. A. heoi-a, 2. A. B. C. 
wudewan, 4. A, lieora. 7. A, aesedon. A. taeen. 
A. gemeorl^aS. 

8 [Luke. 

43 od ■f ic asette fine feond to fot- 
acamele finre fote. 

44 Dauid hine cleopeS drihten. 7 bu 
meete is he his sune. 

45 pa saigde he his leorning-cnihten 
ealle folce ge-herende, 

40 Wamie^ eow wi^ fa bokeres. fa f e 
willed on ge-gyrlan gan. 7 lufige gretunge 
on strjete. 7 fa yldest settl on ge-samnu[?i]- 
gan. 7 fa formen f eninge on ge-beorscipen. 

47 fa for-svvelge'S wudewena* us hiw- • 
gende lang ge-bed. fa on-foS mare ge- tj, 


1 pa he hine be-seah ; he ge-seah fa 
welian heore lac senden on fane sceoppan. 

2 Da ge-seah he sume earme wudewan 
brlngen twegen ferSinges. 

3 pa cwseS he soS ic eow segge fiet f eos 
earme wudewe sBlremtest brohte, 

4 Sodes ealle fas brohten gode lac of 
heore micelen welen. feoa wudewe brohte 
of fam fe byo hafde ealle hire andlyfene. 

5 3 fa cwfeS he to fam f e saiden be fam 
te??ipie -p hit wjere ge-glenged mid goden 
stanen 7 goden gyfen. 

6 Das fing fe ge ge-seoS. fa dages 
cumeS on fan ne beoS stan lefed ofer 
stan ; f e ne beo to-worpen. 

7 Pa axoden hyo hine. La be-beodend, 
bwanne beo^ fas fing. 7 hwilcne tacne 
beoS f anne fas fing ge-wurSe'S. 

Various Readings. 

43. < 
um; g 


I fota. 

44. cljpaS. 46. ssede; -cniht- 

-liyrendum., 46. WaniiS ; boceras ; wyllaS ; ge- 
; lufiaS gretnnga; jldestan seel (sic); ge-sam- 
; forman hlininga; ge-beorscjpum. 47. for- 


, 1. weleganhira; sendam; J>one. 3. firS- 

3. ealre. 4. 8o«es ; hyora mycelan weolaw ; 

ategdon ; ware ; goduwi stanum ; godum gyfimi, 
Jiain; byS; Ijefed, 7. hwEonne; hwylce; 


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Chap. XX.] 199 

oSS -fite 11, aetto fimd a Sine to fot scocmel f ta Binra 

43 donee pjiiiiii iuiiqilds tuDs scibellim pe lum tu lun 

Beilco 4- Kone eeigeS J hun lunu Ins is miSS\ w-es aeheied ^a alluw folee cuoeS 

ilium uoLAt et qunmodo tiliua emb tst 4o '* \.ud elite mti-m omni populo dixit * 2*6. ii. 

mt. ocssniiii. 
iegnam hi^ be hililaS mil from uS ut tn 55a «e wilhs geonga In stoiuwi i" on oft/alopuns ™'^' ^^^'^^ 

di&cipuli=i 6Uib -ie atteiidite ^ s uljia qui uulunt ambulare in stolid 

J hifw grietiiigO in spiee J Sa f jnia "ieatlis in somnungum 3 5a fojmo eedlo in 

et iniant balutatioiiea m toro et piimaa catheiias m sjnigogis et primob disruhitoi ill 

gebeargciopuOT 5a Se forsiielgas i hliso 5a widwena wyreas i f loug gebed 5aa ^ 5a onfoseS -t 

coauims 47 *Qiii deuorant domos uiduarum simulantes longam orationem hi aeeipient * 2i7. u [iiij. 

eft bcheild 5a i Sonne gesili fa 5i5 ge'iend n Sii i luora iveligo 

1 lespiciens autem uidit e o qui mittebant niuiieia sua m gazophil'wiium diiutrs 

geaaeh tonne 3 «nin o6er ■t an widua Soifondlin sendende inwelenno feoiSMMS'astuoegi'anfui'Sun^i., 
2 uidit autem et qua[n]dim uiduim pauperi-ulawi mittcntHin aeia mmuta duo 

widu (1 tiui 1 Kaa Saife f ;Soi 5cu die stii !e 

uidu I b ifec paupti plus qu tm oniiiLS miiit 

■f te woiia is i forforen is i wras hire all lifoSfen hire Sone i f hrefde sende 7 

quod deest ilii omnem uictum suum quern habuit misit 5 *Et * LXXSU. 

248. ii. 

Saia sum cuoeBendum of temple ^te miS goduni otanuwi 3 geafura gehnned were cuoeS "'*■ '"'^■. 
quibwsdam dicentibus de tempio quoJ lapidibiw boiiib et dunis oin\tum esaet dixit ""' '^^'^"'^ 

5a^ 5a 5e gie ^ese^oj ^o-^seaK cymiiS dagas on gsem ne biS fejleten atan ofi?»- atajie aeSe 
6 haec quie uidctifa UBnient di^s in quibua non rehuquetur lapiB supei lapidem qui 

ne biS tostrogdon gefrugnon Bonn-' liine cuoeSendo htesere if hnoenne 5aa i Ba biSon 

nun destiuitui 7 *lNti,irugauerunt autem ilium dn.L.nte5 prieceptor quando haec erunt • 249. ii. 

3 hunilc i liu Ld becon i tacon iiiiS'^\ geworSa i f te =ie !" to wosanne on^nnniS ""■■ csxxniti. 

et ipiri si^mum cura hcii mcyient 

43 oBB^t ic sotte fiondis "Sine scomel foti *iiit 44 f r5cn diiliten "^eilca gi,,ei.5 t bun tiiiiu 

his H 43 miSfev n es gi hured «a ailum fddie en l5 5e^iium his 46 bihddts fium u'snutim 

8a5e wallaS gonga on stollim 1 lufas gtoetinge on spiece 3 Sa f imx ■^eatlis on Binnungii/ 1 Si 
forma sedlo in ^ibeoiscipo 47 5a5e fwswelgaS huii widwa wvicaa ^ lon„o ^iltd JSas ontuaS i-et mini- 

mast cmsunge 

Cap XXI 1 eftj biheold «onH gis'eh 5a *:aSe gisenJun ar (^c) ^ing bioia m ga-mphilacmin we lige 
2 giseh Sonne sum o5er widwe Boitendbco sendende mfealeno feorSungaa tnoone i 3 cw eS so5 is Set 

ic cweSo low 5£ette widwe 6ios Sorfende foiSor Son alle sende 4 t rSuu S'^s Sa alle of monigfal iniase 

him sendun on Sincgnm gjdes 5ios wutudhce of Sou Biette wona is bir ill lit hue '^■«t hio hsefde hio 
senio 5 3 Sara sam cweSendum of temple S*tte miS stuium godura 1 geofum girmad weie cweS 

6 Sios S l^8 gisegim cymeS dag^a on Ssem ne bi« forleten atan ofei atane aeSe ne bi5 atro„den 

7 gitruguun 6onMt hiue cweSende h'ssere hwenne Saa bioSon ] bwelc „if becun niiSSj biB Sett he {nc) ongnmeS 

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8 Da cw5e|j he warnia^ -p ge ne syn be- 
swicene. manege cuma'S on mimirn naman, 
J cweSa^ ; Ic hit eom ) tid genealtec^ ; ne 
fare ge sfter hi«i 

9 ne beo ge bregede ponne ge geseo'S 
gefeoht and twy-r^ednessa ; Das JJing ge- 
byrigeaS ferysb\ae nya fonne gyt ende ;'i 

10 Da cwfeS be to him Jfeod arist agen 
f'eode 3 rice agen rice 

117 beoS mycele eor|:an sfcyrunga geond 
stowa. 1 cwealmas "i hunger, 1 egsan of 
heofonc !l mycele tacna beoS. 

12 ac toforan eallum j^issum big nimaS 
eow 1 ebtaS ] sySSan eow on gesamnunga. 
"i on hyrdnysaa "} lffida(j eow to cyningum "} 
to demuTTi for minum naman, 

13 fiis eow gebyraS on gewitnesse ; 

14 Ne sceole ge on eowrum heortum 
fore-smeagan hu ge Iswarian. 

15 ic sylle eow muS 1 wisdom, pam 
ne magon ealle eower wiSer-winnan wiS- 
etandan 1 wiS-cwe^an ; 

16 Ge beoS gesealde fram magum^ ge- 
broSrum J cu.'Sum 1 freondum. 1 hig eow 
to dea^e geswenca^, 

17 "i ge beoS eall'u??^ on hatunga. for 
minum naman. 

18 :i ne foT-wyrS a locc of eowrum 
heafde ; 

19 On eowrujft ge|;ylde ge gehealda^ 
eowre sawla ; 

20 "l^onne ge geseoS hierusalem mid 
J here betrymede. wita^ f hyre 

'■ toworpennes genealajcS. 

S. A. Manige. 9. A, ge ge-bregcda A. twjr^dnjssa. 

A. ge-hjriaa ierest. 10. A. ongoan (iwi'ce). 11. A. 
eond. A. hunger. A. egesan. A, heofene. A. B. C. tacnu. 
13. A. gebjreiS. A. ge-wytnyeae. 14. A. scjle. A.B.C. 
-smeagean. A. 3swarion; B. C. 3swarigean. 18. A. 
Sn ; 6ui B. C. a {as in text). In A., locc is glossed 5y hter. 

B. C. heafode. 19. A. sawle. 2a A. toworpenys. 

}0 [LsKB. 

j 8 Da cvva^S be warnie^ eow "p ge ne 
byon be-8wiliene. manege cumaS on minen 
namen !l cweSed. Ic hit eom. "i tid ge- 
nehlEeceS. ne fare ge aefter heom. 

9 ne beo ge bregede |3anne ge go-see's 
ge-feoht 3 twirednyssa. Das fiing ge-byriaS 
merest, ac nys f anne gyot ende. 

10 Da cwffiS he to heom. peode arisfc 
agen Jjeode. 3 rJce agen rice. 

11 ^ beoS mycele eor^e steriunge. geond 
stowa ; cwalmes. 7 hunger ") egsan on 
heofene 7 mychele tacne beoS. 

12 ac to-foren eallen j;isen hyo nymeS 
eow 1 ehteS !l sySSan eow on ge-samnunge, 
1 on hyrdnyssa. "i ladeS eow to kyningen, 
!1 to demen for minen namen. 

13 |7is eow ge-byrieS on ge-witnesse. 

14 Ne scnle ge on eowren Iieorten for- 
smeagen hu ge andswerien ; 

15 ic selle eow muS Z wisdom. J;am 
ne magen ealle eower wiSer-winnan wiS- 
standen 1 wiS-cweSan. 

16 Ge beoS ge-sealde fram magen °i 
ge-broSren. 3 cu^en. ] freonden. 3 hyo 
eow to dea^e ge-swenced. 

17 } ge byoS eallen on hatigenga for 
minen name. 

18 7 ne for-wur^ a locc of eowren hiBf- 

19 On eowren ge-])elde ge ge-healded 
eowre sawle. 

20 "l-^anne ge ge-seoS ierusalem mid cnm mcieriti 
y here be-tremed. wite^ -^ heore iuSraf 

to-worpnysse ge-neohlsecS. esercitn. 

Variov^s Readings. 
8. wamiaS; seon beo-swicene. maiiega; minum namon : 
cweSaS; ge-neahteciS. 9. {.onne; arest; l>onwe gyt. 

10. eom. >eod. U. sterinnga ; hunger; heofono; 

mycele tacarn. 12. to-foran eallum \!\»san ; nymaS ; 

ehtaS; Imdoi {sic); cyningnm; demuwi; minum naman. 
13. ge-byra8 ; gewitnysse. 14. sceole ; eowrum heortum 
fore-sraeageaa ge hwu ge andswarian. 15. ayHe;iii 

dum i ge-sweneeS. 
IS. for-wyrS; eo 
ge-healdaS ; sawla. 
red initial) ; hieru 
worpnes geneaJilacS, 

inguHt , go-broirnwi; cuSuni; freon- 
17. eallum.; hatinga; minum namen. 
I hafde. 19. eowruws ge-[iylde; 
20. Rulric as in H. ; Donne (with 
— ; he-trjmede. witais; hyre to- 

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Chap. XXI.] 

aeKe <,u)e5 gese^S -pte "ie ne ae bi'^mi.eii 
S qu diut uidste ul JuLammi 

^ 11, am 3 Sio tiJ generleceSi gi,neolecde nalhS gie ior^on gerngi jeft r hure-ViSffiOT nuS «y 

qiua egj sum et tem].iis appiopmquanit uolite ei^o ne post illos 9 cum 

uutfilKo gie geliereS gefehto J jmbsetnungn i vinbburgum nallaS luih foihtiga t ged^fned is repjbt Sas 
autem andieiitis pioelia et 'i lit nes nohle teirtri opjitet piimum lidic 

Si ^eciweS Sseiu ansaS cyim wiS i oiig^gn cynne 
10 tunc dia,bi,t ilh iiigfit ^ew^ contii gentem 

3 lie wiS 1 L e i5 Iiroeniisao miclo tiS n Serli sttui 3 deiS benii«e ■!■ mi 

et ie-,niiii idicr^iT^ le nnm 11 t nof mjtiia magui enint pei loca et pesti 

cuSo if!lo ^ hungro Jftrhtms} of heofnu/tt i ^econo iiiicdo biSon ah 'vei 4« Mle 

Icntiae et ttmcs teiroies que de ci^lo et si-na ma_aia eiiiut 12 ^bed ante haeu omnia ' 250. i. _ 

" ^ mt. eosJiiii, 

onworp^'^1' nih honJi himu *i aoUitad ^e biSon niili ^Uas in «omniing(i!» 1 h-tftum -i" inih aealh^ ^^^ '^j^ju^^ 
micient uuViib minus snaa et perbequentui tradentea m synagogas et custodns tiadentes 

see cyuinges 3 to mider-cyniiigum ■J' tore noma miniui* gelimpet! J: Sotwre iuii on cjSiiisB t 

et reges et ad praesides propter nomen meum. 13 continget antem uobis in testimonium 

gesette8 forSon la lueniiu heortum ne gie foce-Sencgte himisuse gieondsuarigat onduarde ic 

14 *Ponite ergo in cordibits nestris non praeraeditari quemammodum respondeatis 15 ego " aai- ii- _ 

foJ-Son sello iuh muS 3 see snyttro Ssem ne miigon hia wiS-stondat 3 wiS-cuoeSa -t ongeaegn Alio ™i'- c^^li- 
enim dabo uobis 63 et sapientiam ciii non poterint resistere et coiitradicere omnes 

gesild gie bi«on mtiedlice from aldrum ^r 3 broKmm 3 friondmw 3 
16 trademioi autem £ parentibus et fratribMS et cognatis et 

megum 3 to deaSe aouoellaS * froOT inh ir of iuih J gie biSon laS allum momrnm fore 

amicis et morte afficient ex uobis 17 et eritis odio omnibits propter 

noma mill 3 her of hoafdo lucro no MS forlDrcn !■ ne losaS 3 on 

nomen meiiin 18 et capillua de capite ueatro non periblt 10 et in 

isyld inera gie byeS i' gie agnigaS sauelo iuero niiS Sy Isotine geseaS gio i gio geseas 

patientia uestra possidebitiB animas iiestraa 20 "Cum autem uideritis * LXSXUI. 

^teseymbsald+ynibaetet from, here hierusalem Sonne wutasgie ^te geneolecaSforletnisselwoestenis^e h'^'o 
circumdari ab exereitu hierusalem tunc scitote quia appropinquabit desolatio eius 

8 seSe cw«S giseaS Swtte ge [ne] ^e biswicen raonige forSon cumaS in noma minum cweSende forSon ie am 
cnat 3 Siu tjd togmeolicaS nillaS ge forSon gonga sefter Sfem 9. miS wutudliVe ge gihera^ gifeht 3 

ymbsetnunge ndlaS gifoihtiga gidrefne is eenst Sas to wosanne ah hweSre ne sona Se ende 10. ia 

ge cneoSaS Stem anieS cynn -t ong'tgn cynne 3 nee viS iice 11- 3 eotSo hroeniia micelo bioSon 8erli 

atowwe 3 does benij'sae : hungor fjihtmsxe of heofnum 3 becono micelo bioSon 12. ah a;r Sas aUe 

onginne* umh honda 3 gioehted ge buSon selha lowih m somnungnm 3 in hseftun (sic) iowih aellas to cynigaa 
3 under eyniges fore noma rainum 1^ gilimpe Sonnf low im cySnisse 14. gisottaS mec forton in 

heortnm lowrum ne ge tor Sence hu'tswa ge oudswoiigaS 15. ic fwSon selo iow mnJi 3 snytru Stem ne 

magun hia giondawom 3 wiS oweoSa aile TuSerTvorda lowre 16. gisald ge bioSon Sonw? from aldru;K 3 

broSrura 3 fno[n]dom 3 m^om 3 to deaKe acwellaS of low 17. 3 ge bioSon laSe allum fo*-e noma minum 

18. 3 hor of heofde iownim ne biS foHoren ]3. 3 on Sylde iowre settas ge sawle iowre 20. niiSJsy 

Sonne giseaS ge Ssette ymb-sald from herge liierust/f»t Son/;e wutas ge Ssette gineolicaS ftjrletnia i aireat-' 


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iscmten. Re- 21 pomie fleoS Oil Hiuntaa pSL 'Se on iudea 

diiitdiaoipuHs synt ] nvBer ne astia;aS ba Se on hyre mid- 
nms. Cum / - . . ■ .. f i. k 

autemuide- dele syiit. 1 into hyre ne magon pa t>e 

dariabSw^ fiar-ute synfc 

xu"ei^i3 to"" ^2 forpayji Se fis synt wrace dagas -f 

B. ealle fing syn gefyllede ]?e awritene synt ; 

23 SoSlice wa eaenigendum wife 1 feden- 
dum on ]?am dagum jjoniie biS mycel of- 
Iriccednys ofer eorSan. ] yrre Jjisum folce. 

24 7 big feallaS on swurdes ecge. :i beoS 
bgeftlingas on ealle j^eoda ; Hierusalem biS 
frajn Jieodum fortreden oS mseg^a tida synt 
gefyllede ; 

25 And beo^ tacna on sunnan 1 on mo- 
nan :i on steorru»i 1 on corSan. [feoda for- 
Jiriccednys. for gedrefednesse stes sweges. 

28 bifigendum mannnni. for ege 3 an- 
bide 'pe eallum ymbe-hwyrfte to-becumaS ; 
Donne beoS heofones myhta astyrede. 

27 1 fonne big geseo'S mannes snnu on 
lyfte cumende mid mycelum anwalde 1 
ma^gen-f rymme ; 

28 Donne J'as J?ing agynnaS beseoS 7 
eowre beafdu iip-ahebbaj^. forjjam ^e eower 
alysednes geNealEecS ; 

29 Da s^ede he him sum big-speL be- 
healdaS pmne iic-beawi- tl ealle trywu 

30 Jjonne hig wEostm brincgaS. ge witun 
f sumor ys gehende ; 

31 And ponne ge fas Jjing geseo^ wita^ 
■p godes rice is gehende ; 

Various Headings. 
21. A, lieora mydlene sjnd, A. synd (iwice). 22. A. 
synd (twice). 23. A. eacnicnduwi. A. Jiyssujw. 24. 
C. fellaS. A. sweordes. A. B. 0. sjn. 25. A. taonu. 
26. A. byfiendum. B. C. astyrude. 27. A. anwealde. 
28. A. om. «e. A. alys3dnys. 29. A. Jjone. A. 
treowa. 30. A. wjton, 

i [Luke. 

21 |;anne fleod on muntes |?a pe on iudea 
synde. "i niSer ne astige^ Jia f^e on hire 
midlene synd. 1 in-to here'^^ hus ne mugen* ^ 
pa. pe JjEcr-ute synden. 

22 for-Jian pe f'is synden wrsece dages. -p 
ealle |jing seen ge-fylde. pe awritene synde. 

23 SoSlice wa cacnigenden wife 3 feden- 
den on Jjam dagen jjanne beoS myehel of- 
]7ricodnys. ofer eor'Sen. 1 yrre |iisen folce. 

24 1 hyo failed on sweordos cgge. 3 beoS 
ha^ftlinges on ealicn Jjeodan. Jerusalem 
beoS fram |;eoden for-treden o^ m£eg|;a 
tide syen ge-fyllede. 

25 And beoS tacne on siinncn !l on 
monan 1 on steorren, 1 on eorSan ])eoda 
for-Jirecednyss. for ge-drefednysse. sres swe- 
ges 3 yrSa (sic) 

26 byfigengan manncn for eige "} an-bide 
ealle |!a ymbbe-hrifte (sic) to be-cuma'3. 
fanno byS beofenes mihte astirede. 

27 3 J'anne hyo ge-seoS mannes sune on 
lifte cumende mid michelen an-wealde "} 

28 J'anne J^as fing aginneS be-seoS ^ 
eowre heafde up ahebbe^. for-pam fe eower 
alysednesse ge-neahlsece'S. 

29 Da saigde he heom sum byspell. be- 
healdeS panne fic-beam. 3 ealle treowa. 

30 |!anne hyo WEestme bringe'S ge witeS 
■p sumer is ge-hende. 

31 .^nd |)one ge fas j?ing ge-seoS wita^ 
•p godes rice is ge-hende. 

Various Headings. 
21. )!on flooS ; inuntas; sjnt; astigaS; middelo synt; 
hire; E. om. hus; inageii; synt. 22. for-f-an* ; synt; 
wraoe dagas; syn ge-fyllede ; synt. 23. eacnigeodam ; 
fedenduitt ; dagnm ; )joiine biS mycel of-Jiriccednya ; eor- 
San; liismji. 24, hiefeallaS; awurdeaecge; ealle jieoda. 
Hierusalem. bii5 ; deodu7« (sic) ; od (sic) ; tida syn. 25. 
Bunnan ; steoiruw ; for-firicednys ; i8a. 26. bifigenduwi 
mannuffi ; ^e ealle [for ealie Jia] ; ymbehwyrfte ; ]>oitne ; 
heofones mihta astiride (sie). 27. fonne; miclielum. 
23. Doune; aginaS ; bsefde; alysednes. 29. ssegde; 
big-spell be-healdais Jjonne. SO, )jone ; bringaiS, 31. 

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Chap; XXI.] 203 

Soni!0 Ba So In iiiSea sindon -i" biSon fleaS In morum 3 iSa 8e on middiim liire of-stigasS 
21 *Timc qui in iudiea sunt futriant in monies et giii in medio eius desce[ii]daiit ' 253, ii. 

■■ o . m)._ (jExluill. 

5 Sa Se In londum biaon no in-gaaS in Sier forBon dagas wrEeceenise *a biSon ^te se gefj'lledo 

et qui in regionibws non intrent in cam 22 quia dies ultionis hi sunt ut impleantur 

alio BaSo auritteno sindon iv^ Bonwa Sajni beronduM 3 foedeiiduMt on Kfera dagam- 

omnia quae aciibta aunt 23 ^XJae autem praegnantibzis et nutrientibws in illis diebus ■ 234. ii. 

• bJ5 forSon ofer-sniBiiiaso !■ micelo on-wfa eorSo 3 wraiSSo folce aisswrt 1 gefallas liia In muKe 

*EEit enim praesura magna supra terram et ira populo huic 24 -j-Et cadent in ore ' 255. ii. 

suordes 3 geSeodo gelSeded biSon in &ile cynno'I'lissdno 3 hie»'M3a/^m aliened biS-tgehmSrad biis ii-owi hfednum -f 256. s. 
gladii et captiui ducentur in omnes gentes et hierusalem calcabitur ^ gontibus 

oKSset ae gefylled tido' Sara cynna 3 biSon beceno on aunna 3 mona 1 on tungluw 

donee impleantur tempera nationum 25 *Er erunt signa in sole et luna eb in stellis * 257, ii. 

mt. ocliiiii. 

■f hjedno i" hteSinra miS fore-sconding-I' suegiuignisso-lr sies 3 Sara ySana 
gentium prae confuasione sonitna maris et fluctuum 

Ssem forcmnYaeimm i monnnm fore egisa 3 bidea i basnang Ba Be ofef-cymmas allum 

26 arescentibi^ hominibtw prae timorem et expectation e quae superueniunt uniuerso 

oiiwscld niicla 3 Srymm 
potestate magna et maiestate 

onginnenduni eft-loeaB ir 3 ahebbaS heafda iuera foj-Kon goucolaceS 

incipientibiia *Kespicite et leuate capita uestra quoniam appropinquat redemtio ueatra ' Lxxxuil. 

3 cnoeiS liim onlicnisse 1" geseaB f fic-beam 3 alie treo miBBy forarbrengaS 

29 et dixit illis airiaiUtudineni iiidete ficulueam et omnes arbores 30 cum producunt 

TiTitedlice of bim wffisfcm witteB gie -fte neli is Be summer 6n Ba wisa sec gie niiBSy 

iam ex s6 fructum ' scitis quoniam prope est aestaa 31 ita et uos cum 

6 i' fte bia se aworden wuttaB gie ^te neb is 1- biS r:c godes 

fieri scitote quoniam prope est regnum dei 

21. Bonus SaBe ia iudpuoi sindnn fleas nn inoras 3 S^Be on middmn hire ne astigeS 3 BaBe on londura 
ue ingongfts in Ba 22. furSon dagaa wreenisse Baa sindun ^ so gifylled alio BaBo awritono sindun 

23. 'Vie Sonne B«iii berendiun 1 foedenduwi in Stem ilagum biB fortson of-awi8nissum mioelre oter eorSo 3 
wrfflSBo folcbe Bisaum 24. 3 fallaS hifo in muB swordana 1 giBiode to-dseled bioBon in alle cynn 3 

ahened laK from hmSaam Beodum oBBset sie gifylled Bio tid Sara cynna 25. 3 bioBon beceno on snnna 

3 mona 3 steon-a 3 on eorSo ofer-swiBnisse h£p<Snana miJS forscendinge swinsunge 3 sks 3 Sara ySana 
26, Biem for-cumnum monnian fore egsa 3 bides [*] basnunge BaBe ofer-cumaS alhiw hwjTfte forBon msegen 
heofna onwended biB 27. 3 Ba giseaB suna nionnea cymende in wolonum uiiS onwtelde miclum 3 Brjmrae 

28. Bwm wutudlfw onginnendum oft-loccigaB 3 ahubbaB heofodo iowre f'lrBon neolicaB onleanisse ioH'rum 

29. cwceB bim oiilicnisse giseaB Son^ ftc-beom 3 alio treo 30. miBBy forebrengaS ymtedlice of him 
wffiptim wataS ge Btette neb is Se sumor 31. on Ba wise 3 ge miSBy giseaJS 55as wosa wutaS ge ^ste 
neb biB nee godes 

CC 2 

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Dys godspel 
gebyraS on 
ftige- ' 

leftM waoai 
ofer pente- 
costec A. . 
uobia Be 
(lorda, ufstrai 
ill crapuia i 
ebj-ietate & 

32 SoSlice ic eow sccgc ■f J?eos cneo- 
res lie gewit ^r|?am pe ealle pas Sing ge- 

33 Heofen ] eorSe gewitaji so^lice mine 
word ne gewifcaS ; 

34 Warniaj? eow ]ie-liBs eower lieortan 
gehefegude syn on ofer-fylle "i on druncen- 
nesse 1 pises lifes carum "} on eow se fferlica 
deeg be-cume 

35 swa swa grin ; He be-cymj' on ealle 
pa, Se sifctaS ofer eorSan ansyne ; 

36 WaciaS on ulcere tide "i bidaS -p ge 
wurSe ayn, -p ge J^as towerdan ping for- 
fleon. ? standan beforan mannes suna ; 

37 SoSlice he WEca on deeg on pam to^rt- 
ple Iserende. 7 on niiit he eode 1 wunode 
on pa,rn munte pe ys gecweden oliuefci 

38 7 eall folo on morgen com to hi?^. to 
fam temple f hi hlne gehyrdon ; 


Dpsiiiisgio 1 T~\a soSlice gcneala^hte freols-dseg 

gBbpaS on T I ■ ■ T . 

nodnes tog -E— ^ azimorum se is gecweden eastre . 

paim'!^oan. 2 ^ j'ara sacerda ealdras 1 pa. boceras 
^nqiab^"^"' smeadon hu big iiine forspildon ; [So'SHee 
(.ntemdies j^jg adrcdon him -p folc ;] 

3 Da eode satanas on iudam. se wees 
oSre naman scarioth. an of pain twelfuw. 

4 pa, ferde he !I spsec mid J^ara sacerda 
ealdor-mannum "i duguSe ealdruwi hu he 
hine him 

Various Readings. 

32. A. cneorys. A. geweorSan. 33. B. C. Ileofon. 
34. A. py-lsea. A. ge-hefegode. A. drancemijsse. A. 
jjysses. 36. A. bjdcIaS. A. weoi-Se, A. toweardan. 
37. B. C. terynda 38. A. mergeu. A..liyg; B. 0. hig. 

Cap. xsii. 1. C. Sa [for Da, 6j/ mietahe]. A. eastron. 
2. 0. om. 7 be/ore jiava. A. jisera. Corpus MS. omits 
from SoSlice to folc, which is supplied from R C; A. 
has SoSliee hig ondredon hjm ^ folc. 4. A. api-Eec 
A, iitsrti. A, diigoSe. 

4 [Luke. 

32 SoSlice ich eow segge j? ]:ieos cneores 
ne ge-wit cer |7am pe ealle fas ping ge- 

33 Heofene eorpe ge-wite^ ; soSlice 
mine word ne ge-witaS. 

34 Wsernie^ eow pi-lfes eower heorten 
ge-hefegede synd on ofer-fylle "i on drunee- 
nesse T J?ises lifes carun J on eow syo se 
fterliee daig be-cume 

35 swa swa grin. He be-cymS on ealle 
pa pe sltteS ofer eorSan ansiene. 

36 wakie'3 on aelcere tido "} biddaS ■J ge 
wurSe syn. -p ge pas to-wearde ping for- 
flean "i standen be-foran mannes sune. 

37 SoSlice he wees on daig on pam temple 
Iserende. "i on niht he eode 1 wunede on 
pam munte pe ys cwe'Sen oliuetj. 

38 ;i eall folc com on morgen to him to 
pam temple Jjset hyo hine ge-hyrdon. 


1 l-^A soSlice ge-neahlacte freols-daige 
J azimorum se ys ge-cweSen eastre. 

2 1 pare sacerda ealdres ^ pa bokeres 
smasgdon hu hyo hine forspildon. SoSlice 
hyo adredden heom -p folc. 

3 Da eode sathanas on iudam se W£es 
oSre name scariot an of pam twelfen. 

4 pa ferde he "i sprsece mid pare sacerde 
ealdre mannen. "} Sugedo (sic) ealdren 
hu he hine heom sealde. 

Various Headings. 

32, io ; cuereos (sia) ; aJle. 33. ge-nitaS (keice). Si 
Warnia^ ; yeAms ; heortan gohefegude s jnt ; dnmcennysse 
caniiw ; do^. 35. sittaJ! ; eorSani (stc) aiisjiie. 3G 
waciaS. 37. f>e his ge-cweSen oliueti. 

Cap. ssii. I. ge-neahlachte ; -dssga. 2. (lara 

ealdras; boceras smeagdon; adreden. 3. satanaa 

nama; tweUwn. 4. spnec; sacerda ealdor-maiiniw/i 
Bugede (minil.); eajdrum; eom saelde. 

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Chap. XXI.] 20B 

soS is f ic eiioeSo inh ^te ne gelioroS i cneoreso S103 
32 amen dico uobis quia 11011 praeteribit generatio haec 

3 eorSo geliorad bi^on wordo u^tedlice mino no ofer-liora* 
et terra traiisibnnt iierba autem mea non transient 

oferfjllo 3 mis druunceu 3 gemnisusre Sisses lifes 3 
crapwla et ebrietate et curia huius uitae et 

ofer-cymaS on luih feer-lie i dsege Sio i Se dceg sueloe sSdo foiisoa ofer-cymeS 

superueniant in uos repentina dies ilia 35 tamcinam laqueua enim super-ueniei 

on sdtum SiiSe sittaS ofer onsione all eorSea wiecesea forSon alle_ tide 

in omnes qui sedent super faciem omnis terrae 36 uigiiate itaqise omni tempore 

gebiddande ^te gie se wyrSo to habbaniie gefleaune Sas alia Sa Se to-ojmendo isint i 1 stonda torn 
orantes ut digni habeamini fugere ista omnia quae futura sunt et stare ante 

s]uie monnes w!fA Soum dagum Iserende in temple ncelitum isa foerdo^r gewunade -l" 

filium hominis 37 erat autem diebua docens in templo yioctihiis uero esiens morabatnr 

on moro scSo geceigd is olebeiira more 3 all -p folc to him In temple 

in monte qui uocatur oliuctl 38 et omnis populus manicauat ad eum in templo 

^ _ ioime dfeg symbel dterstana seSe gecuoedcn ia eostrn 3 

1 *AppropinQuabat autem dies' festua aajmorum qui dicitur pascba 2 fEt '360.1. 

m.t. cclroiii, 

soliton aldormonwo eacerda 3 «a uS-uto bCiu hine acnoella mfeghton ondveardon forSon io. 'xiuidi, 

quaerebant principea sacerdotum et scribae quomodo eum interficerent timebant uero + 26I. i. 

$ folc in-foerde 6on«e se wiSerworda in iudas seSe is geceiged acarioth an of Ssem {^''i^njj' 

plebem S *lNtrauit autem satanas in iudam qui uocatur scarioth unura de duo- , lsxxuIII 

tuoel/?(W 3 foerde 3 sprenend Wica mis aldormoiiMwrn sucerda 3 Kruuni '<>■ <'™i' 

decim 4 *Kt abiit ct locutus est cum principibiss sacerdotum et magistratibi!.s * ^^^- "■ . 

nir. clx. 
buu hine mrohte gesealla him 

quem-ammodiim ilium traderet eis 

32. soS ic oveSo w -fte ne g loieS cue ic^wc ^ uS^et lie lia e 11 1 len 3 he fm 3 col's 

giliored bioSon word wutu 11; <■ m: 1 ne ofer lioreS 34 bihaidas ■^ nne 1 ill e%S fio ne se ahefg id 

heorte iowie on oferfjllo 3 dnmcenniese 3 genini«ie ftissea lifea 3 ofei cum'^is on lowih ferhce dogas Ssem 
35. swelce side f jfeon of^rcymeS on ilk 4i«e sittiis ofcj jnsione alle eorSo 3b W'scuis forSon ille 

tide gibiddende fie ge sie wjrSe to fleanne Sii ille ^■v^e tocymende amlun 3 stoi di5 loie ami monies 

37. wffig Sonne on dagum I«iende on tenipli nfehtnm ec foerde giwumde on more soSe ^i egel biS 

38. 3 all 8cet folc u>m m ar to bim m tempil 

Cap. Sill 1 gineohi-aS wut ^h e dmg Bjmbles Sara d'erstana Siit gice^ed liS coatru " 3 aohtin 

.from aider aaceidom 7 uSwutuT-? hu hine aeneUe m'«litun ondreuiun f *-5oi j; t L 3 noeiie Soii/^ So 

'wiSerworda hi ludeas sefee gictgel 13 scanojiisoa aa of Seem twelfim 4 3 foei le 3 fjitccndo v.'\.s nuS 

aldor-monnum Bara s^iceida 3 hrwmn hu hina m-ehte hme («)c) ■selh liim 

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5 And liig fagenydun 1 him weddedon 
feoli to sylleime. 

6 1 ke behet "i he sohte hu he ea'Selicust 
Iiinebe-93ftan JjEere menego gesealde ; 

7 Da com se da;g azimorum on pam hi 
woldon hyra eastron gewyrcan 

8 1 he sende petrum. 1 iohannem "} cwteS 
to hisra faraS !i gearwiaS us ■jS we ure eastron 
gewyrcon ; 

9 Da cwiedon hig hwar wylt tu 'p we 

10 1 he cwEeS to him ; Nu |;cenne ge on 
|ja ceastre gaS eow agen yrnS an man mid 
wceter-buce. iiligeaS him on 'p hus ]?e he 

11 3 secgeaS J?am hus-hlaforde ; Ure la- 
reow jie seg^ hwar ys eumena hua, far ic 
mine eastron wyrce mid minon leorning- 
cnihtu/« ; 

12 And he eow betsecS mycele healle 
gedsefte. gegearwia^ |!ara ; 

13 Da ferdun hig } gemettun swa he him 
SEedc. :J hig gegearwudun eastrun ; 

14 And j?a tima v/sea he S£et ^ his twelfe 
apostolas mid him 

15 1 he sSde him ; Of gewilnunge ic 
gewilnude etan mid eow Jjas eastron £er 
ic forS-fare ; 

16 Ic eow secge ■p ic heonon-for^ ne efce. 
£er hyt sy on godes rice gefylled ; 


5. A. fagiicdon: A. sjiJanue. 6. A. puts hjiie after 
hu he. A. eaSelicost; B. C. eaSelucust. A. mseiiio. 
7. A. adzimorum. A hig. A. heora. 8-. A. earwiaS, 
A. gewyrcan. 9. A. 3a [/or tu]. A. gegearwion ; 

C. gearwiaii. 10. A. |3onne. A. ongean. A. 3 filiaS 
l/or flligeaS]. 11. A, socgaS. A. ic uyme eastron. 3 
wjTce mjd mynam. 13, A. ferdon. A. gemetton. A. 
eai-wedon eastron. 14. A. twelf. 15. A. gewylnode. 

5 [Luke. 

5 And hyo fagenedon 3 hym weddeden 
feoh to syllene. 

6 7 he be-het. 1 he sohte hu he jeSelicest 
bine beften |?are manigeo ge-sealde. 

7 Da com se daig azimorum on J?am hyo 
wolden heore eastren ge-wyrcan 

8 "i he sende petre "} iohanne. 1 cwebS to 
heom. fared 7 gearewiaS us -p we ure 
eastren ge-wyrcen. 

9 Da cwaaSen hyo. hwffir wilfc J;u Jijet we 

10 1 he cwa;^ to heom. Nu |;anne ge 
on pa ceatre gaS ; eow an-gen eorn^ an 
man mid wffiter-buke. fylgie'S hym on -p 
hus J>e he inga'S ; 

117 segge^ Jjam hus-hlaforde. vre lareow 
pe segS. hwa;r ys eumena hus p^r yc 
min eastren wyrce mid mjnen leorning- 

12 7 he eow be-tEecS mycele healle ge- 
dsefte ge-garewiad J^ara. 

13 Da ferden hyo 7 ge-metten swa he 
heom saigde. 7 hyo gearewedon eastren, 

14 JEiud Jja time wses he sett } his twelf 
apostles mid hym. 

15 7 he saigde heom. Of ge-wilnenge ic 
ge-wilnede mid eow seten fas eastren ter 
ich forS-fare. 

16 Ic eow seggc piet ic heonen-forS ne 
eta. eer hyt syo on godes rice ge-fylled. 

Various Readings. 

5. Mod; fagenydou; weddedon; ByUeiinc. 6. eaSe- 
lueust ; bEeftaii ; menego. 7. hyra eastron. 8. petrum ; 
Iohannem; faraS; gearwiaS; eastron gewyrcan. 9. cwsb- 
Son ; ^et; geawian (sic). 10. JiEenno; ceastre; t^en 

yrnS ; -buce. fyhgeS. 11. 
minen leomig-cnilitan (sic] 
H.). 13. ge-metton ; 

14. tima; twelfe apostias. 

[^gaS; hwar; ic mine testron; 

12. gegarewiad jiara (as in 

tfegdo ; gearewudun eastran. 

15. SEede; geivilnunge; otan; 

eastron; icforS-fora. 16. set^e; heoDon-; ete. 

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Chap. XXII.] 207 

: gefeando woeron 3 Safando i wocron feh iiini to seallanne i geseaJlanne 3 geheht _ 3 

3 et gauisi sunt et pacti sunt pecumam illi dare 6 et spopondif et 

aohto ^ tidlicnisso ^te msehte seal/a hine buta Sffim hei^Mi euojw. $on«e i dtege dferstana 

quaerebat oportunitatem ut traderet ilium sine turbia 7 uenit autem dies azymorum 

in 8Eem i ned-Sarf wses ^te were gostegen i oostro 3 seiide petrM 

in qua necesse erat occidi pascha 8 et misit petru 

geongaS gearuas us eosti-o f te ive ett* soS liia enoedon huoer mlt J5u fte woo geaniia 

euntea parate nobis pascha ut mauducemus 9 at illi dixamnt ubi uls. paremus 

3 cuocS to Bjem heono Ina-iserendunt iuh i iw In SSa ceaatra to-gsegne lorneS iuli nioiin ombor 4' full 
10 ct dixit ad eoa ecce intro-euntibws uobis in ciuitatem occurrit nobis homo ampboram 

wsetros berende fylgeS Sono in liGs in Sseia ingadS 3 cuoeBas gie Siiem. tedir lliuidsc >1' 

aquae portans sequimini eum in domum in qua intrat 11 et dicetis patri- 

liiorodes hus he coeSea Se^ laruu Imer is -p gest-era Ker costro miS Sognum 

famclias domus dieet tibi magiater ubi est diuersorium ubi pascba cum tUscipulis 

3 he iuh ffid-eauaS symhol-hus ^ micel bedd i song 3 Sei" 

12 ct ipso uobis ostendet cenaculum magnum stratum et ibi 

„ „ misay foerdon gemoetton aua ciioeS J!fem i him • 3 gegearuadon eostro 

parate 13 euntes autem inueneruut sicut dixit illis ct parauurunt pascha 

3 miSSy aivorden woere ir wees «io ttd gessatt i gehlinade 3 toelfo aposio^o miS hine 3 

14 et cum facta easet hora discubuit et duo-decim apostoli cum eo 15 '^Kl * 

cuocS him willum ic wilnade Sis eoatro gebruccstito eattanne iuih miS Eer Son io Srowiga-tic Solega 
ait illia deaiderio desideraui hoc pascha manducare uobiscum ante-quam patiar 

ic coeSo forSon iuh ^ite from Sis ne hraoco ic f oSa ■pte gofyllcdo biSon in i-Tc 

16 *Dico enirii uobia quia ex hoc nou manducabo illud donee inxpleantur in regno - 

5 3 gifeiude ^eiun 3 Sa gifeande werun feh him to BcUanne 6 3 gi heht 3 sohte S'Btte tidhct. -fte 
mtehte selUn hine butan Sjem hergum 7 com Sonne d'!'^ Kara da.i-stana m S^m ned Barf wis ^-te 

were gi'ltCgen eostru 8 3 ?ende 3 cvmS ^cngiS geuiwigiS us eostru ^te we cto 9 mS 

\a^ ciiedun hwer w\ltu we gcoiwigi, 10 3 cwt.S to him 3 heono in ffiendum lowih m Sier ctstro 

togfflgncs lomeS low morni ombor falne weties horende fjl^aS ge him m hus Sum ingxS 11 3 cueist's 

ge i'^m feder hiorodea hns he cweSes Se larow hwei is S^et ^eat ern 6er e stni miS Sc„mii!i miniim 
11. biui-co 13 3 he ^teoweS low symbel hus micel bedd 3 Sor gegLorwigife 13 toerdun miSBy gimiettun 

awa cwieS Se h^hHt^ hini 3 georwidun eostiu 14 3 miSSj aworden Sio tid giset i-lJionade 3 

twelfe afosUlo miS hine lo 3 cirtoS Siiin wilhinj ic wilnile Sas eoatru to biuccince lowih nuS serSon 

10 Siowigj 16 10 cweSo forSon low Ssette of Sisse no bruco ic Bet oSBet giEylled bioSon m 

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17 And onfeng calice T Jiancas dyde 1 
cw^^ ; OnfoS :i dselaS betwux eow. 

18 SoSlice jc eow secge ■^ ic ne drince 
of J;ises win-geardes cynne ser godea nco 
cume ; 

19 And he onfengc hlafo ] fiancude I iilm 
sealde. 1 cwEeS ; Dia is min lichama. se is 
for eow geseald doS |jis on min gemynd ; 

20 And swa eac Jigene calie. sySSan he 
ge-eten ha;fde 1 cweoS ; Des cahc is niwe 
cy'Snys on minum blode so bi^ for eow 

21 Deah-hwasScre her is ftes I^wan hand 
mid me on mysan. 

22 3 witodlice mannes sunu gee^S £e[f]- 
ter |!am ^e hi«i fore-stihtud wses. feah- 
hwEeSere wa ]ja.m men pe he fiurh geseald 

23 And hi agunnon betwux hi?)i smea- 
gan hwylc of hi«i jS to donne wasre ; 

24 1 hi flitun betwux himi hwylc hyra 
wjere yldest ; 

25 pa s^de he hin^ cyningas wealdaS 
hyra j^eoda. 7 Sa Se anweald ofer hig 
habbaS synt frem-fulle genemned. 

20 ac ne beo ge na swa; Ac gewurSe 
he swa swa gingra se pe yldra ys betwux 
eow; And se pe fore-stjeppend ys beo he 
swylce he l^en sy ; 

27 HwEeSer ys yldra pe se pe SenaS pe 
se Se sitt. witudhce se Se sitt ; Ic eom on 
eowruTO midlene swa swa se pe SenaS ; 

Various Headings. 
17. A, botweos. 18. A. wya-eardcs. 19. A, onfeng. 
A. Jiancode. 20. A. jjone. B. 0. cjSnea ; A. gocySnjs, 
alt. to cjSnya. 22. A. B. C. sefter. A. -stihtod. 23. 
A. hig. A. betweox. 24. A, liig fljtoa betweos. A. 
heora. A. yldost. 25. A. hcora, A. sjnd. 26. A. 
geweorSe. A, betwoos. A. fore-atseppcnde. A. sig 
)?en Ifor (>Sn sj]. 27- A. syt (mice). A. wytodlice. 
A. oinita 2nd swa. 

i [LcKE. 

17 Eend on-feng caHce. Z Jianees dede ] 
cwEeS. On-foS 1 dailed be-tweose eow. 

18 SoSliee ic cow segge -p ich ne drinke 
of pmes wingearde kynne Eer godcs rice 

19 And he on-feng hlaf !) {jancode 7 heom 
sealde J cwEeS. pis ys myn lichame se is for 
eow ge-seald. do's jjis on minen ge-mynde. 

20 ^nd swa eac Jianne calic ; sySSen 
he ge-eten hafde 1 cw^eS. Pes calic is niwe 
cytSnis on minen blode se beoS for eow 

21 Dab-hwsedere her ys ]?es Itewen hand 
mid me on myssan. 

22 ] witodlice manne (.sic) sune gjeS 
seffcer ]jam pe him for-stihteS w^s. Deah- 
hwEeSere wa pani men Jie he |)urh ge- 
seald beoS. 

23 A.nd hyo ongunnen be-tweox heom 
smsegen hwilc of heom ■f to donne w^re. 

24 ./End hyo fiiten be-tweoxe heom hwilc 
heore wsere yldest. 

25 Da saide he heom kyninges wealded 
heore Seode. And j?a pe anweald ofer hyo 
h^ebbeS synde fremfulle ge-nemnede 

26 ac ne beo ge na swa. Ac ge-wurSe 
he swa swa gingre se Se yldre ys be-tweox 
eow. And se forsteppend ys beo he swilce 
he fein syo, 

27 HwEeSer ys" yldre se Se SenaS pe se 
pe sytt, witodlice se pe sit. Ic eora on 
eowren midlene swa swa se pe penaS. 

Various . 

17. J^ancaa dyde ; diekS be-tweox. 18. ic no drince ; 
wingeardes ejnne. 19, Mad; laf; fancude; miii gemynd. 
20. {lonne; gjSfeara; licefde ; minum. 21. Dcah-hwse- 

6ore; J-res Isowan ; inyaaa. 22. mannes; for-stihted. 
23. ongunnoii be-tmis ; smeagan. 24. befwiis. 25. 
SKgde; cynningas wealdcS Jiyora geade; habbaS synt. 2G. 
gingra; yldra; betwux; JEnd; Jien sy, 27. HweSer;. 
yldra ;^ sitt [/or sit] ; eowrum. 

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Chap. XXII] 20g 

7 DiiKSy onfeng Saim cegIco Eoncgiinga dyde J cuoeS onfoaS 5 ' todeelas bitueu i iuili -f 
17 et accept calico gratias egit et dixit accipite et diuidite inter uos 

•pte ne drinco ic of cjnne ■1' cneoveso wiiigeardoa oS -p ric godos 

quod non bibam de generatione uitia donee regnura del 

gecyme ^ miSSy oiifoiig' hlaf Soncgiinga dyde 3 gebrtecg 3 salde him coeKeude 8us Sia ia 

ueniat 19 *Et accepto pane gratias egit et fregit et dedit eis diceiis hoc est * 266. i. 

mt. eolsssim. 

licLoma mm ^ hte idi said biS Sia loa« on minuji efne gemynd i" ongelic m in 

corpus niBum quod pio iiobia ditiu boi. fi ite in mLim corainemoiationem 20 *Siniiliter * 26 u 

3 Sone cielic seft^* 8oti 8e gehnoidade cuoeS '^is is ct1<. nma c^Sii'ise^ in blode imnini 

et calicem postquion cenauit dicen hi., e&t cihi muuni te'-t^mentum in baUj^unii, nieo 

■pte fie iih igotten so« huoeSie hoeSre bond Skb aellenndes mec mec miS is on disci 

quod pit) ulJ a funlctui 21 *ULium tamen ecce manus tradentis me me(,uni e t in menia • 2efi i 

mt cel-ixi 
7 ac s a simu mmnes ^ft j ^te geenJit -t- u gaeS ■5' wS huoeJ^ie we 8em n enn ^^^ *I^ '- 

22 et quilem hhua bom nis ccundum qnod dehuitum est u^dit ueiimtamen uao illi bjmini 

Seih 8one gesill bi8 1 ^aihia ongunnon sceca bituih him hueic weio of him seSe 8is 

pel quern tiadetui 23 *Et ipsi coLpamt quaereie inter h6 quia e^set ex eis qui hoc * 3P9 i 

doend weio avoiden wes -Bi 3 geflit bituih him huolc hiora geaeen ■woereio fy,„ 

fictuiiis est-et 24 *Fi,tta et,t lutem et contentio mtei eo3 quis eoRiin mderetur ebse 'lxxxdiUI 

270 11 
! ai^ 1" cixS '^i hii CTiiingas h-pSna geonwieldal bAon-tniaS hioia 3 iS%Se on^'^'d t™^ ^^^r^, 

maioi 2o dixit autem eis leges gentium dominantur eorum et qui potes- 

mjeht hall ^S oiet hia wel fremmei de 1 geeeigcd biSon oiu imt fh e i o 8 sc ah seSo hen 1 raiv& 

tatem habent "^upti eis benefici uoc-tutui 2b los autciii ion -iil s^d ^ui iiaoi 

is m iiih oie ati4e 8e oingesti-1' 3 seSe foJoMui^- is s lelco emleMere ffSonlhieaei 

est 111 noli fiit s] ut luniur et q i jiaeces^oi est sic it mini ti itci 27 *I\ m 'Is 

huelc hera is aeSe gehhnaS 4- o'^Ba seSe embehtaK dine aeSe f,e/resta,« ic xraledh IS nm on 
quis miior ebt qui recumbit in qui ministiat nunue qui icc mbit ej^o autem m 

imddum lueni im su<e seSe emleltaB* 
me ho u-- tiuui um sicut ^u mm tiJ.t 

17. 3 oD-feng Ssem calice Boneunge dyde 3 cwscS onfoaS 3 to-dn'laS bitwih iow 18. ic civeSo forSon 

iow Scette no drinuo io of cncoreswa wingeaitlea oSS^et nee godea cyme* IB. 3 onfeng hlafe Soncunge 

dyde 3 braio 3 salde him cweSende ftis is licboma min fte fun iowih said biS Sis doa* on minuia 
eftie-gimynde 20. on-gilic 3 fcnn? calic a.-ftei: Sou Sa girioniade cwseS isis is celc niowe eySnisse in blode 

minum Siet fore iowih agoten biS 21. aoS-hwoSro lieonu hund Sfes sellende miS mee ia on disce 

22. 3 ee anno monnea (efter Batte giendad ia gseS ao6-hweSre wte Bsem menn Berh Sone giaald bife 

23. 3 Sa ongunnun soeca bitwih hijrt hwelo were of him aeSe isia duonde were 24. aworden wws ia, 
giUitt bitwih him hwele hiora gisegen were mara 25. cw£e« Sa him cjnigas hseSna giomwelded bioSon 
hiora 3 6aBe on-wfeld hahhaS ofer hise welfremende gicegde 26. ge viatedUce ne swa ah seSe mara ia in 
iow sie swa mara (sic) 1 f-eSe fyj-elatow ia awa emboht-mon 27. focgnn hwele mara ia soSe gihIiocaS i 
aeSe embihtas ah ne seSe gihlionaS ic wutudi/,;^ in middum iowrum am swa eeSo embilitaS 

D D 

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28 Ge synt pe mid me f urh-wunedon on 
minum geswincum 

29 3 ic eow dihte swa min feder me rice 

30 -f ge eton Z drincon ofer mine mysan 
on minum rice "i ge sitton ofer frym-setl 
demende twelf mseg^a israhel ; 

31 Da cweeS drihten. Simon Simon. 
nu satanas gymde -p he eow hridrude swa 
swa hwffite ; 

32 Ic gebsed for pe ■f Bin geleafa ne ge- 
teorige ; And f'u ret sumiim cyrre gewend 
Uryme |?ine gebroSru ; 

.33 ©a cw^S he drihten, ic eom gearu 
to farenne mid Jjb. ge on cwertern ge 
on dea^ ; 

34 Da cwesIj he. ic secge pe petrus. 
ne Gr£ew|f se hana to-dSg ter fu me ^t- 

35 Da cwseS he to him fa ic eow 
sende butan seode 3 codde 3 ge-sey webs 
eow Eenig f ing wana ; Da cweedon big nan 

36 Da cwEeS he. ac nu se pe bfefS seed 
gelice nime codd. 1 se Se n^fS sylle his 
tunecan 1 bicge him swurd; 

S7 So'Slice ic eow secge f gyt scyl beon 
gefylled -p be me awriten is. 7 'f he mid 
ribtwisum geteald wfes. witudlice fa fing 
pe be me synt habba'S ende ; 

38 And hig cwajdon. drihten. her synt 
twa swurd 7 he cwseS f ys ge-noh; 

Various Bea dings. 

28. A. synd. C, JmrS-. 30. A. etan. C. .yrm-setl. 

31. A, hrydrode. 32. A. ateorie, alt. to geteorio; B. 
geteorie. A. getrjrae {for Kryme]. A. gebro«ro. 33. 
B. C. lavanne. A. cweartern 36. A. he nyme \_for 

nime]. A. sweord. 37. A. sceal. A. ryhtwyaum (nit. 
t« unryhtwysum). A. witodlioe. A, sywd. 3S. A. 

synd. A. sweord. 


28 Ge synden pe mid me furh-wunedan 
on mineii ge-swincben. 

29 1 ic eow dihte swa min fader me rice 

30 -p ge Eeten 7 drincan ofer mine mysan 
on minen rice 7 ge sitten ofer frim-settel 
demende twelf msegSe israel. 

31 Da cwteS drihten. symon symon nu 
sathanas gyrnde psBt he eow riddrede swa 
swa hwjete. 

32 Ic ge-bffid for pe p fin ge-leafe ne ge- 
teorige. .j^nd fu £ct surae eyre ge-wend 
>tryme fine broSre. 

33 Da cwEeS he drihten ic eom gjere 
to farene mid pe ge on cwarterne ge on 

34 pa cwieS he. Ic segge f e petrus ; ne 
cnew'S se coc to-daig Eer pn me eet-secst 

35 pa cwee'S he to heom. Da ich eow 
sende buton seode ^ codde. 3 ge-scy. wses 
eow anig fing wane. Da cwjeSen hyo nan 

36 Da cwffiS he. ac se fe heefS seed 
gehce nyme codd. 7 se f e nsefS sylle hys 
tunecan 7 begge hym sweord. 

37 So'SIice ich segge eow -p gyot seel 
byon ge-fulled. -p be me awriten ys. 1 f 
he mid rihtwisan ge-teald wa3S. Witodlice 
fa fing f e be me synd h^bbe'S sende. 

38 3 hyo cwm'Sea. drihten her synde 
twa sword, "i he cw. fast ys ge-noh. 

Various j 


28. synt ; minum geswencam. 29. &eder. 30. ten 
[mc; fnr eeten]; minum [for minai]; -setl demenda. 
31. satanas, 32. ge-teorie, 33. gare; faran; cwser- 
terne, 34, hana [for coc]; :«t-»acgt Jriwe. 35. ic; 
wana. 35, bygge. 37. gyt; rihtwisum ; sjnfc; ende. 
38. cwaSiin; siud; swurd. 

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Chap. XXII.] 2U 

gie VMie-Mice aron SaSe Serh-wunadon mec mi« 
28 uos autem estis qui permansistis mecum 

ic to-sceado iuh auat to-aceadde me freder miB ^ ric ^5te ^c eta 3 drincga 

ego dispono nobis sicut disposiiit mihi pater meus regnum 30 ut edatis et bibatis 

on * aier bead * disc niTn in ric : gie sittaS nfer heh-sedlo dSemendo tuoelf stryndum 

super mensam meam in regno *Et sedeatis super thronos iudicantes duo-decim tnbiM • 272. n. 

isralie^ cuoeK Sa driliten siinon simon heono se wiSerworda gesohta i iuih ^ite awoxe * 

israel 31 *Ait autem dojmnMs simon simon ecce satanas espetiuit uos ut cnbraret • 273. s. 

sure hiwete ic wiedliee geb£ed fore Sec ^te ne sceorti^ * geleafo Sia 3 «G 

sicut triticum 32 ego autem rogaui pro t^ ut non deficiat fides tua *Et tu • 274. uitii, 

huiluwi \ o8er huile gecerred bist getrymeg broSro Sino seSe cuoeS him drih^^w Sec mi8 gearo 

aliquando conuersus confirma fratres tuos 33 *Qui dixit ei domine tecum paratus • SC, 

., , , . „ ^ . mt.celsxxuiiii. 

ic am J in care-erne J sec In doaSe geonga :i he cuoeS ic cuoeSo se_ petrs ne ^^_ gj^^ 

sum et in carcerem et iu mortem ire 34 et ille dixit dico tibi petrae non io. cxxui. 

singes -t todfege ae bona oS 15te «ria Su onsseccest ISte 6u wistea -t cuSes meh 3 cuoeS bim XonwB -t Sa 

cantabit bodie gallua donee t^r abneges nosse me 35 *Et dixit eis quando • 276. x. 

ic sende Iuih. buta aeame 3 met-bielig 3 scoeian bnoeSer* huoShuoegu woerewona* iah soK Ma 

missi uos sine sacculo et pera et calciamentis num-quid aliquid defuit uobis at illi 

cuoedon noht cuoeS forSon i him ah huoeSre nu se8e IitefeB fi seam nioma gelw 3 

diserunt nihil 36 dixit ergo eia sed nunc qui habet sacculum tollat similiter et 

■p metbffilig 3 se«e ne bsefeS bebyege* ^ cj-rtcl . his 3 bjgeS ^ suord ic cuoeBo \m.tedlice 

peram et qui non habet uendat tunicam suam et emat gladium 37 *Dico autem • 277. uiii- 

iuh ^ite * foj-Kon Saffet * Sis ^ awritton is gerise? * ^te se gefyUed In mec 3 -fte miS 

uobis quoniain athuc hoc quod aeribtum est oportet implori in me et quod cum 

unsoSfiestnm ge-teled i wjes 3 forSon Sa SaSe sint ■J' biSon of mec oiide habbaS soS hia 

iniustis deputatus est etenim ea quae sunt de me finem habeut 38 *At iUi ' 278. x. 

cuoedon drihfen heono suordas tuo^e her soS he ouoeS bim genoh is 
dixerunt domme ecce gladii duo hie at ille dixit eis sat est 

2S. low wutudli'ca arun SaSe Serb-wunadun mec miS on swencum i cnstungum minum 29, 1 ic to-aceodo 

low swa to-sccodii mec fwder niin rice 30. -pte gieotaa 3 drincas ofe*' 1' on beyde 1 disce minum in rice 

3 ge aittaa ofer heh-sedle doemmende twelfe atrynduire israhela 31, cwaeS Sa Se hselcnii synion Saa aymon 

heono Se wiSerworda 3 gisohte iomb ^ite awose swa hwsete 32. ic Sonne gibeed fore Sec ^>te . . scortige 

gileofa Sin 3 Sn hwilujM i oSer bwile gicerred bist gitryme broSer Sine 3 gibiddas fte ne gae in costunge 
33. seSe cwseS dfiWcH Sec miS gearo ic am 3 in carc-em. 3 eo in deoS gonga 34 be cwieS ic cweSu Se 

petrua ne swigaS to dsege Se bona oSSret Srige «u ssecea Siet Sn cuSes mec 35. I cwseS him Sonne 

i[c] sende iowih buta seome 3 metb^lge 3 scmim liwtet hwoegnu were wona iow soS hia? cwednn noht 36. cwieS 
fiirSon him ah hweSre seSe hrefeS ionjic seom nimeS gilice 3 Sone met-bselig 3 scSe ne heofeS sword gibyt^e 
cyrtel his 3 bygeS sword 37. io cwoSo furSon iow -fte 1 forSon Sagett Sis Sfette awriten is giriseS gifylled 

in mec Sipt miSSy unsoSfasstuwi giteleJ is 3 f(irSon Sa KaSe sindun of me ende habbaS 38. so3 bia 

cwednu drihten heonu twoeg aworde her aoS he cww:S him genog ia 

DD 2 

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39 And Eefter gewunati he ut-eode on 
jJEene munt oliuarum f ys ele-bergena. ] 
his leorning-cnihtas him fyligdon; 

40 And ps, he com to Jisere stowe he 
ssede him. ge-bidda^ f ge on costnunge 
ne gan; 

41 And he Wies fram him alocen swa 
mycel swa is anes stanes wyrp. 1 gebige- 
dum cneowum he liyne gebsed 

42 1 cwffiS; Fffider gif pxi wylt. afyr 
fysne calic frani me feah-hwEeSere ne ge- 
wurSe min wiila ac l^in; 

43 pa Eet-ywde him godes engel. of heo- 
fone 1 hyne gestrangode 

44 1 he W£es on gewinne !! hine lange 
gebied 1 his swat wjes swylce blodes dropan 
on eor^an yrnende. 

45 "} pa, he of gebede aras "i com to his 
leorniiig-cnihtum he hig funde sl^epende for 

46 'i he sfede him. hwi slape ge. arisaS 
"i biddaS ge on costunge ne gan ; 

47 Him fa fa gyt sprecendu??^ fa com 
•f wered T him to-foran eode an of faw 
twelfum se wses genemned iudas !! he ge- 
nealsehte fam hselende -p he hine cyste; 

48 Da cwebS se htelend iudas. mannes 
sunu f u mid cosse sylst ; 

49 Da gesawon fa Se him abutan ■wseron 
■p fair towerd wk;s "i cwEedon. drihten. slea 
we mid swiirde; 

Vario^is Readings. 

39. A. gewtma. A. )!one. 40. A. ))a steder/or atede]. 

42. A. geweorSa 43. A. heofene. 45. A. inserts \\b 

after com, ahovs Hie line. A. unrotnyase. 46. A. hwig. 

A, costnuDge. 47. B, speconduMi. 49. C. habutan. 

B. |)ai-, A. toweard, B, sloawo [for slea we], A. sweorde. 

i [Luke. 

39 j.End Eefter ge-wunen he ut-geode on 
fanne munt oliuarum. f ys elebgerena 
{do). ] his leorniqg-cnihtes hym fylgdon, 

4,0 1 fa he com to fare stowe he ssede 
heom. ge byddaS -f ge on costnenga ne 

41 And he w,t39 fram heom aloken swa 
mycel swa.ys anes stanes werp. ^ ge-beig- 
den cneowen he hine ge-bseS. 

42 1 cwseS. Fader gyf fa wilt ; afyr 
fisne calic fram me feah-hwee'Sere ne ge- 
wurSe min wille ac fin. 

43 Da tywde [sic) him godes ^ngel of 
heofene ^ bine ge-strangode. 

44 3 he wses on ge^winne. !i hine lange 
ge-ba;d. Z his swat wses swilce'* blodes * 
dropen on eorSe eornende. 

■ 45 1 fa he of ge-bede aras ; ] com to hys . 
leorning-cnibten. he hyo funde slsepende 
for sarignesse. 

46 :i he saide heom ; hwi slsepe ge ; 
ansa's ] biddaS f jet ge on costnunge ne gan. 

47 Hym fa fa gyt sw^eccenden {sic), pa 
com -f wered T him to-foren eode an of f am 
twelfen. se wtea ge-nemned iudas. 1 he 
ge-neablahte fam haelende f he hine keste. 

48 Da cwseS se heelend. judas. mannes 
sune f u mid cosse sylst. 

49 Da ge-seagen fa fe hym abuton 
wEoren. fist feer toward wees 1 cwKiSen. 
drihten sla we mid sweorde. 

Various Readings. 

39. -eode; JiKne; eleberena (a^t^j'erf to elebgerona, ijjr 
stead (if to elobei-gena) ; -cnihtaa; fyligdon. 40. t>ara; 
costnunge. 41. iBnd; aloeea; wyrp; ge-bygduwi 

cneowuM ; gebseed. 43. setywde ; engel ; heofone, 

44. swylce? (sic); yraende. 45. -cnihtum; heo; «n- 

rotnysae [for sai-iguesse]. 46. ssede eom. 47. speccen- 
dum; to-forau; twelfum; ge-neahlKcte ; cyato. 48. 

halead. 49. gesawen ; abutan wreron ; toweard ; cwse- 
6on ; alawe [/or sla we] ; swurde. 

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Chap. XXII.] 213 

5 missy wses fasrendc eade 5Sa icfter gewuna i 

39 *Et egressua ibat secundum consuetudiu 

5a i wiiedlice hine Eec Sa Segnaa 7 miSBy Serli-cuomo to stone euoeS him gsbiddas 'o- •'l"'- 

autem ilium et discipuli 40 *Et cum peruenisset ad locum dixit illis orate * 280. ii. 

■fte gie ne inngae in costunge 3 ho gcfeaM*adi"wses from liitu sua micle woerp-l'wyrp is stanes 

ne intretis in temtationem 41 *Et ipse ^uulsus est ab eis quantum iactus oat lapidis *28l.i.__ 

3 mis gesetnum cneouM?. gebied cuoeS fador gif Kii welle i ofsr-leor calic Siosne frowi mec io. clxi, 

et poaitia erenibws orabat 42 dicens *Pater si ufa trans-fer calicem istuni £ me * 382. i. 

ml' dxmi^' 
Ecd-eaude Sa iiim so cncgel ofrom,(eie) io. luii. 
43 *Apparuit autem illi angelus de caelo • sea, x. 

3 awnrden wies in gecomp 3 suise loiigo gobied 3 aworden wies suat his 
44 et factiis est in agonia et prolixius orabat et factus est sudor eius 

SBEs -!■ droppo blodes ioraendes i on eorSu 
sicut guttae sanguinis decurrentis in terram 

ge-cuome to ^egtmm his geniitte hia slepende iore unrotnisse 3 cnoeS him hu^d 

uenisset ad discipulos sues inuenit eos dormientes prae tristitiam 46 et ait illis quid 

slopes gie ajisa* gebiddaS -fte gie ne Incgconga In oostuncs'e ■I' in gesuoenc^e forSor Saget hijie spreccende 

dormitis surgite orate ne intretis in temtationem. 47 *Ath.uc eo loquente * 2S5. i. 

heono ^s here i Sa menigo 3 eeBe geeoiged wses iudos an of Stem tuoelfnm foj-e-foerde i hia 1 ge-neo- io. eluiii. 
ecce turba et qui uocabatur iudas unus de duo-decim ante-cedebat eos et appro- 

lecde Se h^dend Jto gccysto hine se hislend Ba mioeS him la iudas miS cosse snnu 

pinquauit iesu ut oscularetur eum 48 *IasMa autem dixit ei iuda osculo lilium * 286, ii. 

monnes Ku sellea ge-sogon mtt^dlice 3a tSaBe jmb hine woeron ^ite towoeard wjes 

hominis tradis 49 *Uidentes autem hf qui circum ipsum erant quod futurura erat * 287. i 

cuoedoii him drih^eji giE woe geaISs -t huoeSer mota wo geslaa in auorde io. ols, 

dixerunt ei domine si percutimus in gladio 

39. 3 miS-Bj n.v,3 gongende after giwuna hia on mor oele-bearwes fylgende weriin wiitudlii;u Sa him 3 Begnas 
his 40. 3 laiSBy Berh-uonion to Btowe cwEeB him gibiddaS f ge ne gij" in costunge 41. 3 he 

gifean-ad wtes from him swa mioel \Tyrp staiios is 3 miSSy gisetnun comun gili£ed 42. cwebS f^er gif Su 

wclie ofefliora Sons oalic Biosne from me soB-hweSro ne min willa ah Bin sie 43. Kt-eowde 6a him ehgel 
of heofne gitvymede hine 44. 3 awordes (m) wtea in geeo[i»]p 3 swiSe longe gibsed 3 aworden wtea swat hia 
swa dropo blodes iornende on eorSo 45. 3 miiSy arisen wtea from Ssem gibede 3 gicom to Begnum his gimitto 
hiio slepende tore un-rotnisse 46. 3 cwseS Ssem arisaS 3 gibiddaS Bset ge ne gte in costunge 47. to 

him spreeende heono Be here 3 seSo giceged wtea iudas ana of Bfem twelfuj/s fore-foei'de hise 3 to-ginoniiLddim 
Stem Ji£ele?(</e -f he gioyate hine 43. Be haileftd ionnf cwieB him la iudas miS coase Suno moimes Su 

aeles 49. gisegun wutudhVij tsa Ba.Be yrab hme werun fca^tte toword wass cwedun him drSiien gif Be sollaB 
gi-sla mi8 sworde 

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50 Da sloli hyra an l>ara sacerda ealdres 
Jieow 1 hys swySre eare of-acerf ; 

61 Pa ^swanide se hislend Ijeta^ |^us; 
"J pa he Bet-hran hys eare he hy t geha^lde ; 

52 Da cweeS se htelend to pam ealdor- 
mannum :i to fajji witum "] f^s temples 

repeats ealdrum; Ge ferdon swa swa to* anu-ni 
scea'San mid swurdum "i mid sahlum "f ge 
me gefengon; 

53 Da ic Wfes dgeg-hwamHce on temple 
mid eow, ne af^enedon ge eower handa 
on me. ac fis is eower tid ^ fystra an- 

54 Da namon hig hine 1 Iteddou to J^rera 
sacerda ealdres huse. 7 petrus fyligde feor- 

55 And petrns wees mid him on mid- 
dan pam cafertune. pax hig set paan fyre 
SEeton ; 

56 Da hine geseah s\im J>inen set leohte 
sittende 1 hine beheold. pa, cwteS heo. "i 
pes w£es mid him ; 

57 Da Eet-soc be 3 cwEeS. eala wif ne 
can ic hyne; 

58 And J^a embe lytel hine ge-seah 
oSer. 1 cwEeS. pn eart of him; Da cwge^ 
petrus eala mann ic ne eom ; 

59 1 pa, Eefter lytlum fsece swylce anre 
tide, sum o^er se^de "} cwss'S ; So'Slice pea 
wtes mid him. ■witodlice he is galileisc ; 


50. A. heora. A. f-fera. A. of-acearf. 51. A. :i5wa- 

rode. 52. 0. repeats to {as does the Corpns MS.). A. 
sweordnm. 53. B. anwa]d. S4 B. ^Eira. 58. A. 
jmbe. A. C. man. 59. A. seSde (as in text), B. s . . de 
{two letters erased ; altered to aeisde in pencil). 

t [Luke. 

50 Pa sloh heore an fare sacerda ealdres 
I^eow "} his swiSre eare of-akarf, 

51 Da andswerede se hielend Iseted fus. 
'i fa he set-ran his eare he hit ge-hjelde. 

52 pa cwEe^ se hselend to f^am ealdor- 
mannen 1 to f am witon 1 to ftas temples 
ealdren. Ge ferden to me swa swa to anen 
sceaSen. mid sweorden. "i mid sseglen. 
-f ge me ge-fengen. 

53 Da ich wtes daighwam-Iice mid eow 
on J;am temple, ne ajjeneden ge eower 
handa on me. ac Jjis ys eower tid 3 peostre 

54 Da namen hyo hine ^ liedden hyne to 
pare aacerde ealdres huse. ] petrus felyg- 
ede feorran. 

55 And petrus wres mid heom on mid- 
dan pam cafertune figer hyo get pam fyre 

56 Da bine ge-seab sum pinen set leohte 
sittende 1 bine be-beold. pa cweeS hye. 7 
pes wies mid hym. 

57 Da £et-soeh he. 7 cw. eale wif ne 
can ich hine. 

58 5 pa embe litel bine ge-seah oSer. 
7 cwgeS. pn ert of heom. Da cwse'S petrus. 
eale man ic ne eom. 

59 7 pa sefter litlen faece swilce anre tide 
sura o^er saigde 1 cwjeS. SoSlice pes wtes 
mid eom. witodhce he ys galileisc. 

Various Headings. 

50. hjora ; jiara ; swySere ; -acearf, 51. iteteS, 

52. halend; -mannum; R. om. to before jjas temples; 
ealdrum ; ferdon ; anum seeaSum ; aweordum. ; saglam. 

53. ic ; dKigliwamlice ; aj^enedon ; fieaatra, 54. naman ; 
)jara sacerda ; fjligde. 65. MiicL 56. hyo ; eom. 
57. et-soc; eala; ic. 58. eala mann. 59. litiumffece; 
seede ; galileis (mc). 

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Chap. XXII.] 218 

3 geslog enae -J" an of Sipm esno aldorraonnea aacerda 3 to-cearf ear-!ippricco 

50 et percussit uDua ex illis seruum principis sacerdotum et amputauit auriculam. 

liis Sio suiSro geondsuarade Sa ae henXend cuoeS foHotas i: blinnaS wiJS liidei' ^ 3 miSBj 

eiu3 dextram 51 *Ilespondeiia auteni iesus ait sinite uaqwe hue et cum " 

to him aldormenn ancerda 1 laruas temples 1 iSa seldesto susa J' to hreafere gie cuoraon ((,_ (.jsj, 

ad s4 principes sacerdotum et magistratus tempU et seniores quasi ad Utronem existis 

miKSy dEegliufemlioe iuih miS Ic woere -l" in temple 3 ne rahton ^et 
53 cum cotidie uobiscum fueram in templo nou extendiatis 

hondo In mec ah Sioa is tid iuera 3 mteht gioatraiia efne-gelahton ^■ 

manua in me sed haec est bora uestra et potestas tenebrarum 54 *Com-preheiidentes " 2S0. i. 

SotwM hiiie Iseddon to liuae aldormomies sacer<?a petrMS uatedlue t sec gefclgde fearra ' j^ eixsiiji. 

auteni eum duxeruni ad domum principis sacerdotum *retrus uero sequebatur i, longe * 291. i. 

to-geboetad wfes mitedlice i Sa fyr on middiun ctefer-tune 3 ymb-sittenduwi Ssem wais petrm on j^^ gijiuii, 

55 accenso autem igni in medio fitrio et circum-sedentibws illis erat petrua in 

middum hiora *one miSBy gesseh i gosege Biua -Ir Signen mmm sittcnde to leht 3 

medio eorum 56 quera cum uidisset ancilla quaedam sedentem ad lumen et 

miSBy woero hio sceaunde liine ciioeS 3 Ses miS liine ■wjes soS lie onsiic hino cuooS 

cum fuisset intuita dixit et hie cum illo erat 57 at ille negauit eum dicens 

of him-i-Bsem arS ^petrus sec ir xmUdlice euoeS la monn ne am ie 3 ymb huile was aworden ^ io. claiii, ' 

de illis es potrus uero ait d homo non sum 59 et iuteruailo facto 

auelce anea tides oBer sum geti^mede cuocB soBlice 3 Boa miS hine wees forSon 3 

quasi hor^e unius alius quidam afflrmabat dicens uere et hie cum U!o erat nam et 

50. 3 slog enne of Bfem eane aldormonnea sacerda 3 to-oeorf ear-liprica his Bset awiSra 51, giondaworade 
wntztdiice Be heeleni^ cwasB for-letaS wiS hider 3 miB gihran ear-lipriea hia gihselde hiiie C2. cweeB Sa Be 
hselewrf to liim SaSe comun to him aldor sacerda ? larwaa temples 3 Ka seldesto swa swa to roofero ge comun 
mis swordum 3 aten^um 53. miJSSy dajghwremlice iowih miS wees in temple ne rahtun ge honda on mec 

ah Bios is tid iower 3 mseht Biostrana 54. efne-girahtun Bonne hine Iteddun to huse aldor-monnea sacerda 

petrus wutudh'ce fyligde fearra 55. giboeted wses Sa fyr on middum cajfertune J ymb-sitendum B£em wses 

.... in midduwi hiora 56. Bone miBSy gisceh Biowa sum gittende to lehte 3 hio wses acomende hine 

cwffiB 3 Sos raiS hind wass 57. aoS he onsoc hine cweBende wif ne con ic hine 68. eeftor lytlum 

hwile oBer gisreh hine cwseB 3 Bu of Basm avB petras ec wutudKce cwseS la nion ne an (gie) ic 59. 3 efter- 
sona aworden wres swelce tide an oSero sum gi-trymide cwseB aoBlice 3 Bes miB hine wfes forSon 3 galilesc is 

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* MS.gGmne, 
loith part of 

60 Da cw£e^ petrus. eala man nat ic 
hwEet pu segst; And jia liig -p spra3con 
samniriga se liana creow, 

61 fa drihten bewende hine "i beseah to 
petre. Da gemunde petras drihtnes wordes 
pe he cweeS. -f Su mm £et-SEecst. friwa 
to-dffig ler se hana era we; 

62 Da eode petrus ut 1 biterlice weop. 

63 !I pa, Se fsene bselend heoldon bine 
bysmrodon 1 beoton. 

64 7 ofer-wrugon bys ansyne :i furhsun 
bis nebb. 1 absodon hyne. arsed. bwylc 
ys. seSepesloh; 

65 And manega oSre ping big him to 
cwfedon dysigende; 

, 6G And pa, Sa dSg w^s pa, to-gfedere 
comun J;£0s folces yldran 1 fara sacerda 
ealder-menn 3 boceras 1 lasddon bine to 
byra gemote 7 cwjedon; 

67 Sege us gif )7u sy crist; Da cwa3|7 be 
feab ic eow secge. ge me ne* gelyfafi, 

68 |7eb ic eow absige ge ne^swariaS me 
ne ne forlfeta^ ; 

69 Heonun-forS biS mannes sunu sit- 
tende on godes ma?gnes swyfran bealfe; 

70 Da cweedon big ealle. eart pa godes 
sunu; Da cweeS be ge secgaS ■f ic eom; 

71 And big cwEedon. bwi gyrne we 
gyt gewitnesse. sylfe we gehyrdon of hys 
mu^e ; 

Various Headings. 
60. A. B. saiimuiiga, 61. B. C. crewe. 63. A. |)oi 
A. bysmredon. 64. A. (jiircsoa A. acsedon. 65. 
djsgieBde. 66. A. comon, A. [iflsra. A. eft!dor-nn 
A, heora. 67. A. sig. A. B. 0. ge me ne (plainly). 

68. A. Jieah. A. acs^e; B. ahsie. 69. A, heonen-. 
mffigenes. 71. A, hwig. 

i6 [LuKEi 

60 pa cwsbS petrus. eala mann nat icb 
bwffit pa SEegest. And pa. hyo J?a3t sprseken 
samnunga se coc creow. 

61 pa dribten be-wende bine ^ be-seab 
to petre. Da ge-munede petrus dribtnes 
wordes pe be cwsB. pset pu min eet-sEeest 
prewa to-daig ter se coc crawe. 

62 Da eode petrus ut ] biterUce weop. 

63 ^ pa pe pane heelend beolden bine 
bismeredon 1 beoton. 

64 !l ofer-wrugen hys ansiene. 7 purscen 
his nebb. :i axoden bine ared wlych (sic) ys 
se pe pe smat. 

65 And manega o^re ping hyo bym to 
cwEe'Sen. desigende. 

6Q And pa pa daig WiBS. pa to-ggedere 
comen pas folces aldren "i pare sacerda 
ealdor-menn. 1 bokeras. 7 Isedden bine to 
beore ge~mote 7 cwse^en. 

67 Sege us gyf pu syo crist. Da cwseS 
be. peab icli eow segge ; ge me ne lyfa'S. 

68 peah ich eow axsie ge ne andsweriaS 
me. ne ne for-ljete^. 

GO Heonen-forS byoS mannes sune sit-- 
tende on godes masgnes swiSre bealfe. 

70 Da cwEe'Sen hyo ealle ert pu godes 
sune ; Da cwseS he. ge seggeS pset icb eom. 

71 And hyo cwseSen. bwi georne we 
geot ge-witnysse. we S3dfe ge-herden of 
bis mu^e. 

Various Headings. 

60. ie 
sacst H'i* 

secgst; sprseeon; hana {for coc]. 61. eet- 

ra ; hana CTEewe. 63. Jiseiie; hcoldon; bj-Bine- 

64. ^nrhsoii; axodoii ; lenedj hwylc; slc^ {/or 

65. cwffiBon, dysigende. 66. daBg; to-gadere 

coman; yldran; sacerde.ealder-; boceras; heora, 67. ic; 
secge. 68. ))eh ic; assige. 69. heonon-; biS. 70. 
cwseSon; eart; ic. 71. .^nd; cwseSon; gyrne; gyt; 
sylfe we ge~hyrdon. 

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:i cuoeS potf'MS la iiionn 
60 ct ait petrus homo : 

hu^d Su cuoeJSes 3 Bona forEor 5a get hiiie spveeende gesang 
' quid dicis et continuo athuc illo loquente caiitauit 

B di-ihfew eft-besseh petrsi 

iomimis respexit petnii 

drihtnos auie cuoeB ^to ler Bon se hona gesinga Sriga mec Si 

domini sicut dixit prius-quam gallua cantet t^r me negatis 

3 eft-gemyndig wses petrfts wovdea 
et I'ecordatus est petnis uerbi ° 3' 

: foerde nU 
62 et egiestius foras 

petriM geweap bitterliee 
petru3 fieuit Smare 

3 5a waras aaSe gehealdon hiue bismeredon liim aslogon i Sui'scon 
63 *Et uiri qui tenebant emn inhidebaat ei caedentes * 

3 awrigon i hine 3 slogon ondwlitto his 3 fri^on hine cuoeBendo gewitga iq 

64 et uelauerunt eum et percutiebant faciem eius et interrogabant eum dicentes prophetiza 

huieic is seSe Sec s!6g 
quis est qui t6 percuaait 

3 oSero menigo ebalsadontebolsande cuoedon in hine 
,65 et alia multa blaapbemantes dicebant in eum 

■fte aworden wses dsege efne-ouomon Ka feldesto Sses folces 3 aldonnenn sacerda 3 uSwutto 3 

ut factus est dies con-uenenint seniores plebis et principes sacerdotum et scribae et 

gif Sonne 3 gif ic frasgno lie gie ondsuariges 
68 si autem et interrogaiiero non respondebitis 

me nc foi-letes ^ie of Sis v.\itedUce biS snnu monnes sittende to auiSrnm msegnea 

milii laeciue (limittetis 69 *Ex hoc autem erit filius horainis sedena 6. dextris uirtutis * 297. i. 

^ lat. oocx. 

goddes cuocdon 5a alio Su. foriou arS snnu godea seSe cuoeS gie cuoeSas ^5te ic io. ixuiiii. 

dei 70 *Dixerunt autem oiimes tli ergo 6s filius dei qui ait uoa dicitia quia ego * 298. x. 

le Beolfo fiwKon 
ipai enim " 299. a. 

so? hia cuoedon hiued i' Saget forSor woe willnigas cyBnisae+wittneasa v 
71 *At illi dixerunt quid athuc desideramus testimouiuin 

10 3 oWicS petn s h nioii rxt ii_ 1 \ T.t -^u cneSes 3 aoni, foi'^01 Stgttt hine '.precende Se honi ^iiing 
61 3 efne gicerred w»3 dnhfare eft gisish petrum 3 gim^ndig wies petias word dnhinea aw a cw(e5 5set serSon 
Se bona aunge Snge Su ne {*((■) onsiPcea 62 3 foerde utt petrws weop biterlice 63 3 is% wearaa StSe 
gineoldim bine bismeiddtm bine slogun i Suiscun 64 ^^ wr^un hine J apitun 1 slofcun on ondwhtt his 3 

fruguun hine cweSende wit^j, hweL n "^e See Blog 65 3 oSie monioe eofol sadon cwedun in hine bG 3 V 
d-¥g giwiidea i^ses efne oomuu «a ■«ldestn S'ea folchea 3 aldormen sacerda 3 uS wuta 3 Itddun hine m soin 
nunge hiori 3 gi frugnim hine cweSende 67 gif ^u 'irS ciist ste^e us 3 cwatS 5 em gif low ic cweSo no 

eilef^i ge me 6s gif gunn? 3 gif iC iregno no gi-ondswona* me ne fuiletia ge 6** of Siaae wuturll c 
biS suno nionnes sites to 6f?t awiSra ma-gnes godes 70 cwediin Sa alle Su forSon arii 5anu „odes se ae 

cwoS gie cwe)Sis fuiS n ic am 71 soB bia crvedun h'WEet S^ett forSor we wilnigjs uySniase we solla 

fojison giherdun of nmSe hia 

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1 Da aras eall hyra menegeo 3 Iteddon 
liine to pilate 

2 ] agunnon hyne wregan 1 cwSdon ; 
Disne we gemetton for-hwyrfende ure 
Jieode. 1 for-beodende -p man p&m casere 
gafol ne sealde. :i seg'S -p he si crist 
cyning ; 

3 Ba ahsode pilatus liine earfc )?u iudea 
cining; Da 3swarude he pa hit scgst ; 

4 pa cw£e|p pilatus to jjam ealdrum } 
fam weredo ne finde ic nanne intiagan on 
Jjysum men ; 

5 Da hlyddon hig 1 cweedon. he astyraS 
f is folc l£erende p\ivh ealle iudeam agyn- 
nende of [galilea oS hyder. 

6 Da pilatus gehyrde] galileam. he 
ahsude hwEsSer he WEere galileisc man ; 

7 3 fa he gecneow -p he wses of herodes 
anwalde. ho hine agen-sende to herode. 
he wa3s on 'p&m. dagum on hierusalem; 

8 SoSlice herodea fagnude J?a he pmne 
hselend geseah. mycelre tide he wilnode 

^•hine geseon^- forfam Se he ge-hyrde mycel 
be him; "i he hopode 'p he ge-sawe sum 
tacen ]>e fram him gewurde ; 

9 pa ahsode he hine manegum wordum 
J he naht ne Iswarude; 

10 Da stodon J7ara sacerda ealdras hine 
an-r£edlice wregende. 

Cap. xxiii. 1. A. heora. A. mtenigeo ; B. menego. 
2. A. ougmiDOn. A. cwe^an. A. for-hwyriedne (sic}. A, 
s } A ao lo A Jaworotle (s ) 4 A se ne 

A ); ^u 5 G The ontted i ge s to id 

ABC 4. ac ole 4. minn 7 A a woalle K 

^ea 8 A fahnoJe A t ne A B L geseon 

9. A. acsode. A. Jswarode. 10. A. Jia^ra. 


1 Da aras eall heora manigeo "i iiedden 
hine to pilate. 

2 7 agunnen hine wreigen 1 cwee^en. 
Disne we ge-motton for-hwerfende ure 
jjeode. 1 for-beodende ■f man pam caysere 
gafol ne sealde. : sajgS pffifc he syo crist 
kyning ; 

3 Da asode pilatws him ert pu iudea 
cyng ; pa andswerede he. pu hyt s^gst. 

4 Pa cw pilatws to pam ealdren ] Jiam 
werede. ne iinde ich njenne intinge on 
pisen men. 

5 pa hlydden hyo :i cwasSen. He astyred 
pis folc Iserende purh ealle iudean aginnende 
of galileara oS hider. 

6 Da pilatus ge-hyrde galileam. he ax- 
ode hwader he wjere galileisc man. 

7 tl Jja he ge-cneow -f he waes of herodes 
anwealde. he hine agen-sende to herode. 
he WEGs on pam dagen on ierusalem. 

8 So^lice herodes fagenede pa he panne 
h^elend ge-seah. langere tide he wilnode 
hine ge-seon. for-pan pe he ge-herde 
mychel be him. 1 he hopede ■f he ge-seage 
sum taken pe fram him ge-wurSe. 

9 pa asode he hine manege worden. ] 
he naht ne andswerede. 

10 Da stoden pare sacerda aldres hine 
anrgedlice wreigende. 

Various Headings. 

Cap. ssiii. 1. hjraniEenega; ladden, 2, agunnon; 
ew^Son i caisere ; seg6 ; sy ; cyning. 3. tine [/or him] ; 
eart uda cyning; 3swarude. 4, esidnim; ic nanne 
nt ga \) ssura. 5, hlyddon ; cwtedon ; astjreS ; 

gal lea 6 assodo hweSer; ware. 7. dagUJW. 8. 
fage olo i-onne; mycelcro [/or lange] ; go-hyi'de niicd ; 
opede ( ) ge-S£ewe; tacen. 9. wordon. 10. J^ara 
sacerde aldras. 

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Chap. XXIII.] 

J arSs all Sio menigo liiara brohton i Iseddon liiue to pilate ongunnoii 

l*Et anrgens omnis muUitudo eorum duxerunt ilium ad pilatum 2 fCoeperunt ' suq i 

Sa liino ge-liena cuoeSendo Siosno woe gemitton under-cerrende -t cjnn iiserne 3 J^' fit-iiu 

autem ilium siccusare dicentes hunc inuenimus sub-uertentem gentem nostram et j. g^i 

foj-beadende 1" iv'oerdende gfefelo-t to seaJIanne i' f to ho gesald Ssem caseri ^ cuoeScnde hine cnstum cyniwg 
prohibentem tributa dari caesari et dicentem s6 christuia regem 

^te woere i Jto se 5a gefraign Line cuoeS 8u arS cynimg iiidcana soS !ie 

es^e S "^P htus auttm intBiio^iuit eiim dicbns tii ^s rex iud^eoium \i ille ' 30" i 

ondsnarede cuoeS J5 1 cuoeSes cuoeS 5a ao geroefa to aldornonnum sac > Ii 3 to Siem meni^um lo clxxii 

reaponden? ait tu die 5 4 *Ait autcnt pilatus td princippb =!acerdotuTO et tuibas • sua um 

noht ic gomitto iBSiigefl 111 Si gum inenn S35 hia^ S^onttTWinedon^ cuoeSendo ijecerre*! 

mbil inuBHio caiibae m boc bominem (sjt.) 5 ""At illi muali9tebant ditentes crmmoiet "30* t 

> fule Iserd 1 Serh aline lude-i 3 ^ann t from galilea oSS hi ler bo f,eroei i 

populnm. docens pei umueisim ludieam et mcipiens a ^alilaea usque Imc C piUtus 

Si geherde g^li/cirwi g^^' "(^ hiioeSer tgif DKHra galilesca wiere 3 ftel mfiSy ongT.,tfc ^ite 

autem audieue galiUeam mteiioyauit si homo gablaeu& tb^ct 7 et ut i.OqI ouit qu 1 

of herorfs onwasld woere eft-send e hine to Ijcioi?^ scSe 3 seilca hieiusakm wses S»m digum 
de heiLdis potestate esset remisit euin al hcrrdt-m qui et ipse hieiosolimib erit lUis diebws 

hero lei, S nno geeene t Bone h'p'lmd gl»d webs smSe waa forton willnande of menigo tid 
8 keudes tutem luso ii'su giui&us est ualde eiat enim cupiens ex muito tempoie 

to geseaime liine toreion geherde feolo of him 3 hyhtade i: becon huoelc-huoene to geseanne front 
uidere eum co quod audiret multa de illo et sperabat sigaum alzquod uidere ab 

him *te woere aworden gefraignde Honne Iiine monigum wordum soB he noht him 

eo fieri 9 interrogabat autem ilium multis sermonibiis at ipse nihil illi 

geondsuarede stodon sec soBlice aldormen sacerda 3 uSutto fsesi^lice gehendon hine 

respoiidebat 10 *Stabant etiam principes sacerdotum et scribfe constanter aecusantes cum * ^05. ii. 

Cap. XXIII. 1. 3 aras all Bio mengo hiora Iseddun hine to pjlate 2. ongunnun gehene hine cweBcnSe 
Biosno we gomittnn undor-currende cynn usera 3 fnj'beiidende teie 3 wigga (siV) 3 for-beodende gsefel to selknna 
Srem casera -3 eweSende hine eriat cynig ^ite were 3. pylatus 6a gifraegn hine ewseS Bu arS cynig 

iudana hiora suS he ondawarade cwepS Bu cweEes 4. cwasS 5a Se gruefa to aldormonnum sai^erda 3 to 

Bsem mengum nuht ic mitto intinega in Bisstim menn 5. soS hia Ba on-trymedun eweSondo gecerraS -p 

folc IsereS feerli alia iudeji 7 on-gann from galileuni oSBe liiSer 6. Se groefa Ba giherde gaiileam in-fruegn 
J gif nionn galileac were 7. 3 -pte ongast Baitte of herode onwald were eft-sende hine to herode seSe 3 

seilca hierusolimesc waiB Bueui dagum 8. herorfi's gone gesene Bone hailend gla^d wjes swiSe wiea forSon 

wilnende of niongnm tiduni to geseanne hine foj'Bon fte ge-hcrde feolu 3 hjhtado becon hwelc-hweogne from 
him gesegen were 9. gefisegn Bonne hine munigum wordum soB he noht geondswarade 10. atodon 

sec aoSlice aIdor»iew sacerda 3 u8wm(o fLeat-lice geherduu (sic) hine 

E E 2 

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11 fa ofer-liogode herodes hino mid [hys] 
hyrede 1 bysmrode lime gesciydne hwitum 
reafe. "i hyne agen-sende to pilate; 

12 And on jjam d^ge wurdun herodee 
J pilatus gefrynd. SoSlice hig wgeron &t 
gefynd hiw betwynan ; 

13 Da cwje'S pilatus to J^ara aacerda eal- 
drum "i duguSe ealdruira 1 to Jtam folce. 

14 ge brobton me ]>isne man swylce bo 
]ns folc forbwyrfde. "} nu ic beforan cow 
ahsiende. ic nanne intingan findan ne maeg 
on Jjisum men of ])am ^le ge bine wregaS 

15 no furSun berodes ; Ic bine sende 
agen to bimi "} him nabt |;£es-lices dea^e ge- 
don W93S. 

16 Ic bine gebetne forl^te; 

17 Niede be sceoldo bim forgyfan anne 
to hyra freols-dtege. 

18 fa brymde eall -p folc get-gEederc "] 
cwsef; Nim fisne "} forgyf us barrabban 

19 SB WECS for sumere twyr^dnesse !! 
man-alyhte on cwertern asend ; 

20 Eft spsec pilatus to bim 1 wolde for- 
Isetan fsene bselend; 

21 Da lirymdon big 1 cw^don abo^ bine 
aboS bine ; 

22 Da cw^S be to bim friddan si^e. 
bwiet dyde pes yfeles. ne mette ic nan 
fing yfeles on J>issum men ■f be ei deafes 
scyldig. ic bine freage "} forlgete ; 

Various Headings. 

11. A.liys; B.Ms; omitted in Corpus MS. A. here 
[/or Lyrcde]. A. ongeaii-: 12. A. wurdon. A. be- 

tiveoiiaii. 13. A. Jisera. 14. A. om. ic qfler iiu. 

A, acsieade. 15. A. furSon. A. ngeaii. 16. A. ge- 
beudne, all to gebetne in late hand. 17. B. 0. Niede 
(as in text); A. Wede, alt. to Nyde. A. Eenne. A. heora. 
19. A, twjTEednyase. A. ewe'artevn, 20. A. pilatus 

spi-seo. A. |)one. 21. B. aho {followed hy an 
twice). 22. A. B. gemette. B. 0. Hncg. 

yfeles after jiiiig. A. |jjstmb ; B. C. Jiisuni. A. sig. 

> [Luke. 

11 Da oferdiugede berodes bine mid bys 
byrde :i blsemerede bine ge-scridne mid 
bwiten reafe. 3 bine agen-sente to pilaten. 

12 And on J»am daige wurSen berodes 
1 pilatus ge-freond. So^lice byo weeren 
ser ge-feond heom be-tweonen. 

13 Da cwEeS pilatus to fare sacerda eal- 
dren. ? Suge'Se {sio) ealdren ] to fam folke. 

14 Ge brobten me fisne man swilce be 
fis folc for-hwyrfde. "i nu icb be-foren eow 
axiende, icb nEenne intinge finden ne maig 
on ]?isen men. of p^n f e ge bine wreigeS. 

15 Ne for-fan berodea. icb bine asende 
agen to bim. ] him nabt fees lices deade 
ge-don \T<Ta, 

16 icb bine ge-betne for-liete, 

17 Niede be scolde beom for-gefen tenne 
to beore freols-daige. 

18 pa grettc eall fset folc to-gadere. 
"} cwseS. N"ym fisne ] for-gyf usbarraban. 

19 se W33S for sumere twirednysse "i man- 
slebte of cwarterne asend. 

20 Eft sprsec pilatus to beom 1 wolde 
for-lKiten fane bffilend. 

21 Da gretten hyo ] cw^Sen. a-bo bine 
a-ho bine. 

22 Da cwjeS be to beom Sridde sy'Se- 
Hwfet dyde fcs yfeles. lie afunde ic nan 
f ing yfeles on f ise men. feet be syo deaSes 
scyldig. ic bine freage "i for-lfete. 

Various Readings. 

11. hjrede; bi sm erode ; piiate. 12. decge wurdon; 
gefmd(«t(;); gefjndj be-tweonon. 13. Jiara; ealdrum; 
di^eSe ealdrum; folce. 14. brohton; swyle; ic be- 
foran ; assiende. ic nanne intingan ; mjeg ; Hsnm ; [lam. ; 
wregaS. 15. Ic; sende; deaSe; waes. 17. Mm for- 
gjfaii. IS. ryinde (/or grette); Eet-gfedeie. 19. man- 
slyhte. 20. him {alt. (oheom); for-lseton {jowne halend. 
21. hryinden [/or gretten]. 22. ge-mette [for afunde] ; 

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Chap. XXIIL] 221 

telde i Ka Iiiae iKxodes miS Iieru his 3 liisanicrede -J' bisuac ge-gesimad huitu 

11 *Spreuit autem ilium erodes cum exercitu suo et inlusit indutum ueste ' 3oe, ? 

g^erela 3 efl>flencle to pilaie : aworden woeron friondas herodss J p^Mus on «ffim dtege 

alba et remisit ad pilatum 12 et facti sunt amici herodea et pilatus in ipsa die 

forSon ler fiondas woeron him bituih \tyiatm Sa efne-geeeigdujw Mormmnnm sacei-da 
nam antea inimici eraiit adinuicem 13 "Pilatus autem conuocatis principilras sacerdotum ' 307. i 

J lanium 1 ^ folc cuoeS to him ■J' to Ssem gie brohton me Siosne moiino suelce 

et magistratibws et plebem 14 dixit ad illos optuliatis mihi hunc hominem quasi 

woere frofft-cerrende f fole l heono ic iora, 
^uei'tentem populum et eoce ego coram 

8issm» menn of Seem ilcMwi in Siera hine gie alienasi ah ne herorfe* forSon eft ic sende 

homine isto ex his in quib(ts eum accusatis 15 *Sed noqits herodes nam remiasi * 308. x. 

iuih to him 3 Aeono noht ivyrSo to deaSe gedoeii i wscs hira ijel oetad i f j/ S Dn June 

uos ad ilium et ecce niliil dignum morte actum est ei 16 EmLnlitum eiyi ilium * ^''S- "- 

; iiim Scih JSotic 'iTmbei dit^ cone i an 
eis per dicm t-'itiim unum 

ofer-choppade «a eetgredre all-efne f folc cuoeSende nim Siosne 3 fiJ/-fef ns harailan 

18 *Exclamauit autem aimul uniuersa turba dicens toUe hunc et dimitte n^bis baiabban • 3I0. i. 

seSe wEes foj-e setnung i" . huilum 1 for longe awordeno in Sar ceastri 3 moiBor "»s gesended i^'^j^ijji_ 

19 qui erat propter siditionem (sJc) quondam facta (sic) in ciuitate et hcmicidium missus 

in carc-eme eftw^sona J5a ^jlatits sprecend wses to Lim ivillnade fo/leta Sone hmlmd 

in carcerem 20 *Iterum autem pilatus locutus est ad illos uolens dunitteie lesum •' 311. i. 

23 *ille autem teitio dixit ' 312. niiii. 

to hira hiued forSon jfles dyde Ses nsenoht i ne oht inSing deadtes ic gemittc in him ic Srca i 
ad illos quid enim mali fecit iste nullam causam mortis inueui in eo corripiam 

II tclJe Sx hme licru7a miS hoi^e lua 3 lisuKiedc .eecoiwile limfe ,i,i'ih 3 ttt sLnde to pvio' 

12 3 dWftden v,ei a tiioudas hvrodcs 3 pjla/tts on S<em d«ge forSin fei hondas weron hiin bitwih 

13 3 pyltrias «a elne gecegde aldormonnum 6an 3 f folc 14 cw»« to Lira g iiosue monne hweic 
were fojcerrende [ho]ono ic bifora lowh lo fiegno ic gimoette in menn Sasoum of S'em ilonm m 6tera hme 
ge aherns 15 ah ne herodcf forBon sende lowh to hnn 3 uoht wyrSe to deoSe gidoeu w^8 him 
16 geboetiS forisou lime ic fcjgefe 17 ned Strfe Sonne h-efeS tj foigenunne him Serb Xom, sjiubetdceg 
laae 16 3 jfei ckopade Si set geddre alefne f iolo cweSende mm Siosne 3 ftigcf «a barabiu 19 seBe 
wrtis fjre setnunge hwilum 1 forlonge "iworlen in S^i c«btre 3 mcrSor \ isb gesended m caic ern 20 eftei 
aona Sx pjltir^s spiecende wws tu hmi minade forlete Sons htehicd 21 sjS hn eliopade cweSende ahuh 
\\u>h hme 22 he Ssa Snda siJe eweS to him hwet foiSuu jfel d>de e\!S n'emht 1 noht luSjiiga deoSes 
ic gemitte in bim le Sua Iot-Soh hme 3 ic foileU 

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23 And hig astodon "} mycelre stefne 
btedon ■f he wsere aliangen; "i hyra stefna 


25 7 he for-gef him Jjfene pe w^s for 
man-slyhte 1 sumere sace on cwerterne. 
f one hi bgedon ] fsene hselend he sealde to 
hyra willan ; 

26 And J)a hig hine Ijeddon hi gefengon 
sumne cyreniscne simonem. se com of Jiaii 
tune !! pa rode hi™ on-setton ■f he hi 
beere refter fam hfclende. 

27 him fylide mycel wered folces :i wifa 
Jja hine heofun 1 weopure; 

28 pa cwffii]? se haelend bewend eala doh- 
tra hierusalem. nello ge ofer me wepan. 
ac wepaS ofer eow sylfc. 7 ofcr cower 

29 for^am fa dagas cumaS on fam hig 
cwe|7a^. eadige synt pa imtymyndan "i in- 
no|?as ]je ne cenduji 1 pa breost pe ne 

SO ponne agynnaS hig cwe^an to ]7ai9i 
muntum feallaS ofer lis. 1 to beorgum 
ofer-wreoS us. 

31 for|)am gif hig on grenu?7i treowe jjas 
J>iag doS hwEefc doS hig on pam drigean; 

32 And mid him wjeron gelasdde twegen 
manfulle ■f hig "wairon ofslcgene; 

Various Headings. 

23. A. stemne. A. Iieora stefna, 24. A. B. C. omit. 
25. A. for-geaf. A. f^one. A. sumre. A. cwearterne. 

A. hig. A. Jjone. A. heora. 26. hig [for hi; tftice]. 

B. 0. ]i&a (m in text); A. l^am or ^aw. 27. A. fyligdi 

A. heofedaii. A. weopon. 28, A. eowre. 29. A. for- 
] ]ie 55a. A. synd. A. untyniendaii. A. ceiidon, 
sycton. 30. A, ongjiiiiaS. 31, A, driguwi, 32 

B. 0. insert oSre ({/ittr twegcii. 

2 [Luke. 

23 And byo stoden 1 mycelere stefne 
bsedcn -p he wEere a-hangen. 1 hire stefne 


25 3 he for-gef heom Jjane f>e WEes for 
manslihte 1 sumere sake on cwarterne pariQ 
hyo bseden. 3 j?ane hffilend ho sealde to 
hire willan. 

26 And fa hyo hine Ijedden hyo ge- 
fengen sumne cyreniscan symonom se com 
of J)am tune. ] pa, rode him onsetten, ;f 
he hyo brere eefter f am htelende. 

27 hym folgede mycel wered folces 1 
wife, l^a hine heofen "! weopen. 

28 pa cwseS so hselend be-wend. Eala 
dohter ierusalem; nolle ge ofer me wepen. 
ac ■wcpe'3 ofer eow sylfe. 1 ofer eower 

29 for-|5an Jia dages cume'S on pam hyo 
cwe^eS. eadige synden fa un-temenden 1 
in-noSes pe ne akenden. ] fa breost pe ne 

30 fanne aginne'S hyo cwe'Sen to fam 
raunten failed ofer us. ] to bergen ofer- 
wreod us, 

31 for-fan gyf hyo on grenen treowe faa 
fing doS. hwsefc doS hyo on f am- dreigen. 

32 A nd mid hym wseren ge-lsedde twege 
oSre manfulle j? byo wscren of-slegene. 

Various Headings. 

23, stodon; b(edon;ware; hyra; swiSvedon. 25. for- 
geaf; fiowne; sace; ewserterne. )ie«ne (sic); hmdon. 
fponne halend. 26, ^nd; Iteddon; halende. 27. fjl- 
gyde; wifa; heofom; weopon, 28. halend; dohtra; 

eowre, 29. dagas; eadig sind; untymendon (sic); 

cendon ; ajctun (with j nearly erased). 30, aginnaS ; 
cweSan ; muntum falleS ; byi^m ; -wreoB, 31. gr&- 
num; drigen, 32, MnA; wreron {twice); twegea 

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CuAP. SXIII.] 228 

soS Ilia ou-stodon eteftium miclum gebedon fte alioea woere 3 on-trymmedon * stefoo 
23 *At illi instabant uocibits ma^nis postulantes ut crucifigeretur ct inuallescebant uoces " 

hiora 5 pjlalw to-doemde -pte woere gcbed hiora 

eorum 24 *Et pilatus adiudicauit fieri petitionem eoi'um 

Iiine scSo fore morSor 3 aotirang gcsendad. irros m carc-crne Sone Ijodon lu. cscm. 

euin qui propter homicidiiim et seditionem missus fuerat in carcerem quem petebant 

3 miSSy gelsoddon hine go-grippedon i 
1 26 *Et cum ducerent eum appraehcuderunt ■■ 3I5. i. 

„.. ._.. cjmmeude uf londe gcseton him f rod to liearanne scfter io. csonii. 

simoaem quendam cyrineuBem ueQieiitovw de uilla et imposuerunt illi crucem poitare post [MB. cssmi,] 

8one hraUnd . fjlgde 8a hine menigo hergas SiES folees 7 Sara wifana Ba«e gemasn- 

ie^m 27 *Sequebatitr autem ilium multa turba populi et mulierum quae plange- ' 31(i. x. 

don i 1 hond-bEeftadon Jiice ofne-gecerred wecs 8a to liiin i 8£em se 'h.^tmd euoeS dolitero 

bant et lamantabantur [sic) eum 28 conuersus autem ad illas \esus, dixit filiae 

hierMsuiem nallaS gie woepa ofer mcc all oier iuh seol/o \70epaB [3] nier buuo iuero 
hierusalem nolite flere super me sed super uos ipsas flcto [et] super filios uestros 

fojiSon heoao cyma8 dagas in '^ieaa hia cuoaSas eadgo biSon Sa imberendo 3 5a wombo SaSe ne 
29 quoniam ecce uenient dies in quibMS dicent beatae steriles et ueatres qui non 

acendon ^ 3 Sa breosto 8a«o ne gomilcadon -i" ne gefoedon Sonne i Sa ,hia onginnaS cuooSa 

genuermit ot ubera quae non iactauerunt 30 tunc incipient die ere 

Biem mSram fallaS ofej- iisih J hyllura awMriaS iisic forSon i gif In groene i tree 5;as 

montibws cadete (sic) super nos et collibws opciite noa 31 quia si in uiridi ligno haee 

doaS in drjgi i in aide Liwed biS i worSea 
faciunt in arido quid fiet 

unrehto mlS hine f te hia ^i 
quam cum eo ut 

23, 808 hia on-gtodim stefiium miclum ge-beodon ?te he ahongen were 3 in-ti^-medun stefnum hiora 24, 3 
pylffl^us todoemde Sset were gibed Mora 25. forgsef «a Sasm hino seSo fore morSre 3 set-mmge gisended 

wfOB in caj-e-ern Sons bedon 5 wiUum hiora 26. miSSy .... [hi]ne gigriopun aimon . . . cjmende of londe 

3 ^seto[n] . , , , rode to beavanne ieft^ Ssem hse^lend 27. fjligdun Sa him mon^e bergaa Sfea folches 3 wif 
SaSe gimfendun 3 hondum beoftun hine 28. efne-gicerred w£ea Sa to him Sse hseierarf cwseS dohter .... 

nallaS ^woeja ofer mec ah fore iowih Bolfe woepaS 3 ofer snno iowre 29. forBon heono cjm^ dagas in 

Stem hiie cweoSas eadge eadge {sic) bioSon 3 Ba wombe Sa^e ne acendnn 3 8a breost SaSe gi-mileadun 30. 8a 
hise oi^nneS cweoSa Stem movum iWte8 ofer usih 3 hjll biwriaS uaih 31. Sset in groeniMn treoum 3a3 

doaS on drjge Stet biS 32, wenin giljeded Sa 3 o8re twoege wohfulle miS him f hite wenm gideSod 

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33 And sySSan hig comon on Jsa stowe 
pe is genemned caluarie ■f is heafod-pannan 
stow. |jar hig hine hengon 1 anne sceajian 
on his swiSran healfe "i oSerne on his wyn- 
stran ; 

34 Da cwseS se h^Iend. f^der. forgyf 
him forpam. hig nyton hwtet hig do^; So^- 
lice hig dseldon hys reaf ] wurpun hlotn. 

35 tl -p folc stod geanbidiende. "} pa eal- 
dras hine tseldon mid him 1 cwsedon ; Ofre 
he ge-hfelde gehgele hine sylfne gif h© sig 
godes gecorena; 

36 And pa. cempan hine hy[s]mredon 3 
him eced hrohton 

37 1 J)us ewEedon; Gif p\i si iudea cining 
gedo pe halne ; 

38 Da wses his ofer-gewrit ofer hine a- 
writen. greciscum stafum 7 ehveiscwn. Jiis 
isiudea cining; 

39 An of J)am sceafum fe mid him han- 
gode hine gremede 1 cwEeJi ; Gif f u crist 
eart gehjel pe sylfno 3 unc ; 

40 Da Iswarude se ojier '} hine Jireade 1 
cwebJ); Ne pu god ne ondrfctst "p '&u. eart on 
psere ylcan genySerunge. 

41 1 wyt witodlice be uncer ^rdieduTn 
on-foS; SoSlice J>es naht yfeles ne dyde 

42 1 he cwEe]} to ]jam hselende ; Drihten. 
gemun pa me ])onne p\i cymst on pm 

VaHous Headings. 
33.A.[iEer. A.tenne. A.|>a wynstvan [/(n-liis wynstraii]. 
34. A. B. wurppn. 35. A. ge-anbydigende. B. sy; 0. sy 
[for sig]. 36. A. B. liysmredon, 37. A. sig. 38. A. 
cjningc. 39. A, gi'emode. C. om. eart. 40. A. Jswa- 
rodc. C, ondrtest. 41. 

14 [LUEB. 

33 "] sy'&'Scn. hyo comen on |;are stowe. 
pB ys ge-nemned caluarie pisb ys beafed- 
panne stow. J^Eer hyo hine hengen. "J eenne 
seaj^an on hys swydren healfe 1 oSer on hys 

34 ]7a cwteS se hcelend fader for-gef heom 
for-)ian by nyten hwfet hyo doS. SoSlice 
hyo dfelden his i-eaf 1 wurpen hloten. 

35 !I -f folc stod ge-ambadiende. "} Jja 
ealdres bine tEelden mid heom 1 cw^eSen. 
OSre he ge-haslde. hine sylfne be ge-btele 
gyf he syo godes ge-corene. 

36 And Jiacempen bine bysniereden. tend 
bym iecbed brohtcn. 

37 "} pus cwieSen. Gyf Iju syo iudea 
kyning ge-do pe sylfne halne. 

38 Da 'Wfes his ofer-ge-writ ofer hine 
awriten. grekiscen stafen "} bebreiscen. 
J^is is judea kyning. 

39 And (sic) of Jiam sca'Sen pe mid hym 
bangede. bine gremede. "} cw. Gyf]>u 
crist Eert ge-hfel pe sylfne 7 nnc, 

40 Da andswerede se oSer "i bine >readde 
"} cw£e^. Xe pM god ne on-drrodst. ■ p^t 
J?u ert on f-are ylcan ge-nySerunge. 

41 7 we her'^^ witodlice he uneer fer-dseden * 
on-foS. So^lice J^es naht yfeles ne dyde. 

42 1 he cwEeS to J;am beelende. Drihten' 
ge-mune p\i me. Jtanne fu kymst on fin 

Various Readiru/s. 

33. siSSan; comoa; lieafod-; hengon; swySran; 
straii. 34 fteder for-geaf; hj'O uiten; wurpan hloton. 
35. ge-ambodiende ; ealclras; tieldon; cwkSou; K. ffin. 
Jie after sjlfne ; ■ gecoveua. 36. Mni; cempan; bjs- 
moroden; eced brohton. 37. cwieSon; ay; eyni:^. 

38. greciseajw stafum 3 ebreiecum; iudea cjning. 39 
^nd; 8ca6um; hangode; eavt. 40. ondrfetst; eart 
ylca. 41. wyt [/or we her] ; ferdieduiM. 42. gemun 
)jonne; cymst 

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Chap. XXIII.] 225 

:i after Son cuomoii in stoww "seSc goceiged biS heafod-poiina stoue 6er ahengon hine 
33 *Et postquam ueneruoi in locum qui uocatur caluariae ibi crucifixenmt eum * 3is 

3 Sa mSrscea-Bo an -i" onno to ' suiSrum 5 oJSome of Stem winatrMwi se htelend 6a gecuoeSaS io. OMuii. 

*Et latroDes uaum d dextris et alterum ^ ' siniatria 34 flesus autem dicebat * si9- i- 

fader forgel him no iorHon wuton hii^A liia doas to-dffildon \xutedlice ge-wSedo i his sendon io. csom 
pater dimitte illis non enim sciunt quid faciunt ^Dinidentes uero ueatimenta eiiis miserunt L?^^' 

* 321. 'i. 

tanas : gestSd '^ fole basnende bismeredon i" hlogon hiue Sa aldormenn miS him ™! 

sortcs 35 et stabat populus apectaus *Et deridebant ilium priucipeg cum eis * : 

teldon 1r ' '"'" 
36 *lNlude- - 393. ii. 

mt. ocoxlii. 

hismeredon 8a him 3 iSa cenip geneolecdon 3 seccod brohton him euneaeiido gif Sii 

bant aiitein ei et milites accedentes et accetum (sic) afferentes illi 37 dicentes si tu 

W1S3 Sonne ^ lee ofo--awritt inawritten oier hine 
38 *ERat autem et super-scribtio inscribta super ilium * ^ 

stafum mis oreciscum. 7 latiimm 3 ebriscnm 8is is cyn% iudeana 
litteris graecis et latinis et haebraicis hie est rex iudaeorum 

Bfem 6aSe ahongadon m6rKeeaKuwi gebolsade hine cuoe8 gif «u arS crist Iial d5o Sec . 

his qui pendebant latronibws blasphemabat eum dicens si tu 6s christus saluum fac temet- 

seolfne 3 usih 
ipsum et nos 

ondsuarede 5a so oSer forcnot^S ■!■ goSreade hine cuoeS ne 3 Su 

40 *EespondeES autem alter increpabat ilium dicens neque td ' 3-26. x. 

ondredes ae god fte i forSon on 5a ilco eujterdlu i niSnmg arS 
times dewm quod in eadem damnatione ^s 

wyrSo mis woercwm woe onfengon Ses rmtedlice noht yfles dydo 
digna factis recepimus hie uero nihil mali geaait 

3 Sc w6e tecaoS rehtlico forSon 
41 et nos quidem iuate oam 

iii««y «u cymes in ric Kin 

cum ueiieris in regnum tuum 

33. 3 spfter Son eomun in stuwwe seSe giceged biS heofodponna stow Ker ahengun hine 3 Ka moracseSo 
enne to Seer swiSra 3 oSeme on 8a wynstra 34. 8e hselend 8a cwseS fteder forgof him ne fojiSon wutun 

f hweet hie doaS todseleS wutaiiljcc giwede his sendun hlott 35. 3 stod Sait fo!c basnade 3 bismeradun 

i liliigutt hine 5a aldor-menn nii8 him cweSende oSre hale dyde hiae ne hiilne doeS gif Sis ii, eriat godes 
gieoren 36. tcldun -ir bismeradun 5a hine 3 8a cempu gineolicadun 3 »ce5 brohtun him 37. cwe5ende gif 
6u arS cynig iudea halne doa Sec 38. wtea Sonne 3 ofcr-wriotum awriten ofer hine stafum creoiacum 3 

Isedenum 3 ebriscum Sis is cynig iudeana 39. an Sonne of Ssem 8a8e ahengon morsceoSo gi-eofolsadan 

hino cwi»8 gif Su ar8 crjat halne gidoa 8eo solfne 3 osih 40. ondsworade 5a Se oSer foj-owseS -t Sreade 

hine cwfeS ne 5u Se oadredes god 5iette foi-Son on Ba awerdlo -!■ niSrung is 41. ce we ccsoS rehtlice forSon 
wyrSe miS wereum wo on-fengun 5er wutiidlioe noht yfles dydo 42. 3 chs'8 to Stem hxiende drihteif 

gimyne min miSSy cj-mea in rice Sin 

p F 

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43 Da cw^p se liEelend to him ; To-dEeg 
J7u bist mid me on paradiso ; 

44 pa WEes nean seo syxte tid. 1 )>ystro 
wieron ofer ealle eorfian o% pa, iiigo|7an tide. 

45 7 sunne wEes ajjystrod 1 )7£es temples 
wahryft wearS tosly ten on middan ; 

46 Da cwjeS se liSlend clypiende mycelre 
stefne; Faeder ic bebeode minne gast on 
})inre handa. 1 jjua cwejiende he for])- 
ferde ; 

47 pa se hundred-man geseah jS Jjar ge- 
worden webs, be god wuldrode "} cwseS; 
Soj'Iice )jes man wses riht-wis. 

48 1 eall wered >e ^et l^isse wasfer-synne 
wBeron 3 gesawon ]?a fing fe ge-wurdon. 
wseron agen gewende hyra breost beoton ; 

49 Da stodon ealle bys cu|)an feorran. 1 
pa, wif |je bim fyligdon fram galilea fas 

^Jjing geseonde. 

50 .^ pa, an man on naman iosep. se W£es 
gerefa god wer 1 rihtwis. 

51 pes ne ge-pw33rodQ hyra gej)eabte 1 
hyra d^dum fram arimathia iudea ceastre 
se sylfa ge-anbidude godes rice. 

52 pes genealgebte to pilate 1 beed J)£es 
heelendes lichaman 

53 "i nySer-alede hyne 1 on scytan be- 
feold 3 lede bine on aheawene byrgene on 
pEere nees pa gyt n^enig aled ; 

Various Readings. 

44. A. neah. 46. A. oljpigende. A, stemne. A, |>rne. 
48. Ai werod. B. wfeferaynne (teith the letters ne nsarly 
erased). A-ongean, A. heora. 50. A. ioseph. 61. 
A. ge-))wa)rede heora. A. heora. A, ge-anbjdode. 

> [Luke. 

43 pa cwfD^ se hgelend to bym. to-daig 
pu byst mid me on paradise. 

44 Da WEes neoh syo sixte tid. 7 peostre 
WEeren ofer ealle eorSan. o^'San nigepen tide. 

45 1 sunne wses astyred ] pas temples 
wahrift wser^ to-sliten on midden. 

46 Da cw. se haelend clepiende mycele 
stefhe. Fader ich be-beode minne gast on 
pinre hande. 1 pus cweSende he forS- 

47 Da se hundred-man ge-seah f pfev ge- 
worSen wies. he god wuldrede. 3 cwa3^. 
SoSlice pes man wass rihtwis. 

48 ^ eall wered pe Eeb pisse wasfemyssen 
WEeren 1 ge-seagen pa ping pe ge-worSen 
WEeren. agen ge-wende heore breost beoten. 

49 Da stoden ealle his cu^an feorren. 
1 pa wif pe hym felgden fram galilea pas 
ping ge-seonde. 

50 1 pa an man on namen ioseph se w^s 
ge-refe. "i god wer 1 rihtwis. 

51 pes ne ge-'Swserede hyore ge-pohte "i 
hyra dgeden fram arimathia iudee cestre. 
se sylfe ge-ambadede godes riche. 

52 pes ge-neahlahte to pilate 7 bied pas 
hjelendes liehamen. 

53 and niSer-aleigde bine, 1 on scetan 
be-feold. 1 leigde bine on aheawene byre- 
gene on pare uses na geot on anig aleig'S. 

Vanous Headings. 

43. halend. 44. neah ; Jiystre wceron ; eall ; vAgo^an. 
45. ajjystrod ; wearS ; middan. 46. halend ; myce!( 
Feeder ic ; Hnra handa. 47. geworden ; wuldrodede (sic). 
48. wsefer-ayn ; go-sawan ; ge-wurdon w n h "a 
beoton. 49. feorran ; heora fylgdon, 60 a a g 
reafe. 51. hyora ge-Jjeahte ; d£edunt la ast e 
ge-anbydode ; rice. 53. ge-neah-Ia He 11 aman. 

53. alegde ; seyetan be-feald ; legde , a-hewenne byn- 
genne ; gyt anyg aled {omitting on). 

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Chap. XXIII.] 

wjee uutet^ife^'Saliicleto-i'suoQlco tid «io seiata :i Siostro aworden woeron on nlle eorSo wis 
44 *Erat autem fere hora aexta et tenebrae factae suut in uniuersa terra u&que * 327. ii. 

on non tid fwe-awrigen 4" wsea sunna 1 waghrfel tempeles toslitten wfes on middum 

in nonam horam 45 et obscuratua eat sol *Et uelum templi scissum est mediiim ' 828. ii. 

mt. cooxliiu. 

3 clioppade stefne miole i miS miclwm stefnum ae hgiiend la ftider In hondum Hiuum io bebiodo i ic festo 
46 *Et damans ma«na uooe lems pater in maniis tuas commendo , ' 329. L 

mt. OMxliii. 

gast lainMe 7 niiSSy Saa oiiocS gSst of-gffif i^ gesreh 5a 5e aldormojm ^te aworden '<>■ oeiiii. 

8i)miMm meuiK et haec diceus expirauii 47 *Uideng autem centurlo quod factum * 330. ii, 

wees gevraldrade god cuoeS soSUce 6es rnonn soSfsest is 
faerat glorificauit deum dicens uere hie homo iustus est 

eaSefed^Eedreto-cuomom^rto-wercm to sceawanne 4" ^i-t, 3 gesegon-1' SaSe woeron aworden si cegendo woeron 
qui simul aderant ad specta[cul]um iatud et uidebant qute fiebant percutientes 

hiora breo?(to eft ceriilon ■t geatodon Sonne ■I'Sa alle megas i" his faria to 3 Sa wifo 

pi-Ltora aua reueitebautur 41 itabant autom omneb nuti ems a, lortgt, et mjlieie- 

lOaeph qui erit dtcuiio mi tomi'* et lustua 

dMum hioia fioin inni'itlHa byng ^' ceastie ludee ■toSe gebisnade 1 7 lee he rtc goies 

a<;tibMS eLiuni ab aimiathia ciuitate ludeae <\\u e\pectabat et ip^e regimin dt-i 

Ses geneolecde to pylafc 3 giiilei b«d hchomi Stes huAendes 3 mi-SSy ofasettei" i/mben ind niiS 

52 hit, accLsait ad pilitum ft pLtiit i.oipus lesu 53*Et deposLtum muuluit * 

linen? hregle 7 gesette lime In bii^nne i ahev/. m i in S'ein ne 8a get tetag monn gesettet wtea ic 

sindjnts et pL-^uit turn m nionuniento excibio m quj nondum quis-quam pouitus filerat 

43 J cwteS him 5e hxlml soS lo cweBo Se todige nee i ut Su bist m fnje 
wutiidlice flwelce tid 8io aexta 3 Siostio „awovdne weiun en ahe e iSo o65i, n non tide 4 3 f r wngcii 

wwa sunne : wag hi egl temples toshlen wses on middum 46 : diotale sttlue i ii-elre So h,t,l Ji / cwieS 

fteder in honda Sino ic bitfesto gast minne 3 nuSSj 8 la cwtois ofgtef gast 47 giaa;h Ba 6a aldormon 8iet 

aworden w*s giwuldrade god c«ffi3 soBl ce Sea mon s^Sfest wx.a 4S : al Be here hiora tSaSo djtsceo 

wunga tfgedre corau« to suoawunga Si;t 3 feisegmi S\Se aworden werun sltendo on breoat hiora eft-terdun 

49 giatolon Sa alle megas his teaiTa to 3 Ba, wif SiSe fjl^ende werun him from gililea 5as giaegun 

50 3 heono wer Ssea noma w^s aeSe wws of B«r byrjg wer god 3 aoB f*st 61 Bes ne efitoineli 
w»da to giaomnun^e 3 delum hiora from arim'itAia Sier cratie mle^ «eSe gbasiado 3 cl he iico godes 
62 Bes gn<ehcade to pjHto 3 bred hchomi Beea hvahn It 53 3 ot aette In ind in luo 3 ^laette hinc 
HI bjrgenne aheowne m Bern ne Bi gett ■eni^ mon giseted wes 

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•p is 



55 Da wif l^e him fyligdon |?e comonmid 
him of galilea hig gosawon fja byrgene. 1 
liu his lichama aled wms 

56 "} hig cyrdon, 1 gea[r]vvoduii wyrtge- 
mang 1 sealfa 1 on SEetern-dEeg hig ge- 
stildon Eefter bebode ; 


1 On anum reste-deege swyj;e Sr on 
dgegered hig comun to Jisere byrgene ] 
bjeron mid him pa, wyrt-gemang pe hi ge- 

2 1 hig gemefcton Jjeene stan awyltne of 
fsere byrgene; 

3 And pst hi in to pwre byrgene eodon, 
hig ne gemefcton na Jtges hselendes licha- 

4 And ]ja WEes geworden J^a hig on 
mSde afkiryde w^ron be Jiyson fa stodon 
twegen weras wiS hig on hwitum reafe. 

5 r |?a hig adredon :! hyra andwlitan on 
eorpan hyldun hig cwaidon to him; Hwi 
sece ge lybbendne mid deadum. 

6 nis he hSr ac he aras. gefiencaS hu 
he spsec wi'S eow pa. gyt pa, he wass on ga- 

Various Readings. 

54. A. ge-eaiTTOiigo. A, om. 3. A. ateteraes dseg. 
55. Abyrgjne; B. byrgenaa.' S6. A. gearwedon; B. 
gearwodim ; C. gearwo ... A, steterds^. 

Cap. xsiv. 1. A. dsegred. A comon. A. hig ge-earwe- 
don. 2. A. hi. A, ]jone. A. awyiedne. 3. A. liig. 
A. byrgeniia 4. A. wteron afterede be Jiyssum. 5. 
A. on-dredon. A, heora Jwlytan. A. hjMon. A. hwig. 
6. A. apraec, A. Jie {Jbr 2nd (la]. 


54 A nd fa wees se daig 
-^^ is gegarewunge ] s^eter-daig on- 


55 Da wif pe hym felgden. fe comen 
mid hym of galilea byo ge-seagen fa byri- 
genne ] hu his lichame aligd w^s. 

56 1 hyo chyrden ] gerewedon ■wyrt-ge- 
mang 3 sealfe. :i on ssetern-daig hyo ge- 
stylden eefter be-bode. 


1 On anan reste-daige swiSe 83r on daig- 
rede hyo comeu to fare byregene 1 barren 
mid heom fa wertege-mang f e hyo gferewe- 

2 1 hyo funden fane stan awyltne of fare 

3 And- fa hyo in-to fare byrigene eoden 
hyo ne gefunden na fees hselendes licha- 

4 jEnd fa wees ge-wor^en fa hyo on 
mode afereden wasren be fysen. fa stoden 
twegen weres wiS hyo on hwiten reafe. 

5 1 fa hyo adredden ^1 heore andhwlifcen 
on eorSan heoldan hyo cweeSen to heom. 
Hwi sece ge libbendne mid deaden. 

6 nis he her ac he aras. Be-fencheS 
[sic) hu he spiBC wiS eow. fa geot fe he 
wees on galilea. 

Various Readings. 

54. Ead {wiih red capital E); sater-dseg. 55. fylig- 
don; comou; ge-sfewon; bjrgenne; lic-hama alegd. 
5S. hy cyrdon ; garowoden ; sealfa ; gestildoii. 

Cap. xxiv. 1. d£egered; byrigenne; wyrtge-mang ; ge- 
garewodea 2. ge-metton {for fundon] ; fisene ; byri- 
genne. 3, .^nd ; birigenne eodon ; ge-metton [for ge- 
funden] ; fias halendos iichaman. 4. And ; gowordon ; 
afserede Wieron ; liyson ; tweigen weras ; wytum. 5. 
adredon ; hjora andwlytan ; byldoa ; cw»5on ; mideaden 
(s;V). e. Ge-]jenceS hwu ; gyt )>a [for goot ^o]. 

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Chap. XXIII.] 229 

3 dffige»^gearmmg3 aannadce^ in-lixade nnder-fjlgdon «a* «a wifo 

54 *Et diea erat parasceue et eabbatum inlucescebat 55 sub-aecutte autem mulieres ° 334. ; 

iSaSe mis hine cuomoo from galilea gesegon f byrgenn 3 huu gesetted wfea 

quae cum ipso ueneranf de galilaea uidoruut monumentuTO et (juem-admodiim positum erat 

lic-homa his 7 eft-cerdon ge-geaniadon wjrta gomoiig-l'BUMeti ateniic 3 smiriniso J sunna-daiff 

corpus eiuH 56 *Et reaortentes parauerunt ^romata et ungenta et sabbato * ^^^- ' 

feeaoi suigaclon i tetter be-bod 

quidem siluerunt secundum mandatum 

Sn vaiedlice iSara dagana.i.auniia-rfte^ suiiSe arlice i cuomon to Jiaan byrgciino bevon i J5a Se 
1 *Una autem sabbati uaide diliculo uenerunt ad monumontum portantes quae * XCII. 

mt. eeclil. 
ge-gearuadoii Ba suijeti stenoo 3 gem6eton imt stan eft from-awaslted of fetcm byrgenne 3 pr. cesisi, 

parauerunt aromata 2 et iniienerunt iapidem reuolutum d monumcnto 3 et ^°- **'^'- 

Inu-foerdoa ae gemoeton ^s lic-homa drihtnes hmlmdes 3 aworden w£es miSSy «ohte gelegeiio -t 

ingresaao non inuenerunt corpus dommi iesu 4 ct factum est dum mente conater- , 

forcumeno woeron of Sisum heono tuoege wsevas g^stodon set ^ neh Sssem In gegerelo lixende iniSSy 

natao casent de isto ecce duo uiri steterunt secus iJlas in ueste fulgenti 5 *Cum " 337. ii. 

rat, ceeliii. 

ondreardon Sa i n\itedlice 7 aliieldon ^ onsion on eorSo cuoedoii to SEera huEcd aocoaS gie 

timerent autem et declinareut uultum in tcrram dixerunt ad illas quid quaeritis 

ne is liGr all hueSre asft-aras eft-3encgaS -i" liG aprecend 
6 non est liic sed resurrexit recordamini qualiter locutus 

54. 3 dxg w£e3 fore-georwuiige 3 sumia-d£eg in-lixende 55. under-fyligdon *a wif 8aSe miB bine weruc rf 
galilea gisegim Sa byrgeime giseted wtea 3 bu to-giaetted wees licbo[ma] hia 56 3 eftcetditi gLgeoiwiduii 

wjrtgimong 3 smiraisae 3 synna-dieg ec-soS swigadun sefter bibode 

Cap. XXIV. 1. an wutudliVi; swiSe comua arlice i fegre to tasc byrgonne . . . , £n magiSaleiusci 3 oS ro mar u 
3 oSre mis him heron -SaSe georwadon Sa Bmirnisse 2. 3 gimoetton Sone sUn iwEeltLdne fiom i<er 

byrgenne 3. 3 in-foerdon ne gi-mittnn lichonia drih(w« hselendea 4. 3 awoiden wses miSSj f /eumiio 

■t gelegne weran of Sisaum 3 heono twoege wearaa giatodun neb Siem gigerlan lis ende 5 miisSj ondreordun 
Sa 3 ahtelduu 5tet on-sion on eorSo cwedon to Ssem hwEet soecaS ge Sone lifgonde miS deidum f ne is 
her ah he ajaa eft-gi3enca8 hu spreconde wees iow miSSy gett in galifea were i wees 

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7 ^ cwaB^; Dffit mannea sunu biS geseald 
on handa synfulra manna 7 beori iihangen 
] pj jiriddan d^ge arisan. 

8 1 hig gemundou his worda 

9 1 hig gewendon fram ptere byrgene ^ 
cyddon eall ]?is p3.m endlufenum 1 eallum 

10 Soflice waea marla magdalene. 1 io- 
hanna. 7 maria iacobi, ] oSre pe mid him 
wEeron }?a sjedon ])as fiing pstm apostolum 

11 ] fas word wgeron gejjubte beforan 
bim swa wofFunng 1 big ne ge-lyfdon him; 

13 pa aras petrus 3 am to pEere byrgyne. 
] alutende he geseah pa, lio-wjeda sylfe 
aiede. "i be ferde vvundrigende J^sbs jjar ge- 
worden wass. 

13 r J»a ferdon twegen of bi7?i on 'f cas- 
tel -f wass on fece syxtig furlanga fram 
disia'pniis hierusale??) on naman emaus. 
"■ '^" 14 3 big sp^econ him betwynan be eallum 

pam pe ]?ar ge-wordene w^eron; 

15 And pa, hig spelledon T mid him 
smeadon. se hceiend genealtechte "} ferde 
mid him ; 

16 SoSlice byra eagan wEerun forhEefde 
■p hig bine ne ge-cneowun. 

17 1 he cwffiS to him hw^et synt |>a 
spteca pe gyt recceaS inc betwynan gang- 
ende, 1 synt unrote ; 

iJya gebjiaS 
ou oSeme 

FtM-ioMs Headings. 

7. J/ile/- Jiriddaii, C. Aas lost a leaf; it h^gim again 
with dreg wtea ahjld in v. 29. 9. A. his [/« >*i3] 
A. endleofenum. 11. A. B. woffung. 12. A B byrgene 
14, A. sprsecoii. A. be-tweonan. 16. A.B ge nealsehte 
16. A. heora. A. wseron, 17. A. sjnd. A ipire i 

A. reccaS. A. bo-twoonaiL A. sjnd. 


7 ^ cwiB^. Dfet mannes sune beo^ ge- 
seald on hande synfulle manne. 1 beon 
ahangen. :i Jia jiridden daige arisan. 

8 "} hyo gemunda his worda. 

9 3 hyo ge-wenten fram |;are byregene 

1 kydden eall Jtia 'Sam endlefenen ^ eallen 

10 SoSlice wa38 maria magdalene. 1 lo- 
hanna 1 maria Iacobi. 1 oSre pe mid heom 
W33ren. 1 pa, saigdon })as pmg pam apostlen 

11 3 pa& word wteren g6-];uhte be-foren 
heom swa woffung 3 byo ne ge-lefden heom. 

12 E>a araa petrus. 3 arn to |;are byre- 
gene J alutede, he ge-seah pa, linwsede 
sylfe aleigde. 3 he ferde wundriende. |;aa 
Jj^r ge-worSen w^s. 

13 And pa. ferden twegen of heom on jJ 
castel jjBet wees on ftece sixtig furlenga frawi 
ierusalem. on naman emaus. 

14 3 hyo spjecen heom be-tweonen be 
eallen |)an fe p^v ge-worSene WEeren. 

15 And J>a byo spelleden 1 mid heom 
smeagden, se b^elend ge-neblahte, 3 ferde 
mid heom. 

] 6 SoSlice beore eagen wseren for-bsefde. 
■p hyo bine ne cneowen. 

17 3 be cwEeS to heom. Hweet syndon 
f?a spajce pe gyt recceS me be-tweonen gang- 
ende ] synden un-rote. 


7 bj* liandse aynfulre manna ; Sriddan daig. 8. ge- 
munda, [as in H.]. 9. ge-wendon; bjrienne; cyddon; 
endleofenum ; tdlum oSrum. 10. WJeron ; K. om. 3 
b'jijit )ja, stogdon; apostlum. 11. wasmn; be-foran 
ge ljfd'>m(sit;)hjm, 12. byrienne; alutende; linwKda 
■ilegde , wundrigeade ; ge-worden. 13. End ; ferdon 
fmlungi 14. apfecoit; be-tweonon; alliUMlia™; liarge 
woi denno wfevon, 15. .^nd ; hi [for hyo, over erasv/re) 
smoilidon, haJend ge-neahlahte. 16. heora; hw«roii 
(*« 17. inc [for me] be-twenou gangonde ; sint. 

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Chap. XXIV.] 231 

cuoeiende * ^te i torSon godicfned is siinii monnes ■pte se geaUld in hSnd monno aynnfuba 

7 dicens quia, oportet filiura hominis cradi m manus hominum peeeatoruin 

3 to + ISte were ahoen 3 Sivddan doege arisa 3 eft-gemyndigo weron worJana his 3 

et crucifigi et die tertia rcsurgere 8 et recordatl hunt UBiljDruni eius 9 *Et ' saa ii. 

_ mt. eooliiii. 

Sgem aeiloftiuwi 3 otomm allum [ms. 

. illis undecim et ceteris omnibws ceexssiii.j 

wfea *a maria Sio ma^dilenit 3 3 meohi 3 Sa oSoro ia£e miS him woeron 

10 *Erat autem maria magdalena; ct iohanna et maria iacobi et ceteras quae cum eis eraut •ggy, s. 

iSa cuoedoii 3 «a apoatr-las Sas 3 gcsene woeron inraitev hia* sua from doen * wordo Sas 

quae dieebant et apostolns haec 11 et uisa sunt ante iUos sieut deleramentum uerba ista 

3 ne golefdoa him Son^^ ar5s geara to ^s-m byrgenne 3 gobegde ■?■ 

et BOn credebant illis 12 petrus autem surguna cucurrit ad monumeiitum et procumbens 

gosseh Sa linen hrsegla gosetteJo 3 «ona eoda miis him wundrade fte aworden w»a 3 heono 

uidit linteamma posita et abiit secum mirans quod factum fuerat 13 *Et ecce'XClll. 

[340. ™ii. 

tuoege of Ssem i: tvom him eado 8e ilea drege in ■p woerc ^s wsbs in hnarf Bara spyrda hiiud-teaii 

duo ex illis ibant ipsa die in castelhim quod erat in spatio stadiorum centum 

sexdeih from hmmsakm 8iea was emma.'f^ 1 Sailco gesprecon him bituih of iSieni 

eexagiata ab bierus,ale;/i nomine eminauri l-t at ipsi loquebantur adinuieeni de hfs 

allum «a6e geneolecdon 3 awnnlon wjps mi8«y woeron apollendo ■? gespelledon 3 miS him aob- 

omnibiw qaae accideraut 15 et factum est dum fabularentur et seeum quae- 

ton 3 he Be hBuleml geneolecde eade miS Bieni i him 

rerent et ipse iesMS approjjiuquans ibd,t cum illis 

gehalden weron ^ito hino ne ongetun i ongeatta maiht^m 3 cuoeS to him hua^d aron i Sas word 
tenebautur ne agnoscereut 17 et ait ad UIob quid sunt liii r 

iSa Se gie SEeega* l" bituih geongende 3 gie aron unrSt -t 

quos confertia adinuicem ambulantes et estia trietes 

7. eweSende forSon gidsefiiaS sunu munnes iSait gisald were in bond monna synnfiilra 3 ij'tte were 
ahongen 3 6y isirda diego arise* a. 3 eft-gemyndge werun worda his 9. 3 cft-ftPreDde wenui 

from Sser byrgenne stegiluu 6aa alle Ba>m tellefnui/i. 1 oSrum ailum 10. wees 6a Sio niagSaleniaea 3 . , . . 

3.... 3 Sa oSre SaSe nii8 him werun SSaBe ewedun 8aB to Ssem postolum 11. 3 gisene wenin forester 

hi» 8wa from-doo word Sas 3 ne gi-lefdun him 12 Sonne aras gi-arn to Seer byrgenne 3 gibegde gisteh 

Sa lineno hrjegl hwite asetedo 3 code Sona mis him wundrade -pte aworden wsea 13. 3 heono twoege of 

S£em eodun 8o ilea ilsege to Swm werche ■pte wuea on hweorfe Sara spyrda sestig from .... Sass noma wses 
amans 14. 3 Sailco giapreoun him bitwion of Stem allum SaSe gincohcadun 13. 3 aworden wfe^ niiSSy 

werun spellcnde 3 miS him sohtun 3 he Be hffllcH.i to-gineoiicade eode miS him 16. t^ wutudl/cfl hiora 

gilialdne werun ne ongetun hine 17- 3 cwsi'S to bim hwiet arun Sas word SaSe ge gisacgaS bitwih iow 

gongende 3 ge arun unrote 

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18 Da Iswarude him an, fges nama wiBS 
cleofas 1 cweeS; Earti J^u ana forwrecen on 
hieruaalem. 1 nystest pu pa, fing pe on 
hyre gewordene synt on 'Sjsum dagam; 

19 He sEede pa. hwaut synt ]7a |'ing; 
And big sEedon be pRin nazareniscean 
hffilende. se wa;s wer 1 witega mibtig, on 
spsece "i on weorce be-foran gode 1 eallum 

20 1 bu bine sealdun pa, beab-sacerdas 
"i ure ealdras on dea^es genyj^erunge 1 
ahengon bine, 

21 we hopedbn -p he to aiysenne weere 
israbel ; !l nu is se ^ridda djeg to-da;g f |jis 
wses geworden. 

22 !) eac sume wif 8f urum us bregdon, 
pa WEeron fer leobte fet j^sere byrgene. 

23 D na bia bebaman gemettun. big 
comon 1 sEedun -p big gesawun engia ge- 
sihSe. pa, secgaS hine lybban, 

24 1 f^a ferdun sume of umm to |)Eere 
byrgyne ^ swa gemetton swa pa, wif SEcdon 
bine big ne gesawon ; 

25 Da cwseS se bielend to him eala dy- 
segan H on beorfcan Jtete to gelyfenne eallum 
pa,m pe witegan spEecon, 

26 hu ne gebyrede criste J>as 'ping f7oli- 
gean. 1 swa on bis wuldor gan; 

27 And be rebte him of moyse T of 
eallum haligum gewritum pe be him awri- 
tene wreron ; 

2 [Luke. 

18 Da andswerede hyra an [jasnamewses 
cleopbas. "i cw. eart pu ane for-wrecen- on 
ierusalem, ] nystest pa pa l^ing j^e on bire 
ge-wor^en synde on }iissen dagen. 

19 He saide pa. bwset synde pa Jjing. 
^nd byo saiden pa, be jjam nazarenisce 
bfelende. se wies wer 1 witege mihtig. on 
sprjEce ] on weorce, be-foren gode 1 eallen 

20 1 bu hine sealden fia beab-sacerdas. 1 
ure ealdrea ondeaSes ny'Serunge 1 abengen 

21 We bopeden -f he to alysende wjere 
israel. 1 nu is se l)ridde daig to-daig. -p 
fiis WEBS ge-wor'Sen. 

22 "i eac sume wif of ure us bregden, j;a 
wseren fer leobte set [jare byregene. 

23 1 na his licbame ne ge-seagen. byo 
comen 1 saiden JjEet byo ge-seagen engle 
ge-sih^e. |7a segge^ bine libban, 

24 1 pa ferden sume of uren to paxe by- 
regene. 3 swa ge-metton swa Jja wif saiden. 
bine byo ne seagen. 

25 pa eweS se bgelend to beom. Eale 
desige on beortan. late to ge-lefene eallen 
para pe pa, witegan sprsecen. 

26 bu ne byregede criste Jias ping JjoHen 
H swa on his wuldor gan. 

27 JE,nd he rebte beom of moyse "i of 
eallen haligen ge-writen pe be bim awritene 

Various Headings. 

18. A. Jawarode. A. B. cleopbas. A, syini. 19. A. | 
synd. A. naaareiiyscan. A. sprseoe. 20. A. hu hig 
hine sealdon (nc). 21. A. om. to. A. aljsende. 23. 
A. bus [/or us]. A, brt^dan. 23. A. geraettan (sic). 

A. siedon. A. gesawon. 24. A. om. |ja. A. ferdon. 
A. B. bji'gene. A. gemettan («s in v. 23), 25, A. ge- 

lytanne. A. sprBCcon. 26, A. tolian. 27. A. halsfiua. 

Various Headings. 

18. jiat/ur )ias] uama ; ana for-wreeon ; ge-worden synt; 
jjiaaiim dagum. 19. stegde; synt; stegdon; E. om. )ja 
b^ore be; nazavesean («*c); witega; sprace ; worce; 
allvin. 2U. selden. 21. opeden {sic); aiysenne ware; 
ge-worden. 22, uram ; bregdon ; wseron ; byrigene, 
23, lichaina ; ge-metttin [Jbr \at ge-seagenj ; ssegdon ; ge- 
sawon engla ; aeggaS, 24. urum ; bjrigenne ; ssegdon ; 
sawen. 2-5. cwseS ; halend ; Eala dysigan ; ge-1yfonne 
eallnm, 26. bjrigede; ^ohgen. 27. allnm haligum; 

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Chap, XXIV.] 233 

3 ge-oni^suarerle Sn Bfem wses noma i' Sres noma cleophas cuneS hiw Su ana froniSe -l" ellSiodig 
18 et respondens unus cui nomen cleopas dixit ei td solus peregrinus 

ongete Su i J5a «e awordeno sint in Sser isiasum dagnwj Ssem 

coguouisti quae fiicta sunt in ilia hiis diebus 19 quibws 

he ewfeS huEelco 3 cuoedon frtMwl'of Ssemnazareniscohselend seSe wtea wer witge mffihtili in woerc 
ille dixit qu£e et dixerunt de iesu nazareno qui fuit uir propheta potens in opere 

3 in wjrde iore gode 3 allujw folce 3 huu bine saldon «a lieisto 

et sprmone cortm deo et omni populo 20 et quomodo eum tradideruiit summi 

sucerdti 5 aldoimm niri m mSrung-1 ih suocnc doiBes 3 ahengon hine woo 

sacerdotum et piiucipes no&tii m damnationeHi moitis et ci-uciflxerunt eum 21 noa 

rmtidlice gehyhton i -pte he were eft leamg t israde? 3 nu of^ Sas alle is «irddan 

autem sperabamub quia ipse eabet rcdeiuturus I'^rahel et nunc super hsec omnia tertia 

do^Q todt^e of Soul Kaa awordeno weron ah 3 wifo sume of usra gofyrhtadon * 

dies hodie quo li'eu tai-ta aunt -2 sed et niulieies qu^-dani ex nostris terruenint 

usig Sa Kr leht wcron to Ufam bjrgonno 3 ne wKs gemoetad ^ Hchoma Ma 

nos quae ante lucera fuerunt ad monumentum 23 et non inuento cor pore eius 

cuomou cuoeiScndo hia nntedlice f gesihSo SSara engla gesega «aBe cuoedon hine liflga -i fie lifde 
uenerunt dicentea se etiam uisionem angelorum -uidisse qui dicunt eum uiuere 

3 foerdon i eadon aume from usra to SEem bjrgenne 3 suse gemoeton ante Ba wifo 
24 et abierunt quidam ex nostria ad monumentum et ita inueuerunt sicut mulieres 

cuoedon hine natedlice nege moeton J 3 he cnoeSS to him. la Gnwiso 3 Aljetto 

dixerunt ipsum uero non inuenerunt 25 et ipse dixit ad eoa 6 stulti et tardi 

allam. BaBo gespreeeendo woeron Sa witgo 

aJInm. BaBo gespreeeendo woeron Sa witgo 
omnibMS quae locuti sunt prophetae 

gerSs goSrouia ciist 7 on Ba wisa ingeonga in wuldre liis J Ingann frowi moise 3 

oportuit pati christum et ita intrare in gloriam suam 27 et incipiens & mose et 

allum witgom toaceadado ■1' liim In allura. gewuriotum BaBe of him woeron 

omnibiis prophetis interpraetabatur illis in omnibjw scribturis quae de ipso erant 

18. 3 ondsworade an Bsps noma w.^h cleopas cwceS him, Su ana fwretide ir elSiodig av8 in , ... 1 ne ongete 
Bu BaBe awordne sindun under Bissuwi dagum 19, Bsem he cwteS hweloe 3 cwodnn him of Siem hrelende 

nazarenisco seSe wres witga mtehtig on werche 3 on worde foro gode 3 allum folche 20. 3 hu hine 

saldun him Sa hesta saoerdas 3 aldormen usera in swonche i eoatuiige deoSes 3 ahongon hine 21. we 

wutudlf'ce gihyhtiin Biette he wore eft-lesing 'wcaAes 3 nii ofer Baa alle ia Sirda dreg to diege of Son Sas 
awordne werun 22. ah 3 wif sume of usera giforhtadun usih BaBe ser lehte werun to Bfer byt^enne 

23. 3 ne wees giinoet«d lic-homa his comun cweSende him wutndl/cd Ba gisihBe Bara engla gesege BaBe ewedun 
hine lifga 24. 3 foerdon 1 codon sume from usra to Srar byrgcnne 3 awa gimoetun awa Ba wif cwedun 

hine wutudlice ne gi-segun 25. 3 he cwwS to him la unwiao 3 l^te of heorte to gilefenne in allum BaBe 

apreeendo werun Ba witgo 26. ah ne 5aa giras giSrowiga crist 3 on Ba wise ingonga in wuldor hia 

27. 3 wtes in-gunnen from mojae 3 allum witgum to-gisceode him in allum giwriotum BaSe of him werun 

G a 

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stem if 

28 1 liig geiiea[la)]hton l7am castele ]>e 
hig to ferdun ] he dyde awylce he fyr faran 

29 7 hig nyddon hyne "i cw-«don. wima 
mid unc for]?a7n pe hit Eefen-lfec^ ^ se d^eg 
wfes ahyld. ^ he in-eode f he mid him 
wunude ; 

30 ] pa, he mid him sset he onfeng hlaf 
:i hine bletsude T br^ec 7 him rsehte; 

31 pa -wurdon hyra eagan geopenude 
7 hig gecneowon hine n he gewat fram 

32 And hig cwEedon him betwynan nses 
uncer heorte byrnende pa. . he on wege wi^ 
unc speec. 1 unc halige gewritu ontynde; 

33 And hig arison on psere ylcan tide 1 
wendon to hierusalem 3 gemetton endlufan 
gegaderude ") p& Se mid him. -w-Sron. 

34 "} cwsedun -f drihten soShce aras 3 si- 
mone eet-ywde ; 

35 And hig rehton fa f>ing f>a Se on 
wege gewordene w^ron. ] hu hig hine on- 
cneownn on hiafes hrice; 

i« 36 SoSHce fia hig fis sprtecon se haslend 
st5d on hyra midlene. 7 s^de him. sib sy 
,. eow ic hit eom ne on-drsede ge eow; 

~ 37 Da wferon hig gedrefede :i afterede :i 
hig wendon -p hig gast gesawon; 

38 And he seede him hwi synt ge ge- 
drefede "i gejjancas on eowre heortan asti- 

T w 10 iS Readings 
28. A. B oO neileeliton Cjrpta MS geneahton A 
ferdon. A fni 39 C hegim aqam at dseg see not 
to V. 7. A «un de 30 B C on fencg A Met&ode 
31. A. heota A geojenode 32 A sjn'c 33 i 
om. on. A endle fen gegilerode 34 A Lwedon 

35. A. C. onciein n 36 B L sjxi n A hei,ra. 

A. sig. i!7 A hwia "jn 5 

t- [Luke. 

28 !) hyo ge-nehlacte |jam castele ])e hyo 
to ferden. T he dyde swilce he ferrer faren 

29 ^ hyo nedden hine ? cwssSen, pene 
(sic) mid tincc iox-paa. hit tefenlecS "] se 
daig wEes a-helt. "] he in code ■J he mid 
heom wunede, 

30 "] l^a he mid heom sett he on-feng hlaf 
] hine bletsede. ^ br^c ^ heom rahte. 

31 Da wurSan heore eagen ge-openede. 
"} hyo ge-cneowen hine T he ge-wat fram 

32 MnA hyo cwseSen heom be-tweonen. 
Negs unker heorte beornende j^a he on weige 
wis line sp^c. 1 unc halige write untynde. 

33 1 hyo arisen on Jiare ylcan tide 7 
wenten to ierusalem 1 ge-metten endlefene 
gegaderede. 1 J^a p% mid heom wEeren. 

34 "i cwaeSen "f drihten so'Slice aras 1 
symone atewede. 

35 1 hyo rehton Jta ]?ing. ]ia Jie on 
weige ge-worSene w^ren. 1 hu hyo hine 
on-cneowen on hiafes breche. 

36 SoSlice l^a hyo pis sprECcen. se hsel- 
end stod heom on midden. 7 saide heom sib 
syo eow. ich hit em^\ ne on-drEsde ge eow. ' 

37 Da wBeren hyo ge-drefede. 7 aferede 
1 hyo wenden -p hyo gast ge-seagen. 

38 And he saide heom hwi sinde ge ge- 
drefede. 1 ge-]7ances on eowre heorten 

T aiijus Heidiigs 

23 go neihton [si ) ferdon fyrier firan. 29. "Wane; 
line f 1 ]:in fir j-am f^e hit tefen lacS (sic); dseg; ahelt; 
eom 30 e^ni asett bletBodt 31. wurdon heora 
eigaii gecneowon 32 eom iDotweoiiait ; uncer; bpv 
nende aprieo ge wnte 33 jlcenj wenden; ge- 

metton wteron 34 Eetywde 3o gewordene wfflron; 
brice 36 ly hileHl st d on hyora midlene; asegde; 
ic em [as in H] 37 iftrede wondon; ge-aeawen. 
38. s'egde eom , sjnt , gedrefde , ge-Sancas ; heorte 

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Chap. XXIV.] 233 

^ geneolecdon 6fem vrnevcc Bidder eadon 1 he gedyde ■Ir gebindo hinc Icngre ■1' fin- gSa 

28 et appropinquanoruai eastello quo ibant et ipse finxit ae longiua ire 

1 nedon i hine cuoeSendo wuna usjo; miB forSon ji ofternlocaS ] ofgeboged ivses i h 
29 et cocgerunt ilium dicentes mane uobis-cum* quoniam aduesperascit ct declinata est 

him oufeng 
illis ' accipit 

f kf a gebloedaade : gehrmcg : gerahte him :i uiityndo wocron ego hiora 1 

panem et bonedixit et fregit et porrigebat illis 31 et £perti sunt oeuli corum et 

ongeton hino 1 he gedrysnade from egnm hiora 

cogJiouerunt cum et ipse euanuit ex oculie eoriim 

heorta usra bornende wies in \isic miSSy gesprsecc In woego "J miSsSy untyndo us Sa gewriotto 
cor nostrum ardens crat in notis dum loqueretur m uia et apeiiret nobis scripturas 

3 ariaaon Sio ilco tid eft-ferende woeron in hierusalem I gemoeton Sa gesomnado ffiUefno 
33 et Burgentes eadem hora regressi sunt in hierusalem et inueQerunt congregates undecim 

3 Ba SaSe miS him ^ Sfewj ileum woeron cuocdon * -pte arSa drihi«n aoSlice 3 ffld-eawade 

et eos qui cum ipsia erant 34 dicentes quod surrexit dominws uere et apparuit 

EimnnB 3 hia -t ssgdon Sa^o gedoeii ■? wundra weron on woege 3 huu ongetoD l 

fiimoni S5 et ipsi narrabaut quae gesta erant in uia et quomodo coguouerunt 

hine in breting k hkfea miSSy Sas •oxA.&dliee gesprecon se htelenrf astSd In middum hiora 3 

eum in fraetione pauis 36 *Dum haec auimx locuntur iesws etetit in medio eorum et ■ soillt 

341. uiiii. 

•cnoeS him aibb iuh ic am nallaS ondrcde efne-gestyredo woeron nutaSica 3 gefyrhtedo .weron [nia ooe'sL 

dicit eis pax uobis ego sum nolite timero S7 conturbati uero et eonterriti 

wfiendon i hine gSafc -pte hia gesego 3 mioeS him. huEcd gestyredo arogie 3 smeaungas i 
spiVifiim uidere S8 et dixit eis quid turbati estis et cogitationes 

2S 3 merhtide ^erun %^\a. Vierche * Jer eoiiin 3 ho {,' Ij le i g binde hine ienf,re I firme 29 5 

neddun hme cweSLiido wuna uaih mi6 f r3on efem iongeS Su wa t 3 ofgi beged w#b '^liiXxep dsegea 3 m cido 
to wunanne mi5 him 30 3 aworden wes ml8^y eftgiteste mi5 him onfeng hlafe 3 bletside 3 brd.c 3 

girahte him 31 3 ontjade wenn Hgo hiora 3 ongetun hme 3 he gi divsnade fiom egum hiora 32 J 

cwedun bitwih him -ih no heoito userra biomendo wjls in ns miBSy we ^I'.preLun on wooge 3 miSSy ontjnde 
na Sv giwnotu 33 3 aiiiieado Bailee tide eft forende werun m Xnaxu al m, 3 gimoettun Sa giaomnade 

Oillefne 3 Sa iiifce raiS him weiun 34 cneBende fte so^iieu aria diih/£» 3 •eteowde STmD«<j 35 J 

bie Mfflgdun BiBe gidoen weiun on woege 3 hu on getun hme on brctiiioe brcodea 36 miSSy Sis wutudhce 

gisprecun Su \\?Aend stod on mildum hioia 3 cwieS him sib lowih miS ic an nillaS gLOiidreda 37 efiie 

giitTrtde weiun ^vXufRic 3 fyrhtede werun woendun hme gaat 1* gisege 3S> 3 cw lS him hwet gi atjred 

aron ge 3 Biucaunge astigeS in heorte lowre 

GG 2 

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39 Geseo^ mine handa "i mine fet -p ic 
sylf hit eom. grapia'5. "} geseoS f gast 
HEefj) flKesc ] ban. swa ge ge-seo'5 me 

40 And t'a he j;is siede he Eet-eowde 
bim fet 1 handa; 

41 Da ewfeS he to him pa big fa gyt no 
gelyfdon 1 for gefean wundredon ; H^bbe 
ge her fenig ]?ing to etenne 

42 1 big brobton bim dsel gebrseddes 
fisces 7 beo-bread 

43 And J)a he set heforan bim be nam 
pa, lafa D him sealde 

44 1 cwEeS to him ; pis synt |)a word pe 
ic spiec to eow pa ic wses fa gyt mid eow 
forfam pe hit is neod -p beon ealle ping ge- 
fyllede pe be me awritene \synt on moyses 
S: J on witegu«i 1 on sealmuj/i be me ; 

45 Da atynde be him andgyt -f big 
ongeton hallge gewritu. 

46 "] be cwEo^ to him -f ^us is awriten ] 
fus gebyrede crist foHan. "i pj Briddan 
dmge of dea^um arisan 

47 7 beon bodud on bis naman dsedbote 
tl synna forgyfenesse on ealte feoda. agyn- 
nendum fram hierusalem ; 

48 SoSlice ge synt finga gewitan 

49 1 ic sonde on eow mines feeder behat; 
Sitte ge on ceastre oS ge syn ufene ge- 
scrydde ; 

Vanous Readiiigs. 

40. A. om. lia. A. set-jwde. 41, A, om. her. A. etanne. 
44. A. syncU A, sprsee. A. om. ho me (isi time) ; but B. C. 
repeat it, as in text. A, synd. 45. A. ontynde. A 
geatoii. 4S. A. criste, B. jioligean. A. deaBe, 47. A. 
bodod. A. Osgrniiondum [Kith green capital letter). 
48. A. ayiid. 49. A. oSSe {for o6 ge]. 

3 [Luke. 

39 Ge seo^S mine handa "i mine fet. -p ic 
self hyt em. 1 grapie'3 1 ge-seoS -f gast 
nasfS flsesc ne ban swa ge ge-seoB me 

40 And p& be pis saide he atewede heom 
fet 1 handa. 

41 Da ew£eS he to heom. p& hyo ]>a 
gyt ne lefden "} for bhsse wundredon. Hjebbe 
ge her anig j?ing to tetene 

42 1 hyo brobten him dfel ge-br^ddes 
fisces 1 bei-brad 

43 ] he braecc. 1 ps. ast beforen heom. 
he nam p& lafa 1 heom sealde. 

44 7 cwfeS to heom. pis synde fa word 
pe ieb spsec to eow. ]?a ic wfes jia geot mid 
eow. for-pan pe hit ys neod ■f beon ealle 
ping ge-felde. pe be me awritene synde. on 
moyses lage. T on witegan 1 on salmen be me, 

45 Da atynde he heom andgyt pset hyo 
on-gefcen halige ge-writen. 

46 "} he cw to heom -f pus is awriten T 
pus ge-byrede crist polian. 1 pe pridden 
daige of deaSe arisen. 

47 ^ beon bodeS on his naman deadbote 
7 synne for-gefenesse. on ealle peode agin- 
nende fram ierusalem. 

48 SoSlice ge synde pinge ge-witen. 

49 ^ ic sende on eow mines fader be-hat.' 
Sitte ge on ceastre oSSe ge seon ufene ge- 

39. hand ; fett ; silf hit sein ; grapiaiS ; nafS ; habbeu. 
40. iEnd; sKgde; setywedo. 41, lefdon ; fean [/oj- 
blisse]; fenig; eteno. 42. ge-broddes; beo-breadd. 

43. R. om. ] ho braecc; he R-t [for set]; beforaii. 

44. cwaeS ; sint ; ic spec ; gyt ; ge-fjUede ; sint ; S. {for 
lago] ; aalmuni. 45. on-geaton ; gewritT. 46. >oligan ; 
Srjddan dffiige; deaSum arisiiii. 47. bodad; nremoii 
dtedbote; forgjfenysse ; Jjeoda agynendvm, 48. synt. 

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Chap. XXIV.] 237 

f te ic seolf am grSpa^ J geseajs forSon se gaast 
quia ipse ego sum palpate et uidete quia spiWiws 

hsefeS suse mec gie seas habba 
habet sicut me uidetis habere 

liondo 7 ffiet Saget Sffane «^tn tingelefendum ■?" 3 wundranJum foj-e gefea enoeX 

manus et pedes 41 *Athuc autem illis non credeutibws et mirantibus prae gaudio dixit * 342. uiiii. 

[MS. ceoxli. 
habliaS gic her huoet-huoego -pte etlie sS soiS hia gebroMoa him «ret drel fisces gehrededea «iiii. io. 

habetis hie aliquid quod manducetur 42 at illi optulerunt ei partem piacia assi eexxi.] 

gebrcc fi>>*a hiw* genom Sa sereadungo J' saldo hi»j 

manducasset coram eia sumens reliquias dedit eis 

a cuoeS to him Bas aron wordo Sa sprecend ic am niiSSy Saget ic wa;s iuih mi* fojiSon 
44 *Et dixit ad eos haec sunt uerba quse ]oeutus sum cum athue essem uobis-eum quoniam ' 343. s. 

[MS. eooxlii, 

nod-Karf is -pte se gefylledo alle 8a awritteno sindon in te moses 3 witgo 1 salmas of 
necesse est impleri omnia quiB sciibta sunt in lege mosi et propfietis et psalmis de 

mee Ka uutynde him -p ondget' fte 

me 45 tuuc aperuit illis sensum ut ii 

foj'Xon HUBS aivritten is i wses 3 s«Ee were rehtlic -pte eriat geSrowade 3 eft- 
quoniam sic scribtuw est et sic oportebat christura pati et 

dK^e 3 ^ste were abodenw in noma hia hreonise 3 eft-foi^efniae Sara syrma in 

tertio 47 et praedicari in nomine eius paenitentiam et reuiissionem peccatorttwi in 

allumi cynnuM!. onginnendum from Ynerusalem gie xmt^dlice aron witneso Sisra i Sara 3 

omnea gentes incipientibMS ab hierosolyma 48 uoa autem estis testes horum 49 et 

ic sendo hat 4- fadores minea in iuili gie ^onne aittaa m 6a_ ceastra wiS-Sy 

ego mitto promissum patria mei in uobis uos autem sedete in ciuitate quo-adusque 

39 giaeaa hond'} mine 1 fo[et] mine -pte solti it am giapn"i J giwiS f jSon Se gilt lichonn, 7 bin ne 
heofoS ■ivfi mec giseiS hibbi 40 7 miSSy Sis giowjeS 'et-eowde iiuu hondi 3 foott 41 Siget Sonne 

Sisin ne gilefendum 3 wundiade werun fj?e gifeo cwreS habbaS ge her hweethwoegno fte ettlic sie 
42 soS hise gibiohtuii him ^ di;l Htcea ^breddes 3 biobiood hunges {*!r) 43 3 miS'^y gibrec fora mm ginom 
8a BCreadunge aalde him 44 3 i.w*6 to him Sas smt woid mine 6i8e sptecende le im to low miSSy 

get ic wss-irweie lowih ini8 fjrUm nedSarf n S«t we |,ef>Ile alle 6iKe awiitue smduii in je 3 witgana J 

salmea of met, 45 6a ontinde ongett hiori fte on getnn Sa, giwriotu 46 3 cwjaS him forSon awi 

awnten is 3 swa were rehtlio p cnat Srjwade i eft aiise from deoSo ivg Snili 47 : were bodad on 

noma his hieowmase J eft fcigefnis'te 8iia v^nnfulri m allum cynnum onginnendum iiom hioruailem 48 go 
wutudlice aion witms^e Sisri 49 3 ic aendo gihat Isediea mines in lowih ge Sonne sitta& in 8 ur c Lstro 

Bi6 8j ge gi gerwed ^e miS mffigne on nfa 

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50 SoSlice he gelEedde hig ut on betlia- 
mam :! lie bletsode hig bis bandum up- 

51 :) hit wsea geworden fa he bletsude 
hig. be ferde fram bim "} webs fcred on beo- 

52 1 big gebiddende big gebwurfoa on 
bierusalem mid mycelum gefean. 

53 :i hig WEeron symle on J;am temple 
god bergende 1 hyne eac 

Various Eeadings. 

60, A, bletsade. 51. B. repeats geworden. A. blet- 

sode. 52. A. om. mid, 63. A, herigenda; 0, heregeade. 

Noie. From jia he (in ti. 51) to the end is omittedin B. 
owing to the loss qf a leaf, though supplied afterieards on 
an inserted Uaf, in a later hand. 


50 So^bce be ge-Iredde hyo ut on* betha- ' 
niam "i be bletsode byo bis hand upp-a- 

51 ^nd hit WEes ge--wor^en ];sEt he hyo 
ge-bletsode. he wente fram heom 1 he 
smat (sic) in-to heofene. 

62 j3End hyo )7a hyo ge-biddende ge- 
cyrden into ierusalem mid muchelere blisse. 

53 T wseren efre in j?are temple beriende 
3 bletsiende god. amek. 

Various Headings. 
50. bethauian ; handa up ahafennm. 51, ge-wordsn. 

Note. From, Jiset he {in v. 51) to the end is omitted in 
R, bg the original scribe, but inserted by tlie scribe of 
MS. H. without any variation of spelling. 

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Chap. XXIV.] 

of-laedde 5a bia iita in Sser byrig I ahefenum i hondum. his gebloedsade Lijw 

50 eduxit autem eos foraa in bethania et eleuatis inauibzss suis bencdixit eis 

51 et factum est duin "benediceret ill is recessit 

liiwi eft-foerde from biwi J wees gefered in beotaum 

iaeritsalem miS gljednisse miclo 
hierusalcm cum gaudio magno 

tempel lofando 

templo laudantcs et bcnediceiites dewm amen 

J wofiron ayml)Ie 
53 et or act semper 

SO- oftedde 6a hia utt in Sier bjrig 3 a-hfefnum hoadum hia hletsade hiie 51. 3 aworden w^s miSSy 

( hise oftfoerde froiM him 3 wtes gi-fored on fieofnas 52. 3 8a gi-gi-wor8adun (sic) hine eft-fserende 

, mis giiedniase mieler 53, 3 wemn ajmle on temple horende 3 bletsadun god 

Explicit etjaugbi-igm secumddm i 

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ITie following w a list qf all the readings of the Latin text in the Enshworth MS. which differ J^om the tmt 
in the Lindiafarne MS. as printed in this volume. Note t^t inoH cf the corrections mentioned as being added 
"above the line" are in a later hand. 

Cap, I. 1. coapletae; rerum comes after nar- 
rationem. 3. adsecuto; omnibus; obtime tlieofile. 
5. iudiae; di fice [for de nice] ; di filiabus iiariSn; 
ei [for eius]; elizabeth. 6. domiimm [for deum]. 
7. elizabetb sterelis ; proce^issei. 8. fugeretur 
zacharias; ficia. 9. ingresua. 12. inruit. 13. 
angeliis ad ilium; zacbarias quia ; elizabetli; eiu3 
[for suum]. 15. enim [for autem] ; sic eram 
[for sicera] ; adhuc. 10. iaraliel. 17- praecedit; 
om. spiritu et; incredibilis. 19, ad-esto. 21. plepa. 
22. uissionem; eis [for illis]. 23. inpleti. 2i. 
elizabeth. 25. obproprium. 26. misus; galiliae. 
27. dispousatam uiro; domu; maria. 28. inter 
[for in]. 31, concipies. 32. dommws dews. 35. 
obumbrabit; ideo-que quod [omitUng et]. 36. 
elizabeth ; ille [for illi] ; sterelis. 38. om. ecce ; 
ancella. 39. exsurgens ; abit. 40. zalutauit eliza^ 
beth, 41. elizabeth exsultauit ; elizabeth. 42. 
mulieris. 44. enim ut facta; & exsultauit in utero 
meo infans in gaudio. 45. credidisti. 47. exsulta- 
uit. 48, ancellae. 51. disperait supersit superbos. 
52. deposauit. 54. suscipit; swse added above the 
Une. 55. abraciam ; eius ueque in saeculum. 56. 
quassi. 57. elizabeth; inpletum. 58. misseri- 
cordiam. 59. octabo ut uenirent & circumci- 
derent; uocabant. 60. iohannis. 61. ilium; om. 
quia.' 62. & innuebant patris eius. 63. postulans 
accipit pugillarum & scripsit; iohannis; omnea 
[for uniuersi]. 64. om. est; illico; lingua eitts 
tua loquebatur (eius added after lingua, which 
word ended a line). 65. factum; iudae & de- 
uulgabantur. 66. possuerunt; audierunt; enim 
[for 2nd erit] ; cum [for erat coram]. 67. in- 
pletum ; spiritus samctiis ; profetauit, 68. uissi- 
tauit ; redemptionem plebis. 69. cornu ; domu. 
70, 71. sanctoram profctarum suorum qui ab euo 
Bunt & liberauit nos ab ioimicia; nos comes be-- 

fore oderunt. 72. missericordiam. 73. iurabit ; 
abraeham. 74. manibus. 75. iustitiam. 7,6. 
profeta; uocaueria; preribis (i/te Isi r added above 
the line). 77. & [for ad]; meorum [for eomm]. 
78. missericordia ; uissitauit ; exalta. 79. & di- 
rigandoa ; nostras ; uiam. 80. confortabatur in 
spiritn; desertis; ad diem [for in diem] osten- 
tionis; & [for ad]. 

Cap. II. 1. illis diebus ; acceeaare [for a 
cesare]. 2. profeasio [for deacribfcio] ; cirino no- 
mine. 3. profeterentur. 4. om. ls( et; gaUlia; 
iudeam. 5. profeterentur; sponsa [altered to dia- 
aponsata] ; prigante. 6. inpleti ; pariret 7. re- 
clinauit ; dcueraorio. 8. uigilantea [for uigilias]. 
11. uobia [for nobis]. 12. posaitum. 13. om. 
cum angelo; exercitus [for militiae]. 15. uero 
added a,bove the line after pastores ; betlem ; ui- 
diamus; om. fecit; om. et before ostendit. 16. 
om. featinantes et inuenerunt ; poaaitum. 17. eat 
[for erat]. 19. conseruat; conuerens [for con- 
ferent]. 20. audierunt & uiderunt. 21. puer 
uocatum; concoepit [for conciperetur]. 22. in- 
pleti ; puriticationia [for purgationis] ; moysi tul- 
lerunt; after hierusalem R. adds ut adsisterent 
ilium domino. 23. scriptum; raasculum ; sranciam. 
24. hostias ; lege dommi ; turtorum. 25. nomen 
erat aemeon; consulationes ; ipso [for eo]. 26. 
acciperat; uisuram. 27. introducerent parentea 
eius puerum iesum. 28. accipit ; uUas. 29. di- 
mitte. 31. praeparasti. 33. mater eius; diceba- 
tur. 34. illos sjmeon ; possitus ; om. in before 
sigaum; contradicet. 35. pertransi & gladius. 86. 
profetiza; fanuel. 37. uaque ad annos. Ixxxiii, 
glossed hund-eehtetig ; discendehat a teraplo ieiu- 
nis &, obseruationibits seruiens deo. 38. confite- 
bantur; exspectabant redemptionem hirusalem. 
39. gal^leam. 41. sollempni. 42. esset [for 

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fuisset]. 42. iemsolima; fecisti [/or festi]. 43. 
quae [for que] ; om. non, 44. cognates & notos in 
{ending the line ; sic). 45. regressi [for reuersi]. 
46. eum [for iUum] ; H. adds illos after interro- 
(fantem. 47. prudentiam. 48. admirati ; mater 
eius; E.. inserts sic before ecce; querebamus. 

49. querebatis ; quoniam [for quia] ; pafcria ; esset. 

50. ipse (sic). 51. diseendit. 52. proficiat; & 
aetate ; omnes {for homines), glossed a!le. 

Cap. III. 1. imperi tiberis cessaria procur- 
rante; pylato iudeam tetracba; galiliae; pilipo 
{sic) ; tetracha iturae ; traconitidis ; lieania abili- 
anae tetracha. 2. caifa ; iohannem ; & filium. 8. 
babtismum poenitentiae. 4. sicut scut {sic), tk6 
latter word is glossed swa ; ecriptum ; sermonem 
essaiae profetae. 5. replebitur; colles. 7. Dice- 
bant ; exiebat ; babtizaxentur ; fugere a futura ira. 
8. dignos penitentiae ; coeperitis ; abracham ; ab- 
rachae. 9. radices ; possita ; fructum bonum ; 
om. in before ignem; mittetur. 11. tonicas; det 
nonbenti, glossed seleS Ktem nsebbonde. 12. pu- 
plicani; babtizarentur. 13, om. quam. 14. au- 
tem comes before interrogabant ; eum a,dded above 
the line; stipentia. 15. existimantis ; cogitati- 
onibus. 16. iohannis; babtizo uos in poenitentia 
uenit autem (in poenitentia not glossed) ; cal- 
cimentorum {with a tag helow \) ; babtizauit. 
17. congregabit triticum suum in orreum 
suum {the 2nd suum added, at the end of the 
line) ; conburei. 19. Herodis ; tetracha ; hro- 
diade (sic); herodis. 20. super; earcerem, 21. 
babtizaretur ; babtizati ; opertum. 22. diseendit ; 
conplac\iit. 23. quassi; putabatur; eli. 24. ma- 
tha« [for mattat] ; fui {sic) leui. 25. mathathiae ; 
iiauum ; essau [for 4s\i] ; nagae. 26. math, 
altered to maah ; ioseph [for iosec] ; iuda [for 
ioda]. 27. rassa [for resa] ; biorababel [for so- 
robabel]. 28. ehnadam ; er, altered to her. 29. 
iessu [for ihesu] ; elizer ; sorim [for iorim] ; ma- 
thathiel [/or matthad]. 30, semeon. 31. mel- 
cha [for melea] ; mathathiae [for matthata]. 
32. oheth; bos; nason. /33. aram; esram. 34. 
isac ; abracha. 85. seme ; raugau ; fala«. 86. 
cainan ; noae. 37- mathusale ; iareth ; malelel. 
38. qui fui't dei, glossed se'Se wies goding. 

Cap. IV. 1. regresus; a [for ab]. 2, temp- 
tabatur; diabulo; essurit. 3. illis [/orilU]; sa- 
bulus [for diabolus], glossed ^e diawul. 4. scrip- 

turn ; enim quia, glossed forSon Scette ; uiuit ; 
5. eum {above the line) zabulus [for ilium diabo- 
lus], 6. uoluero [for uolo], glossed ie wyllo. 7. 
ero [for ergo], glossed forSon ; om. procidens ; R. 
inserts & before erunt (<m addition). 8. scrip- 
turn. 9. dixit altered to duxit ; eum [for ilium] ; 
pinnaculum. 10. scriptum; raandauit; de te 
added in later hamd. 11. om. et; manibus tuis. 
12. temptabis. 13. onmi temptatione diabulus ; 
eo [for illo]. 14. om^ est; galileam, 15. sina- 
gogls; magnificabantur. l(j. consuitudinem ; si- 
nagogam. 17- profetae essaiae ; om. ut ; locum 
[/or loco]; scriptum est. IS. uncxit; missit; di- 
uisum [for uisum], glossed gisihSe; demittere. 
19, retribuitionis (sic). 20, omnia in sLnagoga, 
21. inpleta; scriptura. 22, que [/or quae]. 23. 
dicitis ; curati, altered to curatute {sic) ; cafar- 
nauum. 24. profeta. 25. israhel quanto; cum 
added abotie the line after eum ; famis. 26, si- 
repta sidoniae ; & [for 2nd ad], 27. helesio pro- 
feta ; nem^n ; sinagoga. 29. iecerunt ; om. ad ; 
supercilicium {sic). 

After ciuitas there are 8 leaves wanting in the 
Eushworth MS. to uiri in verse 38 of Chapter VIII. 

Cap. VIII. 38. uiri ; demonia exirent. 39. 
reddi; Aominus [for dews]; habiit; praedicaa; 
quantat {sic) ;. fecit Aomimis [for fecisset iesws]. 
40. autem [for enim]. 41. uiri eamus [for uir 
cui nomen iairus] ; sinagoga; cicidit & pedes ipsum 
rogans eum. 42. uere [for fere] ; om. 1st et ; 
moriabatur ; contegit ; turbis conprimebatur, 43. 
queinmedicis; curare. 44. om. Isi eiws. 45. erat 
[for erant] ; tante [for te] ; conpraemuit & ad- 
fliguit. 46. nam & ego ; exipse, altered to exisse. 
4-7. iiidentes; procedit; eius [for illiua]; tetigerat; 
iudicauit [for indicauit] ; quem-admodum confes- 
tum. 48. & [for at] ; flia [for filia]. 49. Adhuc 
eo; princeps [/or a principe] ; roes, [for i\x&\,glo8sed 
min ; nolii, 50. nolii ; om. et ; aaluarei [for aalua 
erit]. 51. ad inserted before domum, in later 

ingonga hine miS seaigne 
hand; permissit; intrase eum quem-quam, so 
glossed; & iohannem & ia^obum; puelle. 52. 
U Ulam {sic). 53. diridebant. 54. R inserts eos 
afier tenens ; & clamauit ; R. inserts sunt after 
I puella. 55. iusi dari .Ulum [for iussit illi dari], 
56. R, inserts eius after parentes. 

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Cap. IX. 1. demonia ; langores. 2. missit. 
3. tolleretis ; peceuiiiam ; duos ; abetia [/or ba- 
beatis]. 4. & qua-cum-que domui ; ubi [for 
ibij ; OTO. ne. 6, reciperit; super [/w supra]. 
6. Egresi ; euacgelizantur. 7. herodis tetracba ; 
essitauit de eo ; om. 5 quibusdam quia iohannea 
surrexit ^ inortuis. 8. elias aparuit ; alls ; pro- 
feta, 9. herodis iobannis ; decolaiti ; estis te de, 
so divided, but glossed is 'Ses of; om. audio ; after 
talia E. msei^ts iudo {for audio), glossed doema ; 
uidere comes after eum. 10. qui-cum-que; ad- 
sumtis eia secesit; que [for qui]. 11, quod cum 
que cogaouisenfc; secute ; excoepifc ilos {sic). 12, 
Die ; caeperat ; aaceudentes ; demitte ; diuertun- 
tur; ut [for 2nd et]; om. in before loco. 13' 
eos [for illos] ; eis [for illis] ; manducate ; eamus 
\_for emamua], the word being repeated; eseas. 
14, om>'2Aid autem; discumbere to %\d et in 
verse 15 omitted. 17. eis [for illis]; cofini. 18, 
Er. inserts et before orans ; et [for eraut] ; dia- 
cipuli ems [for et discipuli ; eia^ added above the 
iine'\ ; beati [for esse turbae], glossed ead-ge. 19. 
om. at; babtistam; eliam; profeta. 20. om. me; 
esse( sed dicitia ; R, inserts illia after 2nd dixit ; 
Bpiritum [for christum]. 21. om. hoc. 22. obpor- 
tet; occide*. 23, adnegat; cotedie. 24. saluum; 
earn [for illani] ; & [for nam] ; saluum ; earn 
[for illam]. 25. profecit homini ; rentum [for 
detritnentum] ; om. sui. 26. filium homonis 
erubescei con ueuerunt. 27. alii qui [for ali- 
qui] ; om. bic; uidiaot. 28. om, et after ,uiii., 
which is put for octo ; adsumsit; & iobaunem & 
iacobum. 80. loquebatur {sic) ; om. autem ; 
moyses. 31. nisi, glossed werun giaene ; exque- 
sum ; om. quem ; conpletunis ; hirusalem, 32. 
sommo ; euigilautes ; maiestatis ; quetabant [for 
qui stabant]. S3, disceeerunt ; eo [for iUo] ; ut 
petrum [for ait petrus] ; nobis [for nos] ; om^ et 
after esse; ti-ea; moysi; dicerit. 34. eo [for 
illo]; Dubs (sic); umbrauit. 35. electus [for 
dilectus] ; in spirita [for ipaum], glossed in gaste. 

36. fuerit [for fieret] ; nimipi; que [for quae], 

37, discentibws (sic) [for descendentibw] ; R. in- 
serts & before occurrit; & [/or illi]. 38. uiri 
in m^ domme [for in filium meum], glossed oi 
mec drihten. 39. adpraehendit eum; eledit 
disipat ; diecendit delaniana. 40. sues [for 
tuos]; ut [for 2nd et]; ieccrent. 41, om.iesiis 

adhuc ; fliura (sic) [for filium]. 42. accideref 
eledit eum demonium; incrauit [/or increpauit]. 
43. que [/or quae; twice]. 44. filium meum [for 
filius enira] ; homonis futurum ; traderetur. 45. 
ad [for at] ; K. adds est after uelatum ; et for 
ut ; om. et before timebant ; interrogarent, alt. to 
iuterrogaret. 46. iNterrogauit [for iNtrauit]; 
R. omits the words from maior to illorum in verse 
47. 47. adpraechendens ; om. eum. 48. sus- 
eiperunt ; istud, corr. to istum ; suscipit [for reci- 
pit]; reciperint reciperit; E. adds, after misit, 
reciperifc eum ; maior [for minor]. 49. iohannia ; 
om. dixit ; quendam ; meo [for tuo] iecentem de- 
monia; proibimus. 50. aduersum. 61. eonple- 
rentur; adsumtionis. 52. missit; ut [for 2nd et]. 
53. reciperunt ; quod [for quia] ; euntes in hieni- 
salem. 54. R. inserts autem before discipuli ; 
iocob {sic) & iohannis ; ignem diacendit ; eos [/or 
illos]. 55. R. inserts {above the line) iesus before 
increpauit ; eos [for illos], after which E. adds — & 
dixit nescitis cui spirituB estis [56] filiua homiuis 
non uenit auimas hominum perdere sed saluare. 
56. babieruit {sic) ; aliut. 57. ierimus . [foi- 
ieris]. 58. ei [for illi] ; filios [for filius] ; ho- 
mines; E. inserts suum after caput {above the 
line) ; reciinat. 59. irae. 60. dixit quae ei 
iesws; om. ut; om. autem; adnuntia. 61. sed 
per primum ire nuntiare bis qui in domu sunt. 
62. atrum [for aratrum]. 

Cap. X. 1. disignauit; missit eos. 2. qui- 
dam ; ero [/or ergo] ; operios [for operarios] ; 
suam added above the line. 4. nemini. 5. E. 
omits the words from In to intraueritia ; dicete; 
6. filiia ; requiescei ; ueatras sin [the s in sin has 
been added above the line]. 7, om. autem; do- 
mura ; aput ; est comes before enim ; operios cibo 
suo ; domu. 8. qua [for quam] ; susciperint ; 
om. quae; adponentur. 9. om. 2nd et; eia ad- 
propinquauit ad uoa. 10. qua [for quam] ; 
reciperunt; platias & djcite. 11. E. omits the 
words from puluerem to scitote ; adpropinquauit 
enim. 12. remi-sius. ISicorozam; betsaida; tiro; 
R, omits from 1st et to fuissent ; uirtutis que ; 
facite [for facte]; oUim; peneterent. 14. tivo; 
remisius; nobis [/<»■ nobis]. 15. cafamauum 
(ca added above the line) ; exalta ; in [for ad] ; 
demergis. 16. E. inserts & before the Zrd qui. 
17, demonia sibiciuntur {sic) ; nomini. 18. eis 

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[for ilUs]. 19. super {twice); nos [for 2)M!uobis], 
hut glossed iow. 

Verses 20 — 38, to the word muller, are want- 
ing in the MS. 

38. quedam [for qiiaedam] ; oxcoepit ; dom i 
sua. 39. hue [for liuic] ; que qiiam [for quae 
etiam], glossed Sio Se ; audierbat {dc) iierbt 
40. satagagabat (sto); frecens {sic); que stit; eura 
tibi [for tibi curae] ; sola ; ei [for illi] ; me covies 
before adiuuei. 41. om. 1st et; ei [for illi] 
iesus [for iominusj ; om. 2nd martha ; aolicita 
42. Maria autem obtimam partem ; que [/o* 

Cap. XI. 1, eitis [above the line, for suis] ; R 
inserts m4 after doee, glossed mec i ; om. et after 
sicut ; iohaimis, 2. eis [for illis] ; erates ; after 
Pater R, inserts noster qui ^s in caelis; afier 
regnum tuum R, inserts fiat uoluntas tua sicut 
in caelo & in terra. 3. hodie [for eotidie], 
glossed to dsege. 4. demitte ; pecata ; sicut [for 
si] ; debitoribus nostris [for omni — nobis] ; temp- 
tationem, after which R. adds sed libera nos a 
male, 5. habef. 6. quaniam ; mens 
uenit, 7. inde [for de] ; R. inserts 
before dicat ; puer meus. 8. R. inserts before dico, 
«i the beginning, & ille si perseuerauerit pulsans ; 
ei [for illi] {Pwioe); inprobiietatem ; om. tamen, 
though hwe^re is in the gloss; amici eius surged; 
B. inserts quot after 2nd quod. 9. Et ecee ego dico 
uobis; qtterite. 10. Omnes; querit. 11. enim 
[for autem] ; R. inserts filius after uobis ; lapidem 
dabitur; om. 1st illi; ille [for 2nd iUi], added 
above the Une. 12. peterit ouam ; porrigei ei. 
13. o^n. data. 14. demoniura; iecisseidemonium; 
admirati. 15. omnes qnidam; phariseis [for 
eis] ; belzebul [sic) princJpe demoniorum iecit 
demonia. 16. temptans; qnerebant precedes 
de caelo. 17. cogitationis ; ipsum [/or ipso] ; 
desolabitur. 18. After eatanas R. adds satanam 
iecit ; belzebub ; ieeise [for eicere] ; demonia. 
19. R. omits the words from si to daemonia ; ieci- 
nnt. 20. iecio demonio. 21. armatis (sic) ; 
custodiat; que posset. 22. ilia; uincerit. 23. 
quia [for qui] (fudce) ; dispaigit. 24. inmun- 
dus ; exierat de ab [sic) homine perambulabat ; 
ininaquosa {sic) queriens. 25. mandatam (R, 
(7tm adds&ornatam). 26. adsumei; spin'iMs ne- 
quitior esse (so divided, hut glossed woh-fulra 

bim) ; ingresi ; fiunt [for sunt] ; bomini eius. 

27. quedam; qne sunt existi [for quae suxisti]. 

28. ad eoa immo [for quippiui]. 29. querit ; e( 
[ foi iliil ; ione profetae. 30. in signum fuit 
[joi fu t signum] ; ninuetia. 31. austri ; con^ 
tempnabit ; salamonis ; ecee {sic) ; salamone, 
32 ninuete ; eontemnabunt ; quia quia [sic] 
penetentiam ; plus ionae hie {sic). 33. lu- 
cemam absconso; uidiant 34. occulus ((wjt'ce) 
semj.lex nequa-quam; etiam &; om. tuum. 31 
om ert SG. erit comes after 2nd lucidum. 37. 
paiiaeus (sic) ; prandiret iiput; ingresus. 88. pba- 
nseus om. autem; primum babtiaatus. 39. pba- 
iiseipnusquod; cateni. 40. om. Isiiquod;; 
om. ^/nd de. 41. elimosinam. 42. phariaei ; quid 
[for quia] ; pi-aeteris. 43, pbarissei quia dUi- 
gistis prosimas cadedras in sinagoga; salutationia. 
44. qui [for quia] ; mumenta que {sic) ; homones 
(corrected) ; ambulentes super ilia. 45, om. qui- 
dam ; ei [for illi] ; dicis [for dicens]. 46. TJae 
uobis quia honoratis liomonee honoribus que; una 
[for uno] ; R. adds ipsius after sarcinas. 47. 
qui [Jbr quia] ; monumeuta profetarum; eos [for 
illos]. 48. om. quod; consentire; om. eos; om. 
eoram; sepnltura, 49. & praeteria [for propter- 
ea] ; profetas ; apoatolos ; occidentur. 50. in- 
quioatur sanguinis ; profetarum ; effussus ; con- 
atitione (sic) ; generatione. 51. R. inserts & 
before qui ; eadem. 52. qui [for quia] ; ab- 
stullietis ; R. inserts & before ipsi ; introibat, alt. 
to introibant. 53. pbarissei; obprimere. 54. 
insidientes ei querentes ; accnssarent ; eum writ- 
ten above the line. 

Cap. XII. 1. primum Adtendite ad ferraento 
phariseorum que est liipociisis. 3. que [for 
quae] ; audistia [for dixiatis] ; afhr aurem R. 
adds audistia & ; cubilia praedicatur ; after tectis 
R. adds & in plateis. 4. terremini; efe [for 
his] ; quae fatiinnt [for quod feciant]. 5. timia- 
tis timite eam; ad gegenam. 6. nonne passeri- 
hus .u. uenerunt duo pondio; efs [for illis]. 7. 
.multi. 10. omnia ; sptWiu aancto ; after 2nd 
remittetur R. adds & omnia qui dixerit uerbum in 
filium homiuis remittur ei, 11. inducant; om. 
ad ; magistratibua ; soliciti estis ; respondetis (R. 
then adds aut quid dicatis). 12. que obportat. 
13. ei comes before quidam, after which R. adds 
uir; dico [/or die]. 14. com^ [/or me], (amis- 

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take of the scribe, who had missed me and begun to 
write the next word). 15. abaritia ; om. in ; ha- 
bundantia quis-quam ; que [for quae] ; possedet. 

16. eos [for illos] ; homonis; uberis; adtnUit. 

17. congregam. 18. distruam; que [for quae]. 
19. anima [for meae anima], glossed mine ; pos- 
sita; come [for comede], glossed riording (re- 
quiesee is glossed rsest bryce). 20. ei [for iUi] ; 
que [for quae]. 21. quis ibi tessaurizat. 23. 
corpus plus quam. 24. cumoB [for corbos] ; 
seminat; pascit; pluri estis efs. 25. enira [for 
autem] ; adiecire. 27. neunt (sic) ; aalamon ; 
uestiabatur. 28. fenum ; agros ; ovi. est ; mit- 
tetur ; pnssilH. 29. querere ; bibetis ; extolle 
[for tolli]. 30. queruDt; quis [for quoniam]. 
31. querite ergo primum regnum. 32. pussillus; 
conplaciiit. 33. que [for quae] ; habetis [for 
possidetis] ; elimoysinam ; aaculos ; tensaurum ; 
dilieientem ; adpropiat ; tenea. 34. nam ubi 
thensaurus ; ubi [for ibi] ; om, uestrum. 35. 
Sunt autem lumbi; lucema uestrae (sic). 36. 
homnibus (sic); uenerint (sic); conuestim. 37. 
inuelantes [for inuenerit uigilanfces], glossed wte- 
cende ; praecinget ; eos [for illos] ; minietrabat 
eis. 38. om. ^tid uigilia; R. addssant after beati. 
39. haec [for Hoc] ; quia [for quoniam] ; ueneref ; 
perfoderi. 40. om. qua ; potatie ; homonis ; uen- 
turus est [for ueiiiet]. 41. om. ei ; h^c [for 
banc] ; parabulam ; om. An ; ad nds omnes. 42 
putana. 43. con [for cum] ; inuenief. 44. uero 
super; que possedei; eum [for ilium], 45. R. 
inserts dicens after suo ; ueuiret ; percuterit ; an- 
ceUas. 46. & partem-qwe (& added above the line) 
47. uapulauit multas. 48. ojk. %td non; a paucis 
queritur; commendauerit ; petent. 49. sic [for 
si]; acendatur. 50, coartor; periiciantur. 52. 
domu. 53. murum [/or nurum]. 54 ab orients 
[for orientem]; occassu. 55. siestus [for uentus], 
56. liippocritae. 57. quod [for 2nd quid]. 58. 
tradat [for trabat], glossed be ge-nime; U. omits 
apud iudicem et iudex tradat td 59. raddas. 

Cap XIII 1 ipso follows tempore ; nun^ 
tians; gablia, &ac:ificls. 2, in galilia [for hi 
galilaei], glossed ft^s galileseo; galilia [for gali- 
laeis]. 4 E inserts & before illi ; siloiam, 5 
a^eritis , om omnes. 6. uinia. 7. uiniae 
querens, succide 8 ille [/orilU]; dimittam. 9. 
om. et ; si [for sin]. 10. autem erat ; 

11. spm(Ms; decim; retrorsum [for aursiim]. 

12. uiderei; dimisa. 13. inpossuit, glossed ge- 
sette ; creata [for erecta] ; glorifioata est dewm. 

14. archiaiaagogus ; sabbatis ; after turbae R. 
inserts quia; om. sunt; om. in before die. 15. 
respondit; hyppocbritae ; soluet. 16. filiam 
abraechae. 17. gaudebit; R, then omits the re- 
mainder of the verse. 18. om. Licebat. 19. siua- 
pis ; missit ; ortum ; requierunt. 20, simile exis- 
timabo ; R. omits et cui, and begins verse 21 with 
simile est. 21. mulier mulier (sic) ; firmentare- 
tur. 22. & toibat {sic), glossed 3 foerde ; ciuiui- 
tatem (ciui ends a line). 24. querent; potuerunt. 
25. clauserit hostium ; scitis. R. omits verse 26, 
and part of 27 to the word sitis. 27. discidete ; 
omnes qui operamini iniquitatem. 28, sibi [for 
ibi], glossed Ser ; fletos ; abracbam ; isfic ; profe- 
tas ; om. introive. 30. erant [for erunt], twice. 
31. ilia [/or ipsa] ; ille exi & uadei, glossed him 
gaa : gong; berodis; uulte [for uult t^. 32. R, 
inserts & before dicitQ ; ece [/or ecce] ; demonia; 
tertia die, 33. om. me ; qui [for quia] ; capei 
profetem, alt, to profetam. 34. propbetae (sic); 
quem-admodum; c/fer pinnis 'R.inserts congregat. 
35, relinquetur; afier uestra R. inserts deserta. 

Cap. XIV. 1. priocipis; ipsum [for ipsi]. 
aldor" ' hiss cweduii 
2. illud [for ilium], 3. pharissa eos dicens 
gif gilefed is on sjmbel dtege 

si lice( sabbatis, so glossed'; after curare E, 
adds aut non. 4. adpraehensum liominum aa- 
nauit eum. 6, om. ad illos ; ait [/or dixit] ; 
aseinus ; extracbef. 6. ille [for illi], 7. om. et ; 
uitatoa parabulam ; accupitos (altered fi-om acci- 
pitos) ; elegerunt. 8, inuitatos ; te t^ (sic). 9. 
dice* ; the 2nd locum comes before nouissimum. 
10. superitis (sic). 11. huUiat (sic) [for humi- 
liat], 12, om. 1st et; R. inserts quae after diui- 
tes ; ijrae iA inuitent & faciat tibi retribuitio. 13. 
eonuium (sic) ; debelis. 14. abent [for habent] 
('bent' joined to the previous word 'non' witli a 
inserted above the line); tribuetur; resurrectione. 

15. fecit [for de siraul], glossed of Ssem dyde ; 
illi [for ei]. 16. & [for at]; ilU [for ei] ; cae- 
nam. 17. cenae. 18, excussare; uillam enim 
[for uillam emi], glossed lond ih bohte forBon ; 
rogate [for rogo t^], glossed ic byddo Sec; ex- 
oussatam. 19. bouum). roga te (as in v. 18); 

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35. adsumetur ; alter. S6. adsuraetur. 37. 
respondit \_for dixit]. 

Cap. XVIII, 1. Dicebant ; parabulam ; qm 
[for c[uomodo]. 2. index oporteS ; in quam ciui- 
tatem. 3. ueniebant ; ilium [/or eum] ; tuo 
[/or meo]. 4. uereor [/or reuereor]. o, ueni- 
eniens(sic); sugillei. 6. dicit {/or dixit]. 7. deus 
\_for dommws]. 8. dico autem. 9. conficiebant; 
aspernebant caeteros parabulam. 10. pbarisa 
(sic). 11. pharisaei {sic); deits [/or deo] ; uelud. 
12. dicimas deo; possedeo. 13. occiilos. 14. 
discendit. 15. Adfeiebant, imfantes (sic) ; tan- 
gerent; uidissent. Iti piiuulos [/or pueros.] 
17. E. omits from Amea to dei 18. om. Et. 

19. om. ei. 20. E. repeats deu& before mandata. 
22. adhuc; omnia quae cum q«e, tebsaurum (sic). 

24. dificile ; peccumas , ibunt [for intrabunt]. 

25. camellum. 26. audierunt. 27. aput homi- 
nis (sic), E. then omits from possibilia to deum. 
29. reliquerit ; after filios R adds aut agros. 30. 
in uitam aetenajii (sic) possedebit. 31. Ad- 
sumpsit; hierusolima & eonaummabimtur; acripta. 
32. cum [for enim]. 33. flagillabitwr Occi- 
dent ; tertia die reaurgat. 34. absconsum ; que 
[for quae]. 35. adpropinquarei. 36. prater- 
euntem {sie). 38. iesus filii. 39. praeteribant ; 
ei [for eum]; clamabant filii; misserere. 40. 
iusit (sic) ; duci ad s^ ; adpropinquassei. 42. 
jlle [for illi]. ' 43. eum [for ilium]. 

Cap. XIX. 1. ingreeus; hieriecbo. 2. eoec 
(sic) ; aft&r ulr E. adds in the margin erat qui- 
dem ; ia^jheua (altered in pencil to sacbeus, with 
like alteration in verses 5 and 8); pulicauorura 
(sio). 4, sycimorum. 5. iache; discende; domu. 
6. discendit ; excipit ; gaudens. 7. deuertissei. 
8. iacbeus ; dnm, altered apparently to ibiii ; di- 
medium. 9. domimis [for iesws] ; factae ; eat 
filius [for filius sit] ; abracbae. 10. flius (sic) ; 
saluum facere [for saluare]. 11. parabulam. 12. 
abit. 13. seruis .x. ; om. suie; minas; dixit eis 
[for ait ad illos]. 14. oderunt. 15. rego altered 
to regno ; iusit (sic) ; quis [for quiaqwe], 16, 
mina ; minaa ; adquessiuit. 18. mina ; minas. 

20. mina ; repossitam. 21. enim t^ quia ; aus- 
teris ; possuisti ; ubi [for 2nd quod]. 22. homo 
austeris. 23. peccuniam ; cam ussuris comes at 
the end of v&rse; illam [for illud]. 24. minam; 
habei comes after qui ; minaa. 25. minas. 26, 


excussatum. 21. Exii ; dibeles; cludos intro- 
duc Mc. 22. adhuc locutus est {sic). 23. om. 
Isfet; sh.i follows domiowi; exii; conpeUe; after 
iiitrare E. adds quos cum-que inueneris. 24. 
uirorum ; quia [for qui] ; uoii [for uocati] ; gus- 
tabit caenam. 25. eoa [for illos]. 26. folios 
[for filios] ; adhuc ; om. et before animam. 27. 
baiolat; crucrem (sic); esse co')nes after meus. 
28. non [for nonne] ; conputat sumptus. 29. 
possuerit; potuerit; incipiat. 30. om. et. 31. 
qui [for quis] ; adueraua ; regi [for ei], glossed 
Seem cynige, bim hemg over the previous word. 
32. adhuc longe illo ; paci. S3, renuntiatiat {sic). 
35. sterculiaum ; fofas (sic) ; mittitur. 

Cap. XV. 1. adpropiuquantes., 2. pharisaei; 
om. illis. 3. illis [/or ad illos] ; parabulam. 4. 
demittit nonagenta.' 5. earn [for illam] ; inponit 
super humeros; gaudeos. 7. agente [/or haben- 
tern] ; digent [for indigent]. 8. acendit. 9. 
uocat [for conuocans]. 10. pcnitcntiam agente. 
12. adoliscentior ; contingei; diuissit. 13. ado- 
liscentior; om. filius. 

After regionem, there are 2 leaves wanting in 
the MS., to autem in verse 25 of Chapter X VI. 

Cap. XVI. 25. consulatur. 26. cbaus ; hii ; 
lunt [ sic ; /or uolunt] ; in die [for inde], glossed 
on dsege i ona ; transmare. 27. rogate ergo 
[for Togo ergo t^ ; dimittas ; domo. 28. testa- 
tur. 29. abracham; moysen.' 30. abracham; 
erit [for ierit]. 31. moysen ; resurrexerit. 

Cap. XVII. 1. ueniant. 2, utilius; lapes; 
scanlizat (sic) ; pusaillis. 3. Attendite autem ; 
aegerit. 4. dimittei. 5. auge [for adauge]. 6. 
habueritis; arbore morere. 7. aut oues pascen- 
tem cui ; dicit. 8. om. ei ; E, inserts mihi after 
para; cenam. 11. hirusalem; galileam. 12. in- 
gTediretur quodam. 15. regresus. 16. cicidit. 
17. om. dixit; .uiiii. [/or nouem]. 19. & uade; 
uidea [for fides]. 20. fariaaeis. 22. diacipulos 
SU03. 23. nobis ecce uobia hie & ec {sic) iliic ; 
exire [/or ire]. 24. erat. 26. dibua (sic); ad 
uentua [for in die]. 27. aedebaat; & usorea. 
28. aemebant ; & aedificabant. 29. esiuit ; de 
[for ^] ; pluuit ; sulpbor ; omnia. 31. fuerit ; 
uassa ; domu ; diacendit ; redeat. 33. Quicum- 
que autem; om. 2nd illam. 34. Dico autem; in 
ilia ; lecto [for tecto], glossed hrofe ; adsumetur. 

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alibet [for 1st liabet]. 28. in hiei-usalem, 29. 
on*. Et; cum adpropinquassei; betbphage; betha- 
niam. 30. contra uos; sededit [/or sedit]. 31. 
operam. 82. misi. 33. els [for iilis]. 35. 
dixenmt; inpossuerunt. 37. adpropinquarei; om. 
iam ; discensum ; oleueti ; uirtubus (sio). S8. 
gloriam ; R. adds deo after excelsis. 39. pha- 
rissaeorum; euos {altered to tuos). 40. quasi 
hii [for quia si hi] ; tacnerunt. 41. at [for ut], 
the a marked for erasure, not glossed; adpropin- 
quauit ; earn [for ilia]. 42. om. 1st et. 43. in 
t^.dies ; & con-angustabunt t6 comes after tlie 1st 
circumdabunt t^. 44. & ad ; prostement^ (sic) ; 
filios tuos ; supra; cognueria; uissitationis. 45, 
after ingressus, R. adds iesuB, above the line; uen- 
tentes; templo [for illo], 46. scriptum. 47. 
principes ; twice. 48. quid [for quod]. 

Cap. XS. 2. om. et aiunt ; & [for aut]. 3. 
om. unum ; respondite. 5, R. inserts nobis after 
dieei; credidisti illi. 6, sf [/or sin]. 8. &iesus 
9. Caepit ; parabulani. 10. uiniae ; 
1 dimisserunt. 11. verse omitted. 12. ad- 
dedit; eicerunt. 13, dixerunt; uiniae. 14. intra 
s^ ; & [for ut] ; fiat comes after hereditaa. 15. 
iectum; om. illis; uiniae. 16. uiniam alls. 17. 
ait [/or dixit] ; scriptum. 18. cieidit; conquas- 
eauitwr; super [for 2nd supra]. 19, in ilia 
hora; cognuerunt; dixit [for dixerit], 20, ob- 
seruatione ; similarent ; ut repeated. 21. doces 
& dicia ; peraonas. 22. cessari aut non. 23. 
iUos [for eos] ; temptatis. 24. inscriptionejw ; 
caessaris. 25. ceasaris ; caessari. 26. plebe ; 
response ; R. tiiserts & before ta<;uerunt, above the 
27. sadduce orum, glossed -gaia liiora, 28. 
lagister ; moyaea scripsit ; aceipiat ; om. eins 
! iixorem ; & suscite^, 29. R, inserts eins 
' fratres; accipit, 30, accipit; after illam 
E, omits to the end of verse, and io illam in 
the next verse., 31. reliquerunt. 32. R, inserts 
'ajrfem' d/fer nouissima. 33. om. uxorera, 35, 
uero [for autem]. 36, R. inserts iam after ultra; 
poterunt equales ; fiii [for 1st filii] ; resurrec- 
tiones. 37. uere resurgent; om. 1st et; moyses; 
secue [for secum], which follows rubum ; abra- 
cham. 38. uiunt [for uiuunt]. 39. responden 
(sic) ; om. autem ; om. magister, 40. quicquam 
follows interrogare. 41. esse dauid. 42. salmo- 
rum. 43. scapillum, 46. sinagogis; conuluus (sic). 




47. domus ; hii accipiat (sic) ; dampnationem. 
Cap. XXI. 1. After mittebant R. inserts 
mane, glossed ar; gazopliila«io. 2. om. et; quan- 
dam. 3. uidua ; paupercula ; mieait. 4. hii 
omnea. 6. lapes supra. 7. om. autem. 8. 
seduducamini ; afier sum E. inserts 'christus ' ; 
adpropinquauit. ll. R. inserts & before terrae. 
12, incipient [/or inicient] ; om. suaa; eins^ogia; 
caatodientea ; ad reges [for et regea] ; om. ad 
before praeaidea. 14. Ponite me; quera-admo- 
dum. 15. poterunt; reapondere [/or resistere] ; 
aduersari. 16. adficiant. 17. odie. 19. om. 
et; posaedebetis. 20. adpropinquauit, 21. inu- 
dia [for in iudrea]. 21. disoendant. 22. hii; 
quiae [for quae], glossed ^a^e; ecripta. 23. 
praegantibus (sic) ; super. 24. iupleantur. 25. 
om. in before stellie; teiTfs praesura; & maris & 
fluctum. 26. tiniore; exspectatione ; superue- 
nient ; uirtutis ; commouebuntwr. 27. om. Et. 
28. hiis; om. fieri; adpropinqnat redemptio. 31. 
erat [for eat]. 84. superueniat. 35. supeme- 
niat. 36. atarte (sic). 38. mane-cadebat ; in- 
stead of audire eum R. has dixit dews (written 
over templo ; the first two words in Ch. sxii being 
also above the line). 

Cap. XXII. 1. adpropiuquahat ; azemorum. 
2. summi [/or principes] ; saecerdotum; timehant 
repeated. 3. cognominatur [for nocatur] ; unus. 
4. abft; locutum; qusem-admodum ; illis [/or eis}. 
6, querebat, 7. dies featua azemorum. 8. iohan- 
nem. 10. eos & ecce ; ciuitatibws occurred ; an- 
phoram aquam ; sequemini. 11. patri-familias ; 
dt [for dicet]. 12. nobis /oWows ostendei; caena- 
cuium. 14. fuissei [for esset]. 15. manducaui. 
16. inpleatur, 17. calicae; diuidete. 20. quid 
[for quod], 21. om. me. 22, difinitum. 24. om. 
et; esaef [for esse]. 26. es [for 2nd est]. 28. 
temptationibus. 29, diapoasuit. 30. aedatis ; 
lus [for domiaus] ; symon baec 
; cribaref. 32. After tuos R. 
! intretia in temptationem. 33. 
om. ei. 34. om. et ; petre ; cantauit. 35. miai. 

36. E. inserts gladium after 2nd habet ; tonicam. 

37. enim [for autem] ; dhuc (sic) [for athuc] 
scriptum ; inplere ; om. et before quod. 38. di 
cebat [for dixerunt] ; duo gladii hiic ; satis [for 
aat], 39. E. inserts snam after consuetudinem 
discipuli (altered to discipulis suis, in later hand). 

adds & rogate 

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Chap. XIX. 26. L. {gloss to daliitur) ; 
; letter g, followed by a hlanh; E.. has 
gisald bi'S, 3S. {last word) L. fola, alt. to folo. 

Chap. XX. The omission of v. 11 in K. is 
clearly due to the repetition of inanem. 13. L. 
{Latin text) uerebantur, alt. to uerebuntur. 30, 
31. Omission in K. due to repetiidon of accepit 

Chap. XXI. 34. Here the rune for d^g 
oocurs in L. ; its form, is identical with that for 

Chap. XXII. 21. L. (gloss to ecce); heoe'Sre, 
alt. to hoeSre. 24. L. awoerden, alt. to aworden. 
28. L. (gloss to dieposuit); to sceadade, alt. to 
to sceadde. SO. L. doemeude, alt. to doemendo. 
41, K gesettun, alt. to gisetnun. 42. L. {Latin 

text) iustum, corrected to istum; glossed ^iosae. 
■47. L. {gloss to iesu) ; ^e halend, alt from se 
h.!elejid ; hat indistinct. 58. In B., an ic w an 

obvious error for am ic, 61. In R,, ne onsKcea 
is an obvious error for me onsEeces. 

Chap. XXIII. 2. R. wigga; read -vvitga. 
4. L. hominem, an error for homine. 5. L, 
{gloss to docens), Isrd, apparenily miswriitenfor 
Iffirend. 10. E. geherdun; an error for ge- 
liendun, 13. L. plebem; an error for plebe. 
35. L. {gloss to faciat) gedoeS, corrected to gedoe. 
38, L. ofer-awritteno inawritten ; but the last three 
letters in awritteno have a line drawn above tkem, 
^gnifyiitg expimction. 43. The last word in 

R. is indistinct; it is either erexnawonga or 
^recanawonga, the doubtful letter being written as 
c with a tag; both forms are wrong. 50. L. 

(gloss to Tiir) ; woei', ait. to wer. 53. In R., at 
tlie end of the verse, is written hie fiiiit ; it marks 
the end of a lesson. 55. R. to-g-gisetted, for 
to-gisetted. 66. L. dseg, denoted by the rune. 

Chap. XXIV. 1. L. sun, with a flourish over 
w, followed hy the rune for dseg. 6. The Hatton 
MS. has, Be-JieneheS, by error; as the Royal MS. 
has Ge-|>eiice-S, the scribe possibly mistook Gfor E. 
7. L. {gloss to hominum) moima, alt. to monno. 
.^. E. "} eftferend gemyndge, but ferend has a 
line drawn above it for e/epunction; ilie scnbe was 

beginning to write v. 9 by mistake. 9. L. eft- 
fserende, alt. to eft-ferendo. 11. L. deleramentum 
(sic). L. {gloss to uerba) worda, alt. to wordo. 
13. In L., the subsection is not marked, and the 
three remaining subsections are therefore mis- 
numbered; see w. 36, 41, 44, 17. L. {gloss to 
serraones), woi-do, alt. to word. 21. L. (gloss 

to nunc) nu niwEe ; but niwas has a line drawn 
above it, for expunction. 29. The scribe of H., 
in writing pene/or Wiine, wets misled by the simi- 
larity of the sign for W to the sign p. In R. the 
singular gloss efem longeS ^u wast is written over 
aduespere-scit, as it is written; ^u wast (thou 
knowest) was suggested hy the syllable scit. 43. L. 
screadung-a, alt. to screadungo. 51. Observe 
that the passage omitted in the Royal MS. ia the 
same as that omitted in the Bodley MS., shewing 
that a leaf had been lost from the latter at this 
place at an early period, before the former was 
copied from it. 63. L. lofande, alt. to lofando. 

*5(* This seems to be the most convenient 
place for remarking that in the Rushworth MS,, 
in the last three chapters of the Gospel, frequent 
large crosses appear above certain words in the 
Latin text, which seemto have been added before 
the gloss was ivritten. These are givea in Mr 
Waring's edition, with a few exceptions. The 
object of them is clear, viz. to mark the expressions 
used hy Chnst himself. This will be evident 
from the following list of the places where they 
occur, though in one or two places they have 
been wrongly inserted, as will be pointed ovit. 
The Latin words thus marked are the following: 

Chap. XXII. 8. euntes. 15. desiderio- 
17. accipite, 19. hoc. 20. hie. 25. reges 
(unnoticed by Mr Waring). 32. ego (the marked 
word should Imve been simon iw v. 31). 34. dico. 
38. satis est. 40. orate. 42. pater. 46. surgite 
(quid dormitis being omitted in E). 47. iUo 
loquente (marked by mistake). 51. sinete (unno- 
ticed by Mr Waring). 52. tanquam (L. has quasi). 
55. igne (umioticed hy Mr Waring, and marlced 
67. si uobia, 70. uos dicitis. 

Chap. XXIII. 3. tu dicis. 2S. filiae. 34. 
pater. 43. amen. 46. pater. SO. ecce 

(marked by m/istake). 

cambeidoe: peisied by c. j. clay, M.A 


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